Jewel Seed: Youma Edition

A very... unique youma tries to claim a Jewel Seed, having mistaken it for the Phantom Silver Crystal. This is the first of many mistakes it makes.

Date: 2016-01-06
Pose Count: 54
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 01:00:39 20812
    Kikoku Street is known for its shops, and its proximity to Easter Corp's headquarters... but that's not what's of interest today.

    What's of more interest is what's happening between and above these stores, in back alleys and rooftops, hidden away from public view.

    A dark figure stands in a mostly empty ally, holding up a dark gem that glows with a myserious light. The gem is inscribed with the roman numeral II in glowing red.

    "I've finally found it... I've finally found it! Me! Hahaha, now the entire Dark Kingdom will be forced to respect me! Queen Berly will give me the recognition I deserve! I'll stand above even the Shittenou!"

    The dark gem glows with a terrible light, begining to awaken a terrible power. The light shines upon the youma's features, revealing the greed in her eyes.

    "I've finally found... the Phantom Silver Crystal!"

    Another voice from the darkness interrupts, cold as ice. "The only thing you've found is your own death."

    The youma looks around, demanding, "Who's there?!" The answer she recieves is the sudden golden glow of Fate's scythe lighting up the darkness. Fate slowly walks towards the youma, scythe in hand.

    "That's not what you think it is. Give the Jewel Seed to me, and I'll spare you," demands Fate.

    "I don't know what you're talking about! This is mine! MINE!" The youma holds the Jewel Seed high above her head, as terrible magic radiates from it. Fate grasps onto Bardiche and holds on as waves of power threaten to blow her way. The youma grows... and grows... and grows, it's laughter like a maddened shriek. "None can oppose my power now! NO ONE!"

    If the giant youma growing from behind the shops wasn't enough of an attention grabber, the power output from the Jewel Seed probably is. It's so strong that most magical people can feel it, or at least detect it, and non-magical people nearby begin to pass out.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 01:09:10 20813
Rune has been wandering Tokyo alone this evening, trying to learn more about the massive city with a somewhat lighter heart and a different perspective: No longer is she searching for 'targets', or considering escape routes or ambush points. She's just trying to be normal about things.

'Trying' ends up being the operative term, as a familiar flash of light catches her attention. It's too distant for her to be sure about it, but it might be Fate. She starts to head that way...

...And quickly reconsiders, when flashes of energy wash over the area, and a huge dark figure emerges! This is big enough to see it a significant ways down the street, and enough to get her shouting: "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy-hum throbbing from it. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed from one hand to the next, which brings it to her forehead in the same motion. "Transform!"

A burst of red light engulfs her, and then Runealy stands in full magical attire, wand ready. "What... /is/ that!?" She's not immediately attacking, too busy staring in surprise at this hulking foe. It's something she has only seen a few times before, and usually there was an obvious explanation. This time she did not get to see the 'why' behind its size!
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 01:13:29 20814
Takashi is hard at work in his lab, trying to make sense of the limited samples of the Asura's wreckage he was able to spirit away from Mikoto's teleport. Soon, he'd be closing up for the night - he'd promised Ayana he'd come home after this project got started. And right when he pushed his chair away from the desk, rolling across the room - all of his sensors went off.

Something BIG was in Tokyo - with a lot of magical energy. And, a particular magical signature he was on the lookout for - a signature he'd first seen in papers handed over by Professor Tomoe's new associate, one Precia Testarossa.

All thought of going home vanished out of his mind for the time being, and Takashi Agera became Riventon as he jumped through door after door, navigating Eclipse's Stacked Space until he reached the site of the.... okay that is a really big youma.

Riventon ends up floating next to Fate, looking at the monstrosity. "I guess it has the Jewel Seed?" he wisely deduces, looking at her out of the corner of his eye.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 01:13:50 20815
Nanoha Takamachi was all snug in bed and awake and sort of talking to Yuuno about 'Miss White' and stuff--- about the readings Raising Heart took, and Yuuno trying to ease Nanoha's concerns about well. Everything suddenly--- but that had to take a backseat because Yuuno about almost passes out from the sudden flare up of an activated Jewel Seed.

It doesn't really take Nanoha that long to get transformed and airborne quickly from her window--- it appears to already be in the city.

In her barrier jacket and little pink wings on her feet- she's airborne and taking off toward's the flare. She's also using Raising Heart to send a text message to two friends who said they'd be intrested in helping in the past- along her way-- the text is something like 'Jewel Seed! D:. Southern Mitakihara. Should be really obvious!'. The text is going out to Storm Knight, Miss Blue, and Amu!-- Nanoha doesn't know Runealy's number else she'd had gotten it too.

She arrives to stare at this hulking mass of a youma...

.. and Fate already there.

She summons up her determined face and tries to zip closer. "Hey!----" she calls out. "--- cut that out!"

Well. uh. It's something!
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-06 01:15:48 20816
If that's really actually literally the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou, Prince Endymion of the Dark Kingdom is going to be surprised. It has a strong power signature that feels more or less like what someone might think the Silver Crystal should feel like, but-- really? It's darkly glowing. It's super sketch. Worth checking once everyone's distracted enough, of course, but still not all that likely to pan out. Except...

Endymion sits on the edge of one of the rooftops above, still and silent and hidden in shadows and what's more or less a Somebody Else's Problem field, watching. Watching the girl with the scythe and the twintails, and then the redhead with the tiara-- watching everyone come running toward the trouble, toward the monster. He studies the youma for a moment, lips pursed, then rolls his eyes and returns his attention to the girls... and the GUY. He knows that guy. His eyes flicker brightly for a moment, and he looks away from Riventon and thinks about fried chicken until everything's funny again.

He should have brought a Snickers bar.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 01:22:10 20817
Amu Hinamori has been frantically trying to do her winter break homework for three days, but she hasn't even managed to get started. In one hand she holds a snickers bar. In the other, a book. "Okay, one chapter, then I can eat my snickers bar," she says to herself.

Then her phone buzzes.

Amu drops the snickers in her pocket and pulls out the phone, then peers at the message. "Jewel seed?" she asks, confused, and looks to the trio of floating fairies over her shoulder.

Ran shrugs, Su shrugs, Miki observes, "Some magical thingie?"

Amu shrugs as well, then texts, "Be there in a jiff."

She puts her phone away, puts her book away, and pulls the snickers bar out. "Never fight on an empty stomach," she observes as she shoves the whole thing in her mouth, then heads to the balcony. "Ran?" she calls to her chara.

"Hop," little fluffy wings appear on Amu's wrists, "skip," similar wings on her ankles, "Jump!" And Amu takes to the sky, empowered by the Chara Change with Ran. Amu soars over Tokyo towards Mitakihara, until she spots the youma from high above.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 01:23:42 20818
     A text. A text about that /thing/ that had been mentioned before, well. That was... a new buildup and interesting thing for Suzuki. She'd not encountered them just yet! As such, she almost immediately henshined and started moving as quickly as she could to the location of the Youma.

     When Storm Knight arrives, she arrives atop of a building, conveniently nowhere near Dark Endymion, leading to her obliviousness of his existence!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 01:23:50 20819
The afternoon finds Mikoto Nakajima seated at her computer, pondering the latest move in a play-by-email strategy game she's been playing. It's been a sharply competitive struggle so far, and she's been mulling how to proceed. She's currently at something of a strategic disadvantage in the game, and needs to shake things up if she's going to get ahead of the other players.

And then her phone bing-bongs. It's a text message from Nanoha, and there's a jewel seed that 'should be obvious'. The curse she drops would make any prim young Belkan maiden blush bright red as she reaches for Carnwennan's hilt. "Right, partner. Set.. up!" Light flares around her with the Belkan spell-glyph as her casual jeans and t-shirt are replaced by her Barrier Jacket.

Before she heads out of the warehouse she's been using as a makeshift headquarters, however, she sends off a quick email:

Sell two shares of Baltimore & Ohio and one of Erie. Open the Canadian Pacific at $90/share.

And then she's out the door (pausing to make sure it's locked), and zooming off towards southern Mitakihara and a rendezvous with Nanoha. "Partner, send a text reply to Takamachi-san, let her know we're on our way."

(("Affirmative, Meister. Message sent."))
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 01:34:44 20820
    Fate floats into the air, pushed away by the youma's outpouring of energy. When Takashi arrives, she turns her head to nod at him. "Yeah, that's right. I finally find a Jewel seed, and someone like that has to get it."

    Fate's wine-red eyes turn from one person to the next, taking stock of the others as they arrive. Her eyes linger for a moment on Nanoha as she says, "Oh... the muffin girl is here." When she sees Runealy off in the distance, she waves at her briefly, but her focus is quickly drawn back to the ever-growing youma, whom she's now backing away from. Endymion doesn't even get noticed, being Someone Else's Problem.

    To her boss, she says, "Careful. We don't know what it's capable of yet."

    That Youma does indeed grow, and grow, and grow, until it is towering above the shops like a Kaiju. The Jewel Seed sinks into her forehead, and massive black wings sprout from her back. Her fingers elongate into claws, and her cat-like eyes shine bright yellow.

    It reaches out to swipe at its nearby targets: Fate, Riventon, and Nanoha all become the targets of those massive clawed hands. The others haven't been noticed by the monster yet.

    To Nanoha's objections, the massive winged creature shouts, "I've got limitless power! I'll do what I want! Especially after Queen Berly promotes me to the position of Best Youma Ever! Which doesn't exist yet but is going to soon!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 01:40:22 20821
Rune goes tense when she finally notices Fate; the arrival of 'Black' helped her spot the younger mage and fear immediately runs through her. Fear, and shame as she realizes that man's taunting is part of what started Rune down a very bad path.

Nanoha's arrival likewise draws a raised eye, as she's not sure what to make of Raising Heart's wielder... she's /probably/ not a problem, but there are tiny doubts in Rune's mind due to simply not knowing much about Nanoha. Amu is likewise mostly a mystery to the alien princess, and now this is starting to look a bit chaotic. Especially with the Storm Knight atop a roof, and...

...the monster proclaiming its superiority. Rune does take a moment to return Fate's hand-wave - she always has that time for one of her world's saviors - but is otherwise very worried now. There are multiple problems at hand. Fate might wind up doing something that falls under the 'nothing personal' aspect of their agreement. 'Black' is here, and she views him as effectively out to ruin everything she cares about.

Yet in the end, the most obvious monster wins the majority of her attention. When it takes a swing at Fate, she aims her wand and shouts "No you don't! Leave her alone!" Then Runealy launches a pair of orbs; they fly along the streets, aiming up for a hit over a rooftop at its chest. Should they strike, they burst into emerald sparkles on impact!
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 01:42:01 20822
"Well, we'll just have to gently coax the jewel seed back out. With large blasts of force." Riventon says, looking down at the Super-Youma. Riventon's eyes find Nanoha - who he's still mad at for her part in detonating a bunch of valuable information - and Runealy, who's magic wand he'd still really like to disassemble. Not a lot of friends here, but Riventon's bad at making them.

When Fate mentions the monster's potential, Riventon's device, Axion, pings and softly adds. "Based on the energy output, estimate that subject has a 1000 percent increase in threat."

When that massive claw swipes out at Riventon, he does a corkscrw whirl in the air to get out of it's way, and retailiates by generating a swirling duo of energy orbs and hurling them into the monster's face. He turns to Fate, but asks loudly enough for the youma (and probably everyone else) to hear. "Do Jewel seeds usually cause the subject to lose their intellectual faculties, or do you think it was this dumb before it started?"
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 01:47:06 20823
     Storm Knight shifts slowly, looking towards the Youma, and then... the two that were there. Her eyes shifted thoughtfully, her fingers gripping the shaft of her Device as she watches the Youma begin to grow and grow, her cat-like eyes shining yellow, fingers elongating into claws...

     She was bad at feeling energy, and /she/ could feel that. That was actually slightly intimidating. She takes a small breath. It was targetting Riventon, she didn't care about him being targetted... but Fate and Nanoha were /both/ being targetted. Storm Knight shifts her Device slowly, angling it down. "Verdrehen Sturm."

            <BLITZ SCHRITT.>

     Storm Knight leaps into the air with extreme speed, her feet shifting onto the base of her naginata's blade, almost on it like a pogostick. She takes a small breath, before giving a small nod. "Alright."


    A sudden magical circle appears above her, forcing a sudden and HARD descent, normally used to knock flying targets out of the air... instead she's using it to drive the blade of her Device, and... well, herself... straight down towards the Youma's shoulder. There was no real magic in the direct attack, but there was a lot of speed and force!
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 01:48:30 20824
Nanoha Takamachi looks to the others and smiles! Yay! The calvary is here! her eyes pass by Runealy and she taps her chin. She hovers back a bit. "Hey everyone! Um-- we gotta stop this thing...!" is all she says. Right now-- she actually cares less about the Jewel Seed- and more about stopping a threat and protecting the people it could hurt!--- though her eyes trace back to Fate and she frowns. "It was a cupcake! They're much sweeter....." she insists. "..n frosted...."

--and delicious.

But. She doesn't add that.

Instead- well. Youma.

She frowns at Riventon.

"They usually do something like this I guess. Though... did we know whoever this was before it got the Jewel Seed!?" she asks.

Her eyes go wide at the swipe and she dodges back-- managing to not be swept aside by the swipe before she raises Raising Heart.

"Cannon Mode...!"

< Cannon Mode >

She begins firing a few standard magical blasts from Raising Heart's cannon mode, that take the form of an array of rapid fire, weaker magical lasers. No called out name for the spell--- probably some low level auto-cast bombardment spell setup.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 01:56:13 20825
Amu's eyes widen at the sheer size of the youma growing atop the roof. For a moment, she's not entirely certain she's high enough. But then it stops growing so that it can attack, and she discovers a bigger problem: How do you even attack something like that?

Relatively confident that her place in this fight is not going to be on the offense, Amu drops from the sky and alights on a rooftop, then turns to the trio with her. "Su, I think I need you for this one."

"Do not fear, Su is here," says the little green-dressed Chara with a giggle.

"Atashi no kokoro: Unlock!" Amu intones, and a golden light engulfs her. Su whirls in a little dance as her egg closes around her, and soon the two merge into one. Amulet Clover is decked in a pretty green maid outfit, with a cream-hued apron, and a ballooning skirt. In one hand sh e bears a whisk, and in the other a frying pan! "Chara Nari: Amulet Clover!"

Amulet Clover leaps the distance across the rooftops to join Nanoha. "I don't think I can hurt that thing except with Open Heart," she says to Nanoha, "So I'll guard you and you destroy it."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 01:56:49 20826
It doesn't take long to get from Mikoto's warehouse to the area the youma has decided to annoy fortunately. And she takes her time to stack up a few Flicker Shots along the way, although most of her energy is going into sheer speed, to get there as quick as possible.

It isn't too hard to catch sight of the kaiju-sized youma looming over the buildings. Oh, this is going to be sheerly wonderful, isn't it?

((Very likely, Meister.)) Let no one say Carnwennan does not have a grasp of sarcasm.

Keep stacking up Flicker Shots while I check in.

~Heyyy, Takamachi-san, I'm on my way in... wow that's a big 'un.~

And so she comes to a halt in mid-air, about two blocks from the youma. Get a scan of it, Partner, need to pick out a weak point or two.

((Affirmative, Meister.))
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 02:08:59 20827
    Runealy's cover fire allows Fate to fly out of the way of that giant claw, using her nimbleness and speed to her advantage. On Riventon's comments, Fate just chuckles and says, "Yeah. Brute force. That's about how this works. Even if we seal it, we'll still need to wear this creature down."

    As for the comment about the intelligence of the youma, Fate says, "It shouldn't cause that. Not unless it wanted to be dumb. It was probably always this way. Which is probably why it didn't give it to me when I politely threatened it."

    The youma interjects to Riventon, "What do you mean? I'm a genius! I'm the only one who found the legendary Fandom Silver Crystal! You're just jealous!"

    Fate glances over to Nanoha, then thinks back. She gently responds, "Oh... so the difference is that cupcakes are frosted? Sorry, it's still a little weird to m-- Why are we talking about this? You realize what this is, right?!" Fate's voice gets more aggressive as she remembers that she's supposed to be Nanoha's enemy. Geeze!

    "It was just some little monster," shouts Fate. "and now it's a big monster! It was rambling something about Queen Beryl and Silver Crystals."

    "IT'S BERLY!" insists the youma.

    "I literally do not care!" shouts Fate. Turning to Riventon, she says, "It's a bit late, but I'm going to throw up a barrier anyways." She raises Bardiche, and a barrier spreads out all over the area, drawing the Youma and the nearby magicals into a slightly-parallel world where there wont be horrible losses of life if the Kaiju Youma goes on a rampage. Which it probably will. Considering the size of the creature, Fate isn't really able to make the barrier strong enough to push the others out.

    The youma is assaulted by all sides by the magical warriors. Runealy's energy blasts singe her hands, knocking off pieces of those long claws. Riventon's energy spheres blast her right in the face, catching her on the bridge of her nose and dangerously close to an eye. Both of these attacks distract it long enough for Storm Knight to impale her shoulder, causing the youma to screech loudly. The youma flails at Storm Knight with her free claw, partially scratching her own self up while trying to get at the Knight.

    Nanoha's bombardment spells cause the youma to turn fully at the orange-haird girl with a yellow eye'd glare. With massive wings, the youma begins to take off, flying just high enough to barely clear the buildings... but not actually capable of flying for very long. Too heavy! It lands in the street, which is now empty aside from some cars, thanks to Fate's barrier.

    Mikoto's gathering flicker shots go unnoticed, and the scans are effective enough. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of weak spots to actually find. The youma is well armored all around by a thick exoskeleton. There is one weakness in the armor, behind the youma, between the spots where the wings connect to the back.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 02:19:05 20828
These last several seconds are very revealing. It seems that even relative unknowns to her are not immediate enemies for Rune, as Amulet Clover is helping Nanoha... Storm Knight is attacking the monster, and so is Nanoha herself. That clears up all the questions, and she knows what to expect from the others; Black is likely to attack her if a convenient chance arises (a worrying prospect, one prompting Rune to keep her distance), Fate... Rune is pretty sure Fate won't go at her unless 'nothing personal' comes up.

As the barrier rises, she reflects on the brief argument between monster and its foes. Her shots upon it worked better than expected, if not /as/ expected, in hitting the creature's hand instead. "Why do those names sound familiar?" She might not get an immediate explanation about Beryl or special crystals, as the monster has taken to the air.

Temporarily. But Runealy tries to intercept its flight regardless, leaping to a rooftop for a better aiming point and launching another orb its way. "Is the way you're acting just some kind of clever trick?" She's not sure what to make of the beast, but launches another wand orb... though this one splits apart into a wide spray of emerald sparkles in mid-air, trying to pepper it in magic energy before it lands. One eye wanders though, trying to keep on top of where Black might be.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 02:20:40 20829
Riventon glares at the youma. "Actually I am reasonably certain that this youma was always this dumb." His device chips in. "Chances are high."

And he turns to Fate as the youma takes off to re-settle in the street. "With this many Device users around, I think there's going to be a lot of people wanting to Jewel Seed for themselves. Don't waste too much energy on the monster, if they're willing to take it down for us. We'll need to seal the seed so we can bring it back to your Mother."

Riventon takes two things very seriously: deals that will earn him more power, and relationships to mothers. He is extremly focused on Fate's goal.

Riveton doesn't move to engage the monstrosity, but outstretches his hand and a large sphere of black energy slowly forms between his fingers, before erupting out in a blasting shockwave. "Be on your guard." he says to Fate, knowing she will have to fight much closer in than he will.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 02:24:09 20830
Nanoha Takamachi smiles at Fate! Yup, that's a genuine smile right there! Cupcakes are frosted and delicious. But Fate also has a point- why are they talking about this right now!? Nanoha would had thrown up the barrier but uhm.

Yuuno is still teaching her things. Yeah. That's on the docket for later this week!

She at least knowns the Bind Break spell now? That's something. Anyways. She turns to Amulet Clover and smiles. "Thanks, Amulet!" is all she says as she backs up a bit. "Look..." she says lowly. "We gotta deal with this... then the Jewel Seed needs sealed... and.... whoever gets it.... it's better if it isn't one of those two..." she motions over to Fate and Riventon. "Those two from the other night..." she says. "...I dunno what Fate's mom wants with them- but--- I definitly don't want that man in black getting them-- and--- they're very dangerous! See!" she says to Amulet.

She has Raising Heart respond for her via text it's 'Affirmative' to 'Miss Blue'-- Mikoto.

She watches Storm Knight cut in and her eyes go wide. Woah!

She spins Raising Heart a moment as she levels the staff down at the creature. "Divine Shooter!" she calls out.

< Divine Shooter >

Orbs of pink light appear around her after a magic circle gets cast--- then explode into a wonderful array of slightly more powerful blasts and bombardment.

She has a bad feeling about the outcome of this, though.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-06 02:30:57 20832
There's a crackle of red-black lightning through the air, and a black rose, smelling of the sickly-sweet scent of rotting beauty, impales itself in the monstrous kaiju hand flailing at Storm Knight.

There's a second of silence.

"She is LITERALLY JUST THAT STUPID," rings out a horribly familiar voice from above; it belongs to a hovering youth, tall and strong and regal, arms crossed and black and red cape billowing out around him. That's Mamoru Chiba's face. His eyes are a dull, rusty red. He looks as aggravated as a perfectionist nerd who's discovered someone being WRONG on the INTERNET.

"It's PHANTOM. The PHANTOM SILVER CRYSTAL, you astoundingly inept excuse for a youma. And oh my GOD, Queen Beryl-sama would feed you to the Tooth Fairy if she found out you were calling her burly."

When this kid says Tooth Fairy, it's pretty obvious he actually legit means something horrifying. "Cough up the toy, it's no use to you. You can either die now in ignominity when they kill you and take it anyway, or I can do you the immense favor of killing you after you hand it over to the pretty girl with the scythe so that Her Majesty never finds out exactly how far down the bottom of the barrel actually IS."
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 02:37:36 20834
"Yeah don't worry about me," Amulet Clover chimes in with a beatific smile. "I'll be able to defend you all night long if that's what you need. You just make with the shooting," Clover intones, as she takes up position in front of Nanoha, raising her frying pan like a shield. "I've got you covered, so put everything you've got into fighting. I'll keep you safe."

Mikoto's appearance draws a roll of Amulet Clover's eyes, but it's brief--much more subdued than usual. She smiles at her and says, "Don't worry, I've got her covered. You just focus on destroying that Youma. Nothing's going to get through me to hurt her."
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 02:42:21 20836
     There is possibly one downside to the fact that Storm Knight had rode the Naginata down into the beast's shoulder. Which was covered in an exoskeleton. Her Naginata was stuck in it, which meant... even though the monster scratched itself, Storm Knight was not in a position to dodge without leaving her partner behind.

     Luckily, Storm Knight had help of a guardian angel(?) in tuxedo, throwing a rose to intercept and save Storm Knight from the wild flailing! And... possibly the creature from scratching itself?

     "Sorry for dropping in on you like that. I think you may have missed a few points here and there. I don't know what you're talking about and even *I* think it sounds wrong. Verdrehen Sturm. Any ideas for getting you out of there?"

                <JAWOHL. AFTRIEB.>

     A belkan triangle appears around the base of the Belkan naginata, and Storm Knight gives a sudden grin. "I see. Boost, huh? Thanks for the assist, Kamen!" Storm Knight shifts slightly, taking a tight grip on her blade as the magical circle begins to glow. "AFTREIB, RELEASE!"

     A pushing force wrenches Naginata out of the Youma and sends Storm Knight into the air briefly. "That thing is pretty heavily armored. I think it might be time to strip it." Storm Knight says, lifting her device up, as the base of the naginata's head lowers, a red shotgun shell chambering. "Cartridge Load."


     Lightning engulfs Storm Knight, and her Naginata's blade grows longer and wider; and then... she's gone. Just, flat, disappeared into a sudden blur of light that's dashing all over the monster, slashing with that armor-piercing blade at large areas of the monster's body -- the aim wasn't really necessarily to cause much damage with this... though the electricity coursing through her blade would likely be unpleasant for the Youma...

     No, Storm Knight was aiming to assist the others in their taking it down by cutting and damaging and weakening as much of the monster's exoskeleton as possible, cutting triangles where-ever possible so that new weak points might be created in the monster's armor.

     If there aren't many weakpoints... you make more. That's what friendship is all about, right?!

     Soon, Storm Knight is back on the ground, standing slightly back from the monster compared to the others... because she was taking a few heavy breaths to recover from the use of the Cartridge. Huff. Huff. Huff. Ugh. Even with training, that still messed her up. "Just... give me a moment... I'll ... be right... back in ... the fight..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 02:48:19 20837
Mikoto - or rather, Miss Blue, given her henshin - Nanoha called her in, after all, and that's the one Nanoha knows - pauses to look over at Storm Knight. Haven't seen her in a while! Ought to see if she'd be interested in working together.

~Keep it's attention, Takamachi-san, I'll get around to hit a weak point. Then be ready with a Sealing for the Jewel Seed, okay?~ It's a private-mode telepathic communication, fortunately. She doesn't want just anyone to know what she's doing. Like that berk, Riventon.

"She's right, you know," she calls out as she starts to circle around the monster. "'Ridiculously, ludicrously dangerous' comes to mind. As does 'please don't point that thing at my PLANET'!" She looks over at Amu and adds, "I'm backing up Takamachi on this one. Stay on your feet, this is likely to get messy."

Flicker Shots continue to stack up in the air above her, a loose orbit of blue-glimmering darts of light, still awaiting the perfect moment. She flits from building to building, keeping out of the youma's line of sight, getting into position to have the best targeting on the weak point Carnwennan detected.

Eventually, she's in position. And then there's yet another dark warrior ranting at stuff. At least this one's ranting at the monster. Which is good, right? Right?

"So I've got to ask," she calls out to Endymion as the Flicker Shots start to whirl faster and faster. "Is there something in the water here, that makes people so ranty? Or is it the magic stuff?"

And then a storm of light roars up from where she stands, to slam down in a gleaming stream of many-times-repeated impacts on the youma's back, right between its wing-roots, pounding away at its engorged body.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 02:52:02 20838
    Fate turns to Riventon and nods. "Right. We need to not just bring down the monster, but also secure the Jewel Seed. With that girl here, it wont be easy. We should be extra careful, because I don't think the numbers are on our side here."

    Fate lowers her scythe, entering a combat stance. "... but at the same time, we've still got a good chance. Be ready, when it happens."

    Fate then dives towards the Youma, and into combat, floating close to Storm Knight as she shouts, "Nice to see you again!" Her scythe goes directly into the Youma's too-large shoulder, close to the neck, before she pulls out and backs away.

    "What do you mean the way I'm acting? Why does not one respect me?! Can't you see how powerful I am?" shouts the giant youma at Runealy, only to whine loudly when that orb impacts her. Riventon's own blast, as well as Nanoha's Divine Shooter, brings about more whining.

    That black rose impacts her hand, and the youma yelps, growling up at Endymion. "What is this? Betrayal?! I know exactly what it's called. It's the Fandom Silver Crystal! Just like Queen Berly said! ... but now I know you're a traitor! We always figured you'd sell us out for a blonde with twintails!" This is exactly the wrong blonde with twin tails.

    "Face my omnipotent power, Endomino!"

    The Youma raises its claws to attack Endymion, but it's interrupted by Storm Knight's sudden assault. The cuts and slices are effective, tearing open holes the creature's armor. The Youma can't do anything about it, with Suzuki being as fast as she is. That doesn't stop it from complaining loudly. "Ow! Ow! Stop that! Ow! No fair!"

    The Youma roars at the barrier's dim sky, having reached the limit of what it can take. It spreads its wings, taking in immense amounts of dark energy. It opens its mouth, firing many bolts of dark energy, one after the other, from its maw. Each magical opponent gets one energy bolt each. Endymion gets two.

    Each blast is respectably strong, but not nearly as strong as she thinks it is. She seems to be slowing down, in fact, overwhelmed as she is by assaults from several magical attacks, and with several fresh holes in her armor.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 02:59:52 20841
Runealy suddenly loses interest in the giant monster as two things cross her mind. First is that 'Black' is not doing all that much to fight. It's not the smartest idea for her to go after him alone, but she's pretty sure he's just waiting for his chance to ambush someone. Maybe her. Maybe Fate (unlikely, but Rune thinks it's a non-zero chance). Maybe someone else.

Second, Nanoha seems to have a little insight on Fate's mother. Or so those remarks suggest to Rune. That's something to follow up on when the chance presents itself. Not worth talking about /now/, but it does register firmly in her mind all the same.

...Three things. Mamoru(?) has just made himself known. She thinks it's him, at least; Dark Endymion speaks with the same voice, he seems to be about the same size even if the outfit changes some perception of this. And he's addressing 'Beryl' as... a superior? The same Beryl that Fate seems to be worried about, and he's talking so harshly compared to how Rune remembers.

"You...? Why are you like that...?" Rune is struggling to form the words as she stares up at Dark Endymion. Only the monster's protest brings her back to the more obvious threat. "You're powerful, but I wonder what you're really applying that toward? ...Hn!?" Any further commentary is cut off by a dark-bolt flying her way. It pegs Rune almost dead-on; she manages a pivoting sidestep away from it, but it still nails her in the midsection and side, sending her stumbling to one knee with a hurt cry! "Definitely powerful, but...!"

But it's apparently focusing more on Endymion. She runs through several possibilities, and comes to one chilling conclusion: 'Black' might focus on Endymion - most-likely-Mamoru - first, seeing him as the most vulnerable in light of the double attack upon him. And so Rune makes up her mind.

She traces where Riventon's blasts have been coming from, and leaps from rooftop to rooftop to close on his position. He's not hard to find; he's back roughly where he started, in the air. She just needs to get close enough to...

"I won't let you!" Won't let you 'what'? She doesn't make this clear to Black. Instead, she launches another wand-orb at him. This one is aimed for a direct hit, rather than a scattering blast. While she isn't explaining her motives well, Rune looks very aggressive and outright upset with him!
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 03:10:03 20843
Nanoha Takamachi lets Amulet Clover play guard for her- and does as suggested--- focusing on blasting. Should she waste a lot of energy on this thing? That Jewel Seed is going to be free eventually. Yuuno warned her about playing it 'smart'. So she settles on continuing the consecutive blasts of Divine Buster-- levying a lot of orbs- that turn into beams upon the monster.

She looks to Endymion-- someone she doesn't know and blinks. Was that a rose? What was this weird armored boy's stake in this now? He seemed upset at the monster...

Were they friends...?

"Sorry we need to beat up your friend!" she calls out, because she doesn't know better- but also because you apologize when you need to beat someone up.

"They should be okay in a bit!" she says.

Yeah no she won't.

She looks over to 'Miss Blue' and nods matter of factly- she's keeping the heat up with a lot of magic lasers! It's what she seems to be best at!

She looks down at Storm Knight and frowns---she hopes she's okay. She just...looks winded though?

She tries to keep track of Fate and Riventon throughout this. She has to be ready- either to stop them from getting it-- or getting ready to fight them to try to get it back if they get it first.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 03:11:59 20844
Riventon is standing back, letting the fight unfold. It seems Fate agrees with his tactical assessment of the situation, and so he doesn't feel the need to elucidate further. He is considering some ways to make the battle go out a little bit better. Of all of the people he sees here, oddly, Dark Endymion gets the least attention from him - possibly because he already announced an intent to let the 'pretty girl' have the Jewel Seed.

He /is/, however, channeling energy for a blast from the backline - just against a different, more Storm Knight-like target. He's got such a distance from the youma that he's able to shield it's attack with his spare hand long before it reaches him, and it dissappates harmlessly against the blueblack circle.

And then, there's a sharp moment when a striking bolt of pain erupts from his back - Runealy's orb, timed with the blast from the youma, scores a direct hit. Riventon turns, green eyes fixed coldly on Runealy. And then the shadows roll up his outfit and coalesce into his Shadow Guise, with two red points of eyes and a red mouth with a wicked smile.

"I remember you." he says. "Looks like I'm going to get a wand to take apart AND a Jewel Seed!" he adds, before the half-charged blast of black energy in his hand is unleashed at Runealy. "You started it this time!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-06 03:19:28 20846
It's not stupid in the same way as firing energy at Kunzite is, shooting bolts of dark energy at Endymion. But let's be real, it's still a poor life choice. "It's NOT--" the young armored Dark Prince shouts, eyes blazing with outraged sensibilities instead of the sick red of Metalia's control, "--the *&#@ing--" he insists loudly, pulling his sword as the youma shoots TWO! TWO ENERGY BEAMS, AH AH AH! at him, "--GINZUISHOU!" he yells in a veritable storm of righteous indignation, and pulls up his cape to deflect one, then uses his ancient, magical, and beautiful folded steel blade as a baseball bat to whack the second blast right back at the youma. "IDIOT!"

Then he gestures furiously at the youma, glaring down at Mikoto. "She's being WRONG! She KEEPS being wrong! COMPLETELY wrong!!"

And then there's a glance toward Suzuki, and he pauses to look puzzled. "Mask...? But--"

Yeah he's for real just hovering there in the air, once-blue eyes regarding Storm Knight in mild bemusement. "Uh, you're welcome?"

The little girl with the tiny red pigtails is calling something to him about friends, and Endymion stares blankly at her. "Uh. She's a really dumb youma. I was going to kill her anyway." And then he looks even MORE like he somehow missed a page of the comic as Runealy addresses him and gets shot for her efforts. That shakes him out of bewildered and into faintly annoyed. "Pay more attention to your surroundings!" he scolds her. And then he idly makes an obscene gesture at the youma and flies over to hover by Fate and Riventon for a second, ignoring the attack Runealy's blasting Riventon's way. It's Fate he addresses. "My name is Endymion. If you'd be kind enough to meet me tomorrow around noon at Clover Tower, I've a business proposition for you, and I'm perfectly willing to take no for an answer. Good luck! I'm sure you'll win!" he finishes cheerfully.

With a jaunty salute, the teenager steps through an invisible portal (which looks really weird, tbh) and peaces out.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 03:24:00 20847
Miss Blue is paying too much attention to the youma to notice the byplay between Riventon and Runealy, fortunately for her. She keeps up the pressure on the creature, a seemingly endless stream of those blue darts of light slamming down into its back.

After the first few seconds of impact, though, she has to adjust her aim a bit, so as not to hit Storm Knight. This makes it a bit more difficult for her to access its weak point, but not at all impossible. She hopes.

"Keep hitting it!" she calls out to her fellow Knight, as she flies a little closer. "Okay! Give Queen Whatsername our best wishes!" is her reply to Endymion, and she shrugs as he leaves. Well, okay, that's one fewer complication.

She pauses to look over at Fate. Then at Nanoha. Then she shrugs. And yells out at the youma: "Why won't you DIE already???"
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 03:32:49 20851
True to her promise, Amulet Clover interposes herself between Nanoha and the incoming burst of dark energy. With her frying pan, she absorbs the incoming blasts, and they seem to simply dissipate harmlessly! The pan doesn't even seem to glow with contained energy; it's just gone.

Clover's eyes widen as Runealy rushes towards Riventon, but there's not very much she can do except flail for something to call the girl she doesn't recognize, "Lady in red! Princess person! Watch out!" But there's no way she can make it in time to defend her, too.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 03:36:43 20853
     "Hello again, Fate Testarossa. I hope you have been well." Storm Knight says, slowly straightening up as she catches her breath again. Okay. Phew. Storm Knight shifts from using her Device as a staff to help keep herself balanced, to holding it in both hands again, ready to do her light-footed dance with death! Or... well. Youma, at any rate. She thinks quietly for a while as she looks towards Fate, Nanoha, and the others. This was going to turn into a secondary fight after the Youma. And she didn't /really/ want to hurt either side, to be honest.

     Well okay. She wouldn't mind punching Riventon in his jerk face for kidnapping her, but /Fate/. Fate she didn't necessarily want to hurt. "...Endymino? Seriously?" Storm Knight says towards the Youma, wrinkling her nose a bit. It felt kind of like beating up on, well... okay it felt like what it was. Beating up on a youma that has hit the catnip a bit too hard.

     Aaaand then it felt like a nasty dark energy blast that hit her while she wasn't /quite/ fully recovered, causing her to falter and take a few steps back. ... Well, okay, causing her to FLY back, likely into the side of a building, because that was fairly powerful!

     Still, it had seemed -- or possibly sounded -- like someone had a plan. She would wait for the moment to see what said plan was, as well as watch for others. Also stand up from being knocked into the side of the building. Even if her Knight Clothing reduced the damage from that, that still stung.

                <FUHREN SIE DAS SIEGEL.>

     "Verdrehen Sturm says to perform the sealing." Storm Knight says. She doesn't know how to do it, or she'd do it, herself! She looks up towards Dark Endymion, waving towards him. "Take care, Endymion." Storm Knight says towards him as he begins to make his way out the portal.

     An order to keep hitting it. Storm Knight glances towards Mikoto, giving a small nod towards her. "Alright then." Storm Knight says, lifting her Device to aim for the youma. Magical energy begins to gather again, and Storm Knight opens her mouth as she calls out, "Verdrehen Sturm!"


     Two magical triangles appear at either side of Storm Knight, lightning beginning to crackle in the center of both of the magical circles. "SHOOT!"

    Two lightning bolts are sent towards the towering youma, attempting to electrocute it with the pair of medium sized bolts of lightning-- respectably sized, but nothing too ridiculous like what Fate can pull off!
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 03:51:33 20856
    As Endymion approaches Fate, Fate raises Bardiche defensively... but he doesn't seem to be attacking. "Alright. I'll meet you there." Fate has no idea what it's about, but he was helpful during the fight, and didn't stick around to threaten the Jewel Seed. He is at least in the 'not your immediate enemy' category.

    The attacks on Riventon are ignored for now, as Fate thinks he can handle them on his own. She dives closer to the youma, Bardiche changing form into Staff Mode, as she turns to Suzuki and says, "I've been better, but It's going alright. How about you?"

    Fate's eyes dart between Storm Knight, Nanoha, and the others even as she gets closer to the youma.

    The Youma howls up at Endymion, shouting, "What do you mean? Of course It's the---"

    She trails off as that returned energy blast lands right on her forehead and comes ou the other side.

    "Oh... I guess it really isn't. Huh."

    The youma has just enough time to consider it's recent epiphany, and slowly come to regret its actions, as Mikoto's sudden outburst of Flicker Shots slams it from behind, tearing through the creature.

    Nanoha's own attack is joined by a Photon Lancer from Fate, pink bolts and golden spheres slamming into the creature from all sides. Suzuki's twin Bolts come in and tear through the creature's chest.

    It's difficult to tell at what point the Youma reached the limit of its endurance. What's very clear is that it is slowly turning into dust, wounds opening and pouring out blue flames as it slowly decays. The wind blows the dust away, and the only thing that remains is the diamond-shaped Jewel Seed, with the roman numeral II etched on the side.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 04:08:58 20859
"...Didn't even knock him out of the sky?" Runealy is worried by this; she had expected a head-on blow to have a little more effect. Did she, in fact, accomplish much with that hit besides annoying Black? Hard to tell. A chill runs through her as he reiterates his interest in her royal wand. He could take it... and likely kill her afterward. She knows this is a very realistic outcome for this chain of events she - as Black has noted - started.

She could turn and run, try to break her way out of the barrier. This would require turning her back to him. Bad idea. And so she insists in a shaky voice, "I... I'm not backing down! You'll ruin everything if you get your way!"

Then she's distracted by Endymion. His words cut deep, and she responds half-to-herself in a quiet tone, "That sounds like something mother would say... almost exactly how she'd say it."

Fortunately, Amulet Clover jars her back to the situation at hand. "Huh!?" Boot wings light up, launching her cleanly over Black's dark-blast. Even as she descends, her wand lashes out with a pair of thin red rays. Not the huge beams that Nanoha can put out, but much smaller attacks; Runealy has been going full-tilt this whole fight, and she knows she needs to slow down some if she expects to have any stamina for fighting this man before her.

...Yet her leap did give her a peripheral-vision view of something. Dust and blue flames? Runealy looks aside to the monster's demise, gasping as she realizes what that might mean. It's not a certainty, but that has a lot in common with how demons from her world die. Is it a demon? It acted very, very dim-witted compared to the ones she knows, but she has only seen a few and the possibility of a 'dumb demon' can't be ruled out. Presuming it even was one to begin with; its means-of-demise could have been a coincidence. If not, one of them in league with 'Beryl' - whoever that is - is worrying. It's distracting, during a fight when she /should/ be focusing on just Riventon.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 04:14:24 20860
Nanoha Takamachi listens to the boy. He was going to kill his friend!? Well that's a terrible thing to do!---

Everyone's shots descend upon the creature and apparently- it's soon dead. She smiles to Amulet appreciativly, but that's all she can spare as she looks up the Jewel Seed. Cannon Mode is also... Sealing Mode, so she doesn't need to really call out a sealing mode to get ready---but more importantly---

She looks at Fate and frowns a little sadly again. Yeah. They're gonna have to fight after this. It's not even a question in her head now. Miss White said this was a common thing. It wasn't fully dishearting. It just meant. She had to know what she was doing.

So Nanoha acts. She acts because there's a time for talking and a time for talking and a time for talking and fighting. Right now... it's fighting.

She points Raising Heart at the Jewel Seed as she calls out---- "Jewel Seed...Seal it.. Raising Heart....!" she calls out.

< Sealing >

A an array of pink light emits from Raising Heart!----

Of course, at this distance, someone could get in the way--- or take it.... or anything. But her priority seems to be on trying to seal it right now- make it no longer dangerous for the moment.

"Someone grab it... I'm going to try to seal it...." she mutters. Miss Blue and Storm Knight get this telepathically, too. Come on Miss Blue... Storm Knight... Amulet. She has to trust in these people to help her, right?
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 04:19:43 20862
Riventon's attention is immediately pulled away to the falling youma and the Jewel Seed being unleashed. There's a searing pain in his back - the after-affects of Rune's strike not even being fully absorbed by the barrier jacket - but the feeling is dimmed because he is so upset, and so focused.

Can he rely on Fate to handle those others? Possibly not, and he needs to act fast, as he's trying to dodge between the red rays. One of them clips him in the shoulder, forcing a hand to it, and arresting his forward motion towards the fight. No, Runealy is forcing him to turn and face her. "I show up and try to barter with you and you run and call help, but now you're sticking your nose in business you shouldn't even be involved in?" Riventon asks from behind his shadow mask. "I estimate that wasn't a good decision."

Two orbs erupt out from the top of his gauntlet, and the little onyx spheres rocket towards Fate. They're not attacking her, as Rune potentially feared - they're giving her fire support, little bursts of black energy erupting out at anyone around her. Because as far as he knows, nobody but Fate in that fight should touch that seed.

That leaves Rune, and he turns in on her - making a throwing motion like lobbing a rock, as his device announces <Blackshot!> and he generates a small, but highly volatile orb during the throw which erupts out at much faster speed towards Runealy. It'll even follow her a bit, and on contact with her (or a shield, or the like), detonate into a surge of black energy.

While she's hopefully distracted by it, small pinpoints of black energy behind him begin to flare into much larger ones as he prepares a barrage attack for the Princess.

But other than his two small assisting orbs, he's been pulled out of the fight over the Jewel Seed by Runealy.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 04:21:35 20863
     Oh. Good. Fate had a friend in Endymion! Which was probably good, it might carry over to when he's saved from the dark kingdom and whatnot! But for now, more good people at her side... Fate needed that, she was sure! And she didn't seem like a bad person at all!

     And now Fate was looking at her, and the others, and various others. "Beyond my best friend being kidnapped after someone feined his death, being knocked into a wall just now, and the usual... not too bad." Storm Knight responds to Fate, watching her quietly as she moves closer to the Youma. She should probably interrupt that, even if it was just to keep it away from /Riventon/.

     ...On the other hand, the Youma was dissolving into dust, and she didn't personally have much stake in taking the jewel seed beyond for the safety of people around her and such. Hmm. Storm Knight shifted slightly, beginning to make her way towards the pile of ashes. Let's see... fighting Fate directly might be a bit hard. And Riventon was there, though he was also distracted.

     The call to grab it gets Storm Knight moving more suddenly though. Verdrehen Sturm suddenly intones, <BLITZ SCHRITT.>

     Aaand then Storm Knight is off, consumed by lightning as she dashes for the thing she assumes to be the Jewel Seed... most likely it was now just a matter of who got to it first, on who captures it. Or who can beat who.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 04:26:41 20866
Amulet Clover isn't fast. She isn't strong. But she is immensely reliable. At Nanoha's call, she rushes forward towards the Jewel Seed, reaching to try and grab it ... except she stops on the way there, and her whisk becomes a ... bubble wand? "Honey Bubbles!" she declares in a voice that is entirely too adorable for the normally spicy girl. A mass of bubbles flicker outwards towards Riventon and Fate, seeking to trap them in adorable sweetness.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 05:09:20 20873
    The Jewel Seed beckons, surrounded in an orb of dark power, black lightning arcing from the Jewel Seed to its surrounding orb. It floats over the ashes of the youma that once held it, and that power still calls out, searching for a new master.

    Nanoha?s sealing spell is effective enough. Rays of pink wash over the Jewel Seed, piercing and then bursting that dark bubble of magic. The black lightning fades, at first striking less often and then, eventually, not at all. The Jewel Seed drops to the ground, dormant.

    The orbs that Riventon fires at Fate surround her, orbiting around her as she dives towards the now-sealed Jewel Seed. Suzuki seems to be going for it as well, but with it sealed as it is it?s probably not a matter of fighting Storm Knight for it. Lucky for Fate, she?s still at least somewhat faster than Storm Knight. Lucky for Storm Knight, Fate has some additional problems to deal with in the form of Amulet?s Honey Bubbles.

    Fate would respond to Storm Knight?s words, as the part about the friend seems really sad, but she has to succeed right now or else!

    Riventon?s options intercept the first few Honey Bubbles, keeping them away from Fate, and Fate uses her own Sonic Move to gain an edge over Suzuki? She reaches out with Bardiche, trying to touch the Jewel Seed first.

    Then a Honey Bubble gets her from behind, delaying her long enough for more sweet bubbles to impact her and stick to her. She has time to shout, ?NO!? before the bubbles encase her.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 05:13:23 20875
Rune is simply too far away to help with Nanoha's request, and it's possible she doesn't even hear it from this distance, especially without telepathy.

Her problem is Black. "With as cruel as I've seen you be, you're always my business!" She has absolutely no doubt about that; she has seen him attack her right after stopping a monster... and she's convinced he does it to others too. Her attention is definitely back on him now. The problem is that there are still several things digging at her heart at the back of her mind, and this time his blast connects clean!

Runealy is sent hurtling into a building wall from this, screaming all the way until she makes impact and collapses into a heap on the ground!

She has nothing clever to say about this. Hands shaky, she instead aims at the wall she just hit. Going a little further along it, she launches a wand-orb at the structure. It bursts into sparkles... but also debris. Dust.

Runealy is using this as a smokescreen to head into a nearby alley at a limping sprint. She doesn't want to still be in sight when he finishes preparing whatever he has in mind!
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 05:22:53 20876
"Cruelty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's cruel to make other people think they have a chance when they don't - false hope is cruel. So I won't let you have any at all!" he shots as the blast impacts her. It also carries her further away, though.

As he's flying over to her, those rapidly-growing orbs just behind him, intending to finish the job, her wand-orb hits the structure and kicks up the blinding swarm of sparkles, and dust. Riventon lobs one of those massive black spheres blindly into the dust - and though he hits nothing, the force makes an explosion that sends out shockwaves of both energy and negative emotions.

And that's when he hears Fate's 'NO!' and he turns - just in time to get a visual field full of Honey Bubbles. He guides his remaining orb forward, and another shockwave and bolt of energy erupts out - popping the bubbles headed for him, but also dispersing another lethal attack.

And he sees Fate, and he sees the Jewel Seed - and he decides quickly that Fate's mother would be more upset at the loss of her daughter than the temporary loss of a jewel seed.

He has no idea how wrong he is as he charges forward. And perhaps there's a little more of Takashi than Riventon in his voice as he speeds towards her, now that the bubbles are clear. "Fate-chan!" and he moves to shatter the remaining Honey Bubble with a touch from his dark-energy imbued gauntlet.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 05:32:18 20880
     Oh god the black balls of pewpew are pewpewing at Storm Knight! ... Luckily she was in her Blitz Schritt anyway, so dodging was... well, okay, it wasn't /easy/ but it was easier since she was already pretending to be a lightning bolt, zipping around. Which had meant that Fate probably would have gotten it first, as well! She's faster, and didn't have to play dodge the black bolts.

     Luckily for Storm Knight, there was a bubble of honey to slow down Fate for her -- which resulted in her grabbing it. And, unlike her Knight... Verdrehen Sturm knew pretty much exactly what to do with an artifact of dangerous power. Seal it. Quickly. The Device began to glow with magic, and Storm Knight lifted it almost as if on cue.

                <EINFANGEN DES ARTEFAKTS.>

     And... rather unceremoniously, the Device would simply absorb the jewel seed into its main body. Storm Knight turns her gaze towards Fate, watching her silently for a few moments. She takes a soft breath and begins to take a few steps closer to Nanoha and Mikoto. "...Why are you desperate for these, Fate? ...I may be willing to help, if you promise it does not get into Miss White or the black one's hands."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 05:36:23 20881
Mikoto watches, calmly, as the Jewel Seed is sealed, and Storm Knight beats Fate to the prize. Good, good. At least that gets it away from the person crazy enough to want to use them.

And that frees up her attention for other things. Such as noticing Runealy and Riventon's spat.

~Good work, Nanoha,~ she sends to the young mage. ~Now, let's make sure they don't make even more of a mess than the monster!~

And with that, she flickers through the air, moving to interpose herself between Fate and the Storm Knight. "I don't know what you and your mother want these for," she says, levelling her blade at the blonde, "But you won't have this one."

Energy crackles around the blade's tip as she readies it for a quick attack, and a rune-circle surrounds it and expands outwards into a shield.

To Storm Knight, she lets off a quick sending. ~Good work! Now to hold onto it. Don't let them take it from you!~

The few remaining, unused Flicker Shots fall into orbit around her once again, zipping past the sword-tip and swinging back around the young Knight.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 05:39:33 20883
Nanoha Takamachi takes a deep breath when Storm Knight goes after the Jewel Seed---and gets it. She looks over at Storm Knight as Riventon goes after Fate. She frowns a little at this- something about Riventon doesn't seem 'right' to her. She doesn't quite get 'Dark Energy' yet- really. She turns to Storm Knight.

"She wants to give them to her mother. But she doesn't know what her mother wants with them. I dunno what you wanna do with that Storm Knight.... but... I can tell you they're very dangerous in the wrong hands- and you don't even need to hear that from me- because you just saw it in the wrong hands tonight!" she says.

"Fate's my rival in this..." she mutters. "If you want to join her and Riventon then and help them.....!" she huffs.

"We'll be fighting, too..." she says determinedly. A statement of fact. She's trying her best to trust her, but she also needs to paint the truth as best she can as she knows it.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 05:48:08 20884
Amulet Clover looks a little unsure of herself. Her Honey Bubbles had exactly the right effect, but maybe she should have gone for another target. She watches Storm Knight uncertainly; watches with a certainty that this is way beyond her knowledge. "What do I do?" she asks uncertainly, of no one at all. And in truth, she just doesn't know.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 05:51:05 20886
    Fate, stuck in her sticky mass of bubbles, watches as Storm Knight seals the Jewel Seed into her device. To her surprise, Storm Knight turns to her and says... she'll be willing to help?

    "The deal my mother made means that they wont go to Miss White or Riventon. They'll go to my mother. She wants them."

    Fate tries to explain beyond that, but she's never really known why Precia wants them so badly. She never really questioned it before, but the fact that her ignorance on the matter might actually stop her from convincing Storm Knight to give it up is starting to terrify her.

    And Fate is most certainly terrified. "Please... I need that. I can't explain why, but they're important!"

    Mikoto gets a sideways glance. As she is for this moment, Fate can't really attack back, but she's sure she could get a shield up if Mikoto attacked first. "Just stop... what does it matter to you where they go?"

    Riventon makes some very generous assumptions about Fate's mother, and comes to rescue her from the honeyed trap she was caught in... but Fate is secretly wishing that she had that Jewel Seed instead. It's a bit late to do anything about it now, though.

    Fate glances towards Nanoha, and then back to Storm Knight. "I can assure you that if I have the Jewel Seed, it will not be allowed to create another incident like tonight. I promise!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-06 05:55:07 20887
Rune winces from the residual blast even as she makes her way to cover... then feels another cold wave of anxiety rip through her as she hears Black shout Fate's name. Why? The idea that he might be concerned for her doesn't cross Runealy's mind. Instead, she begins limping back out to try to pursue him, expecting that he's moving to attack her 'nothing personal'-promise friend. The problem at this point is the princess cannot really keep up.

All she manages is to get back into view in time to see that Fate is terrified. Why? Are the others about to hurt her, or worse? It's possible. At least, it's possible from Runealy's perspective; she's too far away to clearly hear all this, but the look on Fate's face says a lot.

And so she takes aim at... pretty much everyone. Rune isn't firing on anyone yet, but she is scared now that one of them is going to do something that explains why Fate looks so frightened. Thus, Rune stands ready to try to interrupt whatever 'it' might be.

She at least announces this intent, shouting for all to hear: "Leave her alone!"
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 05:57:05 20888
Riventon is... notoriously bad at calming situations down. And the fact that he's still radiating negative energy like a failing Nuclear Reactor of Badness is probably not helping.

But once he's freed Fate from the Honey Bubble trap, he's standing near her. Almost protectively. He towers over the little twintailed girl, and that shadow mask is still over his features, making it hard to tell where exactly he's looking.

"It's for Fate's MOTHER." he says directly, boldly, harshly, just following her story. He doesn't even fill it with any insults, this time. The more astute might be able to pick up the vocal ques with which he says MOTHER though. That is the most important part of the short phrase to him - it's for someone's mother.

Then Runealy's voice comes in, and Riventon steps closer to her. His hand is thrust outward towards Rune, but his palm is flat - it's not his motion for attacking, but preparing to put up a Round Shield - though it might be hard to tell the difference at range. "Her mother needs the Jewel Seed." he says again, as though he's saying it through clenched teeth behind the mask.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-06 06:11:56 20891
Miss Blue holds her blade level, half expecting Fate to attack, ready to respond if she does. "I don't want to fight you, Fate. You're a good kid and I'm sure you love your mother very much." But she doesn't move from that spot between the blonde and Storm Knight, either.

A gesture of her free hand indicates Riventon. "But I'll be honest, I don't trust him, and I don't understand why you do. He's a horrible person and a selfish jerk! And I don't trust him not to steal it from you!" Nor does she trust what Precia will do with it, but she's not going to say that to Fate's face after praising her for her love of the woman.

"Storm Knight, just take the seed and go, get away from here. We'll be in touch later and we can talk about what to do when people aren't about to blow each other up." At a quick directive from her, Carnwennan sends a data burst to Storm Knight's Device, with a set of contact information for her.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 06:12:45 20892
     For Fate's mother. And Riventon wanted them for her mother too. But Fate couldn't tell her ... exactly... /why/. Ugh. Storm Knight bites her lip softly. "...We can talk about this another time. In a less tense situation." Storm Knight says softly, shifting her device, and beginning to take a few steps back. "Right now, I do not feel safe giving it to you knowing that you are in association with him." She says, glancing towards Riventon.

     Storm Knight takes a slow breath, thinking on things. "I'm not of the opinion you're a bad person though, Fate... if you can give me a good reason, there's a good chance I may be willing to give up the jewel seed. For now, though. I think it is best we part ways." Storm Knight says, lightning beginning to crackle around her. She was preparing to take her leave with a Blitz Schritt, and... unless stopped, she would do just that and turn to begin to go, as suggested.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-06 06:17:45 20894
Nanoha Takamachi doesn't seem ready to stop Storm Knight. She just looks at Fate and frowns. Riventon just...parrots the same things Fates been saying. Neither are telling her why. Fate doesn't know... and if Fate doesn't know what her own mother wants--- surely--- Riventon doesn't either-- right?

She does note Riventon's tone though. Does he... actually care? That's good-- she thinks. At least Fate has someone to keep her safe... right?

She doesn't say anything, she just turns and begins to leave at a medium clip-- in an opposite direction of everyone else.

Yuuno wasn't going to be happy about this one--- regardless of what Nanoha thinks, but at least it's been stopped from rampaging for the moment.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-01-06 06:20:56 20896
    Fate reaches out for Suzuki when she speeds off, but the presence of Mikoto and Nanoha prevent her from thinking that she could actually catch her. "But..."

    To have searched for so long, only lose the first one she saw in a while. What would Precia think? Maybe if she just didn't find out right away...

    Her gut clenches. She turns her back on Mikoto, balling her hands into fists, "I don't care if you want to fight or not. You're in my way. You're my enemy. I don't think that Riventon would steal them from me, with things as they are, but you don't know him like I do."

    Fate's feet lift back into the air, and she turns towards Riventon. "There's nothing left to fight over here. Let's go. With the data we found, maybe we can find ways to locate them sooner. I... I have to go..."

    She isn't sure how to explain this to her mother, or even if she should... but she knows there's no point in being here right now. With a burst of speed, she flies away, and doesn't say another word.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-06 06:24:30 20897
Riventon's eyes - as well as the beady red ones on his mask- narrow. "As long as you have that gem, that makes you a target, Storm Knight. For me." he shouts angrily. "I won't be merciful if you stand in Fate's way." Clearly, Fate's way - not even his way.

"The same goes for all of you. If you treasure your lives, if you value your own families and if you want to avoid suffering - yourself and others - stay away from the Jewel Seeds." He is willing to drop this one now - if only because he's somewhat confident in his own and Fate's ability to find the Storm Knight later and make her cough up the goods. So he turns and walks - much like Dark Endymion did - away, through a portal through the Dusk Zone, and back to his home. Where he will be very late for dinner.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-06 06:28:50 20899
Amulet Clover glances about, as everyone begins to leave. She just mostly looks confused as she stands her ground atop the rooftop. "Well," says Amu Hinamori, as her Chara returns to its natural state. "I have no idea what just happened."

Ran, Miki, and Su are no help with this. Amu sighs and puts the last of her Snickers bar in her mouth as she walks to the edge of the building and glances out over the city. "But at least no one got hurt, I guess."
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-06 06:31:21 20901
     As she leaves, Verdrehen Sturm transfers a message to Bardiche. It is simply Storm Knight's 'work' phone. With a note saying 'Text me later. We can figure this out without distractions. And maybe figure out what your mom wants too.'

     Mikoto gets a similar message. This one is just a returned sharing of contact info.