Recovery and Guilt

Hannah and Gull recovers in the hospital. Yuko visits! Guilt overcomes the Shieldy-one!

Date: 2016-01-31
Pose Count: 19
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 16:51:42 25966
Hannah awakens to the steady beep-beep of an EKG machine, groaning as the dullness of painkillers and physical trauma reassert themselves. Her right eye opens, sensation returns, and she lets out a little hiss. Immediately, she grabs for the arm that isn't there and scowls. Bandages cover her chest and arm-stump, while another runs across her left eye.

Then, sitting up a bit, the young woman smiles. "We really did it. Hah. I'll bet Homura's beside herself right now." She quips to possibly empty air, then frowns.

"Hope everyone else got out okay." Then, she feels around for her cellphone. A quick text.

Txt: Pinkball n u git out ok?
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 16:59:19 25968
In the bed across from Hannah-chan, the divider is wide open. Hannah wakes up and balls of balled up paper fall out around. There's Haruna, on the bed. Her right leg is in some weird sort of split, she has some IVs in her right arm.

She's drawing hearts on paper and throwing them at Hannah-chan. When she goes to throw the next one she 'ohs!' "H--H-Hannah-chan! You're awake finally!" She says.

She grabs the IV stand and sits up straight in the bed. She's hurt. She's hurt bad actually, but unlike Hannah she's not well--- Missing Limbs.

She gets to her feet and clops over with a slight wince. She's okay. She's dealt with worse.

She in fact, lean down and gives Hannah a hug. It's not tight. She doesn't want to hurt Hannah, but it's a hug--- and a kiss. Multiple kisses, forehead, cheek, cheek, lips quick but there.

"I'm so sorry.... you got so hurt because you came to rescue me..." she says softly. "...when I was trying to save you guys from that big piece of junk..." she mutters.

"I feel so bad. I've been... throwing paper balls at you all morning hoping you'd wake up--hahahha. I'm sorry..." she mutters.

She says.

"I'm in a weird splint. And I have an IV. Something about messed up bone or something."
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 17:05:39 25970
     Yuko had heard the news, and it's probably not much surprise that she's in a hurry getting to the hospital. So many injured, so many familiar faces... There's a bit of a commotion at the elevator, but she does get to the wing where Hannah and Haruna are resting. She's looking a little better in comparison, already up and on her feet with only a black eye and a small bandage on her chin.

     She's also brought a rather massive backpack. "Haruna-chan! Hannah-chan!" She hurries over to them without even thinking much about the kisses, instead just moving over and resisting the urge to hug the ever-loving crap out of them with their injuries as they are.

     "What... What happened to you two? How..." She swallows the lump in her throat, willing herself not to even ask that question. Instead, she just sets her backpack on the ground and starts unloading bag after bag of snacks and drinks. "I brought some stuff for when you're both tired of hospital food. Maybe that'll..."

     She can't even finish that sentence either, sounding incredibly guilty about something and having trouble even getting herself to maintain eye contact.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 17:11:30 25971
Hannah Sharpe blink. Hannah scootches and shoves over a small pile of paper balls! All of the pain and despair give way to a laugh. A real, amused laugh as Haruna comes over. The kisses are returned, and the hug as well! Very gingerly. She huffs even from this amount of contact.

"It was bound to happen to somebody, Haruna. Did you /see/ that thing? It was incredible! Best fight I've ever had!" Hannah Sharpe is a /freak/. Her mirth dies down a bit.

"Shame about Homura's friends though. At least it seems like a majority of people made it through. Congratulations, Haruna Kurosawa. You can officially say you helped punch a city-devouring monster to death! We should start a club." Grin!

"But yeah, don't worry about it. We both came out alive, and that's what matters. Doctors couldn't do anything for the arm, but, well I'll be talking with Black and a few people I know about alternatives." A wink.

And then, Yuko-chan! Her favorite grocer comes in with /real food/, and Hannah's stomach announces itself loudly. "Yuko! Heyyyyy!" At least Hannah's in good spirits. And probably high as hell from morphine.

"Wasn't that storm /something/, huh? You and the family make it out okay?" Not touching the guilt right now, though concern flits into her voice.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 17:17:45 25972
Yuko may not hug her, but she certainly hugs Yuko-chan! It's a softer hug than she usually gives but it's there! "Yuko-chan!" she says. "Thanks, all I've eaten is hospital food all morning and drawing hearts on paper and throwing them at Hannah-chan like some sort of trashy paper-based magical girl!~" she says.

She nods. "We'll have to get you something Hannah." she smiles. "Well I'll have you know that'd be the /third/ world ending threat I've helped fight! I..... kicked Corvus in the face! But--I dunno if that counts if I caused it... so maybe two. But..."

"I helped stop a weird AI copy of a person destroy the world with a giant sun... um..."

"Then tonight!" she beams.

"But yes! The 'I saved the world and all I got was this lousy keychain club!' she insists.

She grins at Yuko. "Yeah... is your family okay...?" she asks concerned.
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 17:23:24 25973
     Hannah's definitely sounding better than Yuko expected, at least. Yuko even manages a small laugh at how spirited the white-haired girl is, but even she knows that it's most likely the result of all the morphine and pain meds getting pumped into her. "Yeah, we.. Uh. We're okay. Nobody at home got hurt, and the store just a little flooded. Nothing a few dozen mops can't take care of."

     Worrying about the store when her friends were actually getting hurt. How pathetic.

     Thankfully, Haruna's there to pick her spirits back up! Getting back up, Yuko returns the hug gingerly before moving over to do the same to Hannah. She's careful not to touch the area near where her arm used to be. "I even brought some sandwiches that don't need to be cooked or anything. Just be careful with the lids since they might.. Er. Fly off if you pull hard."

     If nothing else, her friends are still alive, and... Wait. Hannah knows about what Haruna's been doing? And Corvus? She looks between Haruna and Hannah several times, eventually looking to the later and speaking with a more anxious tone in her voice. "S-so you were out there, then? It... It wasn't a water tower, was it?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 17:34:59 25974
"I dunno, I think it's cute." Comes Hannah to Haruna's paper-chucking!

Hannah then slumps slightly. "Yeesh. You're beating me! I'm only up to two and a half, if you count that thing in Waldia." Yup, Hannah definitely isn't thinking about anything like 'secrecy' right now. She blinks, and looks to Yuko at the last second. "Glad to hear! That was a really dangerous storm after all." Cue a nervous laugh. Then? Busted.

Sigh. Her arm cradles her head. "Well, no point in hiding it. Yup, not a water tower. And that wasn't a storm. We met somewhere else, Yuko-chan?" She reaches into her pocket, and dangles one of Raging Tempet's knuckles on a hunch.

"May as well tell her, huh, Haruna?" She's a bit more coherent right now, after all.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 17:40:15 25975
Haruna Kurosawa beams, and then head tilts. "Well...." she blinks and blushes. "Oh--whoops, we were talking freely there and---sometimes...I forget..." she nods. "Yeah she was there. She knows I'm a Pretty Cure and who I am." she says softly. She doesn't tell Yuko who Hannah-chan is, but then Hannah goes on and she sighsss....

"Hannah-chan is Miss White. Yes I know. No, I still love her to death." she smiles.

She motions to Yuko.

"Hannah... Yuko is Cure Boost. You know..." she taps her fists together in front of her and makes a 'chink!' sound with her mouth. "Shield-chan!" she insists. "She was there the night with Corvus and all that night when it rained feathers, too. Remember?"

She beams. "There introductions out of the way." she blushes.

"...Hannah is hurt now because she saved me from dyin..." she mutters. "I tried to do somethin silly to protect everyone." she insists.

"Corvus is crawling up a wall right now in worry over me I bet." she mutters. "But Aki visited earlier while you were still out Hannah-chan. I think she feels really bad you hurt yourself protecting me too. I think she feels guilty." she sighs.

"She'll get over it, when she sees me home and all smiles." she insists with a curt nod.
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 17:47:22 25976
     That explained a lot of things. Yuko actually manages a quiet giggle at that, moving back to her backpack to unload some more of her haul. Canned drinks, bottled drinks, those sandwiches she mentioned... Thankfully, none of these even need to be refrigerated!

     "Yeah... I had a feeling. I mean, white hair, Miss White? Come on." Another giggle, but she's still sounding guilt-ridden about something. Setting those drinks aside, she gets back up to open up her vest, slipping out just enough of a certain magical compact for Haruna to see before putting it away again.

     "You... You did great. Both of you." Although she's smiling, she's also starting to tear up while taking a seat at the end of the bed. "I should've been out there, though... H-how bad was it? I mean, if your arm..." Yuko doesn't finish that sentence, just trailing off and staring at the floor again.

     She didn't even try, did she?
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 17:56:18 25977
Reeeeach! Hannah grabs Haruna's head and noogies! "We're having a discussion about organizational secrecy and keeping your boss from saying stupid things while on painkillers after this!" Then, she lets go.

And then her jaw drops. "W...wait. Yuko-chan. You're /BOOST/!?" Give Hannah a few moments. She even glazes over the whole 'protecting Haruna from dying' thing.

"Whu? Aki? OH! Heh, tell her to not worry about it. I'm a jerk. It's okay to not like me or get angry. She'll probably be punching me again some time, right? No hard feelings."

Then she turns to Yuko as she starts to tear up. No, Hannah Sharpe is not having this. She scoots out of bad, reaches out, and grabs for Yuko. She gets the nose. Yoink! She's getting dragged over to the bed to sit.

Then? She motions to Haruna, and then, WPS Hug! "Hey. You were out there looking after your family. You didn't do anything like betray anybody or let anyone down. They're a part of the city too, you know?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 18:00:16 25978
Haruna Kurosawa sort of head tilts..."Is something wrong Yuko-chan...?" she asks softly trying to peek up at her as she frowns a little. "We're both okay! I promise! This is...practically Hannah's regular friday night!" she insists, trying to inject some humor--- basically saying 'this is a regular Hannah thing' and that 'she'll be fine and/or find a way to fix herself'.

She frowns. "Hannah got buried after slicing nearly /an entire skyscraper/ in multiple pieces. It was being THROWN at us. I had enough in me to bisect once but---I wasn't gonna be able to get out of it way." she sighs.

"I did that then I was just going to-- see what happened. Hope I survived. But then Hannah-chan came and kicked me outta the way and just destroyed the thing before it buried her."

"Then I got her out and then she was like that." she sighs.

"Yeah we'll have a talk. No worries though Hannah-chan. I trust Boost-chan implicity!" she insists.

She beams and leans in for the hug. It's a soft hug. She's still connected to a bag by tubes afterall.

"No worries Yuko-chan! I know lots of others who stayed behind to protect others- or help at shelters without being magical girled up! Aki went and camped out on the roof of one of the shelters with Corvus , even, punching the heck outta some of those giggly shadow jerks and she didn't even fight that many of them. She said she just mainly 'got wet'." she says.
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 18:08:24 25979
     The hug actually has Yuko pausing, and she reaches up to wipe her eyes off. "Yeah, but... The area around home was safe already. I should've helped you two instead of just... Just watching the store." She's sounding better as Haruna and Hannah reassure her, though, even managing a small grin after a while. "I... I guess. But I didn't know any of those people, and you two..."

     They're the ones that were actually hurt. Why's sh emaking this about herself?

     Shaking her head quickly, Yuko actually manages to laugh again while returning the hugs, just burying her face in them for a moment before looking up. "Y-yeah... You're right. The... Everyone was safe, and not a lot of other people got hurt by the time I finished... Ehm. S-sorry for all this. I'll be okay."

     It's an improvement, at least. "Er. Sorry about all the yelling. It's... I need to get into character for that, you know?" Yuko finally laughs again, although it still sounds a little forced. "Still, cutting a building apart..? That sounds like something out of a Platinum game..." She grins, reaching over to ruffle Haruna's and Hannah's hair lightly. "Next time. Next time, I'll be out there with you two. And don't worry. I'm not... I'm not angry or anything, Hannah-chan. I anything, you two should be madder at me."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 18:20:36 25980
Hannah can't help it. "But for me, it was Tuesday~" Quotes the Hannah. Then, hug done? she flops back out on the bed. "...Ow." Yup, definitely not up to speed again.

The CEO can't help but laugh again. "It all worked out in the end! Could have been a lot worse." Her smile falters a bit. Four dead Puella is a bit much, after all.

Haruna does great in cheering up Boost, it seems! Hannah relaxes just a bit. "See? No worries, okay? How many times have you been out helping people anyway? Me, Gull, any magical girl that needs protecting? You've held up your shields every time. Can't always be on the front lines."

And then Yuko is laughing, at least a little. Hannah giggles as she's hair-ruffled! "You're a good person, Yuko. I don't think I /could/ be mad at you. Just keep on being you. ...Though if you want to give me a discount at the store~." Griiiiin! Now Hannah's just playing with the Shieldy one!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 18:25:29 25981
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "You gotta protect what's important to you Yuko-chan!" she beams. "We did fine and there was lots of people there. I'm sad about some stuff I guess- but you couldn't had done anything to help that and it isn't your fault!" she says.

"If you want to come next time, then go ahead but..."

"I'm not going to be upset if you can't or won't show up Yuko-chan!" she beams.

"I'm not upset. Like I said. I'm sad. Not at you. Not really even at myself. I could sit here and be really upset about Hannah-chan's state, but--- she's not falling apart over it- and she's made of tough stuff!" she insists.

She then gasps. "But the prices are already so so so low! If it isn't on sale...." yes now she's being a silly jerk.

She sits down in a chair carefully with a wince.

"No worries okay? Please."
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 18:27:36 25982
     "It.. It could have, couldn't it?" It's probably better that Yuko doesn't know the body count. She even grins bashfully when Hannah's propping her up, straightening in her seat a bit before just patting the two idly to make sure they're still there. Even if it might not do much for them, it still helps her feel a little better. "Well... Once I get faster, I'll be able to keep up with everyone better. Then... Then this type of thing won't happen again."

     She does narrow her eyes at Hannah when she mentions the discount, though. "Hey, I'm not made of money." It's all in jest, of course, as she breaks into giggles again with Haruna's reassurance. "You're both tough. I really need to be careful I don't fall behind even more." Another relaxed sigh, and she reaches over to hug them both again!

     "No worries. Thanks, you two." No worries for now, anyway.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 18:36:24 25983
Hannah manages a smile. "Then I guess that means you're joining me on my morning jogs once I'm out of here~." Poor Yuko, there's Hannah-based healthy torture ahead!

Then, she hugs right back. "Good." Yawwwwn. She curls up on the two, practically using Yuko and Haruna as a pillow. Soon enough? Hannah is off to dreamland.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 18:43:35 25984
Haruna Kurosawa mmmmms and leans down and gives Hannah's forehead another kiss before she trudges back to her bed and lays down as she peeks at Yuko with a grin. "Hang out with Hannah-chan and she'll rub off on you fast, Yuko-chan. Sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad." she winks.

She giggles a little and winces.

"Ugh I hurt all over and my leg is starting to hurt. I think I need more pain meds myself." she mutters. She sighs.

"Hey...Yuko. Thanks for visiting. That means a lot..." she smiles wide.
Yuko Minami 2016-01-31 19:04:08 25985
     "Definitely. I.. I need to get into better shape, anyway." Yuko's giggling, although there's a hint of a pout when she says that. If nothing else, at least she doesn't have to worry about wearing swimsuits for a few more months! Once Hannah's asleep, she lowers her voice so as to not disturb the sleeping girl.

     "She already has. But... Miss White, huh? That's still kinda surprising." A moment later, and she turns to Haruna with a more teasing grin on her face. "So you two are really into each other, ehhh? I bet she's..."

     She stops herself before going too far, at least, although the thought's still in her head. Bad thoughts. Stop that! "Y-yeah, don't stand too much if you're still injured. Mm... Thanks for working so hard. You and Hannah-chan. I'll... I'll make sure I'm around next time."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 19:11:23 25986
Haruna Kurosawa blushes. "She's my girlfriend! So yes!" she says softly. She blushes. "I just... it's hard to explain I guess. She's... the first person who ever overtly cared for me besides my sister." she says meekly. "But I love her to death." she beams wide.

"Heee~ She works so hard and I wanna work hard too-- and-- sure she..."

"Well she has to do bad stuff sometimes but she also loves fighting me- so I mean that also works out." she smiles. "I guess it helps we both use the same element-- wind and we both use melee fighting mixed with ranged wind." she says.

"So she's able to help me use my abilities more better." she smiles.

"I'm in my first club ever because of her and--- I've learned a new hobby, cooking!" she says.

"OH! Remind me to cook something for you! I promise! I'm good!" she insists.