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ID State Owner Title Description
3173 Active Sora Hisakata No Title Set No Description Set
3163 Finished Rashmi Terios Cornerstones 2/3: Ulterior Expositions Following Rashmi's 'argument' with Mamoru, Sailor Earth chances upon the Mage on a nearby rooftop. Stories are told, the truth is neatly sidestepped, and Earth consents to a scan.
3147 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3120 Finished Mirai Terra Cookies and Sour Dream With Kukai.
3111 Finished Mirai Terra Oceans of Ice With Ami.
3100 Finished Mirai Terra Ocean Storms With Makoto.
3072 Finished Mirai Terra Not a Regula With Neph.
3059 Finished Mirai Terra Earth Pride With Kyouko.
3058 Finished Takashi Agera Love and Beauty Schlock With Minako.
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