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3801 Finished Cecelia Stovjord Parley Runealy waits for Cecelia on school grounds. They meet and discuss a few things, most importantly of which is setting a few ground rules for how their inevitable conflict will proceed.
3795 Unfinished Cecelia Stovjord A Calmer, Less Amusing Park A week after the events of 'The Silver Snow Falls' Mistral and Cecelia are both at the same botanical garden in King Penguin Park and meet. They are able to remain civil and avoid coming to blows, learning mote about one another in the process.
3793 Finished Cecelia Stovjord Not Every Shrine Is A 'Shrine' Cecelia goes to Hikawa Shrine on a personal mission of discovery and meets Rei, only to cause much confusion before finding out she has some very basic misconceptions about Earth.
3792 Finished Cecelia Stovjord The Silver Snow Falls Requiem reveals herself as not just an antagonist, but a villain as she creates magical snowfall at Roaring Bayside Theme Park and begins draining the energy of it's attendees. Luckily Runealy and Mistral are there to ensure her evil plot won't go unpunished. A difficult and tiring battle ensues, but Requiem is driven off before her task is even half complete.
3786 Finished Cecelia Stovjord Abrupt Acquaintance Cecelia and Mistral are both at clover tower when they run into the other Waldian. Literally.
3768 Finished Cecelia Stovjord Stop The Chairs When undue lack of care by a mad scientist conference leads to an evil infused stack of chairs becoming a living golem bent on destruction Princess Runealy and Guardian Hino are up to the task of stopping it, but not without being vexed by the singing insults of the ice sorceress Requiem.
3763 Finished Cecelia Stovjord A Troubled Meeting Runealy and Cecelia stumble upon each other after school. It doesn't go very well.
3762 Finished Cecelia Stovjord Honor Among Energy Thieves Lacrima and Requiem are both hunting for draining targets near each other and upon meeting find they have several things in common, civility among them.
3761 Finished Naru Osaka Chatter in the park A tumble over a bike, and some chatter under a tree on a beautiful summer's day.
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