Back in Black

Riventon has improved on his ability to drain energy from the world around him, and as usual heroes come to stop him. This time, however, the forces of Evil have a surprise for those meddling heroes.

Date: 2015-12-15
Pose Count: 61
Takashi Agera 2015-12-15 02:30:28 18541
Riventon is standing atop a rooftop in Pikarigaoka, hand raised above his head. On top of that roof is a massive, dark blue magical circle, emitting out from him in the center. As he draws the power into it, as he casts the spell, the world seems to get a bit quieter. A bit more chill. The hand on which his intelligent device primarily sits is raised high in the air.

The wind howls suddenly, and there's a massive pulse of black energy that ripples out from his hand. It pulses through the neighborhood, a subtle black wave that reaches into the spirits of everyone it touches, pulling a little energy out. That energy rides the wave until it gets to its apex, and the wave tears backwards through the residential district, returning to Riventon's upturned hand - and with it, bringing a tremendous amount of energy to its wielder.

While the normal people might only notice a sudden bout of tiredness, wanting to call it an early night, any magically inclined people can feel its stomach-churning strength.

And now the magical circle is forming again for another pulse.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-15 02:39:21 18545
Ayana--the Shadow Familiar--leans against the roof's wall casually, watching Riventon as he draws on more energy than she could possibly harness on her own. The foxgirl's ears are perked alertly upwards, but her expression and her posture are otherwise entirely casual.

There is a little bit of awe in her eyes as she watches Riventon work his magic. Amusement joins the awe, flickering across her features in wicked counterpoint to the undisputable evil of his actions. She smiles and pushes off the wall, then stretches her back a little and turns to look out at the nearby homes. None of them deserve what they're getting, but that doesn't really matter. Riventon has better uses for the energy than they do.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-15 02:44:47 18547
The first pulse captured Homura's attention as it washed out over the area. She wasn't expecting something like this, so soon after last night's tragedy. She was really just out to hunt Witches. Grief Seeds were getting scarce for her, and last night cost her more than a few.

She lets out a heavy sigh as she watches the people in the streets below her become more tired. Her stony eyes turn towards the source of the pulse. She pulls out a desert eagle, sliding in a fresh clip, before she heads out in the direction of the trouble, leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

What could possibly make things any worse for her right now?
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-15 02:53:43 18550
Mikoto is out 'on patrol', tonight. Well. So she told Reese when she left the warehouse she's been using for a batcave. She's mostly looking for Ikuto. Though other forms of trouble won't go unanswered. Unless she's actually got sign of the stupid stubborn catboi.

She's 'Tessen', tonight, not WPA's 'Miss Blue', but either one would certainly notice a magic pulse of that magnitude. Which means something is going down, something that she probably ought to pay attention to. She was in Seiyou's neighborhood anyway, so she slides around a tall building to make her way towards the source.

She has no idea of what's happened in the past twenty-four hours. That's what she gets for being out of touch with the heroes.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-15 02:54:31 18551
Patrols help to keep Tsukiko's mind off of problems. She's giving that one burger stand a wide berth; after the argument there, the wolfgirl doesn't want to run the risk of encoutnering a certain angry PreCure again.

But this part of Pikarigaoka is a good place to patrol: not as many sad memories, and decent places to hide from people in the streets. All in all, a very calm place to have a calm night.

Except for that pulse of dark energy.

Tsukiko reels in the tree she's currently sitting in, two recollections slamming into her. One is that the pulse reminds her of the time that she fought Riventon when he was using a crystal to drain a neighborhood.

The other, more stomach-churning memory is of the avalanche of dark energy that crumpled the emotional bond she had with Ayana.

"Aya-chan," the wolfgirl whispers, steadying herself and narrowing her eyes. Leaping from the tree, she bounds towards the source of the pulse, looking for Riventon -- the one responsible for what he did to Ayana.

(And probably the one responsible for the draining pulse.)
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-15 02:56:02 18552
He's probably just out to get milk, because this kind of stuff always seems to happen when he's trying to do simple, mundane chores. Alejo actually physically *staggers* when the wave rolls over him, eyes widening. From the satchel he's carrying across his body, a pair of tiny people come whirling up, visible to the magical eye. One floats over each shoulder, dressed as a police officer and a paramedic, respectively. The police officer leans in, putting a hand on Alejo's face as if to direct his attention to where he thinks the energy is coming from. "We have to do something!"

"You're right." Alejo agrees, and a blue band appears quite suddenly on his left bicep, marked with a yellow shield. He starts to make his way in the same direction the other heroes are going, moving faster than an eleven year old should, making jumps an eleven year old has no right to make as he goes.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-15 03:09:07 18556
    The wind rushes through Sayaka Miki's short blue locks as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop..Wait a minute, wasn't she just a normal girl..? Well, not anymore, apparently, judging by the flashy outfit, the cape, and of course a freshly sharpened sabre that now hangs from a scabbard at her waist.

    Actually this is her first night out after making her desperate contract with Kyubey..And she's no idea what she's doing up here or where to even start looking for witches. However, it seems there are other problems to deal with tonight.

    Screeching to a halt, it doesnt take her long to sense the dark magic from a massive blue circle on a nearby rooftop, sending out waves of black energy that hit her like a wall as they absorb some of her own energy in passing. She stumbles for a moment from the sheer force of it, peering around for the source of the darkness.

    Ahh, over there! Sayaka angles towards the rooftop that Riventon stands atop, catching sight of Homura out of the corner of her eye as she heads there too..Oh great, this should be fun..!
Takashi Agera 2015-12-15 03:15:33 18557
Riventon's hand outstretches, and another pulse erupts. The burst roars out, bluish-purple in hue to those who can see and react to magic without brushing it off as a trick of their minds - but more than that, it's that same feeling, the sickening, sorrowful, despairing feeling it carries with it on the wind as it seeks out its targets indiscriminately.

"I figure we'll be getting interruptions soon." Riventon says as the pulse roars out to its maximum distance before ripping back. "I hope you're ready to express our inevitable mutual displeasure." he says to Ayana, with a slightly wicked sneer.

"If I guessed right we should be getting company any moment now."
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-15 03:22:52 18561
There is, very briefly, a sensation of something near. It distracts Ayana momentarily, and she squints narrowly. That is not a sensation she recognizes, but why does she feel it? Shaking her head, the black-furred kitsune looks to her master and grins.

"Of course I'm ready," Ayana replies. "I just wonder whether they'll actually be polite and ask us to stop, or if they'll do the usual Justice Speech Delivered By Laser." She rolls her eyes, then reaches up to the little necklace around her neck. "Not that it matters, now. Still Night, Set Up!"

"Vorbereitet" comes the cold, vaguely feminine voice from the gem. "Aktivieren." The gemstone begins to glow, and Ayana is surrounded by magical energy as the device transfers its barrier into her clothing. It transforms, growing from a single small gemstone into a sturdy hammer, its head shaped like a fox's face, ears and all.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-15 03:29:24 18563
Homura glances towards Sayaka Miki, scowls, and then looks away. She doubts that an effect like this would come from a Puella Magi, or even a Witch.

Wait. What the heck?

Homura looks at Sayaka again, pausing on a rooftop to watch her white cape fluttering behind her. Homura's scowl worsens, and then her eyes open wider.

"How could you?" she mutters.

So, Sayaka Miki is a Puella Magi now. It happened... actually a bit later than Homura expected, but if she had been paying any attention at all she would've seen it coming.

After a moment of staring, Homura continues jumping across rooftops until she finds Riventon, along with her familiar. That second pulse is more than enough to guide the way.

When she sees Riventon and Ayana together, her purple eyes dart between them. Well, two against... how many else are coming? Homura doesn't really know what her odds are, without being more familiar with the people present.

"Nice night out for a walk, isn't it?" she calls out to Riventon. "I still haven't forgiven you for what you did to Madoka-chan! I hope you've taken the time to put your affairs in order."

With all of the energy that Riventon is gathering, should she really be talking like that? Is she really that confident?

... or does she just not care anymore?
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-15 03:40:09 18567
Now there's a face or three that Mikoto's going to recognize. She hovers nearby, just out of sight, taking note of who's who. Takashi she recognizes, and she's seen Homura before, but Sayaka and Ayana are new faces to her. At least it looks like there's even numbers, so far.

Eventually, she moves in closer. "Evening, neighbours. Seems like someone's having a busy night, hmm?" She eyes Homura for a moment, then Riventon.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-15 03:43:39 18569
    Sayaka leaps onto the rooftop that houses Riventon and Ayana, recognizing Ayana immediately once she comes closer. Cold eyes narrow upon the Kitsune, pointing her sword at her. "You! I remember you, you nearly shredded me to bits!" Why, if it wasnt for Sailormars' timely intervention, she'd have been fishfood!!

    She smirks, "Well, guess what? This time I'm ready for a reduel! You and me! This time I wont lose!" then more heres arrive on the scene! She glances towards Homura, eyes narrowed coldly, "Hmph, figured you'd be here, pretending to be a 'hero' when we both know you aren't..If I didn't have my hands full now..But I'm sure there will be a next time!"

    Finally, Sayaka notices Cute Wolf, and she flashes a smile at her, striking a pose in her new outfit. "Good to see you again, Tsukiko-chan! Maybe this time I can be of help to you!"

    However, Sayaka gives pause, when she realizes what Homura just said about Madoka. "Waaaitaminute..What did he do to Madoka-chan?"
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-15 03:45:25 18571
As Tsukiko gets closer to the source of the pulses, she starts seeing familiar faces: there's the fan-wielder who actually knows who she is; over there is the Puella of High Explosives. There's also another person that the wolfgirl doesn't recognize, and arriving with a sword is...

...wait, is that Sayaka??

Tsukiko doesn't have time to think about the now-magical Sayaka, as three things catch her eye in rapid succession:

    The energy-draining pulse.



The foxgirl is looking much different than when Ikiko last saw her, but it's unmistakably her. Even if her face and other features weren't enough to tell, the twinge in her heart would confirm it.

"Aya-chan..." she whispers, staring in shock. It's one thing to hear that someone you love has been turned to darkness, but to actually see it in person is even more heartwrenching.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-15 03:46:48 18572
It takes a little bit of effort for the boy to get up on the rooftops with the rest, but he makes it, bolstered along by the encouragement of the tiny characters floating near him. When he finally gets to the point where he can see what's going on, he takes a look around, trying to take stock of who is on the good guys' side and who isn't. It isn't all clear, but Alejo is fairly certain that the guy /draining energy/ and the fox-eared girl lurking around him, /they/ probably aren't doing nice things. Everybody else is talking about things he has no real awareness of, but with Panek leaning on him, Alejo isn't the most subtle, either, so his voice rings out, "Hey! Stop that!"

So impressive. So intimidating. Definitely going to work.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-15 03:58:27 18577
Riventon smiles as Ayana henshins. It's been a long time since they fought together like this. And, as if on que, the various heroes begin to make their arrivals known. Loudly.

The roar of energy rolls back into his hand and his device glows. <ENERGY SEALED> it says. Then he looks at Homura. "Well, it's a pretty nice night out - going very well for me. About to be a lot less nice for you though!" he adds, though he's not moving to attack just yet. He also hasn't lowered his arm. "I think my affairs are far more in order than the last time we met." he says, his eyes alight with a sinister gleam.

Mikoto gets a glare, too. "You should back off before someone gets hurt. By someone, I mean you, of course. In case your tiny brain can't pick up on subtlety."

Tsukiko gets an entirely different reaction. A far less composed reaction. "How dare YOU show your face here, you horrid creature." he says. But he's content to let Ayana step up for that little show.

Sayaka threatens his fox, and he looks at her. There's not much in the way of understanding of her there yet, though she is in his way and therefore prone to being blasted. She gets a somewhat dismissive glare

Alejandro - it's his comment that actually gets the most aggression, because of the nature of the request. "Stop? Why would I do that. Looking out at you, I put your chances at victory rather low." Riventon's device flares to life, and suddenly basketball-sized orbs of crackling black energy flare into existence around him, little bolts of negative energy surging off them, bouncing between them.

"If you try to stop me, I'm not going to hold back just because apparently we could add up all of your IQs together and still not get to triple digits."
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-15 04:06:20 18580
With Still Night activated, Ayana's eyes glimmer with the pleasure of the coming battle. Shestands next to Riventon as those orbs of dark energy coalesce near him.

Tsukiko manages to, somehow, not draw her attention right way. Or maybe the Foxgirl is just pointedly ignoring her as she turns to regard Sayaka. "Oh look," Ayana says in a teasing tone of voice. "You found another sword! Too bad I'm still gonna break it."

The others don't even earn her attention, though, as she finally turns on Tsukiko. Riventon's words register with a flicker of her ears, and then she sniffs. "Don't worry, Master. I'll deal with the thieving wolf." So confident. So cold. So lacking in the love she showed Ikiko before.

"But hey," she notes briefly as an aside to Riventon. "At least they asked, for once. Too bad they forgot to say please."

And then she moves, picking the fight that no one else has been willing to start with a sudden, lightning-fast leap towards Cute Wolf Tsukiko as she declares, "Gloom."

A fog of dark energy surrounds the fox-girl, making her movements harder to see. As she passes by a tree on her way to the Werewolf, some of the leaves wither and die just for being near her that split second!
Homura Akemi 2015-12-15 04:11:39 18583
Homura's eyes glance towards Sayaka, with a scowl.

"I'm not a hero, and I'm not claiming to be. It just so happens that the same people who piss heroes off also piss me off. Don't read so much into it."

Homura's glare grows even more cold towards her, saying, "Besides... can you really afford to fight me for no reason?"

Sayaka asks about Madoka. Homura gets even more cold. "Well. You can ask her about this yourself if you want to... but one time, this person," she gestures towards Riventon, "tried to kidnap Madoka-chan. Something about her magical potential, I think. One thing's for sure, he wasn't going to just feed her mochi balls like Kyouko-san did."

Homura considers bringing up the potential of torture and experiments, but considering what happened to Kyouko-san...

Ugh... Her past actions really do come back to haunt her, don't they?

Homura hears Riventon talk, and she responds with, "Yeah you say that every time. Why should tonight be any different?" It isn't until she starts seeing the dark energy coallesing around him, becoming orbs and bolts of dark energy.

It makes her hairs stand on end.

Her tone immediately changes.

"Careful! He's serious! Don't let your guard down!"

Homura immediately lifts her hand gun, emptying the clip at Riventon with magically-infused bullets. Just because he's suddenly got so much power, that's no reason for her to quit. If anything, it's all the more reason she has to stop him now!
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-15 04:20:41 18588
Mikoto shakes her head, watching it all. She's seen scarier foes. The White Flower, for one. She settles herself where she is, seemingly doing nothing.

It's easy to do nothing when you're not really doing nothing. Because Tessen rather rarely does nothing in a fight. (Well, except for that one time at Halloween. All she did there was play with shields.)

((Flicker Shot Buildup commenced, Meister.)) A silent whisper from Carnwennan informs her that the Device understands her preparations, so she sets about it, the nearly-invisible light-arrows forming in the shadows nearby.

She's been seen working with villains before, after all. She helped Ikuto steal a crystal... and Hannah to kill her old boss. So maybe she doesn't care.

"Interfere?" She shrugs. "Maybe. Maybe not." She crosses her arms and waits. Smiling.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-15 04:25:59 18589
Cute Wolf Tsukiko shoots a glare at Takashi. "You--" she begins, pausing to dash sideways away from the approaching Ayana. "You cause--" she starts to continue, changing direction again as the kistune pusues.

"You cause-- your familiar-- such despair-- and then crushed-- crushed her heart-- with a flood-- of such darkness--" The wolfgirl's speech is halting, interrupted as it is by her evasive maneuvers. Ayana is closing in too close to keep running; more time must be bought, and Tsukiko tries to do so by kicking Ayana, wincing through the Gloom surrounding the foxgirl and using the recoil to launch herself clear for a moment.

"And you call ME a horrid creature?!" she yells at Riventon.

Her main venting done, she focuses on Ayana once more. "You're the one who tried to steal my locket," the wolfgirl murmurs sullenly.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-15 04:30:49 18591
    Sayaka returns a glare at Homura, although when she mentions that Riventon attempted to kidnap Madoka it causes her to scowl all the more. "Seriously..Why is everyone after Madoka? Just leave her alone!" she focuses her attention on Riventon a moment longer, seemingly caught between regaining her honor with Ayana..And teaching Riventon a lesson for kidnapping Madoka. "Idiot. I'll deal with YOU in a bit!"

    But for now, she focuses on Ayana, pausing only briefly at the exchange between Ayana and Tsukiko. "Huh..?" Sayaka arches a brow at Tsukiko, seeming to sense a link between wolfgirl and foxgirl..Well, they are kinda similar looking in that respect! "Do you know the kitsune? She tried to kill me the other day!"

    But it seems that the time for speeches is over as Ayana advances upon Tsukiko. Sayaka growls, bringing up her sword as she leaps towards Ayana, "Hmph. Idiot! Last time I wasn't strong enough..But this time..I'll teach you a lesson in manners!" With a yell she swings her cutlass in a series of vicious arcs, aimed at the foxgirl!

    She's only vaguely aware of what Tsukiko is saying..Something about a familiar? She'll have to ask her later.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-15 04:32:58 18592
Alejo frowns, sharply, at Riventon's words; it isn't the first time his intelligence has been insulted, it certainly won't be the last, which is singularly ironic to him on some level given right /now/ he's far more quick-witted than he ever does when he's just himself. He opens his mouth to respond, but then Ayana's words come in on the side, and Alejo responds more to *that*, voice a little louder than before. "Okay, *please* stop! You're going to hurt people, this is wrong!" He seems to be that should be the only convincing and motivation anyone needs to stop doing the Bad Thing. Alejo is wrong. That's not a first either.

Those little balls of dark energy, however, *those* are kind of a first in Alejo's experience, and kind of terrifying. He swallows, eyes wide, and only just now seems to clue in to the things the other people are saying. This is a lot bigger than he expected, and already the fox-girl is attacking somebody and Alejo makes a split decision, calling out, "Panek, I need you!"

He takes a step back, and then when he calls out, he's saying, "Mi Corazon: Unlock!" Alejo begins to glow, a steadfast, warm light already fighting against the darkness that's trying to suffuse the area. The little police officer floating over his shoulder dives into an *egg*, of all things, and Alejo pulls the egg into his chest. "Mi Converti: Responder Aegis!"

The light fades, and now Alejo is dressed in a stylized police uniform. He has a nightstick in one hand, and a riot shield in the other. With the others focused currently on the fox girl, *his* attention is on Riventon and those potential projectiles. "*Please!*"
Takashi Agera 2015-12-15 04:51:44 18595
Riventon scowls out at the assembling heroes. It's not that he expected them to back off, it's just the fact that they didn't still manages to annoy him.

"Well, things are going to be a lot different this time." Homura shouts out a warning, and at the same time, Axion blinks to life. <Shadow Barrage> it calls out, and a set of six of those orbs roar to life and soar towards Homura! Her bullets come in, though, and his device has to put up a wall between the two of them. <Black Shield!> Axion announces, and a shimmering wall of black energy appears. The bullets sink into it and vanish. But this does mean he's unable to mentally direct the orbs to chase Homura very accurately.

Mikoto doesn't seem to be interfering, so while he keeps track of her, he doesn't attack her yet.

"YOU caused the despair! YOU caused her heart to hurt. Everything was fine until you started making her question things!" Riventon shouts angrily. He'd fire orbs at her, but Ayana's engaging her already. Similarly, Sayaka has a big mouth, but she's engaging his familiar. He's reasonably sure she can win a two-on-one... after all, she's HIS familiar, and now unburdened by ridiculous notions.

"Kid, you need to go back to school and learn about the way nature actually works. There's predators and there's prey. And I am the apex predator. Putting that in simple terms, it means it's not wrong for me to do this. It's the way of the world. I prey on the weak." Riventon says. "I take what I want from them. Trying to defend them, to use your powers like this in a foolhardy attempt to stop me? That's what's wrong here." Then, he demonstrrates, and a series of four of those orbs likewise pulse out, swirling through the air and headed for Responder Aegis!
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-15 04:59:45 18597
The kitsune doesn't seem intent on letting Tsukiko simply talk her way out of this fight. Every time the cute wolf ducks or dodges, Ayana finds something to bounce off of and give chase once more.

Tsukiko's kick, however, earns a snarl of irritation, as the fox is forced away. She twists mid-air to meet the incoming Sayaka's attack with her hammer. Each blow is met with an even parry. But strangely, Ayana doesn't try to counter-attack. At least not directly. But surely Sayaka hasn't already forgotten the sensation of energy loss that comes from being in close proximity to the foxgirl and her aura of gloom! At least now that she's a magical girl, Sayaka might feel it slightly less draining. But it's still a major tax on her energy, and it only seems to feed the Foxgirl more!

"Still not strong enough," Ayana tells Sayaka after the fourth parry, and then she pushes herself backwards and levels her wand at the blue-haired girl. "Foxfire!" she calls, and a roaring flame of flickering darkness streaks towards Sayaka, returning the magic of all of Sayaka's attacks in one very sudden gout.

Turning away from Sayaka, Ayana streaks after Tsukiko again, still determined to pick a fight with the wolfgirl.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-15 05:10:24 18598
Homura's eyes narrow as she tosses her empty deagle to the side. They widen again as those huge orbs come after her. Well, she's got a way around that.

One timestop later, and she's in a completely different place. It's a trick that Riventon has seen before, but it's also one that Homura relies heavily upon. At least 10 rockets are now flying at Riventon from different angles now, but Homura can't redirect them.

Riventon's spheres, on the other hand, can be redirected. Homura learns this as they change direction and come after her. Her purple eyes focus on the closing threat. Another timestop brings her close to Riventon, placing him between the six spheres and Homura, but it's not like Riventon can't just redirect them around him. Once Homura figures that out, it's time for a new plan.

She vanishes and reappears on a nearby rooftop, RPG over her shoulder, as she tries to snipe the pursuing spheres out of the air. The resulting blasts obscure her line of sight, a tactical mistake she realizes too late, but she can't afford to keep timestopping even if she doesn't even know if she's stopping the magical projectiles. This is just going to have to be enough...

It isn't.

The first sphere smashes into her, smashing her through the roof she's standing on and into the floor below. She doesn't reappear elsewhere this time.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-15 05:15:14 18599
"I've known her for about five months," Tsukiko replies to Sayaka while still keeping an eye on the kitsune in question. "But something bad happened two weeks ago -- something dark."

Further details have to wait as Ayana comes after the wolfgirl again. This time, however, Tsukiko charges in as well, her course shifting with every swift step. As she gets closer, she steps left, darts right, then shoulder-slams Ayana as she zig-zags left again.

"She was happiest when she was a magical girl!" Tsukiko shouts, partially in counter of Riventon's words and partially as an effort to make the foxgirl remember. "She was unhappy when she tried to chase her friends away, saying that she had to be a villain! What kind of person are you that doesn't care about the happiness of someone who loves you?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-15 05:19:08 18601
    Sayaka's attention still seems a bit divided between Ayana and Riventon. Something he says causes her to frown all the more. "What are you saying...Homura hurt her more than you?" she laughs, "As much as I distrust Homura, I realize now that Madoka's the most important person to her..She would never hurt her! You on the other hand.."

    But Ayana's vicious strikes pulled Sayaka back to the battle at hand, and she expertly matches Ayana's attacks, blade for hammer, for the most part. Ayana may just notice that Sayaka's a heck of a lot stronger now, and her blade's way sharper than ever before. Even so, Ayana's got an advantage in experience, and her energy draining powers, that cause Sayaka to falter enough for her foxfire attack to blast Sayaka head-on, causing her to yelp in pain as she slams into a nearby wall..

    Oddly enough, she doesn't seem as hurt from the powerful dark flames as she should. In fact, glittering blue energy surrounds her wounds, already rapidly healing them. "Jerk..." she mutters under her breath. And while Ayana's attention is focused elsewhere, Sayaka swings her sword arm out in a wide arc, summoning seven cutlasses to form in the air around her. Floating in an arc in front of her, she redirects them towards Ayana, dangerously sharp and sparkling with energy towards Ayana. "Shooting Stinger!"
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-15 05:23:50 18602
"That's not how it works for *people*!" Alejo objects, his eyes wide and sad through the little plexiglass window of his riot shield. "That's not how it has to be! People can get along! People can work together, and make something so much bigger and better than you can make if you just go around *taking* things. You don't *have* to do this, there's enough for everybody! We don't have to fight!" He sounds so desperate, so *invested* in the idea that Riventon hear and understand what Responder Aegis is saying.

But of course, there's those balls of enery zipping towards him, and he might be naive, in some ways, or eager to help and improve, but he's not actually stupid. Responder Aegis starts to angle himself so that he can get the most coverage from his shield at once, shifting the telescoping nightstick in his right hand with intention. His reflexes are *quick*, like this, and he's *good* with angles and trajectories. The first one that starts to sneak around his shield, Responder Aegis does his level best to just bat back the way it came like it's a baseball.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-15 05:32:06 18603
And meanshile, watching from near the shadows, Tessen simply hovers there, letting things go on. Biding her time. Patiently waiting.

Behind her, in the shadows, she conjures more and more Flicker Shots, building them up until she's ready.

"Seems like they have expectations," she says, quietly, taking a long look over at Ayana.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-15 05:39:54 18604
Riventon doesn't get out of his battle with Homura unscathed, either. While he's directing the orbs, Homura's rockets begin to slam into him. He has to have Axion, with its advanced and customized system, take over guiding the attacks against her so he can bring his own force and attention into defending against the rockets.

When his Black Shield comes up again against the explosives, he's pushed back by each one, his shield begining to crack and fracture like a windhield as the echoing explosives rain around him. There's something impressive to be said for the force of Homura's magic combined with military grade hardware. If he didn't have the energy to burn he might be in trouble, but this method has been so efficent that he's in absolutly peak form. And that same form is why he regains control over the flight path of the orbs, and uses them to hunt down Homura even while his defenses are recovering.

Luckily for him, so much of the combat is also being fought around Ayana. But Tsukiko is trying to inflict her own thoughts on him. And so he resists. "Little wolf, she was only a magical girl because I asked her to be. I asked her to try to understand you. She was just following orders, don't you understand? She was at her happiest with me. It's when you started twisting her thoughts that she became miserable! She asked me to UNMAKE her because of you!" he shouts, quaking with rage.

Sayaka mentions Madoka, too. And Riventon intentionally distances himself from her. "Heh. That little kid? she's irrelevant now." This isn't true. Madoka is so very relevant. But to Takashi Agera, not Riventon. And not so relevant as to protect Sayaka. "You're going to get hurt carrying on this fight, little blue girl!"

He turns to Responder Aegis. "It works exactly that way, some people just spend too much time thinking we're different when we really aren't. All anyone ever truly wants is the power to achieve their dreams. The difference is, I have enough power for all my dreams! Once I take everything I won't need anyone else anyways!"

So much of his focus was on Homura that Aegis had an easier time with the orbs, two of them slamming into the roof and batting one away into the other where they exploded with devasting effect, and quickly overcame each other and vanishes. "Words are easy. Fighting for what you believe is hard. Show me! Riventon shoutrs.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-15 05:49:16 18606
"I was never happy," Ayana informs Tsukiko, even as she rebounds off the wolf's shoulder and skids on hands and feet to a stop on the rooftop.

"I loved Riventon," she yells at Ikiko, her anger growing as the fight continues. "I loved him, and you tried to take me away from him! I tried to steal that locket to protect you, and instead you used it to enslave me!"

Meanwhile, those incoming swords are dangerous and deadly, and Still Night is quick to respond, "Falsche Schutz." A pair of portals form on either side of Ayana and begin absorbing the incoming weapons. In one portal, straight out the other, passing through the intervening space without harming the fox in the middle.

Still, they move quickly, and Still Night cannot operate at the same speed as her master. Two of the swords make it through! They're both slowed by the energy-absorming gloom surrounding the familiar, which gives Ayana enough time to see them coming. Just barely. She turns, eyes widening in surprise, and bats one of the swords away from her with her hammer. The other slashes at her as she dodges aside, cutting a rend in her barrier jacket.

Ayana snarls out anger and levels her hammer towards Tsukiko.

"Foxfire Barrage!" Ayana announces, and dozens of tiny pinpricks of fire streak towards the wolf-girl. Then, Ayana turns to rush towards Sayaka once more, grabbing her hammer with both hands as she rushes in to try and bash the Puella aside.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-15 05:58:11 18608
A small hand reaches out of the crater where Riventon's attacks destroyed the roof. Then another hand, with a forearm covered in a shield. Homura's head appears, as the arms pull her upwards. Her feet kick for solid ground, finding it, and pushing herself upwards.

When she finally reaches the roof again, she stumbles, holding her stomach. Ash and burn marks cover her face, as she glares with gritted teeth at Riventon.

It's not hard to tell that he's taking this a lot easier than she is. How many more hits like that can she even afford to take?

Homura vanishes again. She reappears in a distant rooftop. She can do this... she can stall those shots. They still have to travel to her, right? She could stop time, and keep doing that, while constantly playing keepaway. Doing it that way will drain her reserves... but she has a Grief Seed from tonight's hunting, right?

She looks at her Soul Gem on the back of her hand, and mutters under her breath. Placing the Grief Seed against her Soul Gem, she purifies it, quickly. The Grief Seed is more than half-full from just that. She really can't afford this fight, no matter how much of a threat Riventon is.

Homura vanishes again. A cratefull of pipebombs is now at Riventon's feet. Homura is at another rooftop, far away.

"How did he get that strong?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-15 06:00:54 18611
    Sayaka frowns as she listens to the backstory between Riventon, Ayana and Ikiko. How sad, forbidden love. But she suspects that Ikiko was in fact trying to save Ayana from an even darker fate.

    "Tsukiko-chan...I promise I'll help you find a way to save her..Somehow!" Sayaka calls out to Tsukiko. But right now might not be a good time. She grits her teeth as Ayana countersh her assault with her hammer strikes.

    Sayaka's pretty fast, fast enough to dodge most of Ayana's hammer strikes..However, she overestimates her abilities, and with all the energy draining on, Sayaka's starting falter a bit again. Ayana makes one well-placed strike with her hammer, and swipes Sayaka right off the rooftop, causing her to vanish from view!
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-15 07:06:50 18613
Cute Wolf Tsukiko ducks and weaves, managing to avoid any direct hits from the swarm of fiery motes. She's not unscathed, though; there's streaks of scorching from several near-misses scattered across her, and the tip of her tail is smoldering and lightly smoking.

"I never knew the Lycan Locket could do that!" she snaps at Ayana. "And you still did what you could to help him! You drained my energy so that he could get better, and I didn't stop you because I respected that."

The wolfgirl leaps to a nearby rooftop, glancing at Riventon but focusing on Ayana. Calming herself for a moment, Tsukiko takes a deep breath and howls. Her voice is a wordless song, defying the darkness of Takashi, calling on the memories of friendship, and inviting Ayana to the happiness she knew before.

Will it be enough?
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-15 07:17:51 18615
Those orbs of energy are terrifying. Aegis really, *sincerely* doesn't want to let any of them touch him. He's all too aware of the fact that the power of Riventon and his familiar has been brought to bear, already, against others, vaguely aware of the idea of Scooter hanging back, eager to tend to the wounded. He can't afford to switch out right now. Not with the threat still on the field. "Your dreams don't have to ruin everybody else's! If you just take everything all you're gonna end up with is a lot of *things* and a lonely heart!"

Despite how outmatched he must know he is on a power level, Responder Aegis doesn't flinch. He keeps creeping forward, like maybe he's going to try and shield one of the others in the fight, or maybe bop Riventon on the head with his nightstick, he hasn't *really* thought that through too well. What he does know-- "I'm not afraid to stand up for what's right! 'Cause I already know, even if it's *hard*, even if it *hurts*, it's not too late to turn around. It's not too late to stop this and do this the better way! I'll *prove* it to you!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-15 07:19:53 18616
Mikoto has been watching the battle, thus far. And thus far Riventon's seemed to ignore her. Good. He might be strong, he might have acquired a great deal of power. She acknowledges that. A little smile touches her face, briefly, as she watches Homura flicker in and away.

And a nice big box of boom left behind. Well. What can she do but agree, and complement it?

Strength is a useful tool. But it has to be employed with intelligence. Precision. There is the hammer. And there is the rapier. So far, Riventon seems to be wielding his new power like the hammer, lashing out with crushing blows that devastate the target... when they hit. Which they do, it seems, often enough to make Homura retreat.

Well. Tessen is much more the rapier, focusing on accuracy and speed over sheer power. Power, for her, comes from patience. Setting up the right shot, waiting for the right opportunity.

And, after a lengthy buildup, she seems to have found it. Dozens of points of light scatter from the shadows behind her, whipping out in a wide cascade to circle around and narrow in on Riventon's position.

Mikoto doesn't believe in being outmatched. Just in picking the right target, the right time, and the right strategy.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-16 02:33:54 18661
Riventon's incredibly invested in all of the aspects of this fight - both his own talks with Alejandro and his hunting of Homura, and the ongoing fight of his familiar versus Sayaka and Ikiko.

And this has, admittedly, caused him to be less aware of Mikoto, who's been readying her attacks all this time.

All of those points of light twinkle into view, and suddenly there's a barrage of energy falling on him before he can respond to the conversations.

Dark blue barriers erupt out of each hand and begin to absorb the shots, and Riventon feels reasonably strong, even if one or two of them break the barriers and impact his barrier jacket.

    That's when the pipe bombs laid by Homura detonate.

And there's Riventon, knocked into the sky and smoking a bit from the tremendous impact of Homura's hommeade projects. His device takes it upon itself to right the problem because his mind and body are ringing out from the combined impact.<Emergency Action.> it states, and Riventon fades out of view - Axion has called on his abilities and dragged him to the Dusk Zone, before he can be further assaulted.

The battlefield is free of Riventon for only a moment before he fades back into view, back on that rooftop's edge, like he's just walking out of another space. His Barrier Jacket has patches missing and is a bit ragged - but he's still standing. Still scowling.

"Hmph." he says. He looks at Mikoto. "I see you've picked a side. The losing side." he states. He doesn't look like the winner right at this moment. But he thrusts out his right arm with the gauntlet.

Riventon turns to look at Alejandro. "It's easy to say those words. But there's nothing you can do to affect the world with words. You need power. You need strength. If you want to change the way things are going. Your heart can sometimes tell you what's important, but without the power to take what you want, you'll never get your heart's true desires!" Riventon draws a black crystal from within his jacket. It gleams in the moonlight. "For example. You all want to stop me. But you don't have the power to. And so you won't be getting the power."

Riventon places that crystal in his gauntlet's palm, and crushes it in that hand. Black tendrils of energy wrap around him and sink into the jeweled center of his Device, and suddenly, black energy repairs the holes and damage to his jacket.

<Blast Wave!> Axion announces, and then Riventon sweeps his hand in a wide motion, causing a burst of dark energy to roar out at Alejandro. He doesn't even wait to follow it up, before jumping off the rooftop towards Mikoto - he's aiming to touch her with that gauntlet, and channel negative energy into her directly.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-16 02:42:27 18665
When Sayaka drops off the side of the roof, Ayana stands with Still Night in hand, panting victoriously. She straightens her back, then turns back towards Ikiko, intent on finishing their fight.

But Ikiko isn't where she left her.

Ayana looks frantically, left, right, the--too late, Ikiko begins to howl, and just the sound of it seems to strike the kitsune senseless.

"We'll stop you, and hug you," Ikiko retorts to Ayana, giving a demonstration of the hug. "And if your 'big brother' happens to be nearby, we'll kick him in the face!" A simple feeling of defiance and guardianship, and unconditional love and friendship.

She touches her forehead against Ayana's. "You are not alone," she murmurs, re-affirming her earlier emotions. "And you don't have to face this alone. We're here for you, even if you think it'd be safer otherwise."

Ayana's starts like she's been physically assaulted, but it's only the power of Ikiko's howl. She reaches up to clutch at her chest, then growls and grimaces through the pain, drawing heavily on Riventon's magic for strength against Cute Wolf's love.

"Master," Ayana calls to Riventon, her voice a whimper of pain. "It hurts. My linker core. What's she doing to me!?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-16 02:46:48 18667
    It seems that Sayaka hadn't fallen as far as it initially appeared. Either that, or she was just bluffing. At any rate, Puella Magi Sayaka leaps back onto the rooftop with a defiant smirk, not worse for wear. In fact, whatever wounds she had received from the fall seem to have already healed up much to her own surprise and delight.

    It doesn't take her long to spot Ayana, and for a moment, Sayaka is wondering why on earth Tsukiko would want to save someone who seems so hell bent on killing her. But she's also curious to learn more of her story. Anyways, isnt' that what heroes are for, so save people, even from themselves if necessary?

    "Hmph.." She glares at Ayana, arms folded casually as she approaches her, sword at the ready. But what is this? Looks like Tsukiko has assaulted her with some kinda of strange magic..And it's working! Nows her chance! "Tsukiko-chan..If we can weaken her enough.." Then maybe they can break whatever hold Riventon has on her.

    With that in mind, Sayaka rushes towards Ayana, attempting to tackle her to the ground. "I dunno what your deal is, but Tsukiko-chan's a nice girl, and I wanna help her." She glances at Tsukiko, "We should get her as far away from him as we can.." Maybe that would make it harder for him to help her?
Homura Akemi 2015-12-16 02:52:27 18668
Homura Akemi's bombs go off. They seem to have about the intended effect. Unfortunately, it seems like Riventon's just too sturdy. Homura used up most of her heaviest arms against the White Flower, and she really doesn't have enough Grief Seeds to go all out.

Besides, even if she did go all out, Riventon might still be able to tank it.

She hates Riventon. She despises him. Yet that grudge isn't worth dying over. She wouldn't want to make Madoka lose two friends in the same week.

Speaking of Madoka's friends... should Homura try to help Sayaka...? No. Typically, Sayaka and Homura do not get along well, and their fighting styles get in eachother's way. It'd be a waste of time. Besides, with Sayaka's healing ability, it's usually not the combat damage that gets her.

Looking at her own darkening Soul Gem, and knowing the lack of Grief Seeds she has in stock, she mutters to herself about stupid decisions.

She yells, loud enough for the other heroes to hear. "Sorry!"

A moment later, she's gone.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-16 02:55:05 18669
"You're *wrong!*" Aegis objects, still determinedly inching his way forward, trying to close his little rank of one with Riventon despite all indications this is a bad idea. "You're *wrong*. Words can do a lot. Words can change *everything*, if they're the right words. Words can *be* power. You can *find* it without *taking* it from other people!" Of this, Alejandro has absolute conviction. After all, it worked for him, didn't it? He just kind of *became* like he is because he wanted it hard enough. Why can't it work that way for everybody? "--But I'm more than just words."

He's resolute he'll prove *this*, too. That wave of energy comes straight at Alejo and he has just about enough time to widen his eyes in shock before he hunkers down behind his shield and tries to shelter through it. It shoves him back several feet of progress, and when he's popping his head back up after it's passed, he's a little singed around the edges. There's carbon scoring on his shield. Still. *Still*. Responder Aegis doesn't give up. He doesn't retreat. He blurs into motion, running fast and jumping where he has to, to try and get on an interception course. Whatever's going on with that gauntlet, he's sure it shouldn't be touching people, so that's what he's trying to prevent. *Trying*, anyway.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-16 02:56:50 18670
Tsukiko's heart cringes at the sight of Ayana reeling in pain. The wolfgirl wants to go over and hug the foxgirl, drying her tears and giving her lots of ear-rubs and snuggles.

But there's still a fight going on, and Riventon is on the attack! Even after that massive blast (which Tsukiko strongly suspects was caused by Puella High Explosives, even if she can't prove it), Ayana's so-called 'big brother' is slinging darkness at the nearby Character Bearer.

Something has to be done.

"Keep her busy!" the wolfgirl yells to Sayaka, then she dashes after Riventon. He has the advantage of speed and proximity, but Tsukiko gives chase anyway. Once close enough, she launches forward, trying to deliver a two-footed kick to Riventon in an effort to knock him off-balance!
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-16 03:03:53 18671
Normally, Mikoto is a quick and nimble combatant. In any other circumstance, she'd probably easily avoid Takashi's fairly simple thrust. She might even be able to get in a riposte and skewer him with Carnwennan's blade, if she were of a mind to, which she certainly is at the moment.

Except for the kid. "No!" she yells at him. "Get back!" She reaches out, grabbing hold, pulling him away... and doesn't quite dodge in time, herself.

"GrrraaaaaaarrgghhH!!!!" she yells out, dark energy crackling around her as she takes the strike, shielding Alejo from the danger.

Silver gleams in her eyes, and the sword's blade flickers, fading in and out...

And something in her eyes hardens. Silver gleams, where once there was vivid, lively green, as she backpedals away from Riventon, dragging Aegis with her. Blood drips from her hands as her fingers clench into fists, nails digging into her palms.

"no..." she murmurs. "I won't... won't do it... you can't make me..." It isn't likely anyone but Aegis can hear her.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-16 03:26:47 18674
Riventon is forced free of Kyra, but not before giving her a direct line to a bunch of dark energy. The same energy that fuels him and gives him his power bleeds off Mikoto like black smoke rising from her body as it purges the raw negative energy painfully.

Riventon glares at Responder Aegis. "Well, then, kid, show me. Your words aren't doing anything, why don't you come out from behind that shield and..."

And then Tsukiko is there, trying to kick at him! Riventon puts up a hand to block - and then he's overwhelmed with feedback from Ayana. She draws on his strength, and he can feel through their link the trauma she's in. And he can't focus on his magic... and... Those two feet nearly impact him before they collide with another shield - a shield that was put up at the last moment, by Riventon's device of its own awarness. <Black Shield!> it calls. Riventon is still pushed back a good distance. He grunts. "Thanks, partner." to his device.

And then he slams his device into the top of the roof, his palm flat against it. <ERDBEBEN PLATZEN!> it shouts. And rapidly, suddenly, fields of black energy collect underneath Aegis, Tsukiko, and Mikoto! In just a moment, columns of dark energy tear upwards towards the sky!

And Riventon is off, diving towards Ayana and Sayaka - reaching out his hand to channel energy into them both - hopefully to bolster his familiar aganst the assault and to remove Sayaka from her.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-16 03:30:44 18677
Tackling Ayana is not difficult when she's barely able to stand under the after-effects of Ikiko's howl. She's bowled over under Sayaka's assault. The problem is, that puts Sayaka well inside the range of the cloud of Gloom that hangs around Ayana. Rather than struggling to free herself, Ayana instead wraps her arms and legs around the Puella. The kitsune clings tightly to Sayaka, focusing all her will on draining the girl of energy.

And Sayaka has a lot of energy to drain. And Riventon's fuelling her directly.

Ayana's power grows rapidly, and she starts to giggle as she continues to cling to Sayaka, draining the poor girl for all she's worth. And just when she's finally had enough she twists her body, bounds to her feet, and spins once, before flinging Sayaka bodily into the air, sending her flying towards Ikiko in an attempt to cause a collision.

But Ayana doesn't stop there. The kitsune leaps, giving chase rapidly as she trails after Sayaka. Still Night is on the ground where she fell, but Ayana doesn't need the device to punch at both Ikiko and Sayaka. That kind of fighting comes natural to the foxgirl.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-16 03:40:58 18680
Cute Wolf Tsukiko lands on her feet, still glaring at Riventon. Even if the kick wasn't a direct hit, it was still rather catharic to kick that jerk! She readies herself, either to strike forward or to dodge, whichever seems to be the most fitting. The wolfgirl notices the field of dark energy gathering under her--

When she suddenly gets hit with a Sayaka.

Tsukiko staggers from the unexpected impact, trying to support the drained Puella. "Gah! What--" she yelps, then Ayana is upon the two of them. It's all the wolfgirl can to try protecting Sayaka from the punches, but it's taking most of her focus and time, leaving her unable to dodge much.

Which isn't good when there's a dark energy field about to erupt under you...
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-16 03:43:46 18682
    Whoops. Bad move. Seems Sayaka forgot about Ayana's energy draining cloud. She grits her teeth as she struggles under her Ayana's dark power. The kitsune is strong, but so is Sayaka. Under normal circumstances, she might have easily broken away, but now, with her energy being drained, she's weak enough for Ayana to hurl her at Ikiko!

    "Ack, Tsukiko-chan, look out!" she calls as she tries to change her trajectory, which is pretty hard in a split second aerial manouver. So she'll probably end up crashing into the wolfgirl, but picking herself up quickly, Sayaka rushes back at Ayana, growling. Seems she's already regaining her energy, but at the same time, her soul gem is rapidly darkening. The girl is being reckless and not pacing herself.

    "Nice trick, now it's my turn!" As she rushes at the Kitsune, Sayaka summons twin cutlasses this time, spinning in a whirl of blades and wind as she rushes at Ayana, creating a typhoon around herself as she goes. "Temporal...Typhoon!" She yells as she attempts to slice through Ayana.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-16 03:47:12 18684
Whatever he expected when he tried to intercept Riventon's vector, Mikoto inserting herself and taking the blow intentionally was not it. Responder Aegis gives a little cry of dismay when the dark energy slams into her, something in his face shocked and confused, like he can't figure out why she'd *do* that when he was so clearly trying to protect *her*. "!"

He doesn't have much time to dwell on it. He's still more or less in contact with Mikoto when the pools of energy start to gather at their feet, which makes this easier. He drops his shield, he drops his nightstick, and instead reaches out to grab Mikoto with both hands. He doesn't have time to apologize; that will have to come afterwards. Bracing both feet against the ground, Aegis tries to *heave* Mikoto backwards, sending them both tumbling and hopefully out of the way of the column of energy suddenly coming up where they'd been standing seconds ago. When they finally stop moving he tries to stagger back onto his feet, both hands reaching down for Mikoto. "Are you okay?! Are you hurt? I can help!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-16 03:53:52 18686
Tessen snarls, growling under her breath, muttering things in some incomprehensible tongue as she glares at Takashi. Fortunately she's released Aegis, by this point, but it's clear she's struggling with something. Something that she wants to do. And wants not to do. "I'm fine," she says, shoving him away, leaivng a smear of blood on his sleeve.

Fortunately, he's quick enough to pull her out of the way of the up-from-beneath attack. "You are a fool, Darkling. A fool and a child." She levels Carnwennan's blade at Riventon... and then takes to the sky, zooming upwards, lashing out with the blade to send a series of mana vortices at him.


"And like a child, you need to be spanked." She flies straight at him, blade ready, following in behind the phalanx of mana bolts.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-16 04:19:20 18691
Riventon takes a step forward and fades away, stepping through the Dusk Zone to cover ground faster - but to those around him, it looks like he took a step faded into shadow, and appeared over where Ayana is charging towards Ikiko and Sayaka - as the attacks are coming, he pulls her back, hand around her and stalling her forward motion.

"Alright, Ayana." he says, his voice stern like he's repremanding a child. His other hand stretches behind him, and another barrier comes up. <BLACK SHIELD - EMPOWER!> The barrier is actually exuding massive amounts of negative energy on its own, drawing greatly from Riventon's energy stores but also shielding vastly more damage.

He turns to face the heroes. The mana vortices and Sayaka's typhoon shake the shield, but the amount of energy Riventon is fueling it with is utterly massive at this point. This would be a tactical error - if he was intending to continue this fight.

"You see, if you keep trying to focus on us..." he begins, looking at the heroes - including Mikoto, who is now pressing against that black wall with her blade "... the little friends I've prepared for your arrival will probably tear you apart." With his other hand, a snap of his fingers comes. That snap echoes far louder than it should, and from all around, shadows begin to form into cackling visages, humanlike forms with red eyes that glow. A veritable horde of youma - incubating and waiting for the moment they were called forward. Claws of shadow and wicked grins on their vaguely humanoid forms seem to make good on Riventon's threat.

"I mean, your chances of survival if you try to take on both of us seem rather low." Individually, these youma are weak, and once called, their shadowy forms of black energy won't last long. But there's a LOT of them, and most of the heroes are surrounded.
Ayana Tasogare 2015-12-16 04:37:16 18694
Ayana doesn't hae to dodge Sayaka's attacks. It's not that Sayaka's attacks can't hurt her, it's just that Riventon scoops up the foxgirl into his arms well before they reach her. She stiks out her tongue at Sayak as she's scooped up, and then there is a sudden little glow of energy as she holds out her hand.

"Still Night, return!" Ayana calls, and the hammer lifts up off the roof where it's sitting and flies towards Ayana's outstretched hand. By the time it reaches her, Still Night is once omre a small dark gem on a chain, which she puts over her neck.

"Time to go home?" Ayana asks Riventon happily, tail wagging behind her as she climbs up onto his shoulders--transforming into a much much more vulpine creature.

The vixen peers down at the gathering of magical girls and boy as Takashi spreads out a handfull of youma to contest them.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-16 04:45:18 18696
    "Huh?" Sayaka blinks in confusion as Ayana is whisked away, and her blades and winded fury slice instead at Riventon's shield..She grits her teeth as she pours more energy than she should into the attack, the resulting clash causing sparks of energy to fly between the point of the shield and the typhoon.

    "C'mon...I know I can get through!" She yells as she stubbornly continues to slice against the shield..But its full of dark, energy draining magic as well it seems, and for a Puella fresh on her first battle, this does not spell well at all. She's rapidly draining her soul gem, and Sayaka suddenly stops, dissipating the typhoon as she stumbles backwards, away from the shield and falling to one knee.

    "Ugh...What's happening..To me.." She really doesn't want to run from her first real battle..But Sayaka realizes she has no choice. Something is terribly wrong. She glares back at Ayana, and offers an apologetic glance towards Tsukiko. "Wolf-chan...I'm sorry..I will help you..I promise!" Youma start to gather around her, and with what little strength she has left, she summons a rain of swords to slice through those nearest her, cutting a path through the swarm of youma as she retreats, trying to take as many down with what little energy she has..
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-16 04:54:19 18698
Cute Wolf Tsukiko staggers a bit from the eruption of dark energy, but catches herself. She might be able to keep fighting...

...but not when they're this outnumbered.

The wolfgirl snarls at Riventon, then goes to help keep the youma away from the retreating Sayaka. It's not that it's hard to fight these shadowy forms off; it's just that there's so many of them.

Still, she sticks around, helping to defeat each of them, and doing what she can to protect the other magical folk still here.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-16 05:03:57 18699
There's a tiny part of Alejo that's beginning to wonder if this is just how it goes, trying to fight evil; you get beat up and things happen and the bad guy gets away with it anyway. He squashes that tiny part of himself pretty quickly and pretty resolutely, unable to let that little seed of doubt take root. He just can't afford it.

Instead, he scrambles back to his feet, gathering up his now quite-battered shield and nightstick. As the youma close in, he goes to work. Offense isn't his forte, but the youma seem pretty easy to dispell with a shield bash or a smack with the baton. It's more a matter of quantity than quality, and Alejo is inexperienced--but he refuses to let any of them get loose in the city, either, no matter how battered he ends up in the process.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-16 05:09:28 18701
Mikoto's got a Little List. The (censored) (redacted) (mutter) PreCure Phantom is right at the top of it, number one with a bullet. Ikuto's (censored) (censored) bosses are on there. So are about a half-dozen politicians, the North Korean 'Great Leader', and whoever's Captain of Verone's Kendo team this month.

Riventon has made that list. She's a little disappointed that she's not going to be able to remove him from it tonight. But his time will come.

Meanwhile, there are a (redacted)-load of freakin' little youma. She turns to Aegis, briefly. "Stay close, and keep your shield up. Cover my back, okay?" She's trusting him, now, and sticks close, her rapier-blade lashing out. There's no time to think. No time to feel. Just the knowledge that she's failed.

Her eyes glitter, silver and shining, as she cuts down one youma after another. It doesn't comfort her. But at least she's accomplishing something.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-16 05:16:59 18702
Riventon smiles. Everything worked as planned, for once. He's retreating, for sure - but not out of a desperate need; to be sure, the heroes were GOING to show up, and it was going to become energy-negative to keep fighting against them. He's still building up the power he needs for his big gambits.

But for once things went as planned. The heroes have turned to fight the short-lived horde, and he can back out without being bloodied and battered this time. He reaches up to pet his fox, and Axion channels the energy neded for a teleport. He's glad he thought this far ahead - he can't take Ayana into the Dusk Zone, so the act of retreat takes longer than it would otherwise.

There's a lot more to say, but not today, and Riventon's teleportation circle grows bright before it brings Ayana and him a short distance from UMBRA HQ, avoiding a direct teleport in case someone gets the idea to chase him.

The horde of weak youma go down, easily cut through by the heroes. They're soft-targets and uncoordinated, and they're fading quickly, but they serve their purpose of covering for his retreat.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-16 05:31:48 18705
Cute Wolf Tsukiko finally runs out of shadowy youma to fight. They weren't strong, but between the earlier fight and the sheer numbers of them, the wolfgirl did take another hit or two while taking them out.

She catches her breath, physically sore from the battle and emotionally sore from facing the darkness-infused Ayana. "Are you two okay?" she calls to the two magical warriors still present.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-16 05:35:44 18706
Responder Aegis does his absolute best to follow Mikoto's instructions. That sword of hers is far more deadly than any trick he has up his sleeve, so mostly he concentrates on trying to keep her back protected. He's not perfect, but he's pretty good at pivoting when she does to protect her flank, covering any part of her not guarded by her own rapier. Eventually, their share of youma are done entirely.

When that happens, Alejo straightens up and lets his arms sag, shield and nightstick hanging from tired hands. He's not very tall, which *kind of* just makes it look even more pathetic. He's breathing heavily, sooty and maybe bruised, but he says, "I'm--I'm okay. Are either of you hurt? I can...treat it. I can help. If you're hurt." This seems to be a recurring theme with him. /I can help./
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-16 05:43:27 18707
Mikoto looks down at the dissipating remains of the last youma she took down. She lifts Carnwennan's blade, peering at the edge, examining it for (blood) any minute cracks or flaws. She doesn't seem to find any, or at least, nothing worth immediate worry.

"Carnwennan. Any more of them around?"

((Negative, Meister. Scans show all major dark energy sources in the area have dissipated.))

"... well, that's good. Did you get a trace on their teleport?"

((I'm sorry, Meister. I was not able to.))

She shakes her head. "It's alright," she mutters, and the blade flickers and vanishes as she tucks the hilt back into her belt. "You okay, kid?" she asks, turning to Aegis.
Ikiko Hisakata 2015-12-16 05:52:02 18708
Cute Wolf Tsukiko shakes her head towards Aegis. "I'm... okay enough," she says with a sigh. "Nothing that can't be healed with a good night's rest."

Except maybe her heart.

The wolfgirl looks towards where she last saw Ayana, then towards where Sayaka went, then back towards Ayana's spot. "I... need to go," she mumbles. "Nice meeting you!"

And with that, she goes bounding over the rooftops in the direction she saw Sayaka travel. The Puella had promised to help her, but for now, Sayaka was the one who likely needed help.
Alejandro Tatakai 2015-12-16 05:54:44 18709
Aegis is about to protest that he could *still help*, but Tsukiko leaves before he can do it. He blinks once, twice, and then the police uniform just kind of fades away, along with his shield and his nightstick. It leaves behind a boy in an oversized hoodie who's probably like *eleven* at most, a pair of floating charas suddenly guarding his shoulders. Well, one guards. The little policeman seems to have decided his best option is to flop down onto the top of Alejo's head like he's exhausted.

It makes it only a *little* comical when he turns to look at Mikoto and smiles, looking far too weary for a boy so young. "Yeah. I'm okay. I'm just tired."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-16 06:39:10 18710
Mikoto nods to Alejo, and seems to relax a little. "I'll walk you home," she offers him. It's looking like a dangerous night, and right now... well. Maybe a little posessive, territorial... It's probably a good thing Ikuto isn't here.