Kyouko seeks Sayaka's company after losing Mamoru.

Date: 2015-12-14
Pose Count: 10
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-14 02:01:09 18412
    Sayaka had been a bit too reckless recently, and had accidently pulled out a few of the stitches in her stomach..Which had of course required more stitching up, and which had left her in minor pain from the ordeal. Undoubtedly, it meant she might have to go home a bit later than expected. Silly girl, what was she thinking, trying to practice kendo when she wasn't fully healed?

    Now that it's evening, she's fallen asleep, exhausted from all the standard procedures (and general hospital boredom), and having totally missed the urgent text message from Tuxedo-san, and probably multiple messages from Kyouko as well. Life sure goes on without you when you're stuck in a hospital!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-14 02:04:34 18414
    Kyouko didn't actually send any messages. She's not really in that state of mind. She's.. numb. She doesn't come in through the door this time, but the window, left unlocked (its not on the ground floor, after all). She's in her henshin. Finding Sayaka asleep, she doesn't wake the girl. Instead, she just sits on the foot of the bed, and stares out the window.

    There's a cut on her cheek, leaking blood down to her chin. Its minor, and the blood is starting to dry, but it's clearly not been cleaned in any way. More than that though, her face lets on that something is wrong. She's got a remote, stony look on her face.. as if she's not all there.

    This is a look Mami might remember, although it's not one Sayaka would have seen before.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-14 02:11:31 18416
    Sayaka yawns, rolling over in her bed, murmuring something about talking raspberries and strawberries in her sleep. Who knows what she's dreaming of, but it's probably something peaceful. Hey, she's pretty sheltered from the magical world afterall, and aside from a few close calls (ok, more than a few), she still lives a far more sheltered life than many other people she knows.

    Unfortunately, Sayaka's never been a very heavy sleeper, and while Kyouko is quiet enough to sneak into her room unnoticed, the sound of some annoying kids yelling and running down the hall just outside her door causes her to stir.

    "Ack, lousy strawberries, quit chasing me!!" She blinks, waking up with a start, peering around in total confusion, until she hears the talking outside. Oh right, it's the hospital, not her home. It's not the first time Sayaka's felt confused and thought she was at home.

    "Argh, it's those kids again..This is the third time they woke me up!" She mutters, about to dive under her covers, when she sees a shape at the foot of her bed, but..Is the window open?! What on earth...Is there a burgular in her room!?

    "Who's there?!" she calls out to the darkness as she fumbles around in the dark for something to wack them with...
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-14 02:13:30 18419
    Kyouko doesn't even move until Sayaka speaks, totally not even noticing the kids in the hall. But then Sayaka /does/ speak, and starts to panic and flail around for something, and her voice cuts through the darkness. She sounds.. flat. None of her usual energy or personality. "Relax, Sayaka, it's just me."

    She falls silent again for a moment, and then perhaps thinking an explanation is needed for why she's there on Sayaka's bed in the middle of the night uninvited, she says, simply, "Mamoru's dead."
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-14 02:22:36 18423
    Sayaka blinks as the figure at the end of her bed speaks, and she gasps as she instantly recognizes Kyouko's voice. She's about to go for the light switch, although her eyes have had time to become accustomed to the dark by now. Helps that the window is slightly ajar and the curtains arent' fully drawn.

    She smiles, moving to the end of the bed. "Kyouko, heey! You nearly scared me half to death! What's..." it's hard to miss the flatness of her voice. But she cuts herself short when Kyouko mentions Mamoru's..

    Dead...Wait, what!?

    "What...What do you mean!? Are you kidding me?!? No way! You gotta be joking! I mean...." Sayaka takes a deep breath as she notices Kyouko's state. She looks kinda roughed up. Must have just been in a fight. Oh. No....It couldn't be...

    She shuffles to the end of the bed, hugging Kyouko tighting, "No...I'm so sorry....Kyou-chan.." her voice starts to waver, going from shock, to disbelief, to an uncertain fear and incredible sadness. She never really knew Mamoru that well, but in their few short encounters, she had come to realize he was a kind and gentle soul.

    ..Who could have done this to him..!?
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-14 02:26:52 18426
    It's apparent at once when Sayaka hugs Kyouko how stiff the redhead is. Like she's made of stone, instead of flesh. She doesn't move to hug the other girl back, either.. instead continuing to just stare out the window.

    "It was the Dark Kingdom. I'm sure of it. They somehow put him inside a Youma, or turned him into one, or something.. and Sailor Moon tried to purify him, but it just killed him instead. I wasn't sure it was really him at first but.. now I think it was. She seemed to know."

    She turns her head slightly, and her red eyes look as cold as Sayaka has ever seen them look. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This always happens, doesn't it? I get close to somebody, and then they get killed. I'm sorry, Sayaka. I shouldn't even be here right now. Just being around me is.. it's just not safe."

    But she /is/ here. Once again, when she didn't know what to do, she ran to Sayaka. Even if her brain is telling her the only thing she can do to save Sayaka is to stay away from her, her heart just wouldn't let her. It's trying to save her from turning to stone again. That battle is going on inside her right now.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-14 02:41:22 18432
    "Dark Kingdom...." Sayaka growls. She's heard bits and pieces about them, from Kyouko, from Mamoru..And from Sailormars. So that's who they were trying to protect him from.

    "But why......." Why did they come after him? Why did they turn him into a Youma, and why wasnt Sailormoon able to purify him.? She scratches her head as she tries to think about this, still hugging Kyouko as she settles down next to her, trying to offer her some kind of comfort, whatever she can.

    But she's slowly starting to piece things together. Perhaps it's like Mars said, they like to prey on people who desire power, corrupt their hearts as they had done to Kyouko, turn them against their friends.

     "Perhaps they wanted to use Mamoru as another one of their pawns and had some sort of failsafe mechanism if we tried to save him like we did you..But Kyouko, you cant blame yourself. It has nothing to do with you! The Dark Kingdom is evil, they'll hurt everyone just to get at their enemies."

    Her frown deepens as Kyouko warns her about being around her, suddenly letting go. "Really, Kyouko? Is that what you think? Like you're some kinda walking, talking curse? Well, That's just silly, I mean, I'm sure Sailormoon was hurt by the loss of Tuxedo Kamen too. And Sailormars and the other senshi. It's not all about you, you know?"

    Sayaka's not trying to be harsh, but often her words just come out that way anyway. "Listen..This is the life of a Mahou, I guess. When you're fighting real evil like the Dark Kingdom, and other powerful beings, I guess you always run the danger of dying."

    She sighs, "It's no one's fault but the Dark Kingdom! And telling me to leave again is not gonna work either. I'll go where I wanna go, and I'd rather die being next to someone I care about, then being safe and alone!" And with a bit of annoyance, Sayaka lets go of Kyouko, sitting a few feet away, arms folded as she glares back at Kyouko stubbornly.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-14 02:47:51 18434
    Kyouko isn't exactly sure what she expected from Sayaka.. but perhaps being yelled at and called selfish, in effect, wasn't it. She actually flinches slightly when Sayaka tells her 'it's not all about you'.

    'You always run the risk of dying'. It's true. Kyouko knows that. But the thing she can't explain is why /she/ is still alive, when all the people she knows are better than her, nicer than her, deserve to live more than her die. Sayaka pulls away, and tells her she's not going to go away, even if Kyouko tells her to.

    And that bit of stubborn loyalty breaks something inside Kyouko. Something which had been turning hard again suddenly cracks.. and she sniffles. Then sniffles again, and a few tears run down her cheeks. When she speaks, her voice is wavery. "I d-don't want you to go away, Saya-chan." She says, in a tremulous whisper. "I don't think I could go on if you did." And then she's crying for real.

    Kyouko doesn't cry. She can count the number of times she has done so in the past four years on one hand. But she cries now.. huddling into herself on the end of the bed and hugging her knees and just sobbing. "I-it's just not fair." She finally manages to get out between sniffles. "Every time I let someone in.. and he was so much better than me. A n-nicer, better person. Why d-did I survive being purified, and he didn't?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-14 02:53:50 18435
    Sayaka sighs as she looks back at Kyouko. Was she a bit too harsh? All she meant to do, was to convince Kyouko that the world isn't out to get her specifically. "Kyou-chan...I'm so sorry...This really...Really sucks. I still can't believe it. Are you SURE he's...? I mean, maybe it was just a trick of the Dark Kingdom, to break your spirit, but.."

    With a frown, she shuffles next to Kyouko, hugging and stoking her hair gently, trying her best to calm her down and offer her comfort if she can..Even if she's really quite powerless in all of this. If only she had made a wish, perhaps she could have saved him.

    "Listen, all I meant to say, is that the world isnt out to get you, you're probably just a target because you're a powerful Puella Magi, and maybe that's why powerful evil like the Dark Kingdom is drawn to you, because they see you as a threat. But dont be so hard on yourself! Life sucks sometimes, but I'm sure it'll get better. You just had a run of bad luck, but life's just full of ups and downs. And I promise I wont do anything stupid, and I'll always be here for you..OKay?"

    Glancing at the tears on her cheek, Sayaka reaches for a kleenex, offering one to Kyouko. "Here..."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-14 03:00:35 18439
    Kyouko leans into Sayaka as the other girl moves back to her again and offers that comfort. She accepts it.. crying quietly for several minutes while Sayaka hugs her. She doesn't say anything more for a long time, and finally, when she has stopped crying and her breathing has evened out somewhat, she takes the kleenex and uses it to wipe at her cheeks. "You better not be lying to me." She whispers, without looking up.

    She stays there for a while, curled up against Sayaka, and after a few moments, it seems she's fallen asleep. Her breathing evens out, and she relaxes. She probably needs it, at the moment. Whether or not Sayaka falls asleep again herself, Kyouko is gone before morning.. slipping back out the window the way she came without another word. But the stoniness that had been threatening to overtake her is gone. For now, at least, she knows there's still something worth fighting for.