...but he is a WALdian!

Vale visits Hinote in the Hospital after he does his best impression of a Wall.

Date: 2015-11-29
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Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 15:12:31 16966
Hinote Kagari woke up very late last night with a mmrrrrphhhgggg! and then nurses and doctors rushed around because he had a hole in his torso and all that not nice stuff. Of course, now oddly that hole was more of an indentation and was healing and as usual doctors brushed it off because magic made people think that.

He sent a text out last night that amounted to 'I'm awake. Sorry All!' to the other Waldians. Gao visited. He brought him some food he wasn't supposed to eat then he passed out asleep. He woke up feeling better. His parents came by and asked uncomfortable questions that he gave false answers to. This always felt bad. He'd live with it.

Eventually he texts Vale directly.

'Hey. Awake again. Heard you 'healed' Rune. That's good. Will she be okay?' then after a bit. 'I'm at a place called a 'hospital'. Mitakihara General. 6th floor, emergency. Come visit me? I could use company.'
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 15:35:07 16968
    'Only enough to stabilize her. I believe she can recover on her own but I can not be certain.' A bit later, 'I will see you soon, Sir Hinote.' He seemed to enjoy the title before, and after what he did he certainly deserves it.

    Valeria had no idea where Mitakihara General was and Tokyo was a very big city. Luckily she had been practicing using her phone after having realized just how many more uses it had than contacting people and it was a simple matter of pulling up a Map App. She had used up all her energy and needed to rest herself so there was no leaping up to a high building and gliding off across the city for her(Could she do that? She considered it as she traveled), instead using mass transit to take her to her destination, with her app telling her which to take. The underground tube carriage was fascinating.

    As she actually entered the Hospital she found the program was no longer able to direct her. "How odd." It takes her a few moments to realize the app is functioning properly, at which point she puts the phone away. Luckily she's more than adept at talking to people so it's only a matter of time before she's directed to Hinote's room.

    The door opens and she walks in slowly, "Hinote?" She wants to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep in the time it took her to arrive. If he is she'll just patiently let him rest and be there when he awakens again.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 15:43:54 16969
Hinote Kagari is laying in a bed. He looks better than when Gao visited last night. Like he can move without hurting, he waves. "There you are." he says. He takes a deep breath. "Good. That's good. About Runealy. I mean. That's neat that you can heal! I know Runealy can do that too. But that might make sense, you're her family, right?" he asks.

He sort of laughs a bit and brushes a hand over his face. "I'm sorry if I worried you all. Just. Sort of acted without thinking. Saw my friend about to be killed by some demon and then.. well. I wake up here and I panic immediatly." he hehs. "Runealy's probably gonna have words for me later, but." he shrugs.

He rubs his face again.

"Are you okay? I know Gao's okay, he visited last night. He said that everything portal side is okay. So. No worries there, okay?" he says.

"Sorry, My head's a little spinny and a mess of thoughts. Sorry if I change topics suddenly." he admits.

"Did you have fun getting here?" he asks softly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 16:02:45 16970
    Valeria smiles a little and walks over to his bedside. She's a little surprised to see him doing as well as he is only a night after he took such a wound but it's a good surprise. "I am as surprised as anyone. I was afraid she was going to die from her injuries; I wasn't even trying to do anything other than looking her over and then it happened." Then there's a small blink of surprise. She smiles again, "Yes, but not in the way you are thinking. The magic of the royal family passes from mother to daughter. Runealy's father and my father are brothers, hence we are cousins, but any ability I have has been given to me through my Oath, just the same as Gaofele and yourself."

    She takes a step closer and places her hand lightly on Hinote's arm, "If you worried me by being injured you allayed my worst fears at the same time by protecting our Princess. I wish I had been nearer myself. I do not know how much my shield would have held up to an attack like that one, but it would certainly have been better than the blow you were forced to take. It is I that should apologize to you; I am sorry I did not stay near enough to her to protect her myself."

    She nods, retrieving her hand as they continue to speak. "I am tired, but uninjured. The demon's focus seemed to be solely upon Runealy." She pauses for a moment after saying that, looking momentarily upset, "But of course it was, because the Barrier remains intact. Were the Barrier truly destroyed it would have instead sought to kill us first in front of her- demons truly are the worst kinds if villains, Hinote. You and I have both now seen that what our stories say about them is true. They are vile, vicious, torment their victims and never miss an opportunity to make people suffer."

    Her eyes turn out the window for a moment, to the Tokyo skyline. "Waldia must have been a frightful place to live before the First Queen. I can hardly imagine it, a land so filled with demons such as the one we saw last night."

    Suddenly she blinks, having wandered off in thought without realizing it. "My apologies. That isn't the sort of thing a wounded person wants to hear." Turning her mind to happier thoughts she holds up her phone and jangles it playfully, "I did. I took something called 'the subway'. To think the marvels of this city extend even below the surface. Your world truly is amazing."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 16:21:11 16971
Hinote Kagari ohs! "Oh, you found the subway, and you're learning to use your phone better, yes." he says. "Sorry I wasn't there to help you out." he mutters. He says. He grins a bit, however. "Yes, from what I know of Waldia, and speaking to Runealy and Gao and matching things in books is that Waldia seems to be in a period that comes close to what we call 'The Middle Ages' on Earth. Castles. Smaller Towns. No big cities like Tokyo here. No 'High Technology'." he smirks a little. "It's my favorite period. I'm an actor. My dad's a famous theater actor. My mom's a ranking police woman--- that is, to say, a 'City Guard'." he says. "Of sorts." he sighs. "I was actually practicing for a play when I met Runealy and Gao! I usually well. Play the role of the 'villian'..." he tsks. "So...I was practicing. And they thought they barged into something because I was doing the voices for the two parts. It was rather silly. Runealy started insisting I leave. Gaofelle was all 'well maybe not yet.' and then I brought things over for them the next day and it went from there. I just assumed she was rich kid running away from home at first. I didn't know about magic or anything. Most people here don't, as a rule." he advises.

He pauses. "Actually." he says. "Yesterday wasn't the first time I heard of 'Restoration Day'." he says. "Or about the First Queen. Runealy told me of these when I started asking her questions about Waldia. I asked her about special holidays and what they meant." he says softly.

"I know about the concept of the... Circle of Shields. Many cultural things like that." he smiles. "Not everything. But enough."

"See... there was a time that-- we were just going to take what we needed. and run. and not look back. I was going to leave Earth behind." he says softly. "I still am... I mean. Someday." he says. "Go back there with Gao, and you and Rune when it's time, But that original plan has changed..." he says softly.

He frowns. "I know of the demons. And thier tricks. Runealy told me of Demon Magic." he says.

"Huh I just talked a whole lot." he says as he brushes a hand over his face.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 16:38:51 16972
    "It sounds like you have some idea what to expect, so it may be less of a shock to you to go to Waldia than coming here was for me. If it were not for Runealy I would have a hard time understanding why you would want to leave your land of 'High Technology'," a soft laugh, "But it does not surprise me that she has inspired you to want to come to our world. She may not realize it yet herself but she is a leader worth following."

    She quiets down to let him talk, looking a little impressed at his mother being this world's analogue of a guard. It takes her a moment to realize she hasn't seen anyone carrying ceremonial weapons about, so this likely means he had no combat training from her as Runealy did from her mother.

    When he finishes she lightly corrects, "Salvation Day; there was nothing for the First Queen to 'restore'.It is the Restoration Ritual that Rune will need to perform," she offers with a smile. "I'm glad of it, that we will be returning. There is so much about this world that I want to learn. Had Runealy chosen to stay in Waldia I would of course remain with her."

    For a moment she lets herself look downward and away from Hinote. Mildly upset, and a little sad. "It is terrible that she had to resort to such measures. She has a good heart; I'm not sure how she managed to make herself do it." Her little frown returns into a bit of a smile, "But now that our plan has changed she wants to make it up to those she hurt."

    She looks up again, this time into Hinote's eyes. "She was upset with me when I tried to say this earlier, but I admire her for it. Not the wrong deeds themselves, no, but the strength to go against everything she believes in because she thought it was the only way to save her people. She's willing to hurt herself so badly for all of us. I only hope that she can some day find the strength to forgive herself."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 16:51:01 16973
Hinote Kagari says, looking back. "She will. We're working on making ammends. But that has to come after this crisis now." he says with a pained breath. "nrg----"

He just raises his hand a moment. "Sorry. Still in pain. I'll be fine. We heal faster. Most.. well. 'Magical Folk' do. I should be ready to go back with you all to Waldia. Even if I'm not, I'm going regardless." he says.

He looks down. "Runealy got really jilted last night. Me and Gao talked about that." he says as he crosses his arms and sighs. "Oh---right. Salvation day.." he says rubbing his forehead. "Sorry my head's still a mess." he says.

He says. "Anyways... the First Queen couldn't do it herself either, right?" he asks. "She needed the help of her friends--- the Guardian Knights- but they weren't needed for a long time so the...practice dissapeared. At least Gao confirmed that for me." he crosses his arms. "We're going with her regardless to help. But. What if Runealy's like that? What if she just needed the help to begin with?... does that make her weak? Did it make the first Queen weak...?" he asks softly as he taps his far shoulder a bit.

"What do you think, Vale? Gao thinks that makes sense, but..."
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 17:01:38 16974
    Valeria holds up her hand and waves it dismissively for a moment as he apologizes, "You needn't be sorry. You were badly injured and that is not something I'll hold against you." The fact that people with magic heal faster is news to her, and causes her to look a somewhat relieved.

    As he continues to talk she gives him a somewhat skeptical look, and mentally reminds herself that he's in pain and not thinking entirely straight. "Runealy is not yet Queen. She was in the process of being trained by her mother. Is she as powerful now as her mother, Queen Lene, was? Certainly not. But that does not make her weak, it makes her inexperienced and unprepared. The First Queen was powerful enough to create the Guardian Knights. Before her there were none, and her magic was such that she could seal an entire seemingly unstoppable army of demons inside a barrier she created."

    Valeria shakes her head and takes a few steps away, "I'm not sure what you are trying to say, Hinote. I do not think Runealy is weak, I think her circumstances are the likes of which hasn't been seen in generations."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 17:11:31 16975
Hinote Kagari shakes his head. "I'm not infering she's weak I guess, but what I'm saying is that she /thinks/ she's weak. One of the first stories she told me was---how she was raced to this shrine in the woods and how she couldn't do the ritual. That she wasn't strong enough." he says.

"Even if that's true---well...." he motions a hand out.

"You saw her loose transformation, right?" he says softly. "She wasn't injured hard enough for that to happen. The Demon got to her. I've seen that happen before with others. When you just.... loose the will to fight. You loose the ability to fight. That's so dangerous Vale. It exposes you in so many ways." he looks down.

"I'm sure my diving in the way and almost dying in front of her didn't really help..." he mumbles.

"... but. Me and Gao are just... trying to think of.. anything. Something we can say to get her spirits back up. We have to make her belive she can do this somehow. I don't know if... just 'The Demon Was Lying' is going to be enough." he says as he keeps his arms crossed and guarded as he looks down.

"..and if that allusion isn't going to work then...."

He just trails off. "I don't know what is going to."
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 17:33:13 16976
    That makes a lot more sense, and Valeria turns back to him. "I'm afraid she does. She is unwilling to give herself credit for her accomplishments. Being generous is a good thing, but she needs to allow herself to see the good she does as well as the harm."

    Then comes a shake of her head, "Now it is you that is being to hard on yourself. If that spear had found it's mark there would be no Princess of Waldia, of that I am sure. Your actions saved her life, even if they frightened her." She considers briefly before adding, "I would suggest trying to create some kind of defensive technique if you intend to do that again in the future. Using your own body as a shield was effective but there must be a better way."

    Valeria shifts lightly on her feet, her dress swaying. "She hasn't listened to any of my attempts to cheer her up either." With a sigh she shakes her head, "Truthfully, Hinote, I don't believe this is the right time for it. I would like to see her happy and smiling, but there is something that must be done before Runealy can begin to heal, and I think you know what that is."

    A moment later she's offering him a soft smile, "But that 'something' is already in the works. Right now there is so much pressure on her to restore the barrier, and I can't blame her if she puts the protection of Waldia above her own happiness."

    She lifts her hand into the air, raising a single finger. "But," she begins in a more cheerful tone, "you and Gaofele are entirely correct, I have a suggestion." She paces a little, back and forth at the side of his bed, "Let us support her as we are now until the Barrier is restored, and then we can convene and 'intervention' for her."

    The pacing stops and she turns towards Hinote, "'Rune. It's time for you to stop running. You need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions,'" she says in a voice of calm importance. "'There are many things you have done and now it's time for you to own up to them.'" A her placid face is suddenly showing a warm smile, "'Things like saving Waldia from destruction, things like creating the first Guardian Knights in centuries, and things like bringing us all together and letting us meet our new friends.'" A tilt of her head to the side, "What do you think?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 17:41:20 16977
Hinote Kagari nods. "Sure..." he says as he crosses his arms. "But she needs to be in a better place before that too. But for now. Yes. Support. That's all we can do..." he sighs a bit. "And yes! I am hard on myself. I... well." he says.

"I have more to prove I guess. I'm an... outsider. You know? I mean. The Princess... Gao. They've been really accepting. But what about everyone else I'm going to meet? To be honest?..." he says.

"I'm kind of afraid. I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing or----" he just shakes his head. "I've asked so many times about ettiquite." he laughs "To Runealy. She keeps telling me not to worry, but I'll be taught everything I need to know and have access to books and-----I had to even ask if Waldia had books." he laughs a bit.

He crosses his arms. "Can I share a secret with you Vale...?" he says softly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 17:52:14 16978
    "You are probably right, but I am thinking in the long term. I do not think the Princess can begin to truly heal until she knows Waldia is safe. The shield must come before the heart." Valeria replies.

    Then at his words she tilts her head, looking curious until- until she begins laughing. Softly at first, but then hard enough that she lifts her hand and covers her mouth. She shakes her head as it to apologize, and waves her other hand in the air as if trying to excuse herself.

    When she can breathe properly again she says, "Don't! Don't worry a thing about not knowing the exact proper protocol. Can you not see how exciting you will be? Hinote Kagari, you are not only a Guardian Knight, a designated Hero of Waldia, but an 'exotic foreigner' as well. A small word of advice; don't ever your mannerisms fade. I can assure you that you will be positively swarmed by pretty Noble girls wanting to get to know you and hear flights of fancy about the world you live in."

    Her good cheer doesn't leave after her response, "Yes, yes. You may."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 18:05:01 16979
Hinote Kagari squints his eyes at Vale...then lights up in a blush. Which. uh. doesn't help the secret he has to say, he clears his throat. The blush fades relativly quick, but it's enough to show for a few moments. "Well...I'll be ready then." he says curtly. "Anyways...."

"Well. um. When I was little. I used to read... Fairy Tales. And I still do. Many of these are about--- Knights, saving Princesses and Queens and Kingdoms from--- giant beasts or evil kings or despots or other creatures." he says. "This is partly what my Dad acted a lot about when I was growing up. I wanted to--- be a knight, a hero like the made up stories and---so I got into the Drama Club and-- and tried so hard for these leading roles but... well."

"I'd always end up cast as the villian." he admits. "In fact, coming back from when we save Waldia...." he does not add an 'if' here. "I need to get re-practicing for a play that's supposed to happen sometimes Januray. I've neglected it because well. I wasn't supposed to be coming back." he laughs. "But don't tell the Princess that! Please! She'd feel so bad." he says.

"--but." he says.

"When I met the Princess is like a dream come true. You know?..." he says. "I got to be-- a Knight and---" he says. "I mean. The stuff after. I didn't relish in that. I didn't relish smashing Tuxedo Kamen until he relented, or... attacking the Sailor Senshi in an ambush after gaining thier trust and-- some other people who defend this city with thier own magic." he says. "I saw it as nessacry and well, you know...."

"A real Princess was asking me." he smirks a little.

"I mean. I know this is more than just some silly fantasy of mine and always did. The Princess told me everything up front. I made the choice. And being a 'real' Knight was a lot harder than I ever thought, but--- I never regret it and- well. I'd do it again if I had to." he admits.

"I just. That's why I'm here where I am right now. That's my secret. I mean. And I wanted to help some people too. Runealy and Gao--- they wanted help. I did that." he smiles.

"I know that's all rather silly..."
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 18:20:58 16980
    Valeria is nice enough not to tease any further as the injured boy blushes. Hinote feeling embarrassed is something she takes as a good sign, though. He must be healing up as quickly as he was saying after all.

    She listens politely as he speaks and waits until he's done telling his story to talk, nodding now and then to let him know she's listening. "I did as well, though the stories I heard were of Knights, Queens, and Demons." They were also as much 'history' as stories, but she isn't making that distinction. "In Waldia we're all taught to look to those kinds of stories as examples of how to act."

    She steps a little closer and smiles, "I will keep your secret, but I don't know why it needs to be one. Have you told Runealy she was able to make your dream come true? I think that's the kind of thing she needs to hear. I don't find it silly at all that you would want to follow, help, and protect someone worthy of your loyalty and devotion. I find it very admirable"

    Valeria folds her arms lightly in front of herself and becomes a little more thoughtful, "So long as you truly regret your actions and they are willing to forgive you I think your harmful actions won't be a lasting issue. The play though..." she smiles at him again, this time with a bit of pity. "I'm afraid that might prove difficult for you if you do not return to practicing soon. If we return in time for it I am certain Runealy will want to attend."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 18:28:11 16981
Hinote Kagari nods. "I regret my, and our actions as a whole. I was the one who well... convinced Runealy to start talking about the problem instead of smacking people with energy draining crystals after beating them up." he says. "Rune uses the term--- 'Like Bandits'." he says.

He doesn't use the other terms Runealy used for herself--- garbage. trash. He doesn't want to worry Vale that much. Runealy will tell her if she feels like it.

"Maybe I should maybe it'll help I just don't want her to think it was some sort of game to me. It never was just..." he shakes his head.

"I'm not as eloquent as I could be. I know I learned to stop using the word 'safe' when I can... or 'home'...." he says softly.

"That helped a lot." he nods softly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 18:37:17 16982
    "If it had been a game to you you wouldn't have been able to swear your Oath," Valeria offers. "There cannot be such a thing as a Guardian Knight who does not take their Oath seriously, or who doesn't care for the one they swore it too. She should know that better than anyone, if that is something you are worried about."

    She steps closer in order to reach out and pat him lightly in the shoulder, "Worry not, Sir Guardian Knight. Your actions have spoken far louder than even the most articulate words ever could. If you did not truly care for her you would never have put your own life in such peril as you did last night. If you need to worry, worry that she will admonish you for not caring enough for yourself as you acted."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 18:45:56 16983
Hinote Kagari hehs and nods. "Yeah, I think you're right there so----even if she does think that, well...I can point that out..." he mutters. He taps his chin.

"Heh... Sir..." he. "Am I really going to have to get used to that title?" he asks. "I mean. I can Gao... Gao and Runealy.... Runealy. But that's what they asked me to call them." he says softly. "Unless well, there's need to vauge. Then it's just 'Princess'. For Runealy..." he says softly.

He sighs. "I hope she knows I'm okay by now..." he mutters.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 18:50:33 16984
    Valeria shakes her head, "Not if you ask people not to use it. I did at first because I knew you were above my station and thought it proper." And she just did again because he talked about wanting to be the knight in shining armor saving the Princess, though in slightly different words. "I can go tell her if that is something you would like," she offers. "Or perhaps you could call her on your phone?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-29 18:53:20 16985
Hinote Kagari nods. "Can you tell her for me? You should probably check up on her too." he says as he sighs and yawns. "I should probably...get back to sleep for a bit." he mutters. "--or until Runealy calls me, or comes over or something..." he says.

"Yeah I'm going to get some more rest---but...."

"We're both at the same station now. We're both Guardian Knights so--- Hino...or.. Hinote." he smiles. "That'll work just as is, alright?" he smiles.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-29 19:01:15 16986
    "Yes, I probably should. Especially with you here and Gaofele guarding the portal," Valeria replies. She steps back away from the side of his hospital bed and smiles, "Very well, Hinote. Do try to rest up. I am sure that when you do talk to Runealy next you will want to be rested." She walks then over to the door to the room, turning to offer him a proper curtsy before stepping out.

    "Heal quickly," she offers with a smile before shutting the door quietly. Time to go catch another subway train!