Creaks and Cracks

Two friends meet over coffee. One is a bottomless pit, and the other is Tadase. Voice changes, Current Events, and Amu are discussed.

Date: 2016-01-09
Pose Count: 24
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-09 22:29:07 21667
Nadeshiko spent the day at school unusually quiet. She would giggle where appropriate, answer in soft, monosyllabic words. On the outside she was perhaps just more subdued than normal, not really noticeable unless someone knew her well enough. On the inside, however, she was a roiling mess of Teenage Angst.

It's not Nadeshiko who invited Tadase to the cafe, though. It's Nagihiko.

He's grumped in his chair, chewing irreverantly on a straw. Temari's in his Guardian Pouch, sulking at his mood.

"My voice is cracking, Tadase-kun." This is his greeting. No hi, no what's up, just a sulky boy. "Amu-chan probably thinks I'm mad at her."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-09 22:35:15 21669
Tadase sits down across the chair from Nagihiko. He's got a little half smile, because it's hard to be sad when a friend is sad, but you don't want to look as downcast as they do or it's hard to help, too!

It's hard to know what to do to, in a specific sense, because Nagihiko's problems are somewhat unique. But it's not as hard to know how to be a friend. "Nagihiko-kun." he says, after a moment, making sure he uses the right name for the right outer person. "I'm sure even if she is, she won't stay that way. Amu-chan just cares a lot about you, and it's hard for her to not talk to you. But it'll also be really hard for her to stay mad. I don't know what to say about what you're dealing with..." he admits "...but I'm sure it's not going to do permanant damage to your friendship with Amu-chan.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-09 22:57:27 21674
Sulk sulk sulk. Then he's scrubbing his face. "Auuuugh. Just...she's gonna be so mad when she finds out. Or when I tell her. Just do me a favor, Tadase-kun. If it becomes an Epic Fight, take her side!" He looks up at Tadase, propping his elbows on the table. "How do you get yours to not be so crackly? Or does it still crack?"

And then, important issue! His spine suddenly straightens and is hiding a giggle behind the back of his hand. Nagihiko, your Nadeshiko is showing. "Speaking of Amu-chan. The rumor mill's turning. Do tell."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-09 23:08:04 21676
"Look, Na-chan." he says, using his catch-all name for the boy in front of him. "I'll do what I can to soften the blow. But knowing Amu, it's going to be a blow. And still... I'm not going to pick one side or the other." he adds with a smile. "You're both my friends."

"I had it crack a little bit..." he says shrugging. "Over the break. Thankfully just when I was talking with my grandmother. I haven't seen it come back. I hope it doesn't. It's as strange to hear out of yourself as it is to hear from other people." he adds.

But Nagihiko's question take shim back and Tadase gets a lot less outspoken, a lot more... shy even? "What do you mean, Na-chan?" he says. Yes. Tadase will FEIGN INNOCENCE!
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-09 23:17:33 21678
Nagihiko warms a bit. He likes the name Na-chan. To others, it may seem an easy out. To him, though? It means Tadase knows who he is, regardless of the gender he portrays. And so he relaxes a bit and returns the smile. "Well, just know if you sit with her at lunch instead of me, I won't be upset about it." He'd be upset, but not for that reason. "Though I may ask you to deliver 'anonymous gifts' to her. Or ask how she is. Or...nah, it's probably better if I didn't put you in the middle like that, so ignore those last bits!"

He tilts his head. "If it comes back, can you tell me how you deal with it? Father's not very forthcoming. 'Just think like a woman!' And Mother and Aunty aren't much help."

His grin turns sly and he's Nagihiko again, all sprawled where Nadeshiko would be taking up as little space as possible. "Oh, you know. Dancing for hours. Have you talked know." Feelings?

Fortunately for Tadase, a waitress comes within range. Nagihiko is all smiles as he orders some more coffee and dessert enough for four people. He's also been starving lately. "You want anything, Tadase-kun?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-09 23:26:51 21681
Tadase smiles. "I really don't think you two would keep apart for long. I think what'd be the biggest problem is that she'd have to sort out the way she thinks of you. And so would anyone else. Just like how Amu has her outer character and it's a shock to people when she does things that aren't 'cool and spicy'. It just wouldn't be immediate."

"If it comes back to me and I find any way to deal with it you'll be the first to know." Tadase says, nodding. "I know how important being Nadeshiko is to you - how important your art is to you." Tadase really does care about his friend and has never really considered him anything but dedicated.

And then there's the question about Amu again and their roles reverse - Nagihiko is the confident one, poking at advice, and Tadase's the one with the flush in his face. "Well you know how rumors are, Na-chan. These are the same people who thought we were dating a few months ago. And... I don't... think... it was hours..." The more he thinks about it the more it might have been. "We had to fill the time until midnight, right? And yeah we talked a little. And..."

And he trails right off because waitress save! "I'll have a soda, and an order of cheese fries." He figures Nagihiko might eat some of those fries too.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-09 23:39:51 21683
He relaxes more, and his smile is more easy. "That's a good point. See? There's a reason you're the king chair." He gives a firm, solid nod. "Right. When she finds out, I'll give her space. Unless months (weeks (...days)) go by."

And now his shoulders relax. "Thank you. I really don't want to feign laryngitis unless I really have to, and that was the only thing I could think of." He leans forward in his chair as the waitress leaves, and why yes, Tadase, Nagihiko will help you eat your fries. That's what friends are for! "Speaking of. I want to try other things. Not to get away from the dance, but to enhance it. Kendo, for example. Maybe just a few classes, or find someone who's good at it to show me the footwork. And there's..." His face flushes a little. He pulls out his phone, pulls up a video, and slides it over to Tadase. "It's very similar to traditional Japanese dance, but at the same time, it's the complete opposite."

And it's while Tadase's looking at the phone that he continues the Amu+Tadase=FOREVER conversation. "Ohhhhh? I heard it from Amu-chan. So she started the dating rumor?" Troll, troll, troll!
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-09 23:57:50 21686
Tadase smiles. "Well, I had to grow into the King's chair. Actually... still am. Bit by bit." he adds, leaning back a bit. It's obvious Tadase would like to be all of those things he wants to be NOW, though. "I think she'll tell me first. But you know, if she founds out I knew before her, we might both be sitting at tables alone."

Tadase and Nagi slowly break into the fries. And he leans into the phone. "It's... different, but I can see the similarities too." And it's Tadase's turn to know more about the other person than he might seem. "Are you having trouble keeping focus? I've noticed you've been out as Nagihiko more lately, Na-chan." he says, astutely. "...If you're looking for something a bit more energetic to do, you could come out with the Joker and I more. If you can tear yourself away from practice."

Tadase blinks. A lot. "Well... she wouldn't start something like that unless it was something she wanted, right?" he asks, and his tone is /amazingly/ hopeful. "I mean, if she hated it, she wouldn't start any rumors about me."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 00:12:39 21689
"I think you've grown into it. You're just realizing you have, bit by bit." Then his face his serious. "If she gets upset with you, I'll be sure to tell her it wasn't your secret to share. Even if she's not talking to me, I'll tell her that much, at least. Because it's not fair you have to keep my secret and then have someone you care for get angry at you for it."

Nagihiko looks at the phone as well as he steals some fries. And more. And sips his coffee and takes a bite of a pastry. "It's...break dancing is the same...precise, measured movements. But it's just faster. And less flowing." His cheeks warm at Tadase's observation. "I's not just focus. I just have so Mother says my stances are getting more aggressive, but the more breaks I take, the more energy I have." He flashes a grin. "That'd be great, if you two think you can keep up~! And I think it would be good for practice."

He laughs, then. "I'm not saying she started the dating rumor. But I am saying she and I talked about the dance. And other such things." He leans forward. "So tell me, Tadase-kun. You know I won't tell her what you say, just as you know I won't tell you what she said. But I can always nudge you both toward common ground."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 00:40:45 21692
Tadase smiles a bit. "That's a reasonable thing for you to say, Na-chan. And it's a reasonable thing to think. But when something like this happens, she's going to feel with her heart, not her mind." He smiles at him. "And that means that her reaction isn't going to be a thing I can predict. I can only try to soothe as much as I can and only then if she will listen." Tadase says with a shrug. "But she'll get over it eventually. Amu's our friend."

"Well, there's certainly a lot more to do than I've been calling you about. It's just that I know you're still so busy practicing, and I didn't want to get in your way. But if it's going to help you... I hope you don't mind getting a /lot/ of calls from us. There's a lot of chaos going on behind the scenes."

Then he sighs. "Okay. Honestly... Amu's amazing. She does things no other girl I've seen does - and that includes you." he adds with a wink. "She's really impressive to me and I think she's amazing but I don't want to risk... ruining anything... by acting too rashly."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 00:51:24 21694
He wrings a napkin in his hands for a moment. "True. That's one of the things about her. She thinks with her heart." But there's also the chance she could see this secret as Too Much. She could feel she's never really known Nadeshiko, known him, and doesn't like who she sees.

Temari floats out of the bag, and their eyes glint. Nagihiko stands suddenly, one foot landing on the chair as his fist comes up. "THEN I'LL MAKE HER SEE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Oh dear. He sits down again, and calmly sips his coffee. "Temari. People are staring now."

There's a giggle, and the small chara delicately steals the end of a fry.

He blinks as he looks up at Tadase. "There's more? A lot? Ikuto isn't getting himself in trouble again, is he?" He shrugs. "We're coming at the slow point for us. I'll still need to practice, but there isn't anything major lined up for awhile. So if you call, I can let you know if I'm available or not. Heck, feel free to call even if I do have something coming up."

Then he's leaning forward, a dreamy look on his face. He doesn't even mind the comparison between him and Amu! "That's true~!"

He hums in thought. "Maybe it's like your King Chair. You have to grow into it, bit by bit. Some bits may come faster than others. But if you don't try for it, you'll never sit in the chair."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 01:21:58 21705
Tadase can't help but laugh a little bit when Temari grabs ahold of Na-chan for a moment and he gets those glinting eyes. It's nice being on the other end of that for a moment. But it's a kind laugh, a small laugh, a friend's laugh.

"Ikuto has always been in trouble since you met me. He's just... escalating it now." Tadase says, sadly. "Amu and I are going to have to step in before he really hurts someone - or himself. We're talking about hiding Yoru away somewhere - just to stop him from being able to hurt anybody. It's something I'd like to avoid having to do, but it's the only answer we see. At some point I'll have to bring you up to speed. But he's still working for Easter, and he's really being a danger to himself and others. He's fighting us harder than usual. He's got a girlfriend who seems to want to protect him over other people."

"I'll be really glad to have your help. Another hand. It's been getting a bit much, and I think both me and Amu are getting a little... wobbly, maybe. Too many things at once."

"Well, I had Kiseki to help me with the King's Chair - with learning to be a leader." And then Kiseki pipes up. "You have me to help with Amu too..." he says " just don't listen! Ride in on a white horse and sweep her off her feet, into the sunset, to your glorious castle, from where you were rule! AHAHHA!" Tadase doesn't respond to this, he just looks at nadeshiko, pointing a thumb at Kiseki, as if saying 'look at what I put up with'.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 02:12:44 21723
Of course, Nagihiko doesn't take offence to his friend's laugh. Instead he gives a good natured shrug. 'What can ya do?'

He sighs, and it's as sad as Tadase's voice. Temari floats close to him, almost hiding in his hair at the mention of taking a chara away from their person. "Maybe someone should tell his girlfriend that Easter is what she should be protecting him from. If we do have to hide Yoru, we'll have to convince him first that it's in the best interest of Ikuto. He's probably more aware of anyone how Ikuto really is."

He leans back. Enough of his never ending hunger abated for the moment, he can take smaller bites. "I'll always be here. If possible, I can always practice later. You and Amu-chan? I want to help you."

He watches Kiseki, grinning, and then laughing as Tadase thumbs at him. "Well, Amu-chan's not a princess. She wouldn't mind the sweeping, but I'm pretty sure Tadase-kun won't have to go that far." He leans forward again, serious once more. "Okay, then. I'll be your Kiseke. First step? Talk to her. Blush your way through a conversation specifically about how you feel. You don't need to tell her everything, but I'm willing to bet she has some of the same thoughts and concerns you do."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 02:44:45 21729
"I think we've tried to. But you know how that cat is. Stubborn as the real animal. Maybe worse. I think that wouldn't be so hard to do. Yoru is the one who always shows my sympathy, more apologies than Ikuto does."

"I'm glad to hear that. I mean, there's a lot of people I know. A lot of really good people. But I don't know them like I know you. We've been together a long time, and I know you'll have my back. Besides, it'd look really bad if the Queen's Chair let something happen to the King's chair." he says, with a grin. "And you don't want my spot!"

"I don't know. I'm just not... this is not a thing I've done before. I feel really comfortable talking in front of a big group of people, but this is different. And really, it's way way more important to me." he admits. Then he sits back and blinks, like he's hearing it for the first time himself. "Yeah, Amu-chan is more important to me than even the Guardians or Seiyou itself. Wow." he adds. "It's just strange even to hear myself say it, you know?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 03:21:34 21739
"I think, if we were to think of Ikuto as a cat instead of a boy, we should consider giving him space. But then again, we've tried that." He sighs. "That boy is not a housecat, by any means. Not even the most disgruntled of housecats. I know it may seem...weird, and I know I'm far from his biggest fan, but sometimes I just gotta wonder about him. I mean, if he weren't such a threat, I'd say just leave him out some food so he knows there's a safe place for him. But in reality?" He sighs. "I hate to say it, but taking Yoru may be the greatest thing we can do for him. And for our plans."

Nagehiko's eyes soften. "I'm sorry I haven't been around. And I really appreciate your thinking of my dance for not contacting me. But I want -- need -- you to understand something. And it's okay if you haven't, I didn't until Amu-chan came along." He works his jaw as he tries to figure out how to say it. "You're both more important to me than dancing, especially if it's a fight. Don't you dare worry about my practice. If I have to, I'll deal with Mother and practice later." His eyes are perhaps a little shy now. Tadase knows just how deep his passion for dancing goes. This is as close to a Love Confession as Nagihiko can get with dear, dear friends while still being platonic. And then he's laughing. "Me? The King's chair? Please. I'd much rather be your second, leaving you to clean up my messes." He flips his hair with his hand. "Which you do a good job of, by the way."

His eyes are intent on Tadase as he describes and realizes things about Amu. At the end, he is smiling. He takes no offence whatsoever about being held second place in Tadase's mind (heart?) compared to Amu. After all, this is Amu they're talking about. "Good. Amu-chan deserves someone who holds her above others. Just as she would hold someone above others."

And then, his expression turn devious. Almost trollface. "And if you decide on a Western style wedding, I can pass off as either Best Man or Maid of Honor! Oh hoh hoh!"
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 03:47:42 21745
Tadase nods. "You'd be right, Na-chan. Except when you leave this cat alone, it claws people." He leans in. "Well, dreams. And gets Easter closer to their goal of the Embryo. Othwerwise I'd be somewhat content, though sad, to just leave him to his own devices and his sad but inevitable outcome." Tadase chews thoughtfully on one of the last fries. "But that's just not an option, like you said."

"Like I said, I trust you to make the best decisions for you. You've done well at it so far - probably better than anyone I know. That's why I can rely on you, Na-chan. You have your head so properly on your elegant shoulders, more than even Kukai." he grins. "Oh I'm sure you could be the King's Chair. I could loan you Kiseki, he could whip you into shape. Or you know, Temari could." he adds with a grin to the little elegant chara.

And to the idea of the marriage, Tadase has no words. Oh he looks like he's trying to talk, but all that's happening is his cheeks are very red and there is no sound escaping them.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 04:23:55 21760
"I'm...kind of glad, then. That we're not given the option of leaving him to his own devices." Nagihiko sighs. "They can't have the Embryo. Even if we don't want to make wishes for ourselves, even if we hold it for someone more worthy than us..." He sighs. "It's just...Ikuto is perhaps stronger than even he knows. And I really do hope this new girlfriend is what he needs -- what he deserves. I hope he can listen to reason."

Nagihiko grins. "Well. I know what I can and what I cannot handle. Usually. Tell you what." He shifts, leaning the other way. "You know me better than most. If I look like I'm not handeling things as well as I should be, I'll listen and try to figure the best way for me to handle it, yeah?" Then he waves a hand. "Fine, you caught me. I don't want to be king. I'm happy as your second. I'm happy just watching you grow into yourself and shining just as bright as I know you can. As I know you will."

And then, a giggle, but it's covered so his Nadeshiko isn't showing too much. "I'm teasing, Tadase-kun. (Mostly.) I know neither of you are ready for That Committed." He maintains a composure of 'attentive.' Easier to talk to. "Just know. I don't think either of you are wanting to go about this with kiddie-gloves."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 04:37:42 21764
"I think... her name is Mikoto-san, I believe... and I think she wants to help him. But I think she's been mislead by the same things he says to us. I think she's doing it wrong, basically." Tadase says, not having been able to find a more dignified way of saying it. "The Ikuto I used to know was very strong. I just wonder where that one went."

"I promise. I'll keep an eye on you. It's a King's job to look after his subjects, after all. Even incredibly important ones like yourself." He adds with a sly grin. "Sometimes being the second is even more important." he admits quietly. "You've saved me in a lot of ways. The Tadase Hotori that's sitting here wouldn't be the same without you, after all."

"I...know, but still. I can't help if I react to your teasing. I mean. That's why you do it." he says, leaning in. "I just care about her a lot. I don't want to hurt her, either. Or scare her away."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 04:58:10 21774
"Mikoto-san?" He files the name away, someone to talk to sooner or later. "I could give her information, either as Nadeshiko or Nagihiko, whichever would be more appropriate. Nades may be a bit intimidating, from a female's perspective..." He grins at Tadase. "Maybe he's just lost. We'll find him again, don't worry. Even if he's never on our side, at the very least, we can try to get him back on Amu's side."

He sort of postulates, spine straight and limbs made of power. "That's because we must look after our leaders!" Stroke Kiseke's ego a little. And then his shoulders relax, along with his expression. "All I do, Tadase, is support who I see." No honorifics, because this is Nagihiko seeing Tadase as the young King chair sees Na-chan. "Whether or not you inherit the earth, you'll always be my king. That should count for something, I'd like to think."

Then it's Amu-talking again! "I know. I'm reading your blushes and your quirks, even if you don't realize it! I have insight on both sides, you know." He means this as both male and female, and as Tadase and Amu. He studies the dregs of his coffee for a moment, voice soft and caring. "If I didn't think you were a match, for each other and not just separate, I wouldn't pry as much. But I think there's potential, there." He looks up. "And I want you to know. If it doesn't work out, I will help both of you find that friendship between you again. I'm confident things will work, but I need you to see I am your safety net. For both of you."

And then. Because there's more to the rumor mills than just Romantic Hearts. Nagihiko's eyes fall once again to his coffee cup, only moving to let the barrista refill it. And Tadase's. "I'm sorry about Chiba-kun. And that my dancing hasn't been able to let me comfort you about him. But now, I hope, I'm very much here for you, if you need me to be."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 05:32:41 21784
Tadase grimaces a bit. "I think Amu may be far enough on his side as it stands." Mmm, is there a bit of leftover jealousy there anyways? Perhaps born of one too many thefts and betrayals? "But I do want to help him. And... I think she might be hard to get through to for me or Amu-chan, you might have better luck. She hasn't seen you trying to fight him yet. Both of us, though..." he shrugs.

"It counts for a lot, no matter what name or persona you choose to go by at any given point in time." he says, firmly. "You are someone I know I can trust. Especially when looking out for me sometimes means doing things I don't realize are good for me at the time."

"Yeah... you know, this talk makes me feel a lot better because I trust your judgement. From both sides..." he says with a soft smile "... and you're generally better about this than me. I can get caught up, or hide myself. And for a while I thought I was really in love with who she was during fights - with AMULET. But when she came to me after Chiba-kun..." his face falls and it's clear that's still hit him hard, even though he knows he's alive "...that was Amu, and I needed Amu at that moment, and she was there for me."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 06:16:37 21790
Nagihiko sighs. "I don't think she's as far on his side as you're afraid she is. This is Amu-chan we're talking about. She'd be worried about a potato if it felt evil enough."He sighs again. "I will try. Maybe I can make her see that all we want to do is help him. Because that's what I want, even if he does annoy the crap out of me from time to time." Okay, most of the time. He looks up at Tadase. "Because what we want is to save Chara Eggs, even after they've hatched. Yes?"

He relaxes further, and puts to name something he's hoped has been true for years. "It's because you see me, yes? It's why you call me Na-chan? Because no matter who's clothes I wear, you see the Nagihiko that's at the core?" He looks up at Tadase. "Because that's that person who is always making sure Tadase-kun is happy. At the core, it's who I am. No gender, no role. Just me."

He leans forward, taking one of Tadase's hands in his own. If any of the Tadase Fan Club are around, they may get Ideas. "That's what I'm here for. If things are too much, for you or for her, I'll take some of the heat. People aren't as invested in me as they are you and her. And that's okay."

He leans back again. "I want my two dearest friends to be happy. If I thought it would only end in heartache, I wouldn't have encouraged either side." He looks up, a very mild glint in his eye. "And you know I can call you on your bull faster than anyone. So if you have concerns, by all means. Let me know."

And then he's contemplative again. "Amulet Heart is who she one day will be, if we show her." He sighs, eyes cast to the side. "And I'm not surprised that she helped you. I know you both. I have a best male friend, you. And a best female friend, Amu. I just wish..."His eyes look sad when he looks up. "I'm just sorry I was so focused on my own thing that I didn't realize my best friend needed me."

Okay, enough sad!

"But rumor has it he finally got a girlfriend? Couldn't she help bring him back?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 06:47:33 21794
Tadase nods. "Yeah, that's Amu. But if it was a potato she'd have mashed it by now, I think." he smirks a little at his lame joke." I know one thing is for sure. I know what he's doing now isn't his dream. And I know Yoru knows that too. I just don't know why he's not listening to his heart."

Tadase nods. "Yeah. The rest is just ways to describe the person you are. Or the person you are at the bottom. But the core of you is always the same." he smiles. "Hopefully you shouldn't have to take much heat. I like to think we're both strong. But I am glad to know I have you as backup."

"Just keep calling me on it, Na-chan. I need to know I have someone who can keep the bad parts of me in check as well as push the good ones. That's why you put the bucket on my head figuratively, too." he says with a wink.

"Look, the time you spent away has help us grow close, too. It has been good to stand on my own. I can't have you propping me up in every instance. I only need you to catch me when I stumble." he grins full on now.

"Yeah, I'm trying to help them figure out what went wrong with him... it's just hard to have a second person I used to look up to... running around being a jerk... when I know that's not what they want to be doing. Because I know his heart, just like I know Ikuto's. And I'm gonna help both of em'."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-10 07:12:02 21798
Nagihiko snorts and laughs at the joke. Because, well, puns. And such. And, of course, Amu. Then he is serious again. "From what I've heard, Eclipse is...almost hypnotic in their bottom line." He sighs. "Fortunately my family hasn't come across them as clients."

He sighs, again. "Sometimes...well, Yoru may not be given much of a choice. He may be deciding that playing along means he won't become an X-Egg." Concerned, amber eyes meat Tadase's. "You don't think that would be an issue, do you? I mean...For Ikuto, he's always show a sort of weird affection for his Chara, right?"

He very much does not like where his train of thought is leading him...

So instead, he allows his heart and soul to warm at Tadase's belief in him. "And you think you're not a good King's Chair? Please." Serious now. "You know me, Tadase-kun. Sometimes I think that's why I believe in myself as much as I do." A quick reassurance to Temari. "Aside from the beautiful obvious, I mean." A Pause, a reassuring, genuine stroke to the hair. "Because even if the world sees me as one, strict way, you see who I am. That's your gift, I think. Or one of many. Actually, I'm sure it's that last one. That's why I can help you as much as you think I can."

He grins, then, both trollish and helpful. "I will bucket all your heads if need be. So long as you keep mine in check."

And then, hunger once again roused, he's demolishing about three desserts, looking almost ashamed as he wipes crumbs from his face afterwards. "C-can you order next? I don't know what I'll have delivered otherwise..."

And now he is grinning, completely, and pleased. "I'm glad you've found your own footing. But remember, I'm here if you slip. Always. Whether it's...romance or not. I'll do for you both whatever I can."

And then, serious face. "From what I've heard, it's not completley of your Sempai's wishes; the changes in him." Nagihiko shrugs, almost helplessly. "But I do promise this: I will help my King retrieve his male rolemodel. And that girl? What's her name? Something about an animal. Inu? No...Anyway. I'll do what I can for you. For him."
Tadase Hotori 2016-01-10 07:47:19 21803
"Yeah, I try to keep everyone I know as far away from them as possible, but they're pervasive. And when it comes to Yoru, I think that's what it is. He needs Ikuto to not lose hope in him. He can't risk that, either. And if Yoru's good for Ikuto, neither can we. That's why I'm worried about taking him away. But Ikuto's also hurting other people, innocent people, kids who aren't involved - and we have to stop that, too. We have to stop Easter."

"I never said that..." he says about being a good King's chair, perhaps a little of Kiseki getting into him. "I just think I still have a long way to go. A lot to learn. And I still want you by my side, whatever you choose to go by, every step of the way." Tadase grins again. "Your King demands it!" and he makes a dramatic point. But this is no chara change - this is Tadase weaving the silly and the serious together.

"We'll keep each other in check, then." He nods affirmatively. "Well I'm sure if you eat too much your mother and grandmother will just burn it off in practice." he adds, before just ordering another order of fries. Something to eat slowly and let the rest of the food catch up to Nagihiko, perhaps.

"Take care of Amu-chan, too. She's got maybe even more burdens on her than I do. She might need you more than me." he says, honestly. "And... yeah I'm pretty sure he didn't choose to be so hostile. to be mean. It's not the same as Ikuto. It just feels so similar. But I'll be happy for your help, where we can. He's got a whole team working around him, after all. And a very dedicated girl who cares for him even more than me!"