FotWF III: Waking Up

Hana Shiroi and Madison Perry come to reclaim Erin Takayama, but Erin and her new friends have other ideas. The TP Finale.

Date: 2015-11-21
Pose Count: 61
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-21 23:01:00 15912
    The sun is just beginning to set over Tokyo. It's been approximately 24 hours since Madison Perry located Erin Takayama.

    Just as the sun edges the horizon, a strange feeling washes over the area of the city in which the fugitive Puella has been hiding. Those who were present on Blumenacht would likely recognize it- that same dream-like sense of unreality. Like a Witch's Labyrinth, but encompassing the real world. People vanish, but objects remain.

    And then the Youma come. Again, like that first night. The White Flower is excercising her power in spades tonight it seems, the same as she did three weeks ago. But this time there's a difference- instead of being spread over Tokyo, she's concentrating on one specific place.

    At least a dozen Witches and other Youma manifest within the dream-like area of altered reality, hovering, crawling, or hopping towards a particular apartment.

    And following them at a leisurely pace, walking along the rooftops: a short, dark-haired woman in white. Hana herself has come to reclaim what she views as her own. She seems unhurried, relaxed. As if the result of this is already foregone.

    The White Flower does not easily let go of her property, after all.
Madison Perry 2015-11-21 23:02:47 15913
    Amongst the various Youma advancing on the apartment, a dark red streak weaves. Madison Perry is along for the trip, flying erratic patterns as she weaves between the other, less-human servants of the White Flower. She comes to a stop above the building in which Erin has been staying, gesturing at it with one of her knives, held as always loosely gripped in her hands. "That's the one!"
Erin Takayama 2015-11-21 23:06:45 15914
Erin knew this day would come.

She didn't know the details, of the how or the when, but she knew at one point...

... She and Hana were always going to come to blows.

Erin emerges from the sliding glass door, looking up as Madison Perry floats overhead, pointing her daggers, perhaps coincidentally, right at the spot where Erin is now standing. Erin frowns up at Madison, and says, "Back so soon?"

Erin feels the chill of the wrongness that is Hana Shiori's almost-labyrinth. She reaches into her pockets and pulls out several Grief Seeds. She has prepared for this moment. She hopes that her preparations are going to be enough.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-21 23:12:40 15916
The other day, 'Madison Perry' paid a visit and said that 'The Flower' wanted her property back. This offended Hinote on serveral levels and he began to wonder a few uncouth things he'd have to ask Princess Runealy soon about. Regardless, he stands back up and picks up that belt and longsword seath and straps it back around his waist when that feeling starts prickling him. Erin seems more responsive to it.

He walks over. "I've contacted who I could." he says softly as he bites his lip. He draws his sword. "I hope it's enough." he says as he steps out onto the Balcony.

He feels sick.

"I made a promise. I'm going to keep it. When this is all done..." he says.

"Well! We'll worry about that later!" he manages a smile.

He decides to call out. "We already sent you away." he says. "This changes nothing." he calls out.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-21 23:16:35 15917
Rune wasn't terribly surprised to get phone calls during all this. Some of her friends are in motion, dealing with events that have ben going on around Tokyo. She has been resting, making sure she's truly at 'a hundred percent' in light of so many injuries and near-deaths.

She's not surprised to hear /this/ call in particular. It was expected in some ways, but hoped against; she had hoped Erin could just fade away from the whole mess. Hinote bears the unfortunate news that this is simply not going to be happening. Her answer was: "I'm coming, I'll be right there!"

She's not certain of Erin's exact location, but has enough of a hint to be in the right neighborhood... and signs above the rooftops help pinpoint it.

Monsters. Unknown (to Rune, at least) threats like Hana. Very known threats... like Madison, whose appearance draws a chilled gasp as Runealy stares up at her, remembering their recent encounter. A blade pinned Rune to the wall, and another was poised to kill her.

Rune isn't sure she's up to this, but Erin steps into view and it serves as a second reminder of what's at stake. Hino's up there too, and if she backs off she'd be leaving him to this trouble; the Oath making them sworn friends would very much be a one-way arrangement where she's just exploiting him. That can't happen.

Erin is the other reminder, as it occurs to Rune if she just leaves Erin to this... all that talk of 'finding another option', convincing Erin to cling to a tiny chance of life instead of continuing with certain death in the face of despair, would be just talk.

And so she calls out from the streets below: "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy-hum noise throbbing through the area. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed from one hand to the next, brought upon her head in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red light replaces her attire with magical dress and wand.

She's already aiming up at the gathered monsters, launching a green wand-tip orb at their general mass. She doesn't care which one she hits, and at this distance she might very well miss outright. Nonetheless, Rune is leaping up from window-sill to window-sill of nearby buildings, working her way up toward the battle.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-21 23:21:57 15918
Tadase Hotori knows this feeling of wrongness. But more than that, he's been warned about tonight, in characteristically vague terms, by Tsukasa Amagawa. And he knows a bit about the badness that the march of youma heralds.

And that's why tonight, he stands not as Tadase Hotori, but as Platinum Royale, and why there's a lot of Kiseki's excited determination in him. There's a threat to his city - to his small world. And that means it's a threat to his very dreams, to the thing which gives him the power to do all the marvelous things he's done.

Kiseki is ready, too. Last time, he had to back off. This time? This time he won't. The fact that he sees Rune in the distance... it's a strange thing, to not want to attack her after what he experienced. But Virtue is all about second chances, and if he held hostility in his heart, he would be doing it a disservice. So as he leaps through the air himself, he catches up with Runealy, who may not recognize him in this form, and smiles. "Do we have a plan?" is all he asks. He came here to fight, and defend, and to stop this threat.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-21 23:27:44 15920
Mikoto had gotten out to, basically, stretch her legs, after a long few days' working on a totally different problem. In fact she'd honestly almost forgotten about the White Flower in her obsession with other issues. If only she could figure out a way to break those mirror-prisons without killing the inmate in the process...

((Incoming alert, Meister. There is an attack in progress. Aid has been requested.))

Well, that simplifies matters. And complicates other matters immensely, but she's not going to let that worry her when there is, well, evil to smite. A quick alley provides her privacy to invoke her Barrier Jacket, and she takes to the air, homing in on the now-obvious flare of dark magic. Well, that's going to be rather awkward, it's going to take her a moment or three to get there, but that gives her more time to stack up Flicker shots on the way.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-21 23:31:26 15922
    Instead of just swooping in to attack, as they normally might, the Witches and other youma instead start to ring the building. Floating, crawling, or hopping, they take up station on buildings or in the air in a rough circle around where Erin stands on her balcony, along with Hinote and soon, others. Madison floats directly in the center.

    But the one who is calling the shots, the one granting all these disparate monsters their sense of unnatural unity, is the one striding across the rooftop directly across from that balcony. Hana Shiroi continues her slow, deliberate walk until she reaches the edge of that roof, and finds herself looking across (and slightly down) at Erin standing an alley's-width away.

    Her face, as ever, is calm. Not expressionless, merely neutral, as if observing the world around her and finding it completely uninteresting. However, her kaleidoscope eyes focus on Erin with an intensity that puts a lie to that impression.

    "I'm disappointed in you, Erin." Her cool voice rings across the short distance between buildings. "After all I've done for you, you now try to abandon me? Return now.. and I promise I will forgive you."

    The waiting youma and Witches shiver slightly, as if in anticipation, but none budge from their various perches. Rune's green sparkles hiss and spark around several of them, but they don't even react- as if they are behing forcibly held in place. The other magical fighters in the area are noted with brief flicks of her eyes, but none of them are directly addressed- Erin is her target.
Madison Perry 2015-11-21 23:33:07 15923
    Madison continues to hover directly above the building. She's smirking, tossing her knife in her hand, catching it by the handle. As seems to be the norm for her, her expression says she finds this whole experience a wonderous lark, some kind of depraved game, not the life-or-death struggle it really is. When Hana implores Erin to return, she calls down in a tone which is faux-friendly, "Yeah, kid. You know us. We don't hold grudges."

    The green sparkles shot from Rune draw her attention, and her smile widens slightly. "Oh good. Maybe I can finish the job that was interrupted last week. I do hate to feel like I have unfinished business hanging around.."
Erin Takayama 2015-11-21 23:46:42 15925
Erin turns towards Hinote and says, "I'm going to be vulnerable once I start doing what I'm going to do. It's... not something I've ever tried before, but I think it'll work. I'll be using my own powers over Witches to interfere with Hana's influence over youma. I don't really know what will happen if it works, but maybe it'll let the rest of you attack Hana directly."

Erin turns towards Hana, shouting, "Like I told Madison before: I'm not going back! I'll escape you even if it kills me!"

The black-haired Puella holds out her hands, and the Grief Seeds within them begin to float, glowing with a smokey, dark, evil power. That power intensifies, grows, sending out waves of oppressive sorrow. On their own, the feeling would be intense, but with Hana Shiori here the feeling is like a ripple in the middle of a storm.

Still, some of the magical warriors around should be familiar with this feeling: The Grief Seeds are about to hatch.

Erin floats into the air, leaving her balcony, as if lifted up by an invisible hand. Several witches come out, all some form of bizzare non-euclidean monstrosity, each one seeming to alter reality in its immediate area. With all of them going at once, it comes off less as an over-riding theme and more like a bizzare kaleidoscope of horrible light.

Each Witch suddenly dies, their Grief Seeds cracking, as the last of their power crashes into Erin's form, her body shuddering with each sacrifice, teeth clenched to endure the pain. In the end, Erin is floating in the middle of a dark, horrific void, and her eyes, unwavering, focus on Hana.

"This is the end! One way or another, we're finishing this now!"

Erin turns towards the others, Runealy, Mikoto, Platinum... anyone who might be showing up who didn't hear her speaking to Hinote. When she speaks, her voice is booming. "I can interfere with her ability to control youma... but that's it! Fighting her is going to be your job. If you can finish her off now, you'll end this attack on Tokyo, and stop her from attacking any other city, too!"

With that said, Erin releases all of her stored darkness, all of her gathered power, in a large horrible wave that washes over the area.

The youma, suddenly, don't seem so coordinated. They start to turn on each other, fighting amongst themselves. It's enough of a distraction that it frees the magical warriors up to fight Hana and Madison.

As for Erin, well, she's out cold, falling from the sky. Whatever she did took a lot out of her.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-21 23:52:08 15926
Guardian Hino steps slightly forward. He does not step directly in front of Erin. He's reached the edge of the balcony. He raises his sword and points it Hana. "She doesn't belong to you. If she wants to come with you--- that's her choice." he says. "--she clearly does not." he says.

"I could sit here and demand a lot. But My friend..." he looks at the Princess who's already attacking, "charged me with making sure you don't lay an unwanted finger on her. So here is my counter statement!" he insists, making a grandiose floruish with his cape.

"BURNING IGNITION!", his sword comes down at an angel in front of him and----

Then Erin talks and does her thing as his eyes go wide. He jumps out and catches Erin to place her down on another side balcony--- as not to let her hit dirt. He's kind of angry now. "Thank you..." he mutters. He feels bad. He promised to protect her- and---then she did that.

Regardless he points his sword back up at the balcony Hana was on a moment ago and unleashes that stored attack he didn't get out- the orange-red gem stopping it's glow as he releases the magic.

He then begins wall jumping to the rooftop as fast as he can.

Attacking Hana head on might not had been the best idea just yet.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-21 23:56:15 15927
Rune is visibly started as someone - Royale, it turns out - joins her. "Huh?" He's not attacking, and this calms her down quickly. "What, like 'you hit that one, I hit that one, we split and meet back at that spot'? Nothing that specific. There are two people up there that I talked real big to, though. 'Sworn friends', 'take a chance and live'. Don't want it to just be a lot of great words with nothing to back it up!"

She's not too surprised that her shots didn't do much; Runealy was firing from very far out, and it's very likely that some of her orbs are simply missing by a few feet and going off to sail into the sky uselessly.

She stops on one window-edge as Madison spots her, a chill running anew through the alien princess... as she decides there IS one plan coming to mind that she shares with Royale: "That one, the one with the knives, will probably be coming for me. If she does, I'm going to use that and draw her away from here. The further away she is from Erin, the better." The idea of intentionally luring Madison scares Rune, but it seems better than /not/ making some use of something Madison might be inclined to do anyway.

She's distracted by Erin's call, and the incredible effects of what just happened. Suddenly this situation seems a little more viable, and... ...Erin is falling. Not good. She starts to line up for a leap to try to catch Erin, but...

...Hino beats her to it, and that's for the best since he's much closer to intervene. "Great! Thank you, keep an eye on her!" She wants to move to fight at his side, but today they may well have to split up in order to satisfy their overall goal.

Another leap brings Rune landing on another rooftop across the street, and this time she aims at Madison. "Tell me, why do you laugh while you go about this? You sound like a monster, you act like one, but I'm not used to people being that way...!"

This is not a plea for peace. It's a request for /understanding/, but she does not expect Madison to respond with just words. Anticipating an assault, Runealy aims at Madison and unleashes a trio of thin red rays from her wand... using each shot to trace where Madison might go, trying to eventually tag her with corrections to aim, if it comes up.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 00:07:57 15929
Platinum Royale keeps up with Rune, listening to her talk. "Well, lets make sure they're not just words, then!" he shouts with a smile, and stops with Rune as she hits the same window edge.

He's not sure how he likes the idea of having someone else play bait like that, but he's going to take a chance and assume that Rune's got a handle on the logistics, here. Erin calls out, and the youma turn on themselves - that's a definite plus, in his book. He stares at Hinote from across the expanse, before jumping into the apartment to land alongside him.

"She says she'll keep the one wih the knives busy." he comments lowly. "So that makes our objective the other one, I think." Platinum Royale adds, looking up to Hana.

He points his scepter at her. "I think that's a no." he comments, on Erin's actions.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 00:08:30 15930
Flight magic is fun magic. It's too bad the situation is so dire, Mikoto would definitely enjoy the chance to just race across the city. Unfortunately things are not so light-hearted as all that, and it's time for Serious Face.

She says nothing, as she approaches, getting in position so that the defenders can see she's on her way, but keeping a building between her and Madison and Hana. Surprise is such a useful tool... it's entirely possible that they'll sense her coming, she's still not very good at concealing her magic in use, but it's something that memory (and many, many, many strategy games) tell her she should be trying for.

More and more Flicker Shots glisten in the air around her as she flies, pushing hard, but she isn't there in time to catch Erin. Good thing Hino was closer. This is going to be another one for all the marbles, she tells herself. Keep a close eye on the vee-cee. Victory Conditions. Which in her case means 'all the good guys alive and mostly well, and the villains dead or driven off'. Likely? Well, we'll see.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 00:11:30 15931
    As Erin unleases her ace in the hole, Hana finally displays some sort of emotion. At first she looks genuinely shocked- her multicolored, shifting eyes widening as she glances around at the havoc being wreacked amongst her pet monsters. Then it shifts to anger, her teeth baring as she snarls. Even this looks somehow.. delicate on her. A doll's anger on a doll's face.. but it's wrath is real enough.

    "So, this is how you repay me?" She spits, her voice seeming to come from everywhere at once, though her mouth moves in synch with it. The very air seems to tremble, as if reality is struggling to withstand the force of her anger. "You witness my abilities, then copy and turn them against me? Unforgivable, Erin Takayama!" The fact that Erin is currently unconscious and almost falling to the ground doesn't seem to stop her from yelling at her. "All offers of forgiveness are withdrawn! You must be punished!"

    Of course, as soon as she finishes this threat, Hinote's stored attack smashes into the roof in front of her. It's not a direct hit, but it's enough to cause her to stagger slightly, throwing off her footing.

    The youma have indeed begun fighting amongst themselves- temporarily free of Hana's control, they revert to the wild monsters they are, roaring and swinging at each other. They're still dangerous, and will likely strike out at anyone who gets too close, but for the moment they are not focused on any of those challenging Hana.

    Recovering herself a moment later, the White Flower bares her teeth again as Platinum Royale makes a snarky comment. "Isn't it past your bedtime?" She begins walking across the rooftop again, and makes a gesture- and suddenly the balcony he is standing on is simply no longer there, as if it never existed, reality itself bending itself to her whims and robbing Platinum Royale of his footing!
Madison Perry 2015-11-22 00:11:34 15932
    Madison has indeed been watching Runealy since the princess had first appeared. She's too far away to eavesdrop on her conversation with Tadase, but as Rune leaps to the rooftop across from her, she smirks slightly, continuing to idly flip her knives as if she were flipping a coin.

    "Why do I laugh? I dunno.. how 'bout you tell me why you don't? It's fun, ain't it?" She grins, quirking an eyebrow. "After all, life's all about showin' who's the strongest. The strong step on the weak.. that's the rule of the universe. So why shouldn't I laugh? I'm one of the strong ones."

    She's about to dive down and sweep towards Rune, but the princess gets the jump on her, firing those trio of red rays. She has to change direction, a red flash herself as she tries to avoid them. One burns through the tail of her coat, but she manages to avoid the others, circling back around to angle herself down towards the princess, knives held to strike. "Now, about that unfinished business!"
Erin Takayama 2015-11-22 00:18:47 15934
Erin isn't that difficult to catch. She doesn't put up much of a fuss when she's set down. That's probably because she's completely knocked out.

A cursory expression would show that she's unconscious, not dead. How long that remains the case depends on whether or not Hana gets to mete out her promised punishment.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 00:31:56 15936
Guardian Hino leaps off the side of the building as he tries to come down into Hana directly with the longsword. It lights into fire. He tries to smash into her. He's left Erin somewhere that's realtivily safe. He made a promise. But he can't keep that promise as long as theres this issue just outside.

The Youma are fighting amongst themselves. Good. This gives him some focus time. He attempts to figre off a steam of fire from his sword into Hana.

That's a very frilly Prince there. He doesn't know who he is.

"Princess....!" he calls out. "Don't let her get to you. She's just a wide eyed monster." he spits. "She just wants to move to the next killing field after this one!" That's what he took home from the talk the other day.

"I'm not about to let her action go to waste." he says looking back down to Hana.

"We can talk, but it won't do us any good. What do you even want? To fill the world with more monsters!?" he gnashes.

Hinote's unhappy so he's jumping to conclusions.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 00:37:52 15937
"How can it be fun!?" Runealy gasps her response, sharp breaths punctuating the question... Madison's words are almost incomprehensible to her. "You mean to say you've seen what you do, what happens to people, and you enjoy it like some kind of game!?"

That thought terrifies her. It also hones some of Rune's reactions, as she realizes very keenly: Mistakes could be fatal in an instant, especially against someone who WANTS to kill her for sheer enjoyment. Even Hino says as much, and she calls back to him: "You're right! I'll... I'll try!"

So when Madison dives in, Runealy's boot wings light up again and hurl her into a sideways jump aside from the impalement planned for the princess. Her tiara's gems light up to spray tiny green sparkles at Madison, but Rune outright misses; she shot just a moment too late to follow the red blur.

"It's not like that where I'm from," she finally manages to retort to talk of strong over the weak. "We know everyone has something to contribute. Someone farms, so I don't have to. Someone builds houses, because I can't. Someone sings at taverns, so people relax. Without them, I don't have a home to be strong at, so even 'the weak' have to help, and get help in return! If you just kill everyone to prove your power, there won't be anyone left, why can't you see that!?"

Then her wand launches another green orb... though this one splits apart in mid-flight into a wide spray of emerald sparkles, meant to 'pepper' Madison's flight path as the princess backpedals toward the roof edge. An alleyway lies below, though Rune isn't descending into it.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 00:38:39 15938
Platinum Royale lacks the agility of a lot of others, and so instead of leaping from his now-lost perch, he merely goes tumbling down - as he's headed for the youma melee below, he points his scepter downward, and creates a fluffly, almost jello-like golden crown under him - it crushes a few youma under its power - and lands on that, instead of the ground at the melee. He grits his teeth.

"No, but it's well past yours!" he retorts, launching off the crown just before it dissapears, soaring through the air - scepter held in both hands, ready to swing it like a baseball bat, and the target is Hana Shiroi - it doesn't take a Master's Degree in fighting bad guys to figure out she's a ringmaster here, and life will be better if he can knock her out!

Wether or not this is a good plan is up for debate - including by Tadase himself as he's mid jump - but now he's committed to it. "Stop all of this! You have no right to hurt people!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 00:46:38 15940
Mikoto swoops around a building, hovering there for a long moment. She still hasn't done much to let anyone else know she's here, although she did try. She's been buying time, however, to prepare a massive barrage, and she keeps it up even as she gets into position.

She pauses for a moment, considering. Madison is dangerous, certainly... and she would be, even without Hana. But it's Hana who enables and encourages her... and is the root of all the trouble. When in doubt, go for the primary target. Don't let yourself get distracted.

Watching from her cover, she waits until Tadase is in position to make his attack, and times her own to strike at the same time as his. With any luck, one of them will get through to damage her.

(("Flakschrecken!")) Carnwennan's blade is swung down as the girl emerges from cover, soaring into the air above the battlefield, slashing out with vortexes of razor-sharp mana and air to send them spiraling at Hana Shiroi.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 00:50:39 15941
    Hana looks satisfied, a slight curl to her perfect lips, as Platinum Royale goes tumbling down into the alleyway and out of sight. Dismissing him for the moment, her eyes snap back up to Hinote as he comes crashing down towards her, flaming longsword sweeping in for a strike.

    But Hana is no ordinary girl- no ordinary monster. She reaches out her hand, small and delicate like the rest of her.. and catches his flaming sword. Her fingers close around it and it just /stops/, likely throwing him off-balance in the process. Neither the sharp edge nor the flames seem to hurt her- at least not right away.

    "All I want is to be left alone!" She snaps, her voice still seeming to echo from everywhere at once. "You hunt me as if I am an animal! So I will hunt you first!" Smoke begins to rise from the fingers gripping the flaming sword, and finally with a hiss she releases it.

    Just in time for her to get brained in the back of the head by Platinum Royale's scepter. She can catch a flaming sword with her bare hand, but apparently even she gets hurt by a good smack to the head if she's not ready for it. It causes her to stumble, black hair falling down in front of her face, and as she whirls to face Platinum Royale, a small trickle of blood winds down her pale forehead. "Insolent child!" She curses, stepping forward and just aiming to smack him with her palm. If it connects it'll hurt like hell.

    But it doesn't because just then Mikoto makes her presence known- leaping from cover to spray Hana with swirling, razor-sharp vortexes. These cut through Hana, opening rents in her white clothing and sending bits of her long black hair fluttering loose, though she doesn't seem to bleed- oddly, some cuts open on her skin, but the parted flesh shows just blackness within, as if she's some creature made of darkness and not human at all.

    This attack too staggers her slightly, likely allowing Tadase to avoid her. But it draws her attention to Mikoto, and her head snaps up again towards the flying girl. She reaches out her hand and clenches her fist- and suddenly it feels as though the air around Mikoto is growing solid, closing in around her like water, then like jelly.. dragging her down towards the rooftop!
Madison Perry 2015-11-22 00:50:44 15942
    "How can it be fun? How can it not!" Madison laughs again as she zooms down towards Rune, only to have the princess zip to the side at the last second, her knife-swing going wide, carving an arc through the air with a 'hiss' that nonetheless impacts nothing.

    She spins in the air to face the princess again, numble and quick, and sneers at her words. "Sounds like a bunch of ants, clustering together to try and survive in a world full of bigger, better animals!" She says. "Well, I'll take personal pleasure in kicking over your anthill! Maybe when we're done here, we'll come visit your home next! Sounds like it could use the attention!

    She dives towards Rune again, swerving to dodge the green orb the princess fires, but that orb suddenly splits into many! Several of them hit her, causing her to spin mid-air and curse as she is forced to alter her flight path to avoid the rest, making her swing go wide.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 01:06:54 15944
Guardian Hino has to tug really hard to get his sword back. He frowns very hard. That was not what he expected or wanted. How can you fight someone who catches swords. "You came to this city and attacked us first, didn't you!?" he snaps. "I don't know where else you been, but I don't like attacking people that just mind thier own." he says. Well. Now. Maybe not a few months ago. *AHEM*

Hino concentrates on ranged attacks then- letting another stream of fire emit from his sword. He doesn't want her to actually take away his sword- afterall.

" out if you need help..." he calls out. He doesn't look at her- but he can hear her up there.. somewhere. That's enough. He's not about to let some bloodthirsty murderer hurt or kill his friend.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 01:11:19 15945
"Insects? Is that all you see anyone as!?" Rune is torn between shock at how unusual that is, and anger. Then it turns to a mix of anger and fear, as Madison talks of attacking her home. It might be a 'cold call' attempt at hurting her, but the princess isn't socially experienced enough to know about that sort of thing... and so she takes it at full value.

"Not from you! You don't deserve to even set foot on it!" She winces as Madison swoops in, but the tension proves to be for naught at the moment; Madison was knocked away. Rune has no illusions that she can keep that up indefinitely, though. And so... she makes another shot with a thin red ray, but isn't even worried about whether this one hits Madison or not. It's meant to buy just a split-second...

Time enough for her to shout back to Hino, "I'll try!" Time enough for her to hop down, descending into the alley and aiming up high, waiting for Madison to pursue. Her heart pounds during the fall, realizing she has just cut herself out of view from her friends. This is a decision made with a plan in mind, but it's still frightening. If she slips up here, they might not be able to know. They might not know to come save her, as they did outside the abandoned store that day. Shouting might be all she could do in that case.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 01:12:14 15946
Platinum Royale would've most assuredly been struck by Hana if not for Mikoto's timely attack, because he was frankly a little surprised at the force with which he struck her. Apparently, he's still getting used to the power he can wield when fully connected to Kiseki!

And if there wasn't that blackness showing, he might actually feel bad. "If you don't want to be hunted like a monster maybe you should stop behaving like one!" he says - channeling Kiseki here - as he just barely dodges that palm, even with Mikoto's help. "Nobody here came looking for you!" Or at least he didn't. He's... pretty sure the others didn't? Maybe Mikoto?

He looks up at Mikoto. He recongizes her. She was with Ikuto. He frowns for a moment as he dodges away. But she's helping him, and that'll do for now. In this strange and awful fake of a reality, any allies are good allies.

But the fact that he's fought everyone here at one time doesn't escape him. "With the power you have, you could protect everyone from the monsters you're controlling, but instead you just use it for your own will. I can't abide that!"

He looks over to Madison. "The only strength that matters is the strength to help others. Anyone can be selfish. It's easy to use your power for your own good. Being strong enough to take the hits for someone else? That's real strength!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 01:20:23 15948
Mikoto smiles thinly as she sees the results of the barrage, quickly swerving into a side-to-side dodging pattern as she prepares another casting. The Flicker Shots she'd cast on the way in hover nearby, awaiting her call, sustained by a sub-process of Carnwennan's.

"Crown-boy's got a point, you know," she calls out, "What you fight for is as important as how well you fight, how strong you are. And in the end, fighting just for the sake of killing?" She unleashes another barrage of Flakschrecken at Hana, this one slightly stronger than the last.

"It's just so very, very, small, compared to a friend, a family, a city, a nation." An Empire, something small inside her whispers, and her thin little smile doesn't waver.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 01:22:35 15949
    Hana would be a match for any of these fighters alone. Normally, she would be using her army of youma to tear them apart, overwhelm them with numbers. Erin's trick removed that possibility, at least for the time being. Even so, her unnatural strength is enough that if any of them were to attack her on their own she could likely simply overpower them.

    But being attacked by three at once, from every direction. It's a different story. She can only focus on one person at a time, and every time she does someone else strikes her from behind. Speed and awareness are apparently not her forte- she is a minion-commander type, and when lured out and stripped of her minions, she's put in a relatively tough spot.

    Hinote's blast of fire washes over her, and she throws up and arm to ward against it, but it still leaves singed patches across her face and hand. Platinum Royale is still speeching at her, and she snaps, "And who would protect me, then?"

    Mikoto fires another barrage towards her, but this time she sees it coming. She turns towards the flying girl, and waves a hand... and the shots just seem to vanish, as if the girl had never fired them. "I do not fight to kill. I fight to live!" But in doing so, she has turned her back completely on Hinote.
Madison Perry 2015-11-22 01:22:39 15950
    "I go wherever I please!" Madison taunts back at Rune as she chaces the princess across the rooftop. "If you think you can stop me, then you'll learn just like all the rest!" That thin red beam shoots towards her, and it does cause her to juke in her flight, which allows the princess the chance to leap down into that alleyway.

    It could be a trap, but Madison is not the type to put much stock in plans and traps. She fights by instinct, a predator, and trusts in her reflexes and her power to get her out of sticky situtions. Such it is that she follows Rune down into the alleyway without a second thought- wary, but not afraid.

    She brings her knives up across her chest. "Heartrazor! Blade barrage!"

    <Yes Mistress!>" The device calls out, and a dozen knives of pure energy form in the air around her, then lance down toward Rune in the second she slips over the edge of the alley, before she even sees what the Princess is up to..
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 01:45:04 15952
Guardian Hino frowns heavily. Now that she's ready, she's tanking his fire now. That's unsettling. He tries to move forward a little--- if he can get close enough--if he can get an opening-----

Hana turns her back. Hinote does something he doesn't really want to do.

He lets himself slash forward- seeming to move in an insant forward as he tries to bring his sword into a slashing motion into her back----and potentially stab forward into her as his sword also lights on fire.

He wishes he could say something that wasn't completely hypocrtical... 'you're hurting others who protect others!' but that sounds wrong. He just let's his sword do the talking for him- as much as he can burn into it.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 01:50:28 15953
The princess finds Madison has charged right after her. The prospect of what could have happened if Madison looped around and entered the alley from ground level, behind her, does not occur to Rune.

Instead, she is given the satisfaction of Madison chasing right away. Runealy lands right as Madison enters view, and the princess is already aiming at her. "Appearing in front of me was careless!" Another orb launches, though this one stays solid for its entire flight as it intends to burst upon impact with her attacker...

...But the flight itself is cut short. Blades are flying just as Runealy moves to strike. One strikes her orb, slowing it... and another follows after it, outright 'canceling' it out of the air, foiling Rune's attack entirely.

"Wh--!?" A startled noise as she starts to leap away from the remaining energy-blades. This move saves her life, but a few of the projectiles strike cleanly regardless; one batters her shoulder, prompting a pained cry. Another hits her ankle, prompting her to land with a distinct limp.

Staying down here now looks more and more like a mistake. One the princess tries to rectify, even while shouting: "This isn't over yet! I'm not letting you treat my friends as something to hunt!" She's defiant despite the pain.

Knowing full well this is going to hurt, Rune nonetheless begins the process of heading back up. She jumps onto a trash-pile, then an emergency stairwell... and begins bouncing from wall to wall in an odd 'triangle jump' maneuver, trying to get back onto the rooftops. A pair of wand orbs are launched as she goes, hoping for either hits or, almost as good, 'bullying' Madison out of the path the princess wants to take for this ascent. Hit or miss, each jump along the way as she attacks draws a wince as pain lances through Rune's leg.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 01:59:27 15954
With Hana's back turned to Hinote, it's all Platinum Royale can do to hold her attention. He keeps doing what he does - talking and trying to keep her attention off the incoming attack. It works for X-eggs too, right?

"If you wanted to be protected, don't come here threatening a city we care about, people we care about! If you wanted safey, we could've helped, but not while you're threatening everyone. And you can't just tell people like that girl what to do, like you own them. That's not someone I can help."

Once he's said all that, as Hinote is coming in, he levels his scepter at her. "ROYAL SEAL!" Tadase shouts as a ray of golden light shoots out at Hana. If it hits her, it'll explode in a burst of energy and try to bind her.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 02:05:41 15957
Mikoto keeps up her dodging, not giving an easy attack path to either Hana or Madison, should the latter choose to change her targets. The blackness at the core of the wounds opened on Hana catches her eye, and she focuses on it for a moment.... a moment in which she flies that straight line she's been trying to avoid, and might well be vulnerable.

Despite it all, she keeps the pressure on, twisting around to keep coordination with the Prince. She swoops in close to make more direct attacks with the enchanted blade, trying to widen those wounds, targeting them carefully.

"This is what you're following... what you're fighting for," she calls out, slashing out to widen the empty spaces. "Nothing but empty promises!"

And as if she'd been waiting for the perfect dramatic moment, she calls down a volley of Flicker Shots from her hovering arsenal, sending them straight at Hana. "As empty as your own heart!"
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 02:08:02 15958
    Hana has focused her attention on Mikoto, and then on Platinum Royale, as the young king tells her that she could have been protected. The combination of the attacks coming from all directions, overwhelming her, of having her youma disrupted by Erin, and by having these words challenging her ideals thrown at her all seem to combine to drive her into rage.. and carelessness.

    "Help me? Never! I know your type! I used to /be/ your type! You would never help me! Call me a monster, hunt me down but-" She stops with a gasp as Hinote's sword slashes straight into her back.. and then stabs through her, erupting out of her chest. But there's no spray of blood- just a darkness that begins to wisp out around the blade like smoke.

    Hana stares down at the blade sticking out of her own chest in shock for a moment.. just as Platinum Royale's Royal Seal strikes her as well. The golden ligh winds around her, further pinning her in place. Stuck on the sword and chained by the seal, she writhes, trying to free herself.

    But is helpless to dodge as Mikoto's Flicker Shots spray down from above! Every single one of them hits her, piercing into her body. Black smoke begins to writhe and spray from all the points of impact, and Hana falls to her knees, gasping. "I refuse.. to be protected by.. the likes of you!"
Madison Perry 2015-11-22 02:10:05 15959
    Madison looks satisfied as a bunch of her energy blades snap into Rune, injuring her. As the Princess begins to leap back up towards the rooftop in those series of wincing jumps, Madison actually alights on the ground in the alleyway, smirking. She seems to be enjoying the sight of her helpless prey trying to escape, perhaps even purposefully giving the other girl a head start in order to make the pursuit more exciting.

    "I ain't hunting your friends! I'm hunting you!" She calls in response to the words shouted down at her, laughing again, and finally lifting up off the ground to start a tauntingly sedate pursuit of the now-hobbled Princess, the look in her blue eyes speaking of the fact that she thinks she's already won.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 02:17:54 15961
Guardian Hino knew something felt very wrong about Hana when she arrived here. But----what is she!? He expected--- some sort of magical reaction. Instead his sword's sticking through a girl's chest his eyes are wide as darkness pours out. He doesn't stop or relent or move his sword instead he turns it up the heat, trying to burn with fire.

"...I'm sorry...." he says lowly.

"I can't let you hurt these people anymore." then he draws his sword out as he steps back.

"This is your last chance. Leave. Take your stupid flower with you. We won't follow. I won't follow. Go---anywhere but here." he says as he seeethes.

"But--if you continue this. I won't make the same offer. I have a friend to protect. I have a promise to keep. If I have to end this....." he trails off.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 02:40:28 15963
Rune lands on the rooftop adjacent to the one she started on, a chill running through her nerves as Madison confirms that the princess, personally, is the first one she wants to 'hunt' at this immediate moment. And if Madison gets back up here unopposed, she will probably able to fly in the open and run circles around the injured Runealy to make good on that idea. To kill. To finish what almost happened mere days ago with the princess pinned to a wall by a blade.

A wall! This insight flashes through Runealy's mind. Her gaze darts from Madison, to the edge of the rooftop across the alley from her. "I see... if that's how you feel, then...!"

Runealy's wand lights up, as she launches orb after orb in a sweeping series of shots raking the roof-edge. this is going to cause some collateral damage, no doubt about it, but she's confident it won't bring ceilings down on anyone living or working within. It won't smash through lower walls and crush some random person inside, if she does this right.

By knocking the top edge off the roof, she's now sending a 'rain' of concrete down at Madison!
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 02:41:57 15964
Tadase winces. Everything is going well, at least up here in their fight to keep Hana from doing any more harm - or from trying to punish her once-ally; but still he winces a little bit. There's that venom in her voice, that hatred, that wrongness.

He looks to Hinote. "Can't let her do this to some other city." he says, solemnly. "We can't just let her take all of this and give the problems to something else. I can try to help her, but only if she stops hurting people. Because as long as she hurts people, we have to be there to stop it." Right now though, Tadase wants to keep giving out that olive branch, a chance for hope.

"All you have to do is stop fighting, stop hurting people. If you refuse to be protected, you're dooming yourself. It doesn't have to be us or you, maybe it can be both. But only... only if you let it. You're the one who's making it you versus us."

His attention is also drawn by the sounds of the falling concrete over where Runealy is occupying Madison, and he hopes she's okay.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 02:53:45 15965
Mikoto's lips purse as she sees Hana start to unravel. "Then accept that we will protect what is ours," she says, looking down at the wounded monster-woman.

She stops her attack, however, hovering and waiting, blade at the ready. "If she walks away from this.... if she attacks some other city, kills more people there... and we let her walk away... then we are just as guilty of their deaths as she."

The sound of concrete crashing down comes to her ears, and she silently dispatches a Wide Area Search drone to see if Runealy is alright. A moment's breather is useful for that sort of thing.

She looks up, meeting Hino's eyes, then Tadase's. Then she levels her blade, a dozen Flicker Shots swirling around it. "Choose," she instructs Hana. "To end an empty, hollow life of fear and death... or embrace life. When was the last time you truly lived, Hana? Did you leave behind a love, a family? Is there anything human left of you at all?"
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 02:55:08 15966
    Hinote's sword and Platinum Royale's magic keep Hana pinned in place despite her struggles. And now Hinote is turning up the heat, fire flaring from the sword stuck straight through her body, beginning to bloom outward from her wounds. On her knees, Hana grits her teeth, struggling to rise..

    And shockingly, begins to accomplish that feat. Slowly, staggeringly, as Platinum Royale continues to plead with her to reconsider her tactics and try to find another way, she gets one foot underneath herself.. and then the other.. rising up with the sword still through her, still flaring fire.

    "I can't stop.. can't you see? If I stop.. I die! There can be no peace between us! Nature won't allow it! The wolf does not lie down with the lamb!" This last is all but spit from between teeth bared in a grimace that is half snarl, half smile.

    She throws her arms out.. and suddenly all the Youma which had been fighting each other pause. They don't turn towards the people fighting Hana yet, they just.. stop. But it appears that whatever Erin did is beginning to wear off! Time is running out!
Madison Perry 2015-11-22 02:55:11 15967
    Madison is a direct confrontation type of fighter. She revels in the glory of personal combat, in taking things into her own hands. As such, the idea of using the environment in the way Rune does generally never occurs to her.

    That's why it takes her by surprise when Rune fires those orbs, not at her, but at the wall and roof over her head as she ascends. A rain of bricks and other debris falls down atop her as a part of the building itself gives way!

    The blonde shoots a deadly glare at Rune, but has time for nothing else as a rather large brick smacks her right in the head.. and the red-and-black clad girl collapses to the floor of the alleyway to be buried under a rain of building-pieces.

    When the dust clears, she's half buried in bricks and covered in dust. It's impossible to tell how seriously she's injured, but she's certainly not getting up right away.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 03:00:51 15968
Guardian Hino has to make a choice. He doesn't want to make this choice. But when it goes quiet when the Youma all around stop fighting one another he feels he doesn't have much of one. This makes him look sad as he looks to Tadase---then back over to Mikoto.

"RAGING FIRE DRAGON!" he calls out, throwing his sword back- fire swirling around him and then he's launching some sort of dragon made of fire into Hana. It's a powerful attack and drains Hino on a base level to use it.

It's hopefully going to be difficult enough to block. Hino may not be in a good place after this to fight an army of youma afterwards.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 03:04:04 15969
Aside from her injuries, fright, and adrenaline... Rune appears to be okay. Physically okay, at least. Tunnel vision was a problem already, she was having trouble keeping up with what was going on elsewhere while fighting someone who genuinely wanted to - and would openly enjoy it - kill her.

And so she remains largely unaware of what's going on, of Mikoto checking on her, of Hino using fire and blade, of Royale using brilliant light... of danger looming as Erin's control wavers. They're happening a rooftop over, behind her.

Yet her gaze is fixated on the alley below, down at Madison as debris falls and that hateful look rips through Rune's composure... and dust sprays. Her gaze stays firmly on Madison, arms and legs shuddering now. "Did I just...?" From such a height, it's hard to tell. She can't see Madison's face clearly. Not in detail. She can't see if Madison is breathing or not. The prospect that 'not' might be the case jars her deeply, enough so that she fails to join in on the assault on Hana. Even as a flare-dragon races by in the distance, its light flickering with the shadows around her in its brilliance.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 03:12:29 15970
Tadase inwardly squirms a bit - but outwardly, Platinum Royale's resolve doesn't falter. If she wants to be the wolf, that's still her choice - and if the wolf won't lay down the the lamb, the shepherd has to do what has to be done.

He does, however, look away as he calls the attack out from his scepter. "HOLY JUSTICE" he says - unleashing a brilliant beam of golden light, attacking the dangerous Hana at nearly point blank range, combining his attack with the Guardian Knight's.

Inside, he's still reasoning with himself. He gave her a chance. She refused to take it. All of that black energy means she's not a person - she's a youma. He's defeated youma, witches, other creatures before. And he's still worried about what might be going on with this girl's partner and Runealy.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 03:12:47 15971
Mikoto's eyes narrow as Hana starts to rise. The girl within her, looking out through those eyes, silently pleads with Hana to stop. To choose life, rather than yet more death.

The soldier within her regrets, but cannot allow a threat of this magnitude to continue. She tightens her grip on Carnwennan's blade, and opens her mouth to speak -

And the youma cease their infighting. That's not good at all. And it shows that Hana's reach exceeds her immediate vicinity. Such an incredibly dangerous foe...

"I'm so very sorry," she says, finally.

(("PANZERJAEGER!")) A dozen Flicker Shots swirl around the blade, spiraling in tighter until they merge with it... and she thrusts it home, the energy carried by the blade to (if successful) explode within Hana's body.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-22 03:26:09 15973
    Sometimes hard choices must be made. The choice to live... the choice to die. Hana was moments from regaining control of her Youma, and at that point there would have been little chance of stopping her.

    As it is, the three attacks from Hinote, Platinum Royale, and Mikoto hit her nearly simultaneously. The huge fire dragon rushes around her body, swallowing her in fire just as the blast of golden light slams into her in the front, and Mikoto's blade pierces her body before detonating.

    The resulting explosion of fire and energy is blinding, enough to drown out any sight of what actually happens to the white-clad woman. The roof of the building shakes, and if there's any sort of sound from Hana, it's lost in all of the concussions.

    Then there's a bloom of darkness, of smoke seeming to expand outwards, banishing the light of the attacks.. and when it ends, there's nothing. A hole in the roof, ragged with cracked masonry, leading into the building below with a pile of rubble at its base is all that remains in the spot where Hana stood.

    The strange half-Labyrinth state of reality flickers, then fades, and reality returns. Cars honk and people shout. The sounds of normal life resume. The Youma seem to fade as well.. shaking themselves as if waking up from some kind of trance, they stop their fighting and simply pass back into whatever realms they came from. Those Youma might return to trouble the city again someday, but if so, it will be on their own, not as part of the White Flower's army.

    Overhead, the ghostly white flower that has hung over the city for three weeks slowly fades out of existence, allowing the stars to twinkle unimpeded once more. It would be very hard for anyone to notice, and maybe no one will notice it at all, but in the pile of rubble within the building, below the hole, something small and black glistens very faintly.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 03:34:38 15975
Guardian Hino watches Hana detonate. The weird reality shifting happens. Things return to normal. That flower dissapears....

He turns around and looks down into the crater with a blink. "Eh...?"

He takes a few steps down his sword held out in guard. Did she survive?

He reaches down and places his hands on something shiny. And pulls out a----

Grief Seed? he blinks and frowns.

It occurs to him he owes a certian hair flipping Puella a seed. "I know where to take this." he says as he places it in his pocket. "Gonna call...." he doesn't say the name outloud.

He looks around and frowns. "Princess! Erin! Hey!....." he calls out.

"Are you all okay!? We seem to be alive up here!?" he calls out, looking between Tadase and Mikoto a moment. "Things.. seem to be resolved." is Erin even up?....
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 03:35:36 15976
It's only when a few more decisive blows ring out behind her that Rune snaps out of her daze, looking back in time to see the flames, light, and energy strike... and has to shield her eyes immediately afterward, crying out!

When it fades, she's left staring at the aftermath... then Hino, Royale, and Mikoto. "You... you did it, right? It's over? W... wait." A sudden concern slices through her trembling thoughts: "Where's Erin?" Hino seems to already be on top of that worry at first, then he finds something interesting. Something very important that rightly calls for his immediate attention.

And so Runealy loses track of Madison, instead darting off to leap for where she saw Hino last leave Erin.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 03:40:19 15977
Mikoto looks to Hino, then Tadase, and nods sadly. "It's done," she murmurs. She makes no objection as Hino retrieves the Grief Seed, unwilling to have more to do with the witch's death. A flick of her blade, as if to clean blood off of it, and she slides it back into its sheathe.

"Good to see you're alright, Princess." She turns away, taking to the air again to zip towards where she last saw Erin. "How's Stabby McStabsalot?"
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-22 03:42:18 15978
The grief seed isn't lost on Tadase. It means a lot of very strange things. He'll have to talk to Tsukasa and Blue about all of this. It's still left him with a strange feeling. Not despair or anger or woe... but perhaps a bitter sadness about the whole business. It's not as clean an ending as it is when an X-egg is cleansed, at least.

Tadase, too, looks to Runealy. "Oh good, you're okay." he says, even managing a trademark smile. "Did you get the other one, then?" he asks - then Rune is darting off to check on Erin, and Platinum Royale is off with her, in case the asnwer to that is something closer to 'she got away' or similar.
Erin Takayama 2015-11-22 04:05:38 15979
Erin Takayama, thankfully, has been left out of most of the destruction and fighting. When the not-quite-Witch Labyrinth vanishes, she begins to stir.

It's just a little thing at first. A finger twitches. The corner of her lips move. An eye flutters open, blinking. A low groan comes from her mouth.

Her eyes close again, quickly. She's starting to remember what she did just before she knocked herself out... she's hoping that she doesn't see Hana when she opens her eyes. She's hoping she doesn't see the corpses of those who tried to protect her.

She looks, and...

... everything's fine?

Erin's can't really move on her own. It's clear that she's trying to, but her legs don't respond. Her arms barely move. Her Soul Gem could use some attention, and the Grief Seeds she used in her attack all shattered.

She's alive, but barely.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 04:14:26 15980
Guardian Hino arrives down to where Erin was and immediatly glides over. This is when having a cape looks kind of awesome. He leans down. He takes a deep breath when Erin is alive. "Relax." he says softly, as he places a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "She's gone. She shouldn't bother you ever again. You're safe. The other is also indisposed I think, else my friend probably wouldn't be here either." he smiles over to Runealy who's probably arrived by now or before Hinote.

He stands up. "I'm going to go find your stash." he looks to Runealy. "She keeps seeds close by. I'll be a moment. Make sure she keeps safe." he hops out the Balcony.

He'll be back in a moment.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 04:16:17 15982
Those questions bring Madison back into Rune's thoughts, and she gasps out an answer to Royale and Mikoto: "I think I might have killed...!" She doesn't finish the sentence, though Rune isn't sure that's true either; she didn't confirm it.

Instead, she continues on her way to Erin. "You're still with us! Still here!" She shouts through tears streaming, vision blurring... but she can still see color. And she sees a lot of black where she should see another color on Erin. "Wait... Hino, anyone... look!" She's pointing sharply at Erin's Soul Gem. "I think sh...!"

Hino's on it. "'Stash'? Ah... okay..." Rune resumes shaking again, but rises to stand guard beside Erin, nodding to Royale and Mikoto if either of them opt to stay. "And yes... one way or another, 'the other one' isn't fighting now."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 04:18:10 15983
Mikoto squats next to Erin, reaching down to clasp her hand, briefly. "Thank you," she murmurs, and then, "I'm glad you were able to find your way." Her smile is sad, but genuine, as she surveys the girl for injuries.

"Carnwennan, medical scan?"

(("Scanning, Meister."))

Then she notices the Soul Gem, and hmmms softly. She still has the Grief Seed from the witch in the library... she'd slipped it into a pocket and almost forgotten about it. Fortunately it's still there. She gets it out and holds it near the Soul Gem. "I've got one right here," she says, "But you might as well get another, just in case."

She looks up at Runealy. "Congratulations. Where'd you leave her? Or did she get away?" She recalls the Search drone, redirecting it to find Madison.
Erin Takayama 2015-11-22 04:27:31 15985
Erin looks up at Hinote as he places his hand on her shoulder. "She's gone...? Really?"

Erin almost doesn't believe it. Is it really over? Can she really get her life back again?

Hinote goes off to find her stash, and Erin reaches down to look at her pendant, the resting place of her Soul Gem. It's far darker than it should be. She's starting to worry. She hopes Hinote comes back soon.

Rune's words register with her. "So then... Madison, too... she might be..."

Erin trails off. Mikoto starts scanning her. Physically, there isn't much that's outright wrong with her. She doesn't have any broken bones, wounds, or even cuts or bruises. Magically is another story. She is drained heavily, and what's more it appears that she was either hit by a powerful dark energy-based attack, or she just recently channeled a lot of dark power. More than her body could handle, even in henshin.

In truth it's a bit of both.

The Grief Seed touches against her Soul Gem, and begins to drain some of the darkness away. The light blue color returns to her gem, and she looks at her pendant.

"... Thank you..."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 04:31:22 15986
Guardian Hino returns with a small black bag of sorts and gently walks over to Erin and places the bag into her hand. "Here." he offers. He looks to Mikoto. "Oh!-----thank you. Yes. Please. Give it to her. She--needs that right now." he says.

He looks to Runealy and smiles. "That was harrowing. Kept my promise." he says to the Princess. He looks down at Erin. "Are you going to be okay now, Erin?" he asks. "I dunno what you did, but thank you. That let us fight her directly enough to--- well." he trails off. "She won't bother you again."

He walks over to the Princess. "Are you okay, Princess? I'm sorry---I- was preoccupied with that other. Did that murderous psychopath hurt you?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 04:34:00 15987
"Congratulations!?" Runealy's eyes go wide, horrified that this is something to be praised for. "The alley over there..." She points a few rooftops over. Not the one everyone had been fighting on, but one adjacent to that; Rune had lured Madison away, after all.

She backs off as Grief Seeding is administered, head shaking several times despite her words being affirming. "You sure did... thank you," words likely in response to Hino. "Don't apologize, I did that on purpose. The best thing you could have done was stick with everyone else here to deal with /this./ I just... got her out of the way, since she was going for me no matter what."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-11-22 04:45:09 15989
Mikoto nods. "You survived, Princess. Triumphed over the odds. The threat is ended. That's worth appreciating, yes." She looks Rune in the eyes, briefly, steadily.

Then she turns back to Erin, concentrating on the wounded. "You're going to be fine, Erin. Just like I promised in the library." She squeezes Erin's hand again, and nods. "You'll be fine." She focuses for a moment, calling on her own mana to see if she can channel some to the wounded Puella, to use for healing. It's not something she's tried before, nor is she particularly confident in it, but she feels like she has to try.
Erin Takayama 2015-11-22 04:49:08 15991
Erin looks at her Soul Gem, turning it over in her hand. It's about as much as she can manage to do in her current state.

Hinote asks her if she'll be alright. Erin pauses a moment before answering. "... yeah, I'll be alright."

"Hana's gone... Madison is gone... for once I'll be alright."

A tear rolls down her cheek, into the ground. She accepts the black bag of Grief Seeds, using her Soul Gem to heal herself enough to sit up straight.

She needs to take a moment to just... take it all in, and also recover.

"I think I'll be fine if I just get back to my apartment. With those two out of the picture, there's no one left to come after me. It was just us three, really."

Erin overhears the details of how Madison was lured away. "That... turned out well. She never really did like to think things through."

Mikoto's healing helps a bit. At the very least, it gives Erin back some of the energy she expended.

"I guess you were right after all... but back then I could never believe that this could happen. Even right now I can barely believe it, even seeing it right in front of me."

"... I guess what's next is... the part Runealy was talking about... Actually living after the fact."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-22 04:55:56 15993
Guardian Hino smiles at Erin. "If you need anything else. Please. Ask. Just ask. I think you'll be safe now. I'll still help you hunt grief seeds in the meantime." he smiles. "Runealy can help you with that--- at least get you into contact with people who can." he says as he glances over to Runealy and takes a deep relaxed breath.

"Well. We're all okay. That weird flower in the air dissapeared. Yeah that's a good night." he says. He places his hands on his hips.

"...I hurt all over." he suddenly realizes.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-22 05:00:37 15994
"I guess..." Rune doesn't sound quite as enthused as Mikoto seems to be about the topic.

Regardless, her attention returns to Erin. "That might be the harder part. From what you've said about yourself, it sounds like getting free of them was only half of what was wrong. Just try, okay? Try to find that 'one percent chance' to be happy instead of the 'no chance' you had... find the one, talk to Sailor Senshi and Guardian Knights and Pretty Cures and everyone else to make it two percent, then five, ten, fifty... until you find something you're able to be happy about and live for."

A nod over to Hino, as hands glow in a white light she tries to offer toward him... a modest healing talent. Not on par with those specialized in it, but she's trying to work on the pain he comments on. "You did great. Kept her protected, so she can work on finding that happiness. Then, she can be safe."