Pot Smashers!

An unlikely team up occurs in a Labyrinth on Shinobu's first witch hunt. A mysterious Puella Magi is met and POTS ARE SMASHED!

Date: 2016-01-18
Pose Count: 17
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 03:39:13 23333
    It is pretty late at night and well... Bad things usually go down after sun-down, such as witches, youma, and evil individuals. Tonight is one of those nights where something bad, or something bad was happening.

    Mara is currently inside a barrier fighting of familiars by herself. These familiars look like sunflowers, and are still growing from cheap, clay pots. Sprouting from the bottom and sides of the pots are green vines that it uses to move around, or entwine. It's main stem coming from the soil, leading up to it's head, which again looks like a sunflower. It's eyes are beady and has a large razor sharp, toothy smile.. These things are everywhere.

    The area they are in, is quite sunny, even if everything looks all paper-ish. The paper grass is a vibrant green, and the sky as bright as it can be. The sun in the sky seems to be watching what is going on, it has large black eyes, and a toothy grin just as evil as the sunflowers. The rays around the sun look to be as blades. Not too far from it is a platform, and a set of stairs leading up to it. In front of the stairs is a gate that goes up as tall as the platform. Then to either side of the gate is a lovely wall of fire that slightly extends past the large platform.

    Mara seems to be pretty maneuverable for the weapon she uses, and cleaves right through one of their Heads. It lets out a shriek, and blood sprays out from the top of it, covering Mara as she lets out a maniacal laugh.

    "Sheesh.. I'm not even trying here! Give me a damn challenge!"

    With that, the famliars quickly surround Mara, and their vines lash out at her, aiming to entwine and crush her.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 03:52:05 23339
Mara is not the only one out tonight. Shinobu has finally gotten down how to use her soul gem to track witches. It took her some time but now she has come up on a Labyrinth. The rookie closes her eyes and suddenly, she discovers her own fears. The swirling violet vortex of death is right in front of her. She's seen them before, when her eyes were blind. Now she's about to enter one.

Black floods the area and viridian light flares all around the young woman. A few moments later she is ready to do the as much damage as she needs to. Her bo is at the read and in she goes!

Shinobu has only been in one Labyrinth so far. This one looks different but it is no less creepy. "Yeesh Tell me that there are witches with NORMAL labrynths out here. She takes off running. Its about that point she realizes that she isn't alone. Someone else is in here. A puella magi with an axe? Must be nice! Quickly she jumps into the fight, taking out the familiars left and right. Her bo is slamming them with enough force that she is obliterating them before they can do much in response. "You kids run on home!" She comments as she takes a knee, to give a sharp smile.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 03:59:05 23340
     Mara jumps high into the air, landing outside of the circle that the familiars just formed. She laughs again, "Really?!" She dashes forward with pretty good speed and swings her axe around, smashing it right into one of the mutant sunflower's pot.

    Mara comes to a spot for a brief moment, and stares at Shinobu, narrowing her eyes. She mumbles something, but she doesn't welcome, or say anything to the other girl.

    While Mara is staring at Shinobu, the plant of the pot she just smashed is crawling away like a caterpillar with it's stem, seeming to try and get away, but split! An axe is burried into the back of it's flower-head.

    Familiars quickly turn to face Shinobu and quickly converge on her with their viny transportation! A few still bugging Mara at the moment, and well, these don't seem to be that big of a threat at the moment, but they are still deadly!
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 04:06:51 23343
The new Magical Girl stares at Mara. Her gaze isn't cold. It isn't intimidating. Her eyes are actually smiling. There is a soft smirk on her face. Ther is no words at this point. The both know that the other is there.

Then, more familiars. With a lightning fast move she flips up to her feet and goes to work on the familiars. She quickly holds the button on her bo as she continues doing her job.

The familiars are deadly but they don't last very long. They aren't witches after all. Just nusences.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 04:12:14 23344
    The familiars don't last too much longer at all, in fact most of them are just a pile of twitching green vines, and blood at this point. Mara's were in pieces, and the ones that Shinobu went to work are just look like they have been put through some kind tenderizer. Pathetic was the best word to describe these familiars..

    It wasn't the Familiars that Shinobu had to worry about though.. It is Mara at this point, charging in fast at Shinobu, "This is my witch, so get out!" With that, Shinobu had her warning, and well, with Mara still being pretty quick, she had closed the gap between herself and Shinobu.

    Mara quickly swings the flat side of her axe at Shinobu, and is giving Shinobu quite the dirty look, which Shinobu can't see under Mara's hood, but she can see the wicked grin across her lips.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 04:23:39 23347
That is exactly what she expected to happen. "Perhaps a little help wouldn't go amiss?" She comments but, sadly the other girl is already on the attack. The Swing is made at her but it simply wiffs by her as she steps out of the way. "Is that it? Are you sure you don't want a little help?" Shinobu inquires as she plants her staff and leans against it.

She doesn't move. At least not yet. She's watching this girl's ever action. Every movement. Not only that, She's watching something else. Not magic as the labyrinth would just freak her out. But what? SHe snickers. "Tell you what. Lets team up, go bag us a witch. Then we can get back to this. Unless fighting a witch on your own is such a big deal to you."
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 04:29:23 23349
     "If you help me, you don't get to use the grief seed.." Mara does consider though.. "As long as you agree to that, we won't have to fight after this." She wasn't surprised that the other Puella Magi was able to dodge her axe.

    Mara starts to back away towards the gate leading to the stairs that go up to the witch that waits for them atop the platform. The way she moves, she seems to have trust issues.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 04:40:44 23351
Wow! It worked! She didn't expect that. "Honestly, We could share it ya know. We do that we both stay in business and the witch is dead right?" She follows along being sure not to make any quick movements. Her goal here isn't to fight with another Puella Magi. Her goal is to do her job, fight a witch and hopefully get a piece of the prize. Sure there is the other perk, the fact she is going to see a more experienced PM in action.

"How long have you been at this? Just curious. This is my second. My first was a few days ago when I made my wish." Shinobu doesn't go into what she wished for. Nor does she go into how her magic works. If they do get to fighting, that sort of information can save her life.

Fear is building inside her. Her last witch was a pain in the neck. What does this one hold? She clings to her weapon and her eyes go wide.

"Hhhhiiiiiiyah!" CRACK! The bo is swung as a latent familiar comes flying at Mara. Needless to say, it doesn't make it. She gives a little shrug and keeps going.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 04:49:08 23353
    Mara reacts quickly, almost like it was instantaneous when she caught Shinobu starting to swing her bo. Mara quickly moves to the side, away from the Familiar and out of the way of the other Puella, watching the Familiar get pulverized.

    "Hmph..." She turns away from Shinobu, and finishes walking up to the gate, kicking at it with a few weak kicks..

    Those few weak kicks actually caused the door to easily open...

    "Either this one is incredibly strong, or just..." She shakes her had... Not even a thanks to Shinobu! "I've been at it for a few years, killed other Puella Magi while I have been at it too... Specifically ones that intrude on witches I have been trying to raise for myself.."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 04:57:48 23355
Shinobu doesn't expect a thanks from this woman. No point in waiting for one. She simply keeps going. "Raising witches? How would you even begin to do that sort of thing? WHY would you want to do that. Don't they cause a lot of damage?"

Her own naivty is showing through. She can't help that though. She is new to all of this. "I guess that means you've gathered a lot of grief seeds. Thats really impressive. I only just learned to hunt today." She goes quiet. Its not that she's over confident at the moment, but she is confident. She knows what she can do and she knows how to protect herself if need be. Sadly where magic is involved, things are a little bit more difficult.

"Am I to assume this is one of your home grown Witches or is this a wild, uncultivated one?" She asks in a whispered tone. She is hoping the latter. The idea that someone is literally farming witches is kinda nuts.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 05:06:25 23356
    Mara starts to walk up the stairs, "It's cultivated... You know how a lot of people just go missing?" She smirks a little bit, "It's because of the witches in most cases. It can be the cause of murders, kidnappings, suicides... Any of it.."

    Mara laughs some, and it is a little wicked too, "I hate this world, and one day, I am just going to watch it burn into nothing but a big pile of ash." She looks over her shoulder to Shinobu, "So why not have a little fun in the process, and watch people kill themselves due to a witch?" Mara doesn't answer one of her questions, but she is going for that creepy factor at the moment, even if it is all true.

    Once Mara and the other Puella reach the top, the witch is there, and in fact, they could see it the whole time! It is the barrier's star! That big sun that was in the sky!

    The witch just kind of laughs a little bit, watching the two with it's large, evil looking eyes. It isn't all that big, really.. It is about fifteen feet tall, but that was due to the sketchy legs, and arms it had... The arms were practically useless on the witch as they were wire thin, as were the legs, but it is some how still able to stand. It suddenly belches fire at the two Puella Magi as shortly after they reach the platform, not giving them much time to react.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 05:16:03 23358
Now Shinobu is wishing she hadn't offered to help this girl. She's no better then the witches! Still, they are here and oh look, there's the witch! She looks the giant over and starts planning.

With a quick motion she pulls out several things that look like darts. They are in fact bo-shurikens! Holding them in her hand she smirks to Mara. "Who wants to live forever!" She slams the staffs end on the ground and a pair of scythe heads form on either end as the bo itself extends.

With a fast motion she jumps up into the air and drops down closer to the witch. Holding her double scythe behind her She whips the bo-shurikens at the witch. Each one of them charged with her own magic and glowing viridian.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 05:21:20 23359
    Mara grumbles a little bit, and quickly moves to the side avoiding the fire being belched at her. She doesn't summon her axe again, but just watches Shinobu, "That is a star witch thingy... So tell me if it is too hot over there.. Having our bodies set on fire, and incinerated might not be the best way to keep living." She rubs the back of her head through her hood.

    The witch is all just looks for the most part, Mara didn't let it get all that strong, just enough to let it become a witch and cough up a grief seed.

    Mara lets Shinobu do the work, letting her get all the attention of the witch. "Wish I had a projectile weapon at this point." She taps at her chin for a bit, seeming to be pretty calm. "Your weapon has too much utility.. You probably over think things as well.." Just like she is doing right now...
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 05:27:47 23361
Shinobu notes what Mara is doing and it's definitely got her a bit perturbed. Right now though, its hot. She can feel the witches heat on her body. Thank gods for a leather vest or she'd feel her innards cooking at this point. This witch needs dispatched. With lightning fast motion she moves in twirling her weapon and making a half dozen slices into the witch.

Yeah the fact that Mara is doing nothing at this point just serves to really annoy her. So whats the best way to deal with that? Take it out on the witch! She jumps back and cries out, "SEASON'S..." She quickly spins her double scythe. It grows larger and seems to burn with her magic. THen with a rapid strike she finishes it, "FINALE!" The spinning scythe saws its way from top to bottom of the witch, ending it abruptly. She turns giving daggers to Mara as the witch flashes, vanishing and of course dropping a grief seed.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 05:41:35 23364
     The witch was weak for the most part, and Mara didn't really put much effort into the fight to begin with, which was none at all. She just watched Shinobu at this point. "Interesting things to keep in mind.." She nods some..

    The witch? Well, it is actually dead, surprisingly and was an easy kill despite how hot it was. It is split in half, bleeding, and fading away as it does leave the prized grief seed.

Mara starts to clap her hands a little bit, "Bravo! You took all my fun away... I'm so very happy.. And don't look at me like that.."

    The barrier is quickly fading away, leaving them standing in the middle of the garden.

    "Charging in like that, ending it quickly... Don't you think that is just a little boring..? Lets see... I probably would have cut it's useless arms off first.. Then probably gone for it's legs so that it could just maybe.... roll around?" She shakes her head a bit, not noticing, or caring about the look she is getting from Shinobu. "I could of finished it off just as quickly, but why taint your soul by going all out? You're just wasting that grief seed.. I'll let dumb people keep this one.."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-18 05:55:03 23367
Puella Magi Shinobu smiles to the girl as she grabs the grief seed and pockets it for the time being. The scythe blades on her staff vanish and it returns to a normal bo. With a fast leap she is standing beside the woman. She smirks a little at her before leaning on her staff once again. Her hand is on the button just in case.

"I didn't come out to play dismember the witch. I came out to pay the price of being what I am. The only reason I am alive is because I chose to make a wish. I don't play games with my life, nor do I enjoy feeling myself get burned. You call me dumb for burning my magic, I call you a fool for not seeing why I did it. WE teamed up. Not only did I save your a** but I did the work on the witch. By myself. While you said I was over thinking things. I may not have been a puella magi for very long but by gods i know how to fight and I know how to plan attacks. The witch was big, weak, and hot. That means slow, defense prone and the heat was likely it's self defense."

With that she starts walking away. Her hand of course still on the button on her staff. "You say you'll let dumb people keep this seed. I say I earned it. Good night." With that she is out the door and gone! Nowhere to be found. Well probably just on another building. Either way. Gone.
Mara Brando 2016-01-18 05:58:22 23368
    Mara shakes her head, "I try giving her some pointers, but nope! Just full of a lot of no.." She starts to chuckles a little bit as she. "I wonder how long she'll last?" She wonders as she leaves the scene of the witch!