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ID State Owner Title Description
3028 Finished Deadmaster Arcade Awkwardness Yomi is trying to study at the Crown, which is a poor idea for somebody who'd rather be left alone.
3026 Finished Deadmaster Casual Conversation Hyalite runs across Deadmaster causing some simple havoc. The two have a nice conversation- while fighting skeletons.
614 Finished Ayana Tasogare Power Struggle A very hungry, very irritable Ayana attempts to convince a very dutiful, very disbelieving Yomi to do her bidding. It definitely does not go as Ayana intended.
446 Finished Takashi Agera Imbalance of Power There is a huge energy draining crystal that's been set up in a Tokyo street, and Riventon's to blame...
412 Finished Queen Beryl Fabulous Fall Fanciness No Description Set
344 Finished Takashi Agera UMBRA Staff Meeting The newest member of UMBRA joins for a Staff Meeting. Everyone loves Staff Meetings. And credit card fraud.
342 Finished Euphemia Barchetta Lunch Break Yomi and Euphemia meet while the former has lunch and the latter works on a project.
316 Finished Fate T. Waldia Office Talk Fate meets Yomi... and she also meets Deadmaster! The two eat snacks together. Woe betide any vending machines that get in their way!
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