Sugarplum Witches

Witchy-Claus is coming to town...

Date: 2015-12-27
Pose Count: 21
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-27 23:17:37 19584
    It's early evening and the sun's just starting to set in the frigid harbour, when Sayaka begins her hunt. After recovering at Mami's not long after she first made her contract and wore herself out alarmingly quickly, both Mami and Kyouko had lectured (read: scolded) her and told her a bit about hunting witches.

    Unfortunately, she hasn't really had a chance to meet up with either of them lately, certainly not enough during the busy Christmas season to go out on a proper guided witch hunt.

    She had taken a brief break herself during the holidays, when she suddenly discovered her soul gem had started pulsing rapidly on its own..Somehow Sayaka knew this was related to some sort of witch, and it eventually led her to this lonely harbour, where a number of kids had started to jump inexplicably into the frigid waters, not really trying to swim to shore.

    She didn't hesitate as she transformed into her new magical outfit. Not long after, the atmosphere started to twist and shift as she ran to help the drowning kids, finding herself in some kind of strange winter wonderland with dancing humanoid snowflakes and creepy snowmen trying to drag her into the frigid waters as she tried to reach the kids. But could she reach them all in time? And would she be able to defeat this witch on her own?
Homura Akemi 2015-12-27 23:28:49 19588
    Homura Akemi arrives a few moments after Sayaka. The black-haired Puella hangs back a moment, watching from a distance, seeing if Sayaka can handle it on her own... But then her purple eyes spot the children jumping into the cold water. She's not close enough to see if they're Witch-kissed, but considering the circumstances she thinks it'd be a pretty solid guess.

    "Tch. Always playing the hero," mutters Homura. She scowls at Sayaka from afar. She has a low opinion of the blue-haired puella, and she knows full well that their fighting styles aren't that compatable. Yet... not even Homura is cold enough to just leave kids to die, especially not over something so admittedly petty.

    Suddenly shots ring out, rapidly fired bullets flying towards the snowmen familiars. Homura is charging towards Sayaka's position on foot, shouting, "Hurry! Get them out of here so we can kill this Witch!"

    Homura focuses on providing covering fire for Sayaka, killing the familiars that get too close with an aim that is sometimes impossibly good for how little time she spends aiming. She also seems to 'teleport' from time to time, disappearing from one place and appearing in another.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-27 23:37:03 19591
    Sayaka's already dived into the frigid waters, unmindful of the cold or depth. She's always been a strong swimmer, and she seems to have acquired a keen ability to tolerate high levels of pain. There are about six kids in all, but they're pretty small, five to seven years in range. Sayaka has no trouble grabbing two at a time under her arms and hauling them out of the water and to safety.

    However, it seems this particular witch is considerably strong for a first time Puella. There are lots of familiars running after her, and if it weren't for Homura's shots blasting into them, Sayaka may just have been drowned along with the remaining kids.

    Instead she glares at Homura, "I can handle my own, thanks!" she snaps as she dives in after the remaining kids, dragging them to safety as well. Checking over them quickly, it seems none of them are unconscious or not breathing. Fortunately, Sayaka got to them before any major damage.

    However, now she is surrounded by creepy snowmen and snowflake familiars, even as Homura blasts through several of them. Gritting her teeth, she pulls out her cutlass and cuts a wide path through them. "Come on kids, get into that building over there, should be safe for now!" It's the main ferry station that in this twisted world has been transformed into a weirdo gingerbread house, but it'll do as a safe haven for now.

    With a grin, Sayaka turns back to the familiars, slicing through them aimlessly, not entirely sure what these are or where the witch is, but she's of course too proud to ask Homura for help!

    The scene shifts again, and suddenly a giant candycane ship pulls up to port. However, the familiars seem to gather around it, almost guarding it as they taunt both Homura and Sayaka with their acrobatics and creepy snow dancing. "Woah..What is that thing...?"
Homura Akemi 2015-12-27 23:55:57 19596
    Homura frowns down at the cold, icy depths that Sayaka is swimming in.

    You can handle your own? As if. You always get killed and you take other people down with you.

    Yeah, but also isn't this timeline going better than usual? She might have a better fate this time.

    Or I could be taking a dangerous risk here, by helping her stay alive long enough to suffer.

    Regardless, this is one of Madoka's oldest friends. You know that right?

    With a heavy sigh, Homura decides not to talk back, and instead just continues shooting down snowmen and snowflakes because at least that's a problem that has a simple solution. Shoot thing, thing falls down, thing is no longer a problem and you can move on to the next thing that needs to get shot down.

    For the moment, Homura doesn't have to care if Sayaka is prideful or angry at her, because Sayaka is doing her own thing. It isn't until the kids are helped to safety that Homura has to worry about her again.

    Watching as the candycane ship comes in, Homura shrugs and says, "That might be the Witch. The way the familiars are all protecting it seems to indicate that. Plus you know... the size."

    She gives Sayaka a sideeyed peer, saying, "Are you sure you're going to be okay like this? I don't want to be the one who has to tell Madoka-chan that you died to a candy cane. You better watch your back around here."

    Normally, when dealing with newbies, Homura would sit back and watch them handle the Witch, partially to see if they could handle it and partially to let them build their own confidence. That's the way she looked after Nagisa when she was around. Yet, Homura has a certain opinion of Sayaka from previous timelines, and she's not confident that Sayaka can handle a Witch this strong alone.

    Well, Homura doesn't have to get the kill. Maybe she can just weaken it a bit. She pulls an RPG out of her shield and fires at the giant candycane ship, tossing it aside before taking out a rocket launcher and firing again.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 00:10:37 19600
    Sayaka seems focused on the ship, noticing how the familiars (so that's what they're called?) are guarding it protectively. "Ahh, of course." she smirks, "I might be new at this, but it's my job to defeat witches, and I certainly wont be taken down by some candy canes and gingerbread men!" afterall, that would just be, well, embarrassing!

    With a triumphant yell, she summons two cutlasses, swinging and slashing her way through the horde of snowmen, snowflakes and (oh no!) gingerbread men and candycanes that can be found closer to the ship. Between the two of them, a path has been cut through the familiar and Sayaka confidently strides aboard, even as Homura cuts through the ships gingerbread and candycane 'crew' with her giant rocket launcher. Sayaka grasps a nearby railing for support as the whole ship shakes and sways.

    "Hmph. I dont need your help, Homura, and I certainly wont let you get to that grief seed before me!" Even so, in her over confidence, she doesn't notice a couple of candycane soldiers about to slice her head off from behind. Indeed, this witch is quite strong for her first time out alone!
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 00:37:25 19612
    Homura tilts her head at Sayaka. So full of bravado. Well at least she has the 'confidence' part down. "It's also your job to stay alive. Dead magical girls can't save anyone."

    Homura makes sure to not aim anywhere near Sayaka as the swordswoman dives into combat. After all, setting off explosives right next to her would be pretty counterproductive. That doesn't stop the more veteran Puella from keeping an eye on her, though. Just in case she does get into trouble.

    Then she sees two candycane soldiers come at Sayaka from behind, and right in the middle of Sayaka saying how she doesn't need Homura's help!

Instantly, Homura Akemi is just there, behind Sayaka, a glock in either hand as she fires directly into the candycane familiars. Repeatedly.

    "You... you...!!!"

    She holds her tongue. She gnashes her teeth. Her eyes are focused anger.

    "Just forget about me and focus on the fight! Your enemy is right there!" She points at the deck of the candycane ship. "And there!" She points at the familiars. "You don't have time to snark at me!"

    Homura turns away from Sayaka, looking around the deck for a way to get to lower floors. The longer this fight lasts, the more she feels like she has to worry.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 01:18:54 19623
    Sayaka hears a blast go off behind her, and with a gasp, she turns around to spy the remains of tasty candycane soldiers, rapidly crumbling to dust, at the feet of Homura and her still steaming gun. Wa..Wait, those are...

    She frowns at Homura, realizing she's not here to compete with her but to protect her, probably sent by Madoka, no doubt! Well, she owes her her life at least. "Fine..." She grits her teeth, "Just this once..I owe you my life, and so I owe you a debt.." At least until she gets the hang of it.

    It's kinda freaky the way that Homura keeps vanishing and reappearing, and Sayaka still hasn't figured out her angle, but she's right. She needs to focus upon the familiars, and so the blue haired Puella adjusts her own tactics, slicing at the nearer familiars while keeping back from the further ones that Homura goes for. It's at least a somewhat productive tactic..

    And then, suddenly the ship pulls away from shore. "What...? Where's it taking us? I guess we need to get to the heart of the problem..That'd be the bridge, and captain's quarters, I presume? What a ridiculous get up..." Still, Sayaka seems to know her way around ships pretty well as she cuts a path through the lower floors..But it seems she's heading upwards, towards the bridge, the very headquarters of the ship where she's certain the witch would be steering this vessel. It makes sense afterall..

    "Look...Up there!" she points with her sword towards a window in the top floor, where something big and shadowy seems to steer the ship's wheel. No doubt that's the witch! "And that's where we need to go.." She heads towards a particular cookie door, larger than the rest. It looks pretty important!
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 01:35:29 19628
    "You can repay me by staying alive. I don't want to see Madoka-chan crying over your funeral." Nor does she want to see Madoka wishing her back to life.

    Homura rubs her forehead for a moment, sighing, "Look, you should get a mentor. Not me, I'm a terrible mentor, but you should get a mentor. Tomoe-san is really good. She taught Kyouko-san."

    Can she even rely upon Mami surviving that long? ... Yes actually. As long as Nagisa doesn't Witch out, it shouldn't be a problem, and Nagisa shouldn't Witch anytime soon.

    "I actually don't like Tomoe-san that much, so keep in mind I'm not just talking her up when I say that."

    She's focused enough on her lecture that she doesn't notice the Witch until Sayaka points it out, as well as pointing out the cookie door that leads to it. She shakes her head. "Maybe I'm being too hard. You seem to be learning well enough. You might not want to stand too close to that door, though."

    Why would Homura say that last bit? Well, the fact that she's shouldering, and then firing an RPG into that cookie door might have something to do with it.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 01:43:24 19631
    "Oh, I know. Both Mami-san and Kyou-chan have offered to train me.." Why's she telling Homura this though? It's not like she cares. Even so, she did just save her life, "But they've been busy lately, I suppose.." Still, Sayaka is more than willing to take both up on their witch hunting lessons. She was just unable to find either one when she came across what transpired tonight.

    She's about to charge into the door, when Homura has a better idea, unleashing explosives at it instead, and Sayaka pauses long enough to let her do her impressive work. "Hah..Where on earth do you get all those - most likely - illegal weapons, anyway?" she ponders aloud, but right now, she has a witch to catch and so she charges in, once the dust settles, seeming to know exactly where she needs to go. "Of course! I'm a fast learner, and I've already trained in combative techniques..I was born to do this!"

    It seems Sayaka is still as cocky as ever, but at least her anger is focused more towards the witches than towards Homura at this point. And she's starting to realize that there's even a lot she can learn from Homura at this point. "Ugh, this place is a maze...Which way to the top?" She peers around as they're slowly surrounded by monsters, and seems uncertain about three upcoming doors, this time all of them the same size. "Guess we just blast 'em all until we find one that leads upstairs! No sweat.." and she's off again, slicing through familiars, but this time focusing more upon reaching one of the doors than on taking down walking talking candy.

    "I suppose I should thank you, for protecting Madoka this long, although I still dont understand your fascination with her.." She murmurs as she fights.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 02:08:07 19639
    "Right..." says Homura, upon hearing about Mami and Kyouko offering to train her. "Well, I mean. If you've got that covered then fine." She actually seems to be calming down. A bit. She's still in a Witch fight and there's a certain amount of tenseness that comes from that. Somehow, the concept of Sayaka, Mami, and Kyouko working together, while they'll likely get in Homura's way later, does actually give her a bit of hope that things won't end up going absolutely terrible this time.

    Homura charges in after Sayaka, putting her rocket launcher away to pull out a handgun. Something that wont endanger the other Puella Magi every time she fires. "I stole a lot of them from the Yakuza. The pipebombs are home-made. The ships I occasionally used are scuttled JDF vessels. Yes, they're illegal, at least for me. I don't feel bad about it, though."

    She glances over to Sayaka as she says she was 'born to do this.' "Oh, that's right. You do have some training in this area, don't you?" She doesn't want to comment on the cockyness, because she wants to keep the aggression focused on the Witch.

    Three doors come up. Homura follows after Sayaka, taking out familiars that get behind her, or that are far enough away that Homura doesn't have to worry as much about friendly fire. As Sayaka goes for one of the doors, Homura pulls out pipebombs to blow up the other two.

    "There's no easy way to tell. I guess that's why they call them labyrinths."

    Homura hangs behind Sayaka a bit, due to her being a ranged fighter and not needing to get as close as Sayaka does. As Madoka is brought up, Homura says, "You don't have to thank me for that. My history with her is difficult to explain. The short version is that she's very important to me."
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 02:19:09 19644
    "Of course! We're a team. But we'd be a lot stronger if you were with us, instead of working for that Miss White, probably experimenting on other innocent magical girls.." There's an edge to her voice as she says that, glaring coldly at Homura, "Afterall, we're all after the same thing..Aren't we?"

    When she speaks about stealing weapons from the Yakuza, Sayaka almost chokes, "Are you kidding me? Stealing weapons from organizations like that? Are you crazy? It's like you're no better than the villains, except for whatever reason you have no choice but to fight witches like the rest of us! I mean, I'm afraid to ask what your wish even was, for you to turn out so..So messed up like this!"

    Alas, Sayaka cant help it. Even though she's an idealistic heroic type, she sure has a temper about her, and is pretty critical of Homura. Even so, she focuses her anger and annoyance at Homura upon the familiars around her that she slices and dices with such finesse that one has to wonder if she's done this sort of thing before.

    Eyes narrow upon the door that Homura blows up that leads to a staircase (definitely not a good idea to use elevators in a creepy place like this), and she makes a mad dash for it, moving with impressive speed as she races for the top level. "Why's Madoka so important to you, anyway?" she asks as she pauses at the top to catch her breath, sending a bunch more candycane soldiers falling off the edge of the railing. The witch is near, somehow she can feel it, but this sure is a long and exhausting fight. "Are all witches this much trouble? This is ridiculous.."
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 02:46:39 19650
    Homura's expression is very sour, as both the mention of WPS and the other Puella is brought up. She's embarassed, she's ashamed, but she's also angry, and not all of that disgust is aimed at herself. She's got plenty of hatred to go around, she doesn't heap all of it on her own back.

    "What happened to Kyouko-san, as far as I can tell, was largely a revenge thing. We don't experiment on humans, at least as far as I know." They do experiment on Witches, but Homura doesn't acknowledge those as human regardless of what they used to be. She's using very specific language here.

    "You see, you've pointed out something that's been bothering me for a very long time. Especially with Walpurgisnacht around the corner." She speaks as she continues to shoot through familiars, not really losing a beat. She's old hat at this, and she likely wont need to really focus until the Witch shows up.

    "See... I don't feel like I can rely upon Tomoe-san, or Sakura-san. Or most Puella Magi, really. What I've seen shows me that most Puella only care about themselves. And even those of you who actually want to be soldiers of justice? Even those of you who actually give a damn about someone else? Well, that attitude often leads to your own very tragic death. The system is stacked against that line of thinking. So either you die or you're a jerk. Useless to me either way."

    "So I see WPS forming and I think... 'Here's something different. It's a seemingly practical, if sketchy, approach. Maybe it'll work. Maybe it'll produce results.' Well, that was before the Kyouko bullshit, and everything that came with it. I've been with them for half a year, and the only thing I've seen them do is come up with new and exciting ways for Puella Magi to get themselves nearly killed. So I can either side with you, who can't be relied upon, or I side with WPS, who also can't be relied upon."

    Homura pauses for a moment, looking a bit depressed. "Well, maybe the Inquisition will be better, but I'm just hoping that. I'm hoping that we'll be enough to stop Walpurgisnacht."

    On the comment of her stealing weapons, Homura shrugs. "Whatever. My magic has weak offensive capabilities by itself. I had to figure out a way to actually deal damage. Besides, these machine guns already existed with or without me. Would you rather see these bullets flying into innocent people, or into Witches?"

    She makes her way up the staircase, after Sayaka, turning around to make sure that no familiars are following her and shooting any that do.

    "This Witch is maybe a bit tougher than most. If it were an average Witch I wouldn't have bothered. ... but Miki-san, there are far worst Witches than even this."
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 02:58:00 19652
    Sayaka frowns at Homura's explanation. She's not entirely sure she can believe Homura or trust her, but she does know that Kyouko can be pretty fiery and that there was a lot of bad blood between Kyou-chan and Miss White. If it was a vengeance thing, then maybe she was approaching this whole WPS thing all wrong. Even so, she hasn't seen enough of them to trust them just yet.

    "Hmm...Well, I've no reason to trust them til I see with my own eyes how they do things. Mami-san and Kyou-chan are both dedicated to fighting witches, and both of them are dedicated to protecting the innocent too..I can think of no better tactic to deal with the witch problem and to stay alive, than by working together." Okay, so Kyouko's objectives might be a bit more self-centered, supposedly. But Sayaka has seen her protect innocents too, even if she's not quite as idealistic about it as Sayaka or Mami are.

    Sayaka continues on to the next room without missing a beat. A creepy sort of 'Sugar plum fairy' song seems to whistle in the background, intermingled with the swishing sound of water, and the tooting of the horn's ship.

    It's all very...Weird and creepy, to say the least, and Sayaka cant help but grimace at the particularly giant gingerbread men and sugarplum fairy familiars who now dance around them, cutting them down without hesitation as she draws nearer and nearer to the massive shadowy thing at the very centre of the ship's bridge..It's very round and jolly looking..And was that a 'ho ho ho!' she heard coming from it?

    "Oh, for the love of..." Sayaka sighs and shakes her head as she prepares for this big bad ugly Santa Witch. "Hmph. Well, I assure you, I dont plan on facing the same fate as other Puella. I'll fight for justice, but I'll fight alongside other Puella Magi, and I'll take down any witch that comes my way. Together we'll be unbeatable! Maybe you're right, maybe siding with WPS might help you take down more witches and last longer than with us, but only time will tell for sure. All I know, is that I wont give up, and I'll work hard to be the best Puella I can be!"

    Sayaka arches a brow about this 'Inquisition' thing, and Walpurgist Nacht, but she's already got her hands full right now. She'll certainly need to ask Homura about those things later though. For now, she stares up at the giant jolly Santa Witch (With an unerringly creepy grin on its face), and with a bold gesture, she summons a ring of seven swords to materialize and float around her. "Shooting Stinger!" She yells, unleashing the swords like an onslaught of rapid fire porcupine quills upon the beast.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 03:26:18 19656
    Homura glances at Sayaka from the side. It's... it's not that it's strange to hear Sayaka say things like that. It fits her personality just fine. Yet, to hear that she's actually getting along with Kyouko... She understands why, but she can't help but wonder at how different things are this time around.

    "Well, working together has its advantages. I don't have any argument against that strategy. Sometimes you run into problems, when the group doesn't agree on something, but if you can work past that, then you do have strength in numbers."

    She takes a few moments to study Sayaka, reconsidering some of her opinions on the blue-haired girl. Homura's so used to things going terribly, but at least for this moment it doesn't seem immediately awful.

    Homura follows Sayaka into the next room, hearing the creepy music. More familiars come at them, and Homura pulls out a machinegun to start taking them down. When she sees the shadowy figure behind them all, her eyes narrow.

    "Those are nice-sounding words, Miki-san. If you actually manage to survive for a month or two then I might actually start believing them. I don't have a lot of faith in that, but if given the choice I'd rather be wrong than disappointed."

    Seeing that Sayaka is going for a ranged attack, Homura tosses the machinegun aside and waves her shielded arm to the side, immediately producing 10 or so rocket launchers that arrange themselves around her. She pulls one up, fires, discards, and reaches for the next one, aiming each projectile at the dark creature.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 03:35:16 19658
    Sayaka blanches. She's not all that happy about being the 'new, untested Puella' who has to prove herself to everyone. Even Kyouko and Mami scolded her for going out on her first mission without conserving her power and focusing purely on witches.

    "It's true that I'm new at this, but I assure you, I wont become small fry like those gingerbread men. I'll last longer than a month, and I'll do a good job. Maybe then you'll respect me like you respect the others." Well, one can always hope, right? And unfortunately, Sayaka doesn't have the insight to know what happened to her in previous timelines. At the very least, she has both Mami and Kyouko on her side, watching out for her this time around. Maybe, just maybe things will be okay..

    She peers back at the Giant Santa Witch as some of her swords slice right through it, but its like jelly, seemingly unaffected by her attacks. Even most of Homura's attacks slice right through it, but it keeps on moving, openning its mouth as it shoots out giant exploding candies at the Puella, then pieces of its body come apart, flying around the room, stretching like rubber, attempting to wrap around the two girls and bind them tight.

    Sauyaka handsprings and flips out of the way, using her sharp swords to slice through the stretchy wrappings before she can get gift wrapped. One or two of the exploding candies blast into her, and she yelps in pain, stumbling backwards. But interestingly enough, she seems to heal up rather quickly, even as she unleashing another barrage of flying swords at the Witch's body, which once again slice straight through it without any lasting damage. "What..Is this? Our attacks go right through it.." However, at least one of Homura's stray projectiles does hit the glowing red Santa hat, and it recoils backwards, the hat not seeming to heal from the attack, oddly enough.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 03:59:50 19664
    Homura frowns. Sayaka always promises things like that, but then something terrible happens to her and all of it amounts to nothing. It's a painful thing to watch, over and over again. Hey, at least she isn't accusing Homura of abandoning Mami to her death this time. Of course the fact that Mami isn't dead in this timeline probably helps with that.

    Of course if Sayaka ever actually does gain Homura's respect then the timestopper's going to have a bit of crow to eat. Yet she'd happily own up to that if it meant that four Puella Magi were alive and Walpurgisnacht isn't. Then again, if life was really that kind and cheerful, Homura would never have grown as bitter as she is in the first place.

    The strange Santa Witch pulls her mind back into the fight, and soon she's dodging explosive candy. At a couple of points she actually has to timestop in order avoid some of the blasts, at some point trading her rocket launchers for large machineguns again, shooting down the projectiles as they come. All of that seems to be going well enough, until the binding bodyparts start detatching and coming after them.

    It's when one of the Santa pieces binds around her ankle and causes her to trip that things start going south for her. Some of the explosive candies crash into her while she's down, and though she tries to roll away still more candies and rubbery parts come after her, blasting her and binding her further.

    She's pinned to the ground now. She still has a gun in her hand. She can still talk. She notices the hat. She shouts, "Go for the hat! Now! Quickly!"

    Her arm pulls upwards, trembling against its bounds, as she manages to line up a very unsteady shot at what she assumes is a very festive core. She opens fire. She hopes this works.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 04:06:38 19666
    Perhaps it can be said that naiievty breeds optimism, whereas experience leads to bitterness. Whatever the case, Sayaka is blissfully unaware of what her fate usually is, or why Homura is so bitter. Perhaps she will actually survive for more than a month, and make Homura swallow her words. At the very least, she is starting to respect the bitter timestopper a bit more than she used to.

    Sayaka has also noticed the hat at this point, and she is about to take aime, when one of Santa's detached hands flings a bunch of explosive candy grenades at the trapped Homura. She narrows her eyes, diving for her instead, slicing at her bonds and carrying her to safety. Hm, wasn't so fast that time.

    Sayaka smirks, "Seems my debt is repaid. Let's finish this thing..." Bringing up her cutlass, she summons more powerful magic this time, which enlarges and lengthens her sword, breaking it down into a long extendable, bladed chain like a massive bladed whip. She swings it around her, gathering up magical energies and clearing a path through exploding candy, before rushing at the Santa Witch, aiming at its hat with a powerful downward slash, blasting the area with massive energies and musical notes. Her sword practically sings in the air as it tears through the Santa-Witch's hat. "Arioso...Grando!" she yells.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 04:23:51 19670
    Homura watches as Sayaka cuts her free before going after the Witch.

    Wait, did Sayaka Miki just save her life?

    Did that really just happen? Did Sayaka Miki actually save her life?

    What the heck is going on here?!

    "Y-yeah. Well I mean. Sure. I save your life, you save mine, that's fair, right?"

    Secretly she's glad that Sayaka doesn't feel like she owes Homura something. She doesn't have to worry about her giving up the Grief Seed that she probably needs, or doing something similarly crazy. Though, she might actually have to respect Sayaka a lot sooner than she expected to.

    Homura picks herself up as she watches Sayaka go for a finishing blow. In the moments while Sayaka winds up to strike, Homura reaches for her shield and turns it, stopping time.

    When time resumes, the hat is covered with C4. Several blasts go off, one after another, each blast prearranged to force that hat to stay in the general area that Sayaka's blade is about to cut through, even accelerating the hat into the blade at the end.
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 04:27:39 19671
    Yeah, she just saved her life. Fancy that. Sayaka smirks, always playing the 'heroine' to the last thread.

    Then Homura does that weird thing where she suddenly appears out of nowhere, launching massive explosives at the Santa-Witch and with their combined might, the witch lets out a shriek as it explodes...Into hundreds of little candycanes and chocolates!

    It takes a moment or two for the labrynth to slowly fade away, the illusions of candycanes and sugarplum fairies gradually returning to the old boat in the dock, in the middle of the night..

    And of course a grief seed now floats to the ground..But who does it belong to?

    Sayaka's eyes widen, focusing on the seed, making a beeline for it. But she pauses, glancing questioningly at Homura. "Hmph. I couldn't have taken this witch down without your help. And as much as I hated having you assist me..." Well, to be truthful, she's not sure she was ready to take one down single-handedly, not yet. Besides, this one seemed particularly strong.

    But what to do with the reward..?
Homura Akemi 2015-12-28 04:36:37 19673
    Homura brushes herself off as the Labyrinth fades. She watches as the Grief Seed decends to the ground, and Sayaka goes for it. Homura is actually a bit beat up, even with Sayaka saving her life, and she doesn't have the rapid regeneration that Sayaka has. As a result she just doesn't have the speed to beat Sayaka to it.

    When Sayaka actually stops and turns around... what? Oh right. Sayaka wants to be 'fair' about it. Homura pauses for a moment.

    "Yeah well... I mean..."

    Homura walks towards the Grief Seed, not getting any closer than Sayaka does, but still looking at it.

    "Those things tend to have a couple of uses before they have to be fed to Kyubey. One of us could use it now, and then the other keeps it."

    Her eyes also glance towards Sayaka's soul gem, and then her own, looking at their corruption levels.

    "Of course, I've also got some saved up, and if you're still new you'll probably need it more. Especially if you plan on living long."
Sayaka Miki 2015-12-28 05:13:25 19679
    Well..Sayaka only has the one grief seed from Kyouko already, but she really does want to be fair. However, Homura is more experienced, plus she likely has many grief seeds saved up.

    "Heh.." She smirks, grabbing the seed, walking towards Homura, "Well, that's pretty generous of you.." And for a moment, she considers throwing it back in her face, refusing her generosity. But at the very least, using some of it now, and letting Homura have it next time would be the right thing to do.

    Slipping it into her pocket, she turns to leave. "I wont forget this, Homura. Maybe I was wrong about you all along...Well, it's been fun..Seeya!" And with a salute and a smirk, she leaps away into the moonlight, her dramatic white cape fluttering behind her..