Hope? What a Joke(r)

Three magical girls meet in the Seiyou observatory.

Date: 2015-12-30
Pose Count: 25
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 08:52:44 19914
     The night is not a quiet one tonight, it seems. The subtle rumble of thunder and lightning as Storm Knight bolts from rooftop to rooftop on her way to Seiyou can be heard, even before the Knight arrives, leaving a blue streak in her wake. The knife's edge she felt she was standing on was rather... unsettling to her.

     So she was intending to get /off/ that knife's edge as soon as possible, because having acted no better than her enemies... well. That scared her. And that she did it once meant that she could do it again, which was even more scary. Nevermind that said negative motions were quite likely unmitigated by joy, hope, or other such positive emotions at the moment.

     Storm Knight might or might not be overblowing and panicing over a relatively minor issue at the moment. I mean. She only had an emotional drain, right? That's totally minor! Regardless, Storm Knight arrives in front of the obervatory, quite likely before those who had even offered to help arrive. And possibly spooking a few people who were out late at night in the school...
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 08:58:00 19915
Amu Hinamori really doesn't live far from Seiyou Public School, but getting there on a cold winter's night without alerting her family is somewhat ... more of a stretch. In the end, she snuck out her own window and lept down, then rushed to the school hopeful that no one would notice her missing.

After all, she's supposed to be asleep, at this hour! Which is why when she rushes to the school for the emergency, Amu is dressed in her flannel pajamas, fuzzy slippers, and a big heavy coat (because she has to make some allowances for the weather), rather than one of her typically fashion-forward outfits.

If it weren't for a timely bit of assistance by Ran, Amu would likely be arriving out of breath. As it is, she arrives hardly winded at all, just a moment behind Storm Knight. She bounds up to the observatory, then pauses and blinks. "I mean, I know it's for seeing stars, but it sure is dark in here," Amu notes unhappily. These are the times when she wishes being a Magical Girl came with the ability to light the world up.

"Amu-chan," Miki says gently, "I sense some kind of magic. Someone's in there.""

Amu nods to the blue-haired chara, then steps into the Observatory boldly. "Storm Knight?" Amu calls out, bravely. "Are you in here?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 09:00:02 19916
Haruna Kurosawa oh no! Suzuki-chan got hurt! And--- was hurt by who she is pretty sure is Ayana-chan. Ayana-chan might had been doing mean things- but that wolf is far worse! She wonders if she was behind the whole attack now!--- and Suzuki said she was pulling her punches!? SHE SMELLS A SETUP! BUT THAT ISN'T THE POINT Haruna Kurosawa jogs into the observatory where is is all happening and pulls a PreCard from her pocket and holds up her PreChan Mirror. Corvus salutes in a pose on her shoulder!-----

<N-n-nurse! Time to Change~>

There's a flash and Haruna Kurosawa is now dressed like a nurse...

...and Corvus is Dr. Corvus- Dr. of looooooove.- or so he'll probably claim to pretty seagirls. :I.

She huffs and salutes and holds out her first aid kit! (Where did that come from!?)

"Nurse Gull-chan is onnnn the job!" she insists.

Oh, it's so dark! She pulls out a flashlight from Corvus's tailfeathers and turns it on pointing it around- and then Amu rings out! "Ack!" she says pointing it at Amu. "Oh! Hi! I'm here to help!" she calls out.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 09:06:12 19917
     With the still crackling electicity around her from her Blitz Schritt dissipating, Storm Knight is not very subtle, even in the darkness of the observatory. She shifts slightly, her gaze turning around to make note of everyone in the observatory. Once she's sure it's just Amu, Haruna, and nobody else... she takes a slow breath. "Yes. I am." She responds. She looks towards her Device.

            "Verdrehen Sturm."


     A flash of energy later, and the Storm Knight is gone, leaving Suzuki in a casual short kimono, wearing the gift wrap that Haruna had given her yesterday. Speaking of Haruna...

     "...Hello, Haruna-chan. ...Where did you get that first aid kit from, Haruna-chan?" She pauses. "Ah... I'm fine. All that happened was the initial drain and then I got lifted up by my ankle and hung upside-down briefly. I landed on my shoulder, so it's a bit sore, but otherwise I got left pretty much alone." Pause. "..Does the first aid kit have painkillers, by any chance?"
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 09:12:40 19918
Amu startles in surprise at the sudden flashlight, then turns and gapes at the Nurse Pretty Cure. "H--h-huhh!?" she asks in surprise. But Corvus gives it away, so she opens her mouth a little, gapes, then points at Haruna, "Stop sneaking up on people like that! Geeze!"

Amu huffs and huddles into her warm coat, then stalks into the observatory and ... there's Suzuki, exiting her henshin. "Hi," she says with a smile. "I'm Amu Hinamori," she introduces herself. "The um ... Joker," she says with a sigh. "Such a dumb name," she grumbles beneath her breath. "I think we met, really briefly, but ..." she trails off, then motions to the trio over her shoulder. "These three are Ran, Miki, and Su."

Amu glances to Haruna, then back to Suzuki, "So look, I'm sorta still figuring all of this stuff out, but ... can you tell me what happened? Like ... not the clinical version. I want to know how you felt, through the whole thing. Because if you're feeling like you've lost hope, well ... I have a few ideas. So let's start with just telling me how you felt, okay?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 09:21:56 19919
Haruna Kurosawa holds the first aid kit. She looks down at it, then back up, and gives a rapid series of blinks.

"...I.. I don't know. It appears with the PreCard as a freebie!" she insists with a wide smile.

She shee eeks at Amu! "I came to help Suzu-chan, too! I am!--- a trained nurse!" she insists. "...a pretend trained nurse using a magical card to be a nurse!"

She walks over and opens the kit and pulls out one of those small first-aid sized packets of what is probably Tylenol or Ibprofeoun or Asprin or a mix of any of those. She rips the packet opens and offers the two tablets to Suzuki-chan. "I can't really help with the drainy hopelessness thing- unless you really want me to blast ya with a Hopeful Feather Shoot..." she mutters. "But... Amu-chan here is gonna get you RIGHT AS RAIN!" she says. "Tadase-kun says she's the best at it!" she insists.

When the tablets are taken from her hand she looks over Suzuki chan with a flashlight. "Where does it hurt!?" she asks.

Corvus sort of places a wing underneath his chin and taps. "I'm not sensing anything too pressing in the dark energy deapartment." Corvus pulls out an RX pad and jots down something. He hands it to Suzuki. She can't read it. Haruna can't read it. This is some primo doctor's scribble here.

"That's a prescription. For a hug and a large slice of chocolate cake and/or cake of choosing." he insists.

"How can you tell!?" asks Haruna with wide eyes as she tries to make sense of the scribble before handing it over to Suzuki.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 09:28:28 19920
     "She's very good at accidental sneaking, I've noticed." Suzuki comments softly, her eyes half-lidding as she looks towards Amu. She gives a small bow of her head towards her. "Hello, it is nice to meet you again, Hinamori-san. I am Suzuki Natsume; the Knight of Rolling Storms, or Storm Knight. We did meet briefly before. It was largely in passing because you happened to be there with Tadase-san." Suzuki says, her tone that soft calm it usually was, in spite of the drain. She possibly /looked/ a bit tired though.

     "Put simply, like the joy and hope was sucked out of the world, and all that was left was the darkness in my heart. I lost belief in the few things that were keeping me from just giving into anger and petty grudges. And now, I simply feel... drained. Emotionally, physically. Roughly, well, what you would expect following a drain attack, I suppose." Suzuki says softly.

     "But, uh. What happened was I was shopping, a black tendril touched me before I noticed it, and then the drain happened. And so I henshined. And went to fight her. Upon seeing who it was, i remembered quite vividly she helped kidnap me so that Riventon could examine my device. I can honestly say I sought revenge, and it was the wolf girl's comment that we shouldn't break the store that got me to stop attacking relentlessly and without care for those around me. Or myself." She shifts slightly, obviously favoring her left foot over her right rather suddenly. As if thinking about it made it hurt.

     Suzuki turns her gaze towards Haruna, listening to her as she speaks. "...Likely constructed of your magical energy then. Or something along those lines. Magic and such." She says, reaching to take the two offered tablets, which she just kind of ... takes without any sort of drink, because there wasn't anything particularly convenient to drink it with. Blech. Pill flavored.

     The mention of the prescription and Haruna asking how Corvus could tell would /normally/ get Suzuki giggling. Instead she responded almost mechanically, "It is his own handwriting. Usually one can read their own handwriting. And even if they cannot, it means whatever he wishes it to, as it is his writing."

     ...She didn't even get excited for /sweets/. Yep. That was really something wrong with her. Though she doesn't /reject/ the offered prescription.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 09:36:20 19921
Amu shoves her hands in the pockets of her coat, and takes a seat in one of the observatory's many chairs. "Well," she says faintly, "that sounds pretty awful. But honestly, Suzuki-chan, I don't think you've lost your hope. I think you've just forgotten what it is."

Amu smiles a little, then suggests, "What do you normally hope for? What do you believe in? Find that again, and tell me about it. I think it will help you to talk about these things. You were there with a girl, right?" Amu asks, leading her own line of questions. "I don't remember her name, but you seemed attached to her. Can you tell me about her?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 09:40:16 19922
Haruna Kurosawa taps the side of her chin. "Yup, something's wrong." she says. She crosses her arms and pouts a bit as she thinks. "Not even a terse smile of 'putting up with Haruna's oddballness!' like normal!" she insists. She turns to Amu and taps the side of her head.

Her and Corvus whisper to each other consipratorally for a bit. Corvus points downwards. "Okay Suzu-chan, put the feet up, the jigs up! No more funny bussiness---you're hurt!" she insists. "Let's see how bad it is!" she insists.

She'll let Amu handle the other part of this. She smiles at Amu! "Tell her about the girl Suzu-chan~" she beams. Katsu-chan~
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 09:43:27 19923
     "I can logically remember those hopes, and the hopes are still there in my mind. It is simply as if I am no longer capable of connecting with them, if that makes sense. I have not forgotten. Simply cannot ... it is like they did not exist in the first place, even though I can clearly remember them." Pause. The question of Mari gets a tilt of her head.

     "She is a tennis player from Verone Academy. She is someone who I helped and fought behind on several occasions, admired, and then thanks to Haruna-chan, I eventually learned of her crush on me, and am attempting dating her to see how it turns out, as I do not find her unpleasant to be around, and I also do not have the experience to know exactly what I want when it comes to dating. It has not been unpleasant thus far." Suzuki responds. There was an utter lack of emotion in her voice, which was even less than usual, as Haruna would likely know. It wasn't just calm and neutral, there was /nothing/ behind it.

     The statement to put the feet up gets a simple movement from Suzuki. She lifts her right leg up pretty much straight, her left foot planted firmly on the ground, and pulls down her sock. Her ankle is freezerburnt. Pretty badly. She hadn't even tried to dodge the attack, so it was a direct hit for a rather extended period of time -- she was lucky that she didn't have frost bite, most likely. "It is not the most severe injury I have had thus far."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 09:49:36 19924
     Suzuki adds, "Normally, speaking of her would generate warm fuzzy feelings that are distinctly lacking at the moment."
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 10:07:02 19925
Amu tilts her head just a little at the explanation, but a slow smile forms on her lips. "Tadase-kun and I are ... trying something like that, too. It's a recent change," she notes for Suzuki's sake.

"It sounds like you have everything to be hopeful for," she reminds Suzuki gently, then reaches up towards the trio of Charas behind her. "Mi?" she suggests gently. "Do you think we can help her?"

"Of course, Amu-chan!" Miki replies happily, and tips her cap at Haruna.

Amu forms a box with her fingers over her chest, "Atashi-no-kokoro," she declares, and the golden lock there begins to glow, "Unlock!"

Miki spins around with a big thumbs up before she jumps into her egg. The egg seals itself around Miki as it sinks into Amu's glowing chest. Whisps of light and blue ribbons enfold Amu, then transform quickly into her painter's outfit with the flying tails. "Chara Nari: Amulet Spade!"

Amulet Spade has all the courage and lack of concern for what's 'proper' needed to give Suzuki a sudden hug from behind. "Suzu-chan, love isn't about 'pleasant' or 'unpleasant' it's about what makes you happy! And it sounds like your tennis player makes you really happy! You should chase her with all of your heart. I'm sure it'll work out for you. Think about how much fun you have with her. About the smile she brings to your face."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 10:15:10 19926
Haruna Kurosawa beams! "That is a really funny story, too! Don't you remember, Suzu-chan~ How I asked you for help to get Katsu-chan a date with a girl named Storm Knight- and then Raqueal TOTALLY lost it and started laughing cuz she knew what I just said? And Corvus was all flustered and embarassed for me, but it worked out really well!?" she says.

She turns towards Amu and hrmphs! "This isn't right Amu-chan. She can be stotic sometimes but this is really creepy!" she insists. "See!?" she huffs.

She leans down and shines the flashlight down and she frowns. "You're hurt really bad!" she whines a little. She reaches into the kit and undoes an iodine wipe. "This'll sting but I need to get it clean. Ready.... here I go~" she says as she tries to clean the burned area best she can. She winces- she knows Suzu-chan is tough and can take it though! When that's done, she'll start applying the soothing burn gel.

Then Amu-chan does her thing! She beams and smiles as she unfurls a bandage finally and works on wrapping the burn softly.

"It's like I've been saying! You and Katsu-chan are perfect together! Super cute and adorable!" she says. "Corvus, show her the picture again!"

Corvus chan pulls out Haruna's phone from behind himself and swipes to the picture! Candid Suzu-Katsu picture!

She looks up at Amu-chan. And smiles! Tell it like it is, Amu-chan~
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 10:18:48 19928
     "...I see. That will work out well, I assume." Suzuki responds. She would hope for that, but hoping is kind of beyond her capability at the moment. Suzuki tilts her head slightly. "Well, as I said. It was some sort of drain. Like an energy drain. I normally would not be like this." She says quietly.

     The question of if Miki can help her gets a look towards Miki, as she begins to talk. And then the unlocked heart! "...Unlocking an egg does not sound very safe for the egg." Suzuki comments quietly, tilting her head and watching as she finishes the transformation. And theeeeeen.

     She is hugged. From behind. Which was slightly strange since Amu was /in front of her/ before. ... Suzuki doesn't really respond to it though, the hug wasn't resisted, simply ... allowed. Her arms hanging at her side and her leg sticking out for Haruna to examine. Really, it's a testament to her training that she hasn't fallen over and created a huge mess at the moment. "...Isn't what makes you happy what makes things pleasant?" Suzuki asks with a mildly bewildered tone. Hmm. She doesn't argue against it or comment beyond that though.

     "...Of course I remember. I was a part of that event. My memories are fine." Suzuki says with a slight tilte of her head. She does wince slightly as Haruna begins to treat her ankle though. Look. She was strong and stoic and stuff, but that didn't stop it from hurting! ... There was much teeth gritting as it was cleaned and the burn gel was applied. "It is only a flesh wound." She insists. Well, at least her stubbornness was working, right?
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 10:28:39 19929
Amulet Spade glances past Suzuki to view the picture on the phone, then smiles. "You two look adorable together," she agrees with Haruna, then explains, "I'm going to try a trick I've got. I usually use it to purify X-Eggs, but I think it might work for you," she says, then takes a step back to ready herself.

Spade doesn't even worry about whether it's going to impact Cure Gull; splash damage from an effect meant to inspire feelings of hope and confidence isn't really a consideration. She smiles a little, then forms a heart with her fingers over the lock still around her neck. "Negative Heart, lock on," she declares softly. A brilliant beam of energy lights up the observatory, and Amulet Heart directs the energy towards Suzuki, "Open Heart!" The beam radiates confidence, love, kindness, and hope at Suzuki and Haruna both. It's draining on Amu, but she has energy to spare, and gladly gives it to her allies so that they won't lose hope.

As soon as the energy subsides, Amulet Spade chases it down and puts her arms around Suzuki again, returning to the hug. "It will be okay," she promises. "Believe in your friends, in yourself, and in a beautiful tomorrow. Be who you want to be, Suzuki-chan, not who that nasty fox-girl tried to make you."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 10:35:43 19932
Haruna Kurosawa sort of stands up and crosses her arms. "There! The painkillers and that should help!----"

Her eyes go wide and sparkly when when Amulet Spade does her thing, eyes wide as she's also hit by the fallout- and it makes her heart sinnnnnng~ Though Haruna is usually very positive it's another when you have a magical boost. Corvus begins to flutter upwards, magically by the feeling.

He lands back down afterwards.

"...Ah~" sighs Haruna fluttering her eyes softly. Then she opens them and peeks at Suzu-chan. Did /that/ help! It sure made /her/ feel good- surely this helped at least a little, right!?

"D..did that help!?" she asks. Corvus seems sort of in a dreamstate suddenly, tranced n' stuff. He might be humming and rocking back and forth really.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 10:37:29 19934
     Suzuki shifts slightly, turning her head to look towards Amulet Spade as she releases the hug and moves to ready herself. Her head tilts slightly, listening to the mention of the trick she's going to use. X-eggs? She hadn't heard much of that. A part of her was curious, but that could be a question for later. And then... a light show happens!

     Warmth, brilliance, confidence, love, and kindness all wash over her, and that kind of ... dull grey feeling of her heart disappears rather rapidly, and she shifts slightly. "...Verdrehen sturm." She murmurs quietly, slipping what looks like a small shotgun cartridge out of her pocket.


    That energy that Amulet Spade spent... would suddenly have it returned in a sudden burst of energy mid-hug, if she didn't resist or evade it somehow. A very direct 'thank you' from Suzuki, as she slides that shotgun shell back into her pocket again. She shifts very slightly, an arm shifting to wrap around Amulet Spade in return as much as she could, while half-turned towards Haruna and with Amu hugging her from behind. Nevermind the stress that using a cartridge normally put on her, she could handle that. It wasn't a combat situation so it wasn't as bad. She'd also been practicing.

     Her arm /also/ reaches out to pull Haruna in to a huge, her leg lowering once the healing was done. "...Yes. It helped." She says softly, her tone back to it's more normal warm yet awkward stoicness, instead of an empty, cold void of nothingness. "Thank you both." She says softly.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 10:43:43 19935
Amulet Spade smiles as Suzuki seems warmed by her spell, but then she recives an overwhelming burst of energy that literally blows Miki back out of the transformation. Amu and Miki both look slightly dizzy for a moment. Luckily, Suzuki is hugging Amu back, which helps her stay steady.

Miki isn't so lucky. The poor chara goes spinning away confusedly, but Su and Ran both catch her and hug her. "Whoaaaa that was strong," Miki observes in her dizziness.

"It was stronger than Remake Honey, hmm?" Su chimes in, sounding a little in awe.

"Hahhhhhhh," Amu mumbles out, still a little confused and dizzy. "That was weiiiiird. What was that?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 10:48:06 19936
Haruna Kurosawa is pulllllled in a hug, the Cure nurse softly squeeeeeeing lightly~ While Corvus also breaks from his trance with a 'huh?'. He blnks blinks blinks. She hugs back. "There we go!~ That's the Suzu-chan I know!~" she beams. "I knew Amu-chan could do it! Cuz Tadase-kun would never say that about nobody unless he meant it!" she insists.

She blinks at the weird spell bit that just happened. She taps her chin. "Yeah, Suzu-chan, what was that?" she asks. Corvus blinks. "Transfer, probably because I don't think Suzuki would attack Amu." he says wisely. Haruna nods, that makes sense!

"Is that right!?" she asks.

She shrugs and just goes right back to hugging~

"Sorry you got hurt n' stuff!" she says. Then her nurse outfit dissapears in a green flash and also feathers that sparkle away. She blinks. "Oh! Heh, guess I didn't need it anymore~" she huffs.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 11:03:43 19939
     Aaaand Suzuki sent Miki flying straight out of Amu and off spinning. Suzuki moves semi-reflexively to attempt to catch her. Luckily, however, Ran and Su were there to catch her, because she was just out of Suzuki's reach, who instead focuses on ensuring that /Amu/ doesn't fall over.

     "It was a Cartridge. Compressed energy stored in an outside source from my body. I would just use a normal transfer normally, but... the emotional drain was accompanied with an energy drain." Suzuki says softly. "...I'm sorry, it must have been overwhelming. I don't know how to only release a portion of it. It's, uhm. All or nothing." Suzuki mumbles softly.

     "I'm sorry. You must not be used to that much energy." Honestly, Suzuki wasn't really used to that much energy.

     Suzuki gives a small smile towards Haruna. "Of course. I wouldn't attack Amu under normal circumstances. I will not say 'ever' because there are always... well... other circumstances." Like Mamoru's. Ugh. Now she was feeling a little sad again. But she had hope that would be solved! "...It's okay. I think I hurt the black fox worse than I was hurt. I used my combination spell that hits pretty hard on her, and Guardian Hino threw a lot of fire at her too."
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 11:06:24 19940
"No it's fine," Amu replies honestly, before disentangling from Suzuki and Haruna. "I just didn't expect it, and have never felt anything like it before." Then she huddles back into her jacket. "Are you gonna be okay, now? I should probably get home before my parents notice I'm missing. I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed, and they'll probably come to check on me."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 11:10:25 19941
Haruna Kurosawa looks down at the first aid kit. Which is still there. She picks it up. She blinks. and then it poofs away in her hands. "eek!" she lets out! She looks around and taps her bottom lip. She looks down. Okay. The dressings are still there-- as is the painkillers Suzu took.

She beams at Amu. "I can take it from here, Amu-chan- I can stay out allll night if I wanted! --- I'm a responsible young adult!" she insists. Corvus shakes his head. "A responisble /something!/." she corrects. Corvus nods his head.

She looks towards Suzu-chan. "Are you gonna be okay going home, or do you need to stay with me n' Aki just for tonight?" she asks. "Aki'll understand!" she beams.

She crosses her arms. "Regardless, you're okay now, Suzu-chan!" she beams wide as she hops on the front of her toes a bit.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-12-30 11:15:09 19943
     "Ah, okay. I'm sorry. I should have warned you." Suzuki says softly towards Amu, looking towards Miki carefully. "Ah, I'll be fine. I'm already feeling much better, thank you. ... I-- ... erm. Normally I would offer to take you home, but I don't think doing more fast movement on this ankle is a good idea." Suzuki says, rubbing the back of her head. "...Have a safe trip though."

     Suzu looks towards Haruna as she begins to freak out a little, blinking at her with a mildly bemused look. Always so animated. "Hmm. I think my home is closer to Seiyou than Infinity is, or I would probably take you up on that." Suzuki says, watching Haruna thoughtfully. "Still, some help home might be good. I should probably avoid as much weight on this leg as possible, if it wouldn't trouble you too much. Ugh, my parents are going to be furious. 'What about your tournament coming up in a few weeks?!'"
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-30 11:21:00 19945
Amu smiles and starts to turn and leave, but she overhears Suzuki's concerns and turns back. "I know a friend who might be able to help," the young girl notes thoughtfully. "Suzu-chan, can I get your phone number? If he can, I'll have him give you a phone call. He may be able to heal your ankle. Like completely. And I think he'd love the chance to be helpful to someone."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-12-30 11:23:27 19946
Haruna Kurosawa beams! "Then you tell your parents you got in an accident!" she says. "And---if they give you any guff , you tell em that you ain't magic and can't make stuff heal faster!" she insists. "I mean. That's totalllllly a lie, but it's not like they need to know that!" she giggles. "I'll help you home, anyways, Suzu-chan!" she says.

"And maybe they can take you to a real doctors to get that properly dressed!" she smiles. She peeks over to Amu-chan. "Or that. That could be quick too!----"

"So do you need help walkin or just have me make sure you get there without fallin?" she asks. "Either way...I'll help!"