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ID State Owner Title Description
3499 Finished Narumi Nendai What's A Milkshake? At the Crown, Narumi helps Arina get used to certain aspects of life in modern Tokyo.
3380 Finished Runealy Waldia Arina's Resolve Arina is certain she's ready to take the Oath and become a Guardian Knight!
3374 Finished Arina Rehylde Advances Chevalier No Description Set
3372 Finished Arina Rehylde My Fair Princess Arina finally finds her princess and learns her fate.
3370 Finished Arina Rehylde O Strange New World Arina meets a couple inhabitants of Earth.
3368 Finished Arina Rehylde Country Mouse Arina runs into Mamoru after spending a day on the streets of Tokyo. Mamoru is way too nice and Arina tries to wrap her head around modern living.
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