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3582 Finished Mei Akatsuki How Friends Are Made: Lunchroom Edition Sakura Kinomoto has an unexpected run in with Mei Akatsuki at school. Literally. It blossoms into a budding friendship, with unexpected moments!
3581 Finished Mei Akatsuki The Thinking Bush Millie White stumbles upon a strange bush-dwelling Prism Keeper, and has a talk with her about thinking in bushes.
3529 Unfinished Reiko Touyama No Title Set No Description Set
3485 Finished Mei Akatsuki America, The Burger Land? No. Mei runs into Moriko while researching what she's missed in anime, and they talk about where they both went for awhile.
3478 Finished Reiko Touyama The Rose Is Back In Town! Mei-chan is back! Reiko greets her, they talk. Then they walk back to her place and maybe have burgers on the way home.
263 Finished Reiko Touyama Amazing Stories, Dark Danger Prism Keepers Red and Orange meet and chat.
134 Finished Mei Akatsuki The Night's Over After 'Five Nights at Faust's', PK Red and Tadase have a chat.
112 Finished Griselda Awaken! Prism Keeper Orange! Mei encounters the first Shade as Reiko is drawn into the world of the Prism Keepers
93 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Tower of Terror Scorn attacks an elementary school field trip to Clover Tower!
90 Finished Mamoru Chiba She Dreams in Color No Description Set
89 Finished Mamoru Chiba She Dreams in Black and White No Description Set
88 Finished Hannah Sharpe Griefing Prism Keeper Red Miss White stumbles upon Mei, and her grief seed. Words and fists are exchanged.
86 Finished Mei Akatsuki Sticks and Stones Mei and Reiko have a nasty run-in with friend-turned-bully Hiroko.
85 Finished Mamoru Chiba Texts From This Afternoon: Part 1 No Description Set
79 Finished Mei Akatsuki Five Nights at Faust's Fredericka. The hide-and-seek witch, with a terrified nature.
66 Finished Mamoru Chiba Fairy Tales Worried about the little kid who henshined for the first time in a Witch fight, Tuxedo Mask wisely breaks into a hospital at night with words of encouragement and an unhealthy amount of nighttime chocolate for Prism Keeper Red, who in turn promises to help him with his quest. Ugh she's so cute it's ridiculous.
62 Finished Hannah Sharpe Grasping for the Object of My Desire: Wi … Miss White and Mister Black set out to capture a Witch for their own purposes. Can they succeed?
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