A Pact Sealed

In the aftermath of the fight between the defenders of justice, Scorn, and Miss White, the latter two get acquainted and a small matter is worked out.

Date: 2015-06-23
Pose Count: 8
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-23 01:17:39 2654
LATE LAST NIGHT, Hannah and Scorn appeared in a huff in Desperaia's office. She wasn't in. So instead, Hannah and Scorn were wisked away to the infirmary in the tower, set aside for such emergencies. It wasn't until morning, Desperaia returned from her nightly meditations and finally got a chance to meet with Scorn. The meeting took about an hour and a half- and from an outside prespective, was very uneventful. No one flexed thier power. No skyscraper windows were blown.

Scorn leaves the room, minus the hat and her belt- though that Raven is on her shoulder--- she looks like some sort of black dressed princess with raven feather adornments in her hair. She turns to the blonde hair man in the suit that leaves the room with her a simple questions. "Can you point me to the room Miss White is in please?"

Scorn arrives into Hannah's infirmary room and walks over to her bed silently. Her- and the raven on her shoulder, don't say anything at first, a sense of awkwardness. Then she blushes because she realizes she's staring and saying nothing.

"T-thanks for the help. I.. um. Met with the strange woman already. Are you okay? You seemed bad off last night. You put up quite a fight!" she winces, as she falls into rhyme on the last part of her sentence.

"I'm sorry, I'm sure you find my rhyming annoying, it isn't on purpose." she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-23 01:40:06 2656
Hannah, for once, doesn't notice Scorn and her companion's arrival. It likely has something to do with the iv stuck in her arm, but when Scorn speaks, her red eyes open. Turning, she offers a little smile.

"Oh, hello. Nothing too bad, a fractured collar bone and general exhaustion from abusing my linker core. Wide-area teleport spells into someone's office is supposed to be delicate work. Lucky neither of us ended inside of a wall." Hannah will let Scorn think about that one for a moment.

She finally sits up, and something big and fluffy walks over to Scorn! With a woof and a tail-wag, Boris sits at Scorn's feet. A head lowers just slightly, as if expecting something!

Then, there's a hand offered in Scorn's general direction. Hannah has her barrier jacket on, but the rest is a pair of gym shorts and a short sleeved buttoned shirt one of the office workers here cribbed her.

"Call me Miss White. I do not think I caught your name. Or that of your companion. Is he with you?"

Raging Tempest isn't on her hands, and so the woman is quite blind at the moment.

Hannah rubs her chin. "So you met with her, and came out alive? That bodes well. I would have hated to see you dead after I went through all of that trouble to bring you here. Eh, last night was not my best work ever, but we survived. You are pretty strong, you know? Nice wide-area spells. Does your kind of magic have a name? Not a Mage like me, I do not believe."

"Oh, and meet Boris, my Familiar."

Boris woofs happily, then /speaks/ in a deep, old sounding russian accent.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Sorry I wasn't there to help with the spell, vet appointment." There's a little doggy whine at that.

Then Hannah speaks again. "So. Shall I be considering you an ally now?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-23 01:55:18 2657
Scorn is there, she's needing a few moments to gather her thoughts. "The woman with the mask was odd. She asked me and my friend a lot of questions. I didn't feel comfortable answering them all. I answered what I could." she admits silently. She looks down to Boris, gives a slight smile and bows. "Hello, Boris." he says.

"You can call me Scorn, my friend's name is Corvus. I'm not a mage. I am a witch." she insists.

Corvus is here, but he's awfully quiet. He's upset for various reasons right now.

"I'm not sure, Miss White. I need to think about it. It would be nice to have help. But my friend disagrees." she pauses.

"We are... gathering soul energy. For a wish. This requires a lot of energy. I was hoping to keep under the radar longer. Corvus warned me about meddlers, but we were not prepared for so many." she frowns. "You seemed familar with some of them. Do they get in your way, too?" she asks curiously.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-23 02:14:02 2658
Boris gives a woof at the bow, and then jumps up into the infirmary bed. He's soon snuggling up with Hannah, who lays a hand on his head and rubs those doggie ears. Pet pet pet!

"A witch then, hmm? I would like to see more of what you are capable of. But we have more pressing matters at hand."

There's a casual wave to the bird.

"Pleasure, Mister Corvus. If I had known I would have guests, I would have had people bring some snacks or something." She chuckles, smiling good naturedly.

Hannah then rubs her chin at the question. "I met her all of once. She is good at that kind of thing. Do not worry, all of us are...well, we are all scary, but in different ways." A shrug.

A small nod. "Alright. Fair enough. Long-term decision. But honestly? Draining is not exactly something I personally like, but, you obvious have skill and power, and you get results. And take it from me. If you work with us, you can get backup, equipment, and a whole lot of fringe benefits. Heck, I am sixteen years old, and I have a 401k."

"And of course, you get to make your dreams come true. You see, Scorn-san, you need power to make anything happen in this world. And /we/ have power. Lots of it. Money, magic, political pull, bribes to make the mundane idiots look away at the right time...think of what you could do with that behind you." Then she leans back again, content for now to bask in dog-and-painkiller induced sloth.

"Our local magical defenders! All the time, though the one in red and the one in green is new. The skirted ones call themselves the Sailor Senshi I think, and that guy with the tuxedo and awesome hat is Tuxedo Kamen. They like to beat up on youma and people like you and me. Definitely our enemies, and they always show up in numbers. So, more reason to have people to fight with you. Listen, I am not saying you have to trust me, or anyone here. Or even have to be friends. This is business."

Hannah laughs. "Well, you were not exactly subtle. I mean, what did you /think/ would happen once people started checking into hospitals? People notice these things. I respect how quick you work, but you need to be a bit more subtle. And believe it or not, those high-horse 'defenders' can be pretty smart. And dangerous, as you saw. Underestimating your opponent is a bad idea."

Ahem! "That is all for Miss White's Magical Girl Lecture today, thank you class for attending! Pop quiz next week~." Teases the girl.

Then she grows more serious. There's a picture taken out of her pocket, of a thin, sickly looking brunette.

"But we need to get our personal business out of the way. Consider it...payment for saving you. Tell me truthfully. Did you drain energy from this girl?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-23 02:26:26 2659
Scorn muses on this. "They wanted to help me. They can't help me." she says matter of factly. She listens to the girl, and she presents a picture and holds it in her hands. "I try not to remember those I take." she fully admits. "Corvus?"

"Why are you bothering with this mortal!? We should dissapear into a portal! Stop making waste! Make Haste!". Scorn frowns. "Corvus. Did we take this girl?" she asks.

Corvus makes some sort of weird noise. It causes the lights in the room to flicker. It's /angry/. "YES.". it finally answers. No rhyme. No riddles.

Scorn hands the picture back. "Yes, then." she says.

"Is this... someone you know?" she asks softly.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-23 02:38:44 2661
Hannah shrugs. "Maybe, maybe not. Even /if/ they are your enemies, sometimes you can make use of them, if you are clever and a little lucky." Lectures the woman.

Hannah scowls towards the bird, particularly as she feels magic and anger, and the lights flicker. There's a deep, deep stare of irriation.

"...Mister Corvus, please try to act professional. This is an infirmary. There are people on EKG machines."

The picture is utterly ignored, as is just about everything else for a good two minutes of utter silence from the injured girl. Her teeth grit, her face flushes in rage, and raising her arm, she slams it into the wall behind her. The plaster and drywall shatters in a long line as Hannah snarls in fury, before falling silent once more.

Dusting her arm off, she regards Scorn with a flat look that just turns to exhaustion.

"Sorry. I lose my temper sometimes. Alright. You did what you did out of ignorance, so you get a pass. And you were honest. So, you get to walk out of this room with your bones still inside of your body. /But/, Miss Scorn, we have a problem here, you see."

A deep breath, and she manages civility, though it's obviously taking great effort not to just give in and break the pair.

"I like honest girls like you. So, you get a chance. And besides, my friends are interested in you. Her name is Ao Karina. She's staying at Mitakihara General, room fifteen. She is very fragile to begin with. Go there, tell her you are her cousin, and then undo whatever draining you performed. Do that? And you will have no trouble from me. In fact, since it is obviously a loss, I will help you track down two Ao's worth of energy. Maybe even give you a hand 'off the clock', as it were. Well?" Then, she motions to the wall that has plaster bits crumbling from the impact. And she wasn't even holding her Device.

"I am certain you understand the alternative. We both have enough problems, right? The girl is my best friend. Please."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-23 03:11:12 2663
Scorn listens very carefully. She doesn't seem to react to Hannah's outburst at first. She does listen, and grows a little sad, even when Hannah mentions the girl is her best friend. She keeps quiet for a good long few moments. Free her hard work? CAN she say no? Miss White even offers to help with two more worth for her friend.

"I can do this."

"WE WON'T!".



"We will benefit. She will help us." Scorn says angrily.

The room shakes again. Lights flicker. A nurse gets chased out of the room.

"I will do it. You will help me in the future." she says. "Regardless of anything after this, understand?" she asks, a little less awkwardly, and a little more sure this time.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-23 03:20:42 2664
Hannah leans back, and offers a genuine smile at the sudden bickering. Her arms cross, and finally, she pulls the iv out of her arm. Standing up slowly, she'll reach out to squeeze the girl's shoulders.

"As long as Ao gets better, and you never lay another hand on her, then you have an ally. Miss White...no, Hannah Sharpe is a woman of her word. We might not agree on methods or dreams, but anyone who helps my friend like you are doing I will bleed and die for." Then, she lets go, and stands in the doorframe.

"...I really would like to call you a coworker, though. Hard worker, strong, ambitious, a bit of moral fibre amidst all of magic...you could really go places, kid. Think on it. No pressure either way."

She whistles, and Boris is beside her, and Hannah finds his lead.

"Alright! Operation: Pay Back Scorn-san begin! Mmm...time to raid the IT Manager's booze stash. I have the /perfect/ plan."

Off she goes, but not before imparting one more bit of advice.

"Oh, one more thing. You have a level head. That is going to keep you alive. So consider just how trustworthy your pet is, okay?" A tiny wave, and off they go.