After Thoughts

Greta Legend takes care of the baggage Anshi left behind.

Date: 2016-02-03
Pose Count: 18
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 06:34:31 26626
Walpurgisnacht is come and gone, and although several parts of the three wards have suffered severe damage, most of the people of Tokyo have survived that horrible nightmare. Most, but not all. In Pikarigaoka, in an over-packed apartment complex far from the harbor, a body bag has been hauled out of a dirty, dingy, regret-filled apartment. Signs of alcohol abuse are everywhere, and although there are clear signs that someone tried to keep the place sanitary and safe, it has suffered more than its share of neglect.

Neighbors have been kept from returning to the building, and most of them are quite disgruntled, as Police have searched for any sign of the man who committed the murder. It is, to note, very evident that the death was murder jand not a product of the storm, even if it happened at the same time. Storms do not tend to leave carving knives stabbed into the heart of their victims.

Meanwhile, there is one resident of this household who has managed to survive all the trauma of the past forty-eight hours. A young girl, scared and alone, paces in an alley. She has on a cute black skirt with ruffles, a green shirt, and her brown hair is up in twintails supported by yellow ribbons.

Unfortunately, while the storm has faded, it's still winter, and Sachiko Hayakawa is incredibly cold. Padding along in a pair of dirty socks, Sachiko clings to a little stuffed polar bear.
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 07:01:17 26630
    It has certainly been a long and traumatic fourty-eight hours for many people in tokyo. The first day, during and after the storm, might have been the most eventful, but it's the second day that has been most important to Greta Legend, who has been scouring the city for a single six year old girl.

    While at first Greta was just wasting energy, flying around along the streets, hunting haphazardly for Sachiko Hayakaway along every house and school and street. It wasn't until she had wasted almost six hours like this that she finally thought to ask her Intelligent Device if there was a way to make the search easier. Of course there was, and Tri Soul would have immediately done so if she had asked earlier.

    So it was that Greta was now hovering above Pikariagaoka, after having performed several long ranged scans already for Sachiko's DNA, by way of matching DNA with Anshi's that she was able to narrow down the search immensely. It was still time and energy consuming, and she had already hit several false leads by this point, that she was starting to lose hope.

    "I'll find you, Sachiko-chan.. I'll find you..." Greta's mantra as her search continued, sucking in a breath as Tri Soul once again performs another scan. "I have to... I have to..."

    And then a chime from Tri Soul, "-PROBABLE MATCH FOUND, MASTER. 71.5312% LIKELIHOOD.-" This bit of news brightens Greta up, "That's the highest probability hit you've given me all day... Let's go for it!" With cape flowing behind her, Greta swoops down to the ground and follows the directions given to her from her Device, which finally puts her at an alleyway.

    The girl drops down to the ground and dashes into the alley, looking about, searching, "Sachiko-chan? SACHIKO-CHAN!" She calls out, "It's me, Greta! Are you here, Sachiko?!" She trembles, and searches behind anything that could be hidden behind. "You remember me, don't you? We met at the park in the rain! I promised to take you ice skating!" She frantically calls out, before quieting, "Sachiko.... Please be here..."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 07:12:17 26634
They say that young children are better protected from the elements by their chubby cheeks and layers of 'brown fat'; whatever that is. Lucky for Sachiko, this seems to at least be partially true. Despite the cold, despite the fact that she's been on her own for twenty-four hours, somehow the girl isn't completely frozen to death.

The sound of Greta calling draws Sachiko's attention. Teeth chattering, hungry and tired, the girl rushes towards that sound like a moth to the flame. "Greta-chan," she cries out, bursting into tears almost immediately as she rushes towards her very literal hero.

"Greta-chan, I can't find An-chi," Sachiko cries. "I don't know where she is, and I can't find mama. Greta-chan, where's An-chi? I wanna see An-chi. I'm cold and I'm hungry and I don't feel good and I need An-chi!"
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 07:33:47 26638
    Greta's eyes brighten up when she hears the little girl's voice, prompting her to turn to seek out the source, in the hope that maybe she's not hillucinating from exhaustion, hunger and the cold herself. Sure, the power given to her by the Intelligent Device has largely protected her from most of that, but she's been searching so long that her reserves would be dropping low, most assuredly.

    But the sight of the little girl running to her makes her day! Greta dashes to Sachiko in order to meet her half-way, and she drops down and catches the girl up into her arms, "Sachiko-chan! Oh thank goodness, you're okay!" She hugs the little girl tightly and nuzzles close to warm her up. "It's okay... Everything's going to be okay..."

    Of course, the question of where the little girl's biological sister was, and where her mother was. This hit her like a sack of bricks. "Anshi? I... She's..." What could she even say? After all this, the knowledge that her sister and mother were dead would surely break Sachiko, never mind the knowledge of who did it---

    That train of thought puts Greta on alert, her eyes widen, "Sachiko-chan, let's get you somewhere warm. I'll... I'll tell you everything I can but... It's not safe here." If the police hadn't apprehended Sachiko's father yet...
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 07:50:12 26640
Sachiko doesn't stop crying when Greta scoops her up. In fact she just clings all the tighter and keeps right on crying. That she isn't questioning Greta more might be alarming; most children aren't quite this readily attached to someone they've only met just once. Nevertheless, now is probably not the time.

"But where's An-chi?" mumbles the little girl through her tears as she continues clinging to Greta. "I want An-chi. She was supposed to make me dinner. And then breakfast and lunch. And she didn't make any of them, and I don't know where she is." The little bear in her arms most definitely needs a bath. In fact, Sachiko herself most definitely needs a bath, if her dirty socks weren't enough to tell that.
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 08:00:51 26643
    The repeated question just punches Greta in the gut, enough times now that she's unable to holdback her tears, "Anshi... I... She's..." How do you deliver this kind of news to a six year old? How do you tell her that her big sister turned into a mindless monster and has been killed to fuel a bunch of Magical Girls' powers?

    Greta sucks in a breath, and whispers, "Anshi went out into the storm to help people..." She sniffles, and smiles, "She helped so many people... As many as she could. But the storm was... Was too much for her and... When it was all over, we couldn't find her..."

    She sniffles and reaches into her pocket, and pulls an apricot themed phone out, "This was all I could find, Sachiko-chan..." Tears now pouring from her eyes. "I couldn't find her... I couldn't help her... I'm sorry, Sachiko-chan..."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 08:15:19 26646
Sachiko doesn't know what to do with a phone. She's never had one in her life. So she doesn't reach for it; doesn't try to take it. She just continues clinging to Greta's neck and crying on the blonde uncontrollably. "An-chi's gone?" she asks. "When is she coming back? When will she be back? I want An-chi. I need An-chi! I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! I want An-chi! Take me to see An-chi!"
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 08:34:34 26653
    It's all Greta can do to try to keep Sachiko calm, but she's not making any headway, and she's only making herself upset as well. She sniffles scoops the little girl up into her arms, holding her tightly, "It's okay... I'll get you something to eat, something to drink.. I want Anshi too... I want her too..." She runs her fingers through Sachiko's hair to try to sooth her, though she can't think of anything.

    Just turn and carry her out, "I'll make you food, Sachiko... I'll do everything, okay?" She sniffles and shakes her head, "At least... Let's get somewhere warm, and safe..."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 08:37:14 26654
Little Sachiko doesn't weigh much. Lifting her is no chore at all for a magical girl, and still wouldn't be much of one even if Greta weren't in henshin. She wraps her legs around Greta's waist, attaching herself to Greta tightly as she clings to the older girl. "Okay," Sachiko says quietly, "and then you can take me to see An-chi," she whimpers, still not really understanding.
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 08:50:56 26659
    Greta sighs and holds the girl tightly, carrying her out with care, all while asking, "How come you're outside all along, Sachiko-chan?" That was worth asking, since there was no reason why Sachiko should have been alone. "Can you tell me what happened?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 09:00:27 26661
Sachiko clings tightly to Greta, not wondering where they're going or why. Food. Anshi. Her only worries, right now. Such a simple world, and yet so very fractured. "There was a big storm," Sachiko says, "And I went to play with Sara-chan because An-chi said I should stay with her. And then Sara-mama-chan said she had to go so she sent me back home and An-chi wasn't there, so I tried to go home, but the door was locked and there was a lot of yelling and shouting and ... and then I ran and I hid and then I was hungry so I went to try and find An-chi but the door was still locked and no one was around so I went to try and find food from the burger man but he wasn't there and his shop wasn't there either and then I still couldn't find An-chi and then Mister Bear was tired so we took a nap, and then I was so hungry and thirsty and I didn't know where to go so I just waited for An-chi, and then you found me."
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 09:18:00 26663
    Greta sighs a little as she listens, finding impossible to say much. "Alright... We're going to get you food now and a place to be warm..." As she walks, she mumbles, "We should probably go to the police... At the very least they can help..."

    As she says this out loud, Tri Soul finally speaks up, "/YOU MUST GO TO CIVILIAN FORM, MASTER. ENERGY RESERVES CRITICAL./" At this reminder, Greta blinks, "Oh, right... I haven't had a chance to rest either..." She pauses and sets Sachiko down and says, "Just a second, Sachiko-chan..." She gives her staff-form device a heft and smiles at it, "Thank you, Tri Soul." With that, her Henshin disperses, putting her back into her Infinity school uniform.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 09:35:34 26665
With the certainty that soon they will go to see Anshi, Sachiko's tears have largely faded. Now she is ruled instead by hunger, and thirst made all the worse by the crying. Still, when Greta puts her down, the twintailed little girl wipes at her eyes and looks up confusedly at Greta. "Who was that talking?" she asks confusedly.

Only to be even more confused when Greta's clothes simply ... rearrange themselves. The little girl's mouth opens wider, wider still, and her missing sister is (momentarily) completely forgotten. "How do you change your clothes so fast!? I still have to have help to put on my shoes, but you just changed it all in like a bajillionty times less than a second!"
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 09:48:13 26669
    It didn't occured to Greta that the little girl had never seen a Magical Girl before, so the fact that Sachiko was surprised confused her, "Wha--? You mean nobody ever--" She facepalms, "Of course not, the whole point is to keep it a secret..." She groans a little and sucks in a breath, before deciding to take advantage in the shift in mood to something more optimistic.

    So Greta looks to Sachiko and smiles, "Well, I'll tell you, Sachiko-chan." She stoops and looks the girl in the eyes and smiles, "But you have to keep it a secret. Promise?" She holds up a pinkie finger, and waits the response, expecting a positive one.

    If she does, she grins and stands up, "The truth, Sachiko-chan, is that I'm... A Magical Girl!" She strikes a magical girl pose that she usually found herself doign when she henshined, and explains, "Not just any Magical girl, but with the assistance of my Device, Tri-Soul, I become---Uh... The... Sunshine Spark!" Another pose is struck, "Fighting Dark Beasts and monsters, to pretect the world and unite humanity's hearts as one, and together achieve the impossible!" HYA! One last pose.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 09:55:46 26671
Sachiko's surprise only grows by the moment as Greta explains everything. That pinkie is easy to put hers around. "Magical Girl?" she asks, repeating the words quietly. "Greta-chan is a magical girl!? An-chi is a magical girl, too!?" Because of course that's where she goes.
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 10:02:56 26673
    Aaaand the mood dampens again as the momentary distraction from the elephant in the room has run its course. Greta bites her lip and stoops to scoop the little girl back up into her arms, putting a little more heft now that she actually had to use muscles. "Yes... Yes she is..." She bites her lip, "She became a magical girl to protect you..." She sighs, "The scary storm was caused by... By a monster... A giant monster... She had to go and fight it, to protect you..."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-02-03 10:08:17 26675
Sachiko seems satisfied with this; pleased even. She reaches up to take Greta's hand gently, then smiles. "An-chi is a hero. She fought the bad monster and now she's gotta help other people. I'm so proud of nee-san." She pauses a little, then smiles up at Greta. "I'm really thirsty, Greta-chan. Can we go get something to drink? I want to do my best to be healthy so that An-chi doesn't have to worry about me anymore. She's gotta save the whole city cause she's a magical girl! So I'll try my best to be safe so she can come home and be happy with me."
Greta Legend 2016-02-03 10:13:54 26676
    Greta smiles wider, sniffling and nodding, rubbing the dried tears off her face as she replies, "That's right. You need to stay healthy for her... I'll take care of you until she does, okay?" She sniffles and says, "I'm thirsty too... You want some orange juice first?" She holds the girl's hand tightly. They'll make their way to the police station eventually.