Griefing Prism Keeper Red

Miss White stumbles upon Mei, and her grief seed. Words and fists are exchanged.

Date: 2015-06-24
Pose Count: 11
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 01:06:53 2669
The magical girl known as Miss White pauses as she watches the sleeping face of her dearest friend. Ao Karina, one of the victims in Scorn's dealings, is visibly improved now that she's free of the spell. Always sickly and pale in the first place, it had been hard on her, but she's finally starting to recover. Leaning down, Hannah plants a motherly kiss on the other girl's forehead.

"Rest well, my friend." She whispers happily, drying her tears before leaping out the hospital window and landing on a nearby rooftop.

Several more leaps, and after a bout of magical-girl theft, she's content to watch cars and people go by as she drinks a coffee from atop the roof of a cafe. Legs dangling and Barrier Jacket fluttering in the light mid-day wind, Hannah Sharpe cannot contain the smile on her face.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-24 01:29:58 2670
Mei's heard that American students get the whole summer off from school. She considers it a great injustice that Japan has not adopted this policy. Homework *and* inescapable heat? The actual, literal worst.

At least Biv gave her this magic debit card so she can get milkshakes on the way home from school. (And she doesn't care what Roy says, those totally qualify as 'emergency purchases' when it's this hot out. Can't have her overheating when there's justice to be done!)

The little redhead steps out of the cafe with a jingle of the door's bells, skipping the last step as she checks her phone and takes a long drink from her strawberry shake. Still no word from Kamen-senpai about delivering the 'Grief Seed' to the purple girl, unfortunately. She sighs, returning the crimson flip phone to her pocket, where her hand brushes the nasty object. It sucks having to carry it around everywhere, since it has such a *creepy* vibe, but she can't just leave it at home where Momo could find it. Or someone else.

Not seeing anyone else around, Mei pulls the Seed from her pocket, taking another pensive sip of her drink as she does. Why would something a monster leaves behind be useful for healing?
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 01:41:59 2672
Thankfully for Hannah, she'd had the presence of mind to activate Wind Divination before heading out the hospital door. It's hard to leap from roof to roof and not go smack into a water tower when you're blind. But more than her perception spell, it's that /feeling/ that gets her blood pumping. The outline of the girl is familiar, and then she places it: the burning ball of red she treated like a soccer ball. A wince. She still feels a little guilty about that.

After a glance, Hannah drops from the rooftop a few feet away from Mei. Her arms cross, and the woman frowns as she 'looks' in her general direction.

"You know, flashing one of those in public is a real good way to lure out all kinds of the wrong people. And not just me." Comes Hannah with more than a little dissapproval.

"Do you even know how dangerous that thing is? Seriously, kiddo, you should not have one of those. Mind handing it over? You could say I specialize in handling dangerous objects like that." Her voice is openly concerned, and stern. Standing tall, she tries to seem the adult she's not yet. Maybe a little authority will make things go smoothly.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-24 02:08:22 2674
Mei's eyes are torn violently from the Grief Seed by the sound of an impact a few feet away, gasping as she takes in the sight of the young woman in front of her. "Y-you!"

Miss White -- but not Miss White. Or at least, not *her* Miss White. Maybe? She trusts Mr. Kamen's opinion about that, obviously, but with everything as mixed up as it has been lately, it's hard to know anything for sure. Even for genius high school magical girl protectors. Either way, still a bad guy, and a bad guy who just saw her Grief Seed.

Which is, apparently, bad.

"If I'd known there were bad guys around, I wouldn't have. Obviously," the girl spits out in reply, lowering the spiky thing back into her pocket, though her hand-eye coordination is a bit off and she misses it several times. Very dignified.

She's doing her best to be brave in the face of evil, but her heart still skips a beat when Miss White asks her to hand over the Seed, crimson eyes widening. No way is she going to let her have the Grief Seed; not when Purple Girl needs it, not when Tuxedo Kamen asked her to keep it safe. But if that last battle with her is any indication, she's probably not going to take no for an answer...

So she acts on instinct. Silly, childish instinct.

"If you want it," Mei growls, the Chroma Crystal on her necklace lighting up with magic, "come and take it." With a cry, she launches the milkshake's contents towards Miss White, then turns on her heel while she's (hopefully) distracted. After a shouted incantation and a burst of red, she's in the air, flying as fast as she can manage away from the cafe.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 02:20:06 2676
Into the pocket the Seed goes, and Miss White rubs one hand through her thoroughly white hair. There's a sigh of frustration.

"Ambitious jerks like me /always/ come running to things like that. I can feel it, you know? That ominous horrible feeling." She shakes her head, scowling once more.

"Nevermind, you are not going to listen to me, are you? I swear, you defender types /ALWAYS/ have to do things the hard way! Fine, fine, fine! Ugh, Hat Guy is going to /kill/ me for this one. You really know how to..." Splat. Suddenly milkshake. Out comes a handkerchief, and she's wiping her face off.

"Alright, that does it, you are getting PUNISHED little girl! Time to teach you some respect for your sempai!" She yells, as the girl transforms and then flies away!

"HEY! Oh come on, at least do this properly! COME BACK HERE YOU!"

Hannah reaches into her pocket, and flips the gold coin that is Raging Tempest.

"Raging Tempest! Set up!" The coin glows mid-air, then grows and splits as Hannah catches the two knuckles. Slamming them together, the Device speaks in English.


Wind magic kicks up around her, and then in a flash, Miss White is gone. Reappearing in a leaping arc, she seems to hang in the air a moment as she aims a hard kick right towards Mei's midsection! Her glowing green leg lets out a burst of magic, a light gust spell as she aims to crash poor Mei straight into a nearby toy store display!
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-24 02:52:22 2679
Mei -- or, more accurately, Prism Keeper Red -- is NOT LISTENING NOT LISTENIG FLYING AWAY AT MAX SPEED LA LA LA

(oh crap she's transforming isn't she this is gonna suck)

Closing her eyes tight, as though shutting out the problem will make it go away, she strains her little wings against the wind, Grief Seed tucked away somewhere in that extra-dimensional pocket all magical girls seem to have by default. If she can get some place safe, she can call Tuxedo Kamen. After all, he told her that he could come help her, come *fast* if she needed him. And Miss White is scary, she'll need all the help she can get if she wants to--

Her train of thought is cut off as she feels a familiar kick to her gut, one that sends her spinning off course, gasping for the air that is suddenly gone from her lungs. Her eyes open again in shock, but she feels more than sees that she's careening down towards a building, towards a landing that is going to hurt if she doesn't stop herself.

Unable to figure out what her wings should be doing, Red groans loudly and pushes out a shield of red magic behind her, something to slow her down before she hits the rooftop display.

And it works. Somehow. Her body slows to a mid-air stop, relying once again on her translucent wings to keep her airborne as the light vanishes into a hail of sparkles.

Panting, she turns to face Miss White, eyes filled with all the righteous fury a ten-year-old can manage.

"You''re not going to defeat me this time!" she says, raising her hands in front of her and collecting a sphere of pure red energy. "I earned the Grief Seed fair and square, and I'll never let someone like you take it." The orb explodes into a beam, aimed squarely at Hannah. "No matter what you've made Tuxedo Kamen think."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 03:29:21 2681
Hannah doesn't immediately follow up, watching as the girl manages to slow her descent towards the shop with her shield. Still up. Still fighting. And showing a /lot/ of bravery for a girl so young.

The magical girl known as Miss White smiles wide, and claps.

"...Heh. And here I thought this would be over in the first round. Not some glass-jawed chump after all, kiddo. I am actually starting to get a little excited. Very, very excited. COME ON! Show me everything that you are made of! Do you think you have the strength to defend? To help others? Bah! No one has that kind of strength. Not the way the world is, how it beats down on you, takes away everything that you love and care for! KEEP ON DREAMING!" Comes Hannah, a strange mixture of respect and the kind of desperation only found in those with Darkness eating at their souls.

Hands go behind her head, and she chuckles.

"Still. Actually standing against me? Prism Keeper Red, right? You know, I am starting to respect you. You might be young, stupid, and naieve, but anyone who actually has the gall to fight for what they believe in is someone I like. Do not dissappoint me."

She makes a 'bring it' gesture with one hand, smile confident and smooth.

Only for the young girl to raise her hands, and that orb shoots a beam of red energy too fast for her to even react. Raging Tempest is faster, and a shield springs up around her, but quickly shatters as the beam hits her straight in the chest. Sent flying herself, she crashes through a storefront and through a counter. Groaning, she slowly stands up, dusting herself off. She's absolutely /covered/ in now ruined pastries.

"...Luckily for you, Barrier Jackets do not need to be drycleaned, or you would owe me a pretty huge bill right now kiddo." Comes Hannah, irritated, scuffed, but otherwise none the worse for wear.

Taking up a kickboxing stance, her feet flex, and her legs glow with wind magic.

"Wind Rider!" The pair of Raging Tempest and Hannah intone, and she slides more than runs towards the girl, speed blistering and the burst of magic kicking up debris and tossing around napkins from the shop as she comes for the girl in a blurr.

Only to slam her right foot down hard enough to shatter concrete when she's a few inches in front of Mei. There's a kick left-handed jab towards the girl's shoulder, hard and fast, before she follows it up with a second! Then, her arm pulls back in defense, and she aims a kick for Mei's head. A duck to the right as her leg hits the ground, and she gives one final low sweep of her leg towards Mei's own feet to try to trip her up!
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-24 04:10:05 2684
Red gasps audibly as she sees her beam send Miss White hurtling through the pastry store. Not because she's concerned for the white-haired girl's safety -- villains deserve what they get, frankly -- but what if people were *inside*? Is this fight going to be hurting people? She peers around anxiously. The strip isn't too populated, from what she can see, and most of the people seem to be pointedly ignoring the obvious displays of magic. Still...

She looks up at the rooftops. It would be better to move this fight upward, if she can.

Not that she has much time to think, because her opponent is at her again, verbally and physically, before she knows it. Miss White is a physical fighter, from what it seems, and she is quite certainly *not*, being a grade schooler of questionable athletic ability to begin with. So she has no choice but to catch the first jab with a conjured shield, rather than with any kind of parry.

In the midst of the onslaught, Red speaks, mind racing furiously to keep up with fighting and talking at the same time. "I don't believe you anymore." The shield disappears as the second jab comes her way -- and she just barely dodges that one, fist shooting by so close to her head that she can hear the *whoosh* of wind. She squeaks in alarm.

"What the heck is a Barrier Jack -- ngh!"

The world explodes into stars as the boot collides with her head, blinding her for a moment as her feet are torn out from beneath her. Red can't think, can't talk, can't focus on anything but the *pain* and the *ringing* in her ears, the renewed wave of burning ache that radiates up from her fragile ribs as the adrenaline from the first attack wears off. Her body, almost in slow motion, plummets towards the ground for even more damage on impact.

She has to do *something* -- and so, when the dust settles, Hannah will find a vine of thorny roses snaking at her boot, trying to get a hold on her.

"Maybe you don't have that strength -- the strength to protect people," the young magical girl whispers, fighting against gravity as well as her own instincts to stand up once again. More vines like the first appear from nowhere, lashing out to coil around Miss White's arms and legs. "Maybe that's why you're a bad guy. But,"

The rosy tangle clamps down, then hurls itself upward, sending whatever has been caught in the trap flying to the rooftops.

"I. Do!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 04:33:02 2686
'Miss White', from all appearances, is certainly a physical fighter. She'd be a twig of a girl if it weren't for her minor obsession with physical fitness. As it stands, her frame bulks into barely below average from sheer teenage muscle mass, the body of one who well and truly fits into the 'jock' category as high schoolers go. Thankfully, there is a mind to go with it, if her accounting classes are anything to go by.

She might be a second-rate mage on her best of days, but Raging Tempest caters to those reckless enough to bet on strength alone, and Hannah is certainly of that mindset. Her hammer blows are dodged, parried via shield moving into an almost artful evasion, and then finally her kick connects. Her smile only grows.

"No experience or technique, but you evade well! Are your eyes keen? No...too young for something like that. It must be instinct. Lucky me, if you were a few years older, I might actually be in over my head." A chuckles as she kicks into the girl, taking out her footing.

Vines snake up, and her ankles are grabbed. There's surprise in her features for a moment, then a smirk.

"Oh? Good thinking! A binding spell to hold down a mel...EH!?" Up she goes, honestly surprised, and then she finds herself falling towards a rooftop. Pure experience saves her from a truly powerful blow. Curling her body, a barrier forming in front of her, it takes the brunt of the impact as the rooftop of that poor bakery cracks from her landing. Knees shudder, and her arms visibly bruise as she takes the blow in her extremities rather than her face or body. Experience alone keeps her going here, avoiding a knockout blow narrowly. Soon enough, she finds her feet.

And then, she outright laughs.

"...Are you actually conceited enough to think you can protect people? Tell me something. How many do you think have died in this rotten, filthy world in these last few minutes? Answer! Plenty. And where were you and I? Even with these impossible powers, something so fancy as magic, we instead chose to clash over something like a Grief Seed. Do you understand? We are /ALL/ weak as long as we have this level of power! Pathetic! Truly pathetic! The only thing that matters is strength kid! SO DO NOT GO AROUND CLAIMING I AM WEAKER THAN YOU! NOT NOW! NOT WHEN I WALK THE PATH TO THE OBJECT OF MY DESIRE!" She screams out. A magical gust, and she's gone, right above Mei's head.

Magical energy gathers like a storm in her fists, a swirling whirlwind of power that turn those hands into drills of wind-magic. She pulls back for a knock-out blow, wide and true, as she calls out.

"Violent...Raging...TEMPEST!" Down falls her right fist, aimed for the girl's chest. Some inner voice calls to her, and at the last second, she pulls her punch. No matter her fury, her pumping blood, her ambitions, the girl before her is still a girl. She can't bring herself to really hurt her. The winds recede, but only slightly.

It's a cutting burst of magical energy that slams into Mei, hard enough to shatter the roof below in a massive hole. The second wind-drill fades as she pulls back.

Hannah's face is clenched, almost mournful.

"Just give me the Grief Seed and walk away, alright?" She adds, finally.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-24 05:23:20 2690
"I don't just *think* I can protect people!" Red counters as the girl finds her footing on the rooftop. She'd been hoping to catch her off-guard, disorient her enough to fly away or call for Tuxedo Kamen's help -- no dice. Fear for her ability to protect the Grief Seed sinks like cold lead in her chest; but, if there's no other way, she'll just have to keep fighting. "I've *already* protected people! I saved my classmates to get this Grief Seed in the first place. It's not some impossible thing to do!"

Her comments about the world, about all the people they haven't saved, earn the reaction she was (possibly) looking for. Crimson eyes briefly fall to the ground, brow furrowed in guilt. "I didn't choose to fight. You did. You came after me for the Grief Seed, and I'm defending it. So that it can *heal* someone." It seems her own words give her heart, because she looks up once again, fire renewed. "Don't you get it? You haven't saved anyone because you're trying to hurt people instead!"

But Miss White is charging up her whirlwind, and her mind involuntarily flashes back to their first fight, where this magic chewed hers up and spit it out with little issue. Could she just run away? Red's eyes dart nervously around the battlefield. With her pitiful flying skills and her tiny, stubby legs, probably not...

She swallows hard against the surging fear, summoning a little white wand to her hand. Countering the attack with her own magic is her only real option. They'll both see if it's enough.

When the tempest slams into her, she counters with a blast of her own, staggering with the effort of holding herself up. But, all the same, she keeps speaking. "If people like you weren't around -- if you didn't do things like this, didn't hurt people -- we wouldn't have to save anybody!" The force of the opposing magic drives her backward to the edge of the roof, and with a strained groan, she braces the wand in front of her with her other hand. "I don't care if you think you're stronger. I don't care if I'm stupid and young. I *will* protect people, and you will still--"

Lose. That is what she would have said, if the swirling green winds hadn't burst through and stolen the wand from her hands, cracked the concrete of the roof beneath her, and sent her plunging to the ground below, so very much like their first encounter. She doesn't have time to make a noise, it happens so fast. Her body slams back to Earth, leaving cracks of its own from the impact. The frilly, fairy-like henshin, exhausted beyond its ability to protect her, vanishes into thin air, leaving Mei behind in place of the Prism Keeper.

Her Chroma Wand falls a few feet away, reverting back to the red pendant that she knows so well. And the Grief Seed stands, on its point, not much further.

She's beaten, every muscle in her body aching, but there's still a chance. Some small, small chance.

A shakey hand reaches into her pocket, pressing a certain number on her speed dial.

The girl pushes herself onto her feet, dashes forward with all her remaining strength -- then falls again, inches from the prize, fingers stretched and grasping even then. "If you want it. Come take it from me."

The tone is much less confident, the circumstances oh-so-different, but the sentiment remains the same.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-06-24 05:43:50 2693
"Useless. Completely useless! So what if you obtained a Grief Seed? Do you have any idea about that thing? Allow me to fill you in. The thing you have is just going to end up resurrecting itself! Wasted effort kid! Grief Seeds fill up with Darkness and turn into the same Witch you beat down! The Witch that produces Familiars that can themselves end up as Witches! A truly endless, pathetic cycle of death and destruction! That kind of thing cannot end without weapons, my tiny little friend. Weapons to deny such monstrous beasts. That is what I am seeking." States Hannah, her words both twisted, and at the same time possessing a strange kind of honesty. She might be evil, but this girl truly believes in her own words.

Little Mei stands up on the fire and passion of her words and feelings. 'Miss White' sighs gently, rubbing the back of her head prior to her attack.

"...Well, you are right one thing. I am the true jerk in this scenario. On a micro level anyway. 'Miss White', good bloody job, you are beating on a...what, middle schooler? Not even that, an elementary school student? You have a point. I /am/ pretty pathetic today, all things considered. But you have something valuable, and dangerous. Seriously, something that could end up in your death if it happened to..." A deep sigh, and a shake of her head.

"...You are not going to listen. Forget it." She sounds almost sad.

Her fist slams against that wand, and then it's spinning away. The dust settles, and that second fist of her's never lands. Mei is dialing a number, and Hannah actually smiles.

Such spirit, even as she falls back down in the aftermath of their clash. Hannah takes a moment to walk over to the Seed, and snatch it up. It goes into her Barrier Jacket. Then, she pauses, and sighs.

"Try not to feel too bad, alright? You only lost due to experience alone. Actually, you are pretty good, when it comes to a magical girl. If I have to guess...more innate talent than me." A shrug, and then one more sigh. She feels completely horrible, despite her victory. A moment, and she walks to a nearby drugstore.

And comes out with a first aid kit.

"...By chance, were you calling Hat Guy? Mmm. He is seriously going to be angry about this one. Alright. Hold still." It's about then that she does her level best to bandage-and-cleanse the young girl's wounds.

When she's done, she walks off. There's a card stuck in Mei Akatsuki's pocket.

"If you want a rematch? Any time, any place. Or if you just want to talk. Get stronger, my little friend. I will. It is a promise." There's a casual wave, and 'Miss White' is gone.