Hair brushing, Relationships, and Cuddling

Homura comes over to Madoka's house to spend time with her, and they brush each other's hair and chat about all kinds of things, including relationships after Sayaka makes an appearance.

Date: 2016-01-19
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Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 08:06:07 23442
    Madoka is sitting at her desk in her room. She's finished her homework and is technically getting started on a bit of reading she needs to finish by the end of the week, but really she isn't doing much more than sitting and thinking. It was the first day of school and thus the first day she'd seen Takashi since the day they'd broken up. Seeing him there in homeroom had been difficult, and it brought back a flood of memories that while good hurt a little to think about because she knew there wouldn't be any more of their kind in the future, at least not with him.

    She'd been doing her best to move past this before by just keeping herself busy. Spending time with Homura had helped a lot, as had spending time with her family. But there was no denying the fact she'd be seeing him every day in school, even if it was just for the homeroom period. She lets out a little sigh and actually reads a few lines on her screen, scrolling down a couple paragraphs as she goes. She'll probably have to read this all again later since she isn't focusing on it, but it is nice at least pretending to be busy even though she's not.

    Teddyashi is no longer sitting on her nightstand, but rather in one of the decorative chairs on the other side of the room. He's still facing the bed, though. Matilda the shark is still hogging up a bunch of space on Madoka's bed and she also seems to have been given sweater, fins through the armholes with an extra hole made for the dorsal fin; it's just as cute and ridiculous as it sounds. Madoka herself has changed out of her school clothes and into a long sleeved shirt, mostly white but with pink shoulders and arms and a red heart on the front along with a simple matching pink skirt. She hasn't bothered changing out of her stockings.

    Does Madoka even own a pair of pants? Maybe not unless you count leggings worn under skirts; Homura might never have seen her wear any in all the time she's known her.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 08:28:34 23443
    Homura was watching Madoka a couple times in homeroom, having gone out of her way to get a seat next to her very best friend. The more accepting Madoka is of her clinginess, the more Homura tends to cling, and Homura's not really seeing much reason to stop. She's more than happy to distract Madoka from Takashi and thoughts about Takashi, for both selfish and not-so-selifsh reasons, but such efforts can only go so far.

    Homura knows that Madoka's probably having a rough time, and also she just wants to spend more time with Madoka in general. So she's crossing from one rooftop to the next, wearing a furry coat over her henshin, as she makes her way towards Madoka's house. She knows that she didn't call and ask ahead of time, but... also she just doesn't want to make a big deal about it.

    Plus, speaking with Usagi and picking out an apartment for Mamo-kun's stuff has taken up a significant part of her evening, and the following conversation has given her a renewed sense of conviction. The purple eyed Puella starts to realize that this is the second time Usagi has made her feel like this, but she pushes that thought aside.

    Homura sets down on a ledge outside Madoka's room and taps on the window. She's got a bag slung over her shoulder, and yes she is still avoiding the notice of Madoka's family. Homura respects Junko, but part of respecting her means knowing what she's capable of. The last thing she needs right now is to explain herself to Madoka's mother. Easier to just avoid the issue for now.

    When and if Madoka opens the window, Homura waves and says, "Hey, listen Madoka, do you mind if I come in? We could... um... brush each other's hair, maybe? If you wanted to?"

    She patiently waits for an answer, though it's clearly probably still cold outside.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 08:44:20 23444
    Madoka was happy for the distractions Homura offered her, and was excited to have her friend sitting next to her in class. But there really was only so much she could do when the cause of the heartache was in the room. And as Homura would no doubt know by now he'd been as nice as he could have been about it so Madoka couldn't even really be angry to try and cover it up.

    Homura isn't noticed at her window until she hears the tapping, turning her computer chair around and looking curiously towards the window. First comes surprise, followed by a smile. "Homura-chan!" She gets up and hurries over, climbing up onto her bed and crawling across it to open the window and letting a burst of cool air into the room that gives her an involuntary shiver.

    The questions draw another smile and a giggle from Madoka and she nods, "That sounds like fun, Homura-chan. I've been wanting to do that for a while! The last time I was going to we spent so much time talking," and snuggling, "that I forgot." She scoots over on the bed, moving out of the way of the window so that Homura can jump through like she did the last time, ready to shut the door behind her because she is not wearing cold weather clothes!

    She looks to the bag Homura is carrying with a curious expression, and rather than asking about it directly turns the expression to Homura.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 08:58:51 23445
    This bag isn't really large or anything. When Homura notices Madoka's confused expression, Homura explains, "It's just some hair care essentials. Brushes mostly. I didn't want to put them in my shield because I don't plan on staying in henshin."

    Homura jumps past the bed, dehenshins, kicks off her shoes and then turns around to close the window behind her, sitting on the bed in order to do so. Madoka might notice a purple ribbon tied into a bow in Homura's hair once her henshin fades. The coat apparently faded along wiht the henshin.

    She turns to Madoka with a smile and says, "Thanks for letting me in, Madoka-chan. We do end up cuddling a lot don't we? Not that I mind one bit." Homura leans against Madoka for a moment, nuzzling against her before sitting back up and pulling away.

    Homura opens up her bag and starts digging through it, pulling out a couple of different brushes of different types. "These are my favorite ones. I also have these-- here they are!" Homura pulls her hand out of her bag, producing a number of purple ribbons of various shades. "Usa-chan got me these while she was in Paris. They look nice, don't they? I even put one in my hair after school."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 09:14:02 23446
    "Oh!" Madoka sounds when the bag is explained, giving a sheepish little laugh since the answer was obvious enough she probably should have figured it out on her own. Then Homura jumps past and for a moment Madoka is just staring at her as she lands so gracefully and easily. Her hair almost seems to hover for a moment before falling into place behind her and she finds herself feeling a mix of jealousy and admiration- though vastly more admiration.

    Homura leans against her and Madoka is quick to respond, leaning back and returning the nuzzle, one of her twintails ruffling against the side of Homura's head, "We do and I like that a lot. Cuddling with you makes me feel warm and happy and cared for. And safe." It may be a good thing that Homura pulls away when she does if she actually wants any hairbrushing to get done.

    The bag is opened and Madoka looks on eagerly as Homura starts getting things out. She notes the various brushes and then smiles happily to Homura at the variety of purple ribbons, "Those are very pretty, Homura-chan! Someone got them for you... in Paris? That's really neat." She looks up to the ribbon in Homura's hair, "I noticed. It looks nice on you. Purple always does."

    Madoka starts fingering a few of the brushes, picking them up and looking at the bristles more closely. "Do you want to do my hair first or have me do yours, Homura-chan?" She'll let her pick since it was her idea!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 09:32:32 23447
    "Well cuddles are certainly warm." Homura agrees. "And you are most certainly safe and cared for, Madoka-chan." Just the way Homura prefers it. She really does enjoy cuddling, though she wouldn't be surprised if the two of them managed to get to that eventually. She also wants to do as many things with Madoka as she can.

    "I think mine would take longer. Since it's... longer." Homura pauses after realizing that she used the same word twice. Well whatever. Picking up some of her brushes and looking at each of them, she adds, "Though you have brought it up on more than one occasion." It's not like Madoka hasn't expressed just a little bit of jealousy and admiration before. Plus, well, Homura has actually wanted to do this for a while.

    "How would you like to do mine first?" Homura reaches up to pull on one side of her purple ribbon, undoing it and placing it with the others. She runs her fingers through her hair, starting at the forehead and pushing her fingers back along her head. With a smile, she turns back towards Madoka. "You can use any brush you like."

    Homura adjusts her seat on the bed, turning away from Madoka so that she can have full access to her silky smooth locks of hair. Homura will wait patiently there whether or not Madoka brushes.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 09:59:46 23448
    The response puts a bright smile onto Madoka's face and gives Homura a sweet look. She also wouldn't be surprised if they ended up hugging a fair bit once the hair brushing is over. She might even be a little disappointed if they don't.

    "Much longer," Madoka agrees, not seeming to find any fault with the repeated word. She giggles a little at the next comment and doesn't deny that she's asked to brush her friends hair on multiple occasions. That she admires it isn't something she's ever tried to hide.

    So when Homura offers to let her be the first she jumps at the chance, "I'd love to, Homura-chan, thank you!" She waits until after the ribbon is untied and placed aside, noting which one it was for later. "Hmm," she hums softly.

    After Homura turns her back to her Madoka reaches out and starts by combing her fingers through Homura's hair, almost mimicking the motion the Puella had just made herself. Her touch is, as always, extremely gentle to the point where if there are any snags and knots they tugged only lightly. For a little bit it might seem like she's just petting or playing with Homura's hair, but it's actually taking her a few moments to get a grasp on it; neither she nor her mother have ever had long hair so she's being careful.

    Eventually once she feels comfortable she picks out her brush based on how tangled(or untangled!) Homura's hair is, setting it in her lap. Then with two hands she gathers up a lock of hair just enough to fit across her palm, running her hands down it from underneath several times to separate it out perfectly from the rest before starting to run the brush over it, starting at the bottom and working her way up. Her pace is fairly slow and even the brushing itself is gentle, the brush carefully working out every last snag and tangle until it has a perfect sheen.

    If Homura looks back at her or checks her reflection in the window she'd see that Madoka has a light but steady blush on her cheeks. "Your hair really is beautiful, Homura-chan."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 10:23:36 23449
    Homura's hair is generally not heavily tangled, though the waves that tend to stick in it might give the impression that her hair is messier than it is. Today is a little bit of an exception, though. Homura has been jumping through the wind the wind without any real protection on her hair. She may have done that somewhat intentionally, so that Madoka could have something to actually do other than andmire it. Not that she'd mind beoin oc.

    Madoka might not see it viewing Homura from behind, but Homura smiles as Madoka runs her fingers through her hair. Maybe she likes being petted like that, or maybe she's just glad that Madoka seems to be taking her time. Well, at least Madoka knows what she's doing.

    "You're very gentle." Homura coos. It's the kind of thing that she appreciates, with her hair as long as it is. The tangles give way to Madoka's brushing, separating as they are worked through. This hair is well kept, and that makes it easier to deal with even with a few tangles here and there in them.

    When Homura glances towards the window, she sees Madoka blushing lightly. Homura starts blushing a little too, once she hears the compliment. "I'm glad you like it, Madoka-chan. I do try to keep it in good shape."

    As her black hair is brushed, Homura starts to realize that she's... really kindof enjoying it. She certainly wouldn't mind an eventing starting with hair brushing and ending with cuddling.

    "You're good. I wouldn't trust just anyone with my hair to begin with, but I'm glad I came here."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 10:46:46 23450
    The fact that the hair was recently windblown does mean that there are numerous small tangles to be worked out, but the fact that the hair is so well cared for means they come out easily with a bit of attention. The fact they're so consistent across Homura's hair suggests to Madoka that she was doing something fairly active, though she doesn't quite intuit 'leaping across rooftops to get here' though it isn't the most difficult thing to put together.

    "It would be awful if I was rough with hair as pretty as yours, and I'd feel awful if I damaged it or hurt you," Madoka replies, her tone soft after hearing the tone of Homura's voice. It's clear she likes it... which makes Madoka happy! She then realizes after a moment that with her parents away she probably doesn't have anyone to brush her hair for her at all. Does that mean no one has for 12 years? Madoka resolves to do an extra good job of it.

    "It's in wonderful shape, Homura-chan. You take such good care of it that you must be very proud of it; and you should!" In general Madoka is quick to compliment Homura, but she feels this particular praise is very well deserved; though it may sound like it she's not embellishing for effect at all.

    As the brush works it's way upwards Madoka's hand slips up beneath it, until the sides of her fingers reach the back of Homura's neck. She keeps them there even once the brush begins working it's way up Homura's head to keep the lock of hair separated, the brush strokes becoming even gentler so the bristles don't scrape roughly against her scalp. "You really think so? I haven't ever brushed hair as long as yours before, but I'm doing my best to be very careful. I hope I'm doing a good job."

    That section of hair is then finished, and the brush set down. Madoka reaches up and runs her hand lightly along the length of the perfectly smoothed lock hair, the light reflecting across it in a wonderful sheen, only the natural waves remaining. Madoka then reaches up and brushes over it lightly on the back of Homura's head and lets her fingers rest there for a few moments feeling almost like a caress.

    Because, well, for a moment it actually is as Madoka admires it.

    When she realizes what she's doing she quickly starts gathering up another lock of hair, directly beside the first, and starts the whole process over again.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 18:49:00 23451
    Homura sits still as Madoka's gentle brushing moves through her soft hair. Feeling Madoka behind her, taking care of her, fills her with a feeling of quiet contentment. Her eyes close, and her lips are slightly upturned into a smile. The thought that Madoka is enjoying this too only enriches it for her.

    "I couldn't imagine you doing something like that, Madoka-chan. You're always so sweet." Madoka putting in the extra effort causes Homura to giggle for a moment, because even if she doesn't know the exact reason she knows when Madoka is doing her best.

    "Why thank you, Madoka-chan. I'm not ashamed of it, that's for sure," she asserts. It takes a certain amount of self cotnrol to stop herself from saying, 'all the better to charm you with, my dear'. Her hair actually is a point of pride for her, which has a lot to do with why she flips it so often. "Showing it off is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's something that I have a lot of confidence in."

    Feeling Madoka's fingers against the back of her neck, and feeling the bristles against her scalp, brings a short giggle from Homura. "I do think so. Being slow and careful is important to brushing long hair. If a hair breaks at any point in that length, the rest of it falls off, so it's better to take your time."

    Homura's eyes open for a moment, and she glances towards Madoka's reflection in the window. She doesn't say anything, but she does notice Madoka admiring her hair, watching her reaction as Madoka quickly moves onto the next lock of hair.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 19:16:25 23453
    Homura's compliment draws a soft giggle from Madoka, "If you say that I'll have to be extra careful not to let you down. I'm happy to put in extra effort for you though, Homura-chan." Then after another giggle she adds, "It's not like I'll mind spending more time brushing your hair."

    The brush works through the next lock of hair in consistent gentle motions, her hand holding on only as tight as it must in order to keep the soft strands from slipping out of her fingers. "Everybody notices when you show it off," Madoka notes with a smile. "Everyone who isn't too busy being jealous admires it a lot. You don't even keep it in tails or a braid," anymore, "and it's so long. It'd be really obvious if it wasn't well taken care of. The way it always falls right back into place after you flip it..." She giggles again, pink eyes focused on the lock she's brushing, making sure she gets out every tangle.

    The admiration is very real as Homura looks at her in the reflection. There's a bit if a reverence there because not only is the long black hair gorgeous, it also belongs to her best friend. There is also a tiny bit of guilty pleasure in her expression though, her brush strokes and the way she holds the hair wistful and a bit dreamy. "I'd never do that to you, Homura-chan," she replies about damaging the hair so the rest of the strand breaks off, her voice sounding quietly blissful and engrossed in her task.

    Slowly she works her way up the hair until her hand is at the back of Homura's neck again, once more slowing a tiny bit more as the bristles tease lightly over her friends scalp without rubbing enough to scratch. She refrains from the petting this time and gathers up one more lock of hair, this one a bit easier because of the natural part in Homura's hair from all those years of wearing it in a pair of braids, and the brushing continues anew.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 19:44:28 23454
    "Oh I don't mind it either, Madoka-chan~." Homura Akemi's voice has a sweet tone to it. Her hands are resting in her lap, clasped tightly around eachother. She has to do that, to resist the urge to turn around and... who knows what? Watching Madoka admire her hair has to be one of the cutest and most flattering things Homura has seen recently.

    Homura can't help but chuckle when Madoka compliments her hair further. "I don't know if it's something to be jealous of. It's just something you get by working at it, like anything else. If I didn't take the time to take care of it it'd just be messy."

    Homura's eyes close for a moment, trying to visualize herself in different hairstyles. "Well, I've already had it in braids for a long time. I wonder how it'd look in tails. It'd be a much different look for me, that's for sure."

    She reaches for one of her purple ribbons and takes it in hand, looking at it for a moment as she says, "Maybe I could tie it in ribbons in it like you do. Or would that be a bit much, with this much hair?"

    Homura's eyes go back to Madoka's reflection, seeing the dreamy look in her eyes, and hearing the blissful tone of her voice. She watches that enjoyment, taking it in. If Madoka enjoys brushing her hair so much, Homura will have to let her do it more often. "I know you wouldn't, Madoka-chan."

    Her eyes close again when Madoka's fingers brush against her neck. Homura could stay like this for a very long time.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 20:08:22 23455
    Madoka smiles at Homura's sweet tone. She's tempted to hug her from behind but her hands are busy, and she's not going to risk messing up the already brushed portions of Homura's hair. She's also pretty sure that Homura is enjoying having her hair brushed, though not exactly how much. If Madoka thought Homura was enjoying it more than she was brushing it her face would probably turn red. It might also turn red if she was more aware or self conscious of how much she was enjoying it.

    "Of course it is!" Madoka responds in a happy tone, not entirely unlike the first time she told Homura her name was cool. "Not everyone does all the work to keep it nice. A lot of people put in just enough time to keep it from being messy but not enough to make it look really nice. I take the time for my hair, but it's so much shorter than yours. Your hair is pretty enough that you could probably be a model for hair care products if you decided you wanted to," she says with a giggle.

    Madoka's eyes peek down towards the ribbons as Homura picks one up, "I don't think that would be too much, Homura-chan. I could tie some ribbons into it later if you'd like to check for yourself."

    Homura looks over at her reflection in the window and Madoka is finishing up the final bit of that half of her hair. She gathers it all up for a moment and then lets it fall naturally, running the brush gently over the top to smooth it all perfectly together. Afterwards she admires her handywork for a moment before starting on the right half of Homura's hair, working from the inside out this time, that same dreamlike happy look on her face.

    Eventually she notices the reflection herself, sees Homura looking at her and blushes a little more before giggling softly. She doesn't stop though, it'd be terrible to only do the job half way and then quit!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 20:32:13 23456
    Madoka's lack of self-awareness is something that Homura is starting to find endearing. It would be difficult for Homura to see any aspect of Madoka as anything less than endearing, but it's just so cute.

    Also, it does give her a bit of confidence, in anticipation of the moment when Homura finally does... try to make things clear to Madoka. She still has no idea how to approach that situation, she just knows that the time for it is coming up soon.

    To confess her love within a week or two of Walpurgisnacht... It seems almost absurdly romantic. It isn't even the first absurdly romantic coincidence she's come across today.

    Homura smiles at Madoka's reflection as she says, "I think your hair looks really cute. Having it shorter does make it easier to deal with, but I think the extra effort pays off." Homura might be slightly biased on the subject.

    "I've never even thought of being a model before. Do you really think my hair is that beautiful?" Even as confident as she is of her hair, Homura is still flattered by the idea of her being a model.

    Madoka assures her that twin tails wouldn't be too much, and Homura makes an 'mmm' sound. "I'd like that. Just to try it out for once."

    Homura is right in the middle of savoring Madoka's dreamlike happy face when Madoka catches her looking in her reflection. Homura blushes lightly, having been caught looking. She giggles in response to Madoka's giggle, smiling at her reflection with no small amount of adoration.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 21:02:07 23457
    Madoka hadn't often been in situations where romance was an option in the usual month long period that Homura had seen her in, so she might find it even more amusing how much worse her lack of romantic self-awareness was before she started dating Takashi. Almost getting kissed does wonders for realizing people might actually be interested in you! As it is anyone who told her Homura might be interested in her romantically would find her surprised and maybe even disbelieving.

    The extra blushing shows that she's at least aware that this hair brushing could be very romantic in the right context. She understands that much, she just doesn't think it applies and so is cause to giggle at something that could be taken out of context.

    She smiles happily as her own hair is complimented, "You do? Thank you! Mama would never allow me not to put in the best possible effort to making myself look good. Hehe... She's the one who bought and picked out my ribbons." Junko takes almost as much pride in her daughters appearance as she does her own. The only reason she hasn't taught Madoka how to put on makeup is because she thinks the innocent and cute look of going without it suits her better, and she's probably right.

    There's a soft hum as Homura asks if her hair really is that nice, "Of course I do! You have the nicest hair of anyone I've seen in person, Homura-chan. Didn't you ever hear the jokes that you already were and that's how you can afford to keep it so nice?" She giggles a little.

    "I can help put it up for you once I'm done, if you want," Madoka offers, not because she thinks Homura needs the help but because she wants the excuse to help style it.

    Madoka is caught catching Homura, and a feedback loop of giggles occurs until Madoka has to stop brushing Homura's hair for a moment for worry of the shaking it's causing will mess up the hair brushing. It's going along rather well, with Madoka starting on the last lock of hair.

    Though the urge to hurry is there Madoka contains her eagerness and brushes out this last lock with the same slow care and affection she has throughout the entire time she's been brushing Homura's hair, her hand beneath holding the lock gently while the brush meticulously works out the few remaining tangles. Soon the side of her hand is gently pressed to the back of Homura's neck and the brush climbs up her head until the job is complete. Then the brush is slowly, carefully going over all of Homura's hair from top to bottom, a simple final pass to undo the partitioning into separate locks until the long black hair is absolutely perfect and shining brilliantly.

    "Homura-chan's hair is so beautiful," Madoka says while letting out a long happy sigh. She reaches up and strokes over it carefully a couple of times with her hand, feeling the silkiness of the perfectly arranged soft locks.

    And then a few more times, and then she's combing her fingers through it a little, right before she lets her hand stroke lovingly over the back of Homura's head.

    Okay, yeah. Madoka is just straight up playing with petting Homura's hair now. But she spent all that time to brush it out, so she earned it, right?
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 21:35:13 23458
    If someone accused Homura of being into Madoka in that way, she wouldn't be able to deny it, which is why she's avoiding situations where it might happen. She has plans for how to handle that, but Homura wants to tell Madoka herself. That said it wouldn't be the first time someone has taken an earnest friendship in the wrong way, so Madoka would have reason to disbelieve the claim. Homura did say right at the start that she saw Madoka as a friend, though the real answer would've been 'it's more complicated than that'.

    Homura smiles at the mention of Madoka's mother... but there's a little bit of sheepishness to her grin. Homura... finds herself wondering how that conversation would go. Junko's approval or disapproval could make or break things for Homura, after all. "Well, I have to agree with her taste. Those ribbons are adorable."

    The thought of being a model almost seems absurd to her, and if it came from anyone less sincere than Madoka then Homura would probably dismiss it. A part of her still sees herself as that shy girl who first met Madoka many timelines ago. "I hadn't heard those jokes, no. That'd be a new experience. All of the lights and cameras, and the attention."

    At the offer to put Homura's hair in pigtails, Homura smiles. "I'd like that." After all, letting Madoka play with her hair was part of the point of coming over to begin with.

    Homura and Madoka's giggle feedback loop leads to Homura covering her mouth. It takes her a moment to settle down, relaxing enough so that Madoka can continue. She quietly and contentedly waits as Madoka finishes brushing her hair, bringing out its softness and beauty.

    Then comes the compliment, and the sigh, and the lovingly petting. Homura shifts in her seat a little, maybe a bit nervously, and once she realizes that Madoka's done brushing she leans back into the girl, letting her soft silky locks drape over the other girl for a moment. When she sits back up, she turns her head to look at Madoka, but her hair is long enough that most of it stays behind her back, and within easy petting/playing distance.

    After all, if Madoka likes it so much, then why not?
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 22:06:24 23459
    It's very true, maybe even more than Homura would expect. Takashi very nearly blew it when meeting her and was told with confidence that people required her parents permission to date Madoka. Considering how much Madoka cares for and respects them it might not come as too big of a shock that anyone who gets along with them so poorly that they told her to stop dating them would be enough for her to break a relationship off. On the other hand they do tend to parent with a soft touch.

    "I'm glad you like them, Homura-chan," is the quick reply to the compliment given to her ribbons, Madoka flashing Homura a smile. All the attention that goes with modeling wasn't something she had considered either, "I guess that's true... it would be a lot like being under a magnifying glass. Even if I was pretty enough for it, I don't think that's something I'd enjoy. The attention might be nice, but not if it came with a lot of criticism..."

    Homura leans back into and Madoka leans forward, placing her hands just in front of her shoulders to give a tiny sort of hug. "Your hair is like a curtain of black silk when it's all brushed out, Homura-chan. I'm jealous," she whispers in a voice of playful complaint, only to giggle a bit afterwards. The playing continues for a bit, though when Homura looks towards her Madoka gets a bit embarrassed.

    "S-sorry. Was I overdoing it? It really is pretty." She leans far backwards, propping herself with one arm before reaching over to open the top drawer of her nightstand, pulling out a pair of loose, mismatched hair ties. "The first thing we should do is find out where the twintails should come together, and afterwards we can tie the ribbons into them."

    She sets them down and starts to reach forward to gather up half of Homura's hair, smiling to her. Then all of a sudden she pauses and blinks. "Oh, right. I forgot something didn't I?" She gets up suddenly, moving around Homura and then sitting back down in front of her. Then with an apologetic smile she reaches out and takes ahold of the lock of hair in front of her ear at the right side of her face. It's by no means messy but it doesn't match the sheen of the rest of her hair, something Madoka intends to fix.

    She starts brushing it out in the same manner of the others, but before long it's clear this is... a little different. Maybe it's because as she gets higher the backs of her fingers are brushing against Homura's cheek, or maybe it's because they're now sitting face to face, with only a short movement letting Madoka's soft pink eyes reach Homura's.

    She starts to blush a little again, but knowing Homura is probably watching her it slowly intensifies. Right about now Madoka is starting to realize just how intimate the way she's brushing her friend's hair is. Her head tilts downward in a shy cast, her smile shrinks until her mouth is an embarrassed little 'o'. Still, she is going just as slow and showing all the care from before while brushing Homura's hair, and when the back of her hand rests against Homura's face while the brush reaches her scalp her cheeks burn, her eyes peeking apologetically towards Homura's, though it's pretty hard to pick out against the bashfulness.

    Maybe she's going a bit too far /again/, she can't help thinking. It wouldn't be hard to give the wrong impression like this. She probably should have handed Homura a smaller brush to do this herself while she brushed the back. Oops!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 22:46:02 23460
    Homura's concern about Junko does center around the idea that Madoka would listen to them over anyone else. She's not entirely worried, as the few times in which she's met Junko the two of them managed to get along perfectly well, but at the same time this is new territory for her.

    "I can't blame you for not wanting the attention. I'd probably shy away from that, too. I'm not sure I'd like it even if all they did was try to get on my good side." Homura imagines herself dealing with cameras and bright lights, getting frustrated at someone and then scaring them off. Would she really be that kind of model, she wonders? She shrugs at the general idea of her having that line of work.

    "Still if we were both models, do you think they'd try to stick us in some angel/devil motif? I mean... considering our... disposition." Homura can't decide if she thinks that's cute or cliche.

    "I admit, I like it when it's brushed out like this." After sitting up straight, she puts her hand behind her neck and lifts it away, letting each individual strand of hair cascade off of her finger tips. She's showing it off to Madoka, this time.

    Homura watches Madoka's nervous reaction to her look, and she shakes her head. "No, you weren't going overboard, and even if you did it wouldn't bother me. I actually feel very comfortable around you, Madoka-chan, even if I do get a little shy sometimes."

    Homura looks foward again, letting Madoka have full access to her hair, but then Madoka remembers Homura's bangs and is now sitting in front of her. More brushing? Well, Homura doesn't mind at all~. Homura smiles at Madoka the whole time. She doesn't really look away, because with Madoka in front of her there isn't much else to look at. Occasionally she does close her eyes however, as a loose strand or Madoka's brushing gets close to them.

    As a result, Homura gets a front row seat to Madoka's steadily increasing nervousness. Homura's own cheeks start to flush, and she doesn't look away. Homura smiles at Madoka, trying to make her smile look reassuring, but it's mixed in with a bit of sheepishness. Yes, it's intimate, but Homura really doesn't mind. She just... isn't sure how to say it.


    Homura hesitates after saying her name. Something should follow that, but Homura has no idea what. "Thank you, Madoka-chan, for taking such good care of me."

    She means good care of her hair, right? Yes of course she does. Of course!
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-19 23:11:21 23461
    Madoka makes a soft mm and nods when Homura also seems to think the attention from modeling might be a bit too much. Being reminded that Homura has a shy side does endear her a bit more to the other girl, though. It does bring on a short moment of thinking on how much it must have taken to turn the girl in the picture to the girl in front of her, but Madoka mentally banishes the unwelcome thought. Today is for having fun and enjoying each other's company!

    A small blink is made, "An angel and devil motif? The two of us?" She blinks a little and has to take a moment to think about it, not having considered it before. "You do look nice in really dark clothing, but I have a hard time imagining you as a devil. And angels are usually white too, not pink." After another short moment she giggles, "It could work in a more playful Halloween look, though! And I wouldn't mind being your little angel."

    Pause, blink. Blush. She wasn't intending to say it quite like that! ...but actually that isn't wrong, exactly. She is trying to 'be good' from Homura's perspective and keep from falling into Kyubey's trap, after all.

    Well, at least Homura just got done saying the things Madoka does don't bother her and that she's comfortable around her, otherwise that blush might have been significantly redder! Not that it doesn't anyway as she brushes Homura's bangs.

    The reassuring look given to her breaks a bit of the tention and Madoka giggles a little in recognition of how silly her blushing so much is. Oh well, if she's going to turn as red as a radish it might as well be in front of Homura, right? There's really no harm in it if she's going to be so accepting. The blush is still there, if a little less intense, but Madoka gets more comfortable with it. Now she's smiling a little while blushing, too.

    Her eyes go over to meet Homura's directly as she says her name, and when it's followed up it spurs one of Madoka's sweet smiles, her eyes softening to a look of tenderness. "I'll always take good care of my friends, Homura-chan. You just have to let me." She releases the lock of hair, lifting her hand to set it against the side of Homura's head and letting it slide down gently until her palm is against Homura's cheek.

    If anything it's even more intimate than just brushing her hair, but the look of kindhearted affection is anything but embarrassed. She wholeheartedly means what she said. Even though Madoka did take the meaning to be more than just hair she also has her own thoughts about what it means to take care of someone, and these are entirely without spurious romantic overtones.

    Or at least they are to Madoka herself!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-19 23:45:07 23462
    Homura hmms at Madoka's response to the angel/devil outfit. "I don't know about that. I think you'd look good in white, or maybe a combination of pink and white. Maybe devil for me is a little forced. Maybe angel but with black and purple instead? I don't know."

    The comment about Madoka being her 'little angel' makes Homura blush furiously, though. She tries really hard to remind herself that Madoka meant that innocently. She tries really really hard, but that was a really good line!

    Her tone is one of playful chiding. "You're a lot cuter than you realize, you know. Someone could really fall for you if you say it like that, my little angel."

    Homura immediately regrets having said that. She considers trying to pass it off as kidding, but... she's gauging Madoka's reaction. She said she was comfortable, and she meant it, but does Madoka feel the same way?

    "Sorry, maybe that was in bad taste. You do a lot of things that are kindof... well they could be taken romantically. Not that I mind! It doesn't like... bother me or anything, and I know you don't mean it that way. I'm just teasing you about it a little." Homura is a flawed creature and can only take so much, but it is still a little too soon and she knows it.

    When Madoka says she always takes good care of her friends, Homura reaches up to touch the hand that's resting on her cheek, then she leans foward and wraps her arms around the other girl. "Alright, then I'm letting you. You're far too kind for me not to trust you, Madoka-chan, and far too sweet for me to not want to be around you."

    Homura holds Madoka for a few seconds before pulling away. Her purple gaze rests on Madoka's pink eyes, and Homura's lips curl into a smile.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 00:11:16 23464
    Madoka giggles a little because she's wearing pink and white right now. Also because, "White and pink are my favorite colors." She thinks for a moment, "A purple and black angel?" She tries to imagine it and comes up with the mental picture of Homura an angel wearing black and purple but with white wings. And also a grumpy look on her face. It causes her to giggle enough to cover her mouth.

    It isn't hard to notice Homura's blushing when it's so strong, and Madoka wonders what she said. Then she's told exactly what she was and in a moments time she's blushing as furiously as Homura.

    For a moment or two she looks stricken, like she might have seriously upset Homura even though the chiding was said in a playful tone, though she calms a little when she says she doesn't mind. "I- say things that are romantic?" The look she's giving Homura could probably be best described as deer in the headlights. The thought had never occurred to her. Now she's suddenly going back over all the things she's said to her best friend and her face goes from red to redder as she reaches up and slaps both of her hands over her face. She even makes a prolonged squeaking sound."

    "I-I'm so sorry! I had no idea- I never meant to-!" She shakes her head slowly while staring at Homura. The hug is happily accepted and leaned into, Madoka popping her chin over Homura's shoulder because right now that is a great way to hide just how embarrassed she is.

    When Homura pulls away she returns the look into her eyes and smiles back at her, though the embarrassment is still there and plain on her face. "I really am sorry, Homura-chan. That must have sounded awful to you if it was romantic, here after I've only just broken up with Takashi-kun."

    A short moment is taken to sort out her feelings, "I really do care about you, Homura-chan, and I'm happy to care for you. I meant that. But... I never thought that what I was saying might be taken that way."

    It's really hard for her to explain so she lets out a little sigh and says meekly, "I didn't think about what I was saying because we're both girls. I never considered that what I was saying could be taken that way if I was talking to you. But... I think I was wrong not to think about that. I'm sorry if I've been thoughtless and embarrassed you, Homura-chan."

    Madoka's gaze defocuses from Homura's, looking back and forth at... nothing, really. She looks confused, things needing resorted out on her head.

    Well, that might explain why she was so oblivious!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 00:32:00 23471
    Homura listens to Madoka's explaination, all the way through. Homura's face goes from slightly embarassed, to a mix of embarassment and concern, and then... a light goes off in her head as Madoka mentions that they're both girls. "Oh. Oh! Oh, I... hahaha..." Homura scratches the back of her head, suddenly feeling a bit silly. "Ha, well, I guess I noticed it more because I mean... I hang around a lot of... girls who are into that. Into other girls I mean."

    Geeze, was that it? Madoka, you really are innocent. Not that it makes you any less adorable

    "I guess to me it wasn't really a strange idea anymore. I just... forgot that not everyone is like that." Homura looks down at the bed for a moment, but... no, she doesn't want to shy away from Madoka right now. She looks Madoka in the eyes and leans forward.

    "Hey, look, it's no big deal, alright? Like I said I was just teasing you. I know you didn't mean it that way, and as for Takashi, well... I wouldn't... I wouldn't assume that about you, and I don't think it'd be very nice for someone to hit on you when you've only been apart with him for... what, almost a week? I wasn't trying to... indicate that. Or anything."

    Homura pauses there for a few moments, not really sure how to continue. She knows that if she outright denies any romantic feelings then she might as well just be giving everything up right now. At the same time, as she said, it's too early to confirm them. She looks down and away as she starts to think that she's seriously messed things up. Maybe it'd be better if she didn't say anything along those lines.

    Homura leans forward and scoots a little closer to Madoka, leaning against her and hugging her again. "You haven't embarassed me. I think if someone came by and saw us they might get the wrong idea, but I really don't care about things like that."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 00:59:27 23477
    Madoka nods a little while still looking confused, "I know a few... Hannah-chan and Haruna-chan are dating, and Kyouko-san likes Sayaka-chan. I don't think it's strange at all. So maybe it was even more silly of me... but I'd never seriously considered anything like that about myself." She tilts her head a little to one side, and her eyes slowly look back towards Homura's. She's not trying to make an excuse, but rather explain herself.

    She nods a little when she's told it isn't a big deal, letting out a sigh and slumping her shoulders a little as a result of all that embarrassment from before. "I'm really glad to have a friend like you, Homura-chan. You don't judge me even when I make mistakes or say stupid things." She was honestly very worried about what it might look like if Homura thought she was flirting with her. Especially when so many of the things she's said might be taken that way.

    When Homura leans forward and hugs her Madoka melts into her arms, soaking in the comfort given to her by her friend. "Thank goodness. I was worried I might have. But if you really don't mind, then I don't think I do either. I just... never meant to say anything like that?"

    She closes her eyes as well, thinking over the things Homura just told her. Luckily she already knows very well that Homura doesn't mind snuggling. "Someone who saw us wouldn't know how much we've been through together either," Madoka notes quietly, silently adding to herself that they especially wouldn't know all of Homura's past timeloops.

    After maybe a minute or two of resting in Homura's arms she pulls away and smiles, "You still want me to do your hair for you, right?"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 01:24:51 23482
    Homura listens as Madoka explains herself. She pulls away from her hug to nod a couple of times. "Yeah... I remember when I was... well, in my first few timeloops it was hard for me to think of myself as a of romantic target. When I changed my hair I got more looks from people but... well, honestly, who wants a romance that only lasts like a month? I mean if you know it's doomed like that, why waste the time and emotional investment? It's not like I had a lot of time to spend on dates."

    After a pause, she adds, "I still kindof have a hard time thinking of myself that way, actually. I don't know, it's just... not something I think about."

    Homura shakes her head emphatically, saying, "No, I don't think you said anything stupid. No one could blame you for not being self-aware of that. I do think you're prettier than you give yourself credit for, but no one can really blame you for that."

    This is really an awkward spot, but it does seem like they're moving past it, at least. It would've driven Homura nuts if it continued, and she was literally at her breaking point. Besides, it's probably better that someone told Madoka. "I know... I know you didn't. I didn't think you were trying to say... something like that. I guess that's why I was trying to tease you about it, instead of... doing something else."

    Homura doesn't really give any indication as to what 'something else' means. She probably doesn't even know herself, really.

    When Madoka pulls away, Homura watches her, and then smiles. "Of course, Madoka-chan! That is, if you don't mind. Nothing you say or do could ever make me want to stop having fun with you."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 01:45:50 23487
    Madoka smiles a little when Homura mentions how she used to feel as well. And then how she still does feel to an extent. "I think we're a lot alike in that, Homura-chan. Before Takashi-kun I never really considered myself a romantic target for anyone. I always thought maybe sometime in the future, but never 'now'."

    She takes the compliment as she thinks it's intended and giggles softly, leaning in to give Homura another quick hug, "Thank you, Homura-chan. I never used to believe that completely when it was only Mama telling me, but maybe you're right."

    Madoka also doesn't know what 'something else' might have been, but she her guesses are probably farther off course than Homura's. She gives a quick shake of her head, "No, I don't mind at all! I've been looking forward to styling your hair." And that's something she knows that girls who are just friends do with each other.

    She gets up again but this time doesn't sit down after walking around behind Homura. She gathers half of Homura's hair up into one of her hands, scooping it together until it's tight near her scalp and then slips the hair tie over it, pulling the long tail through afterwards. The next half of Homura's hair soon follows, and Madoka hums a little. "It might be best if you stand up; for this I need to be able to see your hair from every angle! You can go over by my mirror and look for yourself if you want."

    While she talks she adjusts the tails so they're symmetrical at least, for now high and towards the back of Homura's head; probably not where they'll want to stay. The ties make moving the spot they're gathered at easy since they don't really catch on the hair at all, relying instead on their elastic properties. They're the ones she wears at night before going to sleep for that reason.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 02:18:26 23497
    There's a knocking at the door from outside. Madoka might just recognize the familiar voice of Sayaka (she can be pretty loud sometimes!). Madoka's family is pretty used to Sayaka just popping up at odd hours of the day and so they cheerfully chat with her for a while, before Sayaka heads upstairs and knocks on Madoka's door.

    "Hiii! Madoka-chan! Can I come in?" she quips cheerfully (whoops! Looks like her mom forgot to mention that Homu's here as well!).
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 02:21:00 23499
    Homura nods in agreement. "Yeah, that's something we have in common. I guess I haven't really thought much about dating until this timeline." Homura refrains from making comments about not planning for the future when the future might not even be there.

    It was intended as a compliment, maybe a confidence booster. When Homura eventually does decide to flirt with Madoka she's going to have to make it clear what her intention is. Until it's time for that, well... it's probably better this way.

    Still, she says with a smile, "Well it's true. I think you have more secret admirers than you realize."

    Yeah, styling hair is something that friends do together, so it's no big deal. Homura may have ruined her own romantic mood but really, it was just one-sided anyways. "Well, since you've been looking forward to it, let's get to it."

    Homura sits still as Madoka puts ties in her hair, and at Madoka's direction she hops out of bed and stands up. "Alright." She walks in front of the mirror, positioning herself so that Madoka can move around her freely but also so she can see as much of her hair as she can.

    Homura turns her head from side to side for a moment, looking at her new tails and tapping her chin. "Hm." She's thinking, at the moment. She isn't making comments because she hasn't come to a conclusion. Plus, she kindof wants to see what Madoka wants to do with it.

    Homura blushes as Sayaka knocks on the door. No one mentioned Homura's presence to Sayaka because Homura snuck in to begin with. This is going to be an awkward moment...

    She turns to Madoka and shrugs. "Well, I wasn't expecting this."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 02:35:37 23503
    Madoka giggles a little more at the mention of secret admirers, "Mama always tells me to pretend I have them, even if I don't. I don't know if that would make me act more pretty or if it'd just make me embarrassed instead. If I had even one I think it'd be more than I realized."

    She follows Homura over to the mirror and starts fussing about with the placement of the hair ties, shifting them about and then carefully readjusting the hair so it's even. This is all very experimental right up to the point where there's a knock on the door, Madoka nearly jumping out of her skin. At first she thinks it's going to be one of her parents. And then it's... she's actually not sure if this is worse or better.

    "Ehehe," she laughs nervously, moving the twintails on Homura's head even again so she doesn't look ridiculous when Sayaka comes in. She walks over to the door and opens it just a crack, smiling to Sayaka before lifting her finger to her lips. "Shhhh!" She peeks around conspiratorially before opening the door wider and waving Sayaka in, shutting it quickly after her.

    Almost immediately she wraps her friend up in a very close, warm hug. Maybe a bit closer than Sayaka had been used to from her, but Madoka has gotten significantly more cuddly over the past few months. "It's good to see you again, Sayaka-chan! Um, Homura-chan is here," obviously, "and we're doing each other's hair." She pulls away and smiles.

    The evidence is pretty clear. There are several brushes and purple ribbons on her bed, as well as an empty bag. Homura's hair is up in twintails currently high on her head and towards the back, and it's also even shinier and straighter than it usually is, having been carefully brushed out. "Just, um, be quiet about it because I kinda snuck her in!" She giggles playfully.

    It's maybe a bit of a white lie, but it's not like she wasn't the one to open the window and allow it, right?
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 02:42:26 23508
    Only seconds after she knocks on the door, does Sayaka hear the sound of voices coming from within..Waiiit, is that Homura's voice? What's this, about dating and admirers and..Hair? Sayaka bites her lip, tensing slightly..And for a moment, she considers turning and walking away. Urk. Except she thinks they already heard her. And her mom wanted her to bring Madoka these delicious freshly baked cookies!

    ARrrhg, this is sooo awkward! Maybe she should just sneak away and leave the cookies behind. Maybe she could...Aaah, busted! Madoka swiftly opens the door, ushers her in and shuts it just as quickly!


    Sayaka very slowly, reluctantly glances over at Homura, offering a very forced, very uncertain smile. Sure, last time they met, they didnt leave on such bad terms, but..Well, Sayaka had come to some bothersome conclusions after all that had passed, and she's not overly joyed to see her here.

    "Wait, what? You *sneaked* her in? Why....?" fresh chocolate chip cookies are momentarily forgotten, discarded on a nearby bedside table..If Sayaka wasn't so...Confused right now, she'd probably be hungry too but..Madoka hugs her, making her relax a little, even smiling softly at her dear friend. "Eh..Heh. It's been a while, Madoka. How have you been?"

    She'll get to Homura in a sec.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 02:48:12 23510
    With a joking smirk, Homura just says, "Well that just means they're really good at keeping it a secret, doesn't it?"

    Then she just realizes that she just complimented herself and feels a bit of internal disgust, which is immediately buried. She glances towards Sayaka as she comes in, saying simply, "Hi."

    Homura is, admittedly, a bit less talkative, and a bit less unguarded, with Sayaka around. At least with Madoka here, there's a good chance that it wont turn nasty. She... does feel a little embarassed that Madoka feels like she has to lie for her, but there's no way that Homura could ever not look suspicious at this point.

    Still, between Madoka and Homura, Madoka is the one who is Sayaka's childhood friend and Homura is the one who is always getting into fights with her. So Homura decides it's best to let Madoka decide how to handle it.

    Instead, she simply looks at herself in the mirror, trying some different poses. She tilts her head to the side, she shakes her head back and forth, she reaches up to flip one of the tails. Hmm. Flipping one tail and making it look as cool as a hairflip is harder than it looks.

    She taps her chin, choosing to focus on hairflipping solutions instead of thinking about... anything else.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 02:59:05 23514
    Madoka closes her eyes as she gets called out. "For... fun!" she finally settles on, giving Homura a half playful, half embarrassed look when her eyes finally open back up. She pulls away from Sayaka and smiles, "I'm... up and down, I guess. Some things are going well, but Takashi and I broke up. Um, that's why I probably looked so distracted in homeroom. It was the first time I saw him since it happened."

    There is also something awful she learned, but there's no way she's sharing -that- with Sayaka. There's also some much better things that have happened to her that she's not comfortable sharing with Sayaka. Mostly because those involve copious amounts of time hugging Homura and considering how edgy the two of them seem that wouldn't be the best thing to bring up right now.

    "How have you been, Sayaka-chan?" She looks between the two Puella Magi and pauses for a moment. "Did... you two ever get the chance to talk since I saw you last? I know you wanted to." She peeks over at the container of cookies, but for the moment doesn't ask about them.

    Instead she walks over to Homura and watches her practice hair flipping a single twintail. If Homura wants her opinion on whether it looks right or not her answer comes in the form of a very silly sounding giggle. She then gets to work on trying to find a better placement for them, scooting them a bit further to the outside and down just a tad. "I don't think there's much of a point of very low ones; I think I'd be better off rebraiding them if I was going to put them that way."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 03:06:10 23517
    Oh. Were they talking about Madoka and Takashi? Sayaka smiles, she had been meaning to ask about that, but her smile quickly fades when she tells her how they broke up. "What? You two broke up? How come? I thought he was totally IN to you!" she frowns, "Ooh, dont tell me I have to punch that guy in the face for hurting you!"

    But, Sayaka's sure that Homura's happy about it. She's not entirely sure what goes on between these two, but for some reason, she gets the feeling that Homura's a little..Fond of Madoka. Okay, maybe more than a little. But what a silly idea that is!

    "Oh? You mean...Ah.." Well, she DID mean to talk to Homura about something, but it'd be kinda awkward to say what she really wanted to say with Madoka here. And so she just skirts around the subject instead. "Oh..Yeah. This.." For a moment, Sayaka fumbles with her school satchel, before pulling out a grief seed. It's barely been used, maybe there's about 3/4 left in it.

    Sayaka even ventures to walk up to Homura, holding it out as far as she can to offer it to Homura. "I decided to return it to you. I cant accept anymore than I've taken. From now on, I can only take grief seeds from witches that I've defeated on my own. But..I thank you for helping me out on my first real excursion. That was one tough witch. And what was with the Christmas themed thing? That was soooo messed up!"

    She's trying to lighten the situation, even chuckles a bit in spite of her wariness around Homura. "Oh yeah, Madoka's mom baked these cookies. Wanted me to share them with Madoka-chan, but there's more than enough to go around.."

    Finally, Sayaka smirks at Madoka, "Heh, I guess you always hated how I was into war games and I didnt have very long hair to begin with for you to play with..It must be fun to play with such long hair! But at least mine doesnt' take so much maintenance!"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 03:19:11 23523
    "I haven't spoken to Sayaka in a while, no," says Homura, turning her head towards Sayaka. "Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?" If it's the kind of thing that Sayaka can say in front of Madoka, then it probably isn't that bad. Or maybe it is. It's hard to really tell.

    Homura sideeye glances at Madoka as she mentions different tail positionings or braiding. Homura considers going back to braids for a moment. It would be odd, seeing that look without the red glasses that usually go with it, but... On the other hand, Madoka did say it looked cute. "Well if you wanted to braid them, you could. That'd be alright. Otherwise, well... I haven't really tried wearing ponytails that high up before."

    Homura is strangely quiet on the subject of Takashi. There's no 'i told you so' or any form of celebration from her. She likely just gave Madoka a sympathetic hug after hearing the circumstances, and probably saying that she didn't give him enough credit. She still thinks he's a jerk, though.

    Sayaka produces a Grief Seed. Homura looks at it. Right. She should've expected this. "Well, as long as you're sure you don't need it. There's nothing wrong with splitting one of these if two of us have taken down a Witch. It's only fair." Homura reaches out to take the seed, because she knows that arguing would be pointless.

    "Don't mention it," is all she can say with regards to the thanks. "It was a strange even for a Witch, wasn't it? A bit tougher than most, I'd say."

    At the mention of long hair, Homura glances at Sayaka, and also at Madoka. Both of them have short hair, so... well that would explain why Madoka wants to mess with Homura's hair. "It takes a bit of work, but I enjoy it."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 03:28:40 23525
    Madoka quickly shakes her head, even going so far as to hold out her arms and wave her hands back and forth a little, "No, you don't have to do anything like that! He... didn't hurt me at all actually. He was very nice about it... I think he was actually trying to be nice when he did it. He said he didn't want to lead me on. I think he realized that I'm... just not the right type of girl for him. And after talking with Mama about it I don't think he's the right type of boy for me either."

    On the subject of not having long hair Madoka nods a little, "My hair isn't very long either, and Mama's is even shorter," and has a perfect, specific look not to be trifled with. She makes a soft sigh, "And I think Hitomi-chan would be really upset if I tried brushing her hair for her." For a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is that you just do not mess with the Oujo's hair.

    She then tilts her head a little, "Could I? I think it would look really cute on you. Though is cute how you want to look? Twintails are almost as cute but a bit less..." How to put it? "...devastatingly adorable." Ok, that probably wasn't it.

    But then Madoka thinks a little about what Sayaka said to Homura. She's quiet while Homura responds, looking down, her shifting about of her twintails slowing down enough that she can probably tell something is up. The girl takes a small step away from Homura and looks to her blue haired friend. "Sayaka-chan... that's no good. I may not be a Puella Magi, but I've been in a lot of labyrinths where people were fighting Witches. I don't think I've ever even seen one where it was only a single Puella Magi fighting on her own."

    Her eyebrows lower a little, her expression serious and worried, "I'm not saying anything about this time," she motions to the grief seed. "But if you only use ones that you got yourself without help I think you'd die! There's just so many magical heroes around, and most of them are going to fight a witch if they find them. At least you have to keep the ones if you fight alongside people who aren't Puella Magi!"

    Madoka may have misunderstood Sayaka; she thinks by 'take' she means she won't use them at all rather than use the whole thing for herself, but if nothing else is clear from her words she cares a lot about her friend and worries about her.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 03:39:33 23531
    Well, of course it's fair that they should both share the grief seed..But Sayaka still hates that she was unable to take it down herself. Besides..Well, there was that other thing that had her a little annoyed. That thing that she couldn't - or wouldn't discus in front of Madoka. But she can wait..

    Homura's mentioning that it was an unusually strong witch does cause Sayaka to smile, make her feel a little better. Maybe she's not that weak, afterall.

    Glancing at Madoka, she smiles, shaking her head. "Don't worry. I suppose someday, when I'm strong enough to fight witches all by myself, then I'll feel confident enough that I dont always have to rely on others just to survive. Besides, I already have Kyou-chan watching out for me!" not that she'd allow even Kyouko to take pity and give her anymore grief seeds, but..Maybe that'll make Madoka feel a little better.

    "Hmm, Hitomi-chan's got really nice curls. But honestly, I'd just find all that fancy hair would just get in my way, y'know? All the same, I guess Hitomi-chan must have some secret, cuz she's super busy all the time, kinda like Kamijou-kun, I guess.."

    There's a long, thoughtful pause as she mentions Kamijou. In fact, Sayaka doesn't look as happy as she should, after having healed his hands..Sayaka's almost eager to change the subject quickly, focusing instead upon Madoka's love life. "He..Didn't want to lead you on, huh?" Sayaka smirks, "Well...If you say so. I guess it's better than falling head over heels, only to learn he doesn't feel the same way..."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 03:54:20 23534
    Homura covers her mouth to chuckle. Devastatingly adorable? Well... "I don't mind. It's a look I once had for a long time. You can if you want to." Usually the braids are ditched about the same time as her glasses, but Madoka actually wants to see them? Well that's fine, even if her feelings on having that look again are a bit mixed.

    It's not as simple as looking cute or not. She was weak back then. Still, that kind of thought is irrational, and Homura doesn't want to bother even entertaining it.

    Homura glances to Madoka as she talks about the Grief Seed, and then turns towards Sayaka and waits for her response before deciding if she should say anything. She decides against it. She's not going to get involved in a discussion like that between old friends.

    Is it really a matter of confidence for Sayaka? Homura wonders. Her eyes dart between Madoka and Sayaka as she considers the implications of what's being said.

    She doesn't even look at the cookies.

    Homura reaches around to pull one of her tails over her shoulder, glancing down at it and running her hand over it. "I really have no idea how Hitomi does her hair. I've never had a chance to ask. Maybe someone does it for her? Who knows?"

    Homura hears the mention of Kamijou and--- sees Sayaka's reaction. Her eyes narrow, not in anger, but there's something intense behind her gaze. Is this the time when that turns sour? If it is...

    The subject changes before Homura can decide how to approach it, then finally decides to say something about Takashi. "It's at least an honest reason. Not nearly as bad as I thought it might go."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 04:04:39 23537
    Madoka mostly calms down when Sayaka reassures her and mentions that she has Kyouko looking out for her. Knowing how her friends could dig her heels in once she's made up her mind on something she was pretty worried this might have been about to be one of those times. But since it seems she isn't most of Madoka's worry evaporates away.

    "Good. I'm really glad to hear that, Sayaka-chan. And I think if you stick with Kyouko-san she'll be able to help you out a lot with fighting witches." She specifically does not mention thinking that sticking with Kyouko will keep her out of other kinds of trouble, because there are some things that even Madoka has to be a realist about.

    Hitomi's hair is mentioned again, "Her mother probably taught her how to style it when she was little. Her hair has always been that nice, even when we first met her." A little pause and she wonders aloud while making a small shrug, "Maybe that was one of the first classes she had her take?"

    Sayaka shifts the subject away from Kamijou quickly and Madoka notices. Perhaps oddly she gives a slightly concerned look to Homura before looking back to her friend. "That's what he said, and I believe him. Mama was actually expecting it to happen... but she's really smart and usually does know the right answers."

    Homura's comment about how her romantic relationship might of gone gets a nervous laugh from her. She can imagine all too well how Homura might have thought it would go.

    "I think I'd like to do that sometime, Homura-chan. I think that's where the twintails will look best on you." She goes over to the bed and picks up a pair of matching purple ribbons, sliding down the hair ties just a bit before tying the ribbons into Homura's hair in large bows, like her own, removing the ties afterwards. "There! I think it looks pretty on you, Homura-chan." She hums, "Though I'm not sure if it's any prettier than with your hair down... it was fun putting it up though! Do you want to do my hair now?"

    Madoka looks towards Sayaka and feels at a bit of an impasse for a moment. Not in any bad way, but she's worried about letting the conversation with her stagnate for very long. She looks over to her friend and tilts her head a bit, "How is Kyouko-san doing, Sayaka-chan?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 04:15:16 23540
    "Well then, it's a learning experience. Hopefully, you'll find a real nice guy one of these days." She smiles, but then arches a thoughtful brow at Homura when glasses are mentionned. "Oh...Really? You used to wear red glasses? And then suddenly didnt need 'em anymore? Is it because you became a Puella Magi?" She smirks, "Now I'm curious to see how you looked..Back then.." Emphasis on the 'back then'.

    Oh yes, she knows now about Homura being some sort of time traveller. Then again, that's another topic she'd prefer to discuss with Homura. Alone.

    "But, I'm curious, Homura. Is there anyone that you're interested in?" She smiles, an almost..Calculating smile. To be honest, Sayaka's never really seen Homura hanging out with anyone other than Madoka, and maybe Miss White. Then again there's Mamoru-san, whom many girls have a crush on, and whom Homura's pretty close to.

    Then of course, there's Madoka..But..They were just really good friends, and she was just really protective of her..Right?

    Briefly again, she ponders upon thoughts of Kamijou. "I'm so happy he got released from the hospital. He's having another concert soon. Maybe you can all come too. I..Still havent' told him how I felt, but I guess I've been pretty busy, fighting witches and all." She smiles, "But I'm sure I'll have a chance to talk to him at the concert. Afterall, he gave me more than enough tickets. About five, actually. I could give you two some tickets too, if you like! He's really excited, his first concert since the accident."

    Of course, Hitomi will be there too...Sayaka's noticed how much more time they spend with each other.

    She's pulled out of her reverie when Madoka asks about Kyouko. "Hmm, Kyou-chan's Kyou-chan. She can have a hothead at times, especially over some...Disagreements of late.." A pointed glance is given towards Homura. The meeting she held about Walpurgis Nacht wasnt that far off, and Kyouko's apparent rash reactions during the meeting were the talk of the town for a while.

    "But, I'm just happy to be there for her, she seems to calm down a lot after seeing me. I think lately, she's just been trying to work hard at her job at the conbenie, and search for ways to bring Mamoru-san back to normal. I think she'd benefit from another fun concert too!" As long as there are no random youma popping up at this one.

    "Here. Before I forget.." She fumbles again in her satchel, pulling out some really expensive looking tickets for balcony seats at a particularly famous concert hall in town.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 04:31:32 23542
    Homura looks at herself in the mirror, tilting her head and turning around to study her twin tails from different angles. Her face has tended more and more towards her usual cold expression ever since Sayaka showed up, and by now she's settled into it. At least for the moment. The twin tails make her look a bit more... youthful, and it's certainly a different look. She decides to keep it in for the moment, just to see if it grows on her.

    "It was fun," she agrees. At the mention of doing Madoka's hair, Homura wears a slight smile. "I'd like that. Alright. Should I brush it out first? You might want to take out your pigtails if I do." She walks towards the bed, considering her different brushes.

    She answers Sayaka's question while looking over the brushes, saying, "... yeah, that's right. Before I became a Puella Magi I used to wear long braids. Once I realized I could fix my eyesight with my Puella Magi powers, I ditched the glasses." She glances towards Sayaka before adding, "They got in my way, you see. I still have a picture of that look in my room, actually."

    Sayaka asks her if there's someone she's into, and Homura pauses for a long time. That calculating smile... "Hmph." Homura reaches behind her to hairflip... but of course, she's wearing twintails at the moment so it ends up being a tailflip. She realizes this and her grumpiness visibly increases. "I don't really have much of an interest in boys."

    The way that she meant that and the way that she makes it sound are two entirely different things.

    Then the concert is brought up and... Sayaka mentions tickets. "Five of them?" She asks. That would be enough for...

    She doesn't complete the thought. "Well, it's good that he's doing well enough to play again. Sounds like quite a miracle." Yeah, Homura knows full well how that boy's healing usually goes. It's not hard to infer the rest.

    Sayaka's pointed glance is met with Homura's cold blank face. If Homura's sorry at all, she doesn't express it. She does glance at the tickets... should she really accept those? Is this how Sayaka feels about accepting Grief Seeds from her?
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 04:49:37 23548
    "Yeah, maybe..." Madoka responds to Sayaka. She's not really looking for any replacement relationships just yet, but rather just trying to get over the last one. She gives Sayaka a curious look as she questions Homura, letting out a little sigh when it seems like Sayaka is trying to needle the other Puella Magi. Yes, that right there is exactly why she wanted to bring up other subjects. "Sayaka-chan..." she complains softly in a slightly nervous tone, hoping it's enough to get the message across that she'd rather not have two of her friends seeing who can prod each other in front of her until one or the other snaps. She's had quite enough of that recently.

    "A concert? Sure, Sayaka-chan, if you don't think you'll need them for anyone else. I think I'd actually be very happy to be there and support Kamijou-san. It must be wonderful for him to be able to get back to doing what he loves." She can't quite help being happy for him and optimistic in spite of the slightly moody tone that's fallen upon her room. Even if it had a high cost it was a real miracle that changed his life forever. And actually, that high cost should be all the more reason to celebrate it, Madoka thinks.

    Kyouko is Kyouko? That's a pretty accurate statement however it's intended. "I think you're a good influence on her, Sayaka-chan," Madoka comments. "She really is trying to be better about that," Madoka has spoken with her and it shouldn't be hard to tell from that statement, "and I think being around you really helps her."

    The tickets are offered, and while Homura hesitates Madoka just reaches out and takes them. She gives her friend a polite bow too, bending forward a good amount before straightening. They are expensive, after all. "Thank you, Sayaka-chan!" She walks over to her desk and carefully arranges them, setting them in a safe, prominent position there, trying to show she really is happy to have them and not just tossing them carelessly to deal with later.

    "Yes, please!" comes the happy response to Homura asking if her hair should be brushed. At the mention of letting down her pigtails she nods, reaching up with both hands and pinching the back end of each ribbon, pulling on them so that the bow comes undone, releasing her hair and letting it fall down all at once. It's not exactly graceful though, and it sticks out a bit here and there once it settles. That hair is definitely going to need brushed before anything is done with it if it doesn't involve separating it out.

    She helpfully pipes up, "She showed me the picture, she was really cute with braids and glasses." Devastatingly adorable, one might say. She tries not to giggle at the tailflip because she sees the grumpy expression.

    She sets her ribbons down on her nightstand and then walks over and takes a seat on her bed, showing her back to Homura and scooting fairly close. Shorter hair does mean Homura will have to get closer to reach it.

    While she waits for her hair to be brushed she looks over to Sayaka. "You know, I think you're right. Kyouko-san would probably really enjoy going to the concert with you, Sayaka-chan." There's a pointedly short pause before she hums loudly, "I wonder if Kyouko-san has any dating prospects."

    Sayaka's not the only one who can play that game.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 05:00:49 23552
    Wow, Homura sure is obsessed with her hair it seems. With all that ponytail flipping and adjusting. Sayaka smirks. She never took her for a girly girl. She was always so serious and focused on one thing..."Hmm. Well I'd like to see that picture sometime. I'll bet it's really...Err..Interesting?" Sayaka continues with the same thoughtful smile. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on through her head at that moment. Maybe she's just curious. Maybe she wants to see what kind of person Homura was 'back then'.

    Then Homura makes a comment that catches Sayaka by surprise. "Er..Not interested in boys..?" does she mean, she's not the romantic sort, orr...She's more into girls? Eyes narrow again, glancing briefly between the two of them. Aah, knock it off, Sayaka! Quit having weird thoughts!

    She looks pointedly at Homura again, "Well of course, nothing wrong with a little generosity, is there? I'm hoping I can bring Kyou-chan again, if she'll come..Which I guess leaves one last one, for Mami-san.." Another thoughtful pause. She wasn't too happy to hear that Mami had pointed a gun at Kyouko during the meeting, but she knows there's history between the two of them too.

    Then Madoka asks that question, and Sayaka bites her lip, looking away for some reason, a confused expression momentarily crossing her face as it usually does when she thinks of Kamijou-kun and Kyou-chan in the same breath. "Ummm...I don't really know, actually...She's never really had an interest...."

    But why does that question make her feel...Weird?

    "Hey, she's had a rough life, she's just trying to survive. I'm sure that's the last thing on her mind right now.." Sayaka gives an almost nervous laugh as she says that. "But, I'm glad that she's not so rough as when I first met her..She really is a sweet girl, once you get to know her." Weird, that.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 05:16:56 23557
    Homura hears Madoka's tone of voice and realizes that this is probably not a good place to needle Sayaka in return. On the other hand, all things considered, needling Sayaka when she knows what's likely to happen to her would be especially cruel to begin with.

    Instead of dwelling on that, Homura takes one look at Madoka's hair and picks out a comb with few, thick teeth. No matter what Homura decides to do with it, it'll be better to have it brushed out first.

    She walks up behind Madoka, positioning Madoka betwen herself and Sayaka. Homura slowly runs her fingers through Madoka's hair a few times, gently, noting where the largest tangles are and planning accordingly.

    When she runs her comb through Madoka's hair, it's with care and caution. She holds the comb loosely in her grip, letting it give way to each tangle so that Homura can see exactly where it is. Then, carefully, she lightly works the comb past the tangle until she doesn't feel the resistance anymore, and then continues combing.

    Once she's satisfied that the major tangles have been dealt with, she moves on to an actual brush, not much different than what Madoka was using on her a while ago.

    At Sayaka's mention of the picture, Homura says, "I don't think it's that interesting, but if you want to see it I could show you sometime." Homura glances towards Sayaka, briefly, as the blue-haired Puella tries to figure out what she means. She doesn't really give any indication as to her true meaning.

    "I think Mami-san would like it. If nothing else it'd be something to do." It would be really strange, watching a concert with the other Puella Magi, but... well, she's not against the idea.

    Homura doesn't comment on Kyouko's interests. She already knows the answer, but it still seems like a bad idea to say it. "She has a kind side. It's true. Actually getting to see it is another story."
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 05:29:52 23561
    Homura's comment about not being interested in boys didn't phase Madoka when she said it, and it doesn't phase her again when Sayaka repeats it. This largely has to do with the conversation they just had before Sayaka arrived where Homura said she'd hardly had time for romantic encounters when the longest she'd ever know anyone for was a month at a time. Sure, that's not true anymore, or so Madoka hopes, but after so long it must take a while to come to terms with things.

    Madoka's question about Kyouko gets a lot more of an interesting response out of Sayaka than she'd expected, and she studies her friend closely for a few moments. She was intending to just plant a seed in her mind to make her think about later, but it actually seems to have thrown her off a bit. Interesting! Maybe there's hope for Kyouko yet?

    "If things are starting to settle down for her I think maybe she'd start getting interested in that sort of thing about now," she considers aloud. She then gives a bit of a shrug, not wanting to really press the issue too hard. She doesn't exactly want to bludgeon Sayaka over the head with it, just get her to think about it a little.

    "Yeah... there are a lot of people like that, I think, Sayaka-chan. Some people seem prickly and angry, or annoying, or cold, but I think most of the time if you get the chance to look past the exterior you'll find there really is a sweet person underneath that they're afraid to show. Maybe not every time, but a lot of it." She's not just talking about Kyouko either, turning her head slightly and peeking over her shoulder at Homura.

    When Homura starts running her fingers through her hair to check for tangles Madoka holds her head still, but goes ahead and closes her eyes. There had been a bit of tension building up in her as the needling started but it seems to have mostly calmed down, and so when her hair starts being cared for in earnest it all seems to melt away, the girl relaxing and letting out a long, happy sigh.

    "It really is too bad you don't want to do each other's hair, Sayaka-chan. It feels really nice to have someone else brush it for you." She wonders for a moment if Sayaka's mom ever does that for her, but decides against asking that in front of Homura.

    The locks are still nice and soft, not really dirty, but bouncing around in loose pigtails has gotten them fairly tangled. Luckily it's nothing the wide toothed comb can't handle, and in fact it can pull them out with relative ease. "Don't worry about hurting me, Homura-chan," she notes, "I'll let you know if you're pulling too hard trying to get the tangles out." It doesn't seem to come up, and soon she's relaxing even more as the brush is drawn through her hair. She starts to sway a little from side to side until she realizes it's probably making it a pain for Homura.

    Her expression is of pure contended happiness, at least for now.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-20 05:42:43 23565
    Sayaka smiles, watching Homura brush Madoka's hair. It's so strange, and also, kind of peaceful, it makes her smile. "I love your ribbons, Madoka-chan, maybe you should tie a nice colorful ribbon in Homura's hair, too!" Hey, at the very least, it'd make her look less sullen.

    It seems that Sayaka's mom's cookies are mostly forgotten, "Here, try 'em, my mom makes really good cookies!" she beams as she reaches over and grabs one, munching away on it. Mm, it's soft and gooey and warm.

    "Well it's settled then. I hope to see you all there, I know you'll enjoy it! I guess I'll give this last ticket to Mami-san then.." She idly ponders if Mami-san has a date to bring. Then again, Sayaka doesn't really have a date, she'll just be bringing along Kyouko...Very briefly, Sayaka's face seems slightly...Redder?

    Furiously, she reaches for another cookie, and busies herself with chomping away at it. Somehow, Sayaka feels amused when Madoka talks about people being prickly on the exterior. She looks thoughtfully at Homura, nodding slowly, "Yeah, I guess you might be right. Even so....." Well, she doesn't want to open up a whole new can of worms. She'll just have to discuss that with Homura another time.

    "Oh, that reminds me, I need to talk to Kyouko about that too. She wants to bury the hatchet between WPS and Kyouko. I think I'd like that too.."

    Sayaka looks directly at Homura as she says that, although..There was that other thing too...But for right now, Sayaka rises, starts to head for the door. "Heh, Madoka-chan, do you mean having me brush Kyou-chan's long, beautiful hair, and vice versa?" Erf..Why's that make her feel all weird again? And she carefully skirts the question. "Err...Umm. Well, I wish i could stay longer, but it's getting late. I have to get going. It was nice seeing you guys again!"

    She leans over and gives Madoka a hug, and Homura gets just a wave but hey, better than nothing right?
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 05:55:04 23569
    Homura watches as Madoka starts talking about Kyouko, studying her for a moment. Is she... Is she shipping? Hm. Homura has to admit to herself that it's not a bad idea, especially if it would keep the two of them alive longer. Unfortunately, Homura's convinced that anything she says about it would undermine it, so she keeps silent.

    She remains silent as Madoka starts talking about how common it is for people to put on a tough exterior to hide a softer side. When Madoka glances at her, Homura's heart nearly skips a beat. This is the second time today that someone has told her that she's nicer than she thinks. If she didn't know herself, she might actually believe it.

    Homura glances at Sayaka at the mention of doing her hair. Doing this kind of thing with Madoka makes sense, but... with Sayaka? That just seems... strange. It's not the kind of thing that Homura expects to have happen any time soon. When Sayaka mentions doing that with Kyouko's hair, then it makes sense. Actually, that might be fun for them, but she doesn't really see either Sayaka or Kyouko as the haircare type. She does make note of the use of the word 'beautiful' with regards to Kyouko's hair, though.

    Homura leans in towards Madoka and says, "Don't worry. I'll be gentle." Madoka's swaying causes Homura to giggle a bit, pausing while she laughs and resuming when Madoka stops.

    Sayaka mentions the cookies again, and Homura glances at them for a moment. She... she should probably be willing to accept things from Sayaka if she wants to be able to give or lend things Sayaka later. It'd be hypocritical to do otherwise, right? She reaches out to take one, taking a bite out of it before setting it aside to focus back on Madoka's hair. After chewing and swallowing she says, "Tastes good." It's about as much of a compliment as she feels comfortable giving.

    "I'm sure Sharpe-san would like that," says Homura, regarding the burying of the hatchet between Kyouko and WPS, as if it had nothing to do with her. It's not as if Kyouko wanted to bury the hatchet with Homura, or at least Homura finds that hard to believe.

    Homura doesn't feel bad at all about not being hugged. She does wave at Sayaka, just to be polite if nothing else.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 06:07:58 23574
    Madoka picks a cookie out of the container when Sayaka mentions them, taking a bite and making an, "Mmm," while she eats it. Getting her hair brushed and a sugary treat at the same time? Yes please! She doesn't fail to notice Sayaka's blush but holds her comment on it for the moment, not wanting to rub it in or put her friend off. Homura might be able to tell she's suppressing a giggle as she chomps down on another cookie to hide it. Maybe Kyouko is rubbing off on her too?

    People burying hatchets are very good and hearing that makes Madoka smile all the more, "I think that would be good for everyone. Bad things did happen between them, but I don't think it's worth staying angry over." Though even as she says that Madoka things 'Easy for someone to say who wasn't tortured,' to herself. If Kyouko really can get over that it'll up her respect for the red Puella by quite a bit.

    Madoka does her best not to bust out laughing as Sayaka talks about brushing Kyouko's hair. Instead she manages to contain it and say, "I was talking about mine, but I wonder if Kyouko-san would enjoy that? Maybe you should ask her." The hug is returned heartily and she waves also as Sayaka leaves.

    She waits a little while, munching on her cookie slowly. When she's finished with it she reaches up back behind her head and places her hands over Homura's, lifting it and the brush away.

    And then she lets out a long, hilariously giddy peel of girlish laugther, shaking her head from side to side a little, hopefully not making too much of a mess of Homura's brushwork. "Hehehehehehehehehehe!" She's all a wiggle, arms pumping up and down and feet stomping playfully.

    After she finally gets a hold of herself she turns around and beams a bright smile at Homura, "Did you /see/ the way she was acting after I mentioned her and dating and Kyouko-san together? Sayaka-chan might still really care for Kamijou-san, but I think she's also starting to get feelings for Kyouko-san!" Her eyes widen a little, "Oh! Maybe I didn't tell you? I forget. I talked with Kyouko-san a little while ago, and she really likes Sayaka-chan. She didn't say it just like that, but it was pretty obvious. But she doesn't want to stick herself between Sayaka-chan and Kamijou-san."

    She turns away from Homura, ostensibly to give her access to her hair once more, and claps her hands together. "I think thinks will be okay. If Sayaka-chan's biggest danger is worrying over Kamijou-san, I think Kyouko-san is the perfect answer. As long as those two keep being in the same room together, I don't even think there's anything I need to do. Though now I feel a little bad about telling Sayaka-chan she should confess."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 06:39:48 23579
    Homura actually pulls her brush away as Madoka starts laughing giddily. She tilts her head for a moment and then wonders, idly, if this is the heroic version of the 'sinister laugh' that Homura always sees on TV shows. Coming from Madoka, it's such an adorable thing. Infectious, even, now that the two of them are alone again, as Homura finds herself giggling along with her.

    When Madoka turns to face her, Homura looks her in the eyes. With a nod, she says, "Yeah... I noticed. I wonder how long it'll be before Sayaka allows herself to see it." Homura shakes her head, saying, "No, you told me. I think it's a good idea. From the way she reacted to Kamijou-san, that might turn out to be a lost cause... but if Sayaka-san ends up with Kyouko-san, that could salvage things."

    Homura wonders for a moment if this isn't something else that she has in common with Madoka. Both of them with secret information, trying to arrange things to avoid a worst case scenario... It hurt to tell Madoka those things, but now that she knows them, and now that Homura sees what she's doing with that information... well, if nothing else, Homura's feelings for Madoka are once again validated.

    As Madoka turns around, Homura starts to brush again, lightly, cautiously, especially considering how much Madoka has been moving around. Holding the brush with a loose grip does prevent most problems that could happen from Madoka's sudden movements, but Homura still wants to be careful. This is her favorite person she's handling right now, after all.

    "I don't think it's quite as simple as getting her to confess, especially with another relationship in the way. I will say, however, that in timelines where Kamijou-san knew about Sayaka's feelings for him, she ended up breaking up with him anyways because her Puella Magi duties made her too busy." Hey, since Madoka's doing good with the information already given, why not add a little more? "It's not that he could never love her or anything, it's just... an ill-fated relationship."

    Homura deftly and skillfully runs the brush through Madoka's hair, picking up a single lock to brush through it completely, stroking it until she brings out its softness and shine. It's a bit faster since Madoka has less hair to work with, but Homura is still taking her time with it.

    "It might be wiser for Sayaka-san to seek out a relationship with Kyouko-san anyways, since they both have the same kind of burden, don't you think?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 07:00:06 23580
    Madoka smiles happily, settling back down as Homura resumes brushing her hair. She might not have reacted quite so strongly if she hadn't had to bottle it up and then wait until she was sure Sayaka wouldn't hear. She has to admit to herself that it felt pretty good to just let loose and giggle her head off though.

    "I think so too. And since she's saying Hitomi-chan is spending more time with Kamijou-san they might already be dating." Madoka gets the extra bit of information about it not working anyway even if Sayaka does confess and she blinks a bit. "Oh... so then it might have been bad if I kept pushing her to confess to him. Maybe it would work out since there are other things so different about this timeline, but that might be risky if it means risking hurting Sayaka-chan."

    Madoka lets out a soft happy sound as Homura takes her hair to brush a lock at a time, letting her eyes close again and enjoying the feeling of the bristles working through it. "I know I said it already but that feels really nice, Homura-chan. You really are gentle with me."

    Then Homura mentions Kyouko and Sayaka being better off dating each other. Normally Madoka would nod in agreement but instead she says, "Yeah. I really think so. I think Kyouko-san is the kind of person who needs someone who can understand her. And to be completely honest, I really do think they're good for each other. Sayaka-chan... well, she actually seems a little less blunt than I expected she'd be with you. ...though maybe that's just because I was here. And the way Kyouko-san treated me when I went and talked to her compared to before was night and day. I believe her when she says she wants to be better." She turns her eyes upward and puts a finger to her chin. "Isn't that one of the really big signs? That the one you're interested in makes you want to be a better person?"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 07:29:01 23581
    Homura shakes her head emphatically, still brushing Madoka's hair as she says, "Oh no. No. If Sayaka confesses then in most circumstances she avoids a worst case scenario, even if it doesn't work out. Getting what you want and deciding on your own that it doesn't work out is a lot less painful than never being able to build the confidence up to even try. The former is like the breakup that you just had. The latter is absolutely soul-crushing."

    "Getting her to confess would've been a win, even if the relationship itself failed. It wasn't a bad idea, given what we knew at the time. It's just that a better opportunity has presented itself." Homura is approaching all of this from the perspective of wanting to save Sayaka's life. Part of this does involve protecting her feelings, but really her focus is on survival. She actually doesn't know if Madoka sees it in the same terms that she does, but she wants to give good advice anyways.

    Homura smiles as Madoka tells her that the brushing feels nice. She says, "I'm just returning the favor, Madoka-chan. You were so gentle with me." The encouragement spurs Homura on, and as she reaches the lower locks of Madoka's hair she brushes her fingers against Madoka's neck. She takes a little extra time here, letting the bristles stimulate Madoka's scalp.

    Homura continues to brush through Madoka's hair as she talks about the idea of Kyouko and Sayaka dating. Homura's brush moves to Madoka's side hair, and Homura leans around her better to reach it. She responds with, "They are good for each other, aren't they? A lot more compatible than they seem to realize." Mostly her mood is agreement, but she suddenly stops, hesitating for a brief moment, when Madoka mentions 'one of the really big signs' being 'you want to be a better person'.

    The hesitation might not even be noticable if not for the fact that Homura's brush is running through Madoka's hair. The brushing continues almost as quickly as it stopped, and after a moment of silence Homura says, "Yeah... yeah it is."

    Once Homura is satisfied that one side of Madoka's hair is finished, she moves on to the other, running her brush through Madoka's pink locks. "I like your hair down, like this. Have you ever considered having a bobcut?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 07:47:44 23582
    "Oh." Madoka takes a moment to reconsider as she's corrected, and when Homura uses her own breakup as an example she nods a little. "I see. So that would be a lot like what Takashi-kun must be feeling right now." It was pretty clear to her that he was in a bit of a funk during school too, even if she was mostly focused on her own feelings. For once.

    The words 'absolutely soul-crushing' send a shiver through her, which probably has something to do with what she recently learned regarding the nature of Puella's souls. Combined with what she's been told about Sayaka often dying as a direct result of her ill fated romance she takes the meaning literally.

    Madoka is actually pretty similar to Homura in this. Saving Sayaka's life is her primary concern, with her happiness coming in second, though perhaps a closer second. Luckily there may be a solution which solves both problems at the same time in Kyouko.

    She remains happy as Homura brushes more of her hair, smiling a little when she feels her fingers at the back of her neck, cooing a little when the bristles massage her scalp. "I think so. I think Kyouko-san realizes it, but I'm not sure what it will take for Sayaka-chan to admit her feelings." The pauses is noticed and gets a soft little, "Hm?" from Madoka, but she doesn't pursue it much further because the brushing soon resumes.

    Madoka's hair is pretty soft and fluffy even when brushed out. It'd probably be a lot of work to get it to lay perfectly flat and reflect an even sheen, but brushed out as carefully as it is the half that Homura has cared for does shine healthily in the light. The question gets a hum from her, "A shorter haircut? You mean like Sayaka-chan's or Mama's? Not really. Do you think it would look good on me?"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 08:08:29 23583
    Homura's own experience with Puella Magi has taught her in explicit detail what does or does not qualify as 'soul-crushing', since she can see their literal souls and make note of what does or does not crush them. To her, the word has just a bit more potency than it might otherwise have, since it's so real to her, and when she uses it in the context of Puella Magi she does mean literally.

    Homura doesn't really explain her hesitation, other than to say, "It's nothing. I've just heard that phrase somewhere else before." From her own lips, actually, but she doesn't want to say that. "I think it's nice that Kyouko-san has someone in her life who makes her feel that way. I'll admit I have a little bit of self-interest in that, since it probably means I'm less likely to get stabbed. If only Sayaka could see that she has a better chance of happiness with Kyouko, I admit she'd have a much better chance."

    Homura considers for a moment if a bobcut would look good on Madoka, and covers the tips of her pink hair with her hands in order to get a view of what that would be like. "Hmm. It might. I don't know if you'd want to commit to that, though. Your pigtails are super cute as they are."

    Homura stops brushing for a moment, running her fingers through Madoka's soft fluffiness, smiling to herself as she enjoys the feel of it. "Even the texture of your hair is cute, Madoka-chan."

    Homura circles around Madoka, ending up in front of her, slipping her fingers beneath Madoka's bangs and lifing them so that Homura can brush them, smiling as she looks into Madoka's eyes.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 08:35:11 23584
    Madoka responds with another soft hum, this one to make an affirmative noise. She has to rely on these when she can't nod or shake her head without messing up Homura's brushing. And since it feels so nice she really doesn't want to make it annoying. "Mm, I think so too. It's really neat getting to see someone change for the better like that. She still has a long ways to go... or maybe she'll won't ever be what I think is perfectly good, but it's not me she has to convince, it's Sayaka-chan. To me the most important part is that she's trying, though."

    She peeks over towards Homura out of the corner of her eyes when she checks to see how a bob might look on her. "It would be a big commitment, and I do look my pigtails." She considers for a moment before adding, "But I could always wear my hair down a bit more if you think it looks nicer that way. I don't have to wear the same style every day... it just makes it a lot easier to get ready." Madoka giggles a little, and then thinks aloud, "I did wear my hair down when we went to the New Years party together. ...that was really a lot of fun." She blinks, "I can't believe I haven't asked you to help teach me to dance better yet! Maybe there's been too much going on. I still want to do that, though." Even if she doesn't have a boyfriend to make use of the better dancing skill with.

    Madoka coos again as Homura runs her fingers through her hair, tilting her head into it since she stopped brushing to do it. She giggles, "The my hair feels cute? I never thought that something could feel cute before. Though when I think about it your hair feels beautiful, so I guess that should be possible." It occurs to her that Homura has called her cute very many times today, and that puts a somewhat brighter smile on her face. Her best friends opinion means a lot to her!

    When Homura moves in front of her Madoka stands still, holding her hands together and looking up into Homura's eyes as her bangs are brushed. Amusingly the bangs over her forehead are actually a little longer than Homura's, needing to be swept a bit to the sides, the tips just long enough to partially get in the way of her eyes, with that one little lock usually resting between them.

    Madoka's pink eyes stay on Homura's for as long as the other girl maintains eye contact, and her bright smile softens a little. By the time her bangs are brushed she's giving the slightly taller girl a very sweet look. "You take very good care of me too, Homura-chan. Thank you."

    She shifts a little in place for a moment then. "Um... if you think my hair looks nice down like this, then maybe I should keep it this way for now?" Is she trying to beg out of letting Homura style it? It actually does sound like it. She giggles a little, with a touch of embarrassment, "I think what I really want right now is to snuggle with you for a while, Homura-chan."

    She is a teensy bit nervous because of the conversation from earlier, so she's trying to just be honest about what she wants. You know, rather than doing something like saying Homura looks extra cuddly right now and doesn't her bed look comfortable. She does peek towards her bed though. It's not like she has a seat meant for more than one occupant anyway.

    ...though secretly she'd settle for sitting in Homura's lap and being held.

    But 'lets cuddle!' is a much less romantic connotation than 'please hold me', isn't it?
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 08:57:13 23585
    "Well, I think a lot of us have a ways to go," says Homura. "... but I know that Kyouko started her Puella Magi lifestyle with good intentions. Just... things happen, and people change. Not always for the better."

    At the thought of Madoka wearing her hair down, Homura pauses to consider it. Looking at her now... "Oh I don't know, Madoka-chan. If you do that you might become irresistable. You sure you want all that attention?" There's a bit of a teasing tone in Homura's voice. She actually does think it's a good look.

    With a smile, Homura says, "Yeah, it was a lot of fun." At the mention of dance lessons, she says, "Oh don't worry about that. We'll have time for that sooner or later. There is a lot of stuff going on right now."

    Homura finds it difficult not to look into Madoka's eyes while brushing her bangs, though she does take special care here since she's so close to Madoka's face. Then she notices... does Madoka not want her hair styled? Well, it's not like Homura would know what to do with short hair like that anyways. She's only doing this for the fun of it, and there's no point if Madoka isn't having fun, too.

    Besides, the offer to snuggle instead is far more tempting. Especially after brushing eachother's hair like this. It's probably a good thing that Madoka puts it as non-romantically as she can, because a nosebleed right now would be really difficult for Homura to explain. "I'd like that. Let's do that."

    Homura walks over to the bed, where she's laid out her brushes, and starts gathering them up into her bag so they don't get in the way. Once the bag is closed up she places it on the floor and sits down on the bed, watching Madoka and waiting for her to sit down, too.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 09:11:58 23586
    "That's probably true," Madoka admits after giving it a moment of thought. Kyouko started with good intentions? That's news to Madoka. "Then I'm even happier that Sayaka-chan might be able to help her find her way again." She looks down for a moment of thoughtfulness, "It's funny. From what I've heard it might be the second time Sayaka-chan would help her with that, just in a different way. It really is a good thing the two of them met, isn't it? It's actually really romantic, now that I think about it. I hope they do end up together and making each other happy."

    The teasing compliment puts a good natured blush on Madoka's cheeks, and she waves her hand at Homura a little. "So I should keep the pigtails then? Maybe I should only wear it down on special occasions, that way my secret admirers won't go crazy on me." Her tone is distinctly teasing as well.

    It really isn't that Madoka isn't having fun. It's that she's wanting something else a little more, and if she's honest with herself she'd like her hair played with more than styled anyway. The extra secret part is that there's really nothing stopping her hair from being played with while snuggling- the best of both worlds. Probably pretty greedy though.

    She smiles happily when Homura agrees with her suggested plan, and before she can move to the bed to clean up the brushes and ribbons she gives her a quick hug in thanks. She helps gather the things up then herself, only to sit down onto the bed next to Homura.

    And then she quite happily slides right up next to her, so their sides are pressed together, and slips her close arm around behind her and her further arm around the front of her, twisting a bit to pull her friend into an embrace. She takes in a long breath and then lets it out slowly, her happy sigh somehow expressing the message, 'I was waiting for this.'

    Then her eyes open up and she looks to Homura's purple ones and smiles.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 09:36:34 23587
    "Romantic, yeah..." Homura smiles at the thought of it. It's strange, because even if Sayaka and Kyouko both see Homura as something of an enemy, Homura is kindof... rooting for them?

    This is why Homura's feelings are so complicated. The same people who have been her friends in the past have also been her mortal enemies. Multiple timelines have, if nothing else, forced her to be very fluid with her feelings.

    Homura giggles, before responding, "I think you'd be adorable no matter what you did, though I do admit I like your hair down."

    Homura returns the hug, briefly, but it's only brief so that she can get to much more hugging in a short while. The black-haired girl gives Madoka a soft look of gratitude as she helps with packing up her bag.

    As Madoka sits next to her on the bed, and slides up to her, Homura leans into the hug, Her arms slip around Madoka's, looping around behind her and pulling her into a close hug. She reaches up behind Madoka's head with one of her hands, and starts to run her fingers through her pink hair. "So fluffy~," coos Homura, as she smiles and looks into Madoka's eyes. Looks like Madoka is getting what she secretly wanted after all, and it's a lot easier to do this with Madoka's hair not being tied up.

    "You really are a dear, Madoka-chan."

    Homura leans against Madoka, resting her head against Madoka's shoulder, and one of her hands idly brushing her fingers through Madoka's hair, mindlessly playing with it. Playing with Madoka's hair might be a new favorite pastime for Homura.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-20 09:58:26 23588
    Madoka giggles again at the compliment, her small blush returning briefly, "So long as I'm adorable."

    Soon Homura's arms are around her again and she's being hugged close. It prompts Madoka to give a warm squeeze, rubbing her arms up and down comfortingly. Then the hand sneaks up and Homura's fingers start moving through her hair, and with it being brushed out so well they can slide through it completely without obstruction, the locks soft and fluffy between them.

    Rather than a giggle this gets Homura a coo in response, and a very appreciative look as she's smiled at. The compliment has her leaning her head over and nuzzling it against the top of Homura's. "You must have read my mind," she comments dreamily, "I was hoping you'd play with my hair but I thought it might be too greedy to ask."

    She reaches for one of Homura's twintails and traps it against her back, rubbing her hand over the long and silky black locks. It's not quite the same as running fingers through loose hair, but it'll do.

    "You're a wonderful friend, Homura-chan." She shifts a little, moving and squirming slightly to slowly find more and more comfortable a position, rubbing against Homura in the process. "Mmm. It's funny, I did know how much I wanted to hug... but I never realized just how much I wanted to snuggle before I became your friend. I'm getting used to it now, but at times like these I feel like I want to stay close to you like this forever."

    Then she blushes lightly and comments, "You know, since you snuck over anyway and my parents don't know you're here, they wouldn't know if you didn't leave, either."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-20 10:18:46 23589
    As Homura plays with Madoka's fluffy hair, she takes in a deep breath, and lets it out. When she does, a lot of tension leaves her body. Madoka can probably feel the muscles in Homura's relaxing, embracing her as she is. The next breath comes with a deep sigh.

    "Oh?" Homura asks. "You want me to play with your hair? And here I thought I was being greedy~." She nuzzles against Madoka's shoulder. "Well... if that's the case, then I don't mind if I do~."

    A chill goes down Homura's spine as Madoka plays with one of her tails. Madoka probably can't see the way Homura smiles into her shoulder, but the smile is certainly there. "I like it when you play with my hair too, Madoka-chan~."

    "You're wonderful too, Madoka-chan, in so many ways. Especially as a friend." Homura cuddles against her best friend as Madoka explains how much she wants to snuggle. "I honestly... didn't know how much I wanted this either. I actually don't like getting touched, if it's a stranger... but you're anything but a stranger. I know you so well. I'm so happy, being this close to you, and I really wouldn't mind being like this with you forever, either."

    Homura also blushes as Madoka mentions that she could probably spend the night, or at least that's how she takes it. "They wouldn't, no. We could cuddle all night if we wanted to."

    There's nothing saying they couldn't cuddle in their sleep, after all.

    Homura giggles for a moment, thinking out loud, "I wonder what it would look like if your parents found me in your room."