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After the Walpurgisnacht meeting, Kyouko is still mad. She runs into Sayaka and transfers some of that anger.

Date: 2016-01-11
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Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 02:34:01 21993
    Kyouko is mad. She's really mad. She hasn't been this mad in a long time. It's an anger born of helplessness- the world isn't going to her plan, and she doesn't know how to handle it. Homura is a jerk. Mami is a jerk. Kunzite is a jerk. They're all jerks, and she hates all of them. Some more than others, and for some it will pass, but at the moment she just barely got out of the room before stabbing somebody.

    Still in her henshin, she leaps from rooftop to rooftop across Mitakihara, dress fluttering behind her as she lands on one rooftop and walks to the edge of it. There she slams her fist down on the concrete, hard enough to crack it, and all but screams at nobody in particular, "GOD/DAMMIT/!" Then she kicks the brick wall, and then slams her fist down on it again. She's just so /mad/, and she has no easy way to vent that anger. So she beats up some masonry.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 02:38:32 21997
    Sayaka was also out on the rooftops tonight, having spent most of the night searching for Homura so that she could return the grief seed to her, rather than keep it and be in her debt. Which she hated. Sayaka was also aware of a Puella meeting that was supposed to be taking place tonight, and had rushed over to the intended location.

    However, as luck would have it, she had run into a witch on the way, and the battle had gone on longer than expected. Fortunately, this particular witch was not as powerful as the one she had encountered with Homura the last time, and she was slowly getting the hang of things, having successfully defeated it on her own, for once!

    In fact, around the time that Kyouko is leaping rooftops and grumbling about life, the labrynth has just been dissolved and Sayaka steps out onto a nearby rooftop, carrying a fresh grief seed in one hand, a smile of accomplishment across her face, and not yet noticing the angry Puella nearby..
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 02:41:53 22002
    Sayaka might become aware of Kyouko being nearby sooner rather than later due to the redhead's continued shouting language no decent young girl should be aware of. Living on the streets for several years gets you all kinds of an education, though..

    But when Sayaka steps out of the Labyrinth nearby, Kyouko /feels/ her- the two have enough of a connection by now for that, the same way Kyouko could feel if Mami were nearby. Sense her power. She senses Sayaka, and her head turns, finding the flash of blue hair on a nearby rooftop.

    She hesitates a moment.. not sure what she should do. But in the past, Sayaka has been able to make her feel better, so after a moment, she climbs onto the edge of the roof she was so recently abusing, and leaps across to the nearby rooftop. "Saya-chan." She calls in greeting as she lands.. and now her voice just sounds tired, rather than angry.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 03:03:20 22018
    Indeed, it doesnt take long for Sayaka to sense the power of another, more powerful Puella Magi nearby, and one that is particularly familar to her. Sayaka moves swiftly through the night, moving to intercept the red headed Puella, happy to hear her voice.

    "Kyou-chan! Look what I have!" She smiles, holding up the grief seed she just acquired. However, she immediately senses the tension in the other girl's voice, and the exhaustion in her body languar. Perhaps this is not the right time to show off her latest accomplishment. Sayaka's smile slowly fades, tilting her head a bit as she tries to figure out what just happened.

    "You alright?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 03:07:47 22020
    Kyouko glances up as Sayaka holds up the grief seed. "Nice." She says, and she /does/ mean it, its just.. that doesn't seem very important right now. When Sayaka asks if she's alright, she sighs.

    "No, Saya-chan, I'm not alright. I just came from that meeting Homura called to deal with Walpurgisnacht." She laughs, and the sound is bitter. "What a joke! She had /Kunzite/ and Mamoru there! Mamoru, all brainwashed and evil! She /invited/ them!"

    It's easy to see Kyouko is getting mad again, her body tensing and her lips peeling back to show off her fangs. "They said we needed their power in order to fight Walpurgisnacht. But they were /right there!/ Mamoru was /right there/ and nobody wanted to help him! And when I called them out on their BS, Mami of all freakin' people stuck a gun in my face and told me to shut up!"

    She's all but trembling with rage. "Cowards! Every single one of them! I don't give a crap about Walpurgisnacht if my /friends/ are suffering and we could have helped him right then and there and worried about the damn Witch later!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 03:16:14 22029
    "Huh.." Sayaka's frown deepends, slowly lowering the grief seed. Yeah, suddenly it doesnt seem like such a big deal, even if it was her first victory over a witch, on her own. However, she is certainly more concerned about what Kyouko says next.

    "Wait..Mamoru-san? And Kunzite were collaborating with Homura and Mami-san?!" Oh right, he's one of the major enemies of the Sailor Senshi. Sayaka's heard the name tossed around, but never really met the guy herself.

    Actually, the idea of the heroines of Tokyo teaming up with their greatest enemies seems rather..Crazy. "No. You're right. Mami and Homura, how could they consider such a thing? Dont they realize that by teaming up with their biggest enemies, they could be falling right into a trap? I mean, how convenient would it be if they came in, pretending to assist, only to stand back and allow this..Walpurgisnacht..To finish off their enemies for them?"

    Sayaka's not sure what this Walpurgisnacht is either, but it sounds like they already have a lot of people assisting with it already. Wouldn't it be nice if Mamoru was de-brainwashed and their ally, instead of an untrustworthy enemy supposedly working alongside them? "You once suggested we do something about rescuing Mamoru from this brainwashing. Did you come up with a plan yet?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 03:22:07 22032
    Kyouko is nodding her head at what Sayaka says, clearly agreeing with her. "I don't know if Kunzite-nii-chan would plan a trap or if he meant it when he said they wanted to stop Walpurgisnacht too, they might have meant it. But that's not the point, it's the /principle/ of the thing!"

    "They can't be trusted! And we shouldn't let them get away with what they did!" Kind of ironic, Kyouko saying this, when she herself has been forgiven for doing terrible things. But she's never been the most rational in the heat of the moment. "That's what I said! I said we should capture them and purify them now, while we had the chance, just like they did for me! Then they could help us AND we would have rescued them!"

    "But nooo, nobody listens to Kyouko.." She sags finally, sighing and leaning her arm on the side of the roof, looking.. more depressed than anything for a moment. "I just don't get it, Saya-chan. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Nobody makes any sense."

    Sayaka asks if she has a plan to rescue Mamoru yet, and she shakes her head slightly- not really saying no, more just not wanting to answer the question. "I don't know.. I don't.. I want to help him, but what if they're right? I hate it, but.. maybe we should wait until after this Walpurgisnacht thing. Just in case. I don't know. My heart tells me that's wrong, but.."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 03:31:16 22036
    "Huh.." Sayaka scratches her head, clearly confused about the whole thing herself. "I'm not really sure..I mean, teaming up with our enemies doesn't make any sense. But maybe we should focus our energies on this..Walpurgisnacht if that's the most immediate threat, and deal with them later. However, I still dont know what this Walpurgisnacht is all about.."

    Sayaka starts pacing thoughtfully, feeling a little out of the loop. Was it because she's the newbie still? Sometimes it's just frustrating. "Homura mentionned that name once before, as well! Is that some kinda..Superwitch, or something? Otherwise, why's everyone so worried about it, even the Dark Kingdom? That's kinda worrying.."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 03:35:08 22039
    Kyouko leans back against the edge of the wall. She just looks.. ragged, like she's tired and mad but doesn't know what to do about it. It's an unusual look for the normally firey girl, but sometimes that fire has to die back a little after burning so brightly. As Sayaka paces, Kyouko just stares at the rooftop by her feet, scowling softly.

    She does answer Sayaka's question, though, as best she can. "Walpurgisnacht is.. yeah, basically it's a superwitch. I've never seen it myself but I've heard of it before now, from other people than Homura. They say it can destroy a whole city. Homura seems to think if we don't all band together to fight it, it'll destroy Tokyo. I dunno if she's exaggeratin' or not. I went to the dumb meeting 'cause I kinda like this city and I don't want it to be levelled, but.."

    "I didn't know /they/ would be there. It caught me off guard." A long hesitation, then, "Maybe I overreacted."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 03:41:53 22041
    "Heh.." Sayaka smirks, pausing in her pacing to glance over at Kyouko. "I'd probably have reacted the same way as you. But isn't that typical of Homura? She's even admitted before that she's not the heroine. And I'm pretty sure that she didn't assist me that last time because she was concerned about me, but simply didn't want Madoka hurt if something happened to me. I Get the feeling that shes the type of person who will risk anything, just to protect Madoka."

    Finally, she smiles reassuring, reaching out to squeeze Kyouko's shoulder gently, "Dont worry, Kyouko, I've got your back. If Homura's planning on bailing on us, if anyone else turns on us, I promise I wont! That's pretty crummy that she'd go and invite the enemy without even telling you, and what the heck's with Mami pointing a gun with you too? That really IS messed up! I guess maybe..."

    Sayaka sighs, feeling thoroughly confused about all of this. "It's pretty confusing, and overwhelming, but..Well, Let's just play it by ear for now, I guess. If this witch is really so powerful, strong enough to threaten the entire city, then maybe even the Dark Kingdom is desperate enough to ally with their enemies to bring down a larger, more common enemy."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 03:46:27 22045
    "It's /so/ typical of Homura!" Kyouko agrees, feeling better because Sayaka is re-enforcing what she already thought. "She's just so.. so.." She doesn't even know how to complete the sentance, because Homura is just so many things. Half of them Kyouko is too, and she knows it, which makes it even worse. "I don't want Madoka-chan to get hurt either, y'know? She's your friend, and she's a sweet kid, as far as I know her, which is only a little admittedly. But there's lines you just shouldn't cross and Homura doesn't seem to /get/ that."

    When Sayaka squeezes her shoulder and reassures her of her allegience, Kyouko relaxes a little more. "That.. means a lot to me, Saya-chan. And you know it's true for me, too. I'll always watch your back, if I can. Even if it all goes to hell. More than it already has, anyway."

    She nods a tad glumly. "Look, we won't abandon Mamoru, no matter what. I refuse to. Homura seems to think Walpurgisnacht is going to hit here in a few weeks, maybe even less. We can still make plans maybe we just.. should plan for after that. Just to be safe."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 03:52:05 22049
    Sayaka nods, eyes narrowed in annoyance at the thought of Homura's stoic and cold demeanor. "Yes, I agree! It's almost creepy, her obsession with Madoka. I mean, I guess Madoka's a kind-hearted person, and she'd be friends with anyone, but, Homura..I dunno."

    She shrugs, "I mean, she seems really knowledgable about things, and she's really powerful too, she'd make a good ally, but I'm beginning to trust her less and less. Even, if for a brief moment, I thought it'd be nice if she could team up with us after she assisted me, now I'm not so sure after hearing about this. Definitely, I dont think we can ever fully trust her. I just wish that Madoka was not so vulnerable all the time.

    Sayaka grins at Kyouko, "Of course! I mean it. I don't understand some of those other Puella, but it doesn't mean we cant trust each other. Even Mami..I dunno, sticking a gun in your face like that? That's inexcuasable!"

    She nods again in agreement when Kyouko mentions Mamoru, "Of course not, but we just have to be careful if he's still brainwashed but helping to fight Walpurgisnacht. He might do things dishonorable, toss others in the way of danger to save himself, y'know? But no, I wont abandon him either. And we WILL find a way to bring him back..After all this is taken care of!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-11 03:57:22 22050
    "I hate her. I really do." Kyouko mutters, about Homura. "I can respect her.. sometimes. Her ability to hunt Witches, anyway. But god, I just can't stand her. Mami.. we used to be friends. I dunno what happened." She knows exactly what happened, and it's named Kyouko, but she's not about to come out and say it. "But I don't think I can trust her the way things stand right now, either."

    She shakes her head slightly at Sayaka's hesitation re: Endymion. "You're right, but I was with them for a while, remember? I mean, it wasn't really me, but I remember it.. I know how they work. I think if they say they'll help, they'll help. It's /after/ the Witch is dead we need to worry. We should definitely have a backup plan in case things turn ugly in the aftermath. Hell if I'm gonna die, or let you die, right after we save the city cause we weren't prepred."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-11 04:06:31 22055
    Sayaka nods and sighs, "I really thought Mami-san was kinder than that. Even if this witch situation is desperate enough to request help from the enemy, it still doesn't excuse her acting that way.." Sayaka suspects there was more between Mami and Kyouko than either cared to admit, but she's sure that Kyouko will let her know when she feels more comfortable admitting it.

    "I suppose..They must have really done a job on him then, but I got through to him, I'm sure we can get through to him when the time is right. Once this witch is defeated, let's work on a plan, as for a backup?"

    She smirks, "I'm sure between all of us, that wont be a problem, I cant believe this Walpurgis is invincible, not against so many mahou."