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2840 Finished Kaeru Aokawa RIBBIT Kaeru meets Lamya. No pond will ever be the same.
2663 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Early Summer Spoilage! Cures and Prism Keepers defend a Early Summer Children's Festival from an evil grasshopper man! >:I
2240 Finished Airi Nakahara Avast, Ye Landlubbers! A Beautiful evening is interrupted by the appearance of an X-egg which hatches into an X-chara who happens to be a pirate!
2205 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Big trouble in the Blue sea Blue meets Sakura and helps her capture the Big card! Things get a bitcrabby.
1890 Finished Reiko Touyama Since You've Been Gone Prism Keeper Blue returns just in time for the events of Whispers of Grey!
1262 Finished Kaeru Aokawa Froggy Pictures Kaeru meets Momo again after a few years, and the two go taking pictures of frogs at the pond. And even maybe a secret magical blue frog.
1223 Finished Mint Chip A Night To Look Forward To No Description Set
1191 Finished Kaeru Aokawa After-School Prism Meeting! Kaeru, Reiko, and Hoshi talk about magic, Fate Testarosa, and joining Virtue.
1190 Finished Nicola Esprit The Frog Girl and the Foreign Girl During recess, Kaeru meets a recent transfer student who just seems a little unusual beyond being foreign.
1172 Finished Precia Testarossa Solar Eclipse - Precia's Reveal Everyone finally gets a chance to meet the mother that Fate loves so much! ... she's not exactly what they expected.
1167 Finished Griselda Deep Blue Sea, Part 1 - From Above A freshly awakened Blue takes to the sky to clear her mind. An unexpected reunion follows.
1154 Finished Reiko Touyama Awaken! Prism Keeper Blue! During the events of 'Power Out', a wave of darkness washes over Seishou and Prism Keeper Blue awakens to help Orange fight a Water Gel Shade!
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