Stampeed at Infinity!

Hannah Sharpe gathers a group of fellow students to clean up the now animal-filled Infinity!

Date: 2015-06-20
Pose Count: 26
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-20 23:10:46 2470
Infinity Middle School's classes are well-ordered and timely. Really, the school runs like clock work overall, given all the resources put into it. But sometimes even this place gets a wrench in its gears.

In the morning, several stacks of boxes were found just inside the school's entryway. All it took was the janitor and a few curious students popping them open to release the horde that now has taken over the school and cancelled all of the classes.

Bunnies, cats, gerbils, rats, mice, and even the odd penguin or meerkat has now spread across the school. Dozens of the animals, too! It's hard to not trip over the things by now, with several classrooms invaded, and the odd student either playing with, or trying to take one of the animals home!

Hannah Sharpe, intern at Tomoe Labs, stands at the lobby. A few lesser interns stand behind her, with nets and long carts with cages stacked on them.

It's around then that she sighs, gives a small sob, and starts calling up people she knows for help. Meanwhile, the interns start cleaning up the lobby. A kitty is soon winding its way between her ankles. Frown.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-20 23:27:20 2472
     A call from Hannah! Something that Suzuki hadn't been expecting. She'd just gotten out of her own classes when she got the call. Soon enough, she'd apologized to her kendo club and told them that she'd miss training today due to an emergency, and Suzuki was on a bike shortly!

     While on the way over, Suzuki quite possibly violated several traffic laws and zipped through potentially dangerous intersections while still managing to keep safe. This is quite possibly a normal occurance for her when emergencies come up, Luckily she stuck to as much of a 'back road' as possible to keep things as safe as possible, though.

     Soon enough, Suzuki arrived outside of Infinity University, skidding to a dramatic stop at the bike storage, where she hopped off of it and calmly locked it up. Hanging over her shoulder was a small sword carrier, though it only carried her Bokken, and she definitely did not intend to make use of that.

     Were those... animals running around that she could see through the window? Wow, she thought Hannah had been exaggerating... apparently not. Suzuki carefully slips through the front doors of the lobby, ensuring nothing gets out as she closes the door behind her. "...Sorry it took so long, Hannah. ... What's the full situation?" She asks. 'Took so long'. Nevermind the fact she might have rivaled some of the biking club members with that biking speed...
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-20 23:32:01 2473
Hinote Kagari is somewhere not too far away when his phone beeps. It's call from.....? Wait who is this? Oh! Right! That person who lost the dog he had to help track down. He puts his phone away after the call, deciding to help- because Hinote is all about help when he can. He makes for the nearest bus stop, and he arrives to!----

Animal Chaos. His eyes go wide. "What happend!??" he asks as he begins walking up to the completely overwhelmed Hannah. "Okay, give me... a box. or a net, and I'll start--- trying to wrangle some of these things." he says as he looks over to Suzuki, too. "OH--- Hello again!" he says. "This is kind of a mess isn't it?" he asks with a smile.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-20 23:35:22 2474
Takashi Agera is actually not here on behalf of a call from Eclipse. Takashi is here because it's impossible to get any work done with all of the random animal noises and squealing (and, occasionally, screaming) upstairs in the school itself. Plus, it's his school, and there's some degree of pride even if it's egotistical, and that pride doesn't lend itself to letting animals run wild through his own school.

And that's why the normally stoic and aloof teenage boy is running out of one of the classrooms on the lower level, into the lobby, chasing a rabbit with a net, almost oblivious to where he's going, only to run into another student, or helper, with a loud WHUMP.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-20 23:47:01 2475
Hannah actually smiles a bit in relief as backup arrives amidst the shiney, technologically advanced doors of Infinity Middle.

"Suzuki Natsume, I could hug you right now! Okay!" She pulls out a piece of paper.

"Well, it looks like we have animals all over the first and second floors. Mostly mice, rats, bunnies...a few other animals. A...penguin?" Squint!

Rolling it up, as Hinote comes in, she offers a bow.

"A shipment of lab animals were released in the school. It is our job to get them back! Here!" Suddenly Hinote is being handed a kitty. The little white fluffball goes mew cutely!

Which hopefully gets handed off, as there's a rabbit running between her legs, followed by a Takashi. WHAM! Down goes the second of the White-and-Black duo, limbs akimbo and making loopy little sounds.

One of the interns, after scooping up a few rats into a cage, pointedly looks away.

"Uhh, Sharpe-san's job is to round them all up. We should split up, and probably cover the computer labs. Stop mice from eating the cables, that kind of stuff."

The man then starts handing out maps of the school, each marked with different symbols on the various parts of the school.

It seems the biggest concentrations of animals seems to be in the first floor computer lab on the east of the school filled with sevearl meerkats and mice, several classrooms filled in the west wing of the first floor with a bunch of dogs and bunnies.

On the second floor, the teacher's lounge has been over-ran with kitties! They're getting cat hair all over the couch and papers, and one cat is busy knocking over all of the pencil holders.

Finally, in the drama classroom, there's a horde of bunnies chasing a penguin into the props room. Amazingly, after the horde spreads out, the penguin waddles back out wearing a tux and a very tiny top hat. ...How?
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-20 23:54:45 2477
     "Animals happened." Suzuki says helpfully towards Hinote. Yep. Totally helpful there, Suzuki! But really, that seemed to be the most obvious explanation, and most logical. Somehow, animals happened. "Hello again, Kagari-san. A bit of one, yes." She says, giving a small nod as she looks around. Animals. Those were much easier to deal with than people. Frequently they were smaller, but also they were less overwhelming.

    As Takashi comes running in, not looking where he's going... Suzuki lifts her hand. "Ah, look..." Whump. Too late. Oops. "...You need to pay more attention." She says towards Takashi, reaching to take one of Hannah's hands to help her up, before offering a hand to Takashi to help him up.

     "...A shipment of lab animals escaped. ... A penguin. Rare. Infinity Academy truly is one of the most well-funded schools, isn't it." Suzuki mumbles quietly.

     Once Hannah and Takashi are up, Suzuki turns her attention to the intern that was handing out the maps, looking at the marked area of the school. As she reads the locations, she thinks on things a bit, as a very slight blush comes to her cheeks. "...I will head for the classrooms." She says.

    There was totally not an ulterior motive there. Really.

     Still, after saying that, Suzuki began to rather unceremoniously make her way down towards the west wing. To go and help capture the dogs and bunnies. She totally wasn't planning on befriending them all, really.

        ...Okay maybe a little.

            A little lot.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-21 00:07:55 2479
Takashi put his hand behind his head after helping Hannah back up. "Apologies, Sharpe-san. I was not looking where I was going." That practiced, polite, 'interacting with people' voice was in full swing now. "It's my fault. Are you trying to catch all of these things?" he asks, smiling. "Let me at least help you as an apology. Besides, it feels wrong having such creatures running amok in my school - I just... got a little too focused."

Takashi stays with Hannah for a moment, until the man starts handing out the maps. He decides to go after the meerkats in the east computer lab - and goes along mentally cursing his sudden lack of attention.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-21 00:10:26 2480
Hinote Kagari is handed a small white kitten, this gives him bad thoughts for a moment, because he recently fought a gigantic cat. "Yes, lots of animals...." his eyes look over to a--- Penguin in a tophat and cane and--- he's just going to go ahead and move onto the computer room with a net, and as the intern says, begins picking up mice.

Not computer mice, just computer room mice! He's trying to be gentle about it all as he scoops up mice and puts them back into the box. He arghs. "There's so many of them. We're never going to be all of them!" he insists.

Takashi goes after the meerkats.

"This is ridicolous. I hope whoevever let these things out gets expelled!" he insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-21 00:17:34 2481
Wah. Hannah rubs her head. "...Hello Agera-san." Deadpans the woman. Blast it, lab partner! Suzu helps her up. She softens a bit towards the boy.

"That is the size of things! It is appreciated, Agera-san. Really, sending just a handful for all of this?" Huff!

"Thank you Suzu-san. Only the best, brightest, and most /charming/~." Teases the girl, brimming with school pride.

Then she turns to the interns, directing them to lesser parts of the school! Also, Suzu and Takashi are supplied with nets and cages if need be. Plenty of dollys to go around!

Takashi and Hinote initially have few problems! A meetkat perched atop a monitor is placed in a cage! Bunches of rats and mice squeak as they too are put in their new homes, some giving sad little eyes at Hinote!

But one enterprising mouse leaps from atop the project perched heavensward, and lands right in Hinote's hair! It starts to squeak, and generally nest amidst his locks! Meanwhile, a meerkat sneakily tries to climb up Takashi, and get into the back of his shirt! It's all fluffy and ticklish!

Suzuki is confronted by a ton of dogs and rabbits. There's a good ten rabbits nibbling on various potted plants in the biology room! The dogs are all lazing around, either curled up sleeping, or chewing on the desks. One dog, a big fluffy yorkie, barks and walks up to Suzuki! The little thing leaps onto her knee, looking up and wagging its tail with the best 'take me home' look it can muster!

Hannah, meanwhile, is trying to catch a penguin that's waddled out into the lobby. The woman leaps! As doe sthe penguin, that slides across the smooth floor like ice. Whump! Down goes the boxer again.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-21 00:31:17 2484
     "..No need for such words." Suzuki comments towards Hinote as she begins to make her way off. She had an idea! Before Suzuki went to the west wing entirely, she stopped in the cafeteria. She stepped in unceremoniously, after all, she could pay for it later if they insisted, and most likely it was leftovers from lunch that would be thrown out later anyway. Anyone questioning her as to what she is doing, she answers honestly. "...I am borrowing this to help with the emergency."

     And then she simply presses on, gathering scraps and leftovers, as well as several salads, which she gathered into a borrowed cloth. Soon enough, she was in the west wing. She is slightly taken aback, to be honest. She had expected a lot.

                But not that many.

    Still, she smiles as she watches the dog walks up to her. She reaches to lightly pat the Yorkie's head. "...None of you are here to truly cause any problem, are you." She murmurs softly. Soon, she kneels down and places down the various foods, and then she holds very still, at least... for the most part. She reaches to gently brush her fingers through the fur of that fluffy yorkie, her gaze slowly roaming around the room. "..." She'd thought of a plan to attract them, but she'd forgotten a plan to catch them. Ooops. Still, she reaches to lightly pet at each animal as it approached to try and earn its trust. Even if that was quite possibly in vain when it came to the bunnies.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-21 00:38:33 2485
Hinote Kagari has no problems catching mice, and seems immunue to thier cute, sad little faces, at least for the moment. He just has to keep catching mice and places them into the container he'd been given. This is taking too long. There has to be a better way! Maybe he can go find that cat he had earlier.....

WAIT! No, that'd be stupid. Cat's EAT mice. He's trying to catch them! He's pondering this over when one gets onto his head. Ack!

He reaches a hand up and is now chasing a mouse around his head as he has to deal with this while holding the box full of mice. He gets frustrated and puts the box down just for a moment as he chases a mouse all around his head and shoulders and this looks ridicolous.

"Come on you little..." he grumbles.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-21 00:51:04 2486
Takashi has a hard time dealing with people. But at least people he can sort of understand. Animals, less so. Meerkats? He's not even sure what a meerkat is. Why did he choose to go after the meerkats? This short of short-sighted thinking is exactly the problem he's having. He plucks one up. Like a goofy looking squirrel. And squirrels are pretty goofy... into the cage it goes! Takashi smiles. Okay, this was a good choice. Not too hard!

And that's roughly when one climbs up into his shirt. Trying to get it back causes Takashi to hop around, both hands reaching for the thing. "Come out of there you insolent little..." can be heard from down the hall as he wriggles, trying to get it out.
Shiori Sato 2015-06-21 01:23:40 2489
    It's weird to hear about, yes, but animals running amok in Infinity is still a bad thing to happen. Fortunately it just so happens that all this starts when school's out! Not having a car, it's a bit to get from Seiyou to Infinity. Particularly when you ride your bike so fast you throw the chain. Grrr, Shiori will show that chain!

    Anyway, he does finally get to the school, and makes his way in. And as he does, he immediately starts looking for someone. Anyone! Because he's not quite sure what's actually going on, and he's fairly sure more information on the topic wouldn't hurt before he starts just running around grabbing animals.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-21 01:32:04 2490
So. Many. Dogs and Bunnies. Thankfully, there's plenty to grab in Infinity's kitchen, well stocked and well fed are the students here at the academy!

The yorkie loves the pets, and soon, it's presented a meal that's eaten with utterly indecent haste. Soon enough? Suzuki has a follower! The little yorkie steadfastly remains at her side even as bunnies and dogs begins to eat.

All part of a growing crowd of animals that are following her! All of the dogs have grouped up around her, and a duo of bunnies. But there's still five of the white fluffy things to collect! They're lazily eating salads!

The little rat in Hinote's hair is soon biting at the fingers that are trying to snatch him out! The poor young man isgoing to get either rabies, or really tangled hair at this rate! And worst of all, there's mice trying to climb his pants by now to join their bretheren in hair hotel!

That is one annoying meerkat, as it soon pops out of his shirt, biting at the neck of it, and probably tearing it! It makes all sorts of annoying sounds before it's in the young man's hands! But there's one more obstacle.

Tuxedo Penguin has arived! Even as Takashi wrestles with the meerkat, the dapper flightless bird is busy ambling past, right between the feet to trip him up!

Hannah is slowly standing up as Shiori arrives. "Oh...another helper? Good!" She wastes little time, shoving a map in his general direction.

"There's a kitty trapped on the rooftop! Here, take my keycard, and go to the elevator!" She hands over the card.

"And bring it back, Tomoe-sensei will yell at me if I lose it!"

Up above, at the rooftop, there's a little ball of kitton walking the railing of the roof! Danger!
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-21 01:44:55 2491
     Suzuki smiles softly as the animals largely gather around her, carefully, she reaches to gently brush her fingers along the fur of the five bunnies lazily devouring the salad. She smiles as she slowly stands, gently reaching to stroke her fingers along the fur of each of the dogs. "Such good dogs, you just wish to be loved, I am sure." She murmurs softly to the dogs, smiling towards them. Gently, she begins to attempt to take hold of the first bunny, gently attempting to set it atop the back of one of the dogs.

     Next, she would reach for the other bunnies. And another. And another. And another. Soon, she had at least attempted to place each rabbit on a separate dog, hands tenderly reaching out to pet and stroke at fur to help ensure that both dog and bunny are both soothed. This would shortly be followed by carefully taking small sections of cloth to lightly tie each rabbit to the dog they have been placed on to ensure that they are secure. For each rabbit, she carefully places some salad in front of each rabbit.

     And then she would begin to work at attempting to lead each dog-bunny combo to the lobby. She may or may not be indirectly cheating and using befriending magic. She gives a soft exhale as she walks, carefully checking and taking care of each animal as she moves, with one bunny carried in her own arms. Slowly and carefully she does her best to keep each animal calm as she attempts to do something that would normally be impossible. All the while there is a very slight flush. Because really, if she succeeds at this, it is /absolutely adorable/.

            Also they might be her friends.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-21 01:47:37 2492
Hinote Kagari ughs, he's getting bit! By this mouse! and now another one's crawling up his legs. Getting that cat is seemingly like a better and better idea by the moment. >:(. Hinote has a lot of patience, and this has offically brought it to it's breaking point! He has to sit down and in fact, just leans his head against the table on a shoulder as he stares at the computer screen he's sat in front of.

Yeah, he's just about given up.

Infinity has cool, up to date computers thou. That's always nice to look at.

This is the look of despaiiiiir.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-21 02:09:02 2494
Takashi wriggles some more, and just as he finally gets the thing in his hands, something strange comes in. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it, and rounds on it, because the color scheme looks familiar - and annoying! And that's roughly when the penguin, sliding about as it seems to enjoy, dives in and shoots across the floor, and slams into Takashi! This results in Takashi going down, the recently caught meerkat going up, and a loud curse going out into the hall as Takashi now works to capture both the renegade meerkat and the penguin.
Shiori Sato 2015-06-21 02:14:02 2495
    That was sudden! But hey, the quicker he gets told where things are, the quicker he can start helping out. He nods to Hannah's directions, and looks at the map. The roof, huh? He also says, "I'll bring it back, don't worry. Hopefully with kitten in tow." Shiori looks back at the map, plotting a course up there-- left here, right there, take that staircase...

    He's likely to be at least a little winded by the time he gets up there. Ack, kitten on roof! He knows better than to just go running at the kitten. It doesn't know him and would probably just run away. Or worse, fall off the roof in its hates to get away. Quick Distraction tactics!

Hehiori gets out his phone, actually a pretty good smartphone! It's nothing hugely expensive or top-of-the-line, but it'll run the app he wants. A quick download-- and he's going to be paying his parents back a few yen for it-- and he has an app on his phone that features a glowing, bouncing ball in a color easily visible to a cat's vision and a black screen.

    Once he's got it, he lowers himself down to a knee and calls over to the kitten, very softly, "Ssspsspsspssspss~" He's not hissing at the cat, no. What he's doing is getting the cat's attention. Once he has the cat's attention he places the phone on the roof so that the cat can see the bright glowing ball bouncing along the black screen. Still keeping his voice soft, Shiori voices, "Want to come play with the ball?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-21 02:24:40 2496
Suzuki's use of Befriending magic (the non-laser kind) proves apt! The dogs entirely cooperative in the first place, the woman however likely having to step over a few of the overly-enthusiastic Befriended dogs.

The bunnies take a softer touch. Little pets, some carrots nibbled on? And soon she has a line of bunnies riding dogs slowly walking towards the lobby.

The one remaining intern helping Hannah clean up the lobby is struck dumb.

"What is going on?" Asks Hannah, her Cute Senses going off. The intern whispers to her as she kneels down, and is soon petting a dog-bunny duo. The woman openly sniffles.

"Suzu-chan...never before have I wanted vision more than in this moment. Intern? Get a camera. This is going on E-tube!" Sniffle! Petpetpet! Pardon her, she's heavily distracted.

This whole parade of dogs and bunnies is all being recorded.

As Hinote just sits down, filled with despair, the mice are soon sitting on his legs and shoulders and hair. They all soon snuggle up to the poor young man! One of them, perching on the keyboard, looks at Hinote in a cute manner. A little, tiny paw reaches!

And pats him on the nose as if consoling him.

Leaving her subordinate and finally ending the pettings, all the dogs are soon leashed up around various objects! Bunnies are put in their cages! She checks her phone.

There's soon more interns, one with a dolly full of bunnies and mice heading back, and the other trailing a line of blissed out cats as he uses a fog-maker to spray cat-nip everywhere. The smell will linger for /days/.

It all gets caught on video.

Meerkat and Pengjerk are away as Takashi crashes down! He's also along the way gotten a mouse in his pocket!

They blaze/slide towards a classroom, only for all the doors to be locked! Tuxedo Penguin bravely stands before Sailor Meerkat, waving his flippers as they're in prime condition to be trapped at the end of the hallway by the evil Takashi Agera!

Sailor Meerkat's words, in meerkatese, are 'In the name of the North Pole and grasslands, I will punish you!"

On the rooftop, there's a bouncing ball in a kitty's vision. It stops, rounds the railing, and then leaps off towards Shiori!

With a cute little mew, the kitten leans down, wiggles it's rump and tail, and then LEAPS towards the ball with claws outstretched! If Shiori doesn't move the phone, ti'll get clawed!

If he does, he's likely to have a kitten clawing at his trousers.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-21 02:36:07 2497
     "...They simply needed food and affection." Suzuki says simply towards Hannah as she approaches with her group of followers, petting the bunny that she had in her arms slowly. Soon the bunny was put back in its cage, and the dog was leashed to things. Possibly some of the dog-rabbit pairs are sad about this fact, as they may have gotten used to each others' presence and the friendship. Alternatively, they are content to do their usual thing in their cages and sniff each others' rear ends in the case of the dogs. "...Perhaps a tactile picture can be created of this moment from a normal picture. You could then roughly get an idea of how things are." Suzuki says softly. "...May I keep the fluffy one?" And likely the most reluctant one to leave her side. "...I would pay for it." And save it from experimentation!

     Then again they've probably all been corrupted by the forces of peace and love simply by the way she is leading them along. Sniff sniff. She turns towards the approaching line of cats that are being lead along by catnip fogblowers. "...You are going to have cats in infinity academy for a while. ...They may act drunk. ...Walking may be more difficult for you for a while, Hannah. ... You can probably smell why, too." Suzuki says, realizing just how much of the obvious she was stating right now most likely.

                "...Is there anything else needed?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-21 02:45:04 2499
Hinote Kagari just lets out a big sigggggggh, covered in mice and rats and looking completely defeated. Defeated by mice! How pathetic! He goes ahead and begins texting Gao. He takes a selfie, he sends that along with the text.

Picture is captioned:

> 'Just Mousing Around. -,-;'.

Yeah, he'll figure this out when he gets help. Later.
Shiori Sato 2015-06-21 02:56:05 2500
    Yikes, wild kitty! Shiori gasps at the sudden whirlwind of claws coming right for his phone! Scooting the phone away, shior attempts to grab the kitten in mid-leap, expecting the full complement of claws and teeth sunk into his fingers at any moment. If that doesn't happen, so much better, but hey. That's the price you pay for saving kittens sometimes-- they bite. And claw. And give you rabies...
Takashi Agera 2015-06-21 03:11:59 2502
Takashi spends a great deal of time crashing and banging around in the lab, trying to catch the penguin or the meerkat. Sometimes he can get one, and not the other, and it's like they're tag teaming him. The story of his life, he thinks - a brilliant genius being foiled by numerical advantage. This is something he should take to heart.

But the mouse in his pocket is the last straw. He storms out of the lab with only the meerkat in tow, and finally comes up to Hannah, holding it out in a gesture of defeat. "I got this one. There's a penguin in there though. He's a jerk." he says, grumpily.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-21 03:15:32 2503
There are definitely some sad dogs. The bunnies mostly don't seem to care one wit! Hannah tilts her head.

"Posted!" Goes an intern!

And then Suzuki offers the best idea ever. Hannah's eyes light up, and she /barely/ restrains the urge to hug the woman. It's in her voice, though!

"A great idea! Oh, I cannot wait to see how cute they are! Yes, you can keep him! Hmm...that gives me an idea..." Comes the girl in a sing-song voice utterly unbefitting of the tough, strong Iron Lily of Infinity. Hopefully no one recorded her saying that.

Hinote is bemiced. Eventually, an intern comes to bail him out!

But there is going to be two mice that stubbornly refuse to leave his side. In all likelyhood, Runealy and Gao are going to have pets back at the hideout with how steadfastly they're clinging to the young man!

Soon there's a herd of drunk kitties curled up around Hannah. Suzu's words are prophetic, as she's soon tripped, and then covered in kitty. Only her head is spared as she's nuzzled and snuggled and meow'd at!

"....You know, I /really/ wish Boris was here right now. Umm. Someone please get these cats off of me before my uniform is permanently stained with catnip and fur?" Sniffle.

Truly few will leave this place with their dignity intact tonight.

Kitten launch detected! Hands grasp a kitty, and claws and teeth, and finally the bundle of painful cute calms down in Shiori's hands!

The cat gives an innocent meow and a purr as the little darling cuddles up in Shiori's hands. Mew!

Eventually Hannah is unburied from kitties, the woman /covered/ in fur, and she takes the meerkat. Who goes into a cage!

"Thank you Agera-san! moment."

A grin to Suzuki! "Come, oh animal whisperer!"

Ten minutes later, Hannah returns, scowling and sporting a multitude of penguin bites.

Back in the lab, there's a window open. Perched atop a lightpole with his borrowed tiny cape billowing behind him, Tuxedo Penguin leaps, and belly-flops into the school's pool, and off to freedom.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-06-21 03:25:59 2504
    Hugs. Suzuki's one weakness! Luckily Hannah resists, so Suzuki doesn't have to tense up and freak out. "...I will ensure whoever bought them is properly reimbursed for the worth of the dog. It seems to have good breeding." Suzuki says softly with regards to the dog. That she's keeping. She's going to have fun explaining that to her parents. No, really, it's going to be fun telling them the story about how she got it!

     Suzuki then helps remove the cats from Hannah, depositing them next to dogs and politely asking the dogs to keep the cats out of trouble. The dogs are likely not particularly successful, because come on. These are cats we're talking about. "...That should keep them away from you for now." Suzuki says softly. And then she follows Hannah to attempt to catch the penguin.

     Mysteriously, she is not sporting any bites. This is likely because she offered it fish. She also does not, however, capture the penguin, because that thing flat out did not want to be captured. Which she can't blame it for. Penguins belong in the wild! "...I'll call animal control so that it is taken to a proper habitat than tokyo, later." She says, reaching to pat Hannah's shoulder consolingly. "... Mission otherwise successful." She then calmly walks over to the fluffy yorkie to begin to pet it and cuddle it affectionately, her cheeks flushing softly at doing such. "...Such a good dog." She murmurs quietly.
Shiori Sato 2015-06-21 03:33:30 2506
    "Ow," Shiori says quietly. He doesn't want to spook the cat any more than he already has. But of course the biting and clawing continues for a while. "Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch..." He does try to stay quiet, though. At least the kitten calms down and Shiori attempts to pet the kitten with the least bloody of his hands.

    Once things are under control he puts his phone away and brings the cat to Hannah. "I think I found it," he says. Though his hands are noticeably scratched up, but he seems to have weathered it more or less all right. "What else is loose?"