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1321 Finished Hinote Kagari Cherry Blossoms in the Breeze Hinote takes Shinobu to the Cherry Blossom Festival.
1017 Finished Shinobu Kimura Its over 9000... Tickets Happy times at the Crown Center Arcade!
989 Finished Shinobu Kimura It'll be alright The weight of the world is on their shoulders but, There is still hope. Is that hope strong enough to get keep Shinobu from doing anything stupid?
981 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Where's MY Chocolate!? Hosshiwa is upset that no one got her chocolate on Valentines Day. So she steals everyone elses.
975 Finished Shinobu Kimura Secrets Unkept Both Sayaka and Shinobu had a secret that the other didn't know. Not anymore.
968 Finished Shinobu Kimura Under a pink sky Reuniting post Walpurgisnacht, Shinobu visits Hinote. Everything may not be as good as it seems.
965 Finished Shinobu Kimura Visiting Hours Shinobu gets word as to where Tsubasa being kept for medical care. She goes to visit and uses a certain ability she only recently learned.
950 Finished Mint Chip Walpurgisnacht The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
943 Finished Shinobu Kimura Calm Before the Storm A few people get together for a little last minute training before the big showdown with Walpurgisnacht
928 Finished Shinobu Kimura The Most Unusual Normal Day A hangover cure leads to a very busy apartment 470. Cards are exchanged. Tea is served. And its all sealed with a kiss!
924 Finished Madoka Akemi Last Chance Dance (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
919 Finished Shinobu Kimura A Stitch in Time The rather rekt Shinobu bumps into Vespa while shopping for first aid supplies. Stitches and Pizza soon follow.
918 Finished Miku Kohinata Too Noisy Tsubasa Kazanari, the famous idol, has her first concert in a while! Unfortunately her string of bad luck continue as a group of Noise attack partway through the show. The Symphogear wielders spring into action to protect the crowd, helped by a handful of other magical people who happened to be in the crowd!
912 Finished Takashi Agera Bad Rap Trap Riventon gives Homura an important lesson on why you should never let your enemies know where you live.
903 Finished Shinobu Kimura Fame and Fear A girl practicing with a bo in the park gets to meet a musical Diva! Warnings abound about some natural disasters...
901 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Things That Should and Should Not Be Coo … Things that should be cooked: Delicious food. Things that should NOT be cooked: YOUR FREAKING LEGS!
895 Finished Shinobu Kimura You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! Dinner with Shinobu's parents and a run in with Hinote leads to an adventurous evening and a burning desire for cake.
887 Finished Blue Lotus Incursion A mysterious creature violates Tokyo's space-time, and an equally mysterious girl is on-hand to help defeat it.
885 Finished Shinobu Kimura Intentions Sayaka bumps into Shinobu and Hinote at Game Center Crown. Questions abound about the new Puella Magi's intentions...
883 Finished Shinobu Kimura Pot Smashers! An unlikely team up occurs in a Labyrinth on Shinobu's first witch hunt. A mysterious Puella Magi is met and POTS ARE SMASHED!
880 Finished Shinobu Kimura Taking Responsibility A random meeting between Madoka and Sninobu leads to a few good lessons.
877 Finished Shinobu Kimura Over Confidence and Under Amusement A run in between Sailor V and the newest Puella Magi in town shows someone has the itch... V is not amused. Special Guest Appearance by Sayaka!
875 Finished Shinobu Kimura One night in Tokyo First attempt at a hunt for Shinobu is a blind walk into Tokyo. Don't worry it's short!
871 Finished Shinobu Kimura A Tale of Two Rookies Shinobu goes to visit the wounded Minoke. The two learn abit about what each other can do.
869 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Delicious Food, Seagulls and... Puella M … Haruna visits Shinobu to realize that she's made a wish upon a Kyubey.
868 Finished Shinobu Kimura Wrong Place, Wrong Time A very nasty and new Labyrinth has opened. A gang of thugs is attacking everyone they see and are marked by a witches kiss. Reports that at least one person has vanished after being attacked are coming in. Someone needs to stop the madness! WARNING!!! This may get dark. It is a PMMM Themed scene after all.
865 Finished Shinobu Kimura Swan Song of Normalcy Minoke returns Shinobu's coat. The two become better friends and it is an all around happy go lucky evening.
863 Finished Shinobu Kimura Hammy Villains and Cheesy Heroes Both Shinobu and Hinote seem to have a very good taste in practice spots.
859 Finished Shinobu Kimura Breaking Peace Breaking up an old car and hanging out with a cute guy can be just what the doctor ordered.
857 Finished Shinobu Kimura The Trek Home After the meeting concerning Walpurgisnacht, Mami is walking a potential Puella Magi home. They are joined by Sayaka.
854 Finished Madoka Akemi Scones and Souls Shinobu goes to the Midori-ya Bakery only to find Madoka and Homura there and decides to ask them some questions. She doesn't like all of the answers she gets. Madoka likes them even less.
848 Finished Mara Brando Shinobu out for a snack! Things went awry here! (Can't remember the whole scene, and it is broken I think.)
844 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Dorm Warming Gifting! Haruna pays a visit to the new dorm resident! It turns out to be someone she met earlier at the meeting about Waplurgisnacht!
841 Finished Homura Akemi Meeting: Walpurgisnacht Puella Magi Homura changed Scene 841's Description to: Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
840 Finished Kyubey Meeting the Devil at the Shoreline Shinobu knows better than to enter a contract blindly.
833 Finished Usagi Tsukino Of Crepes and Canes and Clothes, OH MY! Shinobu makes another new friend! Usagi! Shinobu gets a stylish new coat and some school clothes, they eat crepes together, and they have a discussion of flavors that may or may not be about food.
832 Finished Minoke Sato Wobbly Wheelchair Wreaks Weirdness Minoke falls out of her chair - Shinobu to the rescue!
826 Finished Madoka Akemi Bumping Into A New Friend. Literally Madoka and Shinobu meet each other on the streets of Tokyo and end up having a nice meal and conversation together.
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