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Date: 2016-01-07
Pose Count: 63
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-07 01:35:56 21005
The day after the battle of the Jewel Seed Youma, cool and blustery outside, finds an invitation being sent out by text message, inviting both Nanoha and the Storm Knight to meet with Miss Blue at her temporary headquarters. The address is a warehouse in the business district, one familiar to Nanoha, at least, having taken a cab home from there a mere week ago.

The warehouse itself is an unassuming building, one of several in a long block of them, providing storage space for the various businesses and industries of the city. Inside, the widespread detritus of the exploded chunk of Asura wreckage has been neatened up, separated out into a dozen separate piles, separated from the entryway by an office-cubical-style partition. A pair of forklifts parked halfway down the row explains how some of the larger pieces were moved.

In amongst the piles can be seen tables where smaller items are spread out to be examined further. Some are barely identifiable, scorched and bent and broken. Others are quite clearly closer to intact. Someone who knows what they're looking at, such as the young Mr. Scrya, might recognize Device maintenance tools, a few items of personal electronics, and most of all the large and clearly TSAB-issue data terminal that's been set up on one table, cables stringing it to more than a dozen naked data-cores that have been removed from various parts of the wreckage. A pair of laptops, one by Apple and one by Toshiba, make an ironic contrast to the advanced technology of the terminal.

Seated in front of this is a young woman, her back to the entryway, working on a connector cable with forceps and soldering iron.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 01:45:20 21244
Nanoha Takamachi has arrived as was asked to, and really, she wanted to! There was things to be discussed. Yuuno Scrya is a ferret who is riding along in Nanoha's side pocket and looking around as Nanoha peeks around the room. A big , dreary warehouse. Pieces of technology she doesn't know what they are. Pieces of the wreck she blew up.

Yuuno seemed throughtful as he peered around. So. It was... a ship of some sort. Lots of technology and pieces about. He was not a tech, he was an archeologist. He hopped out when he got far in enough and walked besides Nanoha.. "Hello?..." she called out.

Oh there was Mikoto... she thinks. "Hello, Miss Blue!" she calls out and waves all cheerful like.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 01:52:51 21246
There's a twitch from the figure at the table, and a hiss of breath. "Just a second!" she yells, sucking at a scorched finger before returning to what she was doing. It takes about a minute, actually, for her to finish up what she was doing and turn around.

"Hey, Takamachi-san. Come on in, have a seat." She gets up from her chair to walk over and welcome the younger girl (and ferret) in. "Thanks for coming over, I know things were a bit ... discombobulated... last time we talked. I put it down to poor communication on my part, I should've warned you before yanking us out of there."

She shrugs and indicates a refrigerator in one corner. "There's sodas and such in there if you want one, feel free to help yourself."
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 02:03:29 21248
Nanoha Takamachi looks around and smiles. "It's fine.. I think?" she asked. "You're okay now though, right?" she asks. She looks around and Yuuno jumps up onto the table to get closer. "Um.. this is Yuuno. As I said. He's a space ferret!" she insists. Yuuno nods! "Hello." he says. "Oh--um. He isn't. My familiar. Someone already yelled that at me already once--uh, 'Miss White' yeah. He's a friend!" she says.

Yuuno nods agreeing. "So. You're a mage aswell. Are you TSAB?" he asks curtly.

Nanoha peeks around. "Um.. no soda for me. Thanks though!" she says. She keeps her hands to herself. She doesn't go press random buttons. She's smart enough to know better there.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 02:08:47 21251
"Well, hello, Scrya-san, and welcome to you as well. It's a pleasure to meet you." She smiles lightly and walks over, holding out a finger to the ferret, as if offering to shake hands.

"TSAB? Me? No, no. It's ... kind of a long story." It's plainly obvious that she uses Belkan-style magic, after all.

"I was kind of hoping Storm Knight would join us, but I haven't had a reply from her, so..." She shrugs. "At least the jerk didn't get the whatsit, though, hmm?" That's Riventon and the Jewel Seed, the previous evening.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 02:15:05 21253
Nanoha Takamachi looks down a bit. "I dunno about Riventon. He seems kind of a jerk, but.... someone who cares for someone like that can't be all that bad. Can they?" she asks curiously at Miss Blue. It's an honest question. "Someone mentioned... Dark Energy. I don't know much about that. It sounds bad though." she mentions.

She peeks down at a broken screen and head tilts before leaning back up.

Yuuno thinks on this. "What's your bussiness with the piece of the ship, then?" he asks. "This is rather dangerous. The wreck also suggests there could be survivors--- somewhere. Are you intended to dispose of this?" he asks. His tone is pondering. Not accusing, but it could be taken as such still.

Nanoha huhs. "So this as a whole ship!?" she asks.

"Part of a ship." Yuuno corrects. "This warehouse isn't big enough otherwise."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 02:21:05 21254
Mikoto nods. "I'm not in costume, you don't need to call me 'Blue' all the time... Mikoto's fine." She settles back into her chair, sliding the items she was working on out of the way. "Nobody is all bad, Takamachi-san. You heard Fate, she's doing all this out of trying to help her mother." What with, Mikoto has no clue.

"Dark energy... mm. I've been hit with it a couple of times - by Riventon himself, matter of fact, on one occasion. It's... charged with negative emotions, makes you feel darker things. You could get more agressive, or depressed, or whatever, depending on what you were already feeling. I don't know how it really works."

She looks back down to Yuuno, next, to answer his question. "I took it, originally, to keep it out of his hands. And to get access to tools and information. But you're absolutely right, there may well be survivors somewhere. And the only way we're going to be able to do anything to help them is by finding out where. So I've been salvaging every data core I can find in this pile of ... stuff, looking for sensor readings, logs, anything that could help trace that down."
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 02:36:20 21259
Yuuno gives Mikoto an appraising look. "Alright." he says.

He finally goes back to join Nanoha. He jumps onto her shoulder. Nanoha seems to be thinking... "That sounds pretty bad." she says after just a few seconds of thought.

She crosses her arms. "Storm Knight said she was leaving the Jewel Seed with someone she trusted since Rienton made the threat. I dunno who that is, but it makes sense. As long as it isn't making it into the hands of someone dangerous.... I'm happy with whatever choice she makes at the moment."

"We really need to get that back, though..." asides Yuuno. Nanoha shakes her head, and smiles. "I gotta trust the people who are helping me, right!? So... if Storm Knight says it's safe. It's safe!"
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 02:49:45 21264
And THAT? Is feet on the roof. Mikoto might recognize the sound. If there's no roof access to the warehouse, Ikuto will have to jump down from the roof and enter the normal way-- NOT! Windows are where it's at. So, shortly, there will be a feline form at a window. It's a lithe, slender male form, with cat ears and a lashing cat tail. The gentle clicks tell that he is indeed unlocking the window.

Hopefully Nanoha doesn't just snap-attack. Because he rather falls into the window, a hand folded over his torso. The sensitive nose would pick up a coppery scent. And as the tiny flying catboy Chara follows his larger charge into the warehouse, he calls out at the top of his lungs, flailing his limbs in the air, "MIKOTO! MIKOTO, COME QUICK-NYA! IKUTO'S HURT!"

Thankfully Ikuto's a little quieter. Mainly because he's sort of slumped into a vague human-shaped pile underneath the window. But now that he's inside, he can be seen more clearly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 02:52:35 21266
A soft little smile graces Mikoto's face for a moment, as she watches the girl and the ferret. "So, Scrya-san, do you know anything about these data-systems, the sensors in question, that sort of thing? I could use some help from someone who actually knows what they're looking at, here." It's been one of her primary stumbling blocks on getting anything useful out of the computers - her information on dimensional-space data systems and sensors is four thousand years out of date, after all. Having the ship wrecked, then blown up, hasn't helped either.

"We'll have to trust her, then. It's why I was hoping she'd join us here today... but at least The Jerk doesn't have it."

And then there's the pitter-patter of feet on the roof. And a figure at the window. And a worried shouty Yoru. And, oh frack, Ikuto's hurt.

Which means that Mikoto isn't bothering to excuse herself from Nanoha and Yuuno, she's just rushing off to the window to help him down. "Bloody hell, what happened to you?" she snaps as she carefully lowers him in and helps him over to one mostly-empty table. The look of worry on her face is patently obvious.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 02:59:43 21268
Yuuno thinks. "I know a small bit about sensors as I use them in work, but anything beyond that- the computer systems proper... data system, no. Not my expertise." he offers. Nanoha just smiles and nods. "I know she can be trusted! She cares about people too, you know..." she mutters. How she's worried about Fate like she is-- but. She's more introspective on it.

---and then somone clatters through a window.

And there is a tiny worried catboy.

Nanoha's eyes go wide. and sparkling. "A tiny kitty!?" she asks.

"Wait..is that boy hurt!?" she suddenly asks almost immediatly snapping out of it. Concern overrides Cute, sadly in her book.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 03:01:48 21269
     Suzuki had been a bit busy when she recieved the invitation through that contact info shared with her. Doing practice, mostly, as such... she arrived a fair bit late, and possibly wisely decided not to bring the Jewel Seed with her. Then again, it may or may not be in a (figurative) goddes's hands.

     And what a time to arrive, carrying her Device. Luckily, it wasn't mysteriously covered in blood or anything, but arriving so shortly after an injured person... well, that could just look bad on her part. When she arrives outside the warehouse she pauses to look through the doorway, her gaze shifting around briefly. "Verdrehen Sturm, do a Grobflachige Suche." She murmurs softly, to which her Device pings a simple:


     A small ball of cyan energy is released from her device, beginning to check out the warehouse. Just on the off chance it was an ambush. She didn't know these people, and she had an artifact multiple people seemed to want.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 03:08:43 21273
Not just a tiny kitty. But the larger of the two of them is a kitty too. For a moment, anyway. "Some light-blast-flinging Knight," Ikuto replies to Mikoto's question, as his ears and tail disappears. He doesn't seem to have noticed Nanoha yet. As for injuries, he's got a shallow gash across his arm, a burnt streak across his side, and a longer, deeper gash that carves diagonally across his chest. That latter one is where most of the blood's coming from. He's not gushing blood, not to worry. But it probably does need to be seen to.

It's not until Mikoto's got him on that table until he registers Nanoha's voice. And he sits up quickly, with a quiet sound of surprise. He looks in Nanoha's direction suspiciously. "...Who are you?" Injured kittyboy is suspicious kittyboy! It's not spoken unkindly, despite his obvious suspicion.

Yoru, however, has this handled. "Ikutooooo, lay stiiiiill!" he whines, flailing his handpaws. "Let Mikoto see you you. If Mikoto didn't trust her, she wouldn't be here-nya." Ikuto pauses, to think about that, and shifts to lay back as Mikoto had him. Yoru breathes a sigh of relief, seeming to slump in the air.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 03:12:59 21274
A worried Mikoto barely takes note of a search spell probing the warehouse, reminding her that she needs to get defenses against such things up and running. She's much too busy ripping pieces off her shirt to staunch the bleeding from catboy's wound.

"Takamachi!" she snaps. "First aid kit, shelf next to the fridge! Grab it and a clean towel, quick!" Emergencies wait for no politeness. If need be she'll apologize later.

Looking back down to Ikuto, she continues trying to stop the bleeding, while digging through Carnwennan's memory for healing magics.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 03:16:26 21276
Nanoha Takamachi blinks. "Oh...!" she says worriedly. Indeeed, she's off to grab that, remembering the fridge from earlier- and finds the kit easy enough. Towel... is harder. She finds a towel. It looks clean. She sniffs it. It smells clean. Is it clean!? She doesn't know... momma does laundry. >,>

She walks back and hands these hurriedly. This doesn't take too long. She head tilts with a frown. He is hurt!---and... also...

He's... a bigger kitty.

She doesn't quite get this.

"Oh...I'm. Nanoha Takamachi!" she says with a soft bow. Yuuno is watching from a distance. Tiny ferrets just get in the way.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asks to Mikoto, stepping back to get out of the way.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 03:20:01 21278
     LEt's see... bleeding, injured cat. Mikoto. Nanoha. That didn't really look like an ambush, in fact, it looked FAR more like an emergency. Which also made Storm Knight relax slightly. She shifts her fingers slightly, moving her Device to her back. Storm Knight then steps in rather quickly, moving without any pause, hesitation, or worry about announcing or introducing herself.

     Instead, she simply moves to add her hands to applying pressure to the injured catboy's wounds, her Device slung on her back in a way that was likely completely ignoring gravity and common sense. Luckily, Magic.

     "How did you get the wound? How are you feeling right now? Can you think clearly, still?" Storm Knight asks, her gaze shifting towards Ikuto's face, there was a seriousness to her own face -- but also not an unkind or unfriendly one. More of a worried seriousness. For this random person she doesn't really know.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 03:24:51 21280
Yoru's also moving back out of the way as Mikoto gets to work. Ikuto keeps his eyes on Nanoha for a moment more, until he determines she's not going to attack him-- well, not at the moment. Then he closes his eyes. He stays quiet, though he'll complain a quiet, "...Ow" at the press of anything on that wound. Yoru will hang around with Nanoha, since Nanoha's position seems relatively out-of-the-way. Plus side, tiny kitty is closer!

Storm Knight's sudden appearance is enough to startle him again. Ikuto's eyes snap open again, and he tenses as if he's going to try to move again. Skittish cat. But when her words register he pauses. "...Got into a fight. He had a sword."

"He said he wanted to kill Ikuto!" Yoru interjects, looking worried. "I had ta bring in the PACK to protect him-nya!" He doesn't mention that he didn't actually attack Sol with the cats. He didn't want to test a sword against his buddies.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 03:30:45 21281
Mikoto is glad to let Storm Knight take over keeping pressure on the wound, while she throws open the first-aid kit Nanoha brought and starts pulling things out. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide, some cotton pads, bandages, all the usual sorts of things. "Damn, that burn loos pretty bad. What'd he do, pull a 'flaming sword' on you?"

To Nanoha, she nods. "If either of you know any healing magic, now's the time for it." Her own supply is limited in scope, but she calls on it willingly, starting with the larger cut. It's slow going, however, she obviously hasn't had much practice with more potent medical work.

"He didn't follow you away, did he?"
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 03:55:26 21286
     "A sword. Alright, so the wound is probably clean. That's an upside." Storm Knight says, briefly shifting away bandaging to begin to examine the wound and attempt to see if she can gauge how deep it is. And, more importantly, if she needs to call an ambulance. "Did you take any direct hits? Did they stab you at all?" Storm Knight asks. "Don't let yourself fall unconscious. Keep talking, keep conscious." Storm Knight says, quickly re-applying pressure once she had gotten what she thought was a good gauge of the damage.

     Storm Knight glances towards Mikoto and shakes her head. "Not to my knowledge, unfortunately. I do know a small amount of first aid due to being in a club at school where accidents can happen." Storm Knight responds. She watches as Mikoto begins to take care of the wounds. Alright. "We're in a warehouse, so calling an ambulance and saying it was an accident with one of the tools or something around here could work." Storm Knight says, beginning to look around for something conveniently sharp just in case they needed to handle explanations.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 04:01:41 21287
"He had lasers," Ikuto replies to Mikoto's question about the burn. He shakes his head at the question though. "No. I got away too fast for him to follow."

"And the PACK tied him up too-nya!" Yoru adds proudly, putting his handpaws on his hips and smiling proudly.

And then suddenly Storm Knight's talking about ambulances and hospitals. "No." The word is immediate. On the bright side he doesn't seem like he's about to pass out, so there's that. He just looks a little pale. Which is likely partially due to Mikoto's mana. In fact he starts trying to sit up.

"It's fine," he insists quietly. "I just need to rest." He might be starting to be stubborn cat again...
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 04:37:23 21296
     After a brief conversation under her breath, Storm Knight lifts her gaze towards Mikoto and Nanoha. "Two people for sure are coming to help; possibly more. He'll probably be fine -- I trust these people, and they won't pose a threat to you."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 04:39:34 21297
Tadase has been -really moving it- across the city. He's no Amulet Heart, but he's worried. He hasn't stopped to ask himself why he cares so much, or think that it's Ikuto and he deserves it. There will be time for introspection later. Ikuto is hurt. Stupid Ikuto. He's not supposed to get hurt.

As Tadase (now Platinum Royale) lands near the people here and runs to Ikuto, there's a nagging thought in his head - he forgot to close the front door.

"Ikuto!" he shouts, a tone of half-anger and half-concern. If there's anyone in his way, he will apologize for pushing them aside later, too.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 04:42:20 21299
Amulet Heart would have beat Tadase here. In fact, he may well be surprised to find she doesn't beat him here. But Amulet Heart has connections, and one of those connections is a boy about her age whom she happens to remember has a chara that looks a bit like a nurse.

"Look," Amu said to him just outside his home, "I don't know if you can help or not, but Ikuto is hurt badly, and if you can help, we've got to try."

And so, only a few minutes behind Platinum Royale, Amulet Heart descends from the skies carrying that boy in her arms as if he were a princess. Amulet Heart sets down just outside the warehouse and grimaces, then sets Responder Panacea down on the ground.

Amu rushes to the door and pushes it open. "Baka!" she declares when she sees Ikuto on the ground, bleeding. But that's the sound of anguish and concern, not anger. Don't mistake it. They're easy to confuse.
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 04:48:17 21302
Responder Panacea, for those who have not met him in any of his guises, turns out to be a tan-skinned boy in his early teens. He has solemn, dark eyes and seems to be dressed in a paramedic's outfit, overlaid with a bright white frock coat bearing a red cross on the left bicep. His face is just a little flushed, probably just because of the manner of travel involved with getting here with Amulet Heart, but he isn't complaining.

Instead, he's taking immediate stock of what's going on, trying to push his floppy hair out of his eyes with one hand. He murmurs a polite apology to Amulet Heart as he pushes past her into the warehouse, trying to find and take stock of his potential patient. "I'm here! I'm here. Who's hurt? I can help."
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 04:50:21 21303
Nanoha Takamachi is well out of the way and looking on concernedly. Then a frilly prince walks in. Nanoha counts on her finger.... Tiny catboy. Big Catboy. A Frilly Prince....

She looks to the door- and head tilts. "Oh! Hello Amulet!" she saves. "This boy is hurt...." she says super concernedly from the side. "Ikuto...? Is this someone you know?" she asks with a bouncy smile. She looks back to the others and Storm Knight.

"Are these your friends, Storm Knight?" she asks softly, looking back down to Ikuto and Mikoto worriedly.

She looks at Responder Panacea and makes a little more way! A paramedic!?

She watches curiously. Yuuno, the tan ferret joins her on her shoulder as he peeks overhead. He whispers something to Nanoha. Nanoha nods readily.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 04:52:15 21304
Mikoto nods to Storm Knight. "You'd best be right about that," she says, and continues working. She's not very good at the medical magic, to be sure, but it might be helping. Maybe. She's about to suggest calling an ambulance when the Chara Crowd bursts in.

She turns a hard, cold look on Storm Knight, then dismisses it. Ikuto needs help, and if they're willing to provide it, so be it. "Over here!" she calls, the table perhaps hard to see behind one of the mounds of starship junk. "Careful of the detritus, please don't knock anything over."

She doesn't move away from Ikuto, not yet, especially as she's still holding the gash closed, or trying to. "Just bring in the whole bloody world, why don't you?" she finishes, exasperated and frustrated, as much at her inability to deal with the wound herself as anything else.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 04:58:34 21306
Ikuto frowns as Storm Knight mentions bringing more people here. "There's no need to do that," he insists. "I'm fine." And then suddenly...

That voice. Tadase.

If his tail was stil visible it'd be bristling. Then Amu follows, and someone else... right, the one whose Guardian Character hatched and he Transformed while Tsukumo...

Ugh. This is just a big mess now.

He looks to Nanoha, offering a nod. "Yes." He knows the question probably wasn't aimed at him. Looking between the three new arrivals, he notes stubbornly, "I'm fine." That long cut on his arm, the burn on his side, and the gash on his chest say otherwise, though. They're not really lethal, particularly not after Mikoto's spent mana trying to heal him. But they're still pretty bad.

And yes, he's trying to stand up. And Yoru just flails when he sees Ikuto trying to get up again.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 05:01:59 21309
     Platinum Royale runs in, shouts 'Ikuto', Storm Knight looks towards him, her eyebrow raising. Half-anger, half-concern. She shifts slightly in her position of holding pressure on the wounds to keep them from bleeding as badly. Luckily, she is also solid and thus hard to push out of the way, otherwise that pressure might be lost.

    "I understand you are concerned and perhaps a bit upset, however... chaos will not be tolerated." Storm Knight states calmly towards Platinum Royale, and Amulet Heart, her gaze was not unfriendly, but she spoke in a stern, commanding tone that hopefully lets them know that it's a /bad/ idea to not listen right now.

     Responder Panacea enters, he looks rather blatantly like a healer, and Storm Knight nods towards him. "He's right here. He has burns, and wounds from a sword. I don't know who exactly attacked him, but they attacked with intent to kill. From what I can tell the wounds are dangerous, but there's time that we can get him wherever is needed for longer-term care." Storm Knight says towards Responder Panacea, beginning to point out each of the wounds on Ikuto clearly and calmly, it was systematic, pointing at the worst that she could tell first.

     Nanoha gets a brief, thoughtful look at the question of friends. "They are acquaintances that I don't dislike, but we're from the same organization and I trust them to do whatever they can to do what is right." Storm Knight responds to Nanoha with a small smile.

     That hard cold look gets a slight shift of Storm Knight's gaze towards her in return. She gives her a somewhat sympathetic look. Yeah. They were being a bit chaotic. She wasn't thrilled with it either. She nods as she calls them over and accepts the help. Good. "I apologize, I was largely just attempting to learn somewhere we can take him where there wouldn't be too many questions -- or his identity compromised. And then they decided coming was better."

     As Ikuto starts trying to get up... Storm Knight's hands shift slightly, beginning to put a little bit more pressure on the wound -- not just to keep the bleeding from moving... but also to attempt to pin the catboy down to the ground so he could recieve treatment. It might hurt a bit. "Just bear with it. You're pretty badly hurt, you need the help. I won't force you to stay any longer than necessary."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 05:08:40 21311
Platinum Royale leans down over the table at Ikuto. He frowns at Storm Knight, but also understands the wisdom of her words, often being in the leadership position himself. Still, he can't help but be a little hostile to Ikuto. It's something Ikuto has worked so hard to build, after all, that hostility.

"You stupid cat. How did this happen?" he asks. "...Who did this to you? Was it Easter?" Platinum Royale's hands are balled up in fists and there's a shimmering golden glow reminiscent of a royal scepter. He's not intentionally calling it to hand, but the part of him that wants to fight is being listened to pretty clearly by his henshin.

"Lay back and let my friend work." he says, inclining his head to Responder Panacea. "You can answer me while he's helping you, there's no need to get up."
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 05:11:20 21312
Amulet Heart knows that there is actually nothing she can do here. So instead of doing something, she instead walks up to Nanoha and gently grabs the girl's shoulders. "What happened!?" she asks her concernedly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 05:14:35 21315
Nanoha Takamachi head tilts. "Organization?" she places a finger to her bottom lip for a moment. Yuuno, whispers again. She nods matter of factly again. When everyone is closer. She gets a little closer so she can listen in.

< Do not get in the way of medical response. > chimes the voice of Raising Heart from Nanoha's location in English. Nanoha steps back just a moment and then Amu shakes her and she eeks! Yuuno also gets shaked along with her and knocked backwards to the ground. "I'm okay." says the Ferret.

"Ah!? I don't know. I came here. To talk to Mikoto..." she motions. "About the TSAB ship..." she motions to the wreck and junk around. "And... Storm Knight came along after... he crawled in through a window and was really hurt!" she says with wide worried eyes.

"I don't know what happened. He mentioned something about a sword and light sword or something and a knight." she says, tapping her chin.

"Not really familiar to me as a description..." she says honestly.

She looks to Mikoto apologetically. "I'm really sorry about all this." she says, even though none of it is really her fault.
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 05:16:50 21316
Nodding a thank-you to Storm Heart for explaining the situation so well, Responder Panacea steps up to the side of the table. He seems calm, at ease despite the tension of the situation, and he radiates that around himself in a small radius. It's like just being *close* to him is enough to make someone feel a little more settled, maybe just the faintest bit more inclined to be agreeable. He smiles at Ikuto. "Hey. I'm Alejo. I'm gonna help. Okay? It shouldn't hurt, but I'm gonna need you to stay still. If you can't do that, just let me know, I'm sure everybody here will be happy to help." As in: Alejo will absolutely have them *hold Ikuto down* if Ikuto can't behave.

Then, without particularly asking permission, Responder Panacea reaches to take one of Ikuto's hands. He closes his eyes, seeming to concentrate, and gradually, he's surrounded by a soft, warm glow of yellow-white light. It creeps down his arms, over the place where he touches Ikuto, and then starts to surround Ikuto too, slowly mending wounds as it goes. It isn't *instant*, with this much injury. It will take a while.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 05:27:55 21318
Mikoto waits until the very last moment to yield her place to Responder Panacea, but steps to the side at last, her hands bloody to the elbows. Seeing the wound start to really close, rather than just staunch the blood loss, is definitely going to help her relax. "Alright, everyone not immediately involved, stand back and give the medic room," she snaps. She still stays, keeping pressure on the wound until the bleeding is completely stopped.

She looks over at Nanoha and starts to reach out to the girl, then notices her hand and pulls it back. "You've nothing to apologize for," she insists. "Unless you sent someone to beat him up, which I doubt."

She mutters something under her breath, then adds, "Can you get some more clean towels? And pull sceptre-boy away from there, Ikuto doesn't need to be interrogated right now."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 05:31:13 21320
"Ow," Ikuto complains as Storm Knight presses more on that wound, to keep him from standing up. He emits a quiet growl but no more words for now, since they don't seem to be working on her.

Not to worry about hostility, Tadase. After all, Ikuto's been giving Tadase reasons to be hostile towards him. The blond boy's question gets an amused 'hmph'. Even though he winces at the effect it has on his chest. "Why would Easter do this? I'm their golden boy now. Haven't you noticed? My... 'productivity' has gone way up." He's trying extra hard to be evil here.

Even though it's Nanoha that was asked, Ikuto answers. "One of your 'champions of justice', obviously, Amu." Addressing her with his typical EXTREMELY RUDE lack of honorific. "Seemed to have designs on taking my head off. He did sun attacks. Typical 'warrior of light', feh." He looks to Nanoha, with that evil smirk. Really, it just looks lazy, not particularly evil. And probably pained, too. It's like he's going 'see? I'm evil'.

Alejo's statement brings Ikuto's attention to him. "I remember you," he confirms. "Pity I didn't get to you before both of them hatched." He can assume this because Alejo was a cop last time, and now he's a paramedic. So he can assume there was another egg in the mix somewhere. He's still trying to go 'RAWR' at people... and the effect is completely ruined at the way he literally flinches away from the contact when Responder Panacea takes hold of his hand. He doesn't pull his hand away, though.

As if that wasn't enough to spoil the effect of all his posturing, the apologetic look he sends to Mikoto probably doesn't help. He didn't mean to bring the whole cavalry down. He just wanted to find a place to rest.

Through all Ikuto's posturing, Yoru remains quiet. He doesn't add to or correct Ikuto's words. He just backs up when Mikoto directs him to and puts his hand-paws over his mouth worriedly. It's not just Ikuto's physical state he's concerned with, either...
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 05:42:06 21323
     Storm Knight notes the frown, but doesn't seem to respond to it. She had said what she meant and would enforce it if necessary! ... But only if absolutely necessary. "From what I heard and can tell, he did nothing and was attacked instead." Storm Knight says towards Platinum Royale, keeping the pressure on Ikuto, continuing to attempt to keep him down -- though her touch has shifted so that bandages don't end up stuck /in/ the healing wound or anything awkward like that.

     Amu was doing... more or less fine, they mostly seemed worried -- even if they weren't handling it very well. Storm Knight kept an eye on them out of the corner of her eye -- but it seemed like things were... again, more or less fine.

     Responder Panacea on the other hand... definitely was reasonable. She'd have to get his information later so that she can contact him. Reasonable, calm, and not throwing insults around. "Hello, Alejo. I am Storm Knight, thank you for coming on short notice." Storm Knight says softly, bowing her head towards him. That was all she said to him so as not to distract him.

     Okay. Mikoto was snapping, she could see them not being particularly good friends. Alright. Ikuto's responses meanwhile... hmm. Yeah, she was helping someone who wasn't necessarily a friend, it seemed. Still, he was injured. Just leaving someone injured wasn't good-- especially when someone had tried to kill him. "That's good. Keep talking and don't let yourself pass out. You were seeming out of it, I was worried you'd lost too much blood." Storm Knight murmurs softly towards Ikuto. Just bear with it. Things were being relatively calm right now. Let's not provoke things further.
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 05:45:26 21325
Somewhere, Tadase pulls away from feeling like he needs to slap an injured catboy for being dumb and something catches his attention. "TSAB? Is that what this stuff is?" he asks. "Have you talked to Lindy-san?" he says, as though everyone should know who Lindy-san is. "She'd be interested."

And then Ikuto's talking, and he's listening, and... And Platinum Royale grits his teeth and the scepter that was being generated finishes. And he isn't leaning over anymore, but he DOES have his weapon in his hand. "You brought this on yourself, then." he says, looking down and away from Ikuto. "I was afraid I'd end up being the one who had to do this, but no, you just piss EVERYBODY off."

He looks down at Ikuto again. "One day you're going to end up DEAD, you idiot cat. And you won't even let me help you!" Then Platinum Royale drops his scepter and his hands hit his sides. The scepter clatters to the ground loudly before it vanishes into a burst of golden sparkles. He turns to everyone. "Don't waste your time with him. He determined to keep dooming himself." And Tadase walks out of the room to stand faaaar away (but notably, he doesn't leave.) His back is turned. His head and shoulders are slumped low.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 05:46:05 21326
Amulet Heart squeezes Nanoha's shoulders gently, then whirls away from the girl and snatches Yoru out of the air. "You," she says, poking a finger at the little cat-chara angrily. "Next time something like this happens, get him out of there. You know he's an idiot."

Oh but she's not done with the lecturing. Not by half. "Can you show me who did this to him? Take me there. Something? Anything? I don't care who you are, it is not appropriate to be killing people. That's not how we do this!"
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 05:47:16 21327
"I think you're probably going to benefit from the fact that I have Scooter now," Alejo says to Ikuto, his voice soft and gentle even though he seems a little distracted by the act of healing, "So I think it's better this way. Otherwise you might have to go to the hospital and then you'd have to stay still for *days* instead of just a few minutes."

He smiles in response to Storm Knight's words, although he does not look up from his task to meet ehr eyes. "It's very nice to meet you, Storm Knight. I'm just happy I could help. Amulet Heart said it was pretty urgent. I can see why." The warm glow continues apace, mending the worst of Ikuto's injuries first. Slowly, he will start feeling less and less pain, as his body is put back to rights.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 05:51:43 21329
Yuuno squints. "Lindy?" he asks to Tadase. Nanoha also head tilts at Tadase. "Who's Lindy?" she asks. The two kind of look confused. She frowns back to Mikoto and then gives Ikuto a very sad look back to his 'look, i'm evil' frown before her eyes look back at Tadase.

She begins to walk over there toward's Tadase and head tilts.

"...it looks like you're not very happy... in fact...."

"It looks like you're very sad!" she says. Yuuno has crawled back to her shoulder by now. "Are you just worried for your friend?..." she asks. "It's okay to be worried! I'm.. worried all the time!" she says.

She looks back towards the group for a moment, before looking back at Tadase. "My name's Nanoha Takamachi! This is Yuuno Scrya! He's an archeologist! Um... the marble in my pocket is Raising Heart! She's my partner." there is an affirmative beep.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 05:59:09 21332
"Yes, it's from a TSAB ship. We had a hard fight keeping it away from some decidedly unpleasant sorts. Who is this Lindy person?" Mikoto still won't leave Ikuto's side, although she seems markedly relieved to see the wounds healing.

And then she's clenching her hands into fists and gritting her teeth to keep from blasting Tadase. Maybe he's lucky that she won't step away from Ikuto right now. "You," she growls at the cat-boy, "Just hold all that crap and settle down. You're not going anywhere until you're healed properly."

Then she notices what her clenched hands are likely doing to him, and forces herself to relax. "Takamachi-san, please do me a very important favor. Find a piece of rubble, something about as heavy as you can possibly lift, and hit that self-important idiot over the head with it until he stops trying to guilt-trip my boyfriend?"
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 06:09:46 21337
"Oh I most certainly did something," Ikuto replies to Storm Knight. "Like I said. Champion of justice came to stop me from stealing a girl's dream." Ugh, that's really horrible when he says it out loud, isn't it? Not that it's no less horrible when he actually DOES it.

Tadase's statement draws... a laugh? One that obviously hurts. But less so than it did a moment ago, thanks to Alejo. "Don't want me to get hurt? Tell your goody-two-shoes friends to stop standing in my way," he suggests, with a smirk. That's not going to happen and he knows it. Not that he even wants that to happen.

Ugh, he hates having to be this way to Tadase. This is his little brother, he ought to be hanging out with him, messing his hair up, embarassing him in front of Amu. Like all older brothers are supposed to do. He shouldn't be making Tadase yell at him about possibly getting killed...

Yoru emits a "NYA!" of surprise at being grabbed out of the air, flailing in sudden panic at the move. "But I did-nya!" he insists. "He said he wanted ta kill Ikuto, so I brought the pack up onto the roof and blocked 'im 'till Ikuto could get away-nya! An' I dunno who he was!" Flaaaaaaail!

And just to completely throw a wrench in all that posturing, when Alejo speaks up, Ikuto notes quietly, "...Thanks." Yeah. Real evil, innit? Notably, though, he's not looking at Alejo. And Nanoha's sad look doesn't help; he quickly looks away from her too. He doesn't really know what to do. He doesn't want any of them involved in this. But what else can he do? The alternative is much worse...

And then Mikoto's growling at him! He sends her a wide-eyed look, emitting a surprised sound. But then... he nods, settling down. Which might be kind of funny. Even though he winces a bit at where Mikoto's hands are still holding the wound. And suddenly he's looking a bit embarrassed at Mikoto's proclamation of their relationship. Which might also be funny.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 06:13:52 21338
     Lindy-san? Lindy-san. That's probably someone that /Suzuki/ should get to know too. She could probably give advice and possibly much-needed training on better controlling her powers. Refinement, and whatnot! But she doesn't say anything. Just files this information away. Her lips purse into a frown as Platinum suddenly explodes, says not to waste their time with him... and then turns to storm out. She gives a soft sigh, shaking her head a bit as she looks after Platinum Royale. "If I had known you all would have acted like this..." She pauses. Well, they had brought a healer. Hmm. "...I'd have had you wait outside." She decides on, with a small nod to herself. Huff. Anyway.

     Amulet Heart was snatching little catboys out of the air and trying to learn whatever she can from them, her gaze flicking towards her. ...It was slightly better than Platinum Royale, at least. And focused, and not blaming and berating the injured person. Which was good!

     Responder Panacea gets a softer, slightly warmer smile. "Yes. I arrived and he was like this. Bandages would have probably worked -- but I didn't know if there was internal damage, so I started asking about a hospital... and well. This happened." Storm knight murmurs softly.

     Nanoha ... was being Nanoha! ... Really, Nanoha was perky and hard not for Storm Knight to like. She made her think of what she imagines a little sister would be like. Also she was just so gosh darn /friendly/. And adorable. And Storm Knight is weak to the adorable. Which is why she also somewhat liked Yuuno in spite of not really knowing him. As Nanoha goes off after Tadase, she closes her eyes thoughtfully. Hmm.

     Mikoto was talking afterwards, her eyes opening again to look towards her. "Presumably a member of the TSAB, or another Device user. But I don't know much either." Storm Knight says towards Mikoto thoughtfully. Telling Ikuto to cut the crap ... okay good, Mikoto wasn't /entirely/ seeing that Ikuto was blameless or anything like that. Alright. Also good. "...Please don't listen to that request, Nanoha. Please don't make requests like that. We're healing people, not making more people to heal. ... Though I do understand your sentiment."

     Aaand then Ikuto says why he was attacked with intent to kill. Storm Knight lifts a hand to rest over her face, the other staying on Ikuto's chest to hold him down as she gives a slow exhale. "Please stop while you're ahead. The more I hear the more I feel like I should be hauling you off to some form of jail after this -- and I doubt that your friends would be very thrilled with that." Storm Knight says softly, her hands lowering back to holding down Ikuto carefully. It was a bit more gentle now, since he was being healed. The thanks was listened though. She watches his reactions. He was... acting a bit guilty. Hmm. She leans towards Ikuto carefully. "You're showing guilt, so I will forget what you've said. But only for tonight." She says, giving a small nod. Also he was injured so it felt dishonorable to take advantage of that.
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 06:14:59 21341
Tadase looks at Nanoha. There aren't tears in his eyes, but there's a coldness, a forced level of detachedness, that probably betrays his lies even to the younger girl. "I don't care about him. He's not my friend. He's a thief. He's a villain. He's a cold, heartless bastard that's just wearing the skin of someone I used to think cared."

"I'm just worried he's going to hurt more people before someone puts him down like the rabid alley cat he is." Tadase says. It sounds like he firmly believes that someone is him.

Then he finds it, somewhere, he finds himself rather than the angry, detached little boy. "I'm sorry, I know you're just trying to help. It's nice to meet you, Takamachi-san. My name is Platinum Royale. Lindy-san works for us. She used to captain a TSAB ship. Maybe that ship that you're supposed to be hitting me with." he adds with a glare at Mikoto. "For some reason she thinks I'm the idiot in this room instead of her 'boyfriend'." Tadase says 'boyfriend' with finger quotes and an akanbe. Yes, he's a little petulant now. He's going through a lot of the stages of poorly handling his grief and anger.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 06:19:02 21345
"Miki!" Amulet Heart calls over her shoulder, and a little blue streak flies in to hover just beside her.

"Yoru!" Miki says exciteldy, then rushes to hug him around Amu's crushing fingers. The pink-haired cheerleader clears her throat at Miki, and Miki backs away hastily. "Sorry Amu-chan."

"Miki, go with Yoru and try and draw a picture of whoever did this to the stupid perverted cosplayer," Amulet Heart says unhappily. "When you're done, I want to see the picture. I need to know which 'goodie two-shoes' is trying to kill people who can still be saved."

At this, Amu lets Yoru go, but Miki is quick to pounce on him. Poor Yoru.

Amulet Heart turns to stand just a little behind Responder Panacea. "Well? Is he going to be okay?"
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 06:24:55 21348
Alejo makes a quiet little huff of sound at Ikuto, his head shaking faintly. He's smiling, however, as he says, "You're welcome."

He nods towards Storm Knight in absent agreement, his eyes moving over Ikuto's form like he's looking at things other people might not be able to see or sense. "The bandages would have taken a long time. This is faster, and better. He'll scar less." He doesn't promise there will be *no* scars, but Alejo doesn't apparently consider himself a miracle worker.

Never you mind about the magic healing *light* that says otherwise.

Eventually, every thing that's wrong with Ikuto seems to have been healed, although the ostensible catboy might still feel slightly bruised or like his skin is stiff and tender over the places where he'd previously been injured. The light starts to retract into Responder Panacea again, while the young healer looks up towards Tadase. "With respect, Platinum Royale-san, but attitude is a big part of the healing process, and calling people names is not really the best way to keep anyone's attitude up. Maybe you should go outside until you've calmed down."

He says it as calmly and gently as he's said anything else, in this henshin, but it's also just as firm and unwavering. When the light finally fades, he lets go of Ikuto's hand. Alejo sags backwards a little, suddenly seeming exhausted, although he hasn't let go of his henshin yet. "He'll be fine. But I hope he doesn't hurt himself this badly again, especially not soon. That was--a lot of work."
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 06:26:30 21349
Suddenly, Yuuno's attention is caught! "Oh!..... so. /There is/ survivors. Okay. Good. That's good! Yes. This Lindy-san. I need to talk to her. It's relativly urgent at this point." Yuuno's think's he's just found the TSAB garrison on Earth- he's going to be SEVERELY dissapointed later.

Nanoha ohs! "Oh! Okay! Well, then, Royale-san!" she says. "It seems Yuuno wants to meet this Lindy! And...I should too. We're trying to get something important to them soon." she nods matter of factly and determinedly. Finally...she adds.

"....someone that used to care....probably still cares." she says whisperedly. She doesn't seem about ready to obey Mikoto's orders to club Tadase over the head because this is not a very Nanoha thing to do. (She'd laser him instead.)

"Even if they might not show it..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 06:30:49 21352
"You," Mikoto growls down at Ikuto. "Just stop. They came to help you. And I will note they're still helping, rather than dragging you off or something else stupid." She points a bloody finger at Yoru. "And you, go with Miki like the girl said."

She nods rather curtly to Storm Knight, and goes back to glaring at Tadase.

"Thank you, friend," she says to Responder Panacea. "At least some of you are willing to be civilized about this. Please tell Lindy-san that I'd like to meet with her sometime soon."

She doesn't seem to be too concerned by Nanoha's lack of action. Tadase isn't winning any points, however.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 06:41:46 21359
Storm Knight's words get a huffed-out chuckle. But he is smart enough to be quiet, as she instructs. He's at least healed enough now that closing his eyes doesn't look like it's going to be the last time he does.

Though hearing Tadase... almost makes Ikuto wish it was. That hurt a lot to hear. But that was exactly what he wanted to hear. And he forces a smile. Augh, it's almost painful to do that. It is painful to do that, though not so much physically. Really it's more of a brittle smirk.

For his part, Yoru is now flailing AGAIN, this time over being pounced by an overly enthusiastic artist Chara! Amu's suggestion gets a tilt of Yoru's head. "He was a knight," Yoru describes. "All golden 'n armored, an' he had a plate that went down over his face-nya." He raises a handpaw and smoothes the palm down, over his own face. "Like that."

Once Alejo's finished healing him, Ikuto offers a nod in the Responder's direction. Then he stands up-- slowly, mind, because his skin does feel a bit tight over the wound. And yes, he will push at the hands of people trying to hold him down at this stage. Yes, including Mikoto. Oh dear, then Jackass Barrier is going up, 100% strength! Ugh, any wonder Tadase and Ikuto are at each other's throats all the time? They're both equally stubborn.

Ikuto looks in Tadase's direction, and then turns his gaze away to look around at the room. Specifically to Nanoha, he asides, "Are you sure? I'm a selfish cat. Do you really think I can care about anything except myself?" And then to the room at large, "Listen to the runt. He knows what he's talking about." His arms cross over his chest, ignoring the feeling of the skin stretching in ways it's not supposed to.

Yoru actually hangs around, pausing at the door. He has a feeling he knows where this is going. And from the looks of his droopy ears and tail, he doesn't like it.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 06:49:42 21365
     The description of the TSAB and what she is, who she is, and the fact that she works for Virtue. Alright. She will DEFINITELY need to meet her later. Proper teaching. That would be amazing. Her former sempai disappeared on her, grr! Though she had gotten distracted. Hmm. Storm Knight glances towards Amulet Heart, watching as she speaks to Miki and tells her to go with Yoru. That sounded like a dangerous task for the two tiny people. Hmmmm. "Miki, Yoru. Be safe. If you get in danger, feel free to come to me. I will try to ensure you are alright." Storm Knight says softly towards the two small charas.

     "It also involves less awkward questions that are difficult to answer the EMTs if I'd called an ambulance." Storm Knight comments idly, thinking a bit as she watches the wounds... finish healing, more or less. Once the wounds were gone, her hands would simply lift off of Ikuto, releasing him. Alejandro asks Tadase to go outside...which she doesn't comment on. Hmm. Yuuno, Nanoha, and others. Alright. Lots of people wanting to go talk to Lindy... and Yuuno was right there, as well. This was not entirely inconvenient for her. She vaguely considers asking Yuuno questions -- but that would have to wait for later. As would petting him. She figured he would not appreciate bloody hands.

     "Is there a faucet or a bathroom to clean up in in this warehouse?" Storm Knight asks towards Mikoto softly. "I am not particularly fond of blood." She doesn't say it in that 'oh god I am afraid of it' kind of way. But, well. Blood is icky. Who would want the icky on them?

     Ikuto... the way he was responding. That brittle, pained smirk. She had a feeling that he was honestly not that bad in his heart, if a bit mischievous and working for the wrong person. Hmm. The movement to sit up. He still looked tender. And then... he spoke up. Storm Knight takes a slow breath, a hand lifting towards Ikuto, attempting to rest it on his shoulder.

     "I am sorry, but I cannot just sit by and watch you self-destruct. You are hurting. You are unhappy with your situation. I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your actions. I can see it in the way you are talking. Frankly, this 'tough boy' act is such bullshit that even *I* can see through it, and I have only limited experience with people." Storm Knight says firmly. Like the big sister chastising a little brother, really. "I know you are dishonest to try to protect yourself, especially if you're having to do things like steal people's dreams... but it is incredibly unhealthy, please don't hurt yourself this way." Storm Knight says. Her hand would pull away then, and she would begin to make her way towards what she hoped was a working faucet. Because, well.

                EWWWW BLOOOD.
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 06:52:47 21369
Tadase doesn't leave, per Responder Panacea's request - but he does stop insulting Ikuto for the time being. He sets his mind on what he considers to be his work, instead. He nods at Nanoha. "I can take you both to meet Lindy-san tomorrow, if you like." he offers. The words Nanoha says get to him, but he can't show that right now. It's better for him to deal with that later - because he was asked to stop namecalling at Ikuto.

Ikuto gets up, and says some things. Tadase hears them, sort of. He turns around and there's a different look in his eyes. It's a different person. He's let a lot of his emotions out, and talking with Nanoha about Lindy-san has steeled himself, because it's reminded Tadase what /he does/.

Platinum Royale does a military about face, the little cape unfurling behind him, and across the room he looks at Ikuto. "I'm nothing like you, Ikuto-san. Because you've given up. But, I do think you care. And maybe I know better, but I'm still not giving up on you. I meant what I said when I told them to give up, and I probably should too. But I'm not going to. Because I remember the Ikuto-san I grew up with." he says, firmly, resolutely. Is that Kiseki, Tadase, or the King Tadase struggles to be behind those eyes? "You are not that Ikuto-san anymore - but you could be again."
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 06:56:06 21372
Amulet Heart would probably have a lot more to say to Yoru and Miki; directing the effort of getting a proper sketch done directly. The problem is, Alejo looks like he's about to collapse, and Amu feels responsible for him, right now. So instead of going to see how Miki and Yoru are doing, she instead reaches up to put a very gentle hand on his shoulder.

"You did good," the cheerleader observes honestly, then squeezes. "Thank you. I know he's a jerk, but he's not as bad as he pretends to be." This, practically spoken in Ikuto's face. As if he weren't there and couldn't hear her words.

Miki, meanwhile, draws a hasty sketch based on Yoru's crappy description, but keeps right up with him. "Like this?" she asks, showing off the sketch to Yoru. Oh yes, she is going to make him work for this.

Amulet Heart sighs and nudges Panacea gently. "If you're done, you might want to let Scooter back out. It won't take as much energy to just exist if you're separate. I can take you home."
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 07:00:25 21376
Nanoha Takamachi taps her chin. "Could it another Belkan Knight...?" she asks Yuuno. Yuuno shrugs at Nanoha. "Storm Knight does that sound like someone you know?" she asks. She turns back to Tadase and she goes to say something when she gasps!

Why did she gasp!?

/Storm Knight just said a bad word/.

The shock fades as she turns back to the matter at hand. She frowns at Tadase-- not upset, but rather sadly. She looks back to Ikuto and she begins to march towards him.

"...These people really care about you Ikuto! They all bust in here! Not even knowing where here was I bet!" she says throwing her arms up! "---n' this one helped you just now and you were really hurt!" she says motioning to Panacea.

"So you better say thank you!" she insists!
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 07:01:30 21377
Responder Panacea just sounds weary, at this point, as he watches Ikuto to right back to standing around sassing and posturing. "Please try to take it easy for a little while, before you start fighting people again. I'm serious. I can't do that again for a while. If you goad someone into hurting you like that again, I'm not going to be able to help right away. You'll have a lot of angry people holding you down and you won't be able to stop it."

He seems distracted by Amulet Heart's words, and then he nods, seeming to take her advice to heart. He closes his eyes, and there's a little shimmer of light as he kind of diminishes a little, going back to being just a boy in a hoodie and too-large jeans. Floating over his shoulder is a little figure in an outfit much like the one he'd just been in, who looks a lot like somebody Alejo might grow up to be. The little police officer who comes puttering in from the outside to float over Alejo's other shoulder is paler-skinned and spottier, but apparently somewhat concerned about how tired Alejo seems.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 07:24:12 21394
Gritting her teeth, Mikoto continues glaring at Tadase. "Ikuto-kun. Platinum. Both of you SHUT! UP!" She roars out the last two words at full volume, the noise of it echoing off the lofty warehouse walls for what seems like an eternity.

"Noob-san," she pauses, "Alejo. Thank you for healing my friend. You are welcome to visit here any time you wish." She reaches for a towel and starts to scrub the blood off her hands. Unlike Storm Knight, she isn't leaving this bunch alone while she runs to the restroom to wash up.

"Now then. Ikuto. Please stop trying to tick off everyone around you. And you, Platinum, or whatever you want to call yourself, stop letting him. I told you once that there was a difference between the right thing, and the easy thing... you didn't listen then, and you aren't listening now."

She sighs, softly, and tosses the now thoroughly befouled towel aside. Her hands still aren't really clean. Sometimes she feels like they never will be.

"Storm Knight, Platinum-san, if one of you can arrange a meeting with this Lindy for me, as soon as possible, I'd deeply appreciate it."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-01-08 07:28:33 21400
Storm Knight speaks to him... and he moves out from under that hand. Because it's bloody, and he won't be able to explain it away as easily as a fall when he gets back to Easter. He hears what she has to say. But he doesn't look at her, and he doesn't speak. What can he say that either hasn't already been said or wouldn't be dismissed? An unreadable look comes over his features, one that doesn't disappear when Tadase speaks. It's a look of absolute shutdown.

For Yoru's part, he looks at the drawing Miki did, blinking at it. "What? No way!" he decides. "What did you even draw-nya? It looks like the Golden Knight Who Says 'Ni'." That's an old reference. Also yes, Yoru does have that much in common with Ikuto; they're both as subtle and tactful as a brick hurled at one's face.

For now, though, Ikuto seems to have more or less shut down, especially in the face of Nanoha's words. The unreadable look remains, and he avoids her eyes too. Because again, what can he say?

Yoru perks up, looking with interest as Alejo's Charas appear, one from inside the boy and the other from outside. New Charas! This is interesting! And then he covers his ears with his handpaws as Mikoto yells really loud! He also goes and hides behind Miki.

For his part, Ikuto winces at the shout. A welcome has clearly been overstayed, and its his. With a pop and a sparkle of glitter, the cat ears and tail reappear. "...Yoru." It's a flat, dull tone. And then he makes for the window he'd come in by. Nope, he can't leave by a door, that'd be too normal.

Yoru hesitates, looking at the window Ikuto's intent on climbing out of, then back at the room full of people. "...S-sorry, everybody," he offers, with droopy ears again. And as Ikuto leaves, he'll follow out the window.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-01-08 07:31:13 21402
     Storm Knight spends a little bit in the bathroom cleaning up, quietly talking on the Virtue phone as she does. To spare Platinum Royale's feelings a bit, as the situation was already likely bad enough without it. She would have done similar with Ikuto, but getting him more privately would be much harder. Storm Knight takes a slow breath, before coming back out again!

     Once she's back out, Storm Knight makes her way over to Amulet Heart, and reaches to place a hand on her shoulder. She murmurs quietly to her, "Good job." Is all she says, and then... she reaches for her Device, taking it from where it was floating on her back. Storm Knight lifts her Device, "Verdrehen Sturm, Energy Transfer." Storm Knight says, and her Device gives a wordless ping. A cyan ball of energy would then come out of the Device, and attempt to infuse with Alejandro! ...It would be a modest little boost of energy, just enough to help him recover and not be nearly as tired.

     To Nanoha, Storm Knight shakes her head. "I do not know them. from burns and such, I can only think of one possible person, but he doesn't ... really look like that." She says, thinking of Guardian Hino. Hmm. Probably not! Probably.

     Storm Knight shifts her gaze towards Mikoto thoughtfully, listening to them as she continues thoughtfully. She frowns thoughtfully. "I am certain there was something that you invited me here for, however... if that can wait, I think it is best if we part ways and let the cat lick his wounds, and the rest of us go and rest. We can meet again to talk about things, I'm sure."

     The request from Mikoto gets a small nod. "Gladly, I would much like to talk to her too. I am not properly trained... having someone with experience to talk to is something I'm very interested in. I intended to meet with her either way." Storm Knight says with a firm nod towards Mikoto.

     When Ikuto dodges Storm Knight's hand -- she didn't force it on him. He avoided it, so she didn't force it, and just let him think on it as she went off to the bathroom to clean off. once she was back, she looks towards Ikuto and the others. She looks towards Ikuto, watching him quietly. She thinks quietly for a few moments, before saying softly, "Ikuto. Try to be safe. You don't seem like you're a bad person at heart."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-08 07:35:53 21404
Tadase turns and watches Ikuto leave. He's not surprised - this is the way these things go. He heaves a massive sigh. "Well, at least this is another day he survived - even if he tried not to." he adds, belatedly. There's a different look to him still though. And then he unhenshins, leaving Tadase Hotori and Kiseki standing where Platinum Royale once was. He goes fishing in his pocket for some business card-like things. They just have a phone number on them, nothing more.

He hands one out to anyone who wants one and isn't already in Virtue. "If you'd like to speak to me, or Lindy-san, about this or anything else magical. This is the number to use." he says, making sure to give one to Nanoha. This is one of the few ways to get from an outside line to Virtue as an organization. "If you want to speak to Lindy-san please give me a call on it before tomorrow. You can leave a message. Nobody will pick up - sorry. Protocol." he adds, a bit grumbly at this. Tadase would /actually/ prefer this number go straight to his Virtue Phone. But it does not. (Sometimes people want to talk to members of Virtue that aren't Tadase, anyways!)

Once he's done handing them out, he walks over to Amulet Heart. "I'm headed home. Are you and Alejo as well?"
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 07:38:12 21406
Amulet Heart whirls at the sound of Tadase's approach, then reaches up to poke him sternly in the chest. "No you're not," she says to him in a quiet, yet firm whisper. "I need to take Alejo-kun home, and then you and I need to talk. I'll be at the Garden in thirty minutes."

Amulet Heart turns back to Alejo and asks, "Are you ready to go?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-01-08 07:41:25 21409
Nanoha Takamachi frowns at Ikuto a little, maybe a little angrily, but.. not really. She can be angry sure, but right now she isn't that. She relaxes and looks back around and sighhhhhhhhs a bit. "I'm going to need such a giaaaaaant cupcake tonight!" she says with a smile.

She looks to Tadase and takes the number. She smiles. "Thank you, Royale-san!" she beams. She puts it away. Yuuno will be calling on thier behalf. Yuuno has things to say.

She looks to Mikoto. "Are you going to be okay, Mikoto-san?" she asks softly to her.
Alejandro Tatakai 2016-01-08 07:41:49 21410
"HEY, don't let the JERK WINDOW hit your JERK BUTT on the JERK WAY OUT, JERK!" A little voice shouts, which would of course be Panek, calling crossly to Ikuto as the thief leaves. Alejo scowls at him briefly, giving him a little flick on his bottom as if to scold him. "Be nice."

This is sufficient to distract him while Storm Knight is bringing up that little ball of energy. Alejo gives a shocked little gasp when it contacts him, but then he straightens, just faintly, looking a little more clearheaded. He rubs at his hair with the briefest look of confusion before he smiles at Storm Knight, seemingly honestly grateful. "Thanks."

That same grateful, somewhat-less-tired-but-still-tired smile turns to Amulet Heart. "Yes, if it's not too much trouble. I could probably walk home myself if you need me to."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 07:46:56 21416
Mikoto takes one of Tadase's cards. She does not, however, stop glaring at him. "Thank you for this, Hotori-san," she says, addressing him by proper name now that he's de-henshined and revealed himself. "I will be pleased to speak with someone capable of mature conversation and civilized behavior."

"Takamachi-san, Storm Knight, I had hoped that we could discuss the issues regarding last night's events," that is, the Jewel Seed, but she's not going to be the one to mention it in front of the Chara Crew. "Unfortunately things seem to have gotten out of hand here. I have been trying, among other things, to set up a suitable workshop for Device maintenance and repair, and if either of you require such assistance, do not hesitate to call on me."

She turns back to the others for a moment. "Amulet, Alejo, thank you once again for your assistance today. ... if you choose to visit again, please do not bring Hotori-san."
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-08 07:51:13 21420
"It's nearly seven kilometers," Amu says to Alejo with a shake of her head. "That wouldn't be fair to you. I'll take you," she promises.

But on the way out, she finally pauses to acknowledge Mikoto's existence, just long enough to stand up on tiptoes and and glare at the taller, older girl. "Just because I came does not make things okay," she warns. "I have told you several times to keep him out of trouble. I am not seeing that working. If he's going to continue stealing X-Eggs, I cannot ignore it. If you truly care for him, stop him."

Then, she turns to finish walking out with Alejo, to take him home.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-08 07:54:41 21426
Mikoto nods rather curtly to Amu, and turns her head just in time to see the window closing behind Ikuto's departing back. Oh wonderful. "GET BACK HERE YOU....."