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3732 Finished Reiko Touyama No Batter, No Batter! Awaken, Prism Keeper Brass! Griselda is a jerk.
3232 Finished Reiko Touyama Goodness, It's Griselda!? ''CONTENT WARNING: Transphobic-like comments, and Griselda being a butt.'' Reiko and Moriko try to take a forlorn Hoshi out to cheer her up! Sadly Griselda shows up to ruin everything ever and summon an awful Caramel Candy Shade. Also Moriko becomes Prism Keeper Green for the first time!
1363 Finished Sachiko Hayakawa Pink Sunset, Part 3 - Unexpected Company A dream leads Momo to the Botanical Gardens. Roy and Biv enlist Reiko's aid.
1294 Finished Griselda Pink Sunset, Part 2 - Old Friends A surprise encounter brings Momo in contact with both an old friend and a new enemy.
1279 Finished Griselda Pink Sunset, Part 1 - The New Girl Momo and Sachiko sit down for lunch, only to be joined by Reiko. The three meet a mysterious new friend.
1169 Finished Griselda Deep Blue Sea, Part 2 - From Ivory Tower … Hoshi awakens to a seemingly normal morning, only for an unexpected development to bring her into collaboration with Hiroko
1167 Finished Griselda Deep Blue Sea, Part 1 - From Above A freshly awakened Blue takes to the sky to clear her mind. An unexpected reunion follows.
1013 Finished Ayana Tasogare Unavoidable Ayana goes on a spiritual journey with her friends, in order to leave behind her past, and embrace her future.
1001 Finished Griselda Bellflower Blossoms Hoshi and Reiko attend a relief fundraiser following Walpurgisnacht. A fateful encounter with Chouko sees the Prism Keeper's rank grow.
985 Finished Griselda Orange Thread, Part 4 - Shooting Star As Orange and Yellow celebrate their victory over Looky, an unexpected arrival complicates things.
947 Finished Griselda Orange Thread, Part 2 - Awaken! Prism Ke … A bad night turns worse for Reiko as a Shade attacks the Seishou Astronomy Club. When all seems lost, Hoshi takes up the wand of Prism Keeper Yellow.
925 Finished Griselda Orange Thread, Part 3 - Black v Gray Riventon and Griselda have their first meeting. The wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time.
916 Finished Griselda Orange Thread, Part 1 - Good Night, Pris … As Reiko struggles to process the recent events reshaping her life, unexpected events bring her challenges closer to home
902 Finished Griselda Last Stop Months after two friends join forces to fight the darkness of Griselda, they part ways.
492 Finished Griselda Teach me to be as elegant as a fish! Desperate for advice, Reiko turns to an unlikely ally in her quest for love: Hiroko
255 Finished Griselda Pulling the Strings Reiko and Ikiko meet a pair of new faces at Seishou, one friendly and one dangerous: Misa and Maeko
192 Finished Griselda Dog Fight/Dogfight Reiko and Ikiko fight a pitched battle against a shade and Griselda.
169 Finished Hannah Sharpe Tux-kun Hospitalier Hannah, Homura, and Hiroko visit the wounded Mamoru Chiba!
155 Finished Mamoru Chiba What ARE Friends For? No Description Set
153 Finished Griselda Princess of Orange, Queen of Gray, Knigh … Hiroko has something to say to Reiko during lunch. Does Ikiko intervene to help her new friend?
112 Finished Griselda Awaken! Prism Keeper Orange! Mei encounters the first Shade as Reiko is drawn into the world of the Prism Keepers
92 Finished Reiko Touyama Art Class Quarrel Reiko and Hiroko have a disagreement in Art Class. It goes as about as expected.
89 Finished Mamoru Chiba She Dreams in Black and White No Description Set
86 Finished Mei Akatsuki Sticks and Stones Mei and Reiko have a nasty run-in with friend-turned-bully Hiroko.
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