Practice Makes... well something.

Hinote helps Valeria practice magic.

Date: 2015-11-27
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Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 07:16:59 16741
Hinote Kagari takes Valeria Barun for a walk around town. He points out some things. By now, she also has a Cell Phone and she's been given the rundown how to use it. He'll answer questions and all that and he's sure Valeria has plently. Luckily, he's been pointing out everything he can. He finally says. "Well." he says. "We might aswell get the sillier things out of the way since it's evening now. Mainly. If you're anything like me it's gonna take you a moment or two to get used to your powers. Besides..." he says. "I think you'd wanna know what I look like as a Guardian Knight anyways so there's no confusion~" he says with a sing song tone in his voice.

He enters a sparse alley and slips on his braclet tugging it out of his jacket inside and raises his fist upwards.

"To protect justice, I am Guardian Hino!" he says and there's a flash of light and... Hinote becomes Guardian Hino! He grins and flourishes his cape. "What do you think?" he asks softly.

"We're going to the rooftops." he says softly. "Less of a chance to run into people up there. Lots of people don't look up anyways." he says.

"What I want you to do is take a little leap upwards--- and over the edge. Let's see if you can't do that, okay?" he asks. "If you can do that. I'll meet you up there! But--- I'll stay down here so I can try to break your fall if you mess up. That's okay if you do!" he says with a grin.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 07:40:52 16748
    Valeria is a city girl but her idea of a city is much smaller than anything that could be compared to Tokyo. It's going to take her a while to be able to find her way around. She's fairly enraptured by her phone as well, and spends a good while asking questions on how to use it. It takes her a while to understand how the touch screen works, so just getting down the basics of how to make a regular call takes her a while. Once that's done she's a relatively quick learner though.

    "It would not surprise me if I am clumsy at the beginning. I've never seriously considered using magic myself before I arrived here." She looks over to Hinote as she follows him into the alley- she's slightly cautious at that at first, since danger can lurk in such places, but then remembers both Hino and herself are no easy marks. "Was it disorienting to you when you first swore your Oath to the Princess? I'm afraid I nearly tripped several times."

    She looks over the armor approvingly after he transforms. "That is very becoming on you, Hino," she compliments, using his Guardian name now that he's transformed. "You look well suited to protecting Runealy in armor such as that."

    Then it's her turn, and with a call of, "To protect our future, I am Guardian Vale!" she's surrounded briefly by light, appearing once more before him as she did just after making her oath. No flourishes on her part; she figures he got a good enough look at her outfit before she finally figured out how to return to normal the other day.

    She looks upwards judges the height for a few moments. As Valeria she wouldn't have a chance of even scrambling up the wall to the roof, let alone jumping there in a single bound. "I'll try it," she states after a few moments, looking to Guardian Hino and smiling.

    She crouches down and jumps- and way over judges it, underestimating her own power by a lot. Worse still she's going straight up rather than at an angle. She lets out a cry of shock, though to her credit keeps from flailing in the air, reaching the apex of her vertical jump and starting to fall back down to Earth.

    It looks for a moment like Hino is going to have to keep her from planting into the ground when suddenly a purple glow shines at her back and a small pair of glowing wings appear, her descent slowing as they magically catch the air and start propelling her forward as well as down.

    One problem; she has no idea how to control it. "What do I do now?" She calls down from above. This is normal, right?
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 07:48:39 16750
Guardian Hino smirks. "Well I protect more than the Princess, Vale. That goes for me and you, too. There's others we worry about too. The Princess is priority for me though. At least until we handle the Barrier Crisis." he says softly. He does grin a little when it's called 'bcoming of him though'. "I'm a actor. I'm used to playing the role, but being it---is something different." he says.

He huhs as Vale launches herself into the air- he's all set to catch her but then--- wings!?. "Well. I dunno!" he calls out. "I don't have wings!" he says as he takes a jump upwards and hits the rooftop and begins following Vale's descent. "Concentrate. Can you control the direction? Can you flap them? Move them? Think like a bird if you have wings!" he calls out. Really, it's all he can manage to call out! He'll follow along under her, regardless just in case she falls out of the sky. "Or you can just keep floating downwards. I'll catch you if you're heading towards anything dangerous." he says softly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 08:06:49 16755
    Guardian Vale smiles to Hino, "I will, whenever the opportunity to do so arises. I do not think I can be the type of person to stand by and watch someone be hurt without intervening." She turns her eyes towards his for a moment, "But Hino, you must always treat the Princess as your priority. That is the primary duty of a Guardian Knight. I do not know how much she has told you, but even if the barrier is restored Princess Runealy is the sole hope for Waldia's future." Another small smile, and she's jumping away.

    Up in the air she is quite surprised to hear that Hino doesn't have wings. Her own are small, glowing magic that seem to be a simple effect. She looks quite silly as she flaps her arms like a bird, not knowing what else to do as she's told to think like a bird. The wings don't flap; they're just there. Her angle downward is fairly steep this time, too, and after soaring over a few rooftops she lands on the edge of the next one, barely avoiding dipping too low and crashing into the ledge.

    She takes a few moments to regain her composure, fairly concerned about her outward appearance even while transformed. "That was surprising. And very enjoyable, now that it's over!" She looks around behind herself but- no, the energy wings disappeared once she landed. "That's something I will need to learn to use quickly."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 08:17:21 16759
Guardian Hino smiles "I'm just able to leap. Those wings are neat, you'll need to learn how to use them fast." he says. "They'll be useful I bet! I can't glide or anything." he says as he crosses his arms. "The most I can do is. Well. I figured out I can shift my clothes a little, but that's it. It doesn't---change anything." he says. "Maybe that has something to do with me being an Actor! Or maybe you can do it too with enough practice." he smiles. "I don't know if Gao's tried that at least." he says with a smile.

He is glad however, that nothing dangerous happened to Vale. "Okay so----" he motions. "What about your weapons." he adds.

"What did you show last time... a sword and shield?" he asks?

He draws his longsword. It's thing and well long. It seems perfectly balanced for one hand, but seems to work well with two. It has a orante hilt with a red-orange gem set in the cross section. He motions. "This is my longsword. And-- well you know. It's a sword- but...."

He lights the sword on fire. "I can do Fire magic, too. I've become pretty good with it- I can cast it from my hands too, but it's more powerful from the blade." he says curtly.

"What do you think you can do?" he asks. "Wings so..... air?" he asks questioningly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 08:50:23 16767
    Guardian Vale considers a little at being able to shift her clothes into something different. "...I quite enjoy this look, actually." she comments after a moment. "The gauntlets could be a bit much for a purely social engagement as a Guardian Knight, however." Another few thoughts has her looking over to her left arm, to which her shield is strapped. "I think I my have been hasty in my assumptions." She smiles to Hino for a bit of turnabout, "Have you tried creating wings for yourself? I wasn't trying- that merely happened on it's own, but perhaps you could if you set your mind to it?" She's still very new to magic though and is only guessing.

    She pulls out her sword when he asks about it, looking it over and admiring the fancy inlays and designs along the surface of the flat. It makes her happy that even her weapon of war is fancy. "Yes, a sword and a shield. But.. not just that?" she asks as much as she states.

    She holds the sword out in front of herself and closes her eyes. Her eyebrows come together as she concentrates, and she struggles for a short while. Soon, though, there's a tiny spark. It's quickly followed by another before suddenly her weapon is crackling with electricity, yellow bolts of lightning arcing over it's surface. She opens her eyes and smiles happily at Hino, swinging it around testingly a few times.

    After this she considers, holding her arm away from herself and pointing the sword towards the sky- more like a wand or staff than a sword, really, letting out a brief shout as a bolt of lightning streaks out from the sword and harmlessly off into the sky. "My magical affinity appears to be with lightning," she offers pleasantly.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 09:01:36 16771
Guardian Hino hehs. "A lot of these things will...come to you." he says. "You just 'know' once you know it. It can be jilting at first. Gao said he fell out of a lot of trees testing his abilities at first. I crashed into sides of buildings and accidently lit a few trash receptacles on fire by accident." he admits.

"But once you get the hang of it, it's like riding a bike. Fighting should come naturally to you, too." he says. "Have you ever fought before?" he asks. "I can swing at you if you want to try blocking a few swings, but uh... not with this." he says as he puts the sword away- and then reaches under the cape and pulls a wooden bokken out from behind the cape. Better not to ask.

"This is a bokken! It's a harmless wooden practice sword. Not sharp." he says. He grins.

"...and it's wood so hopefully I won't be accidently shocked in the process." he says. "I'd rather not be shocked trying to help you practice." he smiles.

"I'd offer to help you with the lightning but- I dunno how you'd feel about zapping me on me purpose. I'd allow it if it'd help you. I've been hit by worse by folks who were doing it on purpose." he chuckles a bit.

"You ready to give it a try?"
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 09:15:04 16775
    Guardian Vale laughs genially at the misadventures her compatriots had learning to use their powers. "I think I should be very careful about jumping if that's a common thing. I wouldn't wish to accidentally crash into someone's 'apartment'," the word is new to her, so she speaks it a bit slowly and deliberately. "It is too bad there aren't many flat plains in this city; were there any I could leap and glide to my hearts content without worrying about damaging something."

    His question draws a shake of Valeria's head, and she follows it with one of her own, "Bike?" It must be an Earth thing. She looks at the wooden sword he retrieves and smiles, looking a little relieved. "I don't think it will be necessary to practice by harming each other. If I need a target I believe we can find a more acceptable solution."

    She nods at his offer to begin practicing and slips into a defensive fighting posture, not realizing it until a moment later. Another smile, "This must be one of the natural instincts you spoke of."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 09:42:34 16779
Guardian Hino ahs. "Bike is short for Bicycle. It's a form of transportation. You typically learn to ride one at a young age--- and it sticks with you. So when we say it's like 'Riding a Bike!' it means it comes very easily to you as if you knew it." he says with a smile.

He nods a bit as he takes the sword and weilds it much like his long sword. He comes for a sweeping strike from above as he moves to try to 'follow throw'. It's a powerful swing! If he gets through well--- does Vale have a helmet!? Hopefully that shield of hers is ready and she's quick to react.

"Block it." he smiles!
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 09:56:03 16781
    Guardian Vale doesn't seem to need to be told to block the attack coming her way. As soon as it's clear where it's coming from she steps in and raises her left arm, meeting the blow with her shield before it can come down full strength. Even though it's just a practice sword the fact it's wielded by a Guardian Knight gives it power, and her metal shield rings loudly from the impact. She takes a step back, looking rather surprised by the force of the blow.

    "Your attacks are very powerful," she notes with a tone of admiration. "I'm not sure about riding a Bicycle, but if I'm to face opponents as powerful as you I'll need to learn quickly. I have no desire to be a liability on the field of battle, even if only for a moment. I've never trained for anything near to this. I hope you'll be patient with me if I ask to train with you often."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 10:10:43 16782
Guardian Hino grins and smiles. "There we go!" he says as he swings in from the right. He keeps it up as he attempts to move forward to press his attack. He smiles as he laughs. "I'm trying to go easy. Sometimes I go overboard. Others seem to have problems dealing with my more powerful swings." he says. "But if you notice. Well. I lack a shield. I don't handle hits well. Sometimes I get too into it. And well...." he tsks.

"That's when Gao's plant barrers come in handy. Fight him when you can, you'll find a different experience." he says. "He uses a staff, and a bow." he says. "As The Princess told you....."

He pauses.

"Valerie....may I ask a question...." his tone getting more serious.

"....what was Runealy like before her mother passed away?" he asks softly. "For a long time. I didn't see her smile when she was here. I wondered if that was possible. I was only able to get a smile out of her when we started being truthful with friends who agreed to help us--- at a dance I took her to, to get her mind off some things." he says. "-and even then it was a very sad smile." he says sadly.

"I'm sorry if this is troubling just....." he trails off.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 10:38:32 16783
    Valeria doesn't interpose her shield this time, instead ducking back into a quick roll that puts her a bit past two sword lengths from Hinote, though she isn't as quick and graceful returning to her feet as she would have liked. A well timed blast of fire from his free hand could probably have caught her. "I may have a shield, but I think it would take a lot more effort to inflict such a powerful hit as the ones you deliver." No doubt she couldn't do so with the smiling ease that he does as he targets her with his practice sword.

    "Of course," she responds at his request, "I have few secrets to keep from you. From this day forward we're all partners, and if there's something you'd like to know you may feel free to ask them." She drops her guarding stance and puts away her sword for the moment. "More than that, I'd like us to be comfortable around each other. It is my hope we will become friends as well as allies."

    Then comes the actual question and she takes in a breath and lets it out slowly. He asked a difficult question. "Kind. Thoughtful. ...and very determined. I can't say that I knew Runealy very well, Hino. We are cousins, but I lived far from her and only saw her on rare visits to the capital."

    She looks away for a few moments, a frown showing on her face for the first time since he met her. "You have to understand, the Queen is a very important person. She is more than just the leader of our Kingdom, she's it's savior as well. Only the Queen can restore the Barrier; that's why she is Queen. The Barrier itself was created by the first Queen of Waldia, and has been maintained by her descendants from time immemorial. Queen Lene kept the entire capital province free of Demons personally; we had very little to fear. We were very well protected. Very Safe."

    She looks over towards Hinote and smiles to him, though there are tears in the corners of her eyes, "Runealy's mother was a wonderful person, Hinote. Better than I could ever hope to be. I would never try to stand in her shoes, but that's exactly what our Princess has been training to do her entire life. The Queen was, to me, a figure almost larger than life. I- I have a hard time believing she could even be killed. Die of old age, yes. But to be struck down in her prime?"

    It takes her a moment to continue. "Now imagine poor Runealy, with that amazing woman as her mother, her mentor, her trainer in magic and combat, the person whose she admires most and the person whose praise she seeks most. They spent many hours every day training. They must have been incredibly close." She shakes her head. "I am sorry, that isn't what you asked to hear, but you must understand; of course she still looks sad when she smiles. It hasn't even yet been a year since Runealy lost the most important person in her life. And worse rather than grieving her properly she's been struggling and fighting. Hinote, it wouldn't surprise me if Rune cried herself to sleep every night."

    She retrieves her sword again and holds it up, twisting it a little so the fading sun hits it just so to reflect off it's surface. "That's why I made the decision to swear an Oath to her. Princess Runealy deserves strong allies to stand beside her, help her save her Kingdom, and to help her come to a time when she can be not just protected, but happy. That is the future I will fight for."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-27 10:54:23 16785
Guardian Hino just says it bluntly. "She did. Cry herself to sleep a lot. I have my own home, but---I often stayed with The Princess and Gao in the abandoned store that they called 'home' for a bit. It was a dump. I worked hard with Gao to make it comfortable----I turned on the lights and water in it later when I was able to work around it. I can't make that kind of pain better, but I tried, Vale." he says softly.

"I didn't know her mother had died until she told me sometimes about... after I'd attacked my first person to drain thier energy. I felt so horrible. She said a demon did it." he says.

"She told us much of what her mother taught her. In fact, when I said that I felt like I was silly and 'wasting power' by going out to try to learn my abilities she said that her mother said such power is there to be used and trained and if that was how I choose to use it, then it was worth while." he says. Not exact words, but what he took from it. "When we danced, she said her mother had taught her how to dance." he says. "It was fun. She didn't step on my feet." he says softly.

"She's a good friend, Vale. I hope when this is over... and she's able to get most of this burder off her, she can start healing from all that." he says with a sigh.

He puts the practice sword away when it seems you're done, it goes back behind his cape. Once again. How does he do that? " put a lot into prespective for me too just now. I can only base what I see from my own experiences and what The Princess and Gao have told me. When I met them, they were two worried people who were very scared I'd stumbled into thier hiding spot." he admits softly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-27 11:13:54 16786
    "It sounds like they're lucky you stumbled onto them when you did. I can tell you really care about Runealy, and that is the most important thing. You swore your Oath to her, as I did after you, and now it's both our job to do everything we can to help her." Guardian Vale closes her eyes for a few moments to compose herself again, smiling once again with warmth on her expression. "We seek the same objective, then. To create a world where Runealy can begin her life anew and recover from the terrible blow she's been dealt."

    She almost laughs at the mention of not getting his feet stepped on, "Does that happen often? I may not be as glamorous a dancing partner as Princess Runealy, but if you need someone who can avoid smashing your toes I am sure I can accommodate you. I would very much enjoy learning some of the dances of Earth, as well."

    With that aside she moves back to a heavier topic, "I mentioned this earlier, but I do believe it should be repeated. I very much wish Runealy to be happy for her own sake, but there is more to it than just that. Waldia has no future without Runealy. She mustn't just restore the Barrier once, but many times over the course of her life. She isn't just the eldest daughter of the King and Queen; she's their only daughter. So far as I know she is the only true Waldia in the line of succession. She is the only person alive with the Royal magic that can power the Barrier. Waldia lives and dies with her."

    She steps off towards the edge of the building, looking off to the east towards the setting sun. "We must protect her. For my home, my family." She looks over her shoulder to Hinote, "For your adopted home, yes?"

    She stretches for a moment before walking closer again. "I suppose to do that I should stop talking and resume practicing." Her sword is at the ready once more, "Shall we?"