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2748 Finished Hokuto Minase Before the Nightmare Hokuto and Seishi discuss plans for the Nightmare Prince, and the Future.
2740 Finished Ariel Theodore Your Best Nightmare No Description Set
2725 Finished Ariel Theodore The Last Dream Defender No Description Set
2713 Finished Ariel Theodore Shade of the Titan No Description Set
2705 Finished Hokuto Minase A girl, a dream, and a slice of cake Hokuto and Ariel catch up on the Prince of Nightmares case. Hokuto is frustrated, Ariel is resigned. There is cake.
2645 Active Sora Hisakata The Haunted Library No Description Set
2630 Finished Ariel Theodore Hammer Time Several magical mahou investigate rumors of a catasropohic cat youma. A new face comes to the fore to hammer the problem out with them. Everyone walks home with sand in their shoes.
2602 Finished Ariel Theodore An Impromptu Picnic No Description Set
2601 Finished Ariel Theodore He Who Walks In Nightmare No Description Set
2566 Finished Akane Hino Casual Lunch Meeting Akane is working at her parents' restaurant and makes a new friend!
2508 Finished Hokuto Minase Cosplay Ensues In which young girls discuss idol costuming and musical drama.
2086 Finished Yuuki Oshiro Trick or Treat! Put on your costumes and head to SCHOOL?!?!?! Thats right, this year the four schools have gotten together to host a trick or treat time for students interested. Some come on out and bring a bucket or at least a bag because your teachers and faculty from the various schools are giving out the treats and maybe pulling a few tricks of their own. Come on and celebrate Halloween!
2010 Finished Lacrima Oops! Lacrima summons a monster and oops... it's accidently loose. Lots of people show up to try to stop it. And something else happens, too!
1977 Paused Hokuto Minase Ice Cream and Homework No Description Set
1811 Finished Seishi Tamashige No Title Set No Description Set
1767 Active Sora Hisakata Luck of the Drain No Description Set
1707 Paused Jiaying Maki Sugar High No Description Set
1621 Finished Reiko Touyama Sketchy Shades Reiko Touyama has an art show to attend! She invites Eilam Hisakawa along, and brings Ayana along- the /best/ wingfox. Hokuto Minase arrives to observe art aswell as a Shade ruins everything. Shades always ruin everything. EILAM ISN'T REIKO'S BOYFRIEND, GOD!
1606 Paused Seishi Tamashige No Title Set No Description Set
1603 Finished Seishi Tamashige Nightmare In Tokyo: Finale No Description Set
1568 Finished Hokuto Minase Grin and Bear It Akashimaru and The Bear
1547 Paused Misa Sakagami A doll-like ghost?! Could it be...?! No Description Set
1509 Finished Hokuto Minase Nightmares Breed Nightmares Hokuto has a nightmare. Seishi makes nightmares worried.
1493 Finished Seishi Tamashige No Title Set No Description Set
1484 Finished Hokuto Minase To Dream, Perchance to Hunt No Description Set
1479 Active Fiore No Title Set No Description Set
1453 Finished Seishi Tamashige In The Light of Day No Description Set
1431 Finished Fiore A Nightmare in Tokyo Part One No Description Set
1347 Finished Hokuto Minase A Meeting of Mini-Me's Hokuto and Kukai chat over takoyaki. Suzumebachi and Daichi play tag.
1299 Finished Utau Hoshina Fairies, Shugos and Mikos, oh my! Rena runs into Utau again and tensions rise after their last run-in and Utau's attempted kidnapping of Dabble. Fortunately, Hokuto is there to ease tensions. And cookies are offered!
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