One night in Tokyo

First attempt at a hunt for Shinobu is a blind walk into Tokyo. Don't worry it's short!

Date: 2016-01-17
Pose Count: 8
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-17 00:18:51 23067
Its quiet. The last time that Shinobu actually seen Tokyo was more than five years ago. She came here specifically to see the city lights. Of course there is the other reason. Hunting witches is what she is supposed to do. She hasn't a clue how to do it but starting by going for a walk isn't the worst idea.

So quietly she walks. Each step causes her to remember the events of the night before. Each time she hears someone talking she whips around expecting the worst. The worst doesn't happen. Its all in her head. Its probably for the best. She doesn't want to power up right now anyway. Although she'd probably feel a little warmer if she did. Running around with her weapon out though would likely result in some sour looks though
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-17 00:24:42 23071
    Kyouko is an urban creature. She doesn't often stray outside of population centers- she's always lived in a city, and after all that's where the Witches are. Can't go too far from them. Still, sometimes it's nice to get out just a little bit.. and you never know, there could be a Witch or two in the suburbs surrounding Tokyo.

    Tonight, Sayaka has convined Kyouko to expand their normal patrol route a little beyond the city limits, and the two Puella Magi are leaping along, rooftops and trees alike providing perches as they move in unison through the neighborhood. Kyouko comes to rest on the ground coincidentally just a little ways from where Shinobu is walking, turning to face her blue-haired companion.

    "Ahh, it's like I told ya, Saya-chan, the chances of finding a Witch way out here are pretty low.." She turns to look back towards the city, putting her hands on her hips as she regards the twinkling lights. "..sure is pretty, though."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-17 00:31:19 23073
    Sayaka was quite enjoying the increased mobility afforded as a Puella, and she's out here, not only seeking out witches to protect helpless citizens from, but also to simply enjoy herself as well as the company of her fiery friend. Perhaps its a bit chilly to be running around on rooftops in the middle of a winter night in fancy Puella skirts, but maybe the magic makes it a bit ore bearable.

    She grins, glancing sidelong at Kyouko, nodding, "Yeah, no sweat. We'll be able to go hunting without any interference out here for sure.." Sayaka sighs and nods in agreement as she pauses for a moment to take a look at the skyline.

    But not far away, she spies a somewhat familiar figure. "Shinobu? What's she doing out here, alone?" Last time she saw the girl, she recalls how she was blind and kind of seemed helpless, even if she did have some psychic ability of sorts.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-17 00:47:59 23076
Shinobu Kimura is still just walking along. She hasn't noticed the two Puella Magis above her. Why would she. Well it could have something to do with the fact that she is looking up at the city lights. Still She seems content. Something else that might be noticed is she has no cane nor is she wearing the traditional sunglasses that would mark her as being blind.

There has got to be an easier way to go about this. Blind lucks doesn't seem like the best choice for hunting witches. So onward she goes. Down a dark alley. Probably not the best idea. Just because there is no witches down that alley doesn't mean there aren't any less then savory sorts down there.

Sadly that she sees just what is coming. A man walks up to her with a knife drawn. "You. I'll take all your money and... That ring off your finger."

"You've got to be kidding me. Tell you what. Let me have say... This piece of trash over here. If I win, you let me walk out of here. You win, I'll give you everything. Sound fair?" She gestures to a piece of PVC pipe thats about 6 feet long.

The thug smiles sharply. "Okay. Lets do it."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-17 00:53:25 23081
    Kyouko glances over her shoulder as Sayaka points out Shinobu. "Huh? Oh.. she was at the meeting." Kyouko scowls slightly just at the memory of that meeting. God, what a mess. It still makes her angry, even though the talk they had with Kunzite the other night actually seems to have calmed her down somewhat- or at least, hardened her resolve.

    She watches Shinobu vanish into the alleyway, and then frowns as the man walks in after her. "Looks like she might be in some trouble." She mutters, hesitating for a moment and glancing at Sayaka. She herself is no hero... she's never claimed to be. But she knows all about Sayaka's sense of justice.. and she kinda wants to make herself look good for the other girl.

    So after a moment she sighs. "I guess we should go help her, huh?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-17 01:08:24 23086
    Ah yes. 'The Meeting'. The one where apparently, all lot of stuff went down..Sayaka had managed to track down and question Mami about why she pulled a gun on Kyouko and all..She wasnt totally happy with the answer, but it was over now. Even so, her attitude towards Mami had dampenned a bit because of it.

    As for the girl, Sayaka recalls her being kinda blind last they met, and so she's more than a little concerned when she sees a thug threatenning her. "We've got to help her!" oh sure, they wont get grief seeds or any other reward from it, but indeed, Sayaka's strong sense of justice will not allow her to stand idly while innocents are being harmed.

    Without hesitation, she leaps off the rooftop, following the pair into the alleyway..
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-17 01:16:41 23089
Shinobu Kimura snickers a little. She walks over and picks up the pipe. The man slashes at her and she quickly gets down. "Cheap." She takes a fighting stance and then catches sight of Sayaka. "I got this! It's okay!"

The man snaps, "You interfere you're dead!" Then he lunges at Shinobu.

Its a nasty fight. At least, for the thug. Within a seconds time he is on the ground. The pipe is swung down at his chest. With no way to really block he is helpless but to take the hit. "Now, I am going to give you a chance to run away. I suggest you take it."The young woman carrying a pipe just points it at the man menacingly.

Quickly the man scrambles to his feet. He takes off running right past. Sayaka.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-17 01:21:42 23091
    Kyouko heaves a little sigh as Sayaka leaps past her into the alleyway. "I love ya, Saya-chan, I really do, but you're gonna get us both killed one of these days.." Still, just a moment later, she takes off after the blue-haired girl.

    Of course, it seems like their help isn't needed after all. By the time Kyouko gets there, the thug is in flight and Shinobu is looking perfectly fine. Kyouko quirks a brow at Sayaka. "Well. I guess that worked out, and we didn't even have to break a sweat-" She pauses as her phone suddenly vibrates in her pocket.

    She pulls it out and glances at it, then frowns. "Hey, Saya-chan. I gotta deal with this. It's from work. Can you walk her home?" She nods towards Shinobu. Assuming Sayaka says yes, Kyouko gives a fangy smile. "Thanks."

    She reaches out to squeeze Sayaka's shoulder. "See ya tomorrow." Then she calls back towards Shinobu, "Nice moves, kid." Before leaping up to the rooftop of the nearest building, and then vanishing from sight.