Noisy in the Library? Two Recluses and a Superball Make Friends!

Like, literally the library. And Suzuki Natsume and Mamoru Chiba are both social maladjusts. And then there's Hannah.

Date: 2015-06-18
Pose Count: 21
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-18 02:53:12 2309
The public library! It's in the park which, only a few days ago, hosted a Witch that Miss White and Mr. Black were trying to capture, and was the site of the astonishingly brutal attack of Mr. Black on a tiny fledgling magical girl which landed her in the hospital.

Mamoru Chiba is, thus, on edge.

Nevertheless, walking in the library's doors is a comforting thing; he knows the building and its shelves of knowledge well. Today having been a track day, he's out of school a little bit earlier than on kendo days, and it's hot enough out that his hair's already dry and his uniform jacket's slung over his shoulder as surely as his book satchel is.

Veering toward the foreign language section, he dumps his jacket and bag on a table and puts his glasses on, then starts to head for the English shelves--

--but there's already someone at the table he so unceremoniously invaded. He starts to apologize, then blinks. That's a super familiar head of white hair. He saw it on the street, passed out after a fight over a bank robbery.

After a second, he drags the chair opposite her out and opens his bag, and he says library-quietly as he starts to pull his homework out, "If you speak very slowly, and louder, it might understand you."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-18 03:06:14 2311
     Meanwhile, Suzuki has been in the library for a while! Actually, probably longer than is ideal. "H... in... sterren...." She mumbles under her breath. "What is that thing that Verdrehen Sturm says all the time?" She frowns a bit as she flips the page, finding something that LOOKED roughly how that sounded to her, at least from what she knew of the english language, which wasn't quite right. "Erkannt... erkannt..." She traces her finger along the line to the book, frowning slightly.

There was a jacket dropped on the table at around that moment, along with a bag, and Suzuki didn't really notice at first. She was so focused on the book! The sound of a chair being dragged out gets her to start paying a bit more attention, though she figured it was just someone else here to study as well. That was, until Mamoru talked to her. She looks up towards Mamoru, giving him a quiet look, her face somewhat neutral as she took him in. "...Books don't hear people..." She responds a bit dumbly, her voice coming out quiet and a bit hesitantly, as if she wasn't /entirely/ sure he was talking to her still. It had to be someone else, right? But he was looking at her, and nobody else was around. Oh goddess how do you interact with men?

Suzuki carefully turns another page. "..." She looks up towards Mamoru, then back down towards her book, the various words she was considering saying catching in her throat as she sits there a bit awkwardly. Eventually, she finally speaks again! "...I have a friend who says words in this language sometimes. ... I wanted to understand a little better." Well, okay, if you can consider that speaking, it was a quiet mumble, possibly even barely audible. Also it sounded like she was making an excuse for an otherwise completely normal thing to do. I mean, learning a new language, who does that?
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-18 03:23:44 2313
Thankfully, it's not so much 'men' across from Suzuki as 'high school boy, kind of a jerk if his first sentence is anything to go by'-- but one must suppose that frequently, reflexive interactive possibilities are similar. Potentially unfortunately, he's also a pretty boy. His smile's crooked as he opens a textbook and glances down to flip through pages until he finds the page he needs. "If books don't hear people, why do book lovers apologize to books if they accidentally break the spines?"

It may be phrased and spoken reasonably, but the crinkling at the corners of the boy's eyes do indicate he's probably teasing. "I suppose it's a fair argument, though. You've a German friend?" There's a pause, and he looks at Suzuki more closely. "You're translating things you heard, or are they an internet friend?"
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-18 03:29:55 2314
     "I.. .. reasons." Suzuki responds to that question, thinking on that silently for several long moments. Hmmmm. "...I guess people like to give personalities and anthropomorphize their favorite things, so they apologize to their books..." She muses to herself, looking back towards the book again as she turns the page.

"...Heard. ...It's made it far harder to tell what is being said. She has said 'Die Gefahr Erkannt Wird<OOC: The danger is detected>' a few times... Jawohl, uhm..." She closes her eyes as she thinks for a little bit longer, before she blinks a few moments, seeming to realize that really, what her device says probably shouldn't be spoken about. What is this boy was her enemy! ... He seemed like just enough of a jerk to be one. Hmm. "...And some other things." She finishes finally, opening her eyes as she flips the page on the book again, trying to find things that look relatively easy to pronounce, or even relatively close to what she'd heard.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-19 02:02:24 2331
Hannah is checking out the library today! The young woman, after the friction with her partner, needs to relax a bit. And for once, it doesn't involve punching. The be-sundressed girl quietly hums to herself as she taps her way to a seat not too far from Mamoru and Suzuki, setting down a few books.

At first, she seems pretty absorbed in reading, devouring the novel about knights and dragons as fingers run along the pages. Eventually, however, she turns as she hears a familiar voice.

"Oh! Pardon me, I do not mean to interrupt...but is that Chiba-san I hear?" She asks quietly, soon sidling closer to the duo.

"Friends?" She asks the man, offering a seated bow.

"Hannah Sharpe!"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 02:21:50 2335
"Well, 'jawohl' is agreement," Mamoru says helpfully, leaning forward and propping his chin in his hand, bouncing the soft part of his stylus against the tabletop with his other hand. "But you probably already got that. I've only got a passing familiarity with German, so I wouldn't be MUCH help, but maybe I can be a little. It sounds like you're translating cosplay stuff. Maybe if you got... um..."

How do you suggest adding a visual readout to a talking weapon so you can use google translate on it without sounding like that's what you're doing?

Mamoru is saved from his unlikely issues by the timely introduction of the girl he's in the process of setting up English and Japanese exchange-tutoring sessions with! MIRAKURU INTERVENTION. "Sharpe-san! Brava! Your greeting's nicely casual; that goes a long, long way." He sounds inordinately pleased. "If you're asking if this is my friend, I'm afraid I've just interrupted her studies."

With that, he offers Suzuki the same perfunctory seated bow that Hannah just gave him. "I'm Chiba Mamoru, this is Sharpe Hannah. I apologise for my rudeness in interrupting you without even making introductions."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 02:32:01 2339
     Oh look, more people! ... Yay! ... Suzuki looks up towards Hannah quietly for a few moments as she approaches. Oh. An acquaintance of the person she was talking with. Okay, that makes more sense and freaks her out less. "...Natsume Suzuki." She responds to Hannah, her voice murmured quietly. "...I was watching when that ... thing happened ... at your exhibition match. Something in the gatorade? ...Did you come out okay from that? I ended up passing out on the lawn when they were trying to get people to medics for whatever that was..." She says towards Hannah, looking up at her with a somewhat neutral gaze. .o(Well, at least it's just two people. I can probably handle two people.)o.

Well, three, though Verdrehen Sturm was being quiet right now. Which was probably for the best, because she wouldn't even know how to /begin/ to explain that without outting herself. A toy, maybe? Either way it would be a very difficult thing to explain, that was for sure.

    "Yeah, that one was easy to figure out." Suzuki says towards Mamoru, flipping the page again to the next one as she muses a bit, conveniently while Mamoru is addressing Hannah. Yay, distractions! That makes it less difficult to dance around the issue that she probably mentioned too much to Mamoru because she had no idea what her device was saying! Woo! "...It's nice to meet you, Chiba-san, Sharpe-san. Are you both from Infinity Academy?" Suzuki asks mildly curiously. "S-since you know each other, that is." She adds. She knew Sharpe went to Infinity Academy! "...I go to Seiyou myself." She says quietly, offering a small bow of her head towards the two. "...Uhm. ... I grew up fairly isolated though... so you'll have to excuse me. I have no idea what to say here." She says honestly, her gaze falling back down to the book on german.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-19 02:43:40 2340
Hannah offers a little smile. "Well, I do try to 'stay loose' as some of my club members say, Chiba-san! Oh, speaking of languages, my job should slow down enough next week for us to get together." She soon switches languages to English.

"We will aces our next tests!" Her hand pumps in the air enthuasiastically.

Then, to Natsume! A hand is finally offered in her general direction. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Suzuki-san! Oh, well, you see part of the roof collapsed. I was just glad no one else got hurt. All healed up! It takes more than a piece of falling concrete to take me out in round one!"

Odd, of course, given that's not what happened at all. But she sticks to the line easily.

"Though I hope that does not deterr you from coming to more of my practices! Maybe even joining up~." Cue a cheshire cat grin to the girl.

Hannah oooh's at the interaction between the two. "Oh, german! What a wonderful language! One of the few countries I have not visited."

"Mmm-hmm, Infinity! Grade 10. You really need to talk to your school's team, they are /terrible/. No spirit!" Hmph's Hannah derisively.

"Ahh, the shy type then? Hmmmm. Maybe Chiba-san and I can take you out to kareoke some time! /That/ will get you to open up! What do you say, Chiba-san, Suzu-san?" The great enabler, this girl.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 02:55:20 2345
"... I don't sing," Mamoru says nervously, inching back slightly, and visibly -- to Suzuki -- shutting down a little bit. "But if you want me to go, I'll cheer you on." He offers Suzuki a slight smile. "Nice to meet you, Natsume-san. Don't worry, you can be rude to me if it makes you more comfortable. I won't take offense. I'm a year ahead of Sharpe-san at Infinity."

Twice in a week he's met Americans who say more in a minute than he tends to in a day: he doesn't normally subscribe to culturual stereotyping, but he's starting to wonder if it's coincidence or if all Americans really DO talk that much. He fiddles with his stylus a little before setting it down, and the small smile's back on his face.

After a moment, he does tell Hannah, "I'm ready to schedule when you are. I assume it'll be after practice -- I alternate between kendo and track except for Fridays, when I tutor."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 03:02:44 2347
"...Ah? Concrete fell? I was out before that happened... I warned your uhm... manager-person... to take your biggest fan to a nurse or something and then got out myself..." Suzuki gives a bit of a helpless shrug.

"Ah? Join up? I don't... think that clubs allow non-school-members to join them. ... I'm kept fairly busy with kendo club though, anyway. A bokken feels better in my hands than kickboxing." Suzuki says fairly cooly. She pauses though, as Hannah mentions her school's team has no spirit. Her lips twitch slightly. She /almost/ frowns. The honor of her school was just casually violated! But it's not her place to defend it. "...I assume you are talking of our kickboxing team. It's probably newer, as Seiyou is more traditional, so the martial arts classes are more popular. I am sure they have more spirit than you believe though, small teams frequently are built by those who are passionate." Suzuki says, flipping a page of her textbook.

"...I did not say shy type, simply sheltered." Suzuki says towards Hannah, an eye twitching slightly as she's called 'Suzu-san'. Okay, she was totally shy. Karaoke. Maybe this would be a chance to try to break out of her shell! Maybe! Possibly! ... Could she sing? Hmm. Suzuki began to muse, not entirely sure if she could sing well enough for Karaoke. What if she sung badly? What if she made a fool of herself in front of Hannah and Mamoru!? That would be disgraceful! ... And thus begins the internal panic that begins to fill Suzuki as she thinks of going to a ... gasp... /social outting/.

Oh thank goddess for Mamoru's existence. His statement of not singing possibly saves her from embarassment! Wait. He said that he'd go to cheer them on? Crap. No, she didn't escape like she'd hoped! She very slightly visibly wilts. Briefly, before straightening up almost immediately. "N-no, I endeavor not to be rude, Chiba-san. There is no need for rudeness in any situation." Suzuki says with a firm nod. She, luckily, is not an american! She's japanese. Just decent at English.

     "...Kendo club. Have you been in many of the inter-school matches?" She asks towards him, musing a bit. She was sure she hadn't fought him before. Was that pure dumb luck, or was that just because he blended in that well? She /did/ tend to forget to pay much attention to the people she wasn't fighting, because of her nervousness around people. Crap. Uhm. Hm. "...I'm part of the Seiyou kendo club, I do decently." Okay, she's probably one of the better members of the club, but it wouldn't be properly humble for her to claim more than that!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-19 03:21:02 2352
Hannah ponders a moment. "Let us see...howwww about tuesdays? I can pencil you in after work I think. Oh, and bring drinks. Consider it your tutoring fee." A wink, and then she claps happily.

If Suzuki's pure nervousness gets to Hannah (it does!), she shows no signs of slowing down in the face of it. "Perfect! It will be a nice outing. I think we could all use a break after the start of the school year! Such busy people we are, burning away our youth full of passion and romance and tragedy at the behest of this gruelling society! How cruel!" Comes the girl dramatically.

Suzu gets Hannah's full attention for a moment. She taps her chin. "'One of the better members'? You, Suzu-san, are far too humble for your own good! Why, I hear tell that you are actually quite skilled from some of the sports freaks in my club. Mmm-mmm, a shame they will not let me fight you. I would like to see how kendo fares against boxing!" She sounds entirely too happy about the prospect.

Then it's over to Mamoru again. "And as for /you/, Chiba-san, I full expect you to do well in the next championship. Do not dissappoint me, alright?" A little pout here!

But then something Suzuki said finally hits her.

"Wait...biggest you mean this girl?" Hannah pulls out a picture of that very brunette.

"Her name is Ao Karina. My best friend? Are you saying you were the one who kept her safe?" The girl says quietly, suddenly more serious and somber.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 03:33:37 2355
"I thought you looked familiar," says the quiet boy -- because yes, in the face of Hannah, he's gone from mild troll moderate jackass to quiet -- to Suzuki, his small smile going crooked. "I'm at inter-school matches, but not too many of them. I didn't really join to compete formally, since I have too many other obligations, but I'd be happy to spar with you." Then he tilts his head at Hannah. "And you, Sharpe-san: though it most certainly wouldn't be regulation at all, I'd also be interested to see how Kendo fared against boxing. I wouldn't normally, because it seems awfully mean, but you could probably beat me without breaking a sweat anyway. Also," he adds, "Tuesdays are fine."

There's a moment's pause, and then his smile goes very wry. "Natsume-san. You at least don't have to worry so much about the proper thing to say or when to say it, with me -- I understand isolation."

Then Hannah's brought out a photograph, and he looks at it, falling silent and glancing to Suzuki before fixing his gaze on Hannah, minding her reactions, her body language.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 03:39:46 2357
     Suzuki rather quickly decides /not/ to fight against Hannah on this! "...Sure. It sounds fun. ...I make no guarantees that I am even remotely good at singing, however. It may cause your eardrums to burst." Suzuki says, exaggerating slightly. Especially since she just wasn't sure if she could sing well at it or not!

    "Bravado has its place. It is easier if people do not believe you are a special case of any sort." Suzuki responds. "...I do, however, do my best to keep up with my training." She tilts her head thoughtfully at the mention of kendo faring against boxing. "I am unsure; there are many ways to counter kendo swords with hand-to-hand combat, though the range could be considered an unfair advantage against you, which is likely why they do not allow us to fight most likely." Suzuki says softly with a chuckle.

    And then a picture of Ao is pulled out, her head tilting slightly as she listens to Hannah. "...I told the black-skinned man with the crooked teeth to take her to a medic. I cannot claim that I personally protected her, however I did take steps to ensure that she would not be harmed by whatever was in the gatorade that was causing people to pass out." Suzuki says softly. "He was better suited to carrying her to safety, as he appeared more physically strong than myself."

"A match with yourself or Sharpe-san would be more than welcome, Chiba-san. It is always good to have a variety in opponnents, even if one of them is unorthodox for how you would usually fight. But since the theory is that this could translate to self-defense, experience against someone using their fists is always quite useful." Suzuki says with a small smile. "And testing my mettle against a member of a rival kendo club... well, we could see how our training matches up."

Woo, tuesdays! She debates a bit. "...Perhaps I could join your study group as well? I usually end up helping tutor other students, it would be nice to have someone else to compare notes with on subjects." Suzuki murmurs softly. The mention of understanding Isolation gets a curious look, before she gives a small nod. "...Were you homeschooled growing up, as well? With a traditional family? -- Ah, sorry, perhaps the circumstances aren't any of my business." She says, rubbing at the back of her head with a somewhat nervous look. Crap crap crap, had she asked about the wrong thing? "A-anyway, yes. Uhm. It's good to know."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-19 03:52:36 2361
Two on the docket for fights! Hannah all but /glows/ at the two. She flexes an arm!

"Alright! We are set then! Two Sharpe-style beatings are on the way, any day, any time that I am not in school or work!" Cue a thumbs up to the two. Crossing her legs, she looks happier than she's been in days.

She rolls her eyes. "Please, rules are for tournaments and pansies!" Comes Hannah with an exaggerated scoff followed by a giggle.

"Yup, self defence! My club is not exactly...well liked. Most of the members were former gang members before I introduced them to a bit of discipline. So knowing how to fight someone with a sword will definitely help. Some jerks already tried to take Boris away from me. Oh, sorry Suzu-san, Boris is my dog." Cue her second picture! It's a big, fluffy siberian husky! Hannah sure keeps a lot of pictures for a blind girl.

Hannah goes quiet at Suzu's answer, however. Mamoru might even catch Hannah trembling a bit, emotions bubbling up that she tries and fails to conceal. A long pause, and she gets up, walking over to Suzu. If she doesn't get out of the way? Hannah will kneel down and wrap her up in a tight hug. The other girl might even feel a tear or two falling from her eyes.

"Ao Karina means a lot to me. So..." Squeeze.

"Thank you, Suzuki. I owe you one. Big time." There, she lets go, and sits down. Cue an awkward clearing of her throat.

"Er, right! Tuesday it is! Mmm? What do you think, Chiba-san? It sounds like someone else is interested in languages anyway! More, merrier, et cetera! Do you have any subjects you are weak in, Suzu-san?" Hannah mutters something about art class here.

"Chiba-san here needs to work on his English! And who better to teach /that/ than a home-grown, wholesome example of Americana, hmmmm?" Cue a winning smile.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 04:24:56 2368
Mamoru's face gets a little tight -- maybe Suzuki did ask about the wrong thing, but he certainly invited it, didn't he? He clears his throat and forces a smile, and then, thank God, Hannah is being incredibly distracting with her hugging and her talking and her more talking, and he gradually relaxes some, opening the case on his tablet and starting to absently mark up a page in the background of the talking and emotional displays.

When it seems like things have slowed down enough that one or both of the girls might be expecting him to say something, he lays the tablet flat again and turns off the screen, mentally running through his buffer of the conversation. "You're perfectly welcome to join us, yes," he tells Suzuki. "And it looks like I'll be sparring with both of you -- we should probably find someplace where we can spar with Sharpe-san without being told to stop."

A glance at Hannah, eyebrows up-- he'd be glad she can't see the serious side-eye going on, except that it's undoubtedly also resident in his tone. "Don't forget I'm also helping you with your Japanese. But I'll bring drinks."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 04:37:20 2371
     "... Tournaments mostly, pansies less. Some rules keep you from being injured while acting." Suzuki says in response to the comment of rules and pansies, shaking her head with an amused look. "Both fist and sword are good options for self defense, however... well. I come from a line of samurai. If I had not taken up kendo, I would not be surprised if my parents would have disowned me." Suzuki says in the form of a slightly amused joke.

     And then.. there's a picture of a dog! And people trying to attack her people and take Boris from Hannah? "...That is deplorable, taking a seeing-eye dog from someone who is visually impaired." Suzuki says, her lips pressing into a thin line as she thinks on things. Maybe she'd have to do some snooping around later, find who had orchestrated that. And then Hannah was trembling! Suzuki's gaze turns to her as Hannah walks towards her. And then suddenly there was a hug.

     Whatever Suzuki had expected, it was not that, and Suzuki tenses up almost immediately. Human contact! Ack! She was not used to this thing! At least not from strangers! Suzuki holds very still, almost as if she thought moving would possibly offend or hurt Hannah! "...You are welcome, Sharpe-san." Suzuki says as she's let go, shifting very slightly as she gradually relaxes. Well. That was new. Also not entirely unexpected.

    When things move on to schooling, she fully relaxes again, "I struggle slightly with english as well, the grammar and the way it disobeys some of its own rules are nonsensical." Suzuki says, wrinkling her nose a bit. "I do fine with it otherwise, though, and most other subjects I am strong enough with that I tutor some of the other students." She was basically the quintessential 'cool schoolgirl'. Athletic, smart, and utterly unapproachable to most people! Also awkward and shy.

    Suzuki looks towards Mamoru and Hannah thoughtfully. She reflexively wanted to offer her home, as it had a training room, however she didn't know them well enough to actually invite them to her house. Hmm. "A place to spar with her... well, we can probably convince either Seiyou or Infinity Academy to do it. We could possibly even set it up as a special exhibition match between myself and Sharpe-san. It could draw people and show the importance of cross-training if one is in need of self defense." Suzuki says with a small nod.

    The bit of conversation between Mamoru and Hannah is noted. Yes, they were probably closer friends and acquaintances. Hmm. Yes, she could probably get away with it. "...Though perhaps a quieter match may be better." Suzuki says with a small nod. "As large gatherings seem to attract accidents lately. Such as your exhibition match, Sharpe-san." Really, it doesn't take a genius to notice that sort of thing. She looks back down towards her german book, before closing it. "What are you working on, Chiba-san?" She asks towards Mamoru curiously.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-19 04:54:08 2377
From the way she looks, Suzuki definitely has earned some Hannah brownie points here. No doubt this will only end in tragedy and/or friendship for the woman!

"Oh, no worries there: lots of people helped me find Boris, and the criminals were all either beaten up, or turned in to the police! I am lucky to live in a city where people are so considerate!"

A tilt of her head. "A samurai? Should I be bowing and admiring your skills, sensei~?" Teases Hannah, before smiling.

"Still, that is neat! My...ancesters were farmers before one of us got smart and went to medical school." Nothing exciting there!

On location? Cue a chin-rub. "Hmm. Well, I know a few old hangouts...but the school might be more formal. I can try to harangue Coach into setting it up. Might be a good school spirit event! We certainly have the facilities for it!" Comes Hannah, full of school pride.

To Mamoru, she focuses in like a laser. "Tea. Green tea. You both will be under my care, I am certain you will both do well! Heh, do not feel bad, English is a difficult language to use properly. Like a bent, spiked baseball bat in language form."

And then there's a sound, and she ooh's. A text! Hannah sighs.

"...Boris got himself stuck on the dorm rooftop again. I swear...Chiba-san, Suzu-san, until next time. I expect your swords, voices, and study skills in top form!" A little wave, and she's rushing off as fast as a blind girl realistically can go.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 05:13:30 2381
Mamoru opens his mouth, half-lifting a hand, then shuts it as Hannah interrupts herself and excuses herself in short order. "... see you, then! With green tea," he reassures, as if Hannah actually needed any. Then he lets out a little laugh, unslouching from his chair and gesturing at his tablet. "Marking up a middle schooler's rough draft. It's something I can do without thinking, so it's perfect background work for conversation," he says mildly. "I should be working on physics, but I'm slacking a little because I'm a bit ahead in class."

He pauses, then asks uncertainly, "Do you mind if I stay here? While I work. I won't interrupt you anymore. And you sounding things out doesn't bother me."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 05:18:48 2383
     "...I will allow you to judge that when we have our match." Suzuki responds simply to the comment of bowing and admiring her skills. "Bowing is traditional before a friendly fight, however." Suzuki adds completely seriously, though there is a slight smile. "...It also promotes cross-school relationships, though I believe that Seiyou is already on good terms with most other schools." Suzuki adds with a small smile.

     "...Ah, take care, Sharpe-san. I hope that Boris is fine." She would offer to help, but Hannah is off before she can manage! Also it's more convenient if she doesn't for scene-ending reasons! So Suzuki focuses on Mamoru, before shaking her head a bit. "Ah, no, I'm... probably going to head home to practice, using a german dictionary to look up the words isn't working, I'll probably have to get actual lessons. Perhaps an audio book would work best." She muses a bit. "...Ah, uh." She pulls out a small scrap of paper and a convenient pen, before writing down her cell phone number. "...Here. I forgot to get Sharpe-san's, so you might have to be my middle man for a short while." She says softly. Yes. She did just make a bit of a pun.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-06-19 05:31:44 2386
"I see," Mamoru says, no disappointment or rancor evident in his voice-- even if somehow a quiet(ish) study table partner he's actually had conversation with is leagues better than completely alone, or alone across from a total stranger. It is, in fact, a perfectly reasonable thing. All of it is.

It's better this way. He should probably go home himself. Or go (pretend to) study at the arcade and lurk in wait for his favorite verbal sparring partner.

That thought cheers him up to the point of smiling at Suzuki as he takes the slip of paper. "Noted. I'll text her later and see if I can just give you her number, as well; I'm sometimes a very inconvenient middle man." He pockets it, then looks awkward for a second. "I wasn't homeschooled. I grew up in Tokyo-To Jido Kaikan, in Shibuya." A children's home -- and he's head of his class at Infinity. His face has gone slightly red; he's flustered and bulling through it. "I am only telling you because your question was reasonable in light of my comment."

That said -- and said -- he starts packing his own things away. "I think I'm actually going to go home, myself. It was very nice to meet you, and I expect I'll be seeing you Tuesday." It's not a lot of stuff. He's got his bag and jacket slung over his shoulder in record time. "Later, Natsume-san."

Then he's out, too, almost as if his words are biting at his heels.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-19 05:38:48 2387
     "...It sounds as if you defied the stereotype of your upbringing. That is admirable, Chiba-san." Suzuki says softly, though that was the only 'special treatment' he intended to give him. The rest would probably be earned later! "It would be appreciated if you could do that, yes. It would probably be the easier option." She smiles as she thinks a few moments. "Take care, Chiba-san." She finishes, before beginning to take off, herself. Coincidentally towards the same direction. Largely because the exit is that way.