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Scene contains: frightened potential puella, a yelling match between puella veterans, a lot of dirty laundry being shared, and a retail witch.

Date: 2015-12-31
Pose Count: 57
Mami Tomoe 2015-12-31 21:29:45 20106
It's a chilly evening at one of Uminari City's most busy stores. Now that the Christmas season is over, it's time for that other retail season: the Return Of Gifts season.

Working in the line is one girl, with short black hair and a half-smile on her face. While she hates this job, the money she earned from it is enough to get by - it even enabled her to buy her crush a gift!

So she soldiers on, even though all of the customers and the management and such, trying to crush her soul in retail machinery. And for this girl, that's more notable than most, because a tiny silver ring with an amber gem sits on her finger. She is a Puella Magi.

The night passes on, until out of the corner of her eye, she spots someone. Someone familiar. It's the boy she gave the gift to, her crush. She looks over during her transaction. And she sees him. Returning. Her. Gift.

The girl excuses herself and runs out of shop, exiting through the back door.


Mami Tomoe is in her henshin, with her soul gem in her hand. It's pulsating in color as she uses it to track down the telltale wisps of despair that lead her to a witch. She's got two girls behind her, though - for once, she's not alone. Walking with her is Madoka Kaname and Anshi Hayakawa.

"Stay close to me. It's still going to be dangerous once we get there, but you two should both be fine as long as you don't wander off and you keep your heads on straight." Mami says.

Then she stops, as she reaches the back alley of the Shopping Strip. Her eyes narrow. "Here we go." she says, before stomping a booted foot down, pushing her Soul Gem out, and opening a swirling portal into the witch's labrynth that has formed in this back alley. Mami turns to check on both of her young potential kohais, and then steps carefully through the portal.
Madoka Akemi 2015-12-31 21:48:32 20107
    Madoka Kaname is following closely behind Mami Tomoe as the veteran Puella Magi hunts witches. So far witch hunts have mostly meant walking around the city with Mami as she tracks down leads and keeping her company, but it seems tonight is going to be a little different for two important reasons.

    The first is that her classmate, Anshi Hayakawa, also showed up at Mami's apartment. It was quite a surprise to see her, and it took the pink haired girl a few moments to realize that the other girl was there for the same reason as she was; to come along on a witch hunt and learn what it means to be a Puella Magi fighting witches.

    The second is that tonight they actually find a witch's labyrinth. Madoka nods to Mami and offers a reassuring smile, "I'll be alright. I promise I'll stay close, Mami-san." She feels a familiar tickle of fear at the edge of her mind as Mami opens up the entrance to the labyrinth and takes a deep breath to calm herself, letting it out slowly through her mouth before stepping up to the portal and trying to prepare herself for whatever twisted and bizarre world lays beyond it.

    She's been caught up in enough labyrinths that she has a fair idea of what to expect. She has no idea how much experience her new friend and classmate does, however, so she looks over her shoulder at Anshi and smiles, "Mami-san is amazing. I'm know she's strong enough to keep us safe."

    With that she steps up to the swirling barrier portal and then hops through, arms held up vertically in front of herself and twintails momentarily fluttering before she disappears through it.
Hinote Kagari 2015-12-31 21:54:03 20109
Hinote is still rather sour about his shopping trip being ruined by black tendrils and that fox that works for the jerk. Ugh, there was going to be a point he couldn't fudge the date and customs of Earth if he didn't get gifts fast! He's running out of places. OSA-P!? No... too fancy and you don't buy jewerly for 'friends'. Clothing Shop? No--- it seems /too/ plebian this one. He's pretty sure some fanciness would be appreciated.

Hrmmm. Gao was going to be easy- at least. He could buy an assortment of Earthen outdoor gear- which is why he hasn't moved onto that.

Maybe he should go across town...

---eh? Well that's a weird tingling feeling he looks down the alley to see the group of girls down there and one opens a portal. Oh. A witch is near here?

He slips his arm into his pocket, and slips the braclet upon his wrist as he slides into a small alcove.

"To protect justice... I am Guardian Hino..." he mutters under his breath. There's a red flash- and when it's appeared and gone--- Hinote isn't there!

Instead. The Guardian Knight of Fire lands down with a small footfall behind the group and talks. "Witch, right?" he asks. "Let me help." he insists. "Don't worry, I'm not intrested in anything else besides helping. So your grief seed is safe for those who actually need it." he says.

"I'm Guardian Hino." he introduces himself with a flourishing, practiced bow. He glances over to Madoka, familiar as that girl who was on that throne next to Erin that one time. "Who are all of you?" he asks.

"...and why are you not transforming?" he asks.

Hino is assuming these other two are magical girls that have not just transformed yet.

He also follows along regardless, it seems, into the portal.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2015-12-31 21:55:04 20110
Knowing that all of this was real and not a dream has taken some adjustment for Anshi Hayakawa. But after some deliberation (and a really rough Christmas at home), she eventually decided that calling the Puella was a good idea, after all.

Sneaking out after dark isn't hard when your mom pays no attention and your sister is already in bed, and so Anshi showed up to Mami's home right on time. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw Madoka Kaname there, but a quick hug and a smile were the real greetings for the pink-haired girl.

"This is gonna be so cool," Anshi promises Madoka quietly as they follow Mami towards the retail store. "Last time, she swung around like an amazing trapeze artist, and even carried me. I wonder what today will be like."

When Mami alerts them that it's soon going to get dangerous, Anshi puts on a determined face and nods. "I'll be careful," she promises, then smiles at Madoka. "I know she is. And if we get scared, we can just hang onto each other, right?"

Anshi follows Madoka right into the portal, diving in just behind the girl.
Homura Akemi 2015-12-31 21:56:09 20111
    "Are you following those girls?"


    "... yes you are, Homura-san. You're following her. Why are you doing that?"

    Homura Akemi turns sharply to the Puella walking with her. She raises a finger at her, saying, "Now look here, Belina-san. This is my business. Keep your nose out of it!" Homura turns away from Belina, marching towards the back alley that Mami, Anshi, and most importantly Madoka have vanished into.

    "The truth makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it?" calls out Belina, following after Homura at a casual distance.

    "I've got a lot of secrets. I keep them for very good reasons." Homura's tone is terse as she vanishes through the portal.

    Two more Puella Magi join Belina. Laisa crosses her arms. "So our Prophet-chan is going into a labyrinth by herself?"

    "She was following someone," explains Belina.

    Meriko, the third, steps forward. "Whatever. There's a Witch here. That makes it our problem." Once Meriko steps through the portal, the two remaining Puella glance at each other and follow.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 22:00:58 20113
Mikoto has not been particularly happy, today. She's been going over the data downloaded from the wreckage of the Asura, and had been hoping to find information on the current state of the nations of the Dimensional Sea there. After all, her own information was several thousand years out of date. Unfortunately, the TSAB's operating system and data storage format is just that different enough, their encryption just good enough, that she hasn't gotten any good data yet.

So she's gone out for a flight, to relax and get her mind off of the issue. And the other issues she's been worrying about, like her relationships with Ikuto, or Ayana's issues. She'd really like to be able to set them all aside for a while and just do something for herself. But tonight doesn't look like it's going to be the night for it.

Spotting people disappearing into a portal is the first sign. Labyrinths tend to be difficult to spot, after all. And who knows, they might need some help. If nothing else it's a good opportunity to get in and blast something to smithereens.

Floating gently down to a landing outside the portal, she spends a moment dictating a text message to Carnwennan. "This is probably a stupid idea," she syas to herself, once it's sent. "And there's at least three of them in there."

Still, she can't resist the urge to at least check. Make sure that the Puella are going to be OK. That they're going to beat this thing.

"Ah, well. Once more into the breach..." And with that, she pushes a hand into the portal, sliding it open long enough for her to step in.
Runealy Waldia 2015-12-31 22:12:25 20114
Rune has returned to Earth as planned, even if she's puzzled by the ongoing nightmares. They have a new theme, but they're still happening. This has left her revisiting important places from her time spent in Tokyo thus far, and the shopping strip is one of them... even on a cold night like this.

She arrives just in time to see others - some familiar, some not - slipping in to a portal to the unknown. To the unreal. "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand. "The Line of Succession..." Energy-hum noises throb from it as she passes it to the other hand, which brings it to her head in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red, and she's in magical dress... then hurrying after the others, trying to move to join Hino while looking around at the area and various people here.

"Is this what I think it is...?" A worried question, voiced to the gathering in general as her gaze wanders.
Mami Tomoe 2015-12-31 22:36:00 20115
The Labrynth itself is a strange thing (even for a labrynth) - its like endless fields of shopping lanes that never end, though there are cash registers all along them. Behind those registers, spaced out into what seems to be infinity, are literal faceless workers in random patchwork uniforms. Various items are flying down the lanes from one faceless worker to the next, in a never ending chain.

And back at the entrance portal, the group of people that have shown up has a curious effect on Mami. Something she's still not used to is how rapidly people show up to help her fight witches; it's helpful, but it does cut into her 'I am an amazing solo artist hero star' feeling a bit. She pulls a gun from then air and points it forward. "This is a Labrynth, yes." she confirms to Runealy. "I am Mami Tomoe - a Puella Magi, for those of you that know us." she says, smiling a bit.

"These two are with me. Don't worry about them, they're in my care." she continues, rapidly stepping into the Leader Role. "We're going to move forward. I'm pretty sure those..." she points to the faceless retail workers, going about the business of swiping the various mutated items, with her free hand "...are its familiars. This Witch must have recently hatched. If nobody uses powerful magic, they probably won't attack us, so don't hit them until they do. We're looking for the witch at the center of the Labrynth. We're going to kill her before she can hurt anyone." she says. "Does anyone else have any questions?"

Mikoto shuffles in behind them and Mami adds "You can fall in, too." like a practiced and elegant drill seargeant. "We don't need anyone going off on their own.
Madoka Akemi 2015-12-31 22:49:27 20116
    Madoka pauses briefly as Hino lands behind her. She recognizes him from that night when Erin unleashed all manner of witches on the magical defenders of Tokyo. "You should let him help," she comments to Mami, "I've seen him fight powerful witches and win!"

    She looks back over to Anshi, giggling to herself when the other girl mentions getting carried around, "That's a lot of fun, isn't it?"

    Funny, Mami's never had to physically haul Madoka about, has she?

    When asked about herself she bows quickly, "I'm Madoka Kaname. You can call me Madoka if you like."

    Mami jumps through the portal and she steps up to herself, only to look back to Hino, "Hm? Oh, I'm not a magical girl." Fun words to speak just before leaping into the domain of a grief ridden monster of despair.

She's not sure how the whole 'stay close to Mami' thing is supposed to work as more and more magical heroes show up to help fight the witch. Since she hadn't been spoken to directly in the careful introduction Madoka decides that must mean no change of plans, so she hurries over to stand by Mami.

    She blinks a little when Homura and her crew move into the labyrinth as well, and all of a sudden feels somewhat guilty. Madoka closes her eyes and sends the dark haired girl a nervous, apologetic wave. Homura must not be happy to see her here in this bizzare land of faceless cashiers. But at least she's with Mami, right?
Homura Akemi 2015-12-31 23:00:35 20117
    Homura tilts her head at Mami as she assumes a take charge role. How typical. Well, as much as it annoys her personally, it would be stupid to fight over it here. "I'm just here to make sure Madoka stays safe. Don't lose your head over it."

    As the three Puella who followed Homura come up behind her, Laisa leans forward and asks, "Homura-chan... who is that girl?" Her eyes are transfixed on Mami.

    "That's Mami Tomoe. She's one of the ones I warned you about. She's strong, so don't bother picking a fight." Homura isn't even looking at Mami, her eyes focusing on Madoka.

    "... but she seems so nice! She seems like she knows what she's doing, too," objects Laisa.

    Homura blankly stares ahead. "The nicest ones can sometimes be the worst, no matter how skilled they are."

    Laisa frowns, and walks ahead of Homura, following after Mami. Homura watches her as she goes ahead. Meriko places a hand on Homura's shoulder, saying, "Prophet-chan, whatever dark future you've seen about her, we're fighting to prevent those things, right? Try to have a little more faith." Meriko moves ahead before she can see Homura gnashing her teeth at her.

    "We can't solve every problem!" Homura's objection gets ignored as the others walk past and ahead of her. Homura then notices Madoka waving at her, and she walks up to the pink-haired girl, her face the very image of severity. Her expression gets softer as she gets closer to Madoka, though it's clear that she isn't happy.

    "Let me guess. Tomoe-san wants to show you what it means to be a Puella Magi. I can't think of any other reason she'd take you to such a dangerous place."

    Homura places a hand on Madoka's back, saying, "I'll look after you, so don't worry." Homura's hand then slips away and she focuses her attention on their surroundings.
Hinote Kagari 2015-12-31 23:06:08 20118
Guardian Hino looks towards Runealy and smiles. "Princess, hello! Yes this appears to be a witch." he says as he turns to the labyrinth that the witch has created. Ugh, if there was EVER a sight that matched his current thoughts earlier- it would had been this one. Endless large shelves, faceless retail workers--- bleeh, this doesn't make him feel good.

He has some familiarity with these things. So his hand merely grasps the hilt of his longsword- he doesn't draw it. For all he knows, that'd be like a big giant 'we're here' light.

He tip toes after the group- he tries to keep near Runealy. He gives her a glance as he looks back to Madoka and blinks. "Well... you have a lot of people here to protect you, so no worries on that front. Just keep your head on straight and clear, okay?" he offers a smile. Oh- then he gives a blush. "Well.. not that strong." he mutters. He doesn't care about 'strength'.

He watches the interaction between Homura and Madoka and purses his lips. "Akemi-san, hello!" he greets. He looks over to her entorage of other Puella Magi. Hrm... Mami... Homura... the two with Homura it seems. Four Puella Magi. One Grief Seed. Maybe he'd see that fight that's supposed to break out over a grief seed. Should he get involved if that happens? The Princess probably will. Yeah. Runealy would get in the middle of that, he thinks to himself. He should be ready.

"I think these things are probably gonna notice us before that thou..." he mutters.

"They always seem to do.."
Runealy Waldia 2015-12-31 23:16:22 20119
Rune has little context for grasping this labrynth. Sure, she knows what cash registers are and vaguely understands modern retail... but she does not understand why a Witch's 'sub-world' would represent it; stores back home are simply not quite this crushing even in their busiest seasons, the scale of economy doesn't really allow for such conditions to exist.

And so confusion mixes with the usual fear and 'wrong' that are felt in such a place. Runealy starts to aim at the familiars, but explicitly holds off from attacking them once Mami warns her off this. "Ah... if you're sure." She's hesitant about just ignoring familiars like this, but decides to follow the advice anyway.

Explanations that 'these two' - Rune gives a quick look to Anshi and Madoka - are with Mami is more than enough to make Rune presume the best of them. "Alright. In that case," she quiets down for a moment as Homura's entourage argues... then she nods over to Hino.

"In that case, our plan hasn't changed. Same as always. If we find a Grief Seed, make sure only a Puella Magi or someone definitely a friend of one gets it. Doesn't matter which one, so long as nobody can use it as 'leverage' against them. Other than that... I'll stay with you, we'll get through this like we did the first time, okay?" She still remembers the time in the 'castle' with those bizarre crab-creatures.

And so for now she's content to follow Mami's plan and keep close to Hino... even as she glances over to Homura to add: "That goes for you too. We'll help as best we can... and some time I'd like to talk with you to better apologize. Some time when we're not in danger."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-12-31 23:19:40 20120
Tessen steps up to join the small crowd of Puella. She waves quickly to Madoka, if she can get the girl's attention, and she nods briefly.

"I've fought a witch or two before, but I'll follow your lead on this. If things get bad, call on me, I'll shield who I can."

She looks briefly over at Homura, but in this form isn't supposed to know the girl, so she stays quiet. Instead she bows briefly to Hino and Runealy. "Highess, sir knight. A pleasure to work with you."

She moves just a little bit stiffly, as if she perhaps overslept last night, or something. And she's having flashbacks to the insanity of gift-shopping, thanks to the labyrinth's form. Just wonderful. Still, she's here, she's not going to back out now.
Mami Tomoe 2015-12-31 23:28:13 20121
Mami's eyes narrow when Homura states her reason for being here. "And what about the other ones you have? I find it very odd you're so hostile about me taking Kaname-san and Hayakawa-san along when you have three. It's almost like you're trying to out-do me. And I don't need your help. Kaname-san will be fine with me, I give you my word. But if you want to make this a fight over the grief seed here, you must be desperate." Mami says, cooly.

"Ignore her, Kaname-san. I take responsibility for you." Mami says, taking a hand and pulling Madoka close - almost as if she's trying to protect her from Homura. Or, perhaps, from Homura's influence.

"Everyone's welcome to help as long as you're helping and not getting in the way." she says to Hino and Rune, smiling a bit. A very massive change in how she currently addresses Homura. "We can talk once we're not here. Work first, pleasantries later. But we can certainly do tea!"

Mami leads the group - or at least, the portion of it following her - deeper into the Labrynth. The checkout scanners keep making that soft beep noise, and it almost sounds like a concert of beeps. And then, suddenly, everything changes. The beeping stops, and all of the faceless cashiers turn their heads to look at the group. They do not turn thier bodies. Instead, their heads twist - some of them more than once - before stopping.

Then, they draw barcode scanners from their respective kisoks, like weapons, bright red flashes and barcode-like lines of red energy shoot out towards the group!

Mami's hand erupts in a little flower motif as a golden barrier comes up around Madoka and Anshi - and she then starts creating guns, drawing, and firing and the familiars. "Looks like we're open for business!" she shouts to the group(s).
Madoka Akemi 2015-12-31 23:54:49 20122
    There's too much going on for Madoka to pay attention to it all, so she misses some of the conversation between Homura and her teammates. She does hear the Puella with messy white hair call her 'Prophet-chan', though, and after a moment it causes her to lift her hand to her mouth and giggle into it for a few moments. It's pretty easy for Madoka to guess how Homura could get a nickname like that.

    A bit of motion catches the corner of her eye and she lifts her hand to give Tessen an embarrassed little wave back. Yes, the girl who was so upset about causing damage and destruction by getting involved in a fight she didn't belong in has willingly walked into a witch labyrinth. The hypocrisy of the situation isn't lost on her.

    Likewise a weak smile is given to Guardian Hino, "I won't do anything stupid to put myself in any more danger."

    Her good humor fades when she's given that severe look, jolting into a straighter posture suddenly with widened eyes before slowly slouching a bit by bit like a wilting flower, the playfulness fading from her face. That specific glare isn't one she's felt for quite some time, and all at once it reminds her of how even unintentional glares from the dark haired Puella used to put her on edge.

    Though she isn't exactly on edge now, especially not as Homura walks up and places a hand on her back. She knows what Homura is doing here, aside from just hunting a witch. Even if she didn't her friend makes it explicit.

    Her first words come in defense of Mami, who in Madoka's view does not deserve the full brunt of the accusation Homura levels against her, "Yes, because I asked her to! Because I think, even if I don't plan to make the contract," that bit might actually be news to the blonde veteran, "I still think it's very important that I know what I'm getting myself into, or giving up. You may think I'm foolish for it, but even though I believe you when you tell me how dangerous it is, and what the downsides are I still want to see it for myself."

    After Homura takes a step away Madoka follows a single one, only to have her hand taken by Mami and pulled closer. She looks between the two with a suddenly very worried expression. "Mami-san... I can't just ignore her. She's my best friend." Madoka shifts nervously as she follows along. A vision of the memory Homura and Kyouko fighting each other as much as a witch fills her head, and her hand starts to sweat a little as it holds onto Mami's.

    "Mami-san... I'm not worth fighting another Magical Girl over... If something like that were to happen, I'd-" She's interrupted as all the familiars suddenly become active, a sinking feeling suddenly in her chest. She instinctively flinches as the flashes of energy shoot her way, only to give a sigh of relief as the barrier springs up and protects her. For the moment she's not going anywhere, it seems.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 00:07:13 20123
Guardian Hino draws his sword the moment the creatures look at them and it goes very silent from all the beeping stopping. "Well." he says. "I'm not happy I'm right, at the moment." he says as the elegantly crafted longsword sings through the air. "Yeah, just like before. I still remember the plan." he smiles to Runealy. "Only this time. I'm not just throwing bricks and rocks~" he says

Mami goes about protecting her charges with a barrier. Good. He sort of just glows with a firey red aura for a moment before he charges into the fray of red scanning lasers, he seems to weave under them-- going low before he swings his sword upwards leaving a fire tail in it's wake-----

"Combustion." he calls out.

There's an explosive fire burst from the fire trail that should hopefully clear out his immediate area in front of him to make it safer for Runealy to follow him. He turns around to face another barrage- but one of Tessen's shields is suddenly there. He hehs. "Thanks." is all he says before he jumps over the shield and into another group from above- trying to swing into them proper.

He's eventually going to run out of luck dodging scanning lasers- but for now he's just trying to cut through as many as he can-- also. Shouldn't they also be pushing forward?

Or maybe if they're loud enough the witch will come to them...

That's happened before, right?

"I'll clear a path, Princess. Let me know if any of these things try to be clever." he says.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-01 00:13:19 20124
    Homura glances towards Hino and Runealy as they each address her. "Hello, Hino-san, Princess-san. You don't have to keep apologizing forever. That was a while ago. Besides, you've been respecting the interests of Puella Magi, ever since I warned you about the nature of that Grief Seed. I think you've more than made up for it."

    Tessen goes relatively unnoticed by Homura. Henshin magic has its benefits.

    Mami speaks, and Homura twitches. "These girls have already contracted, and they have plenty of skills. They aren't my kohais, they're allies. They know what they're getting into, and it's too late to save them from the horrors of being a magical girl. I'm not dragging innocent people into danger. I'm just trying to prepare my team for what's to come ahead. My conscience is clear."

    Mami reaches out to hold Madoka, and Homura jealously grabs Madoka's other hand. "I don't care what kind of friends you make, Tomoe-san, but you have no right to tell me not to protect someone."

    Madoka defends Mami, and Homura watches her as she explains. "Madoka-chan, if you want to see it, then that's alright. It's perfectly possible to keep you out of danger while showing you things... assuming Mami doesn't get killed, but I'm going to follow you and make sure you don't get hurt, and I wont let stupid time-wasting fights get in the way of that."

    The golden barrier rises, and Homura is forced to step away and release Madoka's hand. Angrily, she glares at Mami, though the sounds of battle pull her attention away from her fued. "Inquisition, eyes up! Laisa, Meriko, I want a defensive wall around the main group. Belina, you and me are on the familiars!"

    Walls made of Glass, from Meriko, and Void, from Laisa, rise up out of the ground, blocking a lot of the incoming shots. Belina forms a blade of light and charges into the fray, and Homura provides covering fire from the muzzles of a pair of uzis.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-01 00:21:18 20125
"I don't know how pleasant this will be," Rune remarks to Tessen, "But we'll work with you." She looks worried in light of the ongoing argument, not sure what to think of it... and Rune certainly won't be taking sides at this point. Mami nets a "Sure, we can talk later"; she's curious what that would involve, since Rune didn't bring it up with her first. Homura's response further ensures she's staying neutral in this spat between Puella Magi, drawing a surprised but relieved gasp. "If that's how you feel... thank you!" That sort of forgiveness immediately takes a load off her heart.

Yet for now, Rune follows Mami. She's curious about what Madoka just said, and speaks up: "It may be dangerous, but if you really want to know... if you really want to see, this would probably be the best and worst example you'll get." She might say more, but the surrounding beeps alarm her.

They cause Runealy to abruptly stare at the scanners and ask: "Is it normal for the cell phones to be making noise like that?" They're not cell phones, but she hasn't quite had the time to do a sit-down talk with someone to cure her of this misconception that every Earth invention is 'a cell phone.' Perhaps soon.

Not now though, as the scanners soon begin to attack and not just make weird noise. "Ah!?" Runealy's boot-wings light up, blue-silver energy pulsing to launch her over the red beams. Wand aiming down, she retaliates with a few green orbs that launch from her staff and aim to burst into emerald sparkles upon contact with the cashiers. She's keeping her distance, trying to watch where Mami is shooting to avoid overlapping efforts with her... and also keeping an eye on Hino, to make sure nothing's getting on his sides as he pushes forward. "This is a /lot/ better than throwing rocks!" She definitely agrees with him on that point.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-01 00:30:13 20126
Anshi fell silent the moment they entered the maze. Without hesitation, she stuck by Mami's side, but as the arguing wears on between Homura and Mami between the two, she reaches out to very gently take Madoka's hand and give it a reassuring squeeze.

"It seems like everyone likes you, Madoka-chan," Anshi chimes in quietly, though her eyes are on all of the Puella Magi working in concert (or in spite of one another) to take out the familiars.

"Akemi-san, Tomoe-senpai, your boyfriend. So many people love you. I'm jealous," Anshi admits with a smile. "But it would be nice if Akemi-san wasn't always picking fights. This is the second time she's come into a Labyrinth Tomoe-senpai is fighting and started trouble with her. It seems so sad that she's always picking fights when they would make such good allies."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 00:37:09 20127
Tessen smiles lightly and nods to the princess. "We'll see," she agrees, and moves on with the group, following Mami. She walks softly, avoiding even sensory magics, for now. She's taken Mami's warning about active magic attracting the familiars' attention seriously, it seems.

She keeps quiet, too, through the Madoka-turf-war arguments between Mami and Homura. She's met Madoka before, and found her courageous if unskilled. Having the girl get a little experience under the protection of such a large and, apparently, experienced group is a good thing, in her eyes, even if Madoka doesn't have any magic... yet. A faint little smile touches her lips, however, when Madoka says she does not plan to Contract. From what she's head, that's probably a good thing.

Unfortunately, that brings us to the violence portion of today's show. "Well, that's... oh dear." Dozens of familiars abandon their previous apathetic pose, turning to focus on the intruders... "Not good at all," she adds, and that's when the barcodes start to fly.

(("Protection!")) A spell-glyph briefly appears under her feet, as another appears in mid-air, adding to the defenses raised by Homura's team. Carnwennan's hilt slides into her hand, and the Device's blade shimmers into existence as she grasps it. "You want rocks?" She starts conjuring Flicker Shots, sending the blue-gleaming daggers of light flying, directing them with waves of her blade like an orchestra conductor. "Sorry, fresh out. All I've got is a hefty helping of photokinetics. Here, have some!" Under her direction, the blue lights spiral out at the familiars.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-01 00:57:45 20128
There are, to put it mildly, a large number of heroes in this labrynth. So While there are many MANY faceless creepy familiars and a large number of attacks flying from them, on the average the heroes will find this easier than most labrynths due to the relative smaller numbers of familiars becoming a problem for any one of them specifically.

Hino's combustion tears through some of the large creatures, and makes an opening in one of the 'checkout scanning' belts too. Runealy's green orbs shred a few large familiars themselves, and so too do Mikoto's Flicker Shots. Belina's blade cuts a few more down, and Homura's uzis do work.

Not to be outdone, Mami twirls like a ballerina on one toe, and as she does so, veritable wings erupt out of her back. Wings made of guns. Those guns become a constant barrage of gunfire, because Mami is not to be outdone in front of Madoka and Anshi!

With them all working together, it doesn't take very long to down even this massive horde of familiars.

"I'm not telling you not to protect her, Akemi-san. I'm saying she's my charge. I brought her to this place, at her request. So I will protect her." Mami says as she unloads her matchlocks into familiars. "I'm saying it's pointless for you to double up on something I'm already doing, and a waste of valuable effort when fighting a witch. That sort of thing is dangerous. I'm not going to get killed."

Another barrage of fire erupts from all of the heroes as she keeps talking. "I do think it's rather rude of you to just arrive here with an entire party when I was clearly already handling the situation." she adds, looking at Homura out of the corner of her eyes. "It's also a waste of your magic, and the girls you brought here. I would've had it, especially with all of the help that arrived. While I am not... ungrateful for your assistance, unlike the assistance of these others, yours isn't something you can freely give without consequences. Neither is that of your... allies."

As the group continues to push through the familiars, Anshi talks. And Mami chimes in. "It's not as though I don't want to work with you, Akemi-san. It's that you are making it difficult."

Finally the familiars are dispatched, and suddenly, part of the back 'wall' of the area opens up. Well, it slides apart, like automatic doors. And everyone is suddenly deposited into a large room, walls made of filing cabinets. Some open, some closed - the open ones contain folders and folders and folders of pink papers, all massively oversized and written in witch runes. Before the group is a massive desk, several stories tall. Behind that desk leans the witch herself. (Her witch name is on a nameplate on the desk, likewise in runes.) The witch gives out a massive, sudden roar, and the filing cabinets open up, spraying papers everywhere, each with edges sharp as blades! Mami peppers the ones coming towards her and her two charges with explosive rounds - but everyone else has some of their own to deal with!
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 01:16:05 20129
    Madoka is put in the uncomfortable position of being caught between two people with different ideologies, motives, and intentions. To make matters even worse she's physically held by each of them as well as Homura takes her other hand. She's left looking between the two as they argue over her.

    When Homura tells Madoka that it's okay to do what she's doing, but that she's going to follow the pink haired girl's expression changes to one of distress. But before she can voice her concern the battle begins, and suddenly it's a terrible idea to distract any of the magical girls and boys as they go about the business of fighting the witch's familiars and making their way deeper into the labyrinth.

    The name of Homura's group gets noted but right now her mind is too busy on other things.

    The good thing about the two veteran Puella Magi both being around is that they're both incredibly skilled, and both seem to be leading different groups from a command position. Between Homura and her Puella Inquisition and Mami's leadership of the non-Puella Mahous Madoka has little worry what the outcome will be for this particular witch. There's an absolutely incredible amount of magical firepower being thrown around and not with any small amount of skill.

    Even upset as she is Madoka can't help but admire the spectacle that fully eight magical heros put on as they go about the dangerous work of clearing the labyrinth of familiars. She looks over as Anshi comments to her and makes a nervous laugh. "It is nice but it looks like sometimes having so many people liking you can lead to trouble," she comments as she looks between Homura and Mami. She then blinks and looks at Anshi with wide eyes when she says they all love her, shaking her head and waving her hands defensively, "Ehhh?! I-I don't think it's quite like that, Anshi-chan!"

    She lets out a small sigh of relief as Mami talks to Homura while she fights against the familiars. To Madoka these words make a lot of sense and will hopefully go a long way towards deescalating the situation.

    Another nervous smile is sent towards Anshi, "I'm afraid that's my fault. Homura-chan is only trying to protect me, but I keep getting myself into dangerous situations. Try not to blame her too much, Anshi-chan."

    Things suddenly change in the Labyrinth, and Madoka crouches down and covers her head as the papers fly out and are taken out with explosive rounds. It's not cowering though- she's just trying to stay relatively safe. She looks around the area for anything large and solid enough to hide behind and peek out from that isn't currently spitting death and takes Anshi's hand, trying to take the initiative in dragging the other girl along for a relatively protected hiding spot.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 01:31:56 20130
Guardian Hino is busy swinging througb familiars until--- they thin out? Huh. Didn't seem to be an endless wave then. That's good. He looks around- he keeps his sword drawn- this party is already crashed- no point in reseathing it. "Well..that wasn't-----"

Oh, then they're all dumped into what appears to be a horrible back office area as he tumbles around and falls down on his back. He pulls himself up quickly using his sword to quicken this process a lot like a walking stick. He looks upwards.

"Well-- I was about to say. That wasn't too bad." he says.

"But. That's moot now. Well. Maybe I'm still right! This is worse!" he says.

A Bunch of papers come raining down. Well. He has a blade. And he is also fire. These are like two of paper's worst enemies right?

"BURNING IGNITION!" cries out Guardian Hino as he sends a swirling wave of fire upwards from the gem of his sword as he holds it upwards- the flat of the blade pressed upon his opposite palm.

One gets through though and it cuts through his right arm---oh--god-- that hurts. That hurts like 10,000 papercuts all at once and it burns.

He actually has to take a moment to try to steady himself. He can trudge through the pain for now however.

Though not forever. Hopefully the Puella Magis present can destroy thier target before it levies more powerful attacks.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-01 01:35:09 20132
    Homura's team gets to work. Belina overhears Anshi's comment between slicing up Familiars, silently concentrating on her task while also listening. She calls out, "Why don't you like Tomoe-san, Prophet-chan? I know you don't like to fight, so why?"

    "Now is not the time to be listing grievances, Confessor-chan!" shouts back Homura, turning around to shoot down another cashier familiar.

    Belina frowns at that, though she doesn't once break away from her fight. "You should be more honest with your feelings."

    Then Mami explains that it's 'pointless' for Homura to protect Madoka when she's already doing that. Homura turns to Belina and says, "Hear that, Confessor-chan? That's why." Belina winces.

    Then Mami continues to lecture her, and Homura scowls. Her scowl only deepens as the lecture goes on, but she doesn't respond until she hears the rest of it. Whatever hostility she feels towards Mami, the rest of her team doesn't seem to share it, or understand it.

    Meriko does speak up to Mami, saying, "She didn't invite us, to be fair. We just followed her in. That's completely our own fault."

    "I've seen bigger teams than this work, Tomoe-san," says Homura. Granted, Mami was part of those teams, at one point. "I know how to manage things. More Puella Magi mean less individual magic spent, which means Grief Seeds last longer. It also means greater firepower, and less of a chance that you'll meet a Witch, or a Puella Magi, that you can't handle. It's not a waste, quite the opposite. It's safer this way."

    "So far all you've done is passive-aggressively tell me to get lost, as if you really expect me to just turn a blind eye when my best friend is in danger. When you pull things like that you really have no right to accuse me of making things difficult."

    That probably wasn't the turnaround that Madoka wanted to hear, but Homura's being rubbed in all of the wrong ways. "From the very start I was trying to get you guys to unite with me, but Kyouko refused a job with WPS and then picked a fight with us, and no matter how much of that was caused directly by her own actions the rest of you just turned on me without a second thought on her word alone, no matter how shifty you knew Kyouko-san was!"

    "I even had a sweet deal set up. Free Grief Seeds, a nice paycheck... but no, you'd rather fight. Well now there's a fight. Don't blame me when you get exactly what you wanted."

    Apparently now actually is the time to list grievances. Homura must be pretty old-hat at this if she's able to carry on about all that while gunning down familiars. When the doors open, and the Witch reveals herself, several spheres of light and void fly towards the giant monster, while countless glass shards appear and intercept much of that terrifying paperwork. Homura discards her uzis to pull out a larger machine gun, also blasting down the razor-sharp paper before it can become a threat to them.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-01 01:35:21 20133
"She picked a fight when it wasn't even about you, though," Anshi tells Madoka quietly. "I don't think it's about you at all, Madoka-chan," she adds with a frown. "I think Akemi-san is hiding some very deep hurt that she won't talk to anyone about, and she's taking it out on Tomoe-senpai."

Like Madoka, Anshi is in awe of all the magical heroes being so heroic, but she apparently doesn't know how to stop talking, because she just keeps nattering right on while they all fight the witch. "Honestly, I just think Akemi-san needs a big hug," Anshi notes softly. "Or maybe a party thrown in her honor. I wonder if we can get Tomoe-senpai to invite her to a tea party. I bet that would cheer her up. Either way, though, she needs to stop picking fights, whether it's about you or not."

When Madoka starts dragging her off, Anshi looks somewhat confused. "What? Where ... oh a hiding spot!" says the young girl as they hide behind a shopping cart. "You're so clever, Madoka-chan! I wouldn't have even thought of that. Geeze, Tomoe-senpai and Akemi-san are so amazing, and so are all of these other girls, and that boy. It really is amazing to watch them all! So powerful. So elegant. So free. Hey what's that?" Anshi asks, pointing at the nameplate on the desk.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-01 01:38:20 20134
Rune winces at Mami's at-length critique of Homura's decisions, and now she feels compelled to chime in with a worried voice: "Wait... just stop. Not now, okay? Can't we have this discussion after the fighting is over, not during it?" She takes a deep breath after that, taking a moment to rest after the skirmish with familiars.

Then they're at the end. The heart of the lair, it would appear. As before, her boot-wings light up to hurl the princess around to avoid the initial onslaught... but there is a /lot/ of paper. Trying to just outright dodge an entire storm of them proves to be a questionable idea, and by the time she lands from her leaps Rune has been glanced in several places; papercut after papercut lend weight to the idea she should try something else next time, hissing as pain throbs through arms and legs and midsection alike. She's lucky no one of them hit a vital place, but that might not be the case if it happens again.

With the paperstorm in mind, Rune takes aim for... technically at the witch, but she's actually more concerned with the swirling projectiles between her and the monster. "Hino, you talked about 'clever' earlier... let's try this! Follow behind my shots!"

Then her wand lashes out with another orb. This one splits apart in mid-air, becoming a wide spray of green sparkles. Runealy is trying to open up a gap in the witch's attack, hoping that it can create a sort of path for Hino to follow through.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 01:44:51 20135
Tessen keeps up her own work, taking out famliars with quick bursts of Flicker Shots, conserving a few from each burst for the battle with the witch itself. She's absolutely certain she'll need the extra power by the time they get there.

"Be glad, Akemi-san. Kaname-san is getting the chance to learn the trade under complete protection. It's certainly better than being thrust into the midst of battle without support, don't you think?"

Then the familiars start to thin out. This is a good ting, right?

"That said, Akemi-san has a point, you know. And don't discount cooperation with those of us who don't need grief seeds. It just means more left over for those of you who do need them."

Papers start flying. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Witch of a Thousand Papercuts. How wonderful. Her blade lashes out, intercepting papers as they near her, the tip cutting through several as she holds up a shield with her free hand. The exertion seems to be telling on her, she's sweating a little, and there's a few dots of red on the white of her tunic - especially on her left side, where she was wounded the night before. She keeps fighting, however, unwilling to let up, with more and more Flicker Shots forming and hovering around her, waiting for the command to strike - probably in time with Mami's own finishing attack.

"Let me help, Princess," she calls, and expands her shield, stretching it out to help cover Runealy, as she presses forward along with the other. "A classic phalanx! We can make this work!"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-01 02:03:06 20136
There is some truth in Homura's statement. The raw level of firepower being levied here means that this is most assuredly not a witch that will be one who cannot be handled by the group - while there might be cuts and bruises, there is an impressive strength shown from all who arrived to stop this one. Another barrier goes up over Anshi and Madoka, clearly curtesy of Mami, still worried about their saftey.

But it does seem like she's equally worried about yelling at Homura. Strangely, this seems to make her more accurate, like the focus on arguing leaves her no time to be fancy or entertaining, and she's all business when it comes to blasting papers out of the sky.

"Akemi-san, I do want teamwork. I've wanted teamwork the whole time." she says, a bit softly - though loud enough to be heard over the roaring flame of fire, the gunfire both matchlock and modern, the bursts of orbs from Rune and the blasts from Mikoto. She turns to Mikoto. "I appreciate your help, and the Princess and her Guardian, very much." she even manages, somehow, to get a little bow out in the din of combat.

Then she goes back to talking to Homura, her voice steadily raising as she does. "And I tried to approach you."But your sweet deal turned sour rather quickly when Kyouko didn't accept it, didn't it? And you were at least complicit. It might be easier for me to accept your words when I didn't have to blow a hole through the walls of your little office to rescue Kyouko from whatever that horrid woman was doing to her."

Oh yeah, Mami's still upset about that. In fact, that might be the core of things Mami's very upset about regarding Homura Akemi. "If Kyubey hadn't told me where she was? Would you have kept Kyouko there forever? Whatever misgivings we both have about her, I think we know who the villians were in that experience, and it was NOT Kyouko. So yes, I would rather fight, if that's the sort of work you want to offer me!" she adds, and a burst of fire erupts from her lined up guns, clearing the way to the witch; widening the path that Runealy, Mikoto, and Hinote are making, leaving a large corridor with no papers in flight, it's a clear shot for all.

Mami turns away from the yelling argument to get down to business. And business in this case means setting up a giant artillery peice-sized cannon. "I apologize that this might not be a good introduction, Hayakawa-san, Kaname-san. Usually I do not spend the entire fight having a discussion." she adds with a soft smile as the cannon clearly charges up with energy.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 02:18:55 20138
    Madoka gives Anshi a small smile, "That's not all that far from the truth. There are a lot of things that Homura-chan can't share, and I believe her when she says it would be bad if she did." As to the comment of someone giving her a hug? "She does need a big hug, and I'll give her another one once the danger is gone. It helps, but it looks like even as happy as she's been lately she's still upset about the way things have gone between her and Mami-san." She looks over to the nameplate and tilts her head, "I'm... not sure!"

    Homura seems to take Mami's comments in an entirely different manner than Madoka did, and even as they all struggle to protect themselves from the flying paper she airs her grievances. And Madoka, she doesn't know enough about those situations to be able to comment on them. The picture her friend paints is of being vilified right from the start by the actions of an associate of hers. Whether or not it's entirely accurate Madoka feels bad, because she can tell Homura is being honest about the way she feels.

    As Mami gives her response Madoka actually resorts to covering her face with her hands as the horrible incident with Kyouko is brought up. There's more to that little episode than Mami is mentioning, especially things that happened right after Mami freed Kyouko, but the last thing Madoka is going to do right now is bring up anything that would only make it look like she was choosing sides and potentially incense both Mami and Homura at the same time.

    The battle rages on as all the magical heroes fight to protect themselves against the bombardment of papers. The hiding spot Madoka has found seems to keep Anshi and herself mostly out of harms way, but not entirely. Mami's shield springs back into place just in time to protect them from those razor sharp papers, which bounce off of it ineffectually. Then the massive cannon forms and Madoka can't quite help herself as the energy builds up. "Ohhhh..."

    It's not a very intelligible reply to Mami's apology, but it might be closer to what she's looking for than a more proper response.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 02:23:10 20139
Guardian Hino sort of grows terse at the fighting. You never, ever have a disagreement on stage, while in an act! You can argue during the cast party! Which means- Hino isn't going to butt into this verbal argument- also- everyone else already is. That's not to say listening to it still isn't distracting. Besides- it gives him something to focus on besides the sharp bladed cut on his right arm.

Runealy clears it out, he grins. "Thank you, Princess." he calls out, gratefully. He has a clear shot.

He holds his sword straight and pointed forward at the witch as the gem flashes a moment.

"Fire...!" he calls out, before a violent firey light escapes from the blade- a jet of fire spinning through the air and without hinderance.

"Blazer!" he calls out, the jet growing much stronger from the blade. He's just trying to hit this thing with a powerful firey attack.

His eyes do trace over to where Madoka and Anshi are for a moment- good! Mami's still doing the barrier thing. Mami must be as good as the two were claiming earlier if she's somehow keeping a disagreement going while doing a barrier thing while apparently also creating a giant magical artillery piece apparently.

He's just hoping this doesn't end in tears in some Grief Seed fight.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-01 02:27:52 20141
    Homura Akemi side-eye glances at Anshi. She can't really deny that she's feeling a lot of deep pain, but the reason she's taking it out on Mami is because a lot of it is her fault. She hates the fact that she can't explain that right now.

    She shoots her glare right back at Mami, responding fiercely. "When Kyouko and I first met, the first thing she did was threaten Nagisa-chan, the youngest Puella I've ever met, into getting out of her territory. When she had nowhere else to go. On top of that, she'd been hostile and violent to me well before she was every captured and tortured!"

    "When White-san decided that she had enough of her crap, I felt morally obligated to comply just to keep that madwoman off the streets! I didn't like the fact that she was being tortured, I actually hated that, but at least the other Puella Magi around felt safe when Kyouko-san wasn't around. But I guess a veteran like you wouldn't know what it's like to be bullied by bigger fish, would you?"

    "Her punishment may not have been just or fair, but she most certainly deserved to be punished in some way, and while she wasn't the only villain, she most certainly was one of them!"

    "As for when Kyouko would be released, well, let's be honest. She would've gotten out sooner or later. That girl is a force of nature. You can't stop someone like her forever, unless you just kill her outright. Truth is, I didn't help her because I didn't think she needed it."

    Homura gives a 'tch' at Mami's apology to Madoka and Anshi, saying, "You bring them along so they can get an accurate taste of what being a Puella Magi means, didn't you?"

    Homura sees the opening, as do the rest of her posse, and each one fires into the Witch in their own way: Rockets, Glass, Void, Light. None of them have a big strong finisher like Mami, but they see their opening and they are taking it.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-01 02:37:05 20143
"Yeah, I can see that," Anshi says to Madoka, then shrieks as the papers come in to attack them. Mami's shield protects them, and she laughs nervously and puts a hand behind her head. "I wasn't scared," she tells Madoka. "Were you scared?" She was totally scared.

Things are getting a little too intense for her to care much about the ongoing fight, though, so now she's just staring at Mami's giant canon, in awe of the magical girl's power. "She's so cool," she whispers quietly next to Madoka.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-01 02:39:55 20145
"A what?" Rune isn't familiar with classical formations... war on a scale large enough to use such things is almost unheard of on her world. Nonetheless she tries to cooperate with Tessen's idea. If Tessen wants to shield her while the princess works on the paper-storm, that sounds fine by her. Mami's gratitude nets a mid-fight nod, but there's not much more for Rune to say just yet... especially since the Puella Magi seem to still be fighting amongst one another, if verbally.

Just what is going on there? Wait... 'White-san'? Did Homura just say... she did. A chill runs through Runealy as she runs this new information through her head, matching it with things she already knows about one of her world's saviors. Runealy has no words, she says nothing, but she's visibly 'sick' over this; not sickened toward White, but sick at having to parse this sort of thing about someone.

It's probably just as well Tessen is trying to shield her; this revelation is significantly slowing Rune down. She still tries, wand raised to continue firing on the Witch... but this time it is very distracted thin red rays she fires, nowhere near her usual 'payload' on such things. Far less than nearly anyone else is contributing to this team effort.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 02:44:52 20146
Tessen has no idea what happened with Kyouko. And despite the apparent importance of it, now is not the time to ask! "Hugs can wait until this is done, Kaname-san! Just focus, watch and learn!"

She steps to one side as Hino's fire-blast goes out, hoping her shield is sufficient protection for him and Runealy. This has the potential to get awfully messy if they don't take out the witch quickly.

She continues stacking up the Flicker Shots while Homura rants, and she takes careful mental notes. She's had her concerns about Miss White ever since the battle on the rooftop, and this just shows her that she was right to be worried.

This isn't the time for it, however. She notes Runealy's change of pattern, paying close attention to the fighter she's working alongside - much more than anyone else, right now - and focuses, trying to extend her shield further to cover the princess. Her sword flicks out to catch a flying paper that gets around the shield, stabbing through it and slicing it in half.

All that's left is to join the attack. Seeing the cannon set up, the other Puella adding their own firepower... now's the time. She waves her blade forward, like a marshal's baton ordering a charge... and the Flicker Shots she's been stacking up do exactly that, searing a path through the air towards the witch.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-01 03:11:56 20148
Even with the perhaps constant distraction of Mami and Homura yelling over the fight - there's still a big lot of something to be said for the volume of fire everyone's directing at the unfortunate Retail Witch. A hail of rockets, a blast of Flicker Shots, Fire Blazer, Runealy's green orbs, and the barrage of glass, void and light that's erupting from Homura's team.

And then, of course, in the back, there is that massive artillery peice, firing to the practiced call out of TIRO... FINALE! that joins all of them, and together - the witch doesn't even get a chance to howl in shock or agony. By the time the attacks are finished the Labrynth has shattered and its previous occupants are now standing in the back of an alley.

Mami glares at Homura. It's not quite Akemi-san's style of glare, but it's not inefficent on its own. "Sakura-san is no angel either, but that doesn't give you the right to do what you did to her." she says, sternly and calmly.

"You can't fix cruelty with more cruelty, Akemi-san." she says - that sounds less like Mami herself and maybe more like a lesson she's learned working with Virtue. Or maybe lines she's stolen from one of its 'leaders' directly.

And she sighs. "Look what those actions have brought you? It isn't peace." she drops her hands to her sides. Then she turns back to the additional group - and also, even, to Homura's group. "Still, thank you all for helping. This is one less witch to bring sorrow to people here."

Mami looks at the Grief Seed as it falls. She's not dumb - there's four in Homura's group and only herself here. So instead, she uses it as a chance to mend bridges. Truthfully, Mami doesn't like to fight and with the adrenaline of the labrynth itself gone, her demeanor has changed. "There's more of you here." she says, looking to Homura, picking up the seed, and tossing it underhanded. "You should take it. I'm doing fine for Grief Seeds. And we'll need as many of us as possible for Walpurgisnacht."

She looks around - first to Madoka and Anshi, then to the rest - and her gaze lingers on Rune. "Is everyone okay?" she asks, that kind smile resting back on her face. Right now the hostility is somewhat limited to Homura.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 03:20:44 20149
Guardian Hino watches the weird world fade away and--- they're in the alley they 'left' earlier. He looks around. He nods a bit as he reseathes his sword since there's no point in having a weapon out when there's nothing to fight or light on fire. He touches his arm and winces. "I'm hurt a little, but I'm fine---I'm more worried for--- Runealy." he mutters as he walks over to the Princess.

"Rune, you okay?" he asks worriedly. "I think that got you worse than it did me." he mutters. He looks up to Mikoto and then back to Mami and smiles. "I'm fine though, yes. Nothing I can't handle by myself." he insists.

He does look on as the grief seed is caught by Mami and she offers it to the other. Okay. Good. Maybe no fight over it then. He takes a deep breath. Hopefully that situation doesn't change in a few moments.

"Hey, you two okay?" he asks over to Madoka and Anshi. They're the two 'unpowered' people here afterall, that also seem to know about this magical stuff.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 03:26:56 20151
    Yes, it's a very good thing that Madoka didn't add her own personal issue with Kyouko to the mix since it seems that Homura is still plenty hot about the spear wielding Puella Magi without it. Especially since Madoka doesn't hold it against her, now that she admits it was the wrong thing to do.

    It's actually nearly the same way she feels about Hannah and her misdeeds. Yes, Hannah has done some truly horrible things with her treatment of Kyouko being right up there at the top of the list, but she sincerely regrets making those decisions and would not make them again if given the choice to redo them. Madoka is not the type to hold a persons flaws against them, quite the opposite.

    When Anshi asks Madoka if she was scared by the attacking papers she looks towards the brunette and smiles, "I'm always scared in situations like this one, Anshi-chan. Even though we're well protected it's still very dangerous. I'm scared, but I just do what I need to do in spite of it."

    This time what she needs to do is, as Mikoto put it, watch and learn, but as she thinks about it she looks over to Anshi. "It's not always this neat and clean." She bites her bottom lip a little, "There are a lot of magical girls here, and we arrived as soon as the witch hatched, but a lot of the time there are people the witch has dragged into the labyrinth with them. In the past I've done my best to try and save them. That's why I said I wouldn't do anything 'stupid' this time. Sometimes... it just isn't possible to save everyone."

    Even though she says this there's doubt in her voice. She doesn't actually believe that- she thinks it should be possible to save everyone. It's just hugely impractical, and she usually gets people upset when she puts herself in harms way to try.

    She doesn't have time to dwell on this as the witch is blasted away and the labyrinth suddenly falls away around her. "Good job, Mami-san! Homura-chan! Everyone!" This accomplishment is at least something to be happy and proud of, even if the actual combat was tense with personal conflict.

    Soon the pink haired girl is on the move, jogging over to Homura now that the coast is clear and the danger is gone. A moment or two after Mami tosses the grief seed her way Madoka steps forward and wraps her arms around the other girl and hugs onto her tightly, holding it for ten or so seconds before pulling away.

    Looks like she took Anshi's advice to heart.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-01 03:36:09 20152
    Homura watches the Witch fall, and the Labyrinth fade away. She raises an arm to the rest of her team, indicating that the rest of them should stand down.

    "The four of us could probably take her," mutters Meriko.

    "It's cute how you think that," responds Homura, before walking away from them and towards the fellow vet.

    Homura addresses Mami as she approaches her. "I'll admit that there is no excuse for what was done to Kyouko-san, but the fact remains that Nagisa-chan mightly likely be dead had I not intervened. While I do regret many of the sins I committed along the way, I will not apologize for keeping her safe."

    'You can't fix cruelty with more cruelty', Homura actually pauses midstep. That... actually hit her a bit deeper than Mami probably intended. "Yeah well... you can't bring out the truth by lying to yourself either." Homura's response came out a bit half-hearted.

    To Homura's surprise, Mami actually tosses the Grief Seed to her. She catches it, staring at it in her hands. "So this is the example you want to set? Noble, but we've also got several, and we aren't watching over powerless people."

    She considers tossing it back to Mami... but instead she walks towards her. "At least use some of it. I know you're doing this to avoid a fight with us, but I don't want to fight either. At least... I don't want the kind of fight wastes valuable magic."

    She stops when she notices Madoka running up to her. Homura smiles as Madoka approaches her and gives her a hug, and Homura returns the hug, holding her tightly until Madoka releases.

    The dark-haired puella turns to Mami, saying, "We Puella Magi are in a dangerous situation, and sometimes we do terrible things, not out of malice, but desperation. I don't promise that it will be easy for us to get along, and I can promise that we wont always agree, but I don't want us to hate each other either. There's no reason for us to make our lives worse for each other than they already are."
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-01 03:46:12 20153
And in a burst of massed fire, the fight seems to be over; the sheer abruptness of it leaves Rune gasping in a mix of surprise and being impressed. Yet her first impulse immediately after that is to check on the status of the resulting Grief Seed. She quickly looks around to see if anyone 'troublesome' - anyone Rune estimates might use the life-saving item as 'leverage' to control a Puella Magi - is around... but nobody seems to match that, and Mami appears to be cutting off a possible fight before it could erupt. "Walpurgisnacht... haven't I heard that word somewhere before?" Is that something Homura mentioned? She's not sure. It may be that the term is just so distinct that it automatically seems familiar to Rune.

Mami's gaze is met with unsettled quiet. The discussion has clearly rattled the alien princess. "I'll work on 'okay' in a bit. Sometime... we really need to talk."

Hino snaps her out of her semi-daze though, and her head snaps up to be more alert. "Ah? That hurt, but..." A nod over at Tessen. "Stopped any more from getting through, I think. Thank you. If that was a 'phalanx', it looks like it's okay."

And her attention returns back to Hino. "You did great. That was still pretty scary, but... does it at least feel 'less bad' facing them like this, instead of with rocks?"

Homura's words and actions leave Rune's head lowered as she ponders everything that's going on... and the princess opts to quietly repeat one word Homura mentioned: "Desperation..." She knows something about that feeling. It puts a lot of things in context, with what Mami has been speaking of.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 03:48:08 20154
'You can't fix cruelty with more cruelty'. That rings true for Tessen, it most certainly does. But it isnt always about fixing, is it? It's also about dissuasion. Making sure that certain things don't repeat.

"A piece of advice for you, Kaname-san, Hayakawa-san. Don't think being afraid is bad. It isn't. It's perfectly normal." With the witch defeated, she flips her blade up to salute the group, and bows to the princess before sliding it away, the hilt tucked back into its clip on her belt.

"Well," she admits to Runealy, "It's really hard to do a proper phalanx without more people. This was more of a shield wall sort of deal. But the name sounds cool, at least." She looks briefly over at Homura, nodding slowly as she takes in the Puella's words.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-01 03:48:16 20155
Madoka runs to Homura, but Anshi runs to Mami. "Tomoe-senpai, that was amazing," she says, stars in her eyes. She watches as Mami tosses the grief seed to Homura, then smiles at her broadly. "And you're so generous. I don't understand why there's so much animosity between you and Akemi-san, but I really think you both were amazing. I wish you could just work together."

As Homura approaches, she smiles even broader and says, "See, see! You really can work together."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-01 04:06:09 20156
Mami looks to Hinote when he says he's okay and worried about Rune, and she nods. "Alright, work on okay." she says with a smile. "And we'll talk, over tea. Do you have a Virtue phone? We can meet up on that if you do."

Madoka's hugging Homura, and Mami's not sure what to do with that, so she does nothing. But when it comes to the thing Madoka says, that hits something very deep within Mami. "It's not possible to save everyone, no... but you should try. Because... nobody deserves to die to a Witch. Nobody. And every person you save from that fate... it makes the lives we live as Puella Magi worthwhile. I won't leave anybody behind..." Never again. She'll never run from a witch ever again. Her heart couldn't take it.

To Homura, she nods. And she's not scowling at her anymore. "I guess you were just trying to make the best of a bad situation, Akemi-san. A lot of us do that. It's not an easy world we live in. And sometimes it's hard to see that." Homura walks back with the grief seed. She does, in fact, take it and tap it against her Soul Gem, until the golden egg-like orb shines completly, then she passes it back to Homura.

"I think... maybe we won't always see eye to eye, but our real enemies are the Witches, and the ones who use despair like a weapon." she says, softly. "I should remember that, too."

She turns to smile at Anshi very specifically. "Thank you, Hayakawa-san. But they're right... this still isn't normal. So please don't consider it to be such. Having this sort of support isn't common." But then Mami thinks. It's becoming more and more common, too. She's meeting a lot more magical girls - not just Puella Magi - inside of Labrynths lately. "It's so nice to have help, though."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 04:22:45 20157
    Madoka is incredibly relieved by the way things are starting to calm down, and it shows plainly on her face. The fact that Mami and Homura are starting to be able to understand each other even if they don't see eye to eye gives her hope, especially considering how much bitterness was starting to seep into the forceful conversation. If there hadn't been such a vast number of familiars and the barrage of paper from the witch Madoka wouldn't have been surprised the two might even have started aiming weapons at each other.

    She steps back from her hug with Homura and looks between the two veteran Puella once more. "I'm glad that you two were able to talk things out," she notes, echoing Anshi's sentiment. She nods a little as Mami speaks words much closer to the ones she feels about not letting anyone die inside a witch's labyrinth. It's much better for a magical girl with the ability to defend herself to say that, she thinks.

    Then she is looking around at the other magical heroes a bit more carefully, gazing at each in turn before moving quickly over to Princess Runealy and Guardian Hino. "You two are hurt! There isn't a lot I can do, but if you'd like I can try to clean some of that up a little bit." She pulls a small pocket sized first aid kit out of her skirt and opens it up to reveal some sealed swabs, a small tube of antibiotics, and a good number of small band-aids.

    They seem to be covered in a multitude of tiny dolphins of varying colors.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-01 04:26:11 20158
    Homura turns to Runealy, suddenly remembering. "Oh. Right. I told you about that back when I was... well, back before WPS, didn't I? Walpurgisnacht is a very powerful Witch capable of wiping out a city, so bold that it doesn't even hide in a labyrinth. It would take a number of powerful magical girls to take down...."

    She pauses to consider that. She's only letting go of her grudge against Mami because she needs her? No, there's something other than that, but she doesn't want to face that right now.

    "... That Witch is coming, in roughly a month. We have a month to prepare, to save the lives of the people who live in Tokyo, the people we care about, and our own lives." She says this loudly, for the others to hear.

    Turning to Mami, she says, "Yeah, well... someone may have blabbed to their non-Puella friends about our situation. Tuxedo Kamen had something to do with that, too. As for me, well, I figure that fighting alongside people who just want to help and don't need Grief Seeds will only make things better for us."

    Homura glances at the Grief Seed, secretly relieved that Mami didn't make her look selfish in front of Madoka. She tosses it into her shield, figuring that her friends can figure out who needs it more later. "Thank you, Tomoe-san."

    Homura turns to leave, passing by Madoka to give her a brief hug. "Take care, Madoka-chan. You know I worry about you, but you really are safe with Tomoe-san, and I should've respected that more."

    She pulls away from the hug, smiling at the way Madoka is so eager to help. A small reminder of just how wonderful she is. Then, she starts heading for the exit, and her group leaves with her.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 04:27:55 20159
Guardian Hino hrms and looks at Madoka. He merely smiles coyly. "Of course." he says as he grabs the hem of his outfit and draws it up-- in his more 'fancier' dress today. Why? Because there was an audience! Duh. Regardless, there's a cut! Luckily, magical clothing means it's just superficial, but it still looks painful. He'll let Madoka go to work. It's possible he's doing this so Madoka can feel helpful--- and while he does give this vibe- no that actually hurts and he actually really wants it taken care of and Madoka is pretty much a god send at the moment.

He looks towards Akemi-san as she talks and frowns a little. That sounds dangerous. Hrm....

He looks over to Mami. "Ah-- Tomoe-san, no, we haven't offically joined any organization yet. We'll need a different way to call you." he smiles.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-01 04:31:54 20160
"Mmm," Anshi replies to Mami, nodding her head twice in agreement. "I won't assume this is normal," she agrees. "It's very dangerous alone, but that's a part of being a Puella Magi, right?" she suggests, then smiles at Mami. "Don't worry, I know I maybe seem like I'm just having fun, but I realise how serious this is. That's just how I deal with things: I try to see the good in any bad situation."

Anshi shrugs, just a little, then glances at a recently repaired pocketwatch she pulls from her pocket. It's all dinged up and the glass cover is broken, but it's ticking. "Oh shoot, I better get home. I've got some things to do tonight before bed. But thank you, again, Tomoe-san!" Pause. "Hey, if I do decide I want this ... how do I find Kyubey?"
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-01 04:51:50 20161
"A what phone?" Rune shakes her head, pretty sure she doesn't have that. "I only thought there were cell phones. But sure, we can talk whenever you'd like."

Then another cause for worry slams through Rune's consciousness. A city-buster Witch? In a month? "...We're going to need to talk, too." This time, she says that to Homura. Then to Hino, "And us as well. We'd have to stop it here regardless, 'nobody deserves to die to a Witch' as she said... but even without that... there is no way I want something that strong deciding our home is the next stop."

She hasn't had much to say to Anshi so far, but now Rune does pipe in: "This isn't coming from a Puella Magi, so maybe it doesn't mean as much, but that's an 'if' you should think through really, really well. You've seen part of what this is like, now."

Then... her transformation wavers and fades as Madoka approaches. "Ah... alright. Okay... thank you. Sounds like you're alright, if you're offering to help like that."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 04:59:55 20162
Tessen watches as Homura's group departs and folks start to drop their transformations, and sighs in gentle relief as things work out without an internal fight. "Danger happens," she agrees with Anshi, then watches her go as well, leaving a much reduced band. "That could have been better," she mutters, and presses a hand to her side, where the reopened wound has stained her tunic crimson.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-01 05:01:46 20163
Mami smiles as Madoka rushes over to provide what help she can. She looks at Homura and winks, as if to say 'she does want to help, see' without saying it out loud. This might lose some of the good will she just earned with the dark-haired Puella.

"Yes. With Walpurgisnacht coming... fighting amongst ourselves isn't going to do anything good." she nods. "You're welcome, Akemi-san."

"Ah, no special phones then. She looks at Hinote, then turns to Rune and walks over, pressing a different phone number into her hand. She whispers. "Don't go handing that off to anyone, but you can reach me there, too. Regular phone. I do want to talk to you two."

When Anshi asks how to contact Kyubey, naturally, his voice rings out from above. He's sitting on an overhang, tails hanging loosely off the side, flitting back and forth. "If you look for me, you're sure to find me, Anshi Hayakawa." he says, his face unchanging. Of course he's been there all the time. "When you're ready to talk, just look for me!"

"We should probably get everyone together to talk about Walpurgisnacht, actually. Not in small groups, but in a big one. It's too dangerous to let it surprise people... we don't need anyone trying to fight it alone not knowing what it is." she says, nodding a bit. Then she turns to wave goodbye to Anshi, but she's already gone. Must've been important.

"Not tonight, though. I'm never going to get my beauty sleep at this rate!" She doesn't notice Mikoto's wound - or she'd stop and worry. Instead, she nods to each of them. "I'll keep in touch." and, using her ribboons to do so, starts making her way across the city, back to her apartment in Mitakihara.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 05:05:50 20164
    Madoka hears the word of Walpurgisnacht coming, and upon hearing Homura's explanation her head whips around and she gives a wide eyed look to the dark haired Puella. She'd either never gotten the full explanation or had somehow forgotten the details. Poor Homura can probably imagine exactly what she's thinking too, at the mention of a witch strong enough to wipe Tokyo off the map.

    On the other hand she also hears that there is a month to prepare, and a lot of people just heard the same news she did with a whole lot more ability to do something about it. So something to be worried about, but not to start freaking out about. Yet.

    She gets caught by surprise at the next hug Homura gives her, smiling and letting out a little laugh while returning it, "You too, Homura-chan. I do know, but I'm glad you care so much."

    Finally she makes it over to Hino who seems welcoming enough to her offer of help. He shows her his wound and she looks it over carefully, nodding a bit while tearing open one of the packages of wipes, pulling out a small, damp brown square. "This might sting a little," she notes while offering a sympathetic smile. That's all the warning he's going to get before she carefully but thoroughly cleans the wound.

    It's an iodine solution. It definitely stings 'a little', but it'll also sterilize the wound nicely even as it stains Hino's skin a dark yellowish brown color. That'll clear up the next time he washes. The cut is then covered with as many cute dolphin covered band-aids as is needed, each given a tiny dollop of triple-antibiotic.

    That wipe goes away and a new one is prepared as Madoka turns her attention to Runealy. She'll get the same treatment of disinfectant, sanitation, and covering with tiny bandages as Hino, unless there's something about his reaction or the procedure itself that causes the Waldian to wave the pink haired candy striper off.

    "Does anyone else want first aid?" Madoka asks, looking about at the other heroes that remain as the pack starts to break up and scatter to the winds.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-01 05:12:17 20165
Guardian Hino lets Madoka do her work. He winces, a little, at the stinging, but really- when you get 'stabbed through the stomach' at least once in your life, tiny stinging from a wound cleansing is like small bannanas. He pulls his sleeve down when adorable dolphin bandages are applied and it's all covered. He's staying in henshin for now.

He gives Mami and wave, and grins, as he gives Madoka a soft bow. "Thank you for the help." he says. He looks over to Runealy. Oh. She's dropped hers. Huh. Okay. He lets his fade away.

"Whenever you're ready." he motions to Runealy. "We can talk about things later. Right now. I think we both need to rest for just a few moments, minimum." he smiles.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 05:27:09 20166
Tessen waves casually to Mami. "Thanks for having me along," she calls to the golden-haired Puella. "Always glad to help out." Then she puts her hand down, trying to hide a wince. "Give me a call when you want to talk about it," she adds to the mention of Walpurgisnacht.

And then Madoka is giving first aid. Ooh, good girl. Always glad to see someone who cares about that kind of thing. Sure, she heals quickly, but not instantly, and in her case not quick enough, today.

"Hey, Kaname-san," she calls to the girl. "Give me a hand with this?" She pulls her tunic up, revealing the crimson-stained bandages over the reopened wound. "Sorry...." It's a fairly small wound, but she really should have given it another day or two to heal before this kind of strenuous activity. "Once you've finished checking over the others, that is."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 05:37:37 20167
    Madoka returns Hino's bow, "You're welcome! I'm glad there's something I can do for all of you. That witch could have caused a lot of harm if it hadn't been dealt with so quickly." Once she's finished patching up Runealy as well she'll go over to Tessen.

    "Okay, let me see." She leans down a little to take a look at the bandage. "Hmm..." She looks through her kit again and pulls out the sole large bandage inside of it. Luckily she has plenty of replacements at home. She carefully removes the old one and looks at the reopened wound, practiced enough from her work in the hospital to not wince despite the sympathetic pain involved at seeing it. "It's not too bad. Um, this is going to sting, sorry."

    Mikoto likewise gets the iodine solution treatment, which clears away some of the blood as well as sanitizing it. The new bandage is put on as quickly as Madoka can manage and she stands up. "There you go. I'm not sure how long that will last if it keeps bleeding. You probably already know this, but it d be best if you waited for it to heal before fighting again."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 05:47:02 20168
Tessen winces a bit as the iodine stings her wound. "I know," she answers the pinkette's admonishment. "I should take a day or two off... I was planning to... but I saw all of you going to fight the witch, and, well..." She would shrug, but she doesn't want to disturb the wound, so she stifles the motion.

"Thank you, though. You know..." She pauses for a moment, looking about at the thinning crowd. "You're good at this. Maybe... maybe you ought to look into going further with it? There are plenty of us to fight... not so many to heal."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 05:53:23 20169
    Madoka offers a sympathetic smile as Tessen explains why she didn't take her few days of rest. "I see. I can hardly blame you for that. Thank you for helping, even though you knew it could possibly hurt you." The danger of combat is always present, but fighting when you're already injured is a special risk.

    The short girl tilts her head a little as the device user continues. "Hm? Oh! I already do. I volunteer at the hospital regularly. So if you ever see me there wearing a loose pink outfit I'm not there as a patient!" She offers a bright smile.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-01 06:03:48 20170
"It was a pleasure," Tessen insists, despite the aggravation to her wound. "I'm always glad to help my comrades." And she counts Madoka as one of them, ever since the gym.

"Good, good," she answers, glad to learn that Madoka is taking her medical lessons seriously. "Keep learning, it's worth it. And so much more so than those of us who just fight, really." And on that remark she seems to be done for the evening. "until we meet again, Kaname-san...."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-01 06:09:47 20171
    A soft nod is given to Tessen in response to her words, and Madoka smiles a little more as she mentions learning to help look after people in the hospital being a worthy endeavor. "Thank you, I will. It was good seeing you again, Tessen-san!" she notes with a wave.

    It's probably about time she got home too, and so she heads off in that direction herself. There's going to be a lot to think about on the way home.