Calm Before the Storm

A few people get together for a little last minute training before the big showdown with Walpurgisnacht

Date: 2016-01-29
Pose Count: 32
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 02:04:44 25408
A warm day has given way to a warm night as the clouds are moving in signifying coming rain. Shinobu has been busy. Her wounds are healed and her body is fully mended after the situation over the weekend. In light of the coming fight, Shinobu wanted to find a good place to train. The best place she could think of Was Easter Stadium. The lights have been turned on and the field is just a little warmer courtesy of those lights. After spreading the word about the training time for those that would like it. This was well over an hour ago.

Shinobu is out on the field. She's not henshined at the moment. She actually has raided the Kabudo club as well as a few others to bring a number of weapons so people don't have to burn magic if they choose not to. She is standing right in the middle of the field, Her good old wooden bo is in her hand. With solid physical speed she starts. The bo is twirled about and combined with several strikes including what would be a devestating downward smash. The impact made would likely leave a nasty bruise, or would if she hadn't done it numerous times before.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 02:19:40 25413
A streak of seafoam green speeds through the sky-- indeed, it's a streak, like a beam of light that with a sparkle and a flash-- Cure Gull appears from. Her wings fade away as she lands on her feet. Corvus is with her- with a cup of hot chocolate and shielding his eyes from lights, Gull looks around and huhs as she takes a few steps forward looking around...

"So..." she says softly.

"Does anyone know you're doing this?" she asks mischeifously. "I mean--- using the Stadium! Oh man! I hope there aren't security guards!" she says with wide, mischiefous eyes.

"That would be... so bad!?" she says. More mischief in her eyes.

"Yoooouuu just wanna tease and sass security guards." says Corvus.

"Yeah I do!" insists Gull with a grin. "Hiiii Shinobu!" she says as she begins walking over.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-29 02:35:07 25418
Not a second after Shinobu gets to really working her bo, and Cure Gull streaks in to complain about guards? A barrier envelopes the Stadium just before Miss White floats on down from on high, green wind making her suit jacket sway just a bit as she smirks.

"Oh, please. Security guards at a place like this are easy to bribe. They're overworked and underpaid. Gull-chan, Shinobu-chan."

Miss White stops to observe Shinobu at work for a moment. She gives a little nod as she notes the lack of henshin.

"Saving up magic, right? Good call. We'll need to be at our best. Here." She flicks something at Shinobu. A grief seed.

"Call it payment for keeping Tokyo and more importantly my business /not/ devoured by Walnuts-chan." Leave it to Hannah to nickname a city-devouring monstrosity like that. For the moment, she just watches, taking in Shinobu. "Not bad. I'm no staff user, but your footwork's pretty good. Might want to bend your knees a little bit more though. Keep nice and light on your toes. And for the love of all that's holy, don't stay still for too long. Sitting ducks get taken out in the first round. And this isn't going to be a one-round chump."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-29 02:37:11 25420
    Sayaka had received the message, and enters the stadium not long after Cure Gull. She's also unhenshined, trying to conserve her own magic as much as possible, although she may just henshin later if she's gonna have to match other Mahou. Still, she arrives prepared, carrying an upgraded wooden kendo sword from her own kendo class. It's not as good as her cutlasses, but it'll do for a training session.

    Sayaka's dressed for the chilly occasion too, wearing bright blue leggings, a simple black t-shirt and a short winter jacket over the outfit. It's likely she'll have to remove her jacket if it gets too warm, but for now she'll keep it on. Spying Shinobu and Cure Gull already there, she grins and waves to them as she heads over.

    "Good to see you guys here...And you too, Miss White.." She smirks as she spies Miss White, keeping up her usual guardedness around her, although Sayaka seems a bit more friendly than last time at least.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 02:49:32 25426
"I'm just warming up." Shinobu smiles and catches the seed and pockets it before she starts moving.It becomes clear that she has been at this for years. The bo whirls around her body and then up into the air. She does a jump kick before catching the weapon and following it up with several strikes. Her feet are moving and the strength in her body is seen through the speed of her strikes. Finally she flourishes and then gives a polite bow.

"Welcome Miss White, Cure Gull, Sayaka-san. Good to see you all here. Thanks for coming! If you are curious about us being alone here, Someone sent the security office several pizzas and ordered them the recent JWF Pay-Per-View event. I'm pretty sure we are going to have the field to ourselves." She snickers and then continues, "So you are welcome to use any weapons you like. You can spar, Don't go all out though! We don't wanna kill each other while we are preparing to kill Wildebeestsnacks."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 02:50:26 25427
Cure Gull watches the barrier form. "Awwwwww you're no fun White-chan." she huffs. Corvus smirks. No guards to tease or trouble oh well. She does however----give White-chan a biiiiiiiig hug. She gets a hug. She then turns to the matter at hands.

"W--walnuts-chan!?" she asks. "I've been calling it Wappakappadoddlealaday!" she says as she huffs. "I'm not giving this thing any respect verbally!" she insists. "It'll get all my respect with feathers, kicks, punches and also wind magic!" she huffs.

She turns to Sayaka and beams! "Sayaka-san! Hello! Are you here to train too?" she asks.

"Huh like no one's transforming? Oh- well...Puella Magi. I guess." she mutters.

"Anyways...hrmmmmm. Oh! I know!"

She spins the dial on her PreBrace. "Gull Feather Blade!"

Then she summons a glowing seafoam energy katana-like sword. It leaves feathers in it's wake. She 'huhs'. "Neat!" she says. She swings it around in front of her. No one's there.

Corvus eeks! "H--hey watch it, Gull. That thing looks sharp!"

"Yeah I know!" she beams. "But..maybe. A little too sharp..." she poofs it away. "Hrmmmm....."

She peeks at the weapons. "I think Imma gonna stick to my magic and the stuff White-chan's been teaching me~" she beams.

She head tilts. "So Shinobu...." she asks.

"Did you consider what I've told ya about WPS!? And--- Miss White is here too! So-- she can even answer questions I can't!" she beams!

She punches into the air. "Hai!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 02:56:07 25429
An expensive-looking black car delivers a Mikoto to the stadium, the invitation having been passed to her through the usual mysterious means. She pauses to henshin just before exiting the car, apparently trusting the driver with her identity. Then she heads in to the stadium to join the gang.

"Hey, all," she calls as she hurries in. "Sorry I'm late, been a little busy this week." Busy appears to be her natural state these days. She's got quite a lot of projects on her plate, it would seem.

She's in her usual blue suit, with Carnwennan's scabbard hung from a baldric at her side, and she's added a matching fedora somewhere. Pretty classy.

"Hey, White, Green. Good to see you both. Long time no see."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-29 03:05:16 25432
Miss White actually smiles upon seeing the Bluest Sword Girl. "Hey kiddo! Say, uh..." She starts off, smile turning to a smirk. "Tell Mami and Kyouko I want to have lunch some time. Bury the hatchet. That goes for you too."

Hannah laughs at that stick twirling. "You should've been on the flag team back home! Good to see you too. Right right, avoid training accidents." Her coach drilled that one into her after all.

Huuuug-gull! And a hair ruffle for good measure!

"Spoiling fun is waht we CEO's do." And then she gets to watch Gull pull out a freaking sword. "Someone's been practicing! I like it."

And then, a nod. "Yeah, ask me anything."

Waaave. "Hey Blue-san! One of thse days I'm going to get you to learn a bloody teleport spell! You're always late to meetings." She chides, before stretching. Then, a quick teleport spell, and a duo of hapless robo-youma appear. The kickboxing magical girl is quickly starting ot jab and kick and otherwise maul the pair, even as they try to shoot her. At one point, she catches a magic bullet in her teeth and shatters it. Typical Hannah.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-29 03:07:49 25433
    Sayaka chuckles at Cure Gull's antics, deciding to stick with her bamboo sword for now. If this training session gets too intense as it probably will, she may just transform later, but for now, she's perfectly happy to focus on perfecting her technique.

    As the others starts showing off their flashy moves, Sayaka focuses initially on stretches and warming up, not really keen on getting any muscle cramps or pulled ligaments. With the roof up and the magical barrier courtesy of Miss White, it's warming up slowly in the arena, even though its sheer size makes it still a bit cooler than she'd like.

    "So. Looks like pretty much everyone here has some intensive martial arts background.." idly, she hopes she doesn't lag behind. Sayaka has only a couple years of kendo training to boast of, and nothing terribly fancy. But she's been training hard and has shown some talent in the art.

    Glancing around at the others, she nods to Gull first, "Good to see you again, Gull-san. Miss White..Oh, and you're Miss Blue, right?" She nods to Mikoto as she arrives last. Finally, a smile towards Shinobu, "And I know you, of course. So..We gonna partner up, or do a tag team or what? How exactly is this training session gonna go, Shinobu-san?"

    Then Miss White starts calling her 'Kiddo' again and she frowns, "Hey! Didn't I say to quit calling me kiddo? I gotta name y'know?" as for burying the hatchet..Well maybe she'll think about it when Miss White calls her by her proper name. "I've got no qualms against you. Dunno about those other two but I'm sure we'll all have a celebration when this is all over.."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 03:19:51 25439
Shinobu Kimura eyes White sharply and gives a wicked smirk, "I tried, They said I was too agressive." She snickers a little. "Come on out to the field when you are ready. Oh Gull, While I'm all for the enthousiasm it might be better to use a non-edged weapon for now. At least until we all wind up henshined and are actually using magic."

Shinobu looks to Sayaka and smiles, "Oh sure! Maybe I can show you a few moves! I've been in Okinawan weapons and martial arts since I was eight. I focused on the bo but I learned a number of other weapons including Shortsword and shield." She smiles and politely bows to her.

Shinobu does give a wave to Blue as she arrives. "Hello, Miss Blue. Feel free to join in the training. We are just getting started." With that she walks back out to the field where the weapons are.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 03:22:04 25441
Cure Gull watches as Hannah trains with.... Robo-goons! Her eyes go wide with sparkles. Because kicking actual monster things you command and beat up is kinda cool. She thinks.. "Wait---lemme join in!" she says.

She hai's! And jumps into the fray--- going in with a punch! She's able to avoid bullets. But Hannah catches one in her teeth. Then she blushes.

She hrmmmms. Then peeks over to Sayaka. "Ohhh Sayaka-san! She calls everyone kiddo! Even me! It's a sign of affection! They don't... have like---"

"-- um. The words we do. Like -chan or -san? In America. Calling you kiddo is like calling you Sayaka-chan!" she beams. Yup! She's been reading up!

"I dunno if I'd say 'martial arts' I don't actually know how to fight! But--- Precure Powers let me." she nods matter of factly. "Well. I am learning how to fight WITHOUT Powers too, but. That's gonna be useless for the witchy apocalypse~" she teases.

Soon she'll start practicing her English better! She's not very good at it. She's glad she hasn't had to do it largely for anyone yet. Ugh.

She thinks a bit. "Well.. I don't have an /actual/ weapon. All I have is my PreBrace. I don't imagine the 'magical weapons' last too long..." she says.

Whoops! A bullet goes flying past her.

"Whoops." she eyes Hannah. "Hey how adept are these jerks anyways?" she asks.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 03:27:49 25442
Miss Blue smiles a little, and waves to Shinobu. "Good to see you again, too," she agrees. "I guess everyone's a bit worked up about MallPurchaseNight, hmm?"

She taps Carnwennan's hilt. "Practice mode, Partner."

(("Affirmative, Meister. Bokken mode engaged."))

She eyes White's robo-youma for a moment, then shrugs. "I hate teleporting. It does weird fractal things to my hairspray." She's lying through her teeth, of course, and she's used teleports before. It's just that the last one she did was ... a bit off.

She probably could have flown and gotten here in time. But sometimes it's better to let Hikari and Uncle John have their way and not strain herself. Especially if she's going to be fighting. Or even just sparring.

"So, let's have some fun." She looks around, then nods to her fellow sword-fighter. "Up for a bit of sparring?" she asks of Sayaka.

Carnwennan's blade, once drawn, proves to have blunted its edge, much as a bokken would be, safe enough to use for practice spars.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-29 03:50:18 25452
Sayaka gets a laugh. "Well, great to hear that at least! Like Gull-chan said! I call everybody that. Your pride will be your downfall if you react like that to everything!"

Then, back to Gull, she nods. "Nope! There's Mister and Misses, Sir and Ma'am, but that's about it. I don't like being formal anyway." Shrug.

"Eh, they're decent enough for trash, but nothing too strong. They're cheap and easily disposable. But go on, have a run."

She calls to the remaining one that didn't just get its teeth kicked in.

"Hey, Sparky! Shoot Gull."

With that, the thing raises an AK-74, and starts blasting away. Seems Hannah has confidence in Gull's ability to not die against something like that.

A smirk to Shino, as the Hannah is left to shadow box and watch Gull at work. "Good, save that agression. You'll need it."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-29 03:53:45 25454
    Once Sayaka is finished stretching and warming up, she steps onto the field, peering around at the robo-youma. "Ooh, now that looks fun, however.." Glancing at Shinobu, she smiles, "Yeah, please teach me some new techniques. You're probably better at this than I am.."

    Sayaka picks up her sword, spinning it around her a few times as she tests its weight and balance, jabbing in the air several times at an imaginary opponent, before swinging it in a wide and low arc, as if to sweep them off their feet, and delivering the final blow. Her movements are quick, graceful, precise.

    She continues her exercises for a while, until she's warmed up a bit, glancing over at Hannah's RoboYouma, and Cure Gull's comments about her 'kiddo' remark with a smirk, "Heh. Is that so? What a weird expression, but if you say so.."

    Glancing over at Mikoto, she smirks, seeing that she's a fellow sword fighter. "Hmm, sure, we could spar! As long as it's not to the death!" she grins and winks, clearly joking. Hey, she's unhenshined and probably the least experienced around here. But Sayaka's got too much self confidence to fear failure. It's all a learning experience as far as she's concerned.

    She bows politely, then lowers herself into a defensive fighting stance. "Ready whenever you are!"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 04:03:48 25457
Shinobu smiles and walks over to the weapons and picks up a tinbe and a shoto-bokken. Her bo is left laying by the other weapons as she quickly flourishes with the shoto. Her attention shifts for a moment to the Robo-youma. "Please keep your bot over there for now. We will pick a fight with it later." She states with a wink.

And then its all business. She smiles and bows to Sayaka. "Alright, I don't know if you have a shield when you fight or not. I am using one as its how I was trained. First thing is first. Set your stance. If you keep your non-blade hand in front you can use it to block if you need to. Now I want you to come at me. I will not strike full strength but I will make contact." She smiles and takes a solid stands, that shield is out front of her. Its not much. Its literally the size of a turtle shell. Shape too.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 04:04:36 25458
Cure Gull gets AK-47 shot at her--- rat-tat-tat-tat!

Gull acks!--- she keeps moving because Cure fighting means being constantly in motion when you can help it. She huffs and summons wind around her hands and gets into a weird karate motion as she begins swining at /bullets/ and begins knocking them away- of course. They're being flung away towards the stands. Luckily, the barrier is up so there won't be a bunch of bullet holes to explain later-- "Hiiiiya!" she calls out as she moves to give a windy chop to the RoboYouma.

She grins as she winks at Hannah! Hey- she likes fighting as much as she does! Stuff like this is fun to fight!

She smiles as she looks over to Shinobu. "Miss Blue go easy on her!" she says. "Sayaka, go easy on her!" wait, who's side is she on!?

She grins.

"Oh--you wanted to fight it too?..." she looks over to it.

She hopes she didn't just break it into pieces or something or otherwise make it useless.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 04:40:53 25469
Blue raises her now-mostly-harmless sword, and steps in closer to Sayaka. Light gleams off the blade as she runs through a quick series of katas. First, testing that its weight and balance were the same as when fighting for real, then warming up a bit.

"So, do we have any specific plans for this thing, or is going to be come as you are and blast away?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-29 04:45:56 25471
    Sayaka glances between Mikoto and Shinobu. Two people challenging her? But she's not quite ready to take on two opponents just yet. "Well then..Guess I'll take you on first!" she glances towards Shinobu, nodding as she makes comments. Sayaka accordingly adjusts her stance, her free hand in front to act as a shield.

    Sayaka doesn't really have a shield of sorts, and doesn't use one in real combat as she's usually tought enough to take most punishment, and heals up pretty quickly afterwards. However, she does have some tough, fingerless gloves protecting her hands which offer a bit of toughness at least.

    "Alright, here I come!" with a triumphant yell, she advances upon Shinobu, slashing her sword downwards at an angle, aiming for her midsection and trying to get in between her and her shield. She then sidesteps, and aims for a lower horizontal slash at her knees, trying to knock her off-balance.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 04:54:08 25476
Shinobu Kimura watches Sayaka's attack and quickly moves the shield to Intercept. With a very fast strike, the shoto-bokken comes around behind her and strikes Saya in the back. The connection is not hard. In fact she stopped the bokken about an inch from Sayaka and just laid it on her back to let her know it was there. "Your greatest weapon is not the your bokken or any blade. It's your speed. Watch your opponent. See how they move and use that to plan your strikes. Physical strength is nice but if your blade is sharp speed will cut into the target just as quick as a mountain of strength. Plus with speed you're less likely to telegraph where you are coming."

She looks over to Blue and shakes her head. "I don't know. I couldn't see the pictures Homura-san showed. I was blind. All I know is that the witch is big enough to not need a labyrinth and its going to be nasty." She backs off and takes a stance, "Both of you wanna come at me?" She gives a smile. Of course she probably can't handle both but... at least she's willing to take a few hits!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 04:57:46 25477
Cure Gull whoops. "I punched it too hard." she says to the mass of darkness and dark bolts and machinery as it smokes away. "My bad!" she says. She turns around to the others and let's her henshin disperse finally. "Well I suppose I outta put myself at the normalll level." she says.

Oh, Corvus? He has wide scared eyes and hanging onto Haruna's back now. "OH MY GOD GULL YOU WERE SHOT AT!"

"Yes I know wasn't it fun!?" she beams.

Still, she looks back at the two and looks to the weapons and picks what she thinks looks the coolest yeaaahhh a Bokken! Yeaaaah a cool anime sword, she thinks!

"Yeaaaaah, cool anime sword!" she says.

Corvus facepalms. He might have like- a heart attack by the end of tonight.

She looks at the others.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-29 05:02:22 25479
    "Ack!" Sayaka yelps in surprise as Shinobu swings aroudn and taps her from behind. Eyes narrow and she ducks before an anticipated second attack, swinging around to attempt to footsweep Shinobu off her feet.

    She then leaps to her feet, attempting to knee Shinobu in the groin, but softly, controlled - enough to simply tap her but not cause significant damage.

    "Yeah.." Sayaka grins, leaping back as she anticipates Shinobu's next counter-attack. "Speeds my best weapon, however, speed uses up a lot of energy too."

    She glances over at Cure Gull and smirks, "How do you keep all that energy from burning out too quickly, huh? You're amazing!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 05:15:01 25484
Miss Blue watches carefully as Shinobu and Sayaka spar, taking in each move the pair make. She grins lightly. "Speed is life, in battle, though."

She's moving a little stiffly tonight, compared to her usual fluid grace. Then again, she got the crap beaten out of her a few days ago, and she's still mending. With a little luck she'll be in full form for the big fight.

"... 'anime sword', she says." She doesn't quite facepalm. "Gull-chan, have you seriously never used one before at all? Never even gotten involved with any real martial training?"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 05:19:52 25485
Shinobu is taken down by the surprise sweep. "Good!" She quickly flips up onto her feet, dodging the groin strike but missing the counter attack she makes of her own, "Speed comes with familiarity and confidence. Anyone can blindly swing a weapon. When the weapon becomes a part of you though, that is when its most lethal."

While Shinobu does know what she is talking about, It is also clear that she doesn't really use the sword like, at all. Still she does show that she is proficient enough with it to give out tips. "Control. A sneak attack is great but you can't bank on it all the time. If we were both using our magic, that wouldn't have worked." She states matter of factly.

Than her gaze catches the abrupt end of the robot youma. Then if that isn't enough the whole anime sword? Two things get to her about that. First how in the world can a bird facepalm? Second Anime Sword?
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 05:22:10 25487
Haruna Kurosawa grins as she winks. "Well, Pretty Cures- at least, my group, is powered by Happiness and our Innocent Feelings." she insists. Innocent is not a good word to describe Haruna or Cure Gull, but it still fits. Kind of. Corvus sort of stays on Haruna's shoulder as he calms down.

"--and I'm here with my friends right now!" she beams. "So how can I not be happy!?" she says.

She looks at Mikoto and blinks. "H..hey! It's cool! And--- like...!" she huffs. "N--no! I wasn't.. In any clubs or anything!" she says.

Corvus has wings. They go to his face. Mascots and humanlike emotes.

She grins. "But yes, Anime! Sword like--in that one anime... where the samurai.. uses one!" She says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 05:33:07 25490
"Right, right," Blue mutters. "Anime sword. Whatever." She sighs, the deep and suffering sigh of one whose art has just been mortally insulted, but is going to pretend to ignore it because reasons.

"Just keep in mind that it isn't like you see in television. The idea isn't to hit your opponent's sword, it's to hit them. You only hit the other guy's sword to parry."

Gaaahhhh. Even the Hinamori kid had more clue what she was doing than this. "Come at me."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 05:39:53 25493
Shinobu Kimura gives a polite bow to Saya as she quickly needs to run. With that, Shinobu turns and smiles to Mikoto. "Your choice. Would you prefer I use the Shoto and Tinbe? Or would you prefer I use my bo?" She simply smiles and awaits the answer.

Turning her attention to Gull she smiles a little. "Oh I think I am going to help out with WPS. I do have one stipulation though. I will walk away if there is an attempt at forcing me to do anything that goes against my own personal morals."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 05:42:38 25495
Haruna Kurosawa frowns and huffs. "H--hey! You're not telling me the real name or anything, so!" she holds it one handed-- and then proceeds to lean into a swing! It's a reallllly amatuer swing. Corvus decides now's a good time to fly off Gull's shoulder and lands down onto one of the weapon bags. He preens himself because ugh he's staying over here.

She looks toward's Shinobu and smiles. "That's possible!" she says. "I have a similar clause in my contract, one that also lets me try to stop such acts. Really..."

"I'm just lucky White-chan loves fighting me as much as she does!" she beams.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 05:50:34 25499
"I think we all have that rule going for us," Blue adds. "Things can get ... pretty ugly, if you don't keep a careful watch on that sort of thing. You know all those stories about how the American CIA gets up to incredibly crazy stuff?"

She grins. "Half of it's true. And it's all done because they think it's the right thing to do to protect their people."

She takes up a guard position, looking back and forth between Shinobu and Haruna. "What you're holding is called a 'bokken', Gull-chan. The steel kind is a 'katana'." It's only the Japanese word for 'sword' in general, after all.

To Shinobu, she offers a wide grin. "Use what you're comfortable with. In a real fight, you don't get the luxury of picking your opponent's weapon for them."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 05:55:37 25500
"This isn't a real fight. That is why I offered." She drops the short sword and the shield in favor of her old faithful bo. Shinobu smiles and takes hold of the weapon in yin and yang form. She's ready to go.

"My problem isn't so much the physical end. I don't know my as much about using my magic as the others do. The only Puella Magi I've seen in action was this axe wielding girl who had her face covered. She watched me do all the work! So I left with the grief seed!" She gives a smirk over that. "So far though I've just been throwing stuff at a wall and hoping stuff sticks. So far I've been lucky."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-29 06:07:55 25503
Haruna Kurosawa frowns and pouts and stops. "You guys are /mean/." she says. She drops the sword back in the sack and picks up Corvus, placing him on her shoulder. "L-look. All I did for two years was-- hide in a dorm and watch anime and movies and anything I could find and just ignore everything." she says.

"So--I don't know things and I never did any sports or clubs." she says.

"So---! But I'm in Kickboxing Club now!" she beams.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-01-29 06:12:51 25504
"Sometimes, throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks is all you can do," Blue says. "When you haven't a proper teacher, how else can you learn?" She closes in on Shinobu, her blunted blade flickering out in a couple of quick, probing slashes, testing the Puella's defenses.

"I lucked out, myself. Carnwennan had a bunch of journals and stuff that I could study and learn from. Spells from her previous owner, that I could adapt to use myself. Stuff like that." She's still moving stiffly, and definitely favoring one side. Or maybe she's exaggerating it to get Shinobu to go for that side. It's the kind of dirty trick an experienced fighter would pull.

"Kickboxing, hm? Sounds like a good plan to me. Better than most martial arts. You want one that focuses on kicking butt, not on spiritual enlightenment. You can look for that after we've dealt with WallMuncherthingy, the Dark Kingdom, and all the rest of those yo-yos."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-29 06:18:45 25507
Shinobu Kimura quickly blocks the strikes keeping close watch on the woman as she dances around her. As the final strike comes she blocks high and strikes low in an effort to knock Blue off her feet.

"The whole thing creating the barrier with that big nasty monster, That was spur of the moment. It drains me but it worked. Honestly I think I could use less magic with my finishing move but its hard to judge.

Then there is the comment about spiritual enlightenment, "Don't discount what some of those teach. Learning about controling yourself helps when it comes to a fight. Plus one of the things I learned from that is to shut out some pain. Its not perfect but it helps." She smiles a little.