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ID State Owner Title Description
2855 Finished Kyouko Sakura Operational Efficiency Nephrite shows up at the Sakura apartment in the middle of the night with a hard-won gift.
2188 Finished Amu Hinamori Storm of the century number forty-five A great storm overtakes the city, created by four of the clow cards. Can the gathered magical forces fight it off?
1668 Finished Bass-chan He Said She Said Kurota texts Mizudori. Mizudori is half asleep and still an asshat. But that's okay. Kurota's worse. (Never-finished scene)
1657 Finished Fiore As We Know It It's the end of the world.
1625 Finished Bass-chan Shaky Foundation? The Band is Back Toget … Kurota and Mizudori are reunited after spending months grounded after running away to America to keep the band together when their vocalist's family moved. Nagihiko and Temari are treated to an impromptu concert, and both Mizudori and Kurota find Nagihiko exceptionally pretty and this, and Mizudori's weird affectionate behavior, are both supremely confusing for poor Kurota, Edgelord of the Keys.
679 Finished Naota Uneme Hole in the Ground No Description Set
568 Finished Mamoru Chiba Spectacles, Test Paper, Bodyslam, Watch Daisuke cleverly manages to make it look like an accident when he runs into Mamoru to see why Usagi said not to touch the guy. The problem is, he finds out why Usagi said not to touch the guy.
541 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Minami Mart! We have wh-*MASSIVE DROP* Haruna Kurosawa and Mari Katsu got pick up snacks! Then Bass-chan and Keys decide to hold an awesome Dubstep concert without city permission and break windows! Cure Victory and Cure Gull and Sailor Moon try to stop the MUSICAL MAYHEM.
471 Finished Mint Chip Art Criticism Cure Gull, Bass-chan, Sailor Moon, and Ikuto fight Oresky, who is upset about losing a children's art contest.
319 Finished Kurota Aizawa Amazing Heroics The Beat Defenders defeat a Dumpster Youma (ok its not really a youma)
315 Finished Bass-chan LANGUAGE WARNING: Jerks No Description Set
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