Corruptable Kohai

A mysterious dark power is stealing energy at the park. What's going on here?

Date: 2015-11-27
Pose Count: 31
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 01:04:39 16656
It's a quiet day in the park. Nothing seems to be going wrong outright. People are walking along, enjoying the weather and enjoying nature. From every outside point of view, everything is going just fine.

However... something... feels slightly off.

It's not the kind of thing that a normal person could pick up on. Only those with some form of magic even seem to notice. Everything feels just slightly like you're looking at something a little gross.

Once in a while, out of the corner of one's eye, one can see movement. A tiny black dot, skittering between hiding places, might just cross your vision. It doesn't seem like too big of a deal, but something just seems wrong about it.

Once in a while someone starts feeling a bit tired, like they need to take a seat on a park bench, or maybe they wish they could go home and take a nap. One way or another, random people around the park just seem a little drained.

A little girl is sitting in a swing, in a grey hoodie that hides her face. The hoodie is oversized, large enough to go down to her knees. Two long tails of blonde hair fall out from the front of the hood. Just a normal girl on a swing, really. She might be someone you know.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 01:10:01 16657
Rune is among those in the park today, though she paces alone. This is intentional and self-imposed; she has a lot to think about and is finding the mix of relative quiet (compared to the rest of Tokyo) plus having /some/ background noise of people doing things to be a pretty good way of sorting her thoughts.

...Right up until she feels that mental nudge that things aren't proper here. "Half the time I feel like this, it's my own doing. The other half..." She starts to wonder, gazing around and taking in details.

The only thing she immediately picks out is some familiar hair; it might be Fate. That's actually convenient, Runealy realizes as she begins to head over to the swing. "Hey there," Rune offers in greeting.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 01:19:37 16658
...six months of thinking later...

Well okay, that's not all Nanoha's done but she's been training and running and jogging because things seemed to get more dangerous everyday! But that's okay! She was running today! Yunno was somewhere else. She did come to a stop though when something felt uneasy in her stomach.

She looked around and, was something playing in the corners of her eyes. She'd turn to look and see!----- nothing.

Were people around her finding places to sit suddenly? ... even lay on the ground?

Something was wrong. She continues down the path until she spots Runealy and a girl in a hoodie with long hair. She can't see the face from here. They don't seem affected? Or is the other checking up on the other.

"Is everything okay?" she asks looking up at Runealy. She looks. Familar. Had she seen her before? Maybe a long while ago. She looks over to the hoodied girl. "Hey- are you okay? Everyone seems to be getting tired!" she expresses concernedly.

No reason to summoner a barrier jacket yet, right... right?
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 01:38:43 16659
The little girl reaches up, tiny fingers coming out of the too-long sleeves to pull back the hood. Sure enough, it's Fate, looking up at Runealy with large, wine-red eyes. "Um... hi." She smiles, awkwardly, maybe even a bit sheepishly. "How are you?"

Fate looks over at Nanoha and stares at her quietly for a long time. She was only lightly swinging before, but now the swing slowly comes to a stop. Fate narrows her eyes at Nanoha. "I've seen you before."

That strange uneasiness still permeates the area, yet since both Runealy and Nanoha have approached fate, the little skittering dots no longer seem to be visible.

No, that's not quite right. Once in a while they can be seen, but they are further off, in the distance. Suddenly, the dark presence that seems to be hiding here is on guard.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 01:46:08 16661
"The fact you're asking that, when I was about to ask it too, makes me think we've got problems." Rune answers back to Nanoha, mood turning more cautious now as the princess' gaze keeps wandering... and while her vision is mostly back to normal now, it's just a tiny bit off and may be keeping her from spotting the 'dots' further away.

So even while trying to look around for any trouble, Rune has a response for Fate: "Starting to do better. Actually, we'll be going home soon. Probably just a little over a week from now, and I'd still love it if you can come along and see everyone you've helped. Just... hope whatever's feeling weird right now is just our imagination, but if not it's going to have to be dealt with before any stuff 'a week later' is."
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 01:51:38 16663
Nanoha Takamachi blinks! Hey---wait a minute!---it's!----

...what was that name. All she really does is need to look at those eyes to remember.

"Wait, you're.... Fate...!" she says. "Right?" she asks. She looks concerned. There's not a Jewel Seed is there? Yunno would had come running now if there was. She's sure of it. Ferrets are quick like that! Maybe this is something else going on. But--- no Jewel Seed, Fate is right there. She has questions- and there has been one question heavy on her head all this time. She's not hearing what Runealy says right now- maybe it isn't registering- but she is waiting until Runealy is done speaking to talk.

"...why did you look so sad?" she asks. Yeah it's straight up. She's nine years old!

She looks around again, then back up to Runealy. "Is something there?" she asks.

It's really not occuring to her to drag out Raising Heart and Area Search. This'll be a lesson for later.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 02:09:10 16666
"You feel... something wrong?" says Fate. She seems a little tense at the suggestion. "Um... well..." Fate glances from side to side, but not at anything in particular. Her fingers fidget with the chains of the swing.

Fate does smile and say, "I'd like to come along! I bet you have a neat home!"

Fate focuses on Nanoha for a moment more, saying, "That's right. That's my name."

Nanoha asks a question. Fate frowns at it. "Sad? ... I don't want to talk about it." She looks away from Nanoha, down at the ground. She seems sad again, though she isn't saying why.

Someone nearby falls over into the grass. Fate winces at the same moment. Ten or twenty black dots suddenly scurry from the body of the one who fell over. The person seems alive, sure enough, but... it's like they just suddenly fell asleep.

Fate's blushing now.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 02:13:30 16668

The appeal to patriotism, unintended or not, actually works well on Rune. She's always glad to accept praise of her homeworld. "You're going to like it. I'll make sure to call you with plenty of time before we head back, so you can be with us!"

Then... 'Sad'? Rune hadn't considered that possibility in regard to Fate. She hasn't seen much direct evidence suggesting it, but when Nanoha brings it up and Fate /doesn't deny it/, but rather deflects it...

...That's telling. Rune is about to say something about it, when a person plunges to the ground. "Ah?!" Runealy nods over to Nanoha, "I'll check. Stay on your guard!" Then she's sprinting over to try kneeling down by the fallen individual, hoping to ascertain their condition. This might not be the best idea with those 'dots' around, but Rune hasn't quite figured that out just yet, only that there is some kind of problem in the area after all.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 02:22:45 16670
Nanoha Takamachi oh! Fate's smiling suddenly! She wants more of that. Yes. She wants to see that much more.

It doesn't last long however when Nanoha asks her frank honest question "Well...I'm Nanoha Takamachi! Why don't you want to talk to about it? Why are you after the Jewel Seeds , too then?" she asks. These are questions she may not get a chance to ask anytime soon. Though- something more direct happens and Nanoha can see it this time. She looks back to Fate in side eyed. Shes looking down.

--and blushing?

She doesn't know what's going down here now- but he's going to get to the heart of it.

"Raising Heart, Set up...!" she says.

<Yes, My Master.> says the tiny pretty bauble Nanoha is squeezing in her fists. She shifts into a Barrier Jacket- and Raising Heart takes it's true form in it's intricate staff mode. "...don't you want to help whatever's going on too?" she asks to Fate suddenly. She knows she can do this too after all! She saw it!
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 02:25:46 16672
"Fate Testarossa," is all Fate says in response to Nanoha's introduction. It's short and curt, but it is, at the very least, an introduction. No response to the Jewel Seeds, or why she doesn't want to talk about it. She's being very cagey about it.

Fate looks up at Runealy, and tries to smile while the older girl talks about her homeworld, but her smile is a little weak. Fortunately there isn't much time for Rune to see it before she turns around to investigate the fallen person. They are clearly drained of energy. Not a lot of energy, not enough to be lethal, but they've still been drained. Also, if Rune looks very close, she can see tiny little bite marks on the person.

Fate is looking carefully at Rune's back. When Nanoha starts bringing out her Intelligent Device and summons her Barrier Jacket, Fate gets out of her swing.

"Help...? Sorry, that's not what I'm here for."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 02:33:28 16675
Rune isn't close enough to return introductions just yet. As in, she's too physically distant, not emotionally. Unaware that Fate seems to be obsering her, the princess remains kneeled and checking on the victim. "This is just like..." ...Just like when she was going around doing that to people? Perhaps. Though the presence of bite marks is quite different. "We definitely have trouble!"

That is said loud enough for Nanoha and Fate to easily overhear. "Summoning Princess' Tiara! The Line of Succession..." Jeweled headwear appears in hand, passed to the other and brought to her forehead in one motion. "Transform!"

A flash of red light changes Rune into her royal magical garb. If Nanoha didn't recognize her before, the link should be obvious now. Runealy is starting to back away from the fallen person, not seeing a need to heal them... and danger may be imminent, she fears. Better to be away from the victim if Rune is attacked, or so the princess feels.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 02:36:27 16677
Fate is deflecting all her questions, she frowns a little herself straight faced. "There's not one here now... right? So... we can talk for a change.. instead of fight over another one again." she offers. If Fate won't answer questions about the Jewel Seeds. Then... "Why don't you tell me something else about yourself!" she smiles. "I go to Seishou Public School! What School do you go to?" she asks. Yes. This is a much safer, easier questions. Right? However....

She frowns and looks back to Fate.

"Then... what are you here for?" she asks.

She holds Raising Heart guardedly in front of her. Something's going on here.

Then she blinks back to Runealy and-----

Oh! She's that odd Princessy looking girl from that same night she also saw Fate for the first time. That's....

Surreal. Is there a link? "What's going on...?" she calls out. Peek left. Peek right.

Still no Area Search.

She is Succccch a rookie.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 02:49:41 16681
"I don't go to any school," says Fate. "I'm not from around here, actually."

Nanoha's other question will be answered shortly.

Fate watches as Runealy henshins. Nanoha has already henshined. Fate holds out her hand and says, "Bardiche."

Fate's oversized hoodie is replaces with her black henshin, cape billowing behind her. The device becomes a long axe-like staff in her hands, and she begins to float into the air.

At the same time, the ominious, dark feeling... seems to stop. There is a palpable stillness in the air, as if something is holding very still.

"Please... try to understand. A friend of mine needs this."

Fate holds out Bardiche, and a dark gem appears and rises out of it. It's clearly not a Jewel Seed, but it is a magical stone of some sort.

"I didn't mean to take so much from him. I thought if I only took a little, then it wouldn't matter and it wouldn't bother anyone... but I took too much because I wasn't paying close enough attention. It was an accident. I'm sorry."

All of a sudden, that dark feeling returns. Tiny and skittering, thousands of small black dots come from all over the park, gathering around the swing. They start jumping up to Fate's feet and climbing up her back, making their way up her arm and onto Bardiche, before finally jumping into the dark gem and vanishing within.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 02:58:56 16684
Runealy continues to look around frantically, trying to figure out where the draining is coming from... what's causing it. Then she goes tense, rock-still, as a chill cuts through her.

Fate has just said something very familiar to the alien princess. Fate has just used the same sort of justification Rune did, and that instantly changes Runealy's perception of this situation. That might very well explain why Fate is 'sad', she realizes.

And so, Rune lowers her wand. It's in hand, but not aimed at anyone even as a dot-swarm returns to Fate. "Understand, you say? I'm probably one of the only people here in Tokyo who would. Just a few months ago, I was doing the same thing... and it didn't help. Can you tell us who needs this, who you're willing to take this upon yourself for?"

She looks over to Nanoha with a very brief gaze, concerned eyes trying to warn her of possible danger at hand.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 03:05:51 16686
Nanoha Takamachi eyes go wide when Fate summons her Device and then...she's the cause of this weirdness. She jumps back. Just a little distance. Not much. She still has to talk- but Raising Heart is still in hand. It's held in one now though, pointed downwards. She really doesn't want to hurt Fate. Not at all.

"But...if you needed...some couldn't. You had asked?... can't you...return more than you needed?" she asks. More talking. More questions. She doesn't want to fight.

She looks to Runealy. Back at Fate. Runealy isn't a concern. She seems to be on the same level right now discussion wise? She isn't sure.

She isn't sure about a lot suddenly.

"...can you do that?" she asks. This sounds more like a request this time.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 03:20:10 16689
Fate hovers higher and higher, as more and more of the swarm gathers around her. Just how many of these things were there? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions? Each one of them has only a tiny mote of stolen energy, but with so many of them the energy adds up.

"Well... someone I work with asked for this. Someone close to her is in the hospital. He needs energy to heal."

Fate's mind goes back to something Runealy said before. "Wait... what do you mean it didn't help? You mean the energy didn't work?"

Fate looks over to Nanoha, saying, "It doesn't work like that. I wouldn't have gathered more than I needed. That'd be a waste. Besides, it grows back over time. I doubt most of them will miss it."

Fate looks at the one collapsed person. "Um... well maybe he might... but I still don't think it works that way."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 03:28:24 16691
Fate's words continue to cut deeper and deeper, the similarities very clear to Rune. The scale is different, or Fate is claiming it to be so at least - but everything else seems to match up well enough. "By the Barrier, that's... I... I haven't tried it yet, using what I took. It's already done, so I can't just get rid of it without making their pain absolutely pointless, but... I did have to stop!"

Rune's eyes are wide now, a mix of fright and pleading. "Listen to her," a nod over to Nanoha. "Listen to both of us, this can't lead anywhere good. They," her palm sweeps in a wide gesture around the area, "sure seem to be 'missing it' right now. He's /really/ missing it, you've noticed that much, but the others are too. And how much hurting someone, how much evil, is okay?"

Realizing how that might sound, Rune immediately holds up a hand in the hopes of buying a moment to quickly add: "I'm not saying /you're/ evil, before you think that!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 03:37:39 16693
Nanoha Takamachi frowns. "Then... why couldn't. You just ask people!?" still not getting an answer like that. Runealy makes an evil insituation! Her eyes light up! Someone... that wants to help someone---can't be evil.. right? Even if it's misguided... right?

"W--Well!" she raises Raising Heart and points it at Fate. "If---if your friend needs the energy then!-- put that back and--I can give you mine- but--- you can't hurt these people! You can't hurt people while helping others- or trying to make someone else comfortable...!" she pleads.

"You know that's wrong, right!?" she asks. She lowers Raising Heart a little- trying to make a point. Probably waving around a deadly Intelligent Device isn't helping but....
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 03:56:32 16696
'How much evil is okay?'

Fate has to stop and think about that. At first she felt bad because she might have to fight her friend... and now she feels bad because her friend says that this is evil.

"... but... everyone else does it... no one else seems to think it's wrong." One might wonder who Fate is referring to in terms of 'everyone else'. Then again she doesn't really keep her employment with Eclipse a huge secret.

To Nanoha, she says, "... Well I tried to ask some of them, but they just looked at me funny. One of them even tried to call the cops. Said I was 'lost' or 'needed my parents' or something. For the record I do know where my mother is, so please don't call anyone."

On the other hand her mother is Precia so maybe someone should call someone.

Nanoha offers her energy in exchange for all these peoples? "If I take that much from you, it would be dangerous for you. Is that really okay?"

'You know that's wrong, right?'

"What's wrong about taking what I want? Isn't that how things are done?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 04:05:08 16699
Some open secrets can still be truly secret if an individual doesn't know enough to piece information together. In this case, Fate's commentary leaves Rune to ask: "Who's this 'everyone else'? When I was doing it, I had 'war fans' pulled on me, and others calling for my e--" ...No, that particular recollection might be a bit much for Fate, perhaps a bit too frightening. So Rune redirects, quickly.

"If you take her offer, you're going to be responsible for making sure she's okay afterward. You'll have to call the healers, and wait here by her side," Rune nods over at Nanoha, "until they arrive. You'll see what's wrong about it then, just like I did. But maybe you'll see what's right about her, too. You shouldn't do this, but if you're that set on it... that's how this has to be. You have to be sure she'll be okay. Are you alright with that?"

It's a rather roundabout way of trying to talk Fate out of this, oddly 'rational' for someone speaking with tiny gasps in her voice and wide, worried eyes.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 04:15:06 16702
Nanoha Takamachi seems confused!? She's from somewhere else... right?

"N-no! That's wrong! You don't just take what you want without caring! If they said no then... that's it! No!" she says worriedly.

"It's clear your some concerned about this, right? I mean. If someone asked you and you're doing it?" she asks.

"I mean, you can even...take me to this person and we can do that too---!" she says.

She loks over to Runealy and frowns. "And---if you do accept-- you..." she says. "You need to promise to answer some questions." she says eyes suddenly filled with concern. She's been asking a lot of questions, right? One's Fate's been deflecting.

"---but---- one way or another. We need to get that energy back to the people here. Do you understand...?" she asks with a worry in her voice. As normal. She doesn't want to fight. But she most certianly is willing to to get through to someone!
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 04:26:00 16706
"... I don't like it," says Fate. "I don't like the idea of taking all of that from just one person. It's unhealthy. The manual I read said that it was better to take a few fruits than cut down the entire tree... and I'm not really sure what that means but I think it means I shouldn't try to take too much at once."

The stream of black dots slows to a trickle, until there is only one or two remaining, little specks of darkness hopping into that black gem.

"... and I can't take you to that person either. Sorry, but I think I'd get in trouble."

Bardiche transforms, turning into a blazing energy scythe. Her sad, cold eyes turn towards Nanoha.

"I said I didn't want to talk about it. If you must know, I was sad because I haven't seen my mother smile in a long time."

The black gem sparks to life, and expands outwards. It takes the form of a giant spider made of shadow, much larger than Fate herself, and hovering over her as if clinging to an invisible web.

"Do you intend to fight me?" she asks, specifically to Nanoha. "I'd rather not hurt you, but if you make me choose between draining your energy and fighting you..."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 04:32:06 16707
"There's a manual on that!?" Runealy is shocked to learn this. It makes some sort of sense, perhaps, but it's not something one normally thinks of. Fate's refusal causes Rune's head to lower, disappointed. "So you can't bring us to them... and... wait! Is she the one who needs this?!"

She steps aside, trying to get some distance from both Fate and Nanoha. Yet it's the latter who gets her attention for a few moments, tone very serious: "If she's doing this for the reasons I think she is... she's probably serious. If it comes down to telling that person 'sorry' or fighting us, that might not be much of a 'choice' to make. Whatever you say or do now, understand that much about what's going on!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 04:39:29 16709
Nanoha Takamachi blinks. "W..What!? Is that why you're so sad!? Is that why you were after the Seeds!?" she says a little sad herself now. That's... awful. That's really awful. "I really want to help you...." she mutters. "...but that's the choice I'm giving you. If you don't want to fight.... then. Take my energy. But. I'm going to fight. To save the people here." she says as the giant spider forms. Oh, lord that's---- scary....!!!!

"Raising Heart... Cannon Mode...."

The Device shifts, she points it up at the Spider. "So---you... better make your choice. Because those are the two there, Fate." she says.

"This choice... is up to you!" she says determinedly as she can. There's nervousness there. She's obviously ready to start shooting this thing.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 04:52:26 16712
So... should Fate hurt Runealy, Nanoha, and all of the people here?

Or should she only hurt Nanoha?

Fate frowns. She could fly off and leave, but then either one of these girls might shoot down her spider and leave her with nothing.

Fate frowns and looks at the ground. "I don't think you really understand. My mother isn't the one i'm gathering this for. I mean, yes my mother tells me to work with these people, but it's not like I'm protecting her directly."

Fate points Bardiche at Nanoha, and a second gem comes out. To the first, she says, "Retriever: Disperse," and with that command the shadowy spider vanishes in a cloud of darkness. All of the energy that Fate had gathered is sent back to its rightful place, drawn into its previous owners. People who were tired are suddenly chipper, and even the one who collapsed seems to be coming to.

"You promised me, so you better not back out of this. I'll answer some questions, if that's what you want in return."

The second black gem glows darkly, and a large shadowy arm reaches out to grab Nanoha. It's very touch is draining, should Nanoha really get drained by it, but Fate will stop short of dealing permanent damage.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 04:58:20 16714
"No, I don't totally understand... but I'm closer than you might think," Rune simultaneously concedes and defends her viewpoint. "I tried what you're doing, and it just caused so many more problems. Even if it ends up being enough to save my home, I'm not sure I'd ever think of doing it ever again. Even if 'she' asked...!"

This nonetheless introduces another issue in Rune's head. She has only the most vague understanding of Fate's associations and motives, and Fate's mother is a /concept/ to the princess; not even a defined person, merely an idea. An 'idea' that is instructing Fate to do something like this, which seems inconceivable; what mother does that?

She has no words for that right now. Instead, her own head lowers just as Fate's has, starting to cry. It's a soft and quiet thing, and Rune forces her gaze to lift enough to keep an eye on Nanoha.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 04:59:33 16715
Nanoha Takamachi watches, when Fate disperses the spiders... "Raising Heart...Stand Down..." she says softly.

It actually takes a long second for the device to comply. But it does. It turns back into a gem. Nanoha places it somewhere safe on her person.

"I...always keep a promise." she says with a small smile at Fate--- even as a errie shadow arm reaches out to drain her and it touches her----and grabs her and she begins to feel drained. She has a lot of magic to give, after all- plenty enough that Fate can get what she needs and she won't be horrible injuted by it. It is making her VERY visibly sleepy though. " better..keep yours...! okay....!" she says more sleepily.

Runealy's there in case Fate tries to do anything harmful when she passes out, right...?

Because that's happening she begins falling forward and passing out.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 05:07:16 16716
Fate is... actually surprised. Nanoha is keeping her promise? Who would keep a promise like that? Who would even make it?

Who is this girl?

Fate takes a lot from Nanoha, but Nanoha having the crazy amounts of magical power she has, there's a lot for her to give. It isn't long before the black gem is filled. The hand releases Nanoha, once the gem is full. The gem descends towards Bardiche, vanishing within it as the device seals it.

"... I think that's enough. It's about what you made me give up... That's fair."

Fate lowers herself from the sky, staying in her henshin. She walks up to Nanoha, reaching out to grab her in case she falls over, whether Nanoha is conscious or not. One way or another, Fate ensures that Nanoha wont hit her head if she falls down.

"... I don't really know why you were willing to do that, but thank you. I might have to wait until you're feeling better to fulfill my half of the deal, though."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-27 05:17:40 16719
Rune continues to keep her distance, staring in quiet dismay as this situation continues. It doesn't surprise her that Nanoha offered this; others did when Runealy was on this same path. It doesn't surprise her that Fate carries the draining out. Being able to watch this from a relatively detached point of view just adds a new perspective to this awful mess.

And so the draining went on, unopposed. Part of Rune wanted to share the burden with Nanoha, but the threat of the Barrier's Restoration Ritual looms in the princess' very near future. She /must/ be at '100 percent', and this stays her from offering any sort of 'energy donation'... unfair as it may be to leave Nanoha to bear the draining alone like that.

Yet when Nanoha starts to pitch forward, Runealy begins to move... and stops when Fate shows it's unnecessary. She lets Fate make the catch, confident that any immediate danger of a fight has passed. "Just be sure you take care of her, and really listen when you talk with her," she urges Fate. "You might find a lot to think about. And... so you know,"

Runealy pulls out a cell phone, holding it up slightly for Fate to see. "My plans haven't changed. Still going to call you, still going to watch your back when I can."
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-11-27 05:22:42 16721
Nanoha Takamachi pitches forward and is able to hear those words and she opens to her mouth to say something but she can't- she ends up falling into a black void of mental oblivion. It's unpleasent. Not fatal. Maybe she'll have a few bad dreams about the sad eyed girl and the mother she apparently does these awful things for. Questions for later? Maybe but---

Right now all she can do is fall forward. Luckily, Fate and Runealy are there to stop her from hitting dirt too hard.

Of course the same last thought is on her head too.

'Who is this girl.. really?'- though, more determined than ever.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-27 05:47:48 16724
Fate watches over the fallen Nanoha, and then looks up to Runealy.

"... I haven't changed my plans either. I'd still like to have your back. I'm sorry things turned out this way, but... I don't hold anything against you either."

Even if Fate doesn't fully know why Runealy is so adamant, since she doesn't know about Rune's experiences, Fate does know when she's making someone upset.

Fate will continue to wait here. She'll wait until help comes, and she'll stay by Nanoha's side until she's sure she'll be safe. She'll find time to give the energy over to Ayana, and she hopes it'll be enough.

Fate finds herself wondering what questions this girl will ask, and why she even wants to ask them to begin with. Something to find out another day.