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After the meeting concerning Walpurgisnacht, Mami is walking a potential Puella Magi home. They are joined by Sayaka.

Date: 2016-01-13
Pose Count: 38
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 02:15:44 22505
Somber would be the word to describe how the scarlet maned girl is handling herself in the wake of the flat out nuts situation that was supposed to be a civil meetings. She didn't know hardly anyone there. Save for Hannah and Madoka that is. Sure she'd heard names fly around but names aren't friends. When the meeting ended with the chaos that really didn't need to happen she knew it was time to get out. That is when she had asked Mami for assistance in getting home.

"Thank you again, Miss. Hannah-chan pulled me off of the bus and brought me to the meeting. I think I needed to be there but that doesn't exactly tell me where I am, right?" She sighs. She's on edge. Ever since the meeting on the pier she's been on edge. She just hides it better than most.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 02:36:16 22512
Mami smiles - though the girl can't see it - and turns to look at her, that helping hand still on her shoulder. Even if she did come with Hannah, who Mami doesn't like, this girl seems okay.

And as they're walking, Mami feels a familiar furry creature run up her backside (you get used to this easier than you'd think) and nestle on her shoulder. "Oh, hello Kyubey." she says, petting him with her other hand.

"Good evening, Mami!" Kyubey says. THAT voice is familiar to Mami's walking partner.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 02:42:52 22515
Shinobu perks up. Thats a name she definitely recognizes. "Kyubey." She states in a very neutral tone. She's not mad about him being there or anything. She didn't expect him to pop up anytime soon though. "I am not ready to make a contract yet, if you are wondering." She sighs a little.

The warm hand guiding her along is a very nice feeling. Its something she definitely enjoys even if she doesn't say anything about it. "So given that you know him, you are a Puella Magi, Miss?"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 02:49:03 22516
Kyubey just turns and stares at Shinobu from his perch. She might be able to feel those red eyes on her, even if she can't see them. "I understand." he says quietly.

"Oh, you've talked to Kyubey too?" Mami asks, her voice noticabley happier. "Kyubey is my very best friend. And yes, I'm also a Puella Magi. My name is Mami Tomoe." she says. She rubs Kyubey's head a little bit more.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 02:54:40 22518
"Shinobu Kimura. A pleasure to meet you Mami-san." She raises an eyebrow over her sunglasses. "Your best friend is Kyubey? Okay. I guess thats cool. I dunno if I exactly trust him." She smiles a little bit and continues walking.

Then to Kyubey she comments, "Sorry, you just come off like a sleezy businessman. Just being honest. I am thinking about it though. I've not forgotten. Believe me."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 03:01:17 22521
"Aww." Mami says, leaning in a bit. "Kimura-san, you sound like you've been hanging out with Akemi-san." she says, a bit dour. "Kyubey just doesn't... understand humans. He's not from here, you know. So of course he seems a little wierd."

"But he's offering something very special, still. As long as you make a wish you won't regret. It's a good deal." she says, quietly. "But... if you make a wish you do regret, maybe I can see how you might be upset. I think it's just important people know what they are getting into."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 03:06:01 22522
Shinobu smirks to Mami. "No. It isn't that. My mom is a lawyer and my dad is a thief. If anyone has been taught about contracts and just how messed up things can get through them is me. I've been thinking about it though. I told him I would have an answer for him by the end of the week."

As Mami explains the good aspects of making a wish, she listens quietly. Then she simply smiles, "That does sound fair. I dunno what I would even wish for. I mean there is the obvious but it's not like I'm helpless. Even if Kyubey hadn't approached me earlier I'd fit in at that meeting. I'm not a magical girl but I see magic and life energies."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 03:27:23 22527
    Not so long ago, Sayaka had run into a very troubled Kyouko, who had returned from a certain meeting involving both heroines and their enemies supposedly working together to discuss a common evil. Not so long ago, Sayaka had heard all about the little interaction between Mami and Kyouko, which had left her a bit confused and seeking answers.

    After recent events, Sayaka had a lot to think about, and some people she needed to talk to, among them, Mami Tomoe, and Kyubey. And so it is with a bit of luck that she comes down the other side of the street where Mami and Shinobu are chatting, and immediately upon spying the blonde and her furry friend, Sayaka makes a beeline for them, a somewhat confused, troubled look on her face as she moves to intercept them.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 03:32:06 22528
Mami looks to Shinobu. "Well, that's good then! You should be aware of the fact that this is really serious, even if Kyubey is warm and fuzzy." Mami says.

"Picking a wish is really important. I truly think making the right wish is the difference between being happy as a Puella Magi... and fighting off misery. Don't get rushed into it. Think on it hard." she advises."That's interesting... normally Kyubey doesn't talk to girls who already have some sort of power."

Kyubey curls around Mami's shoulder. "She still has so much more magical potential than she's using. It's enough to make a wish!" he says, almost excitedly.

Then Mami turns as a certain blue-haired girl comes running up. It's been a while since she's seen Sayaka, and she waves her over happily. She has no idea about any conversations Kyouko might have had with her.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 03:41:43 22531
Shinobu Kimura smiles to Mami and gives a nod. "Well, I will give you that one. He is warm and fuzzy. According to what he said though its because of my potential that my mindsight actually works. If I didn't have that, I would be in the dark all the time. The biggest gift my dad ever gave me was to blind me." She sighs. Sarcasm.

When Sayaka comes up behind them, She does hear someone coming. Then when Mami turns around so does she. She doesn't say anything more because she doesn't know this person. Nor does she want to draw attention to the alien fuzzball.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 03:51:56 22534
    Sayaka bites her lip when she sees that Mami is not alone. Glancing at the girl with the strange sunglasses, it takes her a while to realize that Shinobu is actually blind. Hmm, maybe now's not a good time to ask Mami what exactly happened between her and Kyouko. Glancing at the two girls, she nods and smiles, although her smile seems..Troubled, confused even. "Mami-san, it's been a while. There's so much we need to catch up on!"

    Glancing at Shinobu, then curiously towards Kyubey, she quirks a brow, as she realizes the red head is aware of Kyubey's presence. "Oh, is Kyubey trying to make a contract with you too?" Sayaka smirks wryly, remembering the first time she met the strange alien cat, although this girl seems to be taking things a lot more casually than she did.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 03:56:38 22537
"Miki-san. I hope Sakura-san isn't corrupting you too much." she says with a wink, but there's something in her style, in her voice that says that this isn't entirely just a joke. "Yes! I was surprised to hear you'd contracted already... but you look like you're doing very well for yourself." she says.

Kyubey nods a bit. "Shinobu Kimura would make an excellent magical girl." he says calmly. And then he's up and walking around. "And you already have, Miki-san." he says, walking towards her - then sitting and staring.

"Kimura-san, this is Miki-san." Mami says, politely introducing the two of them.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 04:02:31 22539
Shinobu bows politely. Another new voice to get to know. She is definitely in a new part of town. "Nice to meet you Miki-san. Process of elimination states you are speaking about me. Yes, he is trying to get me to contract. As I told him though, I will give him an answer by the end of the week."

She turns her attention to Mami and cocks her head, "Is that one of the people from the meeting? I really don't know. I didn't really know anyone there but Hannah-chan and I Think Madoka-chan was there. With all the brights it was impossible to tell."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 04:09:31 22541
    "Kyou-chan's days of corruption are over." Sayaka responds with a smile, even though her eyes narrow ever so slightly, "However, there is no one else in the world I would trust more than her." Sayaka does nod briefly however, "Of course, I contracted a few weeks ago, and have been training hard to become a good Puella Magi. However, there seems to be a lot of competition in this town, and I've been finding it hard to claim all but one grief seed for myself, so far.." The one that Homura gave to her hardly counts, and Sayaka is already prepared to throw it back in her face, even if she did use some of it.

    Glancing over at Shinobu, Sayaka's expression relaxes a bit, bowing her head slightly in respect, although she has to wonder if it would matter, given the girl seems to be blind, or at least visually impaired to some degree. "Nice to meet you, Shinobu-san."

    Sayaka does quirk a brow when a meeting is mentionned, wondering if it's the same one that Kyouko had returned from, all fuming and angry. "Oh? was that the one regarding Walpurgisnacht..? No, I'm afraid I missed that one, as I was..Interrupted by the appearance of a minor witch. However, I heard about some of what transpired there, from Kyouko-chan.." a pointed glance is given towards Mami as she says that last part.

    Finally, glancing at Kyubey, Sayaka smirks, "wow, seems like this town is a magnet for magical girls!"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 04:13:17 22543
Kyubey responds to Sayaka first. "Yes, I have noticed that too, Sayaka Miki. I can't explain it, but more girls with the potential to become Puella Magi seem to congregate here than anywhere else. More witches, as well." he says, his red eyes staring unblinking at Sayaka.

"No, Miki-san wasn't at the meeting, but Sakura-san, her... friend... was." she says. "She was the one up front stirring up all the trouble. Hard to miss."

Then she turns to Mami. "Really, her actions today could've fooled me. She nearly got herself and others killed." Mami says, directly. "She may have even less ability to control herself than she did as Apatite."

"Yes, that's a concern. But I think the smaller Witches are scattering in the path of Walpurgisnacht. I bet we'll have more grief seeds than we know what to do with once it passes. We just have to keep our heads in the game and focused on Walpurgisnacht for now."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 04:20:03 22545
Shinobu Kimura nods slowly "One in the same Sayaka-san. In the light of someone wanting to throw a contract at me, Hannah-chan insisted I be there. She didn't exactly give me a chance to say no which is why Mami-san is taking me home. I didn't know where I was." frowns a little, "Umm if we are going to talk about Whipperandsnot perhaps we should find a place to go?"

"I know she wasn't there." She states to Mami. "I'd be able to recognize her voice at least. Years of listening to the radio have sorta paid off!" She giggles a little before turning her attention back to the situation at hand. "I was talking about the red girl."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 04:24:39 22547
    Sayaka arches a brow at Mami's response. She doesn't know Mami as well as she knows Kyouko, although she's always wanted to trust her after the few meetings they've had. Heck, she saved her life once, twice maybe, and that definitely counts for something.

    However, hanging out with Kyouko had undoubtedly influenced her to some degree, maybe even biased her a little, needless to say.

    "So..What exactly did happen in that meeting? I heard that Homura invited known enemies, certain agents of the Dark Kingdom to this little gathering..I'm not surprised that Kyouko would object to that."

    Of course, Sayaka knows that Kyouko has a tendency to be a lot more reckless and just plain out of control than herself in such circumstances. But how far exactly, did she go?

    For now, the concern about witches scattering and this Walpurgisnacht are pushed to the back of her mind. She'll worry about that later.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 04:29:46 22548
Mami smiles a bit. It's a strange smile. So much conversation about people she doesn't like - Hannah and Kyouko - but it would be rude to lash out, and so she doesn't.

"I don't think anyone is going to really understand us." Mami says with a smile as they walk. "They'll just think we're some strange kids out for a walk way too late."

"Akemi-san invited some members of the Dark Kingdom, yes. They've agreed only to help us with Walpurgisnacht. They're not allies, just... assistance of convinence. We can go back to shooting, spearing, and stabbing them once there's not a giant apocalypse witch bearing down on Tokyo." she says. She's lost a little bit of her elegance and bearing just recalling the incident.

"They were posing no threat. Kyouko just wanted to settle old scores in Akemi-san's apartment. Couldn't even take it outside." Has Mami forgotten V's role in this? A little bit. It's very easy to blame loud, boisterous Kyouko.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 04:35:23 22549
Shinobu Kimura sighs, "Sorry I am new to all of this. Everything I know has been turned upside down." She rubs the back of her head. Taking off her sunglasses, she keeps her eyes closes. Idly she rubs her temples. There are visible scars all over her eyelids.

"I agreed with them being there. I know I don't have much of a say about anything save for being a silly girl in over her head but Despite everything, Even bad people live on this rock and they should be able to help defend it."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 04:39:17 22552
    Sayaka clenches her fists lightly, not really seeming to care who hears her. "And you really think we can trust them? It would be the perfect opportunity for them to stab us in the back. I dont like it, Mami-san. Giving 'em the heads up like that." There's a pregnant pause, before she says what she really wants to say.

    "I...Also heard that you pointed your gun at her.." Her statement is fully loaded, and it's obvious that Sayaka has so many questions following that statement. Why!? Was it really necessary? Does she really hate Kyouko enough that she would be willing to pull the trigger on her? And most importantly, what exactly happened between those two that never truly got resolved?

    However, Shinobu is here, and somehow she feels really vulnerable. Sayaka doesn't want to scare her away. "Hmm, Shinobu-san..What will you do? You attended the meeting and are now aware of the threat of a powerful witch on the horizon. Will you make your wish before then? Because, trust me, being aware of the magical world around you, but being powerless to defend yourself, much less those you care about, really sucks.."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 04:45:07 22553
Mami is torn. A lot of the hostility Sayaka is showing makes her want to be hostile back. But she also, much like Kyouko, can't really attack her. Trapped between those two feelings, she eventually just sighs.

"They could still stab us in the back at Walpurgis anyways, Miki-san. Anybody like that will feel it coming a mile away. At least this way we're prepared for them being there and can coordinate. And if they break plan, we'll know to be warry. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." she says.

"Thank you, Kimura-san. That's a lot of it. They have a stake in not letting this monstrosity through, as well. It wouldn't help them to attack us during it."

"How long have you been able to ... sense... magic, Kimura-san?" She asks. "Is that new to you, too?"

"I pointed my gun at Kyouko, yes. She didn't know it wasn't loaded." This isn't entirely true, but she needs to maintain some element of surprise."I wanted her to stand down. Before she got hurt. The only person making a scene at the time was her. Everyone could've turned on her."

Mami just nods at what Sayaka says about being powerless - she wasn't a participant in the world of magic before her accident and wish, so she truly has no idea what to think here.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 04:58:11 22555
Shinobu Kimura is still rubbing her temples for a brief moment she opens her solid white eyes. There is no pupils. No color. Just white. Idly she slips her glasses back on. They don't do anything for her. It is purely cosmetic just in case the cane isn't enough. "Nothing saying you can't stab them in the back at Walpergisnacht yourself. Its going to take trust on both sides." Then the direction of the topic is changed to her.

"Since I was eleven. My mindsight kicked in shortly after I lost my vision. It took most of the year to get used to. Since then I've been able to see life forces and magic. I didn't know just what I was seeing until earlier today. Thanks for that Kyubey. You can rock me to sleep tonight if you want. Not like it will do much good!" She shakes her head. The sarcasm is strong in this one.

"To answer your question about if I'm going to make a wish or not, I don't have a direct answer. Either way I will do all I can to help out. I'm not going to leave countless people to get killed. I will use what I have access to in an effort to get people out of the city before she gets here. I have access to the radio. I am a new transfer to Infinity U on a scholarship I got because of my talent for public speaking and have been made part of the radio club. So yeah you will get to hear my lovely voice sometimes." She stops for a moment. "I don't know what I will wish for if I choose to become a Puella Magi."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 05:00:46 22556
    Sayaka just sighs and shakes her head. She truly has no wish to make an enemy of Mami either. In fact, she's always admired her from afar. But..She also feels torn, between her close friendship with Kyouko, and her respect for Mami. Perhaps some of what Mami says makes sense..But Sayaka suspects her interpretation of real events may just be a bit biased as well.

    "I...See. Well, definitely, be wary of them.." Probably best not to mention her and Kyouko's shotgun reckless plans to save Mamoru-san all on their own..And so she keeps very quiet on that front. And perhaps the Dark Kingdom has more to gain from defeating a common enemy than they do from letting it destroy the heroes and half of the city with them..

    However, at Mami's other question, Sayaka glances curiously at Kimura-san, recalling when she was first able to sense magic, around the time that Kyubey scouted her out...And then lets out a small shocked gasp as the girl removes her shades..Revealing white, pupiless eyes! Okaaay..Creeepy..

    Trying not to lose her composure, Sayaka chuckles a bit nervously, "Umm...Wow, so you're some kind of psychic then? But even so, why not wish for your vision back? Either way, I think if you dont make a wish by the time of Walpurgisnacht, it'd be wiser to stay out of harm's way. Last time I tried fighting evil without powers, I ended up in the hospital.."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 05:10:23 22558
Mami nods emphatically. "I know you said this week, but don't feel bad if you need to postpone it." If Kyubey could make faces, he'd make an upset one. "Make sure the choice is right for you. But if you're not magical by Walpurgisnacht, follow the evacuation directions. Anything else is only going to get you killed." Mami is very serious about this. "If you can help, that's great, but if you haven't wished, don't get hurt."

"I honestly think we have enough firepower to deal with this. According to the histories I've found, we're bringing more to bear than anyone ever has. Don't force yourself to wish just to fight it."

"I'll be wary of them, Miki-san. But more firepower is good." She's almost sending two messages - if she doesn't need Shinobu, why is she so adamant about the Dark Kingdom's help?

Mami wants to trust Sayaka - but she wants to trust Kyouko too, and right now, both of those desires seem far away.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 05:21:10 22559
Shinobu gives a weak smile, "I don't think so. I got just as much riding on Walpurgisnacht being defeated as anyone else. Its my home too. Wish or not, I will be doing all I can to help out. Even if that means me holeing up on the radio and trying to comfort people. One way or another I will be helping and don't completely discount me. My mom didn't need Kyubey to grant her wish. She made it come true herself. She made sure I wouldn't be a victim. I can fight, even without my sight. I've been taught since I was a lot younger."

The fire maned girl looks rather confident in herself despite everything. "Anyway My decision will be made one way or another by the end of this week. Its what I said earlier to Kyubey." She leans on her cane as she gives a little smile. "Anyway Its just a lot to think about you know. Yeah I could wish for my sight but, what if there is something more important that better warrents a wish?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-13 05:26:25 22561
    Sayaka peers at Mami thoughtfully, wondering just how long she's been a Puella. "Hmm, I suppose you're right. Seems we've got enough firepower as it is. I for one, will certainly be there, and I'm sure Kyouko will be too." She smirks, "Why, that witch doesn't stand a chance with all the magical girls in the city out for its blood.." Except, maybe with the Dark Kingdom throwing a potential wrench in there somewhere. She and Kyouko will have to work quickly on their plan..

    Glancing back at Shinobu, she is surprised to hear she is able to fight without her sense of sight. But then Sayaka remembers seeing Hannah Sharpe diving off a really hight diving board, performing some impressive stunts, with little to no effort or assistance.

    "Even so..Just be careful." she smiles, "You have a radio show? that's pretty cool, i'd ilke to hear it sometime!" look at her, talking as if she were some kinda veteran, which she's not. Far from it, Sayaka is still pretty green, even if she has been fighting alongside magical girls without powers for a few months now.

    Frankly, she cant think of a wish she'd want more if she were in Shinobu's position, but then, perhaps there are things the other girl treasures more. Well, whatever. Still some time before the big witch comes. And now that it's getting late, Sayaka turns on her heel, glancing around nervously, checking her watch every so often.

    "Aah, I need to catch the bus, and it's coming any minute...Listen, it was nice talking to you both, and Kyubey too..I gotta run, see you later!"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 05:31:07 22563
Mami waves politely good-bye to Sayaka, but she can't shake the looming feeling the girl, much like her mentor, might be planning something. But there's nothing to do now.

"I'm sorry for the delay, Kimura-san. I know you must be ready to go home." she says, and starts them walking again. "I do worry about Miki-san, though..." she says, sighing.

"But enough about that. Is there anything I can answer for you?"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 05:36:16 22564
Shinobu Kimura shrugs, "Not like school is in session. I got time. Besides, Given all I've heard about tonight, do you really think I am going to sleep tonight?" She smiles and walks along, using her cane to make sure she doesn't run into anything.

"Anything you can answer for me? Honestly I don't know at this point. I only know what I've been told by Kyubey so far. I am intending on getting ahold of Madoka-chan about things. When I met her a few days ago she seemed insistant that I not get too close to more dangerous magics. I've been keeping an eye out but I think the reason she is so skittish about it has to do with all of this. Kyubey told me that Madoka-chan has potential to be a a puella magi as well. I put the pieces together. So I figure I will try to find her and see what she says. Its the best idea right?"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 05:46:42 22565
Mami isn't sure it's the best idea, honestly. "Madoka-chan has the potential, yes. I think she has the heart too. But she's being pulled in a lot of directions." Mami doesn't want to seem like she's pushing too hard, either.

"I think you should talk to everyone you can - get all the opinions and information you can. But make sure you're making up your own mind, not letting someone else pick your wish for you.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 05:55:02 22566
Shinobu Kimura nods slowly, "You're encouraging me to do this?" She asks with a small smile. She smiles a little bit. "Hannah-chan said I shouldn't. She thinks its bad news. She said the Puella Magi fight each other." She smies a little and keeps walking along.

"I will do that. While I think just about every girl these days wishes they could be like Sailor V, its a whole different game when its actually possible. Even more so when you know if you do make the choice you will be spending the rest of your life fighting witches." She pauses. "Tonight, part of me just wanted to act on instinct. Make a wish and just go. I mean with all the anger and arguing tonight... Is it always like this or did I just wind up in a room with a bunch of Magical girls at their worst?"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 05:59:51 22567
"Magical girls don't have to fight each other. Some of them choose to, for one reason or another. I have a partner, though. Anshi-chan and I are like sisters. We'll never fight. You could be that too, with us. If you don't want to have to fight - just don't fight. Just hunt witches and enjoy your wish."

"More girls can be Puella Magi than Sailor V. As far as I know, there's only the one Sailor V." she adds with a smile.

"She was at the meeting. She was the one firing the beams."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 06:04:52 22569
Shinobu Kimura hears that and sighs... "So much for heros." She shakes her head. "Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good fight as much as the next girl but when you are the ones standing between what these witches do and the rest of us who can do nothing abut them... Its kinda rough you know."

She goes quiet for now. Maybe she had a good reason for firing beams at people? Its impossible to say. She's not psychic after all. She just starts walking again. "Sorry, Sailor V's been a bit of a hero."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 06:14:45 22570
Mami laughs a little bit. "She's still a hero. She's just... a person too, with flaws." She doesn't mention her own flaws. "Don't judge her too harshly. I'm sure she was doing what she thought was right."

"Just like nobody can judge you for wishes you do or don't make. Only you can decide what's right."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 06:21:28 22571
Shinobu Kimura nods slowly. "Alright." She shrugs. "I'm just trying to work things out you know? This is all so overwhelming. I never dreamed I'd be mixing it up with Magical girls and the like. Its really all overwhelming." She smiles a little.

"I still have Kyubey's warning echoing in my head. The one about being in danger and how I could wind up hurt and stuff because I've not made the contract. Its all just a heavy weight on my chest right now."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 06:23:52 22572
Finally, Mami gets Shinobu to her place, interruptions and talking aside. "Just rest for a little bit, too. It can be really overwhelming, I'll agree!" Though Mami got it all at once.

"You shouldn't end up hurt because people like me will be there to protect you." Mami says with a wink as they reach her door - then she remembers Shinobu can't see the blink, so she gives her a friendly squeeze on the arm. "You'll be fine."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 06:32:00 22573
Shinobu Kimura smiles and gives a polite bow. "Thank you Mami-sama." She blushes a little. "I don't know how much I will rest tonight. Things are just so overwhelming at the moment. I think I am going to be spending time down at the harbor more though. I think more clearly there. Plus well... You wouldn't understand. Its the closest I get to actually being able to see anymore." She smiles and opens her dorm room. Its dark and pretty bare. The only thing that can really be seen is a bo by the door which seems a little menacing. "Mami-sama, could I get your phone number please?"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-13 07:09:31 22576
Mami smiles, and recites her phone number to Shinobu - since it's not like she can leave it with her on a paper. "Kimura-san, I think somewhere like the harbor is a good place to think about all of this." she says with a nod.

"I might join you there... I have a lot of things to think about too. While I'm sure I don't experience the world like you do... the harbor still sounds like a good place to puzzle out problems.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-13 07:13:03 22577
Shinobu smiles and punches the number into her phone. At that she gives another bow. "Thank you Mami-sama. I just wish I wasn't the only one who could see like this... No Kyubey that is not my wish. I was just speaking figuratively." She facepalms. "I hope to run into you there sometime." She smiles and then walks into the dorm. "Have a safe journey home." She states as she gets comfortable, grabbing a bag of chips, a soda, and then turning on the radio. She never turns the light on.