It's the Thought

Kyouko and Sayaka meet up to exchange gifts. Cure Gull stops by to deliver a message (and donuts).

Date: 2015-12-25
Pose Count: 28
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-25 23:14:18 19361
    Christmas has not been a very joyful time of year for Kyouko the past several years. She didn't have anybody to buy gifts for, or get gifts from. Her Christmas tradition has been to buy (or steal) some KFC and eat it alone in front of a fire, generally burning in a barrel or the corner of whatever ruined building she was sleeping in.

    That being the case, she was... a little bit excited for /this/ Christmas. She has a few friends. She has a roof over her head. And she has a little bit of money, thanks to her conbenie job. She might, just maybe, have something resembling an actual Christmas! Of course, a bit of a damper was put on this by the fact that Mamoru was missing, presumably captive (although at least she now knows he isn't dead). But hey.. life sucks. Gotta make the best of it. So she sent a text to Sayak, asking if her friend would meet her downtown for a little while in the evening of Christmas day. She knew Sayaka had family and other important people to visit, so only asked to see her for a short time.

    Kyouko is there, shortly after sunset, waiting in front of a big clock in the center of a shopping plaza. She's wearing her usual shorts, but with black tights underneath, and a red-and-white striped scarf wrapped around her face and hanging down her back. She has a little red bag in her hand, and is shifting from foot to foot slightly as people walk on all sides, alone and in couples, the plaza quite busy this evening and the atmosphere quite festive.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-25 23:19:17 19363
    Sayaka had a pretty busy Christmas herself. Afterall, her family was pretty wealthy which meant lots of presents, plus she had quite a large number of relatives which kept her pretty occupied. However, Sayaka did manage to slip out for a bit, wanting to check up with Kyouko.

    The last couple of days have been hectic afterall. What, with her becoming a Puella Magi herself, and then there was the sudden apparent death of Mamoru (she clearly hasn't heard the news yet). Mostly, Sayaka just wants to make sure Kyouko doesn't spend Christmas alone, as she knows she has no family to speak of, even if she has a place to stay..

    Having received Kyouko's text message, Sayaka happily slipped out to meet her at the shopping plaza. She also has a gift for Kyouko!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-25 23:24:09 19364
    Kyouko's face lights up a little bit when she sees Sayaka approaching, and she smiles her one-fanged, lopsided smile. "Hey!" She greets, walking the few steps to meet her. "Merry Christmas!" She beams, looking a lot more cheerful than usual. Maybe it's just the fact that she gets to do something Christmasy for a change. "Here, I brought this for you!"

    She hands over the bag. It just has a little cake from her conbenie in it, in a little plastic container. But it has a raspberry on top! "It's not much," She admits, toeing the ground and shrugging, "But they're really good.. anyway, thanks for coming out. I just wanted to give that to you, and say Merry Christmas and stuff. It's not something I've gotten to do a lot in recent years, so I figured I should practice.."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-25 23:25:24 19365
"Oh it's begining to look a lot like.. Christmassssss~ o/~"

"Gull, please stop singing." says Corvus.

"Eveeeerywhere you arreeeeeee..... o/~"

"Please?" begs Corvus, flying next to Gull as they are in the air- a small sparkle trail of seafoam green behind them.

"Awwwww, you're no fun. I need to practice---and, there's lot to sing about this year!" she beams. "I have Aki... a buncha friends... I had to deal with the confusion of what to get everyone...."

"...and make me deliver it all!" snides Corvus.

"Yeah!" says Gull with a smile. She peeks down and---oh! A shock of red hair! And approaching blue hair. She taps her chin and spirals down into an alley.

<C-c-christmas! Time to Change~>

There's a small flash of light and Cure Gull steps out in an outfit like this:

She sneaks out of the alley tiptoeing along with a seagull on her shoulder. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

She has a wrapped box.

She's getting closer to Kyouko and Sayaka to casually over a small bit of time.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-25 23:28:28 19367
    Sayaka beams once she sees Kyouko. "Kyou-chan! Hiii!! Merry Christmas!" quickenning her steps to meet her, she gives her a heart-felt hug before letting go, glancing down at the cake. "Oooh, cake! Did you make it yourself!? Thanks so much! Looks great!" and it's got a raspberry on top. She cant help but chuckle at the nickname Kyouko had initially used for her.

    "Ooh, I got something for you too..Here!" She hands over a gift bag full of cute gingerbread cookies, all decorated and stuff!" Oh, and this too!" Sayaka pulls out a smaller tulle gift bag that holds a beautiful golden hairpin with a ruby jewel encrusted with crystals in the centre. Looks expensive! "I thought you could put this in your hair, since I know you like wearing red a lot."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-25 23:31:53 19370
    Kyouko blushes a bit. "N-no, I didn't make it, it's from the conbenie.. I can't.. actually really cook. But it's real good, I promise!" She blinks a little bit and takes the gift bag, looking into it, then grinning. "Cookies! You know me well, Saya-chan. Thank you!" Then blinks again and takes the second bag.. looking into it. She's silent for a moment.

    When she looks up again her eyes might be shining just a little bit. "Aw.. thanks Saya-chan. It's beautiful. I don't.. think anyone's given me anything this ince in a long time." She takes the pin out and turns it over in her hands. It's probably more expensive than anything else she owns! Well, not that anything she owns is worth very much.

    She raises it up and pins it in her hair just over her ear, then grins and turns her head. "How's it look?" She looks happy. She hasn't yet noticed any suspicous Gull-bearing girls growing steadily closer!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-25 23:36:52 19371
Cure Gull tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe. She's being sneaky.

"Gull, why are you being sneaky?" asks Corvus.

"Because!" says Cure Gull. Corvus sort of facepalms. "Because /Why/."



She gets one table away now and sort of peeks at the exchange proper now as she places her box down in front of her. She squints. Jewelry... seemed the go to gift this year.

Oh wait, she's being all rude. She stops staring from her spot and pretends to not watch this go down. Also. She might be jealous. Maybe Hannah-chan will get her something for Christmas like that... Oh, right.

"I think it looks nice, there!" she finally says outloud, thou no one was asking her directly. Nosy, as always.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-25 23:38:17 19372
    Sayaka smirks. Oh, that's right, she doesn't cook! "Well, it still looks good! Cant wait to eat it! And I hope you like the cookies too!" She smiles at Kyouko's ruby hairclip. It really does look good on her. "I think it looks perfect! So, how's your Christmas been going so far, just out doing last minute shopping?"

    Sayaka chuckles as she peers around at the busy crowds. Even on Christmas day, it's busy here..She hasn't yet noticed Cure Gull, at least not until she practically creeps up behind them and comments on the hair clip.

    "Oh! You're.." she turns around in surprise, peering at the familiar looking Cure Gull.."Cure..Gull, wasn't it?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-25 23:42:30 19375
    "Um.. yeah, sure." Kyouko says, to the comment about last-minute shopping, not explaining that she really doesn't have anyone else to shop for. She could maybe get something small for Mami.. She beams at the compliment though, preening just a little bit and looking quite happy.

    Then she hears Gull-chan call out though, and she blinks, whirling about. Tensing, she looks like she's ready to spring into action- her instincts taking over, honed from years of fighting and not having peaceful happy moments like this.

    But seeing the Christmas-clad girl who spoke, and hearing Sayaka's statement of recognition, she relaxes a little bit.. although her expression is still a wary frown, and she steps a bit closer to Sayaka, as if to present a unified front to someone she doesn't know. "Cure Gull?" She queries. "I don't think I know you. What do you want?" This is said perhaps a bit more harshly than she means it, but.. that's just Kyouko.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-25 23:49:24 19376
Cure Gull stands up and walks over to the table proper and lays the box down in the middle and undoes the top and unvieeeeeels!? Donuts. With a heart in the middle because of the normal hole, and they've been dipped partway into chocolate- Karou's car ONLY does the chocolate on Christmas and other big events. It's super popular.

She smiles "I have donuts!" she beams. "Oh--right, Yes! Cure Gull!" she says. "One of Chiba-kun's friend's--- and--- we fought once but I dunno if you'd remember that or not- cuz-- I know how deep the Dark Kingdom can get into your head. I barely remember anything when they did that to me n' what I can remember I'd rather not!" she smiles a little. She peeks over to Sayaka! "Donuts for you, too! I did all my shopping so I'm finding people to share donuts with!" she smiles.

Corvus sighs and already has a donut because he's entertaining this bussiness he might aswell eat his annoyance away. nom nom nom.

"I saw you two when I was overhead so I came down and got all festive'd up to say hello!" she smiles. "You two seem to be enjoying yourselves and I wanted to join in the fun!" she says.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 00:03:20 19379
    "Err...." Sayaka scratches her head as she peers at the strange girl curiously. Sure, she's seen Cure Gull in the occasional battle..And during that weirdo magical girl burger stand shopping thing, but she doesn't really know her beyond a few brief sightings.

    "Nice to meet you again, Gull-san. What brings you out here?" Ooh, donuts! She grins, they look pretty tasty. "Thanks!" Taking one, Sayaka downs it down pretty quickly, she must be hungry.

    "Oh..You knew Mamoru-san? I'm..Sorry about what happened to him.." Sayaka seems a little sad as she says that. She wasnt even able to save him, in fact, she wasn't even there, but was recovering in a hospital, feeling useless and powerless. But all that's changed now that she's a Puella Magi! Hopefully..

    Glancing back at Cure Gull, she smiles, "Ah, so you know Kyou-chan then?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 00:07:23 19382
    "Oh.. yeah." Kyouko mutters, when the Cure mentions fighting against her once. While she was Apatite. "No, um.. I remember. It's just not something I like to dwell on a whole lot." She glances to Sayaka. "Well, I wouldn't say I /know/ her.. just that we've met."

    The quickest way to Kyou-chan's heart is food though, so Gull-chan makes a good impression by offering the donuts. She takes one as well, and bites into it without hesitation. "Mmm.. not bad." She admits.. and her mouth quirks downward then when Mamoru is mentioned. "Ah.. yeah." She glances at Sayaka, and murmurs under her breath, "Remind me to tell you something about that later, in private." Then she raises her voice to normal again and offers a lopsided smile to Cure Gull.

    "Well, I can't say no to someone wanting to share donuts with me. So thanks."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 00:12:35 19383
Cure Gull beams. "Not really!" she says. "I know you cuz we met a few times, Miki-san~" she says. "I know of Kyouko via mutal aquaintance and that whole mess with the Apatite thing." she mutters. "Yeah- no worries on that, I don't really like dwelling on my time either. All I know is they wound me up like a tin solider and set me loose..." she mutters.

"I think I'll leave it that." she says.

She begins eating a donut. "So...I'm not interupting a date. Am I?" she asks thoughtfully.

"I didn't look like one, I just wanted to give ya donuts and say Merry Christmas! By--the way-- Merry Christmas!" she beams.

She then crosses her arms. "You know a lot of magical girls, Miki-san~" she smiles.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 00:23:02 19387
    Sayaka smirks at Kyouko. She imagines she probably got into a scrap with Cure Gull at one time or another. "Heh.." Is all she says on the matter. "Well, nice to see you again, Cure Gull-chan!" She does arch a curious brow at Kyouko when she mentions something about Mamoru-san. "Hmmmm...?" But how strange. Well, they'll have to talk about it later!

    Glancing at Cure Gull, Sayaka finds herself reddenning just a bit when she mentions date. "Er..Date? Why would you say that? we're just hanging out. Umm, but thanks for the donuts! So, are there others like you, Gull-chan? Other cures? Is that like Sailor Senshi?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 00:29:48 19389
    Kyouko blushes in an almost perfect mirror image of Sayaka. "Heh, yeah.. no, we're just hanging out. Since it's Christmas." She says, looking to the side. She give Gull-chan a look at the mention of the Dark Kingdom stuff.. not being terribly familiar with the girl's story of her own brainwashing by them, although she vaugely knows of it. She just seems glad to let it lie for now- not something she wants to think about on a holiday.

    "Merry Christmas." She says in return, and seemsto mean it. She glances at Sayaka as the girl asks about Cures, and then glances back to Gull-chan for her answer. In the meantime, she takes another donut and chomps into it. Hey, free donuts, she'll never say no to that!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 00:33:15 19391
Cure Gull smiles. "Well, it's Christmas and I just thought of that- and if it was I was gonna leave politely and apolgize for barging in! If it isn't then no biggy~" she beams. "I know I wouldn't mind people joining my dates with me and my girlfriend thou..." she says tapping her bottom lip a bit. She then breaks out of her thought trance at Sayaka's question!

"Well, yes! There's lots of Cures and Cure Groups! All of our powers come from different places- but--- we're all basically the same- we've all been tasked with protecting something. I'm protecting Earth from the Phantom Empire! While-- Cure Sunny and her Cure friends are trying to protect Earth from literal storybook villians that actually exist." she says. "That one was kinda silly to hear about. That the storybook worlds are real? Really bizzare."

"Hrm..... anyways, I associate with--- Cure Tide, my sister who me and my friends rescued!, she's my partner! and-- um, Cure Victory and Cure Boost and Cure Drive and Cure Sunny!" she says.

"Victory really likes tennis! If you see a purple Cure using tennis balls that's her! Boost is yellow and uses these two big shields and just crashes into stuff! Drive uses a staff! Um.. Sunny is orange-red and lights things on fire! and--- I use Wind and Feathers and Cure Tide uses water and is a deep blue color!" she beams.

"But there's a LOT of other Pretty Cure about!" she smiles.

She crosses her arms and taps her chin.

"So..Miki-san, I heard through the grapvine you're a magical girl now, is that true?" she asks, head tilting. Oh, where did she hear that!? Well Akemi-san, but she's not about to say that right now. She knows THAT much better.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 00:42:30 19394
    Sayaka grimaces at Gull, shaking her head, "Oh no! It's totally fine! You're not...Interrupting anything like that..Err..." Ugh, why's she feel so weird when Gull mentionned a date though?

    "Wow, that's pretty neat. I didnt realize there were so many magical girls out there. And what's this Phantom Empire?" As for Storybook villains..Well that's just weird and over the top. Too much information, and Sayaka's life is already becoming complicated, what with all the stuff to do with the Dark Kingdom and Miss White and her minions, and the Witches.

    As for Sayaka becoming a magical girl herself, she didnt think that many people knew about that..Except maybe Ayana..And Cute Wolf..And..Homura? Eyes narrow warily, she sure doesn't want any enemies, not when she's so new at this. "Where did you hear that from..?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 00:47:42 19396
    Kyouko glances at Sayaka as the girl continues to sound slightly uncomfortable, and she gives her a slight gentle elbow in the side. When Sayaka looks at her she flashes a reassuring smile just for the other girl, as if to say, 'don't worry about what she says'.

    Then she looks back at Gull-chan as the girl rattles off a portion of the local Cure roster. "I don't really know any of 'em, but I've seen 'em around." She says, shrugging her shoulders. "We Puella tend to run in our own circles a lot.. some of us have kinda different priorities, so.."

    When Gull mentions knowing that Sayaka is a Magical Girl now, though, her reaction is again remarkably similar to Sayaka's. Her eyes narrow, and she nods in agreed question as Sayaka asks where the Cure heard that. She can feel herself bristling protectively.. even if Sayaka doesn't need her protection anymore. Old habits die hard.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 00:51:18 19398
Cure Gull smiles. "There's a lot, actually! Um- The Phantom Empire wants to plunge the world into misfortune, it's run by someone calling themselves 'Queen Mirage'- they trap people in mirrors then use thier happiness to spawn a 'Terribad'. Most of them are easy to deal with, but if you ever meet someone calling themselves the Precure Hunter---you-- you make sure the Pretty Cure facing them gets away safe, okay!? That dude has like hundreds of Pretty Cure captive." she shivers a bit.

"Well..." she says bashfully. "I guess I had to approach this eventually..." she says. "Since..I kinda need to talk to you...." she says pointing at Kyouko---and you! She says pointing at Sayaka.

"I heard from a friend who works with me, in Witchhunter Protective Services--and I have two questions!" she smiles.

She looks to Kyouko. "May I ask why you're upset at White-chan?" she asks softly. "No one'll tell me the story."

She looks to Sayaka, and asks. "Can I ask... what your idea of being a magical girl?" she asks bashfully at Sayaka.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 02:18:25 19407
    Sayaka begins to eye Gull more warily once she mentions certain..Organizations. In fact, she's totally tense right now, after hearing how the WPS once kidnapped and experimented on Kyouko. "Waait...So you work for that Miss White girl, alongside Homura Akemi?" She frowns. Of course, that's how she found out. Homura..

    Folding her arms now, Sayaka glares coolly towards Cure Gull, "And what do you want from us, now? Dont you know what Miss White did to Kyouko-chan? As for me...Well, what do you want to know that for? I'm certainly not gonna work for anyone who goes around torturing any friends of mine!"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 02:21:59 19408
    Kyouko's demeanor definitely changes once she hears Gull-chan works for WPS. She stiffens slightly, and her stance becomes slightly more defensive. Even as Sayaka folds her arms and glares, Kyouko moves closer to her still, standing practically shoulder-to-shoulder with the blue-haired Puella as if to say 'just try something, birdy'.

    After a moment though, she sighs a little bit. "Look, I don't really wanna talk about it either, okay? Miss White and I.. have a bit of a history. She did some stuff to me, and then I did some stuff back, and I think we both regret it now. I made peace with her, but I don't really feel the need to be all buddy-buddy with her.. /or/ her employees. Nothing personal."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 02:31:10 19411
Haruna Kurosawa smiles at Sayaka, still friendly like. "I don't , which is why I'm asking Kyouko-san~" she says softly, her brow furrows though when the word tortue is used, she taps her bottom lip a bit. She nods a bit and matter of factly as Kyouko explains what's going on. "Oh, that's fine!" she smiles. "---well I came here to see what it'd take to maybe get you you two squared, but--- it seems you've made some peace with that already. Okay!"

She peeks to Sayaka then back at Kyouko. "I'm not here to cause issues!" she says crossing her arms. Corvus rolls his eyes. "That's like what you do, we should just call you... 'Cure Issue!'"

Gull hrmphs!

"Anyways..." she says. "Um... White-chan or Akemi-san might approach you to talk about something important, both of you... and I want you to hear her out and not immediatly try to stab her or shoot her or anything! That's why I wanted to talk to you both." she says crossing her arms.

"---and I know White-chan can be a jerk sometimes, but even I need to haul off the punch her in the face til' she stops! It's even part of my contract!" she beams, and then kind of looks down- and blushes. "I also love her a lot and know she can get overzealous with what she's doin..." she murmurs.

"Well--I could had been a jerk. And not have told you!" she insists.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 02:43:46 19416
    Sayaka shivers at the whole 'White-chan' stuff, and stuff about how Gull loves her. Definitely not someone she can trust, whether or not she's an employee of WPS.

    "Well, if you must know, I'm not stupid or ignorant. I know what being a magical girl is about, and especially a Puella Magi. We're here to hunt witches and protect the innocent in exchange for a wish. But for me, it's more than that. I plan to use my powers for good, to help protect everyone, and not just use those powers to hunt down the grief seeds that you get from defeating a witch, if you must know.."

    No doubt, Homura probably wants to know what her wish was and if she'll be a threat to WPS. "And how does Homura fit into all of this? I'm not gonna tell you or her anything beyond that, and while none of us are at war with WPS, well..." She glances over at Kyouko, nodding slowly at her reaction.

    Glancing back at Gull however, Sayaka does raise an eyebrow about this 'important stuff' Homura or White want to talk to them about. "And what sort of important stuff might that be, another witch?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 02:50:38 19420
    Kyouko casts a sideways glance at Sayaka as she goes off about 'what being a Puella Magi is all about'. She.. may not agree with all of that, actually. But she's not about to get into an argument with Sayaka about it now, in front of Gull-chan.

    Her eyes shift back to the Cure, though, and slowly, she nods. "No I.. have a feeling I know what they want to talk about." She says after a moment, in a neutral tone. She glances back at Sayaka. "It's got to do with.. what I wanted to talk to you about anyway. I'll fill you in on the walk home as to that, I promise. No need to go into the details here."

    She looks back at Gull-chan again. "Don't worry, kid. I'm past the point where I want to punch Miss White in the face every time I see her. I mean.. well, I still /want/ to, but I won't actually do it. And if she wants to talk about what I think she wants to talk about, well. You can tell her I'll listen, at the very least."

    She lets out a little sigh. "Look, I appreciate the gesture. You comin' here to warn us. So.. thanks. I'm not sure I'll ever /like/ Miss White. There's too much bad blood between us. But I ain't lookin' to mess with her anymore, and if she has a legit reason to talk to me, she doesn't have to worry about me bein' unreasonable."

    She then looks at Sayaka, and smiles. "And thanks for always stickin' up for me, Saya-chan. I really appreciate that too."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 03:12:15 19429
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "I don't know very much, except that involves 'all Puella-magi'. Akemi-san or White-chan will have the specifics." she smiles. She does softly look at Sayaka and looks down a moment, then back up....

"... six months ago I was an outcast. I was alone. A bird in a tablet said that--if I drained souls for him, he could use that to power a wish. I wanted my sister back. I was sure she was dead. So I became a Witch--- and started stealing soul energy from everyone. Eventually- some heroes came to stop me. White-chan came to rescue me- but I'd stolen the energy of someone important to her. That's what she wanted me for. She asked me nicely, so...I sent what I took back, against the bird's desire. White-chan was the first friend I ever made on my own. Before was just always my sister and I." she looks back up. "There's a lot more to that story---but---" she says. "That's why White-chan means a lot to me. She's always looked out for me. I have friends on all the sides of this... stuff. White-chan... Riventon. These were people I met when I was that witch. I know them differently than you do." she says softly.

She then pauses. "Oh! I also mean like, a 'Pointy hat' and 'broom' witch. Not like a Puella, creepy monster witch." she says.

"One of our Pretty Cure mottos... is that 'There's no 'sides' when there's no combat.'. If someone needs help... you help them." she says softly.

"...and if you have a chance to forgive... you should do it!" she says softly.

"And--I know you two may not agree with that, but that's okay!" she smiles, taking another donut. "Corvus was the bird in the story by the way." she grins.

Corvus sighs and sort of wings to his face in a facepalm. "I'm better now." he insists.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-26 03:14:54 19431
    Sayaka smirks sidelong at Kyouko. She's pretty sure the red head's idea of a Puella Magi is a bit different from her own, afterall, Sayaka's pretty idealistic, whereas Kyouko is mostly in it for herself..Even so, Sayaka was impressed that she saved her life the first few times they met under dangerous circumstances.

    "Hmmm..All Puella Magi, huh. Must be something witch related then." She'll definitely have to have a chat with Kyouko later, about whatever it is that she knows, and Kyouko is given another curious raised eyebrow, before she listens intently to Gull's story.

    "Hmmm, you were a witch? Really?" But then when Gull explains, Sayaka relaxes. "Oh! I see..Well, as long as White and Homura dont try anything funny, I'll listen to whatever they have to say, if it's that important." She frowns.

    "I'm sorry that you were taken advantage of, Cure Gull-chan. You seem like a nice person. I guess desperation can lead a person to desperate measures. My wish however, was different. I could never harm someone because of that desparation, I only wished to heal the hands of someone important to me, so that he could pursue his childhood dream.."

    Sayaka may have said a bit too much in that last sentence, but she's starting to trust Cure Gull enough that it doesn't seem a big deal if she really knows or not..
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-26 03:21:39 19434
    Kyouko knows the story Gull-chan tells, or at least, she knows the general version, having heard the story from Mamoru and others involved. She shakes her head slightly. "Look, kid, you don't need to explain to me. I know Miss White is.. complicated. I'm the same way. I've done a lotta bad things in my time, but I like to think that doesn't make me a bad person. We're all just in it to survive."

    "And even if I don't /like/ Miss White, I respect her. She puts her mind to something and gets it done, no matter what it takes. That we have in common, I think." She shrugs her shoulders again. "So I dun judge you for liking her. I just can't. Not yet, anyway. But like I said, if she has something important to say.. I'll listen." She looks at Sayaka. "/We'll/ listen." She has to get used to the idea that Sayaka is more involved now. She doesn't mean to margenalize her friend, she's just used to Sayaka being on the periphery and not directly involved. BUt that's different now.

    A very slight cloud passes over her face as Sayaka talks about her wish, but she hides it quickly, merely reaching out after a moment and grabbing Sayaka's hand. "C'mon, Saya-chan. I'll walk you home, and fill you in on that thing I mentioned." She turns to look back at Gull-chan. "And like I said, tell Miss White and Homura.. we'll listen, at least. And.. thanks again. For the warning, and for the donuts."

    Then she is turning to walk off down the plaza, towing Sayaka along if the girl lets her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-26 03:23:01 19435
Haruna Kurosawa looks down. "I was tricked. That's all..." she mutters. "-but, never again. I mean. There wasn't even a wish- I was told that so--I'd take the deal and become the witch." she mutters. "Corvus just wanted to be free to hurt people because he was hurting too..." she says crossing her arms. "Hurt just makes more hurt and someone has to say... 'enough!' eventually." she insists!

Oh they go to leave. She raises the box. "Wait, here, these are yours if you want em~" she says. "or I can just take em to the next person I meet!" she smiles festivly.

"Have a Happy Christmas, you two, anyways~" she says softly.