Art Class Quarrel

Reiko and Hiroko have a disagreement in Art Class. It goes as about as expected.

Date: 2015-06-24
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Griselda 2015-06-24 19:01:20 2706
    Neutral territory? Maybe. Even if the school grounds during lunchtime are a battleground for Reiko and her friends, even if there is always apprehension when Hiroko is around, some places are better than others. It's never completely safe, of course. There's always the risk of the stray snicker during a moment of vulnerability or the odd backhanded compliment when the instructor isn't present. But yes, there /are/ moments of relative quiet.

    Art class. Art class might be Reiko's joy and her terror. She enjoys it, certainly. This is her place to shine, to show her talent, to stand out from the outgoing personalities who make up her circle of friends. But there's also Hiroko. Always Hiroko, the girl who never misses a day barring the most extreme of illnesses. Thankfully, she doesn't /usually/ say anything. The raven-haired girl can get as lost in her work as Reiko can.

    And today seems to be such a day. Reiko and Hiroko were always among the standouts in the art club, two prodigies, the faculty advisor largely leaving them to their own devices, only occasionally paying attention to give them pointers on advanced technique. And today, they happen to be doing the same thing. The club room is on one of the upper floors of the building, and both of them are faced toward a window, only a meter or so apart, rendering the sun-soaked afternoon skyline of Tokyo as it stretches out before them. Hiroko looks a little frustrated. She's working with charcoal, as usual, and her ability to render fine detail with it points to obvious talent. But something about her own work today displeases her, even if Reiko can't see anything wrong with it.

    That's probably not good. Because Hiroko does occasionally tend to have something less than nice to say during the art club, especially when she's frustrated, and *especially* the day after a big argument. Like today. So even if Hiroko hasn't spoken yet, even if her attention seems invested in the work she's doing right now, the tension is still there. And then the voice of the instructor breaks the silence of the room. She'll be gone for a while, to do some work in the faculty room. It's only a few moments after she leaves that Hiroko turns toward Reiko. "Touyama-san," she says quietly.
Reiko Touyama 2015-06-24 19:18:56 2708
Reiko Touyama has had a pretty uneventful day. School went as planned, classes were always a pleasure to attend for her--- school was a home away from home- and it beat being in an empty house with your grandfather to keep you company. Friends were here! Clubs were here! She once again, tried to convience the homeroom teacher that a fishtank was what the class needed- that didn't go down very well- as always. She always campagined for it- students could take turns feeding them and caring for the tank!

The refusal never really got Reiko down- she'd just approach it from another angle next week. As always.

SO Thusly, Reiko arrives into art class with her canvas and art supplies after a small trip to her locker. She frowns-- she has to sit next to Hiroko. She sighs, and accepts this fact as she places her canvas up against the easel and begins using a sharpened tip to dutifiul sketch the skyline before her--- the teacher will generally keep the peace.

That prospect of course, goes out the window when the teacher needs to leave to the faculty room. Infact, it happens almost as soon as she leaves. She gives a long deep breath before she looks over to Hiroko. "Yes, Koumoto-san?" she asks curtly, before her eyes drift over to Hiroko's own drawing.
Griselda 2015-06-24 19:34:09 2712
    Hiroko's work is a spread of charcoal shades of gray on a single sheet still attached to the pad of large, textured paper. Art supplies tend to be expensive, even in the most economical disciplines. It's likely doubly so for someone working with charcoal, like her, though cost was never something she seemed to have to worry about. Silver spoon and all that.

    Her piece looks . . . confused. It's a representational landscape, but when she gets above the skyline, depicting the sun and clouds and sky, she starts to mix in more abstract, impressionist techniques. If the effect she was producing was intentional and executed better, it might be brilliant, but it's not any of those things. She's experiment today. She's trying to use shading techniques that don't quite agree with charcoal, as if trying to import some other discipline's aesthetic into the piece. It works. Mostly. But there are imperfections in places, and it's not perfect from a technical standpoint, and that's what Hiroko tends to chase. Even when she's doing rather uninspired representational pieces, she's always the polished technician. But this piece? She can't pull off that polish. Not at the same time as whatever else she's trying to do.

    It's not clear what she really wants from Reiko, though. She does ask. That might help. "What are you working on, Touyama-san?" She tries to insert a hard edge in her voice, as if she didn't really care. And to another ten year-old, to Reiko, that might seem genuine. But there's obvious interest. She wants to know how Reiko is approaching this. She just can't ask. And so Hiroko does what she always does, in moments like this.

    She starts to say something terrible.

    "How's Akatsuki-san? Feeling better?" But Reiko knows it won't stop there. It always starts friendly, and it always ends badly.
Reiko Touyama 2015-06-24 19:48:56 2714
Reiko Touyama looks a little closer at Hiroko's art piece, Reiko can appreciate good art, even when it's some jerk behind the drawing. She doesn't say anything about it though, Hiroko doesn't deserve the praise, not from her at least--if Hiroko wants praise- she can go get the mean girl squad to accomplish it.

Reiko draws the pencil away from the canvas as she sighs. "I'm drawing the city skyline- same as you." she says. Indeed, that's what she's working on! Albiet, hers as two figures sitting on a rooftop overlooking the skyline, dressed in fanfiful magical garb. Prism Keepers, no doubt! But they're backs are to the viewer.

She frowns a little when Hiroko brings up Mei. "Like you actually care about Mei-Chan!" she huffs. "She's doing much better." she adds once again. She knows how that song and dance goes. She pushes her pencil back to the canvas and continues drawing as she seems in a more bad mood now. She knows where this is going. She hates where it's going.
Griselda 2015-06-24 20:11:12 2717
    "You know, Touyama-san," Hiroko continues, turning away from the other girl, her attention drifting back to her piece, deft hands again lifting the slim piece of charcoal she's using to accentuate a few details. Every now and then, she stops and brushes the paper, revising, reworking, seeking out that elusive feeling. Looser grain charcoal and rougher paper lets you do that; it's good for concepts and sketches. She's trying to make it "perfect," or at least perfect enough, though that's probably not possible with the abstract technique she's experimenting with.

    "Infinity wanted me too." In Hiroko's case, of course, that was probably just as much because of her parents' influence and money, rather than her talent. If not moreso. In her own way, she's overshadowed too. "My parents thought I would benefit from a more down-to-earth education, so I'm here . . ." Or her parents made that choice as an affectation. Hiroko's mother /is/ a well-known socialite. It's very possible she sent Hiroko to Seishou purely to prove she's not an elitist, though she very likely is, given her daughter's disposition. " . . . but while I was interviewing, I asked if anyone else was being recruited into their art program from Seishou, and another name came up there. Yours." She briefly shoots you a sharklike smile. "You might be a /little/ on the awkward side, Touyama-side, but you know art." Backhanded compliment much? Reiko can hear the rapid strokes of the charcoal against the paper as the other girl speaks. "Why do you hang out with that loser when you could be going to Infinity?" That loser obviously being Mei. Why Mei? Why does she hate Mei so much in particular? But then again, Hiroko really has enough venom to go around for everyone. "I think you might benefit from going there, Touyama-san. It might bring you out of your _shell_." Extra, and very not nice, emphasis is placed on that last word.

    There's a subtle note of frustration in Hiroko's voice as she speaks. Most people wouldn't catch it, but Reiko can hear it. Not from her tone of voice, though. Reiko is probably used to hearing artists work, and she can tell when people aren't in the right headspace to work well. Hiroko is drawing and brushing too fast, pushing too hard against the paper. That frustration is pouring into her piece too. Which is bad. Charcoal isn't very durable, held together by a loose binding agent, and you need to hold it just right, or else . . . "I just think that . . ." And then it happens. SNAP, and two thin pieces of charcoal clattering to the floor. And this time?

    This time, the frustration is obvious, close to reaching a boiling point, baleful stare in her eyes, even as she looks down toward the ground. Reiko has never seen her quite this mad--something seeming different and worse about her--but there's not a lot of poetic justice to be found in this moment. Hiroko is probably going to take it out on her.
Reiko Touyama 2015-06-24 20:24:08 2719
Reiko Touyama frowns more, and seems a bit in shock when Hiroko brings up Infinity. She grits her teeth a little and has to stop drawing, or that pencil is going to tear the canvas. She huffs as she places the pencil down on the Easel- unlike Hiroko- who continues to draw throughout her frustration- so much so that she causes her Charcoal to break. Good! She thinks in her head. Let her replace expensive tools!

"Because Mei-chan is my friend! Mei's tried super hard to get in too, you know!" she says. "I'm not going ahead just so I can leave my friend behind! I can study and draw here just fine! I don't need any fancy school like that!" she admits.

Of course, she doesn't mention how she would LIKE to go. Infinity is a big, prestigous school, afterall-- with the full weekend off.

She can't help but frown as Hiroko breaks her charcoal however. "I think you should be more careful with your tools!" she huffs as Hiroko trails off into her own unfinished sentence. "You can't even respect those!" she huffs.
Griselda 2015-06-24 20:43:04 2721
    Hiroko is usually quicker on the draw than this. Usually, she has another insult loaded before she even hears the retort from her last. But this time, there are long moments of awkward silence after Reiko speaks. This time, Hiroko just sits there, fuming. And when she finally turns toward Reiko, the other girl can see that anger on her face, bare and unmasked. Hiroko /definitely/ is a little different today. She's normally good at hiding her true feelings behind layers of smug superiority, but right now, she's genuinely and outwardly angry, some thought or feeling or voice pushing her toward real rage. And it's almost intimidating, the aggressive tension in her soldiers and the heat of her stare. Hiroko has never gotten physical, but right now, one wouldn't be blamed for thinking she /might/.

    She doesn't, thankfully. Instead, that same predatory grin from a few moments ago returns to her face. "Hiding in the shadow of losers isn't going to make you stronger, Touyama-san. It only makes you weaker. If you're afraid to claim your talent, it will eventually slip away from you. And then what will you have left to offer, once it's gone?" And then she turns back toward her own artwork, and she stares at it. She stares at it with the same anger which she just presented to Reiko.
Reiko Touyama 2015-06-24 21:01:39 2723
Reiko Touyama frowns, Reiko doesn't like to fight. That's thing loser boys do--- get into fights on the playgrounds and clubs over stupid shit or about confessing to girls. But if Hiroko is going to haul off and slap her. she's going to be ready for it, and she's going to smack back with the power of a koi's tailfin! Luckily, nothing happens as Hiroko sits there in silence as she speaks. No retort, no come back, just mean- angry silence.

THEN Hiroko speaks. She scoffs and picks up her pencil, a sign she's mentally okay, and begins drawing again. "You're not in someone's shadow when you stand next to them!" she insists. "I'll always have my friends, no matter what!" she says with a huff. She goes into deeper detail on the figures in her painting. Giving one shorter hair, and one longer hair, also, they're holding hands. She concentrates a little before she continues.

"Do you even have friends anymore, Koumoto-san, or do those yes-girls you're always with qualify!" she asks with a huff.
Griselda 2015-06-24 21:36:26 2727
    "Friends?" Hiroko repeats mockingly, hands coated with charcoal clenching into fists. She looks at her piece. She stares at it. "Is that what you think you have?" Her lower lip quivers, but she doesn't face Reiko. "/My/ friends know who I am. They know how I feel and what I want." Do they really? They know the person she is outwardly is, certainly, but beyond that?

    "What about /your/ friends, Touyama-san?" She points a black finger at your work. "Do they understand this part of you? Do they understand what goes into your work? Do they understand what you've sacrificed? I doubt it." She turns back toward her station. Trembling hands start to pick up her implements, bits of charcoal placed back into a fine supply case, a microfiber rag wiping her fingers clean before itself being tucked into her case. "I doubt those losers are even capable of understanding you. _That's_ why you live in their shadow, Touyama-san." SNAP again, though this time, it's only her supply case being closed a little too hard. "Because you're too _afraid_ to shine, and as long you are, they're not really your friends, are they? Can't be friends with a *lie*, /can you/?"

    She stands up, and as she says her final words, she gets a little too loud. All eyes are on her and you for a brief moment, only to look away a moment later. As usual, nobody says or does anything to intervene. Not a surprise; it's always that way when Hiroko pushes people around. "That's not going to be me! I'm not going to be second best!" By now, her piece is mostly finished, and with her brief revisions earlier, it actually looks good. It needs more work, but it's good. That extra work doesn't look like it's going to happen, though. She tears the sheet off her pad rapidly, and with a second swift motion using both arms, rips it cleanly in half down the middle. Now /that/ is out of character for her. It doesn't seem like she's sticking around for the rest of the club today. On her way out, the two halves of her work are unceremoniously deposited in the classroom's trash can, and she's gone.
Reiko Touyama 2015-06-24 21:41:53 2729
Reiko Touyama frowns. "Friendship isn't a lie!" she says as she slams her pencil back down into the easel. She grits her teeth. "Of course they understand! I put my heart and soul into my work! And I am thanked for it everyday! When was the last time someone ever thanked you!?" she says with a huff! But then the girl cleans off her fingers, puts her expensive tools away----

Then rips her art piece in two. Reiko's eyes go scandolously wide! Why.. why did Hiroko do that! She spent all that time on it! Just to rip it up! Because she's angry!?

Reiko huffs and as Hiroko leaves and closes the door behind her, Reiko walks over to the piece in the trash and frowns a bit, pulling the pieces out and walking over to her bookbag, sliding the two pieces inside! She huffs a bit as she sits back down, and just gets back to work--- finishing her picture so she can trace it in pen, though her heart is hardly in it anymore for the evening!