Salvage Rights

Riventon and Fate try to lay claim to a hunk of the Asura, but Nanoha, Mikoto, and Amu show up to stop them!

Date: 2015-12-31
Pose Count: 57
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 00:14:02 19974
It's a late night in Pikarigoaka - when Takashi's network of energy recievers picks up a BIG pulse. Of course, soon after this, there will be other magical heroes in the area who will find some sort of reason to notice the roughly house-sized hunk of twisted metal and strange electronics whichs slams loudly into the ground in a greenway near Clover Tower.

As the object digs into the ground from the force of its impact, the metal creaks out and sparks fly. There's a word written in Mid-childan clearly visible on the side: TSAB.

This hunk of metal is part of the wreck of the Asura, a massive warship that broke apart in subspace near Earth. It is the original home of much of the mid-childan mages that are now on earth, and there's no doubt that anyone who can secure this will have an advantageous find on thier hands.

So Takashi henshins into Riventon, and puts out a notice to any available UMBRA personell. Once he arrives there - and after he gets over the shock and amazement of what he sees - he puts up a barrier. This field will entrap anyone nearby into that odd alternate world, and give Riventon time to work on a powerful enough teleportation spell to move the wreck back to his labs.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 00:21:27 19975
    'Any Available UMBRA personell' includes a certain blonde twintailed kohai, Fate Testarossa.

    Fate's quick to spot the logo of the TSAB. She knows, better than most, what exactly that means. She's pretty certain that the TSAB has little actual presence on this wreckage, considering just how unlivable it is. What she's not sure of is whether or not that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    Well, actually that depends on whether you're for UMBRA or against it.

    Fate enters Riventon's barrier as he puts it up, flying overhead with Bardiche in hand, ready to intercept those who might interfere.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 00:30:36 19976
"Nanoha, go!, Quickly!" said the Ferret, so Nanoha left in a huff--- well not so much in a huff as the Ferret teleported her super close to the disturbance that gave him a massive headache. He didn't come along, Just that 'something bad was happening and it shouldn't fall into anyone's hands'.

She appears on an empty rooftop and says. "Raising Heart, setup...!"

< Yes, My Master. > the device replied with an affrimative tone as it summoned up her barrier jacket and she took off, pink wings forming on her shoes as she took off and----

Woah! That thing is huge. Is it what she's looking for? She's sure this is what she's looking for-- but there's two smaller figures converging. She moves to get closer and she frowns!

The barrier gets setup. She's used to these things. She tries to get closer. She doesn't look ready to fight yet. She has to figure out what's happening first.

Huh. Is that Fate? She tries to get closer still!
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 00:33:15 19977
Shopping for your family is always a great deal of effort; particularly when it's last minute shopping on New Years' Eve. Amu has been out for almost an hour, collecting groceries and food with her mother and little sister.

"Yay yay dumpings and stew," says little Ami, excitedly clapping her hands. "Ami-chan likes dumpings and stew!"

"Yes, and we're going to have bubbly juice, too," Amu's mother chimes in to her younger daughter, not quite slipping into baby talk.

"Yayyyyy! Bubbly juic--whoa what was that!" Ami replies, eyes wide as she peers around from the car.

The loud crash has reached the little girl's ears, and Amu's as well. "Amu-chan," Ran chimes in. "I sense magic. Something's not right."

Amu looks towards the crash, then nods to her Chara before turning to her mom. "Hey mom, I'll meet you back at the house later. I just remembered I was supposed to meet the Guardians for something. Don't worry, I'll be back for dinner," she promises, then rushes off before her mother can object.

"By, Amu-chi!" Ami calls after her, but Amu is already racing away.

As soon as she's out of sight, Amu grasps the lock around her neck, briefly flashes a picture frame around it once, twice, and declares, "Atashi no Kokoro: Unlock!"

A brilliant light engulfs the girl, as her form begins to float a little in the air. Ran dives into her egg with hardly a wink, and Amu reaches out to catch her, then draws that heart's egg back within herself. Ribbons and a swirl of light surround her, and then encase Amu in the scant cheerleader outfit that is, "Chara Nari: Amulet Heart!"

And then she starts to shiver in the cold winter air. "Miki, I really need to figure out if you can redesign this outfit," Amu says to one of the two remaining charas over her shoulder. But she starts bounding away towards the rooftops anyways, heading in the direction of the crash.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 00:44:09 19978
Riventon senses Nanoha about when Axion helpfully chimes in to tell him that there's a presence coming. He turns to the twintailed employee who arrived to help in the operation. "We have incoming. I'm not surprised. This thing is huge, it's going to take me some time to get it out of here. So if people want to make a mess of things, it won't be too hard. If anyone shows up, don't hesitate to cut them down." Riventon says. He always seems a bit more dark, a bit more direct in henshin.

He turns back to the massive hunk of metal and a mid-childan magic circle appears under it. "Maybe something in here will help us find those Jewel Seeds your mother is seeking so desperately." he says. It's not an offhanded remark - it's designed specifically to put pressure on Fate. "So don't let anyone get near me."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 00:47:11 19979
    Bardiche pings, and Fate's head turns, eyes focusing on a girl in a white barrier jacket. Oh, it's her. The muffin girl.

    Fate listens as Riventon goes over the mission plan. She patiently, quietly, listens as Riventon details the major points of the mission, as well as her expectations within it. Her grip on Bardiche tightens as the Jewel Seeds are mentioned.

    "You don't have to tell me twice."

    Fate's weight shifts to the side as her altitude drops and her magic carries her forward at insane speeds. The distance between herself and Nanoha closes rapidly, until the moment that Fate's a mere few feet away from Nanoha, floating in front of her and matching her speed.

    "You shouldn't be here. Go away. We're claiming this wreckage."

    Her hands move Bardiche into a defensive position, between Nanoha and Fate.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 01:01:45 19980
Nanoha Takamachi slows down when Fate gets close, to hear what she has to say. Riventon is too far off to hear properly, but she does look at the black clad figure as she looks back to Fate. Nanoha is frowning with determination! "Fate, that's probaboly dangerous! No one should have it!" she says. That's why Yunno sent her, right? This isn't a Jewel Seed.

Nanoha knows, however, there's a time for talking- and a time for fighting and--- right now. There's something physical there- not to be talked about- not in the future, there- now and for all she knows, she might be the only one who can stop whatever this is! Her friend trusted her, right?

Her device pings when Amu gets in range, she blinks a bit but merely reaffirms her determined look.

"Raising Heart, Cannon Mode!" she says.

< Yes, My Master. >

The device changes, the circular top shifting into a more square-like-tapered end and opening up in the middle. She points it at Fate.

"So, I'll show you- and let you feel--- my determination!" she says. "Divine Shooter!"

< Divine Shooter. > Raising Heart repeats, the small magic circle forming before eight pinkish balls form around her- she begins to shoot them in a flurry- as they arc into bright bolts of energy- dissapearing one by one.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 01:05:46 19981
Amulet Heart bounds down onto a rooftop, then blinks in surprise when she spots the blast from Raising Heart already streaking across the sky. "Do you guys know what's going on?" she asks her charas, but neither Su nor Miki has an answer. It's already too confusing.

"Hey!" Amulet Heart calls down to the gathered. "We should get this thing out of here! People are going to notice." Then she leaps down off the rooftop and glides to a gentle landing not far from Takashi. "Will you help me?"
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 01:19:54 19983
Riventon glares at Fate. She's charging up those orbs, and Axion is quietly pinging at him about her threat level. But Fate's got her weapon drawn, and she's looking ready for a fight - if defensively minded.

"Fate, don't wait for her to attack. She's shown her intent. Cut her down. Use your speed." the silver-haired villian intones. "She can't match you." he adds, trying to give her a little confidence, not that Fate has needed any.

He's not entirely sure it's true, given the feeling he's getting off the girl, but he needs Fate to stop it anyways.

"Little girls, I'm taking this away. If you leave now, this won't get messy." he says, to Nanoha and then, as he turns, to Amu.

"Besides, you look like you're here to cheer me on, rather than fight. Just walk away. This thing is dangerous. And dangerous magical objects belong to us."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 01:23:20 19984
    "Probably dangerous?" Fate's mouth curls into a frown. "It is dangerous, and so are we. I'm not going to let you get past me. If you fight me now, you are taking your life into your hands."

    The black-clad mage continues to float in front of Nanoha. As Raising Heart transforms into Cannon Mode, Bardiche shifts into Scythe Mode. Wine-red eyes watch Nanoha closely, framed by fluttering blonde hair.

    So this is it. Fate's going to see how Nanoha fights now.


    As pink bolts fly towards Fate, a yellow shell appears around her and absorb each impact, shaking with each hit. "Your determination? Is that going to be enough to save you?"

    Fate's speed drops for a moment, placing her behind Nanoha. Her golden, sparkling, scythe rises and falls, tiny hands swinging it down on Nanoha's head.

    "Have you kept up your training? It's not my fault if you don't make it through this fight."

    Her eyes glance towards Riventon as he gives her orders, but they come a bit late. Fate's already engaged in the battle. The way she feels right now is a stronger motivator than anything Riventon could say at the moment.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 01:41:19 19986
Nanoha Takamachi follows along with Fate-- but--- Fate is fast!? Nanoha doesn't have speed on her side- that's for sure- but she turns around and flings her hand up and covers her eyes as a bright pink burst of energy pours out- a basic protection that causes the attack to deflect at least once and give her enough time from stopping her from loosing her head. She /just/ got it off in time.

It's not skilled. But she has been practicing. The protection seems oddly overpowerd though for a basic spell.

"Everyday!" she says with determination! "Snow--or rain or shine!" she calls out.

Too fast to track...

< Chain Bind >

A mid-childian mage circle appears in front of her, and chains fly out, trying to wrap around Fate or slow her down--- it's the only spell she knows right now that might give her even a little edge. Fate is skilled- but...! She musn't allow herself to be stopped--- if these guys get that--- it's trouble! She knows that much.

"H--hey!" she calls down to Amu, best she can do is looking over her shoulder a moment at Amu- lest Fate take advantage of the moment. "STOP HIM! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THIS! IT'S DANGEROUS!" she calls out.

Hopefully, that's enough of a warning.

She pauses. "Who is that?" she asks to Fate. "The man in black. The one giving you orders?"
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 01:47:34 19987
Amu blinks at Riventon's response to her. Well it sounds like he's doing the right thing, but something about the way he says it seems a bit ... off.

Nanoha's warning, however, draws her attention more completely, and she turns to glance towards the girl. The problem is, she doesn't know, any of these people.

All Amu knows is that this situation isn't right. "Please, let me help you get rid of it," Amulet Heart calls to Riventon again. "Whatever it is, it does seem really dangerous. If we work together we can clean up this mess much quicker."`
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 01:49:07 19988
Miles away from Pikarigaoka, Mikoto Nakajima has been spending the afternoon at an important, if incredibly boring, family meeting. She's dressed up in a fancy outfit, made up and bejeweled, and trotted out to show how wonderful she is to all the old uncles and aunts and cousins who really care more about what they're set to inherit when her grandparents die than what she can do for them or the family's corporate interests.

So when the magic pulse hits - and Carnwennan's sensors pick it up despite the distance - it takes her a minute or two to make her excuses and gets clear. She's intensely glad of the opportunity, however, as if she has to listen to one more brandy-soaked tale of 'when I was somebody important', she's going to put a little white knife through someone's arm. Excuses are made and she slips off, despite jokes about 'teenage problems'. (Unfortunately they'll remind her parents that she's approaching marriageable age. Which is a Problem. But not as immediate as something massive slamming into the middle of the city.)

A quick henshin, and a hurried Dimensional Transfer later, 'Miss Blue' floats above the skies of Pikarigaoka, a Belkan spell-glyph beneath her feet as she immediately wraps herself in a shield to defend against any spill-over from the battle that seems to have already started.

While she forms no immediate attacks, a half-dozen Wide Area Search type spheres split off from her shield, then fade into near-invisibility as they circle around the area and towards the wreckage, each set to seek out certain resources that she's been hoping and praying for access to for months.

Now, let's hope I'm a little more successful at this than I am at convincing Dad that Ikuto's a worthwhile prospect...
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 01:55:54 19990
Fate shoots off to fight Nanoha, almost before he can order her to. Well, that's good. That's one annoyance out of his hair. But now there's a small, loud pink haired annoyance of his own coming closer. "You don't have to answer dead people, Fate." he says before turning to face Amu.

"Yes, it's dangerous. No, you can't help me get rid of it." the older boy in the black lab coat-like Barrier Jacket says. "I'm not getting rid of it, I'm taking it with me. Now go away and read picture books or whatever it is you do." He is clearly disinterested in working with Amulet Heart or anyone else. He considers digging in his pocket for a retriver, but there's enough going on here - and he doesn't want to sacrifice the energy. The Mid-Childan circle begins to glow a brighter blue, and wards are placed to keep the thing together while Riventon teleports it away - unless someone steps in and diverts his focus, of course.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 01:59:45 19991
    Fate's Scythe pushes against Nanoha's shield long enough for Fate to realize that it's not breaking through. A weaker mage would've been overwhelmed by Fate's magical output, but she's starting to realize that Nanoha is no ordinary mage.

    "Well. I'm actually impressed, but I won't lose to brute force alone!"

    Chain Bind is cast, and several magical chains reach up for Fate's arms and legs, but her speed is a bit much. She ducks and weaves between them as the links fly past her, flying over and under. When one chain gets too close and manages to actually grab her ankle, Fate's golden scythe sweeps downwards to break the binding chain.

    "That man is the leader of UMBRA, and my direct boss. His name is Riventon."

    She speaks calmly and matter-of-factly, in sharp contrast to her speed and fury. She's not even really thinking at this speed, just reacting, just being.

    Her speed carries her to another angle, away from the Chain bind spell, and Bardiche is lowered to Fate's side.

    <Arc Saber>

    That sparking edge rises in a fierce swing, sending off a crescent wave of yellow electrical mana, bearing down right at Nanoha. Another comes out, and another, as Fate continues to swing her blade.

    Riventon tells her that she doesn't have to answer dead people. She responds with a, "Yes, sir." Not once does she take her eyes or focus off of Nanoha for this exchange.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 02:26:27 19994
Amulet Heart seems to hesitate for a moment, then comes to a decision. "Not an acceptable answer," she says to herself, then holds out both hands, and a pair of batons appear, one in either hand. She whirls the batons masterfully like a cheerleader, then sends them both flying with a call of, "Twin Spiral Heart!"

One by one, Amulet Heart's batons begin taking out the wards that Riventon has put into place. Once they reach the far side, the batons begin to arc back towards her from the far end, coming straight down the middle, aiming to hit Riventon from behind.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 02:38:18 19996
Nanoha Takamachi blinks a little UMBRA? That's not a word she heard before. Riventon? Also not a name she knows. She has a BUNCH of terms to ask Yunno about it seems- but--- does Yunno even know? If anything-- it could clue him into things to go sneak off and research and investigate, right? Regardless----

Woah! Arcs of electrical energy come flying her way- she evades to the right--- up... down.... she throws up a protection on the last one and gets sent flying back as the bladed energy impacts it, spinning in the air. She rights herself as she frowns a little, perhaps sadly.

"Fate. He's going to /hurt/ lots of people with that!!! Is that something you think you think she wants!?" she asks. She doesn't specify the 'she'. Fate should know the 'she'.

"It may not be a Jewel Seed but it's strong enough I'm here anyways to stop it!" she says. "-and if you think you can kill me, you already know better!" she calls out.

< Divine Shooter >.

She sends out another series of blasts toward's Fate when she finally gets a break in her attacks to be able to cast the spell---

One of those waves crashes into her- however- as she stops to cast the spell- and she's sent flying downwards with wide eyes. That hurt. She recovers, though she's now lower to the ground and Fate's somewhere above her now. That's an advantage- for Fate, right? She has to be more careful...
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 03:02:57 19999
While battle begins above the wreckage, a half-dozen search spheres enter the hulk, making their way through shattered machinery and broken walls to search out their programmed targets. Mikoto watches through their sensors, in the periphery of her vision, alert for the signs of the tools and other equipment she needs.

Her attention is drawn briefly to the battle between Nanoha and Fate, but she tears herself away from it quickly to pay more attention to Riventon and Amulet Heart. She does, however, have time for a private telepathic message to Nanoha. ~Hey, friend. You looking for anything particular out of this hulk? Or just worried about what everybody else is up to?~

Above and behind her, her trademark Flicker Shots start to form, a few at a time, nearly invisible but for a slight shimmer of iridescence in the air. A careful observer could spot them, if they knew what they were looking for. Someone who didn't might well pass them over. A pair of additional search spheres forms with them, prepared for a different task.

The first batch of Flicker Shots formed, she drops out of the sky, plummeting down to land - or at least come to a stop - beside Amulet Heart, her coat flaring out around her as she falls and draping properly once more when she stops. "Well well well, this ought to be interesting, shouldn't it?" She casts a glare at Riventon. "This doesn't belong to you, you know."
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 03:14:34 20000
"I've never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it." Riventon says to Fate as much as Nanoha. Then, before he can comment more on thier fight, the spheres of energy he's been creating to help stablize the teleportation ring are shattered by a flying baton. The teleportation circle flickers in and out and vanishes - a loss of stored energy for the mage.

He turns slowly to Amulet Heart. "And now YOU deserve it." he says. He outstretches his hand, and motes of black energy begin to gather in it. This probably leaves zero doubt as to the nature of her energy with the Joker.

Her batons are arcing back towards Riventon, though - only for his device to announce <Auto-Shield.> calmly. Another sphere of blue energy - much like Nanoha's - appears behind him and deflects the two incoming batons. "Cheap tricks can't compare to real power!" he shouts, as the orb of energy in his hand erupts into a massive black energy beam that's headed for Amu!

As the energy roars out of his palms, he smiles and turns to Mikoto. "It belongs to me now. Because you're not strong enough to challenge me. And that's how the world works." he says firmly.

"If you think I'm wrong, then step up. But there's a lot more going on here than your little mind can possibly understand." he adds.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 03:19:08 20002
    Fate's eyes narrow at Nanoha, Bardiche's blade arcing above her. "Haven't you figured it out yet? Haven't you been paying attention?"

    Fate's voice steadily rises, but her response is cut off as Divine Shooter is fired once again. One shot is deflected by her scythe, another is dodged, but a third and fourth slam into her, knocking her backwards and damaging her Barrier Jacket. She goes tumbling backwards as the blasts knock her higher into the air, twin tails flailing around her, and when she rights herself she's got a few cuts in her cape and the shoulder of her jacket.

    Nanoha's determination is reflected in Fate's dour eyes. "This is exactly what she wants! I'm being the villain... exactly as she expects me to be!"

    Bardiche shifts form, the energy blade vanishing, and the head spinning to resemble that of an axe. <Staff Mode> The tip of her axe points at her orange-haired enemy.

    "I'll do anything for my mother... Anything!"

    <Photon Lancer>

    Four sparking yellow orbs appear and orbit around Fate, one after another breaking orbit to accelerate towards Nanoha. Each one descends upon the White Devil like a falling star.

    Fate wonders herself if Ayana really deserved what's happening to her... but considering what she just declared, it's kindof a non-issue.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 03:19:50 20003
Amulet Heart's eyes widen as the 'Muri' energy starts to streak towards her. She dodges aside from the orb of energy, but it still explodes practically in her face. The girl goes flying and slams into a building, then grimaces in pain.

"He wants real power?" Amu Hinamori asks, as Ran pops out of her egg, leaving--very briefly--an average elementary school student sitting on the street in a dress. "Miki," Amu calls out, and Ran and Miki high-five briefly before Miki dives into her egg. There is a brilliant light surrounding Amu as she transforms into Amulet Spade.

Spade starts to leap towards Takashi, whirling a gigantic paintbrush like a bo-staff. She pulls energy from the world around her, and sends a massive flood of it towards Riventon with a cry of, "Colourful Canvas!"

It's like a wave of rainbow coloured paint, washing across the crash site towards Riventon, intent on sweeping him up in its tidal force. "You're the guy who Storm Knight was talking about last night," Amulet Spade says, finally putting it all together. "The one who has that Fox familiar that was mean to her. Dark Energy can't win," she promises him. "I know exactly how your kind works. If you stop now, I can help you. I can purify those feelings of hatred and loneliness that you're feeling, if you let me. But you have to stop fighting me!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 03:35:18 20005
Nanoha Takamachi looks very sad as Fate says these things. "So your mother's only going to smile, if you hurt people?" she asks. Wow. That sounds... bad... but this doesn't really sound like the girl she's been talking to. Does it? Maybe it's this 'Riventon' 's fault. 'Dark Energy'? She doesn't know much about that.

-but if Fate isn't going to change her mind....

She responds to Miss Blue first, telepathically. ~I dunno what's going on, but this thing is dangerous and it can't go with this guy and Fate!~ she says.

She darts upwards- but at an angle-- getting some distance, but also trying to outrun the spheres--- she evades them all- somehow- as she stops and turns around- again equal height with Fate- but a little further away. She raises Raising Heart again. A giant mage's circle appear under her. "I'm sorry Fate..." she says softly.

There's a sudden build up of magical energy at the tip of Raising Heart- bright and pink in color. Another circle spreads out in front of her.... "Divine Buster...."

< Divine Buster. > Raising Heart pings out.

There is a tremendous, powerful blast against the background of the night sky as the laser races towards--- Fate?

Fate's in the way- most certainly- but it's very clear after a moment- that Nanoha is trying to hit the piece of the Asaura with the massive attack! Does she think she can destroy it!? Probably not. That's a piece of a space ship.

But she can sure as hell try and damage it more. It's not like Yunno expected her to bring this home or anything, right!?

Like her parents would be SO MAD finding this in the backyard.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 03:46:36 20008
'Miss Blue' really doesn't care what Riventon thinks. She has things she needs, the chunk of ship might have them, and if they're there, she's going to have them. She's already got search-spheres combing the wreckage for them, plugging into the datanetwork to download everything they can find, hunting up tools and artifacts and anything else of use.

Beneath her feet, the Belkan glyph continues to shine, turning slowly as the circles at each point of the triangle rotate the opposite direction. Each of the spheres is linked to her transfer spell, streaming data back to Carnwennan's banks, and the smallest, most convenient artifacts elsewhere. Something the size of the ship, or any large machinery, however, will need more than that - wards to balance the transfer, much like those Riventon erected.

Which is what her extra search spheres are for. The pair descend, now that Riventon and Fate are suitably distracted, to inscribe her own wards in the place of his. With a little luck, she'll be able to make off with what she needs, and keep him from getting more than a tithe of the wreck's treasures.

"Not strong enough to challenge you, hmm? You sang a different tune last week, as I recall." Carnwennan's hilt slides into her hand, and the Device's blade flickers into existence.

~Try to hit the part he's still got warded,~ she sends back to Nanoha. The part, that is, that isn't about to be under her own wards. Hopefully they'll work.

~Continue calculations on that dimensional transfer, Carnwennan,~ she sends to the Device. ~But I'm going to need a little more of your focus for the fight.~ In the sky above, another group of Flicker Shots fades into being, waiting for her command.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 03:59:15 20012
Riventon's left hand raises up, and another round shield rises up, the spray of multicolored energy buffetting against it aggressively. A few 'shards' of the magical ward fall away from the shield before the attack ends, and there's a bit of a shake as Riventon's hand falls to his side and he leans forward a bit and sneers.

"There's NOBODY quite like me - I'm unique. And that Fox Familiar is mine. She is made of parts of my soul!" he says, his tone growing a lot less calm and more hostile when he talks about her. "I always win. Every day we come closer to the inevitability of our victory. Even when you think you're winning you're just contributing experimental data."

"I'm not feeling any hatred - or at least I wasn't until you stuck your nose in. You're interrupting important research, kid. Go away and I won't even chase you."

Then his device pings. <Detecting another Dimensional Transferance attempt. Belkan.> it says - out loud, at that. Riventon turns - there won't be an attack on Amu right now because he's rounding on Mikoto. "It's not nice to steal things that don't belong to you." he says, without a hint of irony or sarcasm. He slams his hands together. <Kabelform!> the device announces, and then he pulls his hand back before thrusting it forward, a tangle of 'wires' of negative energy whistle through the air as they whip at Mikoto in the sky. His other hand lashes back and a pulse of negative energy bursts out, aiming to disrupt Mikoto's own attempt at teleportation! "YOU GO AWAY TOO, LITTLE GIRL." he says, oblivious to their age difference.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 04:09:18 20014
    Fate dismisses Nanoha's words, and her sadness. It's none of her business anyways. Why should she care? She doesn't even respond.

    Partly because she doesn't really know how to.

    As Nanoha rises to meet her height, Bardiche's tip tracks the other girl's movements. When Nanoha apologizes, Fate just stares. For a moment she looks away, and naybe she mutters something. It's hard to tell at this distance. When she looks back, her eyes go wide.

    Bardiche is telling her, in explicit detail, exactly how much power Nanoha is putting into that one blast.

    Bardiche reacts faster than Fate does, autocasting the same yellow shell that covered her earlier. <Defensor> Fate catches up, pouring more and more magic in the shield to maintain it.

    Fate is physically pushed back through the air by the sheer force of it, even as the Divine Buster rages against her shield. Fate's magical shell begins to crack, and the cracks widen. In the last moment, she realizes that her defensive magic just can't keep up with what Nanoha's doing, and she rolls to the side, letting the beam travel straight to the Asura, no longer hindered by her.

    Fate's shoulders rise and fall as she gathers deep, heavy, ragged breaths. She was weakened by that hit, visibly so, but when she raises Bardiche again it's clear that she is not out of this fight.

    <Sealing Mode>

    Bardiche's head flips around, becoming a twin-pronged staff. The staff elongates, emitting two pairs of glowing yellow wings. Golden mana begins gathering between the two prongs.

    "You had your chance to run!" shouts Fate.

    <Thuder Rage>

    Yellow electrical circlets appear around Nanoha, circling around her and closing in, attempting to shrink themselves around her ankles and wrists, binding her in place. What happens next is a retaliation for the Divine Buster, as a massive thunderbolt rips out of her device and closes in rapidly on Nanoha.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 04:09:32 20015
Amulet Spade senses an opportunity. With Riventon's attention diverted away from her, she has time to set herself up for an attack, and she doesn't waste it. Rushing in, Spade continues to whirl that paintbrush, now using it like a spear as she jabs and stabs and haft-strikes at Riventon.

"Evil always loses," Amulet Spade informs Riventon as she throws in several kicks for good measure. "Good always triumphs. This axiom has been true in every story back to the dawn of time. Didn't you even pay attention in history class? It's shrimps like you that really tick me off." She whirls her weapon around for another swipe of the brush-spear at Riventon's midsection. "Always picking on the little guy, thinking you're the big macho kid on campus. Grow up. The world is built on cooperation and friendship, not selfish bullying!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 04:29:05 20022
What's probably scary about all this is how Nanoha still looks like she has energy to kick around after a blast like that. How much longer will that last? Probably not too much longer- since Fate seems upset. She frowns. "Fate--- you can't let these people hurt others---! It isn't right---!" she can can hear Amulet Spade's words down there- if drowned out- but she gets the gist. That's right!

"There has to be a better w-----" 'Thunder Rage'.

Nanoha tries to avoid being caught- be she zigs when she should had zagged, moving backwards and her leg gets caught--- followed by the other--- and then he wrists! This isn't good! She doesn't know how to Bind Break.

What this means is a lot of electrical rakes through her and causes her to scream out in really bad agony.

Miss Blue doesn't get a reply because she's apparently falling limply towards the ground suddenly. This may be an unpleasent landing in a moment or two!

Hopefully her prior attack managed to hinder something at least.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 04:31:17 20024
Negative energy lashes out from Riventon, spearing towards 'Miss Blue'. She's experienced that kind of darkness more than once, now, and won't be quite as surprised as the first, agonizing time.

She lets the commentary on Ayana pass her by. That's Ikiko's problem, she's had her input into it. And the foxgirl isn't even here, so she's happy to let him rant on about that. It keeps him distracted from the real battle.

Her problem right now is the attack heading for her. To which she has her answer. (("Protection!")) Labyrinth Architect's voice is soft, but certain, as the shield glyph appears before her, interposing itself between her and the dark energy 'wires'.

"Sorry, but not a 'little girl' anymore, 'old man'."

She slides to one side, hovering on the still-active (if low-powered, now) flight spell, getting away from the angle of attack Riventon's using. The shield follows her, keeping between her and the attack. "He doesn't believe in stories, Amulet, that's part of his problem. He thinks this is his story. That he's some sort of hero." It's typical of villains who aren't mustache-twirlingly evil. They always seem to think that they're the center of the universe, the most important one around, the only one who knows the hidden truth that can save the world.

'Miss Blue' doesn't care about Riventon's story. She's got her own. And with a third batch of Flicker Shots forming, she's almost ready to share a new episode of it.

She'd been intending to tell Nanoha to keep up the pressure on him. But things are starting to get messy. She leaves it to Carnwennan to handle the transfer calculations while she hurls herself after the falling Nanoha, hoping to catch her before she hits the ground.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 04:43:35 20028
Rivenon frowns as Amulet Spade comes in - even while he's trying to lash Mikoto with those wires. He starts having to parry the brush with his left gauntlet - a sheathe of negative energy around it providing him with the necessary strength to hold off against the paintbrush-slash-quarterstaff as he does so, but she's pushing him back.

"You really are a naieve little girl. You have to be in what, elementary school? History is written by the winners. The losers become evil, the winners become good. The world is built on people with ambition. Do you even have any idea how Japan was unified into one country? It wasn't with fruit baskets. Or look up the warring states period in China. Nothing happens without the strength to make it happen!"

Mikoto chimes in too, and he responds. "I'm no hero - not until I win. When I can write the history, sure. But right now? I'm just the only one with enough ambition, and enough power, to do what has to be done. You cling to your ideas of right and wrong because it makes the world easy for you. It's weak - it denies the truth. There's no right and wrong. Only power."

He points up with his spare hand before making a burst of energy to clear some space between himself and Amu. The point is at the shattering blast of electrical energy. "Fate understands that." he turns to her. "Don't think of yourself as a villain. Don't let these idiot weaklings define you. You're using your power to make your hopes come true. There's nothing wrong with that. That's the sort of effort history is truly made from."

And that's when there's a shuddering shockwave of bright energy from the TSAB ship behind. Nanoha's blast, which had impacted a while ago, apparently set /something/ to critical, and there's a burst of energy that shatters the already damaged wreckage into peices.

"LOOK WHAT YOU MORONS DID!" Riventon says, his voice full of a bad and violent hostility - a sudden change in demeanor that he uses to focus two massive blasts, one for Amu and one for Miss Blue. "All of this fighting and talking and you damaged the thing I was here to secure! Fools!"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 04:54:21 20032
    Fate watches as Nanoha falls. She reaches out, worried, as if to catch her. As if such a thing was possible at this distance. When Fate sees Miss Blue going to catch her, she withdraws her hand. There's no point in worrying about an enemy, no matter how well-intentioned they are.

    She's worn out, and tired, and very hesitant to pick another fight without first considering it. She glances betwen Amulet and Miss Blue. It's only then that Riventon's words reach her.

    "That's right. I'm just trying to make my mother happy. Nothing wrong with that. Power is needed to do that. So I'm getting that power."

    Does she believe what she's saying, or is she just spouting a party line? It doesn't matter to her anymore.

    "Listen to yourselves. All you do is talk! What good have your words done? You haven't accomplished anything at all. Nothing will change through words alone."

    Its then that Fate notices the Asura exploding, from the shot that she failed to block. She cringes. That was really bad. Far worse than expected.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 04:55:11 20033
Amulet Spade barely manages to dodge aside from Takashi's point-blank attack, but it sends her way off balance. She turns towards the ship, trying to catch her balance on the thing, just as the shockwave of energy explodes outwards from the thing.

Spade goes flying straight back towards Riventon, only this time she's out of control. She grunts in surprise and pain as she hits the ground at the boy's feet, and for a moment she seems entirely uncertain of where she is or what she's doing.

Su and Ran are right there, yelling, "Amu-chan, get up, get up!" but Amu is dizzy and distracted by the ringing in her ears. Who are these little fairies again?
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 05:03:04 20035
Would probably be some semblence of happy feeling she was able to break the device everyone was after! Except right now she's sort of dazed.- bordering on concisnouss and unconciousness. Is she falling? Is this a dream?

She suddenly stops as 'Miss Blue' catches her and she ohs- her eyes fluttering a little. She has no idea what happened. She looks upwards.

Oh. Now she remembers.

~Hurting.~ is all she says telepahtically to Miss Blue. Yes. This /hurts/. So much she's probably talking telepahtically because it hurts less than trying to open her mouth and move her body in any way at the moment.

< Condition: Urgent. Seek First Aid. > seems to chime Raising Heart in agreement outloud in it's clamoring attempt to state the situation to Miss Blue.

Yeah, she's not going to be much more help this fight.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 05:14:00 20037
'Miss Blue' cradles Nanoha protectively in her arms as she floats slowly downward, absorbing the momentum of the younger girl's fall. ~You're going to be okay, kiddo~, she assures the other mage. ~And we won't let him get away with this.~

"Spade!" she calls out to Amu. "Get on your feet and get your cute little butt over here!" She slides closer to the ground, finally landing amidst the wreckage, by one of her wards. "Move it, quick!"

It's time to buy the girl some time to get moving. Supporting Nanoha's weight against her body with one arm, she lashes out with the other, sweeping Carnwennan's blade down as a familiar burst of mana vortices flick out at Riventon. (("Flackschrecken!")) High above, Flickers move into position... waiting for the moment to strike.

~Dimensional transfer calculations nearly complete,~ Carnwennan reports, as the spell-glyph at Blue's feet expands out into the wreckage field.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 05:22:46 20039
Riventon nods at Fate. "Good shot." Wether she believes what he said now isn't relevant. He can talk to her later. He is, however, still absolutly infuriated at the loss of whatever priceless information he might have gleaned from the ship.

Riventon is now blaming all three of the arrived hero-types for the destruction, and Amu's the closest one to him. Riventon charges up another burst of black energy in his hand, with Amu still dazed in front of him.

But before he can unleash that point blank blast, Miss Blue's device announces the calculations are almost done, and he turns on her.

"I told you this is mine! Even if you've all already done your best to screw up whatever valuable materials might be in here!" he shouts, and unleashes that blast right at Mikoto (instead of Amu!). "You're not taking it."

Or at least not all of it, anyways. Riventon's pretty sure that he's knocked her own teleporation wards off-track, but he's not as comfortable with Belka magic as he is Mid-Childan.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 05:24:35 20040
    "Not so fast!" Fate rapidly dives towards Mikoto, having finally recognized her growing spell and the nature of it. "You should've taken the wounded and fled! Do you think you can take me with your arms full?"

    Sure, Fate's wounded and beat up right now, but she has to figure that she isn't the only one. Even if the wreckage is broken right now, there still might be something of value. Besides, she's not going to leave until Riventon does, or until she's forced to.

    As she closes in on Mikoto, Bardiche once again takes the form of a scythe, and Fate holds it off to her side with the blade behind her. When she's close enough, she swings her scythe upwards, unleashing another crescent of electrical magic that flies towards Mikoto.

    <Arc Saber>

    Afer all, Riventon just said that he doesn't want them to have it. Denying the enemy is important to, right? Especially if they're after the same thing.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 05:28:49 20041
Amulet Spade does indeed snap out of her dizziness, and stares up at her cheering Charas with a renewed sense of self. "What?" she asks them, and the both point at Riventon.

Oh right, him. Amulet Spade rolls back to her feet and leaps up into the air, then puts her hands together in a heart. Now's her chance. There's really not going to be a better opportunity, with him distracted by Mikoto and thinking he's got everything figured out.

"Negative Heart: Lock on," she declares. A brilliant luminescence begins to glow in the lock at the center of Amulet Spade's finger-heart. She thrusts the heart outwards like she's extending the barrel of a gun, and the brilliance builds up to a crescendo before unleashing full blast at Riventon: "OPEN HEART!"

The light is overwhelmingly brilliant; a beam of sheer hope and hapiness, love and kindness, firendship and confidence all overwhelms Riventon, seeking the darkness; seeking to sear away at it.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 05:42:58 20043
"Yours, is it? Hah! You don't have what it takes to be a true Knight, mister! You haven't got the slightest idea what it takes!" Miss Blue seems to be quite confident in that assertion. As if she does know what it takes, and has every reason to believe that Riventon just doesn't measure up. "You might do well against amateurs, but you've never faced a real battle in your life, boya. Smarten up!"

And then Fate is flying towards her, and so is a blast of dark energy from Riventon. And she can only shield so much while still extending the teleport-circle far enough to catch Amulet Spade within the effect and get her away from the villains.

With Amulet Spade's attack lashing out at Riventon - an attack whose effects Mikoto is all too familiar with - she diverts her final blow towards her other attacker. A stream of glittering shards of light sears its path down out of the sky, directed straight at Fate, one after another - nearly invisible to the eye, intended to come at her with as little warning as possible, to make it harder to shield or dodge the blow.

Labyrinth Architect's shield rises, surrounding the trio of villain-opposing girls, and both Fate's and Riventon's attacks slam into it... pressing it back and back, until it shatters under the pressure, unable to sustain the defense without draining unsupportable quantities of mana from Mikoto. The remnants of both attacks slam into the girl in blue, and her back arches as she lets out a pained cry...

(("Dimensional transfer calculations complete. Beginning transfer."))
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 05:51:25 20046
Nanoha Takamachi can only just lay there as she's dropped. The Dimensionl Transfer spell seems ready to go. She manages to push herself to a sitting a postion, but that's all she can manage. Attacks veer into 'Miss Blue' and she cries out. She winces.

What can she do? She can't fight back right now, not in her current state.

Is she dead if Miss Blue falls? What about the other girl? Can she fight this? Can she handle both?

She can barely move. She works on trying to make herself move right now- maybe she can at least try to run if she has to.
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 05:57:46 20048
"Any time you think you can test me one on one I'm ready!" Riventon says to Mikoto, with a confidence that can only be born of someone who is BOTH completly full of themselves /and/ aware he can rig the odds by changing the balance of power.

"I'll even let you walk away with your life once I'm done giving you a lesson - and taking your Device." he says. Fate crashes towards her, and so does his attack - and he makes a satisfied hmph as she is knocked back. This is just in time for him to turn towards Amu...

"Lock on?" he asks. And then before the rest can respond, there's a giant wave of hope and happiness that bears down upon him in what feels like the oppressive glare of the sun in the heat of the Sahara Desert. It's like what he does to other people - but in reverse.

The positive feelings assault him, and perhaps it's worse, because part of him is very receptive to them - a human part of him, the same part that gives gifts to his allies and acquaintances, and dances with Madoka.

The other part of him, the malicious, the mean, the self centered part, is blasted by the emotions that are its polar opposites. There's a scream that comes from Riventon, and the scream is not entirely human. It's a screeching thing, like nails on the chalkboard. For those who can stand to look upon him in the full blast of Open Heart, they might see something that looks like an angry shadow, flowing black energy - it's being pushed out of him, as negative energy tears its way out of his body, seperating it from him.

The distinctly Riventon-shaped shadow of negative energy is pulled free from him for a moment before in a panic, the real Riventon dives to the side and out of the field of the Open Heart, where the trailing shadow returns, albeit with a lot of it's maximum strength burned off by the force of the positive emotions, to merge with the physical body.

Riventon coughs. The nature of that attack has caught him off guard, and he can feel the sudden weakness. It's most similar to how he felt after waking up with his fight with Kyouko, but also different. Riventon, too, has to sound a retreat. All he can do is hope the distortions he made in Mikoto's intended transfer allow him to redirect some of the now disparate peices of the wreckage.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-12-31 06:09:07 20050
    Fate's attack, along with Riventon's, breaks through the familiar Lost Logia's barrier. "Labyrinth Architect, you traitor."

    Fate's scythe rises to take another swing against Miss Blue, but her eyes catch something dangerous just a little too late. Those Flicker Shots come at her from every angle, knocking her every which way with each impact. While she might have had a better chance of at least deflecting or blocking some of them, in her weakened state there isn't much she can do.

    Well, she can run. Riventon seems to want to retreat too. That's all the cue she needs. She speeds past Riventon, grabbing him by the arm, and saying, "Here, Riv-sama. Even like this, I bet I'm still faster than any of them."

    Whether Riventon comes along with her or not, Fate is soon flying off into the horizon. There's no point in sticking around now.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 06:12:23 20052
Her attack complete, Amulet Spade drops back to the ground. Miki pops back out of the girl at the very last instant before her feet touch down, leaving Amu Hinamori standing to stare after the retreating villains with a shake of her head. "History may be written by the victor, but that doesn't mean the victor isn't heroic," she comments softly.

Whirling around, Amu throws up a V with her fingers towards Mikoto. "We did it!" she declares to the girl, and then realises who it is she's been helping. Her expression falters, as she considers whether or not she did the right thing. But she must have, if her attack actually worked. What's more important, though, is the young girl who looks injured. Amu runs to Nanoha's side and asks, "Are you okay?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 06:25:25 20055
Nanoha Takamachi looks hurt, and tired and bruised. She is however, awake. She squints. Can she even telepathically communicate with someone without a device? Should she try? No- why risk it. It hurts to- but she talks. "Pain. Hurts a lot." is all she can really say. She looks kinda sad and upset and frustrated and pain all at once.

"Did Fate get away yet?" she asks painedly. She looks down to Raising Heart. Oh- she doesn't have any kind of search up at the moment. In fact, nothings up at the moment. Well. That's bad.

She looks around. "What about the thing..." she says.

The Thing- she probably means the wreck. "They can't get it." She mumbles. She looks over to Miss Blue. Is-- is she okay!?
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 06:49:29 20058
The teleport glyph rises up from its other half on the ground, stretching out as it encompasses the three would-be heroines and most of the wreckage. In a few spots it seems to spark and surge, though, damaged by whatever Riventon did to it... but it's too late to stop their escape, even if some of the wreck is left behind.

The trio of heroines find themselves surrounded by a warehouse, once the dimensional transfer completes. It's mostly empty, aside from the wreckage and three wounded girls.

And a car, and a tall blonde man in a suit.

"Hey, Uncle John," says the girl in blue, as she stumbles towards him. Then she slumps and collapses against a largish chunk of wreckage, her Barrier Jacket fading from her figure in a sparkling crash and tinkle, like breaking glass. The fancy dress she'd been wearing previously is revealed, and so is the bruise that spreads along her side.

"Gone and done it again, haven't you?" the man asks, and she nods, coughing.

"Check the others first... 'specially her," she says, indicating Nanoha. "She took a bad hit."
Takashi Agera 2015-12-31 06:58:01 20060
His device, even in his very-out-of-it-state, informs him of the damage to his objective - only a few peices will be recovered and saved. But he's not in any shape to argue about this or try to go after Mikoto - he feels somewhat like he's been torn apart by Open Heart, and this isn't entirely wrong.

Still, he tries to hold hismelf together and be stern. "Yes, lets go, Fate. Thank you for helping me. I don't think I can leave under my own power and hold my henshin together." Still maybe enough information to do something with. Maybe even track the next peice to fall. Or find the Jewel Seeds. But he needs to get back to the lab, for now.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 06:58:22 20061
Amu shrieks in surprise when she finds herself transferred very much elsewhere. "What the heck!" she says, and then looks around concernedly. Her charas came too. Amu breathes a sigh of relief, and then scowls, and turns to point a finger angrily at Mikoto. "Not okay," she says, thumping the olderr girl in the chest unhappily. "It is super not okay to just drag me off somewhere without warning! I need to go back there. To make sure everything's okay! To make sure everyone's okay! Send me back."
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 07:02:41 20063
Nanoha Takamachi is...transported somewhere!? Oh- so that's a dimensional transfer.


She sort of wheezes a bit, she remains sitting on the ground the whole time as she raises a hand. "Where are we?" she asks. She looks to Amu and head tilts. "Hey---are you okay?, too?" she asks wheezedly. "T..that was a barrier. No one else should be hurt, except us..." she says. "That's how a barrier works..."

She just looks down and sad and depressed. "The world is spinning."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 07:08:04 20065
The man - Mikoto's 'Uncle John' - hurries over to Nanoha. "Just lie still, miss, I'm not a doctor but I am a trained medic." He starts checking her over, rather brusque and professional about it.

Mikoto herself leans against her chosen bit of rubble and sighs, long and deep. "Sorry to drag you out like that, kiddo," she says to Amu, "But you're hurt too. I couldn't leave you there to face those two alone... not with rat-face all upset over losing the goodies." She waves at the piles of magitech junk now scattered over the warehouse floor.

She coughs, wincing heavily as she does so. "The barrier would've prevented any civilians getting hurt. Just sit down and rest."

That's what she's doing. Although she doesn't seem to notice the slowly-spreading red stain on the side of the fancy dress.
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 07:10:22 20066
Amu glances down at herself, turns in a circle of inspection, then waves a hand. "I am not even a little hurt!" she protests frustratedly. "I was dazed by the explosion of the ship right next to me, but that's what the Henshin's for. I don't stay hurt for long. He never really attacked me, and neither did that other girl."

Amu glances at Nanoha worriedly, then looks back to Mikoto, "I have no idea what a barrier is. But was it there when the thingie crashed? I don't think so. That place is probably seriously rubble. WHere are we? I'm going back whether you send me there or not. I need to make sure everything's okay."
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 07:14:39 20067
Nanoha Takamachi vision is dizzy. " name's... Nanoha Tackamachi." she suddenly says, because there's presently no danger. "A friend of mine... sent me to ... keep that out of people's hands." she mutters.

She head tilts to Amu and taps her bottom lip. That's a good point, then she looks back to Miss Blue....

"..M..Miss Blue!" she says pointing at her dress and the deep red stain slowly forming- that she can see despite her blurry vision.

She does peek up at the man checking her out. She's hurt- maybe burned a bit--- the barrier jacket did it's job fair enough- nothing that won't heal after a few good days of rest and maybe some basic first aid and a bandage and kiss from mom, etc.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 07:24:22 20069
Bandages, John can provide. Maternal kisses are, however, in short supply here. That particular item will have to wait until Nanoha can return home.

Concluding that she needs little further treatment, John turns about to check on Amu, who seems to be mostly well. So Mikoto gets the rest of his attention. "Miss, you need to get that checked more closely," he insists, and she lets him pull the top away from her skirt to get a look at it. He's patched up her bumps and bruises after fights like this many times before, and she tucks the top in to preserve her modesty while he works.

"Hinamori-san..." she starts to say, and winces. "It hit a... *wince* streetside greenway..." More winces, as John cleans the wound with an alchohol wipe. It's a small cut, but the two attacks blasting through her shield and into her barrier jacket while most of her mana was occupied with the massive transfer spell... there's no way she would've been able to block it all. "... at what, 10 o'clock at night?"

(("Nine forty-seven P.M., Meister.")) Carnwennan would have noted the exact time, of course. (("Emergency services are already responding. My scans detected no civilian presence in the impact zone."))
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 07:34:30 20073
Amu rolls her eyes and turns to go. "Stop getting in my way," she tells Mikoto unhappily as she storms towards th e door ... deeper into the house, because she has no idea where she's going. "You're always in my way. Helping Ikuto. And now stopping me from doing what I need to do. You are not my senpai, nor are you my keeper!" She opens the door and finds an office, then frustratedly turns to Ran. "How do we get out of here?"

Ran just shrugs, sort of dumbfounded at Amu's anger. "I don't know, Amu-chi," she says gently. "Are you okay?"

Amu squeezes her hands together in frustration, then says, "I'm fine. I'm just frustrated," she says to the Charas. "People could have been hurt, and this girl," she points at Mikoto, "keeps trying to decide everything for me!"

"You're jumping to conclusions, Amu-chan," Miki accuses her sternly. "It's not very nice of you."

Amu scowls at Miki, then turns and puts her hands on her hips as she glares at Mikoto. She spots the exit sign over the girl's head, then starts in that direction. "Just leave me alone, and keep your stupid boyfriend out of trouble," she yells over her shoulder as she stalks towards the exit.
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 07:36:00 20074
Nanoha Takamachi bows politely at 'Uncle John' and then to Mikoto. "I hope you're okay...I'm.. going to follow." she blinks. "That girl... thank you... for your help. I'll be back later to talk about this thing. My friend will have things to say about it. Please understand." she says softly.

She goes to follow Amy and looks up at her. She's big- and older and head tilts. She looks between Mikoto and Amu as she blinks and taps her chin again as she holds her side. She's not moving fast.

"...if there were people there..." she looks down. "I want to help too!" she says looking up and determined despite how tired and hurt and exahusted she looks and feels-- all that depression sort of melting away back into determination!

< Caution: Mana Levels Low. > spouts Raising Heart as she follows along.

"People might need help!" she says to her device! Then she winces. She stepped on her leg juuuust the 'right' wrong way.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 07:47:41 20075
Mikoto watches Amu storm off towards... the office. Where Ikuto might well already be sleeping. It's probably fortunate that he isn't there, right at this moment. He must be out searching for X-Eggs. At the very least, he isn't there now, to give Amu yet another surprise. Good.

John finishes bandaging her up while Amu rants, and advises her to be careful - no sports or strenuous excercise for at least a day, more likely three - and that she should really see a proper doctor about it. "Not one that's going to report it to the family, Uncle John. We've gone over this before." She manages to sit up, at least. But she's probably going to need rest soon herself.

The exit door isn't locked, and leads out into a dark street. Somewhere in the city. "Hinamori-san," at least she's able to talk without wincing repeatedly, even if she has to take slow, shallow breaths. "If you really insist on going back..."

(("Mana levels insufficient for dimensional transfer. I suggest civilian transport."))

John looks Mikoto in the eye, shakes his head, knowing she was about to offer his services as chauffer, and speaks in her place. "I'll be glad to call you a cab. We're about ten miles from the impact site, here."
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 08:10:17 20077
Amu stops just before the door, when she hears Raising Heart's warning. She turns and glares back at Mikoto, then considers the offer for a moment. Then she turns back and puts a hand on Nanoha's shoulder. "You should rest," she says gently. "I'll make sure everyone's okay, and then if you give me your phone number," she pulls out a cell phone and offers it to Nanoha, "I'll give you a phonecall and tell you what happened, okay?"

Amu offers Nanoha a genuine smile; reassuring, calm, and confident. Here is a Senpai who knows her business! "And if you need me, you can call me any time. I really appreciate how willing you are to help people. It's really great."

She glances at Mikoto again, then back to Nanoha, "You should take that cab-ride he's offering. I'm gonna fly back. Okay?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2015-12-31 08:12:54 20079
Nanoha Takamachi looks down, and then back up. "Okay..." she says a little moreosely. But--- then she offers a phone number. She digs into her barrier jacket and pulls out a phone befitting of someone in her grade and age- a feature phone with like a bajillion silly, cute charms no doubt won out of gashapon capsles.

She spouts her phone number and then waits for Amu to give her hers so she can enter it. She shoves her phone away.

"You---better call me then!" she says as she crosses her arms insistently. But she sighs and begrudingly accepts the cabride home so her parents can fret over her current state when they realize it.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 08:20:08 20080
Mikoto provides a phone number for the others, too, if they'll take it. (And Carnwennan passes it to Raising Heart, as well as recording the one Nanoha offered.) "Be careful, Hinamori-san," she advises the pink-haired girl. "If those two are still hanging around there..."

She sighs. She's sure they'll be long gone by the time Amu can get back there. Still.

"And lay off Ikuto-kun. You know as well as I do he's a decent guy. Even if he is a stupid stubborn cat."

She sinks back against the chunk of rubble she's been leaning against. "Oh, and Takamachi-san? If you need it, I'm pretty sure there's some Device maintenance tools in amongst all this. If yours needs any work... well, at least we'll have the right tools?"
Amu Hinamori 2015-12-31 08:23:20 20081
Amu offers her number to Nanoha, records Nanoha's number in her phone (and, after a bit of deliberation, Mikoto's), and then offers her pinky to the girl. "I pinky swear to call you," she says with a smile.

Once that's settled, she turns and gives an Akanbe to Mikoto--so elegant--before rushing out the door and becoming Amulet Heart once again. Sixteen kilometers is a lot of ground to cover.

By morning, Remake Honey will have hidden any evidence of the crash. Nanoha will receive a phonecall later that night, asking how she's doing and assuring her that no one else was hurt.