Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A very nasty and new Labyrinth has opened. A gang of thugs is attacking everyone they see and are marked by a witches kiss. Reports that at least one person has vanished after being attacked are coming in. Someone needs to stop the madness! WARNING!!! This may get dark. It is a PMMM Themed scene after all.

Date: 2016-01-16
Pose Count: 63
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 02:06:15 22843
A quiet and cool day has given way to a very busy night. Its cold. The wind coming in off the Pacific is just brutal. If that isn't enough, there are reports coming flying about a gang attacking people. There is at least one person down and rumor is, one person who had been chased by these thugs ran into a building and vanished from sight.

Those who can see magic will note a single pink emblem emblazened on the side of the gangs face. News reports are going out for people to stay indoors and off the streets. Can anyone stop this madness?
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 02:16:21 22844
Guardian Hino stands on a rooftop near the building that supposedly, some sort of gang attacks are involved with. He heard it on his mom's scanner. Hinote is doing nothing particularly useful tonight and has pondered calling it an early night. He decides to be useful instead. His cape drapes over his back as he ponders the best way to enter.

He takes a gentle leap from the rooftop to the front stoop. He makes to, in fact, just open the front door.

If it's locked, well. He'll melt the doorknob with fire magic because he's not feeling in a particularly charitable mood at the moment.

There's just something about bullies. Even more so if they're being magically empowered somehow.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-16 02:18:39 22845
Mami Tomoe heard from someone else within Virtue about the pink emblem on the gangers' faces, and did some quick thinking and theorizing. If she's right, she'll be needed to stop the threat - if she's wrong, she gets to shoot some thugs with beanbags. Really, it's a win win.

She's in full henshin now, running along rooftops, making ribbon bridges between them. Wrapped around her neck is an incredibly soft looking scarf - no wait, that's Kyubey.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 02:23:07 22847
Firebird saw the news reports and... got a call from Sailor V regarding the problem. Having become much better at flying since her first earlier attempts, a red-garbed masked figure with a glowing black aura is arriving, looking around. She is carrying a futuristic-looking mace in her hand. She looks around. "Scan the area, Vortex." A feminine computerized voice states, "Scan initiated." The mace hums for a little bit. "Magical signatures located. Unknown signature." A black arrow appears, pointing at the building. "Excellent. Initiate combat mode. "Acknowledged." She tosses her mace up as it starts reconfiguring itself, the macehead turning around, an energy beam connecting the head to the shaft as it changes from a made to a spiked flail. She moves to the roof of the building, finds a door, uses magic to open it, and starts to head inside.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 02:23:28 22848
WPS' Miss Blue is in the area, having heard rumors of a problem in the region. Someone certainly seems to think the building is worth their attention. She isn't too happy to see a street gang working with the witch... even if it's likely they haven't a choice about it. So she's here to check it out.

Dressed in her by-now-well-known royal blue business suit, Device-blade hanging from a baldric slung over one shoulder, she comes to rest from her flight upon a rooftop near to the building in question - selecting the one Mami approaches, as she sees the blonde Puella approaching the same target.

"Good day, Tomoe-san," she offers, "I see we have business to take care of, yes?"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 02:33:49 22850
Gunshots ring out through the night air. Screams as well. It seems not everyone has managed to get the warning about this gang. "QUIT SCREAMING! We are sending you on a nice little trip! You will never have to worry again!" Several more gunshots ring out and there is silence. It is pandamonium.

Good news for Guardian Hino. The door opens a little with no issues at all. The bad news, A knife imbeds in the door, "Ah ah. The prize is out here. Better yet. Come here and let me give it to you. Imagine, no more suffering." The ganger pulls out another throwing knife and sends it flying at the Guardian.

A Thunderous boom rings out and a huge chunk is taken out of the door that Firebird is entering. Someing has a high caliber rifle and they are using it. If that doesn't get her attention another is made and this one narrowly missing her as she makes her makes her way into the build roof door.

A simple thought rings out. Its one of despiration. Its one that Only those of a telepathic nature might pick up on. That single thought is a weak "Help!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 02:41:58 22853
Guardian Hino does not have any sort of telepathy, so the help is unherd by him.

The door begins to open. He only opens it a creak at first. He's expecting some sort of thug to come running at him. Instead, a knife embeds itself in the door. He frowns a bit, as he draws his longsword.

Hino knows better than to go in lopping off arms off of mundanes- and how unhappy that would make the Princess. Luckily, a longsword has a flat side he can swing to knock some jerks unconcious.

He swings the door open and swings the sword through the air- attempting to deflect the knife with the swing- and send it flying to his right or left. He moves fast and quick- aiming to close the gap quickly- and in fact, aims to knock the wind out of the thug with the flat of the sword- not the bladed side. Ultimately, this is followed up with a punch to the gut.

Hopefully, these guys aren't too magically empowered.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-16 02:42:57 22854
This is, roughly, all Mami needs to hear. She looks to Mikoto before she vaults off the roof. "Then let's get to it." she adds. There's a window across the way, and Mami generates another ribbon bridge leading from the rooftop to the window - which she runs down, generating a set of floating weapons, and crashes through before they begin firing on anything she can see.

The heavy blasts aren't normal rounds - something more akin to the beanbag rounds she hit Miss White with - because while Mami has no problem hunting witches, she is loathe to fatally wound humans, be they controlled or just plain jerks.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 02:44:45 22855
Firebird squeaks as she was almost shot out of the sky. She uses Vortex to determine direction as she rises up, a thick rippling gravity aura swirling around her - any future bullets would deflect away from her as she moves towards it. A few shots were taken at her, one bullet grazing her leg, ignored, before she increases her aura - the second shot is deflected towards the lake. "Gravity Slam," she commands as she gets closer as the flail ball swings away from the shaft and smashes into the rifle, breaking it in half, then swings back around and clocks him on the head to render him unconscious. She looks around as she flies back up, returning to the target building. She goes to slide back into the building, apparently unaware that she's bleeding.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 03:11:05 22862
Miss Blue nods, curtly, to Mami, and leaps off the roof after her, following along on the Puella's ribbon-bridge to crash through just behind her. As she moves, gleaming distortions form in the air around her, as she summons her trademkark Flicker Shots, barely visible as she gathers them in quantity for a later strike.

She has fewer qualms than Mami about dealing damage to the gangsters, but follows the blonde's lead anyway. Instead she bats a man aside with the flat of the blade, following up by punching him with the wide-cupped pommel. "Keep moving, Tomoe-san, I've got your back."
Kyubey 2016-01-16 03:13:31 22864
During the firefight, Kyubey slips away from Mami's shoulders and runs further within the building. But it's not entirely uncommon for the little furball to run off on his own to avoid particularly chaotic fights, so Mami pays him little heed.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 03:17:26 22866
*TINK* The knife is knocked out of the air in a moment of epic awesomeness. The thug looks absolutely horrified as the Guardian comes flying at him to deck him. The connection is made and the thug drops to the ground. He groans loudly and carefully gets up. "I was just trying to help you. I was going to give you peace. Then I too can have peace!" He draws another knife and moves towards Hino ready do as much damages as his bruised body can dish out

Mami's guns connect with a few additional gang bangers. They drop and in at least one case, they aren't getting back up. Most likely knocked unconscious. The other guy is definitely hurt but he gets back up and starts running toward the gold dressed Puella Magi.

The sniper who shot at Firebird is suddenly hit hard and his gun is broken. He drops hard but not before having actually done some damage to firebird. She will find that she's been grazed in the leg. How bad? Well she will have to look.

Another gangster drops at the swing of Blue's blade. He was busy taking aim at an innocent man who was cowering in fear. Thankfully he wouldn't be taking any shots at the man. He drops to the ground in pain. His attention shifts completely to the girl and slowly rises up to fight.

"I can't do it," THe weakened voice cries. Suddenly there is a single voice that some how rings out loud, calling one name. "KYUBEY!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 03:25:55 22870
Guardian Hino ugh, this guy sounds nuts. Either somethings in his brain-- darkness or corruption? Or something else. He doesn't have any sort of senses to distuingish this- regardless- he thwips his cape outwards and he detaches it, throwing the cape like a net at the man- acting like a net. "I'm very sorry for this." he says. It isn't a cheerful tone.

He heres commotion elsewhere. What's going on?

He gets back to the matter at hand. He brings the hilt of the sword down towards where the head of the man should be in an attempt to KO him for the time being.

He's not using his magic, otherwise. That's overkill. He'd light these guys on fire and that's excessive.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-16 03:32:20 22871
There's a thug running at her with a crazed, dangerous look on his face - but let's face it. Mami's preparing to take down Walpurgisnacht, and shes faced legions of otherworldly horrors at this point - this human, emboldened though he may be, doesn't actually scare her.

There's a quick pull of her hand as a yellow ribbon lashes out, wrapping around the charging thug's leg and then she jerks it forward to knock his feet out from under him.

Even as she's doing this, she muses outloud. "Is someone calling for Kyubey... do I know that voice?"
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 03:34:11 22872
Firebird finally re-enters the building and starts descending. One thug is running up the stairs. She gestures and he suddenly would find himself pinned to the ceiling, unable to move. He just had a knife so was no threat. She descends down. "Scan for life signs," she states to Vortex who's still in flail form as she continues to descend down to the upper floor from the roof access. She'll let the thug drop later.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 03:39:37 22875
Miss Blue's blade whips about, batting away an attack, flipped back to riposte quickly. She's got Mami's back, covering her from anyone trying to sneak up, letting the veteran Puella focus on the enemies in front of her. More and more Flicker Shots form around her, orbiting above her head in a glistening swarm, waiting for the chance to strike at the real target - once the Witch is located.

"Might be someone still in the building," she answers the blonde. "I'll send a scout." The formation of Flicker Shots ceases for a moment, while a familiar search-sphere detaches from the blade's tip to flit into the building like a butterfly.

(("Search commencing, Meister. Tracking audio signature."))
Kyubey 2016-01-16 03:40:06 22876
When Shinobu calls out, Kyubey is moving full out, darting and weaving through the structure. Once he reaches Shinobu, he climbs up onto her shoulder, to let her feel him and know he's there.

"Yes, Shinobu Kimura? Have you found the wish that will make your Soul Gem shine?" This is, adfter all, usually what people call him for.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 03:47:15 22879
And no more Mr. Knife guy. He goes down hard and quick. The thunk on the head makes sure he doesn't cause any more trouble. There are still others but perhaps there is more pressing issues?

The man who was running at Mami is suddenly grounded and struggling to get free. That clearly isn't happening. The more he struggles the tighter it gets and he is done for.

Firebird's scan would reveal a whole lot of dark magic. Its bad. Very bad. One life sign and it's weak. The guy with the knife is stuck and easily sorted with. No issue there for the time being.

Blue's attacker drops as well. There is a calm in the fight for all parties outside the building. Blue's scan will show much the same as Firebird's. A lot of negative magic and a weak life sign.

Inside the building, Everything changes. The dark building fades away as Kyubey gets closer to Shinobu. A labyrinth is open for business. A white room flooded with streaks of gold can be seen. The gold is slowly turning black. Several paint brushes go walking by, each showing faces of pure misery. And then, there is Shinobu. Her glasses are shattered and off her face. She is using her cane to try to fight off a trio of shadow like marionette puppets... familiars. Every swing passes through them. The girl is seriously hurting and won't last much longer. "Yes! Yes! Whatever. I wish... Ugh... I wish to see!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 03:57:19 22882
Guardian Hino steals his cape back and he sort of swishes it back and it magically reattaches. It's a little ripped. Nothing that won't be fixed when he transforms the next time. That's probably the best thing about magical henshin clothing- no cleaning or repair bills.

Guardian Hino keeps his sword out however- as there may be more. He looks around and deeper into the building her goes---

The world shifts... he curses under his breath. A labyrinth. So it's a Witch? He moves into the white world, and lets the odd paintbush men pass him. He reseathes his sword. He knows the score--- don't cause a rukus immediatly- and you can get a little deeper until things go more horrible for you.

"Hello?" he finally calls out. There seems to be a commotion far off. He makes towards that.

He gets a little closer, and blinks. Shinobu!? His pace quickens thanks to worry.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-16 03:58:09 22883
Mami Tomoe pushes her way towards the voice, but there's just too much in the way for her to get there before she hears those words spoken - she knows what it's like to make a wish under duress. It's a thing she tries to avoid putting others through.

A booted foot kicks violently against a door trying to get through to no avail. She'll get it down with a large cannon shot eventually, but by then...
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 04:02:40 22885
Miss Blue, as well, hurries to try to reach the girl in danger. She's not seen such things directly the way Mami has, but she's heard about it from Miss White, and she has no wish to see a disaster strike some poor girl today. They're just too far away, though, with too many things in the way, and by the time they can reach the spot - they're in the Labyrinth, and it's time to start dealing with familiars. She has to watch, through her search spell, as Shinobu faces her foes alone.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 04:05:36 22886
Firebird encounters the edge of the labyrinth as she goes down the flight of stairs. "Analysis?" she asks. "A dimensional distortion of unknown magical origin." is what Vortex says. She shrugs as she decides to just fly over the labyrinth, looking for the main source of the darkness. She gets near the darkness, and studies the scenario, not wnating to get involved with unknown foes. She tries to figure out what is going on, preparing a spell.
Kyubey 2016-01-16 04:08:08 22888
Kyubey doesn't argue. There's a difference between when people say 'I wish' and when they truly MAKE a wish, the wish that becomes the backbone of their contract.

There's a glowing burst of light, energy, and magic (and a little bit of shifting of souls) in the room before Mami can get the door down, and Kyubey implores her as the familiars continue to swarm.

"Reach out and take your new destiny in your hands. Take your Soul Gem, accept your contract, and become a Puella Magi!"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 04:19:56 22891
Shinobu reaches out and takes her soul gem. Magic flares around her and what looks like contact lenses fall off her eyes. The white color fades and a deep blue-green color appears along with pupils. That isn't all that changes though. Her clothing changes, becoming a white dress trimmed in viridian and a leather viridian vest. Tan stockings run up her legs and a pair of brown low heeled shoes form on her feet. The gem reforms like a choker around her neck. Then she brings her hands in and stretches them out causing a white and viridian bo staff to appear.

Shinobu is a little disoriented to say the least. For the first time in over five years she can see. There is a look of wonder in her eyes. Then it downs on her... she'd better start fighting. She takes hold of her staff and brings it around cracking the first familiar with all the force that she can muster which is a surprising ammount. Then without warning she hits a little button on the staff. "Whaaaaaa!!!!"

Things go wonky for a moment. One of the familars comes in for an attack and she dodges it with no issue. "How am I seeing this!" It attacks again and she leans back. The strike goes clear over her. She swings and obliterates it as if she knew where it would be at that exact moment. She quickly dispatches the third and for a brief moment she is able to catch her breath.

Her body is banged up but she is still okay. Her gaze is shifting all around. This place is freaking her out. Then she sees Firebird first. "Help me! Get down here! I need help Where am I?!" She calls out. And then there is another person. A man with a sword! Hino! "Please hurry. I don't like this place!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 04:28:35 22894
Guardian Hino is moving faster. He interupts the magical lightshow of a new Puella Magi being born as an attack--- so he already has his sword drawn out. "Shinobu! Just a moment!" he calls out, hoping she can hear. But halfway there--- well! The lights gone and Shinobu looks a lot different. He blinks rapidly. What just happened?

It occurs to him he just saw a Puella Magi make a wish. Huh. Okay. He'll... need to ask Shinobu what she wished for. Later. She seemed lost last time on that front.

Though his thoughts turn back to fighting.

"FIRE BRAND!" he calls out, the longsword lighting into flame as he begins cutting through puppets.

"---Shinobu, this must be really confusing. Just a moment. Keep fighting. You're doing good!" he says.

This dude sounds a lot like Hinote. Infact. He probably is.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 04:31:57 22897
Firebird flies down to hover near Shinobu. "Hello again - didn't expect to see you till tomorrow, Shinobu-san," she states as she stands guard. "Oh - Guardian Hino!" she chirps. "Long time no see." She then ponders. "I don't know what happened - I was investigating that news report - and then this whole floor changed somehow. I don't know how to get back but - the moment we do I'll take her home." She then gives Shinobu a hug. "You... made a contract, didn't you..." She then gasps. "Your eyes... so that WAS your wish..."
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-16 04:32:09 22898
Mami finally gets that door open - conviniently after she makes the contract - and she sees the distinctly alien shapes of the Familiars. Good. She can shoot these without feeling bad.

And Mami does, creating hordes of guns like weaponized angel wings and firing very real blasts out of these - going through familiars like hordes of hot knives going through some very strange looking butter.

Mami sees who it is, too - they're going to have to talk after they deal with these horrid claymation creations' master.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 04:35:52 22899
Miss Blue bursts through the door just behind Mami, noting the familiars - and the effectiveness of Mami's fire against them. She looks over to the new-made Puella and offers her a cheerful grin. "Hey, kiddo, buck up! Get your bearings, we'll hold them off!" A handful of Flicker Shots detach from her orbiting horde, quickly replaced, to spear out at a familiar that tries to sneak past her. "Don't worry, we're professionals!"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 04:45:23 22902
Shinobu smiles a little and nods, "Uh huh, it was... Wait... Firebird?! You're pretty!" She blushes and glances at the man beside her. She jaw drops and then she sees the unthinkable happen. A large white chunk falls on him, crushing him. Its overlaying something that already happened though. He's still standing there. She glanses up and there is a crack as a chunk of the white labyrinth falls.

With unnatural reaction time She charges at the Guardian. "MOVE!" Right into him he goes. With a fast motion She leaps up into a backflip, using her staff to strike the chunk of what looks like ceramic. It shatters into dust. After landing from that crazy move she blushes. "Sorry."

A wave is given to Miss Blue. "Hiya. I don't know if bucking up is in the playbook right now." A glance upwards would show that where the chunk fell out it looks like a video playing. A person smacking a child. More places begin to crack and fall apart revealing more of these videos. Anywhere the gold turns black the place starts collapsing.

The girl repositions her hands and suddenly she's only seeing one set of events. "Alright. This is going to take a lot of getting used to. I think We need to move on. Something tells me we got a much bigger problem to deal with." Just as she says this several odd sculptures which look like insects begin moving towards them.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 04:52:25 22905
Hino doesn't see the incoming chunk of Labrinyth, and- indeed, if no one saw it, it would had crushed him. Potentially fatal? Who knows. Maybe Shinobu does apparently. She saw it.

--but before that can even happen, the boy's pusheded back by the sudden move--and Shinobu sees it. That's-- much faster than Hinote can move- maybe even if he saw it- he'd be in some sort of trouble. He blinks.

"Uh, woah. Thanks." He says dumbfounded for a moment. He shakes it off.

"So.. you wished for your sight back." he says matter of factly to himself. Not phrased like a question.

The theme of this labrintyth--and they all seem to have one, this one seems to be art.


/Art/. He is SOOOOO tired of Art right now and Art Dealers and killer Art and ugh!

Luckily, he just begins slicing into odd sculptures with his sword with seemingly with practiced fluid motions, moving from one- to the next in succession. He can't destroy them all though.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 04:58:44 22907
Firebird nods softly. "They seem fragile," she states as she moves to the opposite side of Shinobu. "Gravity Wave," she chants as shw swings, and the swinging flail head of Swirling Vortex inscribes an arc of black light and then fires in a direction, and all the sculptures are flattened by a massive gravity wave that wuold impact against the labyrinth or the building and make it shudder. "You ok, Shinobu?" she asks. "That move was AMAZING..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 05:11:19 22910
"Hey, don't worry. We've got you covered." Miss Blue grins again as she leaps up towards Shinobu, closing the distance rapidly. "So, congratulations, and all." She swipes her blade through one of the insect-sculptures on her way up, and lands on another, crushing it.

"Goodness, these things are ugly."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 05:19:15 22911
Shinobu does some damage as well to the insect sculptures. "Easy for you to say Miss. I don't know where I am. All I know is those those puppets nearly killed me. I have a feeling that there is something much bigger and nastier ahead. All I know is one minutes I was running for my life. I hid and this just grew around me. I could see all the dark magic... There is a witch nearby isn't there? It would explain the behavior of the gangsters outside and that weird mark on them." Her jaw drops. "And I'm a Puella Magi now... I gotta fight it."

She turns her attention to Firebird and gives a small smile. "Thanks. Using this is even easier then normal." She gestures to her bo then looks at the Guardian.

"Sorry about that. Yes It was either I wish or I die and I'm not ready to die yet. I Wished for the first thing that came to mind. You aren't mad are you?" She knows who he is. "I watched it happen a few seconds before it happened."
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 05:27:01 22913
Guardian Hino nods. "It's a Labyrinth. It's where a witch lives." he says. "Yes we need to kill it... and get you that grief seed." he says softly.

He keeps moving forward- he still leans into familiars with his sword when they approach. He can still talk. Familiars main advantage always seems to be numbers, not power.

"About your wishing?... Why would I be upset, Shinobu?" he smiles. "As I told you before- it was your choice. I told you what I know and that's it.-- and if you mean shoving me- well. I'd rather be shoved then dead." he says.

"Are you able to sense the Witch? I have no abilities like that."
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 05:33:13 22914
Firebird nods. "If I could wish to walk again, I would..." she states softly. "I understand..." She is swinging her flail around, smashing the sculptures. "I... I need a briefing. What's a witch and... this labyrinth... I have no idea what's going on." She sighs softly as she moves closer to Mikoto. "I'm Firebird - I'mr ather new to all of this - what... what is all of this? I know Hino and Shinobu but..." She blinks. "I could... could someone please tell me what is going on? I've just BARELY gotten into all of this and I've never encountered anyting really bizarre..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 05:35:11 22915
"You're quite correct," Miss Blue informs the new Puella. "This is a Labyrinth, a twisted pocket of space, and at the center of it is a Witch. Some sort of nightmare-spawn, perhaps a crystallization of dreams, perhaps worse." She takes a deep breath, then lets it out in a soft sigh. "I'm afraid this is only the beginning of the fight."

She has no comment to make about Shinobu's choice of wish, though for the blind to see is certainly a worthwhile cause. It's not as if she knows an easier way to accomplish it.

On the subject of locating Witches, however, she might be able to assist. "Carnwennan, seeker, please. Make it a triple." She waves her blade through the air, and a trio of spheres detach as it moves, each one transmuting into a butterfly-like shape to flitter off into the distance. Meanwhile, single Flicker Shots detach from her growing arsenal to dispatch more familiars that get too close.

The seekers dispatched, she reaches her free hand out to Firebird. "Quite alright, my dear. We're all new at some point. I go by 'Miss Blue', most days."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 05:45:35 22916
Puella Magi Shinobu shakes her head to Hino, "I umm... Not in a normal... wait..." She closes her eyes. "Okay That still works! This way!" She points in a set direction. "My mindsight still works." The seekers would note that the witch is indeed in that direction.

She turns her attention to Blue and she gives a polite bow. "A pleasure to meet you. Puella Magi Shinobu is my name I guess. I was hoping to have a chance to learn about this stuff a little more before this happened. Ugh, lets kill a witch then."

Quickly she turns to Firebird and she smiles, "Welcome to possibly the worst place you can be. A witch is a being formed of a curse. It causes horrible things to happen, like suicides and a gang of murderers trying to take down a bunch of people. There is one here. This is a labyrinth... From what I can tell, its a place where a witch hides and its very creepy."

More of the sky comes crumbling down. Quickly she presses the button on her bo. "RUN. THIS WAY!" She doesn't wait as she takes off forward. There is a thunderous crack and down falls a huge chunk shattering a chunk of the floor. Anyone who doesn't heed the warning is probably going to have a bad night."
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 05:51:51 22917
Guardian Hino nods. "What the Puella Magi said." he insists to Firebird with a short smile.

He looks to Mikoto and hrmmms, before he continues onwards--- and dashing out of the way- "I hope this is soon-- I had to subdue a jerk controlled by this thing apparently." He says.

The big chunk collapses behind him.

"I hope the room doesn't turn out to be the witch." he says.

"With it collapsing like that. Sometimes they do that. I spent a lot of time hunting a witch in a labrinyth before with others when it turned out to be the spooky moon that was lighting the place up." he mutters.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 06:01:35 22918
Firebird zooms after Shinobu - she seems to have future sight. "Voretx. If any other chunks would fall on us, null-bubble them. Don't let them crush us." "Acknowledged. Null Bubble standing by." She then flies after Shinobu. "If your future sight misses any other surprises - Vortex is ready to stop us from being splatted... is this witch was caused the gang to go out of control?" she asks, the spiked flail danging from Firebird's hand. "Tehre's one of these thugs that is trapped on the ceiling of a stairwell - if I don't get back there in a day or so, the magic will wear off and he'll fall and maybe hurt himself - but he was trying to stab me so I don't have much sympathy."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 06:05:44 22919
Miss Blue nods to Hino. "I had to fight one that was a book, once." She shrugs. "They come in every variety of psychotic and insane, as far as I can tell. The only thing we can do is put them out of our misery."

She sets out to follow Shinobu, backing her up much as she had Mami, earlier. Her sword flicks out every now and then to dispatch a familiar that gets too close. The Flicker Shots, she's saving for the Witch. It's going to be one of Those Days, it seems.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 06:15:22 22920
Puella Magi Shinobu continues moving and doing so quick. She is putting a bit of a drain on her magic but hopefully that can be resolved later. A few moments later they all enter a room within the labyrinth. All around is splattered paint, Strewn art supplies and demented paintings. The floor is all wet clay. At the center is a horrid looking creature. Towering at least 8 feet tall, What looks like a clay statue is reshaping it's body. It continually does this, Adding clay and removing it. Then she smashes said part to sart again. It looks up with a lopsided face. Suddenly from nowhere several razor sharp chisels at each person.

Shinobu gasps in fear as she watches the events transpire. Her inbound chisel is quickly struck from the air. "I guess we found the witch." She doesn't know what to do. So she does the first thing that comes to mind. She hits the button and goes in. She strikes hard at the witch but every strike simple dents the clay like behemoth. When she realizes it's not working she retreats. "Any ideas?"
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 06:22:41 22921
Guardian Hino replies. "Yeah. Bake it like at pottery barn." he says.

He seathes his long sword because he needs two hands for this thing. He puts his arms up in front of him--- one down--- one to the right--- like some sort of weird kata. His hands light on fire--- and then the fire begins to dance around him as he moves his arms out to either side. "Raging......!"

He calls out, then he lights on fire.

"FIRE DRAGON!" he calls out.

The fire flies off him, taking the form of a ridicolous dragon- the flames roar out---and the lash of flame attempts to crash into the clay witch--- with an intense explosion of heat and fire-- trying to do just as he suggested.

Of course. Magical physic monstrosity clay might not bake like non-magical clay.

He's pretty sure this still stings like a jerk.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 06:27:50 22922
Firebird stares. "Wow. Like a giant toddler in an art supply store. Ummmm... suggestions, Vortex?" she asks as she simply uses a gravity field to stop the chisel aiming her way and return it to sender with extreme prejudice. "Singularity. You are ready Mistress." She blinks. "Is that a new spell?" she asks. "So be it." She takes a slow deep breath. "SINGULARITY!" she yells as she turns the flail handle around, and points the shaft behind the Witch. A black laser beam fires from the butt of the handle and then somehow, space-time begins to warp. A pinhole of pure blackness forms, as gravity waves begin to pull on the Witch. She just watches as the pinhole starts to swirl and absorb smaller devices - apparently Firebird has just created a black hole. "Oh my God - what have I done?" she whispers.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 06:29:37 22923
Firing the clay seems like an excellent idea to Miss Blue. Of course, once it's been fired, it needs the appropriate impact to break it down. That's what a nice big barrage of Flicker Shots is for, each of the little light-darts arrowing down to slash at the clay-witch like a thousand outsize paper-cuts.

"When in doubt, kill it with fire. Can't argue with that."

"Uhm," she says as the singularity appears. "Is that... oh crud. 'Wennan, prep for emergency dimensional displacement, three passengers."

(("Affirmative, Meister. Warning: The singularity may cause disruption of transference."))
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 06:41:10 22924
The witch isn't the only thing that notices the pull on the singularity. Solidified chunks of the witch fall off her and is replaced by more clay from the floor. Paint starts flying randomly. The paint starts burning nearly anything it touches... Acid. Some of the witch is being sucked up but she keeps pulling more from the ground.

"I gotta be able to do something else... Not just beat on something... If only I had some sort of blade." With no warning the staff extends and a pair of giant scythe blade pop out of either end. They look like they are on fire but its a dark green to yellow flame. Her eyes light up. "Oh my gods! Its Christmas, New Years, and my birthday all rolled into one!"

She launches herself at the witch and unleashes hell. The staff is twirled sending slice after slice into the evil creature. Each strike is nasty but she continues to pull herself together. Shinobu hits the ground and the witch tries to crush her.

"SESONGS..." She explodes out from under the giant foot. Her nasty looking Bo grows even larger and looks far more threatening. "AVSLUTNINGEN!" She comes down on the witch splitting it in two right down the middle. The witch explodes in black and white light, leaving a single, black , grief seed on the floor. Shinobu picks it up and the whole labyrinth vanishes leaving them in an art studio.
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 06:45:04 22925
Firebird just stares at the activity. "Singularity close," she states as she snaps her fingers and the black hole vanishes without a trace, leaving a bunch of debris in that area of the room. "I... need to figure out how to use that best," she states softly, tilting her head. "Didn't... seem... very... useful..." And then suddenly Firebird's aura winks out and she colalpses to the floor - only making worse the cut on her leg that she hasn't even noticed. She just lies there, blinking, looking exhausted.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 06:52:46 22926
Guardian Hino watches as the labyrinth fades away around them, leaving them... in an arts studio. Huh.

He reseathes his sword as he looks around. "Danger's gone I think." he says as he frowns. He looks back to Shinobu. "That's yours. I've no need for it." he says with a smile. "The Princess says the Guardian Knights are to make sure that Grief Seeds get into the hand of a Puella Magi. No one else." he says.

"Annnnd what Princess Runealy says goes. It's one of the very few actual orders she gives us."

He looks to Firebird and blinks. He walks over and looks down. "Firebird is this common for you?" He frowns and sighs a bit. He looks over to Miss Blue. "She has one of the talky devices like you use, can you help her?" he asks at her.

He looks back to Shinobu and nods politely.

"It must be jarring, to be able to see again." he says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 06:56:22 22927
Miss Blue finally relaxes, a little, as the witch is killed and the labyrinth clears away. And then Firebird collapses. "Bloody hell... yes, I'll do what I can for her. Looks like she's lost a good bit of blood, though." She drops to one knee beside the fallen girl and sheathes her sword. Holding out her hands, her palms glow a soft green as she holds them over the injured leg. "I can at least stop the bleeding, but it'll take a minute."

She mutters, softly, "talky devices. baaaaaaka."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 07:02:25 22928
Puella Magi Shinobu quickly moves over to Firebird. SHe kneels down and holds her hand. "Oh gods I'm so sorry. I should of noticed that you were hurt!" She sighs and shakes her head. She blushes a little and looks over to Hinote.

"Its unsettling. At least things look normal right now. That labyrinth was crazy." Her hand is off the button on her now normal bo. "I can see again... But when I close my eyes I still have the mind sight that I used to have. I guess thats okay. I'm so not used to this though! Its exciting! I mean I can see again! And you are super cute! Especially in uniform!" She blushes and gets heart eyes.

Shaking it off she turns to Blue a little worried. "Can I do anything?"
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 07:04:37 22929
Firebird blinks. "Oh - I guess I was hurt... I... didn't feel it." She sighs softly. "I just got exhausted - I guess the blood loss didn't help - that Singularity - took a LOT out of me... and..." She sighs. "I don't suppose I could get one of you to carry me out of here while I recover?" she asks. She then glances at Hino at 'talky devices'. "Ummmm... who are you?" she asks Miss Blue. "Could... you tell me more about Vortex?" Vortex shifted back to device mode after the labyrinth disappeared. She holds it up weakly for Mikoto to see.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 07:10:03 22930
Guardian Hino looks at Firebird. "We should probably get the bleeding taken care of first. Get you to a hospital. How did you get hurt?" he asks to her. He looks to Shinobu. He smiles. "Oh, cool so you have the best of both worlds then- at least, seems you didn't trade one gift for the other..." he says.

Oh he's called Cute. He blushes, he clears his throat. He recovers mostly intact. He's still blushing.

"Thank you." he says. Wait. "I mean. For pushing me out of the way earlier." he smiles. Not for you, know, calling him cute.

He looks down at Miss Blue. "I'm Guardian Hino. You said your name was... Blue? Miss Blue?" he says. "Can you do anything for her?" he says. "Get her to the hospital faster than I could? I can just...jump very high." he says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 07:12:04 22931
Miss Blue nods, "I'd be glad to," she says to Firebird. "It's been a long time since I had an apprentice, but I think I can manage it." Wait, no, that was Jethri, not Mikoto. Wasn't it? Yes, it was. She doesn't correct herself, though.

She continues holding her hands over the girl's leg until it's clear the bleeding has stopped.

"Put something under her head, for a bit, just a cusion or something," she suggests to Shinobu. "And if you have any healing powers in there, I'm sure she could use the help. Or maybe an energy bar or a bottle of water?"

To answer Firebird's question, she introduces herself. "Call me Miss Blue, for now," she tells the girl. "Knight of the Centai Zel, the Order of the Grey Rose." An ancient Belkan order, long extinct, or so historians would tell you. With a particularly nasty reputation, too. It's highly unlikely that anyone here but her has heard of them, though.

Finally, she looks up to Hino. "I certainly can, yes. It's not particularly easy, but it's doable." She reaches down to tap the hilt of her sword.

"Carnwennan, prep for displacement, target: Albemarle." Which is the code she's pre-set for the roof of Uminari General Hospital.

(("Affirmative, meister. Calculating displacement."))
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 07:18:27 22932
Puella Magi Shinobu nods and looks around. She's got nothing. Then she gets an idea. Her hands go up to the gem choker around her neck. There is a flash of viridian and her henshin fades away leaving her in her warm jacket and a school uniform while holding what looks like a small fabrege egg that glows with a slight murky light.

Quickly she takes off her coat and rolls it up. Carefully she lifts Firebird's head and puts her coat under it. "What is it with you and my coats girl? I swear!" She laughs a little.

Turning her attention to Hinote she smiles, "You'd of done the same for me. Besides, What kind of magical girl would I be if I let someone get squished right in front of me?"
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 07:25:08 22933
Firebird sighs. "When I went to come into this builidng via the roof entry - there was a sniper that almost shot me out of the sky. I dealt with it... but he must've grazed my leg with a bullet. Id idn't even realize - I thought I was getting dizzy but I was sof ocused on the weird labyrinth that..." She sighs. "Vortex. If I ever receive any injury to my legs, please alert me." "Affirmative." She looks up. "I'm parapelegic. So - I use my gravity magic to fly around and... sometimes... when I overexert myself, it just winks out and I fall. I wasn't ready..." She is still in her Barrier Jacket, clutching Vortex and she pulls it up against her.
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 07:28:18 22934
Guardian Hino nods. "Get her there then." he says. "I don't heal. If the Princess was here...or Guardian Vale... they could do it, but I'm not either of them." he says. "So I'm useless here."

Shinobu drops her henshin. He sighs and grabs the side of his cape and sweeps it over him-- semi-theactrically, and then he's back in normal clothes and just regular old Hinote- the cape seems to dissapear into nothingness. He has a braclet on his right wrist- it has an elaborate orange gem. He unclips the latch and places it into suit jacket's pocket.

He hrms. Then a look of perplexment runs over his face as he re-runs the actions through his brain. Shinobu looked at him horribly. Then ran at him. She didn't look up...

Wait. Then how'd she'd...

Then his brain switches gears. Wait. She called him cute. Wait. Di-did she always think that?

....and he asked her out somewhere to eat...

Uh-oh, thinks Hinote. Did he agree to date? At /Midori-ya/. Ugh. It's not so much the idea of a date that gets him- but--- Midori-ya isn't a date place! It isn't! Ugh, he thinks. He'll have to talk about this issue later. Misunderstandings never work well- and now isn't the time to ask awkward questions.

Wait. A sniper!?

"You were /shot/!? Okay.. um. The hospital. Will wonder about that. Just say... there was a fight between yazkuza or some gangs around here. It'll be beliveable-- I heard about this issue on my mom's police scanner at first. Didn't expect to find all this."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 07:31:02 22935
"Well, that explains what was odd about the nerves in your leg," Miss Blue notes. "You manage it very well. We'll have to discuss possible workaround for you... I know a few people who might be able to help with that." She waves a hand, and a Belkan spell-glyph forms around the two Device-users, a rune-inscribed triangle with a matching circle at each point, and a greater circle surrounding them all. "Don't worry, we'll get you fixed up in no time."

She reaches into her jacket, then, and pulls something out, offering it to Shinobu. "Before I forget..." It turns out to be a business card, of all things. "Witch-Hunter Professional Services, as Miss White likes to call us. We try to help out the Puellae and others who lack a team of their own. And with the whole deal with the Grief Seeds and all, well... all the support we can offer. Training, backup, you name it. We'll be glad to help one of our city's fairest defenders."

The circle rotating beneath Blue and Firebird starts to brighten and move more quickly, it must be almost ready to transfer them to the hospital. Certainly quicker than an ambulance!

She blinks, nods, and reaches for another business card, tucking it into Firebird's hand. "Just in case we lose touch."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 07:40:44 22936
Shinobu Kimura accepts the card and slips it into her pocket. "Thank you Miss Blue. This is a wonderful thing you are doing." She crosses her arms in front of her. Its cold but just accepts it right now.

She looks at her Soul Gem carefully. "Wow. I didn't know this could be so pretty." Closing her eyes for a moment she looks at it but can't see anything. "Huh. I guess thats how it goes. I can't see my own life energy. I never could." Then there is a flare of viridian energy as the gem changes to a ring which rests on her finger.

Then she hears about how her friend got hit by a sniper. "Yeesh! Who carries a freaking sniper rifle? Okay I think I get it. Witches are bad. They need defeated at all cost."
Minoke Sato 2016-01-16 07:43:53 22937
Firebird shrugs. "Yeah... how bad is the wound, Miss Blue?" she asks. "Maybe we can talk devices sometime... I'm still fumbling around in the dark trying to figure things out." She smiles faintly. "And your magic triangle's pretty..."
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 07:45:04 22938
Guardian Hino blinks at Shinobu, and then reaches into his pocket, moves his relic into his pants pocket, then removes his suit jacket. He offers it to Shinobu. "Here." he says. "You look cold." he coyly smiles a little. The suit jacket feels like expensive material.

"Cold doesn't bother me much."

He pauses.

"So maybe there is something about what my silly little phoenix says." he laughs.

"Anyways..." he says.

"Do you need someone to make sure you get home okay, Shinobu? I'm not doing anything particular for the rest of the night."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-16 07:46:43 22940
"I'll be glad to teach you, little bird, but first you have to get well. And I think these two want some privacy for their date." The circle flares up higher, and then starts to divide, duplicating itself. One rises up through Firebird and Blue's forms, trailing light behind it, while the other stays on the floor.

Then the upper circle passes over Blue's head, the two forms completely contained within their light...

And then the light goes out. And the two young women are nowhere to be seen.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 07:50:57 22941
Shinobu Kimura smiles and nods! As the coat is draped over her she snuggles into it. "Mmmm it smells nice!" She finally does snap out of it. "Actually yes. I've never actually seen where I live! Lets walk there. I mean I don't think anyone is going to mess with us right?"

She looks to Firebird, "I will visit you soon. Not just for my jacket mind you!" She giggles a little bit."

As the The two vanish from sight, everything comes rushing back about just how bad a shape she is in. She spits out a little blood. "Damn. Those familiars did a number on me. I think I am going to need a good bit of rest."
Hinote Kagari 2016-01-16 07:54:42 22942
Guardian Hino blinks. Smells... nice? Well. He does. Wear colonge? >,> Regardless. He hrms. "Alright then. Sure, let's go." he says.

He waves off to the two. "Take care Firebird." he says.

He turns to Shinobu and frowns. "Excuse me a moment." he says. He kind of tilts Shinobu's head up a bit and peeks around her face. This may be awkward. "Okay. Sorry about that."

"Yeah you're fine I think. Nothing a little rest won't fix. You'll find you'll heal a little faster. Get your butt kicked, but feel right as rain after a good meal and some sleep." he says.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-16 07:58:51 22943
Shinobu Kimura smiles a little and just goes with him checking her face. "You just wanted to get back at me for touching your face." She states with a wink. Yeah she's flirting. She winces a little and grasps her side. "I thinke they might of bruised my ribs. If I wouldn't have made a wish they'd of beaten me to death." She shutters at the thought. "I guess this is one of those times a deal may be a good thing."

Carefully she walks along. Her cane is gone. Where did that go... "Ooops. I think I left my cane and what was left of my glasses in the labyrinth. Guess we won't be seeing those again will we?" She just smiles and her gaze goes to the lights of the city. "Its so pretty."