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3511 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3463 Unfinished Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3451 Finished Rei Hino Getting in his face, and staying there Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Nephrite decide that Riventon is overdue for negative reinforcement, for the sake of the people they care about.
3436 Finished Takashi Agera Fishing Expedition No Description Set
3433 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Final Judgement Sakura and Takashi face off for the cards in a fight that reveals Takashi's ancestry, the location of the missing Yukito, WHY Takashi was so scarily powerful and A JERK head and, finally... Who the true master of the clow cards is.
3411 Finished Lacrima How to (De-)train Your Dragon As all efforts to fix Lamya's collar turns fruitless, the gang goes to Lacrima's suggestion of Riventon. The collar gets fixed! Riventon gets some brownie points with some people. Lamya hears Miho and Rashmi may have found her princess. ALL IS GOOD!
3409 Finished Masu Yogoshi Time for 'the talk'(Content warning) Riventon has some choice words with Tarnished over her lack of following proper scientific protocals and putting people in danger, something he would NEVER do.
3394 Finished Masu Yogoshi Stressed Takashi decides to visit Masu before the opening of her very first store! They discuss some things and he makes a very important delivery. Now, all she has to do is prepare for a couple of nosy 'do-gooders' trying to ruin her efforts.
3375 Finished Masu Yogoshi Thank you, Agera-sama In this post-dated scene, Tarnished meets with Takashi and properly thanks him for making her the woman she is today.
3362 Finished Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3346 Finished Sakura Kinomoto STORMing into battle (Content warning!)The storm card appears and decides to blow the entirety of the animation budget as Riventon, Dark Sakura and Lacrima face off against Sakura, Madoka and Homura. A fight over one of the last cards results in pain and destruction, as well as some resurfacing memories from Sakura. In the end, Takashi manages to take the card, but not before enough destruction and force is leveled to wipe out a city block or two by the gathered forces.
3336 Unfinished Takashi Agera Just Two Normal Geniuses No Description Set
3333 Finished Ryo Okana Storming the Gates Saint George storms the ECFH to kill his sister. He gets superbanned via multiple heroes and learns why people don't really storm that place.
3327 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3318 Finished Takashi Agera Trust Issues No Description Set
3312 Unfinished Takashi Agera Saint and Sinners No Description Set
3303 Finished Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3279 Finished Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3277 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3272 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Back in TIME The Time card has appeared and wrecked havoc through the city! However, Sakura, Riventon, Cure Gull and Prism Yellow are on the case! With a bit of subterfuge, they even manage to get it! Tune in to this exciting episode to see the contenders for the WMF card championship, with grand heavyweight champion Riventon 'Punchable face' Takashi taking on the girls with much desire to punch him in the face!
3218 Finished Fate T. Waldia I Came To Say... No Description Set
3175 Active Takashi Agera Direct Withdrawl No Description Set
3162 Finished Takashi Agera Calm Before... No Description Set
3152 Unfinished Takashi Agera Botanical Battle No Description Set
3147 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3129 Active Sora Hisakata No Title Set No Description Set
3112 Unfinished Rashmi Terios No Title Set No Description Set
3085 Finished Nanoha Takamachi The Garden of Time Precia Testarossa wants to bring her daughter back from the dead. She gets exactly what she wants. The end of the Jewel Seed arc! (Caution: Cthulhu-styled awfulness.)
3081 Finished Nanoha Takamachi The Duel When there's no more Jewel Seeds left, what else is there to fight over? Part 1 of a 2 Part Finale. CONTENT WARNING: Child Abuse. Percia Testarossa is not a nice person.
3013 Finished Takashi Agera New Dark Line ... Riventrain.
3005 Finished Fate T. Waldia A Much Needed Chat Content Warning: References to child abuse. Fate visits Takashi for a very awkward chat about the situation with Fate's mother and where they stand. Niether party is good at social interaction.
2994 Finished Tin Soldier 18: Friends and Alloys '''Content Warning:''' ''Reference to child abuse, ocean of tears.'' Jewel Seed #18 fully activates with a vengeance, possessing Jin Meiyou's body and attempting to turn Tokyo into a metallic wasteland. Our heroes defeat and seal it, and the result is *SO SAD YOU GUYS*.
2981 Finished Fate T. Waldia Outbreak: Patient Zero CONTENT WARNING: Scene contains elements of horror, suspense, zombie bloodshed, macabre themes and implied child abuse. When a berieved man uses a Jewel Seed to wish his deceased wife and child back from the dead, he also raises every cadaver in the Mitakihara General Hospital morgue with them.
2975 Finished Takashi Agera This Spice Isn't Nice! Eclipse has put dark energy in the city's Pumpkin Spice supply!
2970 Finished Takashi Agera Brain Freeze Takashi and Ami intersect at the Crown. It's never easy.
2959 Finished Sakura Kinomoto All but the best laid plans... Takashi has a strange visitor who talks to him about a certain upcoming event. Unfortunately, it seems his plans weren't as fool proof as he initially believed.
2956 Finished Naru Osaka Burn baybee, burn. When in doubt, burn the irritating stuff. And the extra stuff. Although somehow, Taka manages not to get crispy.
2940 Finished Mamoru Chiba It Doesn't Explode Mamoru has a present for Takashi for being comparatively decent.
2934 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Waterpocalypse! The water card finally makes its appearance. After a surprise assault from the card and a shocking counter by Takashi, the young captor nearly drowns. Fortunately, despite being choked by liquid satan, Sky Jack managed to rescue her. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Tsukiko and Tsubasa, the water card fell into the hands of the evil Takashi, giving him one of the most powerful cards in the set.
2882 Finished Mamoru Chiba The Ends of the Earth Takashi and Sailor Earth go to explore what used to be the Dark Kingdom, and meet someone literally nobody was expecting.
2854 Finished Sakura Kinomoto LOCKed away WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Sakura and Nephrite get locked in a witch's maze! And, unfortunately, Sakura runs into the harshest lesson a magical girl can learn. It's not all fun and games after all. Sometimes people get hurt. Sometimes... worse things happen.
2838 Finished Takashi Agera Two Worlds at Once, and Failing Takashi takes Lacrima to visit ... well. Maybe the Crone is someone. Maybe she's just something the Dusk Zone uses to talk through. Either way, this chat can't possibly have any terrible consequences, can it?
2832 Finished Takashi Agera What's in the Box? Fate helps field-test one of Riventon's projects! Heroes obligingly lend their assistance. Alex obligingly lends some fire. And who is the Phantom Ace?
2807 Finished Takashi Agera (continuation of 2778) (poses added to log of 2778)
2798 Finished Lacrima Sorrow and Duskfruit Smoothies Lacrima goes to Takashi for the BEST advice. Also there is Duskfruit Smoothies in the fridge and curried promises are made!
2778 Finished Takashi Agera That's What Friends Do Takashi visits a recovering Hannah.
2711 Finished Kazuo Takeba A Hands-Off Survey Takashi is collecting information on dark-energy-induced perspective changes. Kazuo does not quite induce Takashi to put him through a wall in the process, but it comes pretty close.
2678 Finished Takashi Agera Dark Ecology Takashi and Norie spend some time in the Dusk Zone, discussing the differences between being there and on Earth. Only one of the two feels like home.
2660 Finished Ayana Tasogare Calculated Takashi makes it out of the Maze. Ami is waiting ... with takoyaki?
2659 Finished Sakura Kinomoto ForestFIRE! The fire card reveals itself! A number of magical girls defeat it, then Riventon steals it. Sakura is left unconscious and drained.
2653 Finished Takashi Agera DARE To Resist Drugs and Knight Violence Sailor Earth's decided she wants her own Shitennou. There are a lot of objections, not least from one of the dudes she tried to recruit, then drafted.
2648 Finished Takashi Agera Just Business Takashi's been given another assignment by Eclipse. Of course Lacrima comes to help. Of course several other people come to stop him. Like Rashmi Terios and her familiar Chandra. Like Sakura Kinomoto. Like his maybe-ex-girlfriend...
2583 Finished Precia Testarossa Wish XVII Another Jewel Seed has been detected! ... someone already has it. ... it's Umino.
2558 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Talk to the Earth Daisuke Hansuke meets Sailor Earth on his way between the school and the dorms. They talk. Daisuke offers to help. Because of course he does.
2525 Finished Lacrima Work Release Norie-K checks in with work. Tells Riventon-sama what's up. Finally laughs at humor!
2522 Finished Fate T. Waldia Schrodinger's Logia Fate has a box. What's inside the box? No one knows. So she gives it to Takashi in an effort to re-establish good work ties and gets told to take a day off.
2506 Finished Takashi Agera Lunar Eclipse Usagi takes issue with Takashi's last interaction with Ami. THERE WILL BE VENGEANCE. IT WILL INVOLVE HUGS.
2501 Finished Ami Mizuno Surrogates Takashi finds out why Ami is upset. Ami presents him with a Mercury Bear. Things, somewhat inevitably, go very wrong.
2474 Finished Ami Mizuno Without Obligation Ami goes to visit Takashi on Valentine's Day.
2462 Finished Ami Mizuno The Right Words Mamoru helps Ami explain why the rumourmill has been running her through the mud. Takashi realises he's jumped to the wrong conclusions. Maybe a kiss happens. Probably not.
2450 Finished Ami Mizuno Amazing Rescue Ami has finally figured the way out of the maze! Too bad her friends have come to save her.
2427 Finished Naru Osaka Cease fire Naru tells Takashi about Ami being missing, with no punching involved.
2393 Finished Takashi Agera Cards and Consequences Ami has some rather pointed concerns about the whole 'my boyfriend stole from a TEN YEAR OLD' thing.
2390 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Shattered glass Sakura, now missing her magic, tries to capture the sand card and runs into some trouble. Namely a clone of her stealing almost half her cards! What will she do?
2359 Finished Takashi Agera Possibly Premature Celebration Takashi takes Ami out to celebrate exams being over, and talk about the Dusk Zone.
2320 Finished Takashi Agera Reintroductions Riventon's back. Lacrima has news for him: someone got into the server. Fate has news for him: she's back.
2288 Finished Takashi Agera Relationship Advice Takashi seeks some from Miss White. This whole cross-side dating thing is hard.
2276 Finished Takashi Agera Normal Doesn't Happen To Us Ami and Takashi start the new year off wrong. And then maybe sorta right.
2274 Finished Kazuo Takeba All The Future Stretches Out NYE part 1: the bulk of the open party at Mamoru's apartment.
2269 Finished Takashi Agera Christmas In Another Hemisphere Christmas still comes in South America!
2248 Finished Takashi Agera Earth, Moon, Crown 'Sailor Earth' arrives at the Crown and engages in a short conversation with 'Bunny'.
2131 Finished Takashi Agera All Expenses Paid Takashi surprises Ami after school with an offer! Naru and Kunzite surprise both of them (and themselves) by not telling Ami that going to South America with her evil boyfriend is a terrible idea.
2038 Finished Takashi Agera Salt of the Earth Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.
2026 Finished Takashi Agera Mercurial Gifts The effort Takashi put into Ami's birthday present proves to be literally out of this world.
1962 Finished Lacrima Laws of the Flow of Dark Energy. Lacrima and Riventon talk about Dark Energy, Kunzite, Weird Gem Magic and Feelings.
1918 Finished Takashi Agera Contains Artificial Color Takashi shows Ami his current project: an attempt to create an artificial Chroma Crystal, in the hope of restoring the missing color to the world. Surely with Ami's oversight no trouble can come from this!
1895 Finished Takashi Agera Black Is The New Orange UMBRA has a plan to return orange to the universe! Riventon and Lacrima are TOTALLY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Somehow, other people do not seem to be lauding them appropriately for this. Maybe it's the amount of dark energy mixed in, or the Nullheart Reiko...
1793 Finished Hannah Sharpe I Need to Know Ta-kun! Takashi visits Hannah in the hospital. Troubles are shared, and Hannah searches for clues on how to get into Sunset Tower's good graces.
1781 Finished Takashi Agera Pizza Peacemaking Ami tries to run damage control with Takashi over Kyouko's lab invasion. It takes about thirty seconds for this to slide sideways into dark energy discussion and careful relationship negotiation.
1763 Finished Kyouko Sakura Interdimensional B&E Kyouko, acting on information from Makoto, breaks into Takashi's lab to try and find his 'Witch Radar'. What she finds instead is trouble, and likely more to come.
1736 Finished Takashi Agera Sorry Takashi has a lot to work out with Ami. A whole lot. One conversation is not enough even to finish listing and defining all the problems.
1717 Finished Kyubey The Miasma Rolls In The Grief Seed famine comes to an unexpected end. Sort of. Wraiths, and the Grief Cubes they drop, take their place.
1684 Finished Madoka Akemi Disaster Relief Charity Ball What happens when you mix charity, snobbery, Magical Heroes, birthdays, and the Clash? Inquire within to find out!
1677 Finished Takashi Agera Mistakes Were Made After being saved in the very last possible moment by Norie, Takashi applies icepack to face, and analysis to What Went Wrong, and appreciation to Norie and Nyubey.
1653 Finished Kazuo Takeba Reap the Whirlwind Makoto is on a mission: to save herself and Nephrite from an endless cycle of duty and death. Makoto is on a mission: to stop herself from doing just that. Riventon is on a mission: science. And Mamoru's apartment is now on fire.
1635 Finished Lacrima Smug Satisfaction Norie Okana goes to see Riventon, expecting a punishment. Gets an intresting discussion instead. Smug Satisfaction is the best.
1622 Finished Ami Mizuno Half Way To Never Ami and Takashi meet for the first time since they broke up. It's supposed to be dinner and an informational exchange about Fiore, but as everything with these two, it winds up being so much more complicated. One of them leaves in tears, and the chess board judges them both.
1617 Finished Takashi Agera Jupiter and Mars are Not Aligned Rei gets a visit from Makoto... only to start to suspect that she isn't Makoto at all.
1610 Finished Takashi Agera Grabbing Lightning An angry Makoto and an angry Takashi collide. Violently. Only one of them was planning for things to go this way.
1605 Finished Takashi Agera The Way Things Ought to Be Naru talks with Takashi about his breakup with Ami. Takashi is not all that accustomed to conversations that are just conversations. Naru is not particularly taken aback.
1602 Finished Takashi Agera Blasphemy Four Puella converge on a rare labyrinth in the middle of the Witch drought. So how did Riventon manage to get there *first*? And who exactly is Elsa Maria?
1593 Finished Kazuo Takeba Unpleasantly Civil Conversation Kunzite. Riventon. Talking about, among other things, girls. THINGS THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN FOR A THOUSAND, ALEX.
1590 Finished Takashi Agera Anger Mismanagement Ami finds Makoto playing catch with boys. No, we mean actually *throwing the boys*. It seems that Jupiter is not dealing well with what happened to Nephrite. And Jupiter just might be done with the prices she's paying...
1556 Finished Takashi Agera Fried Food Therapy Hannah and Haruna MENACE RIVENTON. ... into eating something and actually having a conversation. Maybe sleep. There are sleep-related threats.
1523 Finished Ami Mizuno Ouroboros Ami and Takashi return to their first date. This time, the ending is a little different.
1521 Finished Takashi Agera Friends Help Friends Evil friend-analogues, anyway. Riventon gives Lacrima a little help, in the form of a lot of advice and a very special bracelet.
1510 Finished Takashi Agera Ice Cream Smoothies In which Takashi does *not* blast Usagi across the Crown for being too excitable. Though it might have been a better plan in the long run not to let him see the Silver Crystal in person. Also: what exactly is this moral fiber thing, anyway? Is it that stuff you get from oats?
1506 Finished Utau Hoshina Dangerous and Rare Utau consults with Riventon about Norie and her curse.
1489 Finished Ami Mizuno Change Is Hard, So Is Dating Ami and Naru have lunch (and Dark(TM) Chocolate) at school again. Takashi decides clearly he should be having lunch at school with Ami.
1440 Finished Takashi Agera What's In The Box? Takashi has a gift for his girlfriend! Ami is not entirely certain about this "girlfriend" word...
1423 Finished Mamoru Chiba Unenthusiastic Armistice Mamoru, Takashi, and Kunzite are all waiting after school for the Senshi to come out after clubs and/or detention. That's... well... it happened.
1396 Finished Takashi Agera The Witch and the Scientist Shiniko visits Riventon's office to consult on extradimensional spaces. When darkness makes a deal with darkness, everyone profits! Well, everyone who counts, anyway.
1389 Finished Lacrima Contracts Norie Okana goes off to join Eclipse- specfically, UMBRA. Riventon and Norie talk a little bit about the nature of power and the nature of heroes and what 'being cured' means.
1387 Finished Takashi Agera Center Of Attention Riventon and Lacrima are draining energy super publically. According to keikaku, people show up and object vociferously.
1377 Finished Hannah Sharpe White-Claus Hannah brings Takashi the cursed sword, and some talk about the awkwardness of dating heroes ensues.
1372 Finished Fate T. Waldia Something For Me Fate tries to use a Jewel Seed, and it doesn't work out. She doesn't get what she wants, but she gets what she needs.
1355 Finished Takashi Agera Crosswalks and Cocoa Takashi walks Ami back home from the skating rink, magiscience is discussed, cocoa is sipped.
1337 Finished Ami Mizuno So Elite Ami and Takashi and Makoto and Nephrite go on an ice skating double date. It goes exactly as well as you'd expect.
1329 Finished Kukai Souma I Can Learn & I Can't Wait Kukai finally gets in touch with Tadase, who gives him more vital information about the girl who stole Sachiko's heart egg, the mysterious Miss White.
1322 Finished Seijuro Ginga The Rise Of Planty Stardust Ail returns to Earth, and greets it with a Cardian attacking shoppers in Uminari City. Earth greets the Prince of the Galaxy back, via several heroes interrupting his meal. So impolite!
1309 Finished Ami Mizuno Swim Meet No Description Set
1291 Finished Fiore First Flowers Xenians descend upon an unsuspecting Tokyo.
1285 Finished Takashi Agera Boarding Action Takashi does pirate things on a science vessel. Heroes object, but Takashi has new friends.
1275 Finished Sora Hisakata The Scientist, the Witch and the Tome... Riventon comes across Shiniko spreading some of her curses around. They talk, and eventually come to an agreement.
1271 Finished Takashi Agera Chess Date Ami and Takashi have a complicated relationship.
1265 Finished Takashi Agera Agreeing To Disagree Takashi and Makoto both have Ami's best interests at heart. Unfortunately they widely disagree on what that means.
1259 Finished Ayana Tasogare A Taste of Reality After two months apart, Ayana and Riventon meet again. It's a harsh taste of reality for both of them: Riventon realises his fox has truly abandoned him, and Ayana realises she cannot save him.
1257 Finished Fate T. Waldia The Heart's Desire Fate is looking for a Jewel Seed and finds one. Rune is looking for Fate and finds her. Riventon is looking for a book and finds Ayana instead. Ayana and Ikiko may have been looking for happiness, but that's not to be found here.
1252 Finished Takashi Agera No Reason To Fight Lacrima finds Riventon draining some poor soul, and starts to wonder if she hasn't found a kindred spirit.
1230 Finished Blue Lotus Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.
1195 Finished Takashi Agera I'm Sure You're Worth It Since the world did not, in fact, end, Ami-chan has a promise to keep on a hillside overlooking Tokyo.
1171 Finished Mint Chip Blizzard Ambush CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Soon after arriving at the North Pole, the group of heroes is split up by a blizzard -- and are faced with the DD Girls. Homura and Madoka make sure that the rest of them are able to get inside-- and inaugurate the expedition of blood and tears with epic style and panache.
1170 Finished Mamoru Chiba A Loser Like You CONTENT WARNING: Character death, gore, language. Frost Knight, Tuxedo Kamen, and Kunzite's Ghost are separated from the group in the initial blizzard, fight a large army of youmas, and then Takashi decides he can tank the strength of an enormous valkyrie lancer. He almost manages it.
1165 Finished Takashi Agera So, That Went Well Takashi asks Makoto for cooking assistance. This goes swimmingly.
1156 Finished Ami Mizuno The Point of No Return Takashi and Ami have a talk before the invasion of D-point begins.
1151 Finished Kazuo Takeba Power's Out The Dark Kingdom has a use for Tokyo. As a battery. Possibly also as a glacier. Kunzite has a plan to wake Metalia by harvesting the city. Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi have a competing plan to try to rescue Kunzite. Everyone's plan involves killing somebody. It's just a question of who gets there first...
1150 Finished Reiko Touyama Phone: The Rolodex of Corporate Evil!!! After the events of White Out Part 1, Haruna calls the least likely person you think for help... Riventon!
1119 Finished Takashi Agera The Pizzeria Ami's first date with Takashi goes surprisingly not-horribly.
1109 Finished Takashi Agera LOVE WAR! Takashi's troubled. He goes to see an expert on his specific troubles. Then he gets himself in new trouble. Par for the course.
1105 Finished Takashi Agera Texting In Class Takashi and Ami exchange text messages during class. Takashi is bad at people.
1103 Finished Hannah Sharpe Youma Season Shhhh. We's huntin' youma!
1090 Finished Takashi Agera Concordia Discordantium Sayaka and Madoka fight Riventon, and in doing so, Sayaka faces down some of her inner demons in a very outer way.
1089 Finished Euphemia Barchetta While You Were Gone UMBRA's in a sad state.
1061 Finished Takashi Agera What's Eating You? Takashi attacks the botanical gardens
1057 Finished Ami Mizuno A Little Better Each Day Ami is still recovering at Takashi's house. At least she can walk now!
1046 Finished Takashi Agera A Blue Coat After being cooped up in Takashi's house for so long, Ami and Takashi go out to get some delcious Tako. The fact that it's Valentine's Day is incidental.
1036 Finished Takashi Agera Nowhere I'd Rather Be Ami is starting to feel better, but is still staying at Takashi's house.
1025 Finished Tadase Hotori Texts From The Lab After falling out of grace with Eclipse, UMBRA is having a lot of their stuff cleaned out.
1024 Finished Ami Mizuno Chocolate, Kisses, and Artificial Intell … Makoto comes over with some real food for Ami. With Takashi, they discuss love, the evils of mind control, spying on cute boys in vulnerable moments, and Artificial Intelligences. Makoto leaves Ami with a kiss and a promise to text when she goes to meet Nephrite next.
1023 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists and a Rabbit, Pt 2 The second part of Usagi's visit.
1020 Finished Precia Testarossa The Quiet Garden Fate and Takashi go to visit Precia personally. It goes better than Fate expected but worse than Takashi expected.
1019 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists And a Rabbit While Ami is stuck at Takashi's house recovering, Usagi comes to visit her - and glare at Takashi.
1016 Finished Takashi Agera Not Really In My Element Ami's mother is starting to get worried about her extended absense. The senshi try to come up with a cover story.
1004 Finished Kazuo Takeba Higher Order Patterns Sailor Mercury confers with Kunzite about her plans for the Dark Kingdom. Problem: Kunzite is no longer the Kunzite she's been conspiring with. And he's been planning revenge. Time for an unlikely salvation...
1000 Finished Mint Chip Mahou Tamura Biggest Ice Cream Social Ever! (Non-canon)
999 Finished Ami Mizuno Life Support Takashi tries to help Ami survive Kunzite's poison... the best way he knows how.
991 Finished Takashi Agera A Witch In Time Homura's life was already bad enough... but now Riventon is giving her an evil twin?!
984 Finished Takashi Agera White Haired Black Hearted Bishonen Takashi vs. Kunzite. fite fite fite!
930 Finished Takashi Agera The Black Comet Ayana has gone missing, and Riventon is just a tad bit upset about this.
925 Finished Griselda Orange Thread, Part 3 - Black v Gray Riventon and Griselda have their first meeting. The wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time.
912 Finished Takashi Agera Bad Rap Trap Riventon gives Homura an important lesson on why you should never let your enemies know where you live.
904 Finished Ayana Tasogare A Taste of What Might Have Been Knowing Takashi has never had a proper birthday party, Ayana plans the perfect one to show him what he's been missing all his life. For once in his life, Takashi experiences true love, and perhaps manages to return the feeling. If only his entire life had been this sweet, perhaps things wouldn't be leading towards inevitable destruction.
900 Finished Mamoru Chiba And the Stars Above Nephrite's been missing for five months. Homura, Dark Endymion, and Kunzite go to rescue him. Not ALL haunted mansions have Witches, it should be noted.
894 Finished Takashi Agera An Ocean View Ami and Takashi text. And go on a ... is that a date, or a research consulation? With these two, is there a difference?
881 Finished Takashi Agera Oops Takashi accidentally unleashes a youma.
862 Finished Takashi Agera Brainfreezes Takashi wanders his way into the Game Center Crown, but happens upon a different Senshi than he was looking for.
850 Finished Ayana Tasogare There's Snow Day Like the Present A Jewel Seed infests a Snow Leopard Cub. In the ensuing fight, the snow leopard is gravely injured. While Riventon and Fate rush away with the jewel seed, Mikoto makes a new friend. Literally.
849 Finished Tadase Hotori Puzzles Takashi and Madoka meet up, but an afternoon that was planned to have begun over a jigsaw puzzle instead ends something else.
841 Finished Homura Akemi Meeting: Walpurgisnacht Puella Magi Homura changed Scene 841's Description to: Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
838 Finished Ayana Tasogare Fire is Bad, Mkay? Takashi comes home to find a fire in his home. But is it really worth all the trouble?
824 Finished Takashi Agera We're On A Boat Wounded Takashi wakes up on a boat with Ami.
815 Finished Ami Mizuno Ship Happens After his nearly fatal fight with Dark Endymion, Ami drags Takashi out to the ''Heart and Soul of Tokyo''; a cruise liner sitting in Tokyo's harbor for maintenance before its next cruise. She helps him to a room, and the pair talk a little further before finally Ami she leaves him to rest and goes to do the same herself.
813 Finished Takashi Agera Anger Management Mamoru thinks that Takashi has a punchable face. Homura agrees. Ami does not.
808 Finished Ami Mizuno Dinner and a Show Takashi and Ami definitely do NOT have a date at the swankest restaurant in town. But they do meet to peer review one another's findings--or in particuliar, Takashi's findings related to the papers provided by 'Professor' Izono.
803 Finished Fate T. Waldia Jewel Seed: Youma Edition A very... unique youma tries to claim a Jewel Seed, having mistaken it for the Phantom Silver Crystal. This is the first of many mistakes it makes.
795 Finished Takashi Agera A Cold Date Madoka and Takashi go ice skating
792 Finished Zoisite What Is the Silver Crystal? Professor Sato Izono discusses the nature of the Silver Crystal on live television, does a Q&A session with the audience, distributes dark energy pamphlets of compulsion, and answers questions about the hardness and cleavage of magical gems.
789 Finished Ayana Tasogare The Lies We Tell Ourselves Ayana cooks Takashi dinner, and continues her slow betrayal of her master by lying about her emotions and her intentions. She finds an opportunity to try and manipulate him, but it seems that her success in doing so is only doomed to backfire.
771 Finished Takashi Agera Salvage Rights Riventon and Fate try to lay claim to a hunk of the Asura, but Nanoha, Mikoto, and Amu show up to stop them!
770 Finished Takashi Agera A Meeting of Minds Takashi brings Ami a present.
748 Finished Madoka Akemi Dancing The Night Away Madoka gives Takashi his Christmas present and it turns out to be more than just something to wear or use as a decoration.
747 Finished Ayana Tasogare Catastrophic Christmas Takashi and Ayana exchange Christmas presents. Takashi manages to make her feel incredibly guilty. But she doesn't tell him what's happened, yet!
733 Finished Takashi Agera Ask A Stupid Question Homura and Takashi have a polite conversation like two reasonable adults.
723 Finished Madoka Akemi Meet The Parents Takashi is invited over to Madoka's house for dinner. He receives a well cooked dinner, an experience in Kaname style family bonding, and a harsh conversation with Junko over his extravagant choice of gifts.
714 Finished Ayana Tasogare Back in Black Riventon has improved on his ability to drain energy from the world around him, and as usual heroes come to stop him. This time, however, the forces of Evil have a surprise for those meddling heroes.
696 Finished Ayana Tasogare Mandatory Pool Party The UMBRA team spends some time at the office pool.
683 Finished Madoka Akemi We're just playing Madoka invites Takashi and Homura to a day at the theme park. There's sure to be fun, but will spending time around each other lessen Homura and Takashi's animosity towards one another?
676 Finished Takashi Agera Teddyashi What is a Teddyashi? Find out inside. (also buy it at your local toy store)
674 Finished Hannah Sharpe Hannah Sharpe visits UMBRA Hannah Sharpe visits UMBRA
649 Finished Ayana Tasogare The Heart of the Matter Ayana offers to have herself destroyed, but Takashi has another idea for how to deal with her 'betrayal'.
644 Finished Ayana Tasogare Gloom CONTENT WARNING: This scene contains emotional and psychological abuse. Ayana finally gives much-needed energy to Takashi, allowing him to leave the hospital. In the process, she reveals the reason it took so long, and Takashi takes it poorly.
629 Finished Takashi Agera Head Games Ami visits Takashi in the hospital.
606 Finished Madoka Akemi Madoka visits Takashi Takashi is hospitalized, and Madoka goes to visit him.
603 Finished Takashi Agera Hosptial Visits for Takashi Hannah and Ayana visit Takashi in the hospital.
598 Finished Takashi Agera Comeuppance Takashi and Apatite have a calm and reasonable discussion, as befits two mature and emotionally stable teenagers. Also Apatite gets better.
574 Finished Ayana Tasogare Ayana Kaiju! Ayana managed to eat the wrong food out of Takashi's lab fridge. As a result, she is infested by a Youma, and the heroes and villains of Tokyo must stop her Cheeseburger-seeking Rampage.
570 Finished Haruna Kurosawa A Date with Riventon!?: Haruna has a bad … Cure Gull goes on a date with Riventon. That goes about as well as you expect.
569 Finished Ayana Tasogare Understanding Ayana waits at home for a punishment from Takashi that never comes. Instead, with but a few simple words, the last vestiges of her disillusionment fade, and she sees her master for what he truly is. Ayana must make a hard choice between her love for Takashi, and her desire to do Good. Lampshades Lampshades Everywhere, but Not a Light to be Seen.
567 Finished Ayana Tasogare Revenge is a Dish Best Served Ice Cold In the full of her rage, Ayana kidnaps Madoka, thinking she's ''saving'' her from corruption by magical girls. She delivers her to Takashi giftwrapped with a bow, but Takashi doesn't take it well. Or perhaps he takes it ''too'' well, as he wars with himself and his rapidly growing alter ego. Emerge: Frost Knight, the Savior of Pink-haired Maidens!
555 Finished Madoka Akemi It's a really big deal. Madoka and Takashi spend some time together while sharing lunch on the roof of Infinity University.
544 Finished Takashi Agera Rematch Takashi Agera and Ami Mizuno have a combination chess match/serious discussion/sniping insult fest.
543 Finished Takashi Agera Serious Business Takashi has been blowing up Hannah's phone - an awkward conversation ensues over tasty pastries.
533 Finished Madoka Akemi Infinity University Charity Ball A charity ball is thrown for the victims of the Infinity gym explosion, and everything goes perfectly with a wonderful time had by all with frills, thrills, and romance. Well... Almost.
532 Finished Takashi Agera Rumormill Takashi talks to Madoka after class and asks if they can finish their delayed dance.
531 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Riventon-chan?! -- A meeting on a roofto … Gull-chan asks Riventon-chan out on a date and thier mascots disagree with one another. Corvus's deliciousness is debatable.
522 Finished Takashi Agera Black Hole Fox Black Hole Fox=Takashi decides to see if Ayana's stomach actually has an full setting. Also serious discussions are had.
517 Finished Hannah Sharpe What's Eating WitchHunter Arms!? Something is eating Hannah's employees.
512 Finished Takashi Agera Games and Geniuses Takashi Agera and Ami Mizuno have a game of chess and talk.
500 Finished Mamoru Chiba MOON HEALING ESCALATION! Riventon turns an elementary-schooler into a youma. Sailor Moon objects so hard that Luna bends time and space to give her her new item. Introducing: Asclepius!
477 Finished Ayana Tasogare Takashi and his Fox Ayana and Takashi have a difficult talk.
465 Finished Hannah Sharpe Kickboxing National Kickdown! The Kickboxing Nationals are interrupted by a youma.
446 Finished Takashi Agera Imbalance of Power There is a huge energy draining crystal that's been set up in a Tokyo street, and Riventon's to blame...
419 Finished Takashi Agera Mistakes Takashi Agera quizzes Ayana Moriko about the fact that she danced with someone he hates.
418 Finished Takashi Agera Broken Things Takashi Agera Visits the PM Minimart, and talks to Kyouko Sakura about broken toys, broken soulgems, and broken dreams.
417 Finished Takashi Agera Steak Dinner Takashi Agera and Hannah Sharpe talk over a much-belated Steak Dinner!
413 Finished Sayaka Miki Concert Blues Sayaka and Kyouko go to watch Kyosuke in concert. One of Takashi's Retrievers attacks, leading to tense moments for all involved.
402 Finished Mamoru Chiba Senshi Anime Night No Description Set
395 Finished Tin Roof Sundae Seed of Sunrise: Finale An ancient villain is unsealed, and creates an artificial sun over Tokyo Harbor. Will Tokyo's defenders stop her in time to save Earth?
393 Finished Hannah Sharpe Corporate Corruption pt 2 No Description Set
391 Finished Hannah Sharpe Corporate Corruption pt 1 No Description Set
363 Finished Ayana Tasogare Shadow Reports Ayana reports to Takashi all she's learned about poor Ikiko, giving up Cute Wolf's cover in exchange for praise, a pat on the head, and food.
356 Finished Takashi Agera Prototypes and Promises Takashi is a lot of horrible things, but he keeps promises.
344 Finished Takashi Agera UMBRA Staff Meeting The newest member of UMBRA joins for a Staff Meeting. Everyone loves Staff Meetings. And credit card fraud.
313 Finished Fate T. Waldia Seed of Sunrise: Neon District A powerful Lost Logia appears and creates a maze in the middle of Mitakihara's Neon District. Some try to navigate the maze. Others try to blast their way through. Who will find their way to the Lost Logia first?
303 Finished Suzuki Natsume Late night battle, kidnapping of a knigh … No Description Set
302 Finished Takashi Agera Yes The Tea Is Evil Too UMBRA is kind of like a dysfunctional family. This is Dysfunctional Tea Time.
297 Finished Takashi Agera Devices and Discussions Takashi and Euphemia discuss Magic! And not the magician kind. The mage kind. They're different.
288 Finished Sayaka Miki Classroom Rumours A bunch of Infinity students run across each other after class, and talk eventually moves to magical matters.
280 Finished Takashi Agera Lost Logia and Found I A battle over a Lost Logia includes a sudden change in alliances!
276 Finished Takashi Agera Black Cat, Black Mage, Sugar Rush A strange energy signature brings multiple peices of Eclipse to the woods to find an unexpected surprise!
273 Finished Takashi Agera Find and Retrieve Riventon's Retriever corners a couple in a small park, and begins to drain their energy! But a group of heroes is on the scene!
254 Finished Hannah Sharpe WPS Charity Gala WPS hosts a charity gala! Fancy clothes, corporate aggression, food, and intrigue occur!
244 Finished Hannah Sharpe Acts of Desperation Ao Karina is taken by a Witch atop Mitakihara General Hospital. Miss White tries to free her alongside Tokyo's magical defenders. With tensions high and the Witch strong, Miss White resorts to an untested weapon.
242 Finished Takashi Agera Grief Seed Duel Riventon and Akashimaru duel over possession of a Grief Seed.
238 Finished Kyouko Sakura The Witches of Mitakihara A Witch appears in the middle of Mitakihara, resulting in a traumatic experience for Madoka and a pretty crappy time for everyone else, too.
236 Finished Takashi Agera Post-Beatings Meetings Takashi and Ayana meet up at home after the recent fight over Lost Logia, and discuss why Magical Girls Are Evil.
230 Finished Hannah Sharpe Wish Upon A Falling Star A star falls, and the magical people of Tokyo clash over what it contained.
220 Finished Takashi Agera Lab Time Takashi and Ayana talk about their respective days.
190 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Emerald Seed Hannah Sharpe makes a breakthrough in her research. Takashi and Hannah discuss plans and recent events!
189 Finished Takashi Agera Taka and Ayana Takashi gives instructions (and much fast food) to his new Familiar.
170 Finished Takashi Agera Madoka In Peril! Riventon tries to kidnap Madoka Kaname because of a strange power she has! Luckily, Homura has brought an ambulance.
105 Finished Takashi Agera Riventon and Scorn Riventon performs some tests on Scorn - welcome to Eclipse! We Do Research Right!
93 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Tower of Terror Scorn attacks an elementary school field trip to Clover Tower!
81 Finished Hannah Sharpe Stampeed at Infinity! Hannah Sharpe gathers a group of fellow students to clean up the now animal-filled Infinity!
74 Finished Hannah Sharpe Grasping for the Object of My Desire: Hy … Takashi and Hannah have Words after their failed plan to capture a Witch. Hannah proposes a theory that could gain her power...or perhaps doom her entirely.
62 Finished Hannah Sharpe Grasping for the Object of My Desire: Wi … Miss White and Mister Black set out to capture a Witch for their own purposes. Can they succeed?
41 Finished Matsuo Junpei LET THERE BE MUSIC! Music, It is a pure uncorruptable thing right? Right?!
37 Finished Takashi Agera Riventon and Rune The Princess is set upon by an enemy wielding the power of darkness. Can the Guardian Knights come to her rescue before it's too late?
31 Finished Hannah Sharpe Post-Beatings Meeting Hannah, frustrated after her loss, has a meeting with her co-worker. Salt is applied liberally to wounds.
30 Finished Rocky Road Gem Heist! Hannah Sharpe, Raging Tempest, Attempts to hold up a bank on Eclipse's Orders with the help of a bunch of youma. Can our heroes stop such an act and save the day!?
17 Finished Hannah Sharpe Hannah and the Brain Hannah meets Takashi, and they plan their project! AND WORLD DOMINATION!
15 Finished Hannah Sharpe The Fresh Witch of Mitakihara Hannah, Mami, Homura, and Takashi face the power of terrible 90's rap! Also a Witch.
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