The Fox, The Raspberry, and the Flame

Frustrated with Saito-sensei's reaction to her overtures, Ayana steps out of the building and decides to prey on the first poor girl she sees. Unfortunately, Sailor Mars is there to get in the way of her snack.

Date: 2015-12-08
Pose Count: 23
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 03:03:45 17857
It's early morning, before most students have shown up on campus or (in the case of those who live in dorms), bothered to leave their bedroom. And yet, despite all of that, a teen with raven-coloured hair is busy leaving campus, as if she's coming from a classroom!

Dressed in the stereotypical garb of an Infinity middle schooler, Ayana makes her way down the front steps with a dark cloud of irritation hanging around her. No that's a literal dark cloud of irritation hanging around her, although those who have not been touched by magic probably won't notice it.

"Learn how to make them cooperate," Ayana mutters to herself. "I'll show you how to cooperate, you jerk!" she yells back over her shoulder, then stomps down the stairs angrily.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 03:07:44 17858
    Sayaka's never been the most studious of students..However, she did have a study group that she had promised to attend before another round of major exams later today. Phew..Exams really suck, but she really needs a passing grade after her long vacation if she is to stand any chance of passing!

    She wears a standard Infinity School uniform as well as she hurries to school, glancing nervously at her watch every so often. Phew, why'd they have to make the meeting so darned early? She barely got any sleep last night, having tended to Kyousuke most of the night..
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 03:12:41 17861
Mars is here, having stayed a bit late. She was waiting, and watching, for any sign of Dark Kingdom interference with the school. There's a large chance that she wouldn't find anything even if something was there, but it's still an angle that she felt needed to be covered. Especially with everything being so critical right now...

It's then that she starts feeling a literal cloud of dark energy nearby. What's going on? What is that? It doesn't feel like Dark Kingdom magic, but... it still feels bad.

Mars goes on the hunt, seeking out that feeling of foreboding that grows in her guts. When she reaches the front stairs, and looks down to see Ayana, she holds back and watches.

Something very wrong is happening there.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 03:20:22 17864
As Ayana turns back towards the walk off the school, she spies Sayaka alone, making her way onto campus. "Yeah, I'll bet you aren't old enough, either," she grumbles quietly to herself.

She hesitates a moment, watching the girl approach. But then the moment passes, and a hungry, selfish jealousy overwhelms the kitsune. "She's too pretty," she grumbles to herself. "In fact ... wasn't he chasing her? He was. And she didn't even notice!" The hunger and jealousy turn to rage, as Ayana convinces herself Sayaka is the perpetrator of many ills the poor girl has probably never been responsible for.

"Well, only one way to deal with that," Ayana growls, and then rushes forward. In the span of two steps, everything about the girl changes. Her outfit melts to something far more form-fitting and dark, with protective leather coat and boots, shorts, and a sheath dress that would never be long enough without the shorts. Her hair grows more wild and unkempt, and a pair of foxlike ears appear through the tangles.

Faster than humanly possible, Ayana rushes at Syaka, attempting to pin the girl to a tree with fists and her own body weight. This has the added effect of placing Sayaka in that miasma of gloom, which her dear friend Madoka once learned is a drain on energy.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 03:24:18 17865
    Indeed, Sayaka seems too preoccupied to notice the dark cloud of energy..Until it's too late! Suddenly a girl rushes towards her, her outfit swiftly changing into something that looks very villainous! Sayaka doesn't have the reflexes to react quickly enough. Suddenly she finds herself helplessly pinned to a tree!

    "Ugh! What are you doing?" she struggles against the black fox's attack, but alas, Sayaka lacks both the muscle and the magic to do much against her attack, especially when her energy starts to rapidly drain from her body.

    "What are you...Doing...To me..?" Her head slumps forward, feeling oddly drowsy and weak..Darnit, Sayaka's becoming almost as much of a trouble magnet as Madoka!
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 03:28:49 17867
So the strange foxgirl surrounded by dark energy has transformed and is now attacking a student? Mars has seen more than enough at this point. Within moments, she is perched on top of a lamp post, managing to stand up with no problem despite wearing red high heels.

"That's enough!" shouts the red senshi, poiting an accusing finger down at Ayana. "Don't you know it's 'early to bed, early to rise'?! How could you attack a hardworking student showing up early for school?" Mars has no idea if this is what Sayaka is actually doing, but she's assuming so for the sake of her justice speach. "Unforgivable! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"

The angry look she's giving at Ayana, and the way she's dressed up obviously in a fighting henshin, shows that she's very clearly ready to do some chastising. She is being unapologetically heroic right now.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 03:31:37 17870
"I'm eating your energy," Ayana tells Sayaka in a tone of voice that implies the blue-haired girl should have already known that. "And I'm not going to stop until I'm satisfied, and you've petted my ears," she says, sounding entirely too superior. "Don't worry, soon you'll be asleep, and this will all be a d--"

Wait, is that a magical girl yelling at her? Ayana turns to glance over her shoulder, and then scowls. Very suddenly, she twists, putting Sayaka between herself and Sailor Mars, and her back to the tree. "Go away! This isn't your business!" She sniffs irritatedly. "Magical girls are always so nosy and rude. Evil evil interlopers."
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 03:36:15 17872
    Sayaka grits her teeth, trying not to pass out. Is this typical villainous stuff? It sure is unpleasant! Once again, she is wishing that Kyubey had the sense of mind to show up when she REALLY needed him..Not that she would waste a wish on something so minor as this.

    When the red fuku'd Sailor Senshi shows up, Sayaka breathes a sigh of relief, although once again wishing that she didnt have to be so helpless herself!

    Glancing up tiredly at the lamppost, she gasps. Hey, her outfit reminds her of Sailor Moon's.."Another..Sailor Senshi!?" So, Sailormoon isn't the only one then.

    With another burst of energy, Sayaka tries once more to struggle against Ayana. It is likely that Sayaka has more energy than your average human, given her magical potential, and so she doesn't pass out quite as quickly as Ayana might expect. "Ugh..Are you kidding me? Why'd I wanna pet your ears, you crazy fox girl!"
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 03:43:00 17875
"I'm pretty sure I'm not evil for interrupting you," shouts Mars, holding back her (literal) fire since Sayaka is now between herself and Ayana. "I'm pretty sure you're evil for preying upon students. Don't think that your fox ears will get you out of trouble, fiend!"

Sayaka mentions something about Sailor Senshi. Mars places a fist on her hip and says, "Yeah, that's right. The Guardian of Passion and Fire: Sailor Mars!"

Mars leaps down from her perch, and starts charging at Ayana. Goal one is seperating the hostage from the fox girl. How to do that without endangering Sayaka?

Mars circles around Sayaka, and suddenly an ofuda appears between her index and middle finger. "Evil spirits, BEGONE!" shouts Mars, suddenly flinging the paper talisman at Ayana's forehead.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 04:00:27 17881
"I'm pretty sure it's none of your business!" Ayana yells at Sailor Mars upsettedly. "You don't own me! It is not your place to decide what I can and can't do! You don't get to chastise me. You are not my master!"

She huffs upsettedly, but turns to keep Sayaka between herself and Mars the whole time. "You want to pet my ears because you want me to let you go!" Ayana tells her. "And I want my ears to be petted. You are really dumb, aren't you?" Ayana asks.

The distraction, though, is enough to give Mars just an angle, and the ofuda slaps her in the forehead. Ayana's eyes go cross, and for just one critical moment she loosens her grip on Sayaka just enough that the blunette can stumble her way free--lacking in energy, but certainly not entirely drained.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 04:37:54 17891
    "Sailor..Mars?" Weird, named after a planet. Like Sailormoon. Kinda. Still, she's pretty cool, and fortunately she's one of the good guys! Sayaka smiks at Ayana, "Not your business? Well it sure is MY business! Let me go!" And when Mars hurls an ofuda at Ayana, its enough of a distraction for Sayaka to pull away from the foxgirl, stumbling to the ground.

    "Ugh!" Gritting her teeth, she tries to roll out of the line of fire, still exhausted from all that energy draining as she watches the fight unfold. Alright Sayaka, here's your big chance to watch a magical girl battle up close!
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 04:42:15 17893
"I'm making it my business!" shouts back Sailor Mars at Ayana. "I'm a guardian of love and justice! That makes it my business! Who is your master, anyways?"

The ofuda works, maybe not fully, but enough to give Mars an opening. Mars rushes in with a shoulder tackle from the side, trying to further seperate the fox girl from her hostage. Sayaka might want a close look at a magical girl battle, but this more than close. It's the splash zone!

Mars stands between the two of them, fierce and determined, but something's wrong. This close to Ayana, and that dark cloud of energy, Mars is starting to feel... tired. Weak, even. She recognizes this feeling: She's being drained..

Mars stands between Sayaka and Ayana, hands at her sides becoming fists, feet spaced out for stability as her strength wavers. Her fists igntie, suddenly surrounded in flames, and that righteous fire reflects in Mars's eyes.

"I wont let you have your way anymore, monster."
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 04:46:19 17894
There are a whole host of situations Ayana expected to face when she accepted that her master was evil, and thus she needed to be, too. Being called a 'monster' was really not on the list of things Ayana expected. She rolls with Sailor Mars' shoulder tackle and comes back up on her feet, hand to the ground as she steadies herself.

Ayana's ears flick back angrily, and she darts forward, closing the distance to the Sailor Senshi once again. Blindingly quick, she slashes, kicks. punches, and slashes again at the Senshi. "If I'm a monster," she shouts at Mars as she fights, "then it's only because I believe in survival of the fittest! Humans place themselves at the top of the food chain; that makes you the bigger monsters!"
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 04:57:10 17896
    Sayaka grimaces as she listens to Sailor Mars' grand speeches. In the past, it was always Sayaka herself who stood up against bullies, but now..She sighs. Being a normal kinda sucks sometimes!

    Wow, Mars is pretty cool though! Especially with that display of fire! But then this Foxgirl seems pretty vicious too as she slashes at the red Senshi. "Mars, look out!" She yells, struggling to her feet, glancing around for something she could use to help the Senshi.
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 04:58:28 17897
Mars holds her arms up to prepare for Ayana's counter attack, but her strikes are fast and relentless! Mars backpedals as each slash, kicks, and punch comes out, deflected by her forearm, ducked, or blocked with the palm of her hand.

For a magical girl, this speed isn't unheard of, if ridiculously hard to keep up with. However, Mars has two central disadvantages here. First off, she isn't Sailor Jupiter. Secondly, being this close to Ayana is not only draining Mars, but one can only assume that the drain is further empowering Ayana just as it weakens Mars.

Mars is fighting an uphill battle, and she knows it. The point is driven home when one of Ayana's cuts breaks through Mars's defense, slicing from her shoulder across her collarbone and earning a shriek from the firey girl. Once the defensive wall is broken, the flood comes in, and each punch and kick starts getting through. It's only after a particularly strong kick that knocks Mars into a tree that the red senshi is out of the immediate danger.

Okay... so going in close? Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Still, Mars has at least one good recourse. The fire in her hands blazes hotter, and she brings her hands together, making them into a fingergun while the flames focus into a sphere in front of her.

"Fire... SOUL!"

The blazing fire erupts, flying towards Ayana at insane speeds. If Mars can't win up close, maybe she can fight Ayana at range?

Sayaka is coming to her feet. A brave girl, notes Sailor Mars, but still a civillian! "Be careful! She could still try to drain you!"

Or me, actually.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 05:09:38 17900
The upside to being a melee bruiser like Ayana is that you have the advantage any time your opponent makes the mistake of entering melee against you. Ayana doesn't slow when she tears into Mars; not even after Mars starts to take the punches. She just keeps right at it, until she manages to kick her against a tree!

Heaving with ire and exertion, the kitsune stands in a defensive posture, glaring at Sailor Mars. "You're evil! Just like every other Magical Girl that I've ever fought! You never ask us to stop what we're doing; you just order us about like you rule the world, and when we don't immediately do it your way you rush in to fight! Yes. I'm the villain! But only because you make me this way."

It's the soliloquy that does it. If she'd been bothering to continue the attack, she probably could have had Sailor Mars; drained her to the last drop. But so busy is Ayana lecturing Sailor Mars that she doesn't realize the woman's building up her flame until it's too late.

The fire leaps out and consumes her, faster than the fox can leap away. Ayana screams in pain and leaps away, then rolls on the grass to put it out. Her dress is singed, her hair is smoking, and her already wide blue eyes are wild with anger and pain. "I'll kill you!" she yells at Mars, and then grabs around her neck. "Still Night!"

"Ich bin fertig, Meister."


A sudden drop of darkness emerges from Ayana and expands outward, suddenly and forcefully, encompassing the trio and blocking out the rest of the world so that the mortals cannot see. Sayaka might be late to her study group.

With the barrier in place, Ayana charges back in. "Gloom Blade," she declares, unleashing all of the energy she's drained from Sailor Mars and Sayaka in a sudden flurry of shadowy knives that fly towards Mars, wickedly sharp and dangerous.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 05:13:57 17901
    Oh no, Mars is getting pretty badly beaten up! Sayaka has to do something! Even if she can hold her own, the protective spirit in the bluette wins over. Rushing to her backpack, Sayaka sifts through the contents until she finds her wooden Kendo Sword.

    "You're wrong, Kitsune! Evil people don't defend, only hurt the defenceless!" she watches in awe as SailorMars unleashes her burning fury on the Kitsune, but it's obvious to see that she's at a disadvantage in close combat. Still, Sayaka knows how deadly that energy draining thing can be when in close, but she's certainly not gonna stand around being totally helpless.

    "Sailor Mars!" her eyes widen in worry as the Kitsune unleashes her shadow knives at Mars. Now's her chances! Sayaka rushes in behind Ayana as she's busy attacking Mars with her dark attack.

    "Hey Kitsune! Take this!" She rushes at the fox girl who is hopefully distracted by Sailormars right now, and swings her sword, attempting to make several slashes at the foxgirl with well honed skill and precision. She may not be as fast or as strong as a Mahou girl, but at least she has spirit and skill!
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 05:29:00 17904
'But only because you make me this way.'

The words ring in Mars's head. Is she... really making this worse than she should by just running in and fighting? But... what choice does she really have? What if the foxgirl had said no and just kept draining her?

Mars picks herself up from the tree she has crashed into, staggering onto one foot and then the next. Her black eyes track Ayana closely. Mars will have to play keepaway just to have a chance of winning this battle alone.

Then Ayana calls on her device, and it looks like playing keepaway won't even be enough. "You're kidding! You're not just an ordinary youma, are you?!"

Look a senshi sees a not-quite-human going around draining energy and she makes certain assumptions. Mars is discovering that her assumptions might be wrong. At least this explains why she's having so much trouble, but she wishes she had known that before getting into a fight!

As the barrage of shadowy knives fly at her, Mars raises her arms in an cross-pattern to brace for the hits, but even that isn't enough to really stop her from getting cut up even further. It looks like Mars could be finished if this keeps up.

But then a fire builds, starting at her heart, spreading outwards and bathing her in an orange glow. Her hair flies outwards to either side, flapping behind her, as her fiery black eyes look beyond the barrage of darkness and focus on the foxgirl who is the source of it.

A wall of fire bursts outwards, expanding to surround Sailor Mars, unharmed by her own flames as the shadowy knives are pushed back by the magical inferno. There is a moment of build-up, a short pause, before that wall of flame bursts outwards. A long flare breaks out, reaching out for Ayana through all of her shadowy blades.

Mars registers the image of Sayaka circling around behind Ayana to attack with a wooden training sword. She continues to be brave, but Mars can't help but worry all the more! "Hey! You shouldn't be fighting without powers! Be careful!"

Mars hopes that her flames wont hit Sayaka, but it's a bit too late for her to not unleash them. If only this were a normal youma, it wouldn't even be a problem!
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 05:51:13 17909
Ayana yelps in surprise as a wooden sword smacks her on the back. Sure, it's not edged, and it's actually designed to soften the blow, because it's rattan, but it still stings; especially when wielded full force by an practiced kendoka!

Ayana spins and grabs the weapon with her bare hands, shuddering with pain. "Okay, I will take it!" she growls, grabbing the weapon from Sayaka's hands and pulling hard. She breaks the sword over her knee and sends its splinters flying away, then tackles Sayaka to the ground, ripping at the girl's shoulder and stomach with her claws viciously.

"GLOOM!" Ayana declares, deepening the miasma surrounding her at exactly the wrong moment. By covering Sayaka, she's inadvertently shielded the bluenette from Mars's fire. This is great for Sayaka, except the part where the energy drain just got dialled up to eleven. It is not so great for Ayana, who now attracts the fire. While some of the energy from the senshi's attack is absorbed by Ayana's miasma, the sheer power of Sailor Mars' fire is hot enough to burn through it, scorching Ayana through her field and drawing another yelp of surprise and pain.

Ayana rolls away from Sayaka and shields herself from the remainder of the fire, drawing on some of her master's magic to form a minor shield around herself. It barely staves off the flame. Barely. But she's already hurting, and vulnerable. Another hit like that and Mars might be able to drive her off--maybe even defeat her outright!
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-08 05:58:48 17911
    Well. It seems that Sailor Mars didn't need her help afterall. Again, the red senshi unleashes her fiery fury upon the kitsune, and Sayaka gasps in amazement at her power. It must be so AWESOME having powers like those! If only...

    But for now, all that the Bluette has is a wooden stick. Which doesn't seem to be doing much but annoying Ayana. She grits her teeth, prepared for the backlash, but honestly, Sayaka's only practiced fighting against mundanes, and not against Mahou!

    The sheer force and speed of Ayana's attacks tears through her body like paper. Sayaka screams out in pain as blood seeps through her torn garments, and it seems she is still drained from earlier. She's only slightly thankful that the Kitsune took the brunt of the fiery spell or she might have just burnt to a cinder.

    Instead, the Bluette is thrown around like a ragdoll, until she stops moving.

    Fortunately she's still breathing, but barely.

    ....Kyouko's gonna be mad at her, for sure..
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 06:23:44 17914
Mars almost looks like she's going to cry as she sees the way in which Sayaka gets torn apart. "No! Stop!" she shouts, almost pleading with Ayana. She wanted to protect this blue-haired girl, but even if Mars manages to drive Ayana away at this point, Sayaka's taken so much damage that she can't really say that she managed to protect her at all. This is a loss, or at best a pyrrhic victory.

"I... I can't forgive you!" shouts Mars, her anger sparking into fury as fire rages all around her. Even the ground around her seems to catch fire, though the magical flames don't seem to leave even a scorch on a single blade of grass. "I can't forgive what you've just done! In the name of Mars, I am really going to punish you!"

Mars's anger has one major advantage. The boost of adrenaline helps her push past her wounds, and her already drained energy, at least long enough for her to keep fighting. That's all she needs.

Mars wants to rush to protect Sayaka, but she already knows that tactic wont work. She has to stay at range, but she can't let up on her assault either!

Maybe a variation on her normal attacks would work? Maybe instead of one large burst she could...

"Fire... STORM!"

Yeah, she just made that up. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

The flames blazing all around Mars swirl around her forearms, gathering at her wrists and licking at her fingers. When she thrusts her palms forward, a thousand (maybe not literally a thousand) tiny fireballs are unleashed, each one flying outward and then coming in to hit Ayana, each one fired at a different angle to hit Ayana from a different side. They aren't released all at once, instead they are staggered out to come at Ayana in a sustained barrage.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-08 06:32:53 17916
Ayana doesn't even have time to form a defense before there's just fire everywhere. The shield holds for about half a moment before Sailor Mars' ire- and adrenaline-fueled assault rips it apart. Ayana's gloom absorbs one, maybe two of them, healing her and fueling her own powers, but the fire burns the shadows away with every touch.

Ayana yelps as the fireballs begin striking her. Here, there, countless everywhere. She screams in pain as her outfit catches fire, as her hair catches fire. She screams ... and she turns to run. Leaping high into the air, Ayana rushes for the rooftops. "Stillnightendthebarrier!" she yelps out to her device as she nears the barrier's edge.

"Jahwohl," replies that vaguely effeminite, computerized voice.

A pyrrhic victory indeed, but the fox girl is going to be hurting for a long while. She runs with her tail tucked between her legs--quite literally.
Rei Hino 2015-12-08 06:42:19 17918
Mars watches as Ayana flees. As her adrenaline fades, so does her fire, and she starts to actually feel the damage she has taken. Her hand goes up to her left shoulder, cradling a wound that she's taken there. This was a rough fight for her, and one that left her wishing that she wasn't here alone. She is stronger fighting alongside her friends...

... but Mars hardly has time to worry about her own damage. Sayaka took some serious hits. Mars walks up to her, dropping to her knees and picking up the unconscious girl. "I'm sorry... I wasn't able to protect you... You were very brave."

Mars takes a long look at Sayaka. There aren't too many people who could even stay awake during a battle like that, let alone actually try to fight back. Yet... if this girl had powers, surely she would've used them to defend herself, right? Even if she had to run to safety and transform first.

Rei lifts Sayaka up, determined to find help for her. She can't just leave her like this, but she'll figure out something.