Fears and Foxears

Ayana finally visits Hannah again. Pizza and the fears of a foxmiliar are shared.

Date: 2016-01-13
Pose Count: 18
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 02:17:08 22507
It's Hannah's apartment in Infinity! It's about eight at night, she's in her pajamas, and Boris is sitting at the entrance to the kitchen awaiting food! What's on the menu today?

Pizza. Home-made pizza. Sometimes Hannah likes to branch out from her usual cooking. The toppings? Sausage, ham, pepperoni, and a lot of spices. Hopefully Ayana likes meat on her pizza. She takes a sniff of the oven, frowning. Still not done!

She walks over to the kitchen, grabs a lemonade, and has her Device ping the time to her. There's a certain fox coming over, and Hannah has the big, fluffy blankets fit for foxy-snuggles with!
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 02:32:07 22511
The last time Ayana was here, she acted like a selfish, spoiled brat. So being offered a chance to come back has the kitsune a little uncertain of what to do. Nervous? Oh yes. Optimistic? Not very.

The problem is, she's really no longer sure where she stands with Hannah, after all of that mistake. Worse, she's not sure where Hannah stands with Takashi, either, which makes her persistent need to conceal her present state a little uncertain.

Should she hide that she isn't heartless from Hannah, so Takashi won't find out? Should she confide everything so that Hannah can help her with the problem?

Thus, when she reaches the door, Ayana stands outside staring at it uncertainly. Of course, Axion can likely sense her, and sense Still Night dangling in its blue jewel form from the dog collar she wears about her neck.

Ayana reaches up to knock, but then hesitates. She doesn't knock. She's not sure whether she should knock. Maybe she should just avoid Hannah altogether.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 02:39:46 22513
Who else can sense a fox outside the door? A certain four legged Familiar. The old dog huffs, barks, and then makes his way over to the door. Opening it, Boris peers at his much younger Familiar friend.

"Is little fox thinking can hide from Boris? Come in. Do not be standing outside like freezing chicken, da?" Should Ayana refuse? Boris will literally try to drag her bodily into the room, then shut the door.

"That you, Ayana? Get in here, it's cold out! And food's almost ready!" No, it seems Hannah has not held things against her, at least if that yelling voice is any indication. The delicious, delicious smell of pizza wafts through the door.

"You're letting the cold in!" She calls again more meaningfully.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 02:57:21 22520
Big blue eyes stare up at Boris, and the fox's ears droop down beside her head. She doesn't so much try to refuse as fail to comply, until Boris drags her bodily within the room. Ayana yelps in surprise, but when the door closes behind her the matter is settled.

"Hello, Boris," Ayana mumbles. "I am not hiding, just a little uncertain. Last time I was here, I was not exactly very nice to your master. I probably deserve to be poisoned for what I said to her."

Ayana sighs and sniffs the air, then licks her lips. "That does not smell like poison, though. It smells like delicious meaty pizza. Hello, Sharpe-sama."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 03:14:26 22524
There's a sudden peeking of Hannah out from the kitchen when she hears those words. And a very, very big scowl!

"Oi! Do I look cowardly and weak enough to use poison!? Give me a bit of credit!"

A deep sigh. Hannah shakes her head. "And quit with the honorifics, it makes me feel weird. It's always Hannah to my friends." She emphasizes that last word. Then the timer goes off, and she curses. "Ah! Hey, grab that round pan on the table there and the pizza cutter. Second drawer near the fridge!"

She's already getting out the large wooden spatula to get the thing out. Boris is suspiciously close by. "Don't even think about it, furball!" A pause, and her attention turns to Ayana.

"I'm glad you're sounding a little more normal. Don't get me wrong, I like the take-charge, can-do attitude, but you were acting really scary last time. Glad to see Ta-kun's adjusted you a bit, but maybe he did it a little too far."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 03:22:08 22525
Ayana winces at Hannah's choice of words, and then glances towards the door uncertainly. "You don't want that story," she says to Hannah, quietly. "It's going to lead to a fight between you and me, or you and Takashi-sama, or me and Takashi-sama."

The kitsune's ears remain folded aside her head, definitely not perked up and excited. Nevertheless, she moves to retrieve the pan she was asked for and gently places it in Hannah's hand, then finds the pizza cutter.

"I honestly was expecting you to punch me in the face," Ayana tells Hannah. "I was a jerk to you last time I was here." She sighs and leans back, out of the way for the moment. "But I was being honest in what I said. I don't like that you are dating her. I am just more of a mind to realise that it's not my business, today."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 03:47:21 22533
Hannah's eyes narrow just a bit. "...You know, for once, I'm going to assume you know what you're doing, Fox-chan. Just don't get us all at each other's throats, okay? We literally have Giant Witch Doomsday coming at us in less than a month. We don't need anything else blowing up." There's a tinge of concern in her voice as she 'looks' at the fox.

Pizza goes to pan, and then onto the oven's cooled coils. Taking up the pizza cutter, slicing neat lines with Boris' guidance.

"Don't get me wrong, it's tempting. But if I punch someone and they don't punch back? That just defeats the whole purpose."

Then, she leans back and smiles. "I get that. But I don't want us fighting over it, either. And if it turns out she's bad for me? Guess who gets to say I told you so?" She tries to break up poor Ayana's mood with some humor. And then, offering a plate full of pizza.

"Now come on, let's eat up. Aside from your attitude adjustment, what have you been doing?"
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 03:52:29 22535
"I am more capable of serving Takashi-sama now than I have ever been," Ayana notes to Hannah, bluntly. "Even if he does not realize it."

Ayana reaches up and rubs at her own ears, then sighs. "Damnit," she mumbles quietly. "Why is it so hard to lie to you, Hannah-san? You, specifically. I don't know what it is about you, but I hate lying to you more than anyone."

She looks to Boris, then looks away and down towards the ground. When the meal is ready, she moves to join Hannah at the table and takes her plate, then stares at it thoughtfully. "I've been collecting samples, mostly. Takashi-sama does not trust me to take me with him for everything, anymore."

The kitsune's hunger eventually overwhelms her melancholy and she reaches for a slice to start eating. And oh god is it good pizza. Ayana finishes a slice within a few moments, then licks her mouth clean and looks back up to Hannah. "This is tasty," she tells Hannah, just to make sure the girl knows.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 03:56:20 22536
Hannah rubs the back of her head. She ponders for just a moment. "So basically he's still cross with you? Hopefully he'll get over it." Even she doesn't sound all that reassuring for the moment. The woman does sigh a bit.

"Heh. I try to live my life honestly, or at least as much as I can. Maybe that's it? Lying too much is a weakness, Ayana. If you want to get strong, you need to learn to connect and recognize the truth of yourself and your enemies so you can really fight them. A battle of deception is weakness."

Smile. "I'm glad you like it. I'll teach you to make some. Maybe you can worm your way back into his heart with food and cholesterol increases."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 04:03:02 22540
"If I tell the truth, I will cease to exist," Ayana assures Hannah quietly. "And my existence is a strength for my master, whether he realises it at the moment or not."

The fox girl's ears perk up just a little, though, because this food is so very good. "I've been trying, actually," Ayana says honestly around a mouthful of pizza. "I started cooking, but he didn't like my steaks so he got me a cookbook for stews. And then he had to buy me a new stove because I can't use the real fire one anymore."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 04:11:17 22542
Hannah's face grows a bit more sober. "...It's that bad?" Sigh. "Ok, yeah, in this case, lie your little tail off."

Nomf! Hannah equally devours pizza, slice after slice fuelling a very busy Device User. Slurp. Mmm, lemonade. Even Boris has stolen a piece. "Heh, I'll give you a few of mine. Plus, maybe you can learn braille too." Luckily, they're in printed text /and/ braille with pictures. Truly handy for a household like the Sharpe's.

"Who uses anything other than electric these days anyway? Do you have a favorite style of cooking?"
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 04:20:44 22546
Ayana blinks at Hannah's sober response. She looks up at the white-haired girl for several moments, saying nothing for several moments as she studies Hannah's face.

"I would like that," the kitsune says of the cookbooks. "I don't have a favourite style. I just want to make my master happy ... and I don't want him to ask too many ..." she trails off, then sighs and lowers her face towards the table.

Silence resumes as Ayana once again wars with what to say.

It doesn't last too long before she notes, "He overwhelmed me ... filled me with Dark energy. It changed me. I lost the ability to be happy; to be nice or friendly. I could only be selfish and angry and jealous.

"He wanted me to be unable to betray him," Ayana explains to Hannah quietly. "Wanted me to be devoted to him and only him and not capable of being subverted by magical girls. But I never betrayed him in the first place; I just was scared as to the best way to help him. And ... Ikiko's accidental bond with me made things worse at the worst possible time."

"Hannah," Ayana says, looking up to her. "If he finds out I'm not like that anymore ... if he finds out that they cleansed the dark energy from me ... he's going to kill me. And then I won't be able to help him anymore. That's why I'm so upset that you're dating her. Because ... he needs you."

"I won't be able to hide this forever, and I know he will get rid of me when he finds out. And then who will protect him? Who will make certain he eats? Who will watch over him when he is sick? I don't know how to serve him, anymore. All I can see is him destroying me."

Ayana looks back to the table again, ears drooped down to her chin. "I'm scared."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 21:11:53 22580
Hannah lets out a deep sigh as she takes it all in. Leaning in, she sets aside her pizza, and rubs the back of her head. Eventually, she stands up, and just walks over to sit beside Ayana and pull the poor, frightened Familiar against her.

"That definitely explains a lot. I don't know who was in the right in all of that, but it looks like having your energy messed with has definitely put you in a bad spot, kiddo."

Growing silent, far too much so for the usually talkative Hannah, she pulls up her chin to 'look' her in the eyes. They're sad and definitely worried.

"I like the guy, and I know exactly the kind of person he is, Ayana. You're his Familiar, so you think the best of him. And you're young. Talk with Boris some time. To be the best Familiar is to understand your Master's flaws and strengths. Do you think I've gotten to where I am without Boris occasionally smacking some sense into me?"

A small smile. "We're both too ambitious. We'd never work out together. I don't doubt there will come a day when we're enemies. You can see that too, right? I think the person that's best for him is /you/, Ayana. And he needs to come to understand that. That's the one thing that really gets me angry. If you don't respect your Familiar, then that makes you weaker as a mage. You should be partners." A shrug. "At least, that's what I think. Anyway."

She squeezes her shoulders.

"You're a friend. If it gets to the point you can't hide it anymore? Come get me. Maybe between the two of us we can make him understand things, huh? Believe it or not sometimes he can be as thickheaded as me. After all...right now, if it was you and him versus me and Boris and a fight, who'd win with you two so at odds?" She poses.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 21:20:02 22581
"I want to tell him," Ayana says to Hannah unhappily. "I want to 'smack him upside the head' like you say, but ..." she trails off, then sighs and shakes her head. "That's why I'm scared. It's the right thing to do. He needs to hear it."

"But does he need to hear it more than he needs me to be around?" Ayana asks uncertainly. "I don't know. And it's killing me trying to figure it out. I love him so much. I want him to be happy and healthy. I've seen him happy. And I've seen him healthy. I've seen him love, and it was so good for him. But what I saw from him that day was pure hatred and greed. I don't know. Maybe I should just tell him the truth. He deserves that, doesn't he?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 22:13:57 22582
Hannah smiles. "Yeah, he does. You need to be honest with your Master. You've seen his two sides now. He's not perfect, Ayana. No person is. But you love him, right? So if you tell him the truth, then at least, you know you've done the right thing by him."

One hand reaches to gently rub those ears.

"But maybe if you do it with a friend with you, things won't be so bad. Even he'd be a bit reluctant to just unmake you if there's an audience. Good opportunity to stuff some sense into him." Offers Hannah.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 22:16:25 22583
Ayana leans into the petting. No matter how much she wants to be standoffish, she can't resist having her ears rubbed. A soft sigh escapes the familiar, and she nods her head just faintly. "You're probably right," she murmurs. "But I think ... I'm not ready yet. I need to stop being scared, first. Or at least figure out how to be brave anyways. And I'm not that. I'm not that at all. So ... when I"m ready, I'll let you know, okay?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-13 23:19:19 22586
Hannah lets out a little chuckle. "That so? Alright. Take your time. Just know you've got friends, okay, Ayana? You're a good fox with a goal I can respect. I've got your back." Squeeze!

Suddenly, there's pizza before Ayana.

"Now eat up before the last few hours of work I put into this pizza goes to waste!"
Ayana Tasogare 2016-01-13 23:21:53 22587
Ayana leans into Hannah again, but she doesn't need a lot of inspiration to go back to eating. So she does just that, and within a few minutes what pizza Hannah and Borris haven't claimed is just gone. The advantage to having a bottomless pit for a friend: cleanup is easy when she literally licks the pan clean.

Afterwards, Ayana drags Hannah over to her couch and pushes her to lay down. Then, Ayana curls up with her and demands more ear pettings. This likely results in another evening of snuggles and snoozing together.