The Black Comet

Ayana has gone missing, and Riventon is just a tad bit upset about this.

Date: 2016-01-27
Pose Count: 36
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 02:14:38 25092
Riventon has stopped soaring through the air - wide area searches bring up nothing, and there's been not a trace, not a sign of magic. But he knows, as surely as anything, who's to blame.

The magical girl who acts like a wolf, the one Ayana spoke so proudly of. But distracted as he was - one of many mistakes - he did not take her name to memory when offered. Which made finding her much more difficult. But, as always, he knew how to attract attention when need be.

Attracting attention generally meant an experiment, but Riventon's mind was much too cloudy to focus on anything but what he was after. That being said, there was another way...

To draw attention, expend energy. And so he was. He'd found a half-finished construction site, and went about the work. If his hypothesis was right, either the explosions and crashing concrete and steel or the release of black energy that was causing it would draw magical girls.
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 02:22:44 25094
Reiko Touyama was actually /almost/ normal feeling! Sure, there was some things nagging at her- and--- Mei was still gone and that still hurt- and-- there was still the Misa situation ---and---- her parents were still trying to force her to go to Infinity. But--- some other things have happened, too! She got to dance with a /mysterious magical stranger/, she helped free Ayana-chan from her horrible 'brother', and she got tucked in! By dad! the last one may seem small- but when your dad is rarely around to see you off for bed anyways...

She's walking home from a late club meeting when----

Her Chroma Prism goes beserk, tugging out of her shirt up the collar and pointing towards the south. She blinks. "Eh...?"

A transformation later and Prism Keeper Orange is flying through the air and blinking- oh--it's. Him. Riventon. Ayana-chan's 'brother'. She thought of that in sarcastic air quotes in her head for a variety of reasons. She made to zip closer to the ground--- trying to get within audible shouting range. When she is...

"HEY! What are you doing!? What do you want to steal a bulldozer now!? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW A BULLDOZER WORKS!? DO YOU MUST NEED TO KNOW!?" she yells out.
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 02:27:02 25097
"I just can't have one quiet night no.. I still haven't finised my homework either.", Vespa sigh having felt something She leaps off a building landing near Prism Keeper Orange. Great. Someone is blowing up random stuff.
"Go blow up your own stuff. People worked hard to build that! There insurance doesn't cover random magical explosions!
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 02:32:02 25098
Amu Hinamori is not exactly herself, right now. The pinkette has mostly managed to avoid people so that she can sulk and think about what to do with her current feelings of betrayal. It doesn't help when she's pretty sure those feelings aren't really warranted, and that she's being unfair. yet she still can't shake them.

Consequently, the trio of Charas that usually accompany Amu are mostly quiet, floating behind her as she makes her way through the streets, rather than trying to talk to her or look at every little thing.

Nevertheless, those same Charas are still always on alert for the dark energy that darkens dreams and destroys happiness. "Amu-chi," Ran calls from behind her, tone a little nervous. "I sense something bad."

Amu stops with a sigh and turns to regard her charas. Miki and Su both seem to agree with Ran's assessment, which only draws another sigh from the girl. She squints and glances off in the general direction Ran is pointing, and then a third sigh escapes.

"Amu-chi, it feels really bad," Ran tries to prompt her hopefully.

"Alright, alright, you don't have to nag," replies Amu with a frown. "Chara Change," she says almost listlessly.

"Hop," little feathery wings form on Amu's wrists, "step," they show up on her ankles, "jump!" And Amu takes to the skies, leaping across the city in a bound towards the construction site.

Amu lands atop a tall crane and peers down at the destruction being leveled in the yard below. "Geeze, this looks bad," Amu murmurs worriedly. "What's going on?"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 02:37:57 25101
    Homura and Laisa walk down a mostly empty sidewalk, close to the construction site. Homura is quiet. Her shoulders are straight. Her chin is held high. She literally feels like she's on top of the world, and the cold stare in her eyes clearly communicates that the world better back off. Laisa, on the other hand, isn't in such a good mood. Homura gives her a sideways glance.

    "Forget about him. It doesn't matter if he's sorry." Homura's attempts at reassurance still sound pretty cold. "You sold your soul to get rid of the pain he put you through."

    "Was that a mistake?" Laisa asks. "I guess it really doesn't mean a thing to me anymore."

    Homura flips her hair behind her. "It wasn-- Watch out."

    A stray chunk of concrete soars through the air, careening towards the two girls. Homura henshins immediately, blasting the concrete into tiny bits. Laisa henshins an instant later, and follows Homura as the two of them jump over the fence and into the construction site.

    It doesn't take long for Homura to recognize one of the people she hates most in this timeline. "Riventon, we really have to stop seeing each other like this. It just isn't healthy."

    Laisa, behind her, smirks. As if they weren't just talking about something depressing. She really did kill the pain. "Now what's a big jerk like you doing in a place like this?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 02:48:35 25103
Mikoto is out for a jog, herself, trying to keep in shape. She's been doing a lot of magic lately, and a good bit of swordfighting, but she's decided she needs to work on endurance. Which means jogging. And more magic practice. And somehow finding time for research. And for teaching her own student. And and and and. Not enough hours in the day!

Still, today she's managed to set aside some time for a jog, so there she is. And there's a construction site blowing up. Wooooonderful. This day just keeps getting better and better. At least Hikari isn't here. The catgirl would have something choice to say about her mood right now, she's sure of it.

She ducks into an alley to find a place to henshin, and emerges in Miss Blue's familiar suit and baldric-supported sword. And then she spots Amulet Whatsername taking to the sky. This day just keeps getting better and better.

(("Wide Area Search enabled, Meister. I will locate the target."))

"Thanks, Carnwennan. I don't think it's going to be very difficult, however. Start stacking Flickers." As darts of blue light form and fade in orbit around her position, she walks on towards the site, staying on the ground to avoid view while the flying types get the bad guys' attention.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 03:15:18 25117
Riventon glares at Reiko, before unleashing another blast that turns the afforementioned bulldozer into a pitch black shadow, before it falls apart, like it had aged hundreds of years in one moment, affected by the raw entropy of the negative energy. Vespa arrives, and says something that, to Riventon, sounds largely familiar. A speech chastizing him.

Homura gets a special glare from Riventon as he stops blasting things. He's different than he was the other day, though. There's almost an aura around him that seems to darken the world in his immediate vicinity. And it's on HER he turns first.

"Did you take her, you jealous little harpy?!" he asks, raising his gauntlet at her. Drops of negative energy are dripping off the end of it like slick oil, dissapating in the air. "Did you take my fox because I made the mistake of being nice to you? Because I won't do that again. If you want to see a monster, you've brought that out."

Then there's a scrambled voice from his gauntlet, and a blast erupts from his hand. Belatedly, the device calls out an actual attack name, once the runes have faded from its screen.


It's not a normal dark blast, though - it's something she might have seen in the Labrynth before, if she paid attention. It's a multicolored blast like melted wax, a sudden total lack of reality, like an acid trip condensed into a beam.

Those who've been in a labrynth will recognize the Witch Shock blast. "WHERE IS SHE!" he shouts at the absolute top of his booming voice. "SOMEONE HERE MUST KNOW."
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 03:22:35 25121
Prism Keeper Orange gets a glare. She's a little taken a-back, but she steels herself throughly. She huffs. "Jerk!" she yells loudly. She watches as Homura is blasted as she woahs and hovers backwards. "LOOK OUT FIREPOWER-CHAN!" she calls out- because she doesn't know what else to Akemi-san in this form or something. Firepower-chan seems appropriate. She uses... guns. N' stuffs.

She frowns. "Oh-- is this what this is about...?" she suddenly says icly- like she KNOWS something. "Good cuz... I've been tired of keeping my mouth shut to you!" she says raising her Chroma Wand and pointing it forward.

"Ya know, what I've been told by my friend...." she says softly. "Is that a familiars bond is special but it works two ways! You haven't been listening to her! You've been leaving her alone! You've been /abusing her/ most of all!" she snaps. "And--- /fixing her/ with your stupid /dark energy/..." she yells out.

"So someone... who actually loves her-- saved her from you- you /DARK JERK!/. AND SHE DID IT WITH MY HELP!" she yells at the top of her lungs. She says enough- enough to be mouthy and paint a picture- but she specfically leaves out the specifics.

"I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU! AND I'M NOT SOME FOX YOU CAN DO WITH AS YOU PLEASE!" she calls out as she throws the wand back and forward, flinging a beam of color energy towards Riventon with all her might-- bright, orange and streaking!

Yeah she's cruising for a bruising. But if she can anger Riventon enough....

Everyone else can wail on him while she takes the heat. She can shield herself. She should be able to take what Riventon can hold. At least for a few. Maybe.

That /is/ one powerful mass of dark energy there.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 03:22:41 25122
"Amu-chan," Miki says nervously to Amu. "We should do something."

"I know," Amu says, then sighs and cracks her knuckles. "Okay, okay, let's do something. Ran," she tells the pink chara.

Then she leaps down off the crane and makes a picture-box with her fingers. Ran yelps in surprise and swiftly chases after. "Atashi no Kokoro: Unlock." A brilliant light engulfs Amu as she falls, like a streaking commet towards the ground. Ran's egg closes around her; Amu's outfit is blasted away, to be replaced swiftly by ribbons and light. Ran's egg merges with Amu, and the outfit completes: a pink cheerleader outfit, well suited for her figure. "Chara Nari: Amulet Heart!"

"HEARTFALL!" Amulet Heart calls as she turns the brilliant light of her fall into an attack, seeking to slam down into Riventon from above.
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 03:25:25 25125
Vespa jumps back out of the way of the rainbow whatever the heck that stuff is, she not really sure but she doens't want to get it by it!
"I have no idea what you are talking about! I don't know nothing about your missing fox. Just calm down!", she trying to be resoanble here, but can't let him do as she please. Mabye he will calm down after he takes a few hit to head, she wait to see what happens before she jumps into the fray.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 03:27:55 25127
(("Target located, Meister.")) Carnwennan reports. It's fairly redundant, as by this time Miss Blue can see him with her own Mark One Eyeballs. Still, it's good to know that the ancient Device is paying attention.

"Yes, I see him." She bites her lip, considering what to do, and watches as Amulet and Orange go on the attack. Looks like Pinky, at least, has been getting in some practice. Good.

She takes a moment to time her attack juuuuust right. She wants it to get there just as Amulet's fall makes impact. It's going to mean precise timing, so she draws her blade and lifts it high, spell-light gleaming off of it...

And then a trio of mana helixes is sent flying as she brings the blade down. (("Flakschrecken!"))
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 03:32:29 25129
    "I don't know who or what you're talking about. You were nice to me? When?" Homura shouts back, a certain bite in her voice. There is a fury behind her purple eyes. "So you didn't kill me. What a hero! You still woke me out of a dead sleep and threw me into a labyrinth, which is still pretty rude. At best."

    Laisa places a hand on Homura's shoulder, leaning in to whisper. "Is he always like that? Something's really wrong about him."

    Homura responds before she thinks. "There's always something wr--" and then she thinks, and hesitates. "... no, no he isn't. This is too much, even for him."

    An unsettling quiet falls over the two Puella Magi. Neither of them really know what happened to Riventon, but its clear to both of them that he's not just malicious... he's on a rampage.

    The runes appear again, and Homura reaches over to tap Laisa on the shoulder. When the Witch Shock comes, the two of them superjump in opposite directions, the sickly acid trip smashing into the ground they were just standing in.

    "Careful, Riventon." Homura stands on top of a yellow construction vehicle, an excavator. "The last time I saw someone attempting to hold the powers of a Witch, they nearly died. Do you really think you've succeeded where White-san failed?"

    Laisa reappears from behind a dumptruck, extending a palm and unleashing several void spheres at the rampaging Riventon. Each one passes through a falling dustcloud, sucking in the dust as they fly through it.

    Homura overhears the story as told by Reiko. "Is that how it is? Look, I don't know anything about it, but it sounds like it was completely your own fault, Riventon." She says this with a fairly even tone, that sounds so sincere and even helpful that it could only ever be sarcastic. She's digging at him, that's for sure.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 03:54:36 25137
The words that Reiko and Homura say really drives Riventon off the cliff he was already (and maybe always) tetering on. He doesn't need the shadow guise to make his eyes flare out red (and this might be familiar to Homura's dealings with Dark Endymion!) with a sinister glow. First, Reiko gets the response.

"I figured if I broke enough things I'd get the answers I was looking for! TO HELL WITH DOING IT THE HARD WAY." He starts to create a field of little orbs of black energy behind him, winking into existince and crackling with fell power. "Now maybe if I start breaking enough PEOPLE they'll tell me where my fox is so I can get her back. You may not be afraid of me right now, but I'm about to change all of that."

The bright color ray streaks towards him, only to meet a Round Shield (which does turn orange before vanishing.) And then Riventon retalliates, sending the baker's dozen of orbs soaring through the sky towards Reiko! Some of them, though, are absorbed, by the void spheres Laisa has thrown, and that might give Reiko a dodgable path!

Before he can say more, though, he has to put up another shield to defend against Amu - the skies weren't an attack vector he was expecting, and his shield just barely comes up in time, his hand almost meeting hers through the ward, - and then Mikoto's shots smash into the shield right behind Amu, and it shatters - Riventon feels the impacts hit him just before he dashes away through the Dusk Zone to reappear near Homura.

A fist charged with negative energy, streaking from nowhere attempting to impact Homura directly. "I'm not holding the powers of a witch, I'm just emulating them." he says with a grin, wether the fist hits the time mage or not.

Then he dashes back through the dusk zone, intentionally appearing in the center between all of them. "I'm not going to hold back. If you want to survive, you'd better make the orange one talk - or bring me my AYANA!" The name causes a surge of energy to erupt out from him, carried not by magic alone, but by his extreme degree of rage and sorrow.
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 04:03:17 25140
Prism Keeper Orange looks determined. "Never. You will never find her again. So you can hurt her?...." she says.

Then she says, very matter of factly as she goes flying-- determination seems to make her a skilled flier-- not looking like a drunk butterfly, or awkward- she shoots up fast and quick like a hawk might to evade the balls of energy.

"....So you can unmake her? So you can kill her? I can tell you this. You don't want her back because you /love her/." she says icly. "Creatures like you....." /Creatures/. "...can't feel love or kindness. Do you know how hard my chroma crystal reacted to you!? IT THOUGHT YOU WERE A SHADE! NOTHING BUT A DUMB DARK CREATURE!" she calls out.

She circles her wand in the air---and at each interval of the 'clock' she's rotating around, a koi explodes from the spot and starts seeking in on Riventon--- each one tries a different vector- a different path- like tiny purifiying rockets. "YOU DON'T WANT HER BACK TO HELP HER OR CARE FOR HER, YOU WANT TO SNUFF OUT HER LOVE FOR HER COMPANION!" she calls out.

Yeah, Reiko's been holding a lot in and she's just letting it all spout out and she's surprised like--- Riventon just doesn't turn into a dark winged angel and eat her yet.
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 04:05:42 25141
"Riventon? That's Riventon??", Vespa says gripping her axe a bit tigter. "You! She points her axe at him. "You hurt one of my freinds! ..and it doesn't seem like to going to l", she stumbles back from the engery erutiption. "I guess I'll just have to beat some sense into you!" She charges forward toward Riventon swinging her massive axe at him trying to hit him with the flat edge and hopefully knocking him backwards.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 04:09:02 25143
Amulet Heart remains suspended over Riventon's head for the duration of his shield. When it pops she tries to drive her fist and power into him. He teleports into the dusk zone at the last instant, leaving Amulet Heart to flail in surprise and nearly barrel into the ground. As is she manages to tuck her head and arms and falls onto her bottom.

Amulet Heart stares up at Riventon when he appears again, then glances between Riventon and Orange. "Seriously?" she asks, as she rolls back up to her feet. "This is all just because you were an abusive jerk and someone took your slave away? Grow up," she tells Riventon, then reaches out her hands to either side. With a flash of light, a gleaming baton appears in each hand, which she twirls once between her fingers.

Amulet Heart rushes forward suddenly, wielding those batons like clubs as she attempts to attack Riventon. Really, she has her own growing up to do, because Riventon is far too convenient a target for all of her aggression about betrayal right now. Swipe left, swipe right, hammer high, hammer low, Amulet Heart is a flurry of attacks.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 04:09:29 25144
    Homura watches Riventon step into the dusk zone, but she's not expecting it when he appears near her, slamming his dark-charged fist into her side. She's knocked clear off of her perch and into the dusty ground below. She clutches at her bleeding side, teeth gnashing. Laisa runs to her side, helping her back up. "Are you alright, Hom-chan?"

    Weakly, she mutters, "So that's what it's like... no wonder people who fight me hate me." After a few coughs, Homura stands up. Her soul gem glows purple for a moment as she shuts the pain away. It's the only way she can continue fighting at this point.

    Laisa frowns at Homura. "I'm calling the others." Laisa runs behind a huge solid concrete pipe, pulling out her cell phone to dial friends.

    Homura's glare settles on Riventon, as she says, "Emulating the powers of a Witch? I don't know if that's better or worse. Emulating something like that... I don't think you know what kinds of powers you're dealing with."

    Homura shoulders a rocket launcher, aiming it at Riventon as he stands between the group of them. "I'm not going to turn on the orange one for your sake. If you keep getting more powerful, and more reckless... well, you're just creating the very hell you'll burn in."

    "Or maybe that's your current problem? You ran off your favorite little fox girl and now she's not here anymore. Couldn't just be nice to just one person in your life, could you?"

    Homura fires the RPG at Riventon, and then fires a few more, discarding each launcher by tossing it off to the side.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 04:15:43 25148
"I don't think he knows what 'nice' is," Miss Blue comments as she comes up closer to Homura. Close enough for conversation, at least. She waves a hand, and a half-dozen Flicker Shots arrow out, circling around behind Riventon.

"All he cares about is getting his way. Well, know what?" She watches Amulet beat on the shield for a moment, and several rocket-launchers from Homura. Letting them keep his attention, his shield, on his front. A second series of Flickers arrows out as she waves her sword, this time almost like a conductor's baton, and now two groups arrange themselves in the sky above and behind Riventon.

"That's just not in the cards, today." Both groups of Flickers arrow in towards Riventon, coming from spots a wide angle apart from each other, and from the frontal attacks others are delivering. They aren't intended to do much damage. Just enough power, really, to trigger Axion's autodefense mode. In two locations, so a single shield can't block both groups. Thus, she hopes, weakening his frontal defenses so that the others can get through.

"Here's a secret, jerkenton. Nobody cares what you want. Stop acting like a baby throwing a temper tantrum over his lost toy, and GROW UP!"
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 04:27:21 25150
Riventon lets out a massive "WHAT?!" at the things Reiko says. "I NEVER had plans to unmake her, not even when she begged me to!" he says, unleashing a blast out of his hand at Reiko before dashing backwards, the two small orbs in his gauntlet detatching as he jumps around the construction site, each laser catching the koi before they can hit him - except one last one, which slams into him and knocks him off a building! He fades into the Dusk Zone and fades back out landing on his feet.

"She was just a fox when I met her! I GAVE HER PART OF MY SOUL! That's what made her more than a fox!" he shouts, and another shuddering blast of black energy tries to seek out the Orange Keeper. "If you helped then YOU HELPED TEAR OUT PART OF MY SOUL!"

That's when he has to shield against the flat edge of Vespa's axe, and he presses the shield against her, both of them competing - a test of strength Vespa might win, were it not for the current nature of Riventon's overcharged power. He shoves her away and jumps back again.

Smaller shields are needed for each of Amulet Hearts attacks, but Riventon is fast - until the overhead, which clocks him pretty good - and there's another dusk jump for space. "She wasn't my slave!" And there's a black energy bolt for Amu, too, powered by that same rage and sorrow. "She was my Familiar. We cared for each other. She CRIED because she thought Ikiko was going to take her away - she was afraid she'd lose me - and now the orange one has helped her do it!"

And then it turns out magic wards don't stop all the concussive force of a RPG round, because each shield he puts up for the rockets pushes him back, heels dug into the ground. "I think the only mistake I made was listening to people who told me to slow down, to back off. All it did was lose me something I rea..." he cuts himself off, and there's an almost shake of rage, and another giant ball of black energy, like the one from the witch, forms up and rushes at Homura. At least it's one and not three.

"Shouldn't you be working right now, Miss Blue?" he asks - and instead of defending agaisnt her flicker shots from either side, he rushes forwards - a not-insignificant portion of the shots make contact with him, but most of the damage is soaked by his barrier jacket as he rushes to give Mikoto the same kind of punch he gave Homura. Some of the shots get through, and there's actually some blood - but it doesn't seem to be slowing her enemy down.
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 04:40:04 25152
Prism Keeper Orange has a rush of dark energy coming for her and she moves to dash out of the way----- and it clips her this time--- the energy causing her to spin and leaving a terrible black mark on the right side of her body. She frowns heavily. That hurt.... that hurt a lot and stings and she grabs her side. She still keeps steady. She tries to keep focused...

"Let me tell you..." she says.

"...the night she was freed from--- what you did to her. She said. She said she was /very scared/ about what you would do to her! That she didn't want to be a villian anymore but you wouldn't understand! She just wanted to be left alone with the one she loved---AND THAT WASN'T /YOU!/." She spits out.

"..and instead of understanding... instead of--of!...... ANYTHING ELSE--- YOU'RE HERE. DESTROYING THINGS. BECAUSE THAT'S ALL PEOPLE LIKE YOU UNDERSTAND!" she calls out.

"I'M SICK OF IT!" she says.

"DRAINING COLOR! DESTROYING THINGS! DRAINING ENERGY AND SOULS AND EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD!" right now her voice begins to crack because she's /screaming/ so loud.

"---that's all you care about is ruining it!" she spits!

There's another wave of koi--- another wave of seeking koi--- but she just keeps spitting them out this time in rapid succession like some sort of fishy machine gun!
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 04:42:31 25154
Amulet Heart tries to press her attack after the weapon connects with Riventon, but he's gone, and her next two swings whiff the air and throw her off balance. She whirls, sending that skirt flying outwards a little, as she hunts for her target again.

Instead, she finds a bolt of dark energy. "Crap," she says, and crosses her batons in front of her. Even with the timely shield, the pinkette is blasted backwards into a pile of dirt. She grunts in pain and rolls back to her feet.

"Hey, uh, Orange," Amulet Heart calls to the girl. "I totally get the message of freedom and love you're spouting, but you're starting to sound a little crazy yourself. Take it down a notch, hey?"

Amulet Heart whirls her batons again, and then lets them both fly towards Riventon. "Spiral Heart!"
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 04:43:01 25155
Vespa oofs getting knocked back tumbing to the ground. She a bit shaken but allright. He's just lasing out and everyone and everything, and someone is going to get hurt.
"Oh. Just! SHUT! UP!", and she picks up a steam roller and throws it at him!
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 04:53:44 25157
    "Oh boo hoo." Homura's shout is completely devoid of sympathy. "Your soul got torn out. Just a part. Not even the whole thing! Come back when you've got something to really angst about."

    Yeah, she's totally playing that card. That card has been laid on the table and the mana cost has been spent.

    "You say all of that, Riventon." Homura's cold eyes narrow at him. "... yet the fact remains that she is gone. Considering what a creep you are, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just as Orange says."

    Homura's running mouth earns her another dark sphere. She's seen this attack from yesterday, and she vanishes from her perch, reappearing behind the evil projectile. She's not tanking something like that twice, even if her pain receptors are dulled.

    "If she still left, then you clearly didn't back off enough. I have a hard time believing that everything was just as happy between you two as you say."

    Overhearing what Orange says, Homura tilts her head. "Well, that makes sense. Who wouldn't hate being forced to be a villain, and working next to someone like you? Should've seen this coming, really."

    Then from three different directions, comes the combined shout, "No one expects the Puella Inquisition!"

    Meriko steps out from behind a steel beam, Laisa jumps on top of the concrete pipe she was hiding behind, and Belina appears high above.

    Meriko raises her hands, and jagged shards of glass grow out of the ground beneath Riventon, growing upwards out of each other like glass sculptures melting in reverse. The masses of glass shards move like tendrils , reaching up to wrap around and cut into Riventon. They're about as rigid and delicate as real glass, but more and more of them keep coming. A beam of solid light, Truth expressed as magical energy, races towards Riventon from above, a gift from Belina. Laisa molds the void into a solid form, throwing a giant brick of Nothing at Riventon.

    Homura meanwhile is just facepalming. "This... really wasn't the time... for that joke..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 04:54:15 25158
"I am working," Miss Blue answers, forgetting Rule Number One: Don't engage with the idiots. The talk of soul pieces doesn't phaze her - to her, it wasn't about love, it was about denying Riventon access to the resource a familiar represented. Love was ... a side affair. An excuse. "I'm stopping a Witch from trashing my city."

She watches the Flickers impact him, and calls down a dozen more from the orbiting swarm. And then he's almost on top of her, and she brings up her blade to impale him on it even as his fist finds her...

She's thrown back, slamming into the side of a building, leaving a Blue-shaped dent in the brick wall. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. Yay Barrier Jackets.

At least she kept hold of her blade through all that. With luck, it's now stained with Riventon's blood. And she launches herself right back at him, fully intending to return the favor and find a more vital spot to stick three feet of razor-sharp magesteel.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 05:20:40 25164
"You didn't see her crying!" Riventon shouts, though he may have attracted a little too MUCH attention. "You didn't see how her heart was breaking! I did what I had to do!" he shouts out, but he's not able to attack, too busy trying to shield and dodge the storm of explosive koi. "Why would I want to ruin the world? What good is there in controlling something that's been ruined?" he asks, with an almost sneer, despite his sorrow. Riventon's still... well, Riventon. "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, FISH-GIRL!" he adds, eyes aglow again. "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND AT ALL. BUT YOU WILL, WHEN I TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY FROM YOU!"

    <SCHATTENSCHLAG - SCHNELLGANG!> Axion calls out.

With both hands put forward, Riventon unleashes a blast that's made up of so much of his sorrow, rage - and of course, the black energy he's overdosed on. The wave tears through the air at Reiko, wanting to punish her for the things she's said - though it's probably not the best attack to be used to hit such a nimble little flyer. It does, however, wreak havoc on the terrain - and at some point, a steamroller that is thrown at him flies through it - the automatic barrier Axion puts up against the steamroller is enough, combined with going through the blast, that it crumbles to dust on impact with the ward.

The wave from the overcharged shot finally has to stop because while the ward is stopping the sudden steamroller, batons slam in from either side and make horrific noises as the impact his hands. "Haven't you interefered enough, girl?" he asks, to the pink haired cheerleader. "You already ruined one experiment."

And then... there's Homura. No. AKEMI - with her words as much a weapon as her... actual arsenal of weapons. "You have no idea how much I've worked to be all of the things you lot say are important!" he says, making a sweeping motion with his hand that sends a blade of energy towards Homura. Then another, and another, each time he accents a word. "BUT! ALL it's gotten me is LOSS. I should've been USING MY STRENGTH instead!"

Then, there's the not-so-minor problem of the unexpected attack - glass trying to tear and cut into his barrier jacket - which it succeeds at doing, too many directions for proper wards - but a ward DOES get thrown up against the light beam - which is perhaps far more dangerous - only for the heavy strength of the brick of nothing to slam into him from the side, sending him out of the glass zone, but towards Mikoto.

"I only see one witch here." he manages to sneer as he rights himself back to a combat stance. He catches her blade just in time with his gauntlet, using it to shift the weapon out of the way as magisteal meets his knockoff Midchildan tech.

The blade still manages to cut a chunk out of his shoulder, even deflected, and Riventon sneers. "I'll have to have a word with your boss about your choice of after work activities." he says, turning to grab the blade with his gauntleted hand. With sufficent energy, anything can be a conductor. And Riventon sends more than sufficent energy into Mikoto's device.
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 05:28:14 25166
Prism Keeper Orange looks to Amulet and blinks and blushes. "Nrg... there's much I need to say at this jerk I've been holding it in for weeks!" she huffs! "He needs to know the truth! He needs to know the truth because that's how you fight people like him!" she says.

She looks back down at Riventon and glares. "If----"

'No one expects the Puella Inquisition!'.

Her eyes go wide and sparkly for a long moment... in an 'eeeeeeeeee' fashion!

Oh wait, there's a jerk down there.

The wave of darkness cuts out and her eyes go wide. She zips to the right and debris spouts out around her--- she sort of turns into an orange streak for a moment as she snorts. "Fish girl..." she repeats.

"You're a jerk. You're always going to be a jerk. You just think you're a /strong/ jerk!" she spouts.

She raises her Chroma Wand high, orange energy building up.

"PRISM AEGIS POWER!" she calls out, before throwing it- it takes the shape of a brilliant, large, purifying koi.

"CHROMA ORANGE OVERFLOW!" she calls out- trying to hit Riventon with a purifying blast- hoping to knock that darkness in the gut!
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 05:34:39 25169
Vespa blinks as the steamroller turns to dust from Riverton's blast. "well that didn't work. Time to get up close and personal!", she takes in a deep breath as the blade of her axe start to glow with a red arua. She rushes foward then leaps up and swings her axe in a downwad motion shouting "FINAL SLICER!", and a crimson coloured blade shoots out from the axe heading towards Riverton!
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 05:38:51 25171
Amulet raises her hands, and both of her flying batons come streaking back. But rather than catching them, they turn back into light and fade away. Amulet Heart leaps into the air and forms a heart with her hands. "Negative Heart: Lock On."

There is a brief moment where she hesitates, watching as dark energy and orange energy combine. Is this the right decision? Does he deserve to be attacked like this?

Does Nadeshiko deserve it?

All of her grief and despair coalesces in that moment, filling the space between her hands. And then Amulet Heart finds her inner peace. It's been missing for more than a week. A tear forms on her cheek as she comes to the conclusion she's been stubbornly refusing to acknowledge. "OPEN HEART!"

Amulet Heart's inner peace washes through that depression, guided by the heart-shape her fingers are making. The light is nearly blinding in its brilliance as it streaks across the distance towards Riventon.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 05:44:32 25175
The impact with Riventon takes Miss Blue off her feet, ramming back up against the wall again, ust from the sheer force of his momentum.

Dark energy crackles along Miss Blue's blade, down through the metal and into her hand. And she screams, loud and hard, but she refuses to let go of the blade.

For one, the other end of it is still stuck in Riventon's shoulder.

Even as pain rips through her, she calls down the rest of her swarm of Flicker Shots, each one slamming not into Riventon himself but into the blade - to be carried right through his barrier jacket where the tip is buried in his flesh.

(("Blitzschrecken!")) is the Device's response to the overload of dark energy, as it releases the blast directly into him.

And then she slumps to the sidewalk, dark energy still crackling over her form, as orange and pink blasts roar in at the dark mage...
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 05:48:19 25177
    Homura isn't just running her mouth here. She's also watching Riventon closely, even as her team of Puella Magi attack. She's looking for openings, both emotionally and tactically, that she can exploit. Yet... for a brief moment she can see him how he seems to see himself: Someone who just lost someone important, and doesn't want to admit that they're gone.

    It's a pain she might've been able to sympathize with if she didn't hate him. Instead, all she can think is that he's suffering the pain that Homura would've gone through if something had happened to Madoka. Which it very nearly did, thanks to the jerk in front of her.

    "Even if you were as innocent in this as you say, I still wouldn't feel sorry for you. You're only tasting the pain that you'd happily inflict upon others. Karma only sucks if you do."

    Then the attacks come. Dark blades come flying at her, forcing her to shut up and move. She leaps over the first one, then another, then another after that, each dodge leaving behind a steel beam perch that is destroyed shortly after. She's managing alright, under this pressure, until three blades come out all at once. She still manages to avoid the first, but the second one cuts off locks of her hair, and the third slices open her gut.

    She clutches her now-bleeding abdomin, standing only because she's a Puella Magi. She blames herself for having dulled her own reflexes... but she's sure the pain she's in right now would be unbearable otherwise.

    Meriko charges forward, ending up behind Riventon with a large glass shard, held like a sword, in her hands. Somehow her skin isn't being cut by this. She slices at him from behind. Meanwhile, Homura suddenly appears at Riventon's side, with a shotgun in hand, firing at Riventon in point-blank range.
Takashi Agera 2016-01-27 06:25:45 25191
Those Flicker Shots weave in and find a home, slamming into his shoulder. His barrier jacket is pierced and he's got to rely on the full power of his own internal magic - not the defensive magic of his device - to protect his shoulder from being shattered. It holds up - barely.

The shout he lets out is real and true - pain, anger, and that sorrow is still there. He rips the blade out, just in time to see the purifying blasts of energy.

    <DUSTERNIS MAUER!> his device calls out.

Riventon shouts at those attacking him as his gauntlet charges with energy. "You can't beat me! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME. I'M GOING TO MAKE ALL OF YOU PAY! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!" He's still shouting as the attacks drive in - a burst of bright orange, a heart shaped wave of positive energy, a really large axe - and it takes a lot of strength to brace his gauntlet with his other arm, due to the severe damage inflicted on it by Mikoto.

And the cartridges begin to load, each one making a loud racking noise like before, only this time, Riventon loads all six in the magazine, one after another, his gauntlet throbbing and beating with each one, waves of black power.

Before he can go further, Homura and her charges attack. Theres a glass shard sword to parry with a gauntlet, flowing black with energy, and with a rather impressive twirl, Riventon knocks the shotgun off course - but much like the sword, that doesn't mean the blast was avoided entirely, and there's blood on his side underneath the barrier jacket.

A pulse of negative energy pushes Meriko and Homura away, and then, there's a special glare for Homura first as the gauntlet glows dark and black. "Your karma must be terrible." And another special glare for Reiko. "I'm the strongest /anything/, even if you want to call me a jerk for it."

The gauntlet flares and a massive burst of black energy erupts from it again - only instead of a weaponized blast, tendrils of sticky, inklike blackness erupt, and create a sphere around Riventon - a sphere which seals only just before being impacted by Reiko's Orange Overflow - the sphere keeps out the orange momentarily, taking it into the blackness like all other light. But Open Heart strikes it as well, and that's when the orange starts to spread, as flecks of liquid negative energy are torn off by the waves. Vespa's axe comes down, slicing into the orb - and the orb somehow both shatters and dissolves at the same time - and within, there is nothing left but negative energy, slick and black, evaporating into the air or seeping into the earth below, killing grass and blackening soil.
Amu Hinamori 2016-01-27 06:33:50 25192
Amulet Heart alights once more on the ground, then stares at the evaporating pool of inky blackness. "Ew," she says, and Ran pops right back out, pom poms in the mini cheerleaders hands.

"Amu-chan, that was amazing!" Ran says excitedly.

Amu takes a deep breath, then lets out a small sigh. "Yeah, maybe," she replies. "Hey, Orange," she calls. "I get that you're upset with this guy over whatever this fox is, but ... don't let it control you, neh? It's important to stay who you are, even in the worst of situations. Remember: it's forgiveness and love that make us better than jerks like him."

And it's forgiveness and love that have her feet walking towards Nadeshiko's house. It's time to put an end to this.
Vespa Rayne 2016-01-27 06:34:57 25193
Vespa collapses onto the ground. "I'm exausted. I really doupt he gone for good...", if there isn't a body they proably not dead and even if there is you still can be sure! "..For some reason I feel a bit sorry for him..", she gets back up. "I still have to finish my homework too.."
Reiko Touyama 2016-01-27 06:36:39 25194
Prism Keeper Orange just narrows her eyes determinedly. She grits her teeth. She watches the blast leer out and---- off he goes. She looks around and frowns. Her Chroma Prism begins to calm down- yeah. He's gone. She huffs.

She looks to Amu and frowns--- ugh. /Amu/. Telling her /things/. She's still kinda upset about...


and Stuff...

Still. She speaks normally at her. "Well I'm not forgiving him until he stops this nonsense and abusing people he supposedly cares about!" she says. "So until that day comes- I'm going to do my best to stop him!" she says.

And then----

She begins to fly off. She's done here. But before she does she stops at the squad of Puella Magi.

"You guys.... /are all so awesome/...." she says with wide orange adoring eyes and--- orange... sparkly bubbles?----

And then some of her koi come and begin dragging her away.

"A--ack, bye!" she says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-27 06:40:45 25195
More than exhaustion has left Miss Blue slumped on the ground, mere millimeters separating her from the edge of Riventon's orb of darkness as it vanishes away. Her once-immaculate blue suit is charred and torn in places, and the blade of her sword still crackles with residual dark energy from Riventon's last attack on her. Her stomach, visible under the ripped suit, is already turning purple with an impressive bruise - and perhaps worse.

Blood pools under her hand, where she grips Carnwennan's hilt so tightly her nails have dug into her palm. Her eyes are glazed with anger, and the remnants of that same dark energy, thankfully starting to fade. She tries to push herself up to her feet... then falls once again. "... 'wen... 'merg'cy... 'ispace..."

(("Commencing emergency dimensional displacement. Warning: Energy frequency contamination may destabilize transfer."))
Homura Akemi 2016-01-27 06:40:55 25196
    Both Meriko and Homura are launched into the air after the cartridge-fueled dark pulse. Homura is knocked through a construction vehicle, resulting in loud cracks and dreadful noises that could either be from Homura or the vehicle she just impacted. Her eyes glaze over, and for a moment she actually looks dead.

    Until one of those glazed over eyes starts moving again, and Homura emits a small laughter. When she stands, it's not the stature of a normal human. It's the limp pose of a puppet who has had some, but not all, of her strings cut.

    Meriko fares a bit better, having been launched into empty air. She lands some distance away, far enough to take her out of the fight long enough for Riventon to get away.

    Homura, even in the state she's in, continues to try to push Riventon's buttons. "My karma's actually been great, thanks for asking~!" The creepy undead Homura sounds like she's bragging. Lording it over Riventon, really. "I'm on top of the world right now. I've got more than I ever dreamed I could have. You're strong, I'll admit. Strong enough that I had to call my full posse just to deal with you. Yet with all of your strength, I'm here after having gotten more than I ever knew I wanted, and you're here wrestling with your deep personal loss. What did your strength get you?"

    Immediately after the black sphere vanishes, Belina jumps down to where Riventon was and creates a bright light that shines over the area. "No illusions. He's probably gone."

    Homura's eye looks around. "We should be, too. Let's go. I don't want to answer questions about how I look right now."

    In an instant, the four of them are gone. Probably taken away by Homura in a timestopped moment.