The Festival of Beginnings!

The first scene, celebrating the start of a brand new MUSH!

Date: 2015-05-19
Pose Count: 137
Phish Food 2015-05-19 01:18:13 1


It's mid-term break, and a festival week! Surely these things are no coincidence: it would only be cruel to have a week-long festival and keep the young people who delight in such things indoors, hard at work on their collective education. It would also undoubtedly be bad business to have a festival whilst children with allowances and generous parents are cooped up inside.

Cold things, ice cream and ice drinks and ice of all kinds, chilled fruit and chilled dinner, are all very popular today because the heat was oppressive, and even though the sun's set, the air is still quite close.

Beautiful portable shrines are everywhere, and lovely displays symbolizing rebirth and freshness and new life and green things abound; there are lanterns and goldfish-fishing ponds and fried dough treats and candies, there are many many things for sale, gaudy and tasteful and cheap and expensive.

Salespeople hawk their wares to the young and the rich and the touristy, and as an afterthought, anyone in earshot. Delightful scents fill the air, enough to make even the sickest and least hungry of mouths water; music and lights and bright colors flash and twirl, live and recorded.

Down one pier is a ferris wheel; down another is an idol show, packed to the point of near fire hazard, but audible and visible for all the crowds around.

Even though half the semester is left before the summer holidays, this festival raises its voice joyfully to declare to all that the summer has begun! Fireworks at eleven.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 01:23:00 2
In all this hubbub is one Junpei Matsuo. Let's see. Black knee length leather jacket in spite of it being warm. Blue Dyed hair. Guitar strapped to his back. OK that last one is a bit odd given he isn't a performer, but still he wasn't exactly the most respectable looking guy out and about. No matter, his grades were good, he had money left over still. His bike was parked and locked. HE WAS GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME HERE!
$rDeep breaths as he stopped by a vendor's cart to grab a corndog. Why not? He was hungry so grab two! Live a little. Food gotten? GOOD! Let's go see the sights.
Alastar 2015-05-19 01:25:42 3
The festival was here! ....Joy.
The young sixteen year old walks the busy grounds. He had on a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans, ditching his school uniform for the time. He had a dark brown, messy hair with a few bangs hanging down lower near his ears, like ear-tails. His eyes were a soft blue in color and examining everything around him.

When some vendors try to push some of their items toward him, he lifts up his hand as a soft way to say 'No thank you.' and keeps walking along, though he does try to not bump into anyone, but that was sometimes unavoidable in such a crowded place. He did however keep his right hand tucked into his pocket.

Because for him-- its only been a month. A month since it all happened and worse... the problem is /humming/ in his head!
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 01:27:12 4
Homura Akemi is hiding under the shade of a festival shrine, hiding from the heat and the light. A grape-flavored slushie sits before her, and she occasionally sips it, fast enough to stop most of it from melting, and yet slow enough avoid a terrible ice-cream headache.

She looks troubled, even distracted, but who knows why? Who could know the mind of the mysterious exchange student Homura Akemi? Whatever her trouble, she keeps it to herself.

She watches the people as they pass by, looking for one pink-haired individual in particular, but not finding her.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 01:27:21 5
    The heat is even worse when you have no vehicle to get around in, and are not sure what to make of the 'giant metal snakes' running around on metal lines. Runealy has been trudging through Tokyo long enough that her feet are starting to hurt, but she tries to ignore it. The city is so noisy by her standards, but it has become even more so as she wanders toward the festival.

So many people talking, with booths and displays set up. Rune stares at the scene ahead of her, eyes wide. "This is...?" A few more seconds of looking at it clears up absolutely /nothing/, so she looks aside to Gaofele to ask: "What /is/ this? Besides the biggest gathering of people we've seen in one spot yet... aside from the crowds in the... 'street basements.'" She doesn't have a better term for Tokyo's infamously packed subway stations.
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 01:27:31 6
"-and it's three seconds on the clock, we're both at a hit of HP," Kimi is loudly finishing off a story to two of her friends as she walks through the festival area, "We've been playing footsy in the mid-range for around ten seconds. He gets brave, tries to chip me down with a fireball. But that was his mistake. I burn a bar of my super, EX Green fist in, and catch him with just the tip of the move."

She jabs at the air once, "POW. One on the clock, he's down. Locked in the Bi-Yearly Local Prefecture Semi-Regional Placement Qualifiers." She hops on her feet a bit, shadowboxing at the air as she looks around the festival grounds.

"Wow, they really went all out this time."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 01:28:15 7
     Aaaand it's time for a break! If there's one thing Yuko loves as much as anime and video games, it's having a break from school to actually consume all those things she's been hoarding over the past months. Alternatively, money to buy and hoard more. A girl can't buy anything if she wastes it all on silly little trinkets, though, and it's for that very reason that she's looking a little... Guarded.

     The green-haired student's standing around in an indecisive funk, dressed in the Verone High uniform with white stockings just to look sliiightly different from her colleagues.

     These sellers aren't unfamiliar to her. She's seen some of these people in her parents' supermarket buying supplies. She knows the game. Still, Yuko can't really fault them for having good business sense. And the notion of getting a nice, cold drink is definitely appealing to her, expensive as it is. But then there's the money to consider...
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 01:29:16 8
To Hannah Sharpe, the festival is at once frightening and utterly exciting. The tall, white-haired girl is clad in a traditional red-and-white patterned kimono today as she walks between the rows of stalls slowly. Every now and then, she jerks to the left or right slightly as the grey-and-white furred siberian husky at her side guides the young woman through the crowd. One or two of the stall operators call out the woman's name, and Hannah offers a bow and winning smile in their general direction in return.

All around her is noise, sound, and the smell of fresh foods and people. Soon enough, the scent of delicious fried goods has her making her way over to one stall in particular. A few yen exchanged, and she's devouring a plate full of blueberry scones with ravenous hunger after finding a bench. Every now and then, she tosses one to her husky pal, one of her geta-clad feet slipping out and rubbing the dog on the head.

Anyone who looks long enough might notice 'Boris' written on the collar.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 01:30:53 9
    The Summer Festival! This would be the PERFECT chance to relax and get some /quality/ practice in, without school and homework and insanity to get in the way. Mari was SURE of it!

Except for the fact that the summer festival meant that her little sister Aiko would be bugging her to take her to see the festival, ride the Ferris Wheel, buy ice cream... She really didn't mind, but she'd still much rather be on a tennis court... However as long as she was here.. there was no harm in stopping for a quick ice cream while her sister ran around looking at the various attractions and shops - well within Mari's eyesight.

    So it goes that Mari stands at her favorite icecream vendor's stall, balancing a tennis ball on her head while she waits for the vendor to serve up a delicious bananna split, her eyes scanning the rest of the close by stalls for anyone she might notice from school or otherwise. Immiediately, several people start catching her eyes, though none she really knows personally.. So for now she just keeps to herself, favoring to keep a closer eye on her little sister.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 01:33:08 10
     Crowds. Crowds. Ugh. Why did there have to be crowds? Suzuki supposed she should have expected as much, going to a festival, but it didn't change the fact that they got overwhelming quickly -- and to a degree it reinforced the loneliness and shyness she'd experienced so far. Still, there were so many things to see! And she had her good luck charm, she was sure that that would help her be alright. That fortune teller had said so!

     As such, Suzuki was kind of hesitating at the edge of the gathered crowd, looking around and trying to figure out where she wanted to go first. Suzuki lifts her hand to take one of her braids into her hand, brushing it over her nose nervously as she thought on what to do and who to approach.

     As she was thinking, she saw two things. One, there was a rather gorgeous siberian husky, and two, there was a girl who looked troubled off to the side. Suzuki turns her head slightly towards each, before her general good-willed-ness wins out, and slowly she begins to make her way through the crowd towards Homura Akemi. "Hello, is everything okay?" She asks softly towards Homura, offering a somewhat shy smile towards her. "You... looked a little troubled."
Mami Tomoe 2015-05-19 01:33:47 11
Mami Tomoe is here...
... mainly to keep a watch out.

Events like this are prime candidates for people to get affected by a witch's kiss, that, and Mami doesn't get out much anyways, so why shouldn't she go enjoy herself? It may be one of the few times she does so. The drill-haired ojou drifts her way through the crowd, daintily nibbling on a sweet treat as she keeps her eye out on the crowd. Homura doesn't go unnoticed, but she does go uncommented on.
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 01:35:38 12
    "That's cool! So did they give you a little badge or medal?" asks Etsu, walking alongside Kimi and Jun, evidently enthralled by the story her allegedly best friend retells. The girl, a bit under five foot, with shoulder-length blue hair and matching eyes, is wearing a white vest over a white and blue striped shirt, with a darker blue skirt and knee-high socks. It's a pretty relaxed look, though soon it'll be replaced by the dreaded SCHOOL UNIFORM.
    That she likes.
    So it's not really dreaded at all.

    Unfortunately, her attention wanders completely off her friend, and towards Boris. "Aaah, Kimi, look!" Arm-grab, drag. Straight to Hannah. "Hi!" ... she didn't think this one through. SURPRISE.

    "A-Ah, um. Can I pet your dog?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 01:37:13 13
Gaofele's eyes keep darting around. Not because of a wariness of danger, although that /is/ a part of it. No, it's a simpler reason:




"I... /think/ it's some sort of festival?" he replies to Rune. Even in the capital city back on Waldia, there was nothing like this in terms of scale of people! Yes, there's some trees here and there, but mostly Tokyo seems to be a jungle of glass, stone, and metal.
Jun Kaneko 2015-05-19 01:41:29 14
    The summer festival is all about busting out your favorie yukata and rocking the traditional look. A dark purple motif with silver and light floral patterns and a big pink obi and it's pretty much as Summer Festival as you can be.

    She walks along pleasantly, giving a very serene smile to Kimi. "That's wonderful. I'm glad you won, that's quite the accomplishment!" She offers, and to Kimi it's probably highest praise!

    To an outside observer it's about the same as mom going 'that's nice, dear'. But Jun is almost always like that, and she usually means what she says, so...

    "A dog?" She asks, following along at her own pace, peering down at the adorable doggy. "I'm usually more of a cat person, but that dog is adorable." She places a hand on Etsu's shoulder. "But sometimes dogs don't like when you come on up to them. Be careful!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 01:43:04 15
"A festival?" Rune blinks a few times, tilting her head at various angles, and deciding: "You're probably right. It just looks a lot different from the ones we had back home." Different architecture, perhaps, but the layout would have been similar on a smaller scale.

"This might be our best chance to figure out a lot of things. Like where we are, and what /any/ of this stuff is! One of those metal carriages almost hit me earlier, what was that about?" She takes a few steps closer to the festival, then looks back to Gaofele.

"Um. Shall we? Go talk to them, I mean." Runealy sounds unsure, squeaking timid suggestions rather than giving royal decree.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 01:43:18 16
Homura takes a sharp glance at Mami Tomoe, and at the people nearby her, but after realizing that Madoka isn't with her she doesn't say much.

Homura turns her attention to Suzuki, who is now talking to her. Homura pauses a bit before answering, the conversation pulling her out of her funk.

"Don't worry about it. I'm just looking for a friend. She doesn't seem to be here."

Homura goes back to sipping on her slushie, taking a moment to size up Suzuki. Seemingly satisfied, she goes on to make a short comment about the weather. "Hot day."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 01:44:14 17
Up close, Boris is definitely an older dog, more grey than white but spry for his old age. As Etsu approaches, Boris gives a gruff little woof; not at her, but at her master. Hannah swallows some scone, and sets down her plate. There's a gentle smile as she hears someone approach in her vague direction.

Then Etsu calls out, and Hannah is offering a welcoming bow. "Oh! Hello! Please, feel free. His name is Boris. He will not bite, I assure you, Miss." Comes the woman in a soft, serene voice much akin to a gently flowing river.

Boris, for his part, sits up and gazes upon Etsu and her comrades with oddly intelligent eyes.

Hannah offers a similarly warm smile to Jun. "No, no, it is quite alright. Boris is a gentle dog. He only bites when I tell him to." Then she's smiling at a spot generally between the pair.

"My name is Hannah Sharpe. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, Ladies. May I have your names?" Comes the woman politely.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 01:44:27 18
     Maybe it wouldn't hurt to spoil herself. Yuko didn't do it too often, and a cold drink would be rather nice on a warm day like this. Thus, it doesn't take her much more hesitation and hemming and hawwing before the girl finally settles on an orange milk tea. Is there any real orange in it? Nope. Is it delicious? YES.

     And what goes best with an ice cold drink? Takoyaki! Yuko orders up two orders of the delicious food balls before starting to glance around at all of the visitors milling about. It's hard recognizing faces in such a mass of people, but she'll still try! It's not as if she has much else to do while waiting for her food.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 01:44:43 19
Huh Junpei thought he recognized the green haired lady wandering around. Where had he seen her before? One corndog gone and starting in on the second as he ambled towards Minami-chan. "Miss?" He tried to not sound like he was shouting since it was just curiosity tickling at the back of his mind and not actual need. Maybe she was waiting for friends. "Pardon, miss?"

His own friends were here, but given they spent yesterday gathered in an all day jam session that was as awesome as it was exausting they agreed that today should be speant apart. Find things to do and see the sights seperate. Come back together and compare notes then attack properly tomorrow. It was a whole week away from study. Away from routine! Yet even so it was /only/ a week. They had to balance wild abandon and not ending up completely broke and having accomplished nothing. That happened last year and almost kept him from being able to afford his bike. He liked his bike.

He hoped Yuko wouldn't take him to be some kind of scary person. Sure he was somewhat tall but it was a crowded place. She should be safe, right?
Alastar 2015-05-19 01:48:00 20
Hotaka continues to walk about. His blue eyes take notice of the dog and kind of shies away from the Husky, mostly because he does love animals, he just doesn't /trust/ them anymore really. The sixteen year also stands five foot seven and is taller then some, but shorter then perhaps some others.

As he continues to move along, he picks up the notice of food ahead and ignores the growl of his stomach. He could use something to eat.

    'So. About that food...'

Oh for crying out loud... he stopped humming. "No. Not right now..." Hotaka mutters under his breath as he stuffs his other hand in his pocket. "...I don't have that much on me..."

    'Just take some.'

This causes the teen to roll his eyes, at the 'voices' suggestion in his head. His focus though was thrown off thanks to /someone/ having to talk up and he accidentally bumps into Mami Tomoe. As soon as he does, he winces a bit, and quickly spins around, "Sorry about that!"
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 01:49:00 21
"I got a coin! It's at home on my dre- AH HEY!" Etsu grabs Kimi by the arm and starts tugging her. Rather than distress Kimi due being dragged, it more just causes her to loudly start whining, "Watch the sleeve! The sleeve!" Kimi complains. She's dressed, under the rather un-Japanese leather jacket, in a loose dress and matching outfit.

"Etsu, stop being a spaz. You don't just run up to people randomly and ask to... nnn... you're so hyper," Kimi complains with a huff, shoving her hands into her jacket and looking to Hannah when she doesn't seem to mind Etsu running up for attention to be showered on the dog.

Jun is given a slight nod. She seems to be wrangling Etsu, and as the Senior of the group, Kimi generally deflects on that to her with a pretty easy attitude. When Hannah asks for introductions, Kimi looks to her and keeps her hands buried deep in that jacket, "Takeda. Kimi Takeda. Nice to meet you, Sharpe."
Phish Food 2015-05-19 01:51:33 22
It's too early for the fireworks, and it's definitely too early in the season for fireflies, but the air is brimming with excitement and human energy -- so much so that it hardly needs the lanterns and childrens' sparklers and fiber-optic brushes to practically glitter in the semi-darkness. It's beautiful, and it's still hot, and even if the night itself cools down, the press of people will keep the streets warm for hours yet.
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 01:51:55 23
    "B-But Jun, look, it's one of those snow dogs! It's probably trained to love people!" Well, more importantly: "Also, it's okay, I'm an animal person! I think I might like dogs better than cats, they're friendlier."

    The implications are vast. Feel threatened yet, sempai?

    "Oh! Sorry, I'm Etsu! Hello Hannah, hello Boris!" She turns to Kimi, sticking her tongue out. "See, it all worked out! I'm the greatest people person! And animal person!"

    Introductions are done! For her part. She can now partake in petting a large, friendly-looking dog. Etsu might smell like cat a bit due to Jun and there being a cat at their place, but beyond that, she hopefully should not be setting off any red flags.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 01:52:18 24
Looking for a friend? Suzuki glances towards the crowd, thinking on that for several long moments. Hmm! She could possibly help with that! "Ah, if you describe her, maybe I could send her your way if I see her in the crowd, then?" Suzuki offers towards Homura.

Suzuki looks at Homura curiously for a few moments. Something about that girl just screams that she needs help, or something has gone wrong for her recently. She was tempted to ask more, but her focus was pulled to it being a hot day. "Ahahah... a bit of one, yes. I think I ended up eating way more ice cream bars than I should have today, just trying to keep calm."

Ahem! Suzki shifted a little nervously in place, the crowd was still a bit overwhelming, even if focusing on Homura was helping a fair amount. She'd been too much of a shut-in growing up.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 01:52:50 25
    Taking a deep breath, Mari turns on her heels to walk away from the icecream vendor with her bananna split, to one of the venues set up for people to eat at without making a massive mess of the festival. It comes with no surprise that so many people here are from the various schools in the area.. and so far none of them are really sticking out as people she's come across. Leaning forward to take a bite of the treat she brought with her, Mari turns to keep an eye on her little sister again who now makes her way over to join her at the table.

"Onee-sama!" Aiko calls out from over her shoulder, before she hops up to the table and takes a seat. "Onee-sama! Look at all the nice treasures the guy at that booth sold me! So many shiny bracelets!" She states before Mari raises an eyebrow and quietly smiles.

"Oh my, Aiko-chan. Those are adorable...! You'd better guard those treasures well. They'll make excellent memories some day." She comments to her little sister before she quietly glances up towards the people passing by again. "Jeeze.. So many people..." She states before she looks to her little sister again. "But.. You're having fun, right?"

"Mhm!" Aiko replies before she giggles. "Onee-sama... Why do you always walk around balancing that ball on your head? I know tennis is important to you, but-"

"Balance." Mari replies before she smirks. "It improves my balance. The longer I keep the ball in place, the better my balance has become. Especially when doing things like eating, or moving around in ways that throws off my center of balance so that it becomes more difficult to hold the ball in place without touching it."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 01:53:05 26
Gaofele looks around again, then nods to Rune. "Sure," he replies, a small smile crossing his face as he steps forward, walking alongside Rune.

To help relax slightly, the forester decides to look for what's similar to what he already knows. The 'metal carriages' were surprising, especially with their sheer /quantity/ and variety, but a festival? Those are common enough -- food booths here and there, some game booths of various types, trinkets and mementos for sale...

Just, y'know. More of them than what he's used to.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 01:56:36 27
Yuko doesn't notice Junpei's approach right away, her attention moving rapidly from the giant dog to the cooking takoyaki to her tea and back to the takoyaki. It's not until he addresses her a second time that she turns around with a blank stare on her face, caught off guard in mid-sip.

Was this one of those musical hobos she's read about so much? His clothes don't look right for this weather or this era, he has a guitar, and it doesn't look like anyone else with him. That definitely raises a few flags in Yuko's head.

"Uh. Hey there. Can I help you something?" The blank stare remains even as she heads over to retrieve her orders of takoyaki, balancing them all onto the one plate and doubling the paper plates up for extra support! She's not sure how to react just yet aside from that, trying to size up the guy just in case she needs to kick and run.
Jun Kaneko 2015-05-19 01:58:26 28
    Jun's smile favores Hannah for a moment. "Jun Kaneko. I go to Infinity Academy. These two go to Seishou Public." She offers, tapping Kimi and Etsu on the back, before crouching down to give Boris some Pets, for he is a Nice Doggy.

    She resumes standing, crossing her arms behind her back. Etsu's liking of dogs more than cats is filed away for reference later, ticking up the Inevitable Doom counter by a little bit. Oh, please, Etsu, continue. Nothing bad will ever happen to you!

    You takoyaki guzzling layabout that stays at MY place and hangs out with MY cats an- No no, no Evil Dark Jun Thoughts today, today is /festival!/

    "It's very nice to meet you. Do you live around here?" She asks Hannah, letting Kimi and Etsu go about their own social-shenanigans. Hannah is very interesting!
Mami Tomoe 2015-05-19 02:00:26 29
Sorry, Homura, no Madoka over here.

Mami gives a soft cry as she is actually ran into, before she turns to look at who she had a unfortunate bump into. She gives Hotaka a small, warm smile, holding out her hand. "I am sorry, are you alright? I did mean to be watching where I was going." She sounds worried, but calm nonetheless through it.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 02:01:34 30
'Sure.' He's coming along. Rune won't have to face this sea of humanity alone. "...Thanks," a near-breathless gratitude to Gaofele, then she picks up the pace and walks onto the festival grounds. She's checking out many of the same displays he is, but her attention doesn't linger on any one of them for long. Runealy's gaze does flicker back to him every several moments though, making absolutely sure she doesn't get separated from Gaofele in such a big crowd!

However, after a few minutes of this she points at the ferris wheel. "That doesn't look like anything else I've seen in the city. Do you think maybe it's one of their shrines, maybe it's something we could use?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 02:02:54 31
Perhaps luckily for Kimi, Hannah doesn't comment on her dress, and Boris is far too polite to inform her of what the young woman's wearing. Given Hannah's barrier jacket, she'd likely appreciate the style!

There's a little 'ah' from Hannah, and she finally turns towards her as though only now noticing her. Boris, it seems, isn't one to just tell Hannah everything. It keeps the woman on her toes.

"Oh! My apologies, I did not notice you. Ah, you will have to be a bit blunt in regards to matters such as that I am afraid. When people are being quiet, anyway." Comes Hannah apologetically, finally offering a winning smile.

"The pleasure is entirely mine, Takeda-san, Etsu-san, Jun-san."

Etsu in particular has her giggling.

"My, my, you are a very energetic person, Etsu-san! Enjoying the festival I hope? Here, please, have a scone if you would like, I bought far too many." She offers to the group and Etsu at large.

Boris gives a low, happily little woof and presses right into that petting. After a moment or two, he rolls over, exposing his belly and wagging his tail. Belly rubs go!

Then Jun has her attention. There's a small nod after swallowing some scone.

"Yes, in fact...oh, Infinity you say? I am currently living in Infinity's dormitories. Grade 10, Class A-9. Are all of you going to the University as well?" She asks in turns, looking just a little more chipper at the realization. There's also scones being offered, one hand holding up the plate to the group. Hopefully she won't accidentally smack someone.
Alastar 2015-05-19 02:05:24 32
Hotaka blinks at the warm smile, before he reaches up to rub the back of his neck with his left hand. That right hand has /yet/ to leave his pocket. "No. No it is ok Really." His blue eyes go to the cake. "Uh... where did you get that anyways?"

'How cute. Socializing. Its a rare moment!'

Hotaka closes his eyes for a moment as his eye brow twitches slight and then ahems softly. "By the way, um..." Introduce... not introduce? Let someone get so close-- ah heck, not like he is going to run into her again. "I'm Domen, um, Hotaka Domen."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 02:06:15 33
Junpei Matsuo saw Yuko's somewhat guarded behavior. He couldn't blame her really so his smile never faultered even as he managed to tear into the second corndog. "Ah sorry I just thought I recognized you." His face scrunched as he tried to pick out Yuko's. She wasn't in any of his classes. Was that natural green or did she dye her hair? "I just know I've seen you around." Suddenly he was glad he wasn't surrounded by his friends since if she ws this guarded with just him she would probably bolt like a deer with several people clustered together.

"Wait..." Something tickled at his mind, "You're the girl that does restock!" Sudden ding. "Your dad sells the best noodles." Wait what, he was a customer? That meant he had to at least have money right? "I'm sorry for startling you," He offered his free hand, "Junpei Matsuo, Seiyou public school." His manner was easy and he seemed to not be trying to reach inside of Yuko's personal space bubble.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 02:07:28 34
Homura, the quiet mysterious girl, finds herself talking to a shy girl. The story about the ice cream bars is a cute, but Homura doesn't smile. "Madoka Kaname is her name. She goes to the same school I do," Homura gestures towards her uniform, as an indication that Madoka might be wearing the same thing.

"She has pink hair. She tends to wear it in pigtails. You'd probably notice her if you saw her."

Homura pauses for a moment before she realizes she's forgotten something. She turns towards Suzuki and bows slightly, before introducing herself. "My name is Homura Akemi. I'm an 8th grader from Infinity University."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 02:08:45 35
Gao smiles back to Rune, then does his best to stay close as they travel through the crowd. (Just think of the crowd like it's market day,) he thinks to himself. (A really, really big market day. Like at the end of harvest season.)

When Rune points out the Ferris wheel, he narrows his eyes slightly. "I'll investigate it later," he acknowledges, glancing around at the crowd. "Once things have calmed down." Of course, if the /duration/ of this festival matches the /scale/ of it...

This could take a while.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 02:13:14 36
Rune has pink hair, but not in the style Homura described; she is probably not the friend Homura is looking for. She's also not Madoka, so definitely not the friend in question.

"Once things have calmed down? What does that have to do with anyth... oh." She gets it. "Right." Blatantly poking around at the thing while thousands upon thousands of people are nearby would be a really bad idea. "Well, do you see anything... or anyone, that stands out? Maybe we could get some kind of an idea where we are if we ask someone?" She's still talking in near-squeaks, startled by just how big festivals seem to get on the Unknown World!
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 02:14:38 37
For all she's trying to be good, Kimi lets out a low growl, "The greatest people person?! ALL WORKED OUT?!"

Etsu is in for a nasty surprise when Kimi slides back and then wheels around. There's a rustling of dress, the telltale skid-rubber noise of a shoe turning hard on concrete, and then a roundhouse kick is aimed right for the back of Etsu's head from the blonde girl. Despite the absolutely overblown theatrics of Kimi's kick, Etsu is very much her best friend, and so the kick isn't actually THAT painful. It's just a more flourish-y version of the scolding Karate chop, "I keep telling you to BE CAREFUL when you touch my jacket! This is the only rule!" Pause, "Except for the other rules! But they're irrelevant right now."

A moment later, she lowers her foot on the ground in a practiced motion. She must at least practice fighting a bit for moves like that. Then again, she is an infamous bully at her school. She rolls her shoulders a bit and huffs, "Sorry, got distracted," She murmurs to Hannah. She then adds a moment later, "I go to Seishou, actually. Infinity is a bit to upper crust for someone like me."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 02:17:23 38
With the takoyaki in one hand and the milk tea in another, Yuko finally realizes the folly of her plan: How is she supposed to eat anything? Drinking is easy enough to do with one hand, eating takoyaki requires at least two if it's not on a stick! Plus, talking to a creepy musical hobo would probably require some extra focus, so finding a spot to sit has become her new priority!

"You do? Er... Y-yeah, I work at that market. You go there a lot, then? With money?" She actually sounds somewhat surprised by that even without waiting for Junpei's response, her initial suspicions starting to wane somewhat. Granted, it doesn't really explain why he's dressed like that at all, then, but it's... Better than being a musical hobo.

     The offered hand gets another blank stare as the girl gestures with the tea in one hand and the double-plate of takoyaki in the other, taking a sip of the former before she points at a bench near the group gathered by that giant dog. "Let's sit over there first, I... Guess? It's hard to eat and talk like this, anyway." She's not as wary as she was a moment ago, but she's still being about as careful as she can be considering the circumstances. Worst case scenario, there would be a big dog right next to tehm.
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 02:21:27 39
    Etsu does not know about the dark thoughts storming in Jun's head. If she did she would be terrified, but she will blissfully ignore the fact she just told the cat person dogs are better.

    "Aheh, energetic is my middle name! Sometimes. Etsu 'Energetic' Miyazaki. I guess sometimes it's also Etsu 'Dumb' Miyazaki if you ask Kim--" Kimi, she would finish, but. Kimi kind of roundhouse kicks her behind the head.

    The blue-haired girl plants straight on the ground next to Boris, whining about how unfair that was. "And I keep telling you to not wear something you don't want tooooouched," she manages.

    At least she has Boris to keep her good company.

    "Whuuu. So how did you and Boris meet? He looks like the kind of doggy that has a cool story. Oh! I bet he saved you from an avalanche!" Okay that may be a bit too far, but it's a great old husky and Etsu's... Etsu. If it had a bit more fur she'd be looking for the tiny barrel of alcohol under its neck to confirm her theory.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 02:21:57 40
Junpei Matsuo looked down at his hand then at Yuko's full hands before sheepishly rubbing the back of his head and letting out a weak chuckle, "eeehehehe yeeeaa sitting would be best." He gave a small bow before going where indicated, somewhere safe and in the full view of lots of people. While walking he took another bite of corndog and swallowed just as he noticed the Kimono clad girl and her big fluffy dog, in that order.

As he went to sit nearish Big Husky Dog and attendent people he gestured to his guitar, "Apologies, I'm actually supposed to play later and didn't feel like leaving my guitar just sitting around, and the coat has lots of little odds and ends inside. Gotten used to wearing it out of school so-" Shrug, "It's not too too hot."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 02:22:03 41
     Suzuki takes careful note of Homura's uniform. Okay, that should be easy enough to remember! "Pink hair, Madoka Kaname. Alright, I think I can remember that." Suzuki says, smiling as she muses to herself for a bit.

"That does sound like it would stand out, yes. Uhm. Though I wonder if she'd be weirded out by me approaching her." Suzuki murmurs, fiddling with the bottom of one of her braids thoughtfully.

"A-ah, sorry, I just saw you looking troubled so I wasn't thinking. I'm Suzuki Natsume, it's a pleasure to meet you, Homura-san. I'm a 8th grader from Seiyou public school. If my uniform wasn't obvious about that, at any rate."
Mami Tomoe 2015-05-19 02:22:45 42
"It is nice to meet you, Domen-san. I am Mami Tomoe. Oh, the cake? There's a sweet stall that way. Go about five stalls, then look to your right. They are quite delicious! My favorite stall of the festival so far." Mami gestures as she explains, before smiling.

"I decided to pick up an extra one; would you like to have it? I do not mind. I find it's better to try before you buy! My sweet tooth is very firm about this."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 02:24:24 43
Gao looks around, trying to pick out individuals from the massive crowd. "Hard to tell; there's enough new things here that it's hard to pick out what's unusual," he admits.

Still, looking around like he's doing is probably distinctive, especially with the traveller's cloak that he's wearing. It's certainly different than anything else that people are wearing!
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 02:26:12 44
"You stay here and keep track of my doll, Aiko-chan." Mari states as she slides her sister the rest of her desert before she stands and reaches up to pull an odd shapped 'doll' out of her hair smiling softly at it as she places it in her sister's hair. "And you keep an eye on my sister, Raquel-chan" She adds before she turns and walks towards the crowd surrounding the Ferris Wheel.

"Let's see what the wait looks like for the Ferris Wheel..." she comments to herself before she 'bounces' slightly to bump the tennis ball out of balance on her head and into the air, her right hand swiftly catching the handle of her racket from her bag and swinging the tool forward to catch the ball as it falls, bouncing it in place on the taught strings while she walks.
Alastar 2015-05-19 02:29:05 45
Hotaka follows where she points and glances over some of the crowd. So busy over there and he frowns a little. Though he has to huff a mild sigh as his voice in his head laughs at being called -san. This guy-- seriously.

However that quickly changes when she offers him the spare cake and he stares at it. It was almost alien offering for someone to just 'give' him something. Maybe when he was younger it was common among his friends, but...

"Are... are you sure, Tomoe?" He asks back seeming very unsure about this gesture. Then he gives a mild nod of his head. "Um... thanks?" He sounds nervous about accepting the kind gesture, but once she hands it over. He'll take it from her and then probably take a bit from the piece of cake.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 02:30:37 46
If nothing else, Junpei's polite! It could be a ruse, of course, but that's part of the reason Yuko's choosing to sit so close to that dog in the first place. Finally taking a seat, she sets the milk tea to her side before taking a bite out of the takoyaki. She ignores the mild burning sensation from the recently-fried food, instead focusing on the AMAZING FLAVORS and muffling a happy squeal in that bite.

"S... So good!" It was definitely worth spending that money. She shoves the rest of that piece into her food hole before turning to Junpei again, remembering that she had brought him over here to make a conversation easier in the first place. Right!

"So that's what it's for... Huh. Wouldn't a backpack or something be easier?" Then again, maybe he was just going for a look. Shrugging lightly, she devours another takoyaki ball before finally introducing herself.

"Yuko Minami, Verone Academy high school. Good to meet you." Simple, but effective! And not too distracting from her meal. "Playing solo or with a group?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 02:32:15 47
Cue one slightly nervous laugh from Hannah as she hears someone being kicked on the back of the head. Boris helpfully informs her that it's Etsu. If she didn't have ex-yakuza for club-members, she'd probably be a little concerned. Instead, she actually seems to warm up just a smidge to Kimi.

"...Energetic all around, it seems! I will be certain to avoid tugging on your coat-tails, as it were." She outright giggles here. Oh, she likes this one. Pause.

"Ah, Takeda-san, would you perhaps be interested in joining a kickboxing club? You seem to be the...particular personality that thrives in such settings, if I am any guess. Or if you would prefer, feel free to come and watch if you are uncertain. We would be glad to have you!"

As Yuko sits near him, Boris gives a welcoming woof in her general direction! This is one happy husky right now, given he's getting belly rubs. Yuko might even get a bapping on the ankles with a tail if she's close enough! Seems Hannah hasn't quite noticed her yet.

To Etsu, once th ewoman recovers from Kimi-Kick, there's a grin. "Ahh, not quite that special! Though I am certain Boris would like to claim that." Said dog gets a rub along the ear with a toe, woofing in 'indignation'.

"No, my parents simply decided that having a companion would make things easier on me. Boris, you see, was well trained but his previous owner unfortunately passed away. An acquaintance of my family worked with talented animals such as he, and thought we would make a good fit. He has been most helpful ever since, and we have becoming nigh-inseperable partners. I owe him much, indeed, I hardly know how I would live without my dearest of friends!"

Cue another happy woof and little nudge of nose to ankle. There's an utterly loving tone in bark and Hannah's voice alike.

Back to Kimi, she nods, voice lowering a bit. "I must admit, that while it has made my life easy going there, there are...regrettably, certain students that believe money means everything. Mostly those, I have found, that used money more than talent to get in." Ahem!

Her voice rises. "Seishou, however, is a lovely school. From everything I have heard, it is far more lively, and bluntly put, less arrogant than Verone or Infinity." A slight frown here, but it quickly fades.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 02:32:16 48
"I think everything's unusual as far as we're concerned," Rune suggests to Gaofele. "And we're probably just as weird to them." She has noticed stares from some people, what with her fashion being a few /centuries/ outdated compared to most people around here. Scanning the crowds again, she finally picks out someone in a trenchcoat. Junpei. "I think he's about as close as we're going to get to anyone we'd even slightly recognize. Let's try him? Or if you see anyone else who could help, try them?"

Hesitant, Runealy begins walking toward Junpei... and waving a hand his way as she comes into view, trying to get his attention.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 02:39:25 49
"You would think so, but no." Junpei answered after watching Yuko pack away a remarkable amount of food before speaking. One does not interrupt a girl eating! "Coat distributes the load and leaves my back free. All so my hands are free to do other things." To demonstrate he took the two now empty corndog sticks and started banging an imaginary drum for a moment or so. "Sure it's a bit warm but eh."

"Oh!" He looked to Boris getting belly rubs, food, attention, and basically in doggy bliss land of happy joy awesomeness. "That is a very big dog. Also a very happy one." He then muttered something about having a pomeranian, almot like he's embarassed and doesn't want to outright admit to having a shoe sized fluffball. Instead he waved and smiled to the crowd, "New faces. Hello there." He bowed to none in particular and tried to include all in the gesture, "Lots of faces I do not know. Glad we decided to spendth day apart to see new things." Soft chuckle before finding a place to sit, trying to avoid Yuko's personal space bubble. "I... well I'm supposed to play later. Cover band." He tried explaining as he grew more self concious. "Eighties muscl so i wanted to look the part." Ahhh so THAT explained the clothes!
Phish Food 2015-05-19 02:39:51 50
The idol concert on the one pier finishes, way over there, with a flourishing of noise and sound and light and the cheering of the crowds. The big screens turn to music videos, and even more people start streaming into the masses as the concert lets out. They have to clear the area for the fire department to bring their equipment and start setting up the first night fireworks.

Excitement sings in the air, courses through the pavement and stones beneath the feet of the pedestrians, uncurls like electricity in the heat and humidity. Ozone mixes with the scents of delicious foodstuffs and crowds of people in the heat, and the barometric pressure drops even further as clouds begin to gather overhead, blotting out the visible stars one by one.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 02:40:51 51
"Sounds like a plan," agrees Gao. He walks along in a following-wing position to Rune, keeping an eye out for solvable trouble -- or inbound trouble, if it comes to that. Just because there hasn't been any threats yet doesn't mean that there are none out there.

Besides, he's here to support Rune, and she's generally the better speaker, anyway. (Well, most of the time, at least.)

As they approach Junpei, Gao does his best to appear present instead of looming imposingly. It's not the easiest balance to strike, but his taller-side-of-average height is average enough to not be blatantly intimidating.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 02:42:20 52
Homura shrugs at the thought of Madoka being weirded out. "She might be, but she's a nice person. She won't be mad at you for it."

At least, Madoka never seemed mad at all the times Homura weirded her out before, nor did she ever seem particularly mean.

Homura nods as Suzuki introduces herself. "I'm pleased to meet you, Suzuki-san."

Homura glances at Suzuki's braids for a moment, before turning away to glance at the crowd. She sips on her slushie again, before mentioning, "I used to have braids in my hair, too." Her small hand runs through her long black hair, flipping it backwards to show where the braids used to be, "Two long braids. Had them for so long that my hair kept some of the shape. That's why my hair splits through the middle."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 02:44:08 53
Junpei Matsuo looked over at Gaofele and smiled at the stranger. They were actually similar heights, but since Junpei had just sat down he had to look up to see the other man. Then he noticed Rune and shifted a bit in realization they had been trying to get his attention. "Yes? Sorry if I kept the both of you waiting." He got back to his feet and looked at the pair, "Something I dcan help the two of you with?"
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 02:46:52 54
"Hmm. Eh, makes sense with the guitar, I guess." Yuko's definitely not afraid of eating, polishing off another piece while watching Junpei's impromptu drumming display. Her attention shifts to the husky fairly easily, though, a slow grin crossing the girl's face at the display. Not enough to make her give up her seat or put her food down, of course, but the temptation to get closer is definitely there!

     She's not so distracted that she doesn't respond to Junpei eventually, though. "Old music, then. Huh. Just covers of old radio music or...?" She doesn't finish her question, however, as her gaze next shifts to Runealy and Gaofele approaching. Were they cosplayers or something? She takes a long, slow sip of her drink and raises her hand slowly in an awkward wave, giving them a blank stare for the time being rather than verbally responding just yet. Besides, Junpei seemed to have that covered well enough,
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 02:47:17 55
    "Oh! So you and Boris are like... best friends forever! That's cool!" Etsu, as she finally rises to her feet again, says, dusting herself and trying not to look too embarassed at the sudden flooring. She is distracted, CRITICALLY, by a small in the air. One she could pick up from miles away.

    Stars in her eyes, drool already at the corner of her mouth, Etsu is no sooner up and standing that she is moving away from Etsu, Hannah and Jun to get all up in Yuko's personal space. She eyes the plate of takoyaki, glaring like a hungry dog.

    It is extremely urgent.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 02:50:03 56
Rune continues to walk up to the gathering around Junpei, looking over-shoulder to Gaofele... she doesn't doubt that he's still there, but /seeing/ him follow behind is a huge reassurance.

Then they're there, and she looks to those gathered... Boris included. She meets Junpei's gaze, momentarily startled to be acknowledged despite having asked for just that.

Then he's asking what he can do to help. Runealy speaks with enough volume for anyone nearby to overhear with ease, but her gaze stays mostly focused on Junpei. It's time to make up a decent lie to cover why she knows /nothing/ about this place. A breath, then: "Ahh... I think the ship we were on let us off in the wrong city entirely. Please, could you tell us where we are? As specifically as possible? Like we're as lost as it gets." Well, the reason they're lost might be a lie... but Runealy asks this question with wide eyes and tiny gasps to her words, genuinely fighting back a little bit of fright from how overwhelming Tokyo is.

That others have noticed her, such as Yuko, isn't doing much to help her shyness; Runealy does manage a tiny nod to her to acknowledge Yuko, however.
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 02:50:35 57
Kimi cracks a grin and gives a thumbs up, "If Infinity would let me come hang out, yeah. I don't know their policy about club members from other schools, but it could be cool to get some practice in against people that actually know how to fight." She taps the toe of her boot on the ground a couple times while putting her hands back into her jacket pockets.

Then she replies to Etsu, "And I told you, the jacket stays. Keep your grubby, spazlord hands off of it." Despite this firm scolding, Kimi still holds out a hand to her friend to dust her off after her trip to the ground. She sighs a bit as she does so.

But then back to Hannah, "Verone seem like a buncha snoots. At least Infinity has some cool people I know like Jun there," She jerks a thumb in June's general direction, "You've heard of a crazy cat lady? Jun's like the opposite. Cool Cat Lady." She then cracks her knuckles faintly and looks at Boris.

"Ah... cool. It's cool to have a friend like that," Hannah talking about having an irreplacable friend seems to snap Kimi into a more serious tone. She grumble-murmurs to Etsu, "Sorry for kicking you." In a barely audible tone before huffing and scuffing her foot. It probably goes utterly unnoticed as Etsu immediately runs off to somewhere else.

But the change in atmosphere causes Kimi to lift her head and narrow her eyes. She's not sure what to make of it, but it worries her.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 02:51:20 58
And then, suddenly, Yuko has an Etsu in her face! She gags quietly on the milk tea she was sipping, covering her mouth while coughing some out before staring at the blue-haired girl apprehensively. Where did she come from so quickly? Was this... An attack?!

Probably not. But still, she's a little on edge just from her sudden appearance. Especially when it comes to HER food. "Erm.. H-hey. I got it from that stand over there." Setting the plate in her lap, she tries to be subtle in shielding it while pointing at the food stand that she had come from not too far away. It's actually in sight distance from where they're sitting, even!

"Kinda pricy, but it's... Not bad for festival pricing. Good amount, really crispy..." She can't shield it forever without eating some more, and Yuko does just that! Another happy noise.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 02:51:40 59
    Mari just pauses, glancing up at the clouds over head as the tennis ball comes to rest on the rim of her racket and she begins rolling it around slowly... For a few minutes, she continues to stare up at the sky transfixed on the stars being covered by the clouds before she turns and looks around again, continuing to move towards the Ferris Wheel when she overhears the group talking about the schools - particularly, Minami introducing herself from Verone Academy before she smiles and throws up her hand.

"Hey! I couldn't help but overhear you say you were from Verone Academy High School. Sorry if i'm interupting." She states before she smiles. "Mari Katsu, I attend Verone Academy High School as well. It's a pleasure to make your aquaintance." She states as her wrist flicks the racket slightly, sending the ball into the air so that it bounces back onto her head almost perfectly as the racket itself is packed away once more. Then she offers her hand in greeting.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 02:52:51 60
"True! And if I explain you're looking for her, she'll probably understand very quickly." Suzuki says, giving an affirming nod, mostly to herself! There may have been a small 'mmm mmm!' along with the nod.

Most likely, Suzuki and Madoka could get along, and might in such a way as to cause horrible cavities in everyone involved! ... Well, if Madoka got through Suzuki's shell at any rate. "Ah? Why did you stop? They're really useful for keeping your hair out of your face..." Suzuki says, idly brushing the tip of her braid over her face some. The tip of her braid was fun to play with too. But she'd never admit that part.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 02:53:51 61
Junpei Matsuo just figured Rune and Gao were just feeling festivly interesting so didn't clue into any innate weirdness. After all he looked like he was thrity years out of date. People that were three hundred were just another wonderful oddment from the fair. He was going to speak when he heard Etsu de4mand food location. "No need to shout. Takoyaki booth is that way," He gestured while explaining directions. "is not far, and Shuu told me it's very good."

He hoped that would head off any weird collar grabbing and shaking and things as he turned attention to Rune. "Wait... You got on the wrong ferry?" Sudden concern in Junpei's voice as he looked at the wayward pair as he explained this was Tokyo. "I... I.." He looked around nervously, "Anyone else know if the ferries are still running?" He was worried these two would be stranded away from home. His attention was now clearly away from Etsu's mad food grab and now on trying to help strange people. "Do you have any money to pay to get back?" His mind was working fast, trying to figure out if between he and his friends ther ewas enough money to spot these two fair back home.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 02:59:03 62
"Partners in crime, you could say!" Replies Hannah to Etsu, hearing her zoom in on that smell like some kind of shark. Really, she can't blame her. It smell delicious.

"...Jun-san, Kimi-san, you have a very unique and interesting friend. I hope you both cherish her, as I have no doubt that she never allows a day to become dull." Comes Hannah, as kindly as she can. She rubs the side of her head with a little laugh. What an interesting person!

The thumbs-up isn't noticed, of course, but the tone of Kimi hits Hannah's ears more than adequately. "Takeda-san, frankly, our dear headmaster always seems far too busy to care about tiny regulations such as that, particularly when ignoring them leads to inter-school relations improving. Merely say that the 'Iron Lily' desires your attendance, and I assure you that one of my fellows will be kind enough to escort you to our club facilities. Here." There's a card produced, with Hannah's name and phone number on it.

"Merely text me when you wish to attend. After school hours, I am almost always at the club's area for at least two hours. We can, of course, set up something at your convenience." Most accomodating, this particular club!

The woman crosses her legs. "You have wonderful friends, yourself. Did you grow up in Tokyo, perhaps? Ah, and how did you three meet if I may be so bold? I can all but /smell/ the bonds of friendship you share!" Her voice is a bit teasing at the end there, and she winks. Meanwhile, Boris rolls over again, and promptly takes over Kimi's feet with warm doggy fluff.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 02:59:52 63
Another Verone High student? Blinking slowly as Mari approaches and introduces herself, Yuko swallows nervously from the sudden gathering starting to form by the bench she's sitting at. First Junpei, then Etsu, and now Mari? At least handling one person at a time is moderately easier! Or even two.

Plus, having one of them be from the same school as herself does make it somewhat more relaxing even if she doesn't necessarily recognize Mari. "Hey, there. Yeah, that's right. Yuko Minami. Good to meet you, too." She offers Mari an awkward smile and watches that trick with the tennis ball, making a quietly impressed noise while wiping her hand off on a napkin.

Another blank stare is directed towards Runealy and Gaofele at the mention of the missing ferry, but she simply shakes her head when Junpei speaks up. Turning back to Mari, she shakes the girl's hand a little loosely, and she'd be able to feel some of old scars and a few slightly fresher ones on her palm in the process.
Jun Kaneko 2015-05-19 03:00:47 64
    "I am certain that things will work out, if you ask nicely. The schools in Tokyo are very open about sharing resources. Club life is just another thing they'll probably share." Jun offers, after a few quiet moments. Kimi even apologizes to Etsu, and it's...

    Not recieved.

    Because Etsu is hounding after takoyaki.

    Those astute to notice such things would see the bapump bapump of the vein in her temple. "Hannah, if you'll just excuse me..." She offers, before she shufflewalks in her yukata over to Etsu and her Quest for Takoyaki.

    And draws back her hand in a knife-palm strike to her kneck, whapping Etsu.

    And then she whaps Etsu some more.

    She continues whapping until she is Well Whapped.

    "Your friend was /apologizing/ to you, and giving you her earnest feelings! And you... are too obsessed with squidballs!"
Mami Tomoe 2015-05-19 03:03:45 65
"Of course! Here you go." Mami reaches into a small bag at her side, gently pulling out a small slice of cake wrapped up in a food-safe bag. Perfect for eating on the go without needing a fork or a plate - use the bag as you can to eat it. She casts a glance up in the air, the smallest of frowns crossing her face for a temporary, nearly imperceptible moment.

"Hm. If a storm rolls in, do be careful, all right?"
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 03:05:06 67
Homura considers before responding, then says, "I just didn't feel like it anymore." Homura couldn't possibly explain all the things that led to that. She couldn't even explain it to other Puella Magi, let alone someone she just met.

Homura considers the various excuses she could make, rejecting each one in turn. Eventually she settles on one.

"I spent some time in the hospital, and the braids became inconvenient because they were always digging into my back. I guess I never put them back in. I kindof like how my hair is now."

She glances at Suzuki's braids, saying, "I did like them. I might go back to them sometime, just not right now."

It's a guarded statement. A few details of that story have been left out, but it's not like Homura can just casually mention the truth.

"I think you wear them well."
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 03:06:51 68
    Mari nods her head slightly as she glances towards Junpei for a moment, staring at the man in the coat for several seconds, as well as the two people with him. Then she quietly glances back to Minami with a smile when she hears the impressed noise. Shaking her head a bit, she tilts her head and lets the ball roll off the back of her head into her pack before she smiles again.

"It's a training method I use." She states softly, as if the noise Minami made was some form of question as to what she was doing. "Enjoying the festival? I came out with my sister, since it's mid semester break.. We don't get to see each other often unless it's holiday or one of our training sessions."

    The clouds catch Mari's attention again before she quietly frowns.

"Although, from the looks of those clouds... I'm thinking I should probably grab my little sister and head for a pavillion.. Were there any calls for bad weather today in the news?" She asks.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 03:08:10 69
"Our ship is gone. It..." Rune hesitates, needing a moment to continue crafting her lie. She hopes the brewing storm covers for that, since it gives her something to stare off at to buy time. "It... left a few hours ago. We have money to pay for anything we need," she fishes around and produces a few silver coins - clearly not local currency if anyone looks closely - for Junpei to see. "We just don't know where we are!"

She adds as her gaze drifts to Yuko, "We don't know where we are at all. If you can give us anything to go on...?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 03:10:09 70
Hannah offers a seated bow to Jun. "It is as you say, I believe. Our facilities and frankly membership are more than open to other schools. As President, I assure you." Cue a big, warm, possibly baiting-for-members smile.

There's a general wave. "Have a good day, Jun-san! Enjoy the festival!" Offers the woman as she's off after Etsu. Then, the air pressure drops like a rock, and Hannah frowns.

"Ah...Kimi-san? Is there perchance a storm growing?" Asks the woman.

"Oh! A fan of felines, is it? Worry not, then, for my own animalian companion shall be most considerate of any feline friends should we come knocking upon dear Jun-san's door!" Then a pause, and there's a hand offered in Kimi's direction.

"With a little luck, prayer, and equal effort given, I think you may well find such a most valuable companion. Do not give up hope. From the sounds of things, you are well on your way to forming such bonds." She motions to Jun and Etsu gently.
Alastar 2015-05-19 03:11:38 72
Hotaka takes the small bag. In order to unwrap it to eat it, he does have to actually take his right hand out of his pocket. If Mami is observant she will notice a bracer like bracelet around his right wrist. Pitch black Onyx with some kind of red writing on it.

Hopefully no one is magic sensitive that is near him!

It is the only oddity it seems about Hotaka, beyond that he seems like a normal teen, and takes a bite of the piece of cake. He does swallow before he speaks, "This is really good!"

    'A storm huh?'

Hotaka hears Mami bring that up as well and raises an eye brow as he looks up, stuffing the piece of cake back into the bag carefully. "You know anything about it?" It was hard to say if Hotaka was talking to Mami or not as his eyes stare up at the sky, examining the clouds.

    'If I did, don't you think I would have said something?'

Maybe it was nothing bad, but it seems like Mami may be concerned. "Sucks if it rains." He admits, looking back to her. "But I'm sure it will be fine, hm?" The teen then goes to walk away from her, "Thanks again for the cake, Tomoe." Though she could stop him if she wanted too as he isn't moving away that quickly-- or easily regrab his attention.
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 03:13:11 73
"Mm. Right! Text you. Hold on," Kimi gets out her phone and takes the card from her. She looks at it and then texts on her phone with a faint *pip pip pip* sort of noise before hitting send. A couple moments later, Hannah's phone would vibrate, "There you go, Sharpe. You should have my number."

Then her phone is slipped back into the pocket of her jacket, "Iron Lily. Cool name, which I had one of those around my school. I'm just a Bully Bully, which sounds lame but there's no other one to phrase it," She grouses, rulling her shoulders a bit and sighing slightly as Etsu darts off again.

"Mostly grew up in Tokyo. First few years I was in New York, but my dad moved back here for work. No biggie," It's a lie, of course. Moving to Japan was a huge deal, but she doesn't talk about it with strangers, "Etsu was a neighbor. Grew up near eachother and just never stopped hanging out. Met Jun through Etsu. She's a pretty good upperclassman."

Kimi grins as Jun goes off to lay the Sempai Smackdown on Etsu in her absence. Justice is swift among their friend group. She looks back over to Hannah a moment later, "Yeah, looks like rain up there. You wouldn't want to get caught out in it, but I'm not sure if it's going to start now or later." Internally, she worries about her leather jacket getting caught in a rain storm.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 03:14:20 74
Junpei Matsuo looked at the coins and blinked. Seemingly without thinking he reached into his coat and pulled out a folded up poncho and after unslinging his guitar started the apparently practiced motions of wrapping it while leaving the strap free so he could wear it again. "Ahh," He frowned at the coins, something was off about it but money that wasn't the good old Yen all looked weird to him. So it's not like he twigged to it activly being weird. "Uh..." He racked hsi brain, trying to think of somewhere these two could go, face scrunching. "Hotels. Hotels..." Mutter grumble before he remembered a place near here and started listing directions. "Probably too expensive, Might get lucky and find a bank open that can change your money for yen but I dunno. you might have to go to a pawn shop and...Iiiii'm kinda afraid they'll just try ripping you off if they think you'll be easy to push around."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 03:15:24 75
And now Jun's whacking Etsu! Yuko actually looks just a little scared at this point (albeit giggling quietly at the slapstick), shifting sideways slowly in her seat to give those two more space to do... Whatever it is they're doing. It's an amusing routine, at least!

"Cool... Must be hard getting the coordination to do all that stuff." Setting her food aside for a moment, Yuko raises her hands and pantomimes playing a video game with a keyboard and mouse! "This is about all the coordination I have. Yeah, the festival's been pretty fun. Haven't spent a lot of money, but it's fun watching 3D people once in a while."

Looking up at the sky, there's a hint of worry on Yuko's face as she pops another takoyaki ball into her face. The weather's might not be ideal for a festival, but however slight a drop in temperature the clouds provide will always be welcome compared to the alternative. She does need to be careful about the food though, and make sure to actually finish it before it starts raining! "I don't think so... The report said it was supposed to be clear today." How ominous.

Runealy gets a confused look once Yuko realizes she's being spoken to, finally standing up and taking a second to sip her milk tea. "Mmph... Well, we're in Tokyo now. In Japan. Um... There's a festival going on here! But... Where are you from? Maybe we could look up directions or something."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 03:18:15 76
Gao frowns slightly at the impending storm -- the earlier weather didn't seem to be leading towards one, especially not as suddenly as it seems to have been forming. It's not ideal, but... "In a pinch, we could probably camp somewhere," he remarks to Rune. Setting up camp in a sudden storm isn't his idea of fun, though.

Smiling to Junpei, he adds "Thank you for the word of warning and your concern, though. I am glad to have met someone who shows concern for travellers."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 03:18:33 77
That and honestly, explaining it would involve explaining the PUella Magi thing, and Suzuki is kind of a stranger, so really. Explaining all of that would possibly be hazardous for Suzuki's health! Then again, just existing could be.

"Oh... yeah, I'd take my braids out if I had to lie in a hospital bed all day too! They're not comfortable to lay on." That also possibly explained why Homura had been sticking to the shade to look for her friend, too. To escape heat that might be too much for someone who had been inside in air conditioning for too long!

Suzuki drops her braid, letting it fall on her shoulder, a hand lifting to idly adjust some of her loose hair. "I understand." Suzuki says. She suspected there was more to it, like a trauma attached or something. However, she was a random stranger. Who just got taken off-guard by the compliment. "A-ah? Oh, uhm... thank you! They're admittedly more for form over function, since I have so much hair..." Even with some of it in braids, her hair covered her back fairly fully. "I like them, too, though." Suzuki's eyes trail up towards the sky, tilting her head at the shift in the weather. "...I believe it's about to rain, Akemi-san."
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 03:18:46 78
    "Thank yooooou!" is all Yuko gets, because moments later she is being whacked by Jun. What IS with all her friends choosing to make 'beating sense into someone' such a literal act of friendship?

    "Ow, ow, ow! But they're good!"

    A poor excuse, sadly. Etsu whines, looks down at the floor, and then excuses herself from Yuko-- and others, if she'd been accosted right before the smackdown and missed it. "Sorry, sorry, I have to go take care of somethiiiing."

    The girl then pity-slumps her way back to Kimi. "I'm sorry for running off. ... um, again. Again." Let's not count the agains here, we'll be at it all night. She then turns towards Jun, making puppy eyes. At the cat person. Welp.

    "Can I have some money for takoyaki now, I'm all out."
Phish Food 2015-05-19 03:19:58 79
One firework goes up with a long whistling shriek, and pops in a perfect white circle. It's a signal, the fireworks will begin in fifteen minutes! A different set of people from the ones who were at the concert start making their way over to the waterfront; despite the gathering storm, the social atmosphere is completely unrepressed, and bubbles of conversation drift along with dancing lanterns on poles and faces full of fried treats and ice cream.

But the storm continues to gather. There's the distant rumble of thunder, and a breeze shifts the sticky, warm air, bringing the scents of the sea and even more ozone in a refreshing wash over the crowds.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 03:22:44 80
    Mari watches Minami quietly with the pantomime and gives a quiet smile before she shakes her head.

"It wasn't easy.. Took alot of training, but anyone can do it, if they devote their heart to it." Mari says as she quietly looks towards Junpei, Rune, and Gao silently before she raises an eyebrow at the strange coins.

"That's some... interesting money. I don't recognize it..." She comments to the two before she smiles. "Be careful though, showing money - in any form - like that, tends to attract alot of attention from people..."

    Then the fireworks go off, and she glances up to catch the signal before she quietly smiles.

"Either way, it looks like the tourists are lucky... The fireworks might beat the storm in..."

    Mari's eyes narrow at the clouds as they continue to gather, the growing humidity and heat causing her to grow a bit restless as she raises an eyebrow silently at the peculiar odor of the air.

Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 03:23:48 82
Hannah in turn takes out her own phone as it vibrates, fiddling a bit as she puts an earpiece into one of her ears. The woman doesn't even look at the phone, for perhaps increasingly obvious reasons, tapping on the braille keys with a thumb in a practiced manner. It takes her a second, but soon she has that contact info in her phone.

"Perfect! I will be looking forward to your presence, and endlessly hound you with threats of ice-cream and tea on my yen for the pleasure." She offers with another wink. Boris, for his part, soon occupies a majority of the bench and begins to devour her remaining scones. Hannah either seems to not notice, or care too much.

"Is it? A rather overblown nickname if you ask me, but 'the grass is greener', and whatnot. I am hardly so strong, merely stubborn as a goat and nearly as limber." Who knows how limber goats are. She similarly shrugs.

"Ah? Well, I can hardly fault putting your physical skills to use. I do so hate those who pick on the weak. In a perfect world, there would be no such cowardly acts." An odd smirk here. Ahhh, and how it would be, if her dreams came true.

But she feels a headache coming on.

"Native, then! I was born in America, if it was not obvious enough. Kentucky, if you would believe it. My parents and I travelled frequently. I like to think myself a child of the world!" Cue a fist-pump.

Then she settles down. "But to be honest I prefer Japan in general. Much calmer, suits my tastes. And the people here are so very...unique." And magical, but she's not going to say that.

A frown. "And here I am without an umbrella. A shame. Well, I..." KER-CRACK!

She jumps a bit at the first fireworks. Then, she takes a deep breath.

"...I really /do/ hate those things. Tell me, is it at least pretty?" A little huff, here, and then there's a Boris-snout in her lap that gets a good pet.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 03:26:18 83
Runealy gets some of what she's expecting, and some of what she's not. "Expensive? Don't worry about that, I'm sure we can find an inn or tavern somewhere." Not a hotel. Rune is definitely using archaic words as she responds to Junpei. She looks back to Gaofele, head-shaking. "Not if it's going to rain soon. We'll just find somewhere!" She's just glad he's interjecting things, it gives her time to think.

Then Yuko gives her some vital information. They're in Tokyo, and it seems the Unknown World has a name: Japan? Rune doesn't realize she misunderstood some of that. "Thank you!" Then... where they're from? A chill runs through her as she realizes she doesn't have a ready answer for that.

Her first impulse is to be honest. "Wa--" NO. Telling them the truth strikes her as a terrible idea! Rune tries to bluff through it. "You probably haven't heard of it, it's a small place..." She begins slurring syllables together, hoping someone will 'correct' her with something, anything she can use for an answer: "Amah... id... fuh..." This is not a very natural-sounding reply.

It's one interrupted by the fireworks. "Wha!?" Rune coils back, staring up at the sky in wide-eyed alarm! She's startled enough to not realize Mari is taking an interest in the money. If she cares to look closely enough, Mari can see details: The silver coins are definitely not from around here, one side shows a side-view 'portait' or bust art of a woman in her 30s, and the other side shows a shield with a heart symbol in its center.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 03:27:45 84
Junpei Matsuo bowed slightly to Rune and Gao, "is no trouble. Costs nothing to be polite to people that need help. Granpapa always told me good things come back to thosethat do good for others." He started using zip ties around the guitar's neck to hold the poncho wrap in place as he shook slightly, trying to not let these travelers see how nervouse he is at maybe leading them wrong. "Have you talked to security or a coordinator? They're bound to know where things are better." He didn't know the docks and fairground are awell. He could navigate, but it wasn't the roads and bike paths he usually rode.
     Deep sigh as he considered how to relax especially since with the sudden potential storm he couldn't play the guitar. "I hope we don't get rained out. I was really looking forward to doing the Europe cover." He loved final countdown, and power rock in general. It didn't have that hard angry edge of metal, or the manufactured feel of pop while having life and tempo and heart. It was a child of Jazz, descended from people trying to keep their spirits up in a world that treated them poorly for fairly arbitrary reasons.

"I am Matsuo Junpei." Another bow as he introduced himself to the strangers. He gets a feel they arn't telling him something important, but why should they tell their life stories to people they just met. They're probably just on edge from being stranded.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 03:28:32 85
Homura feels something magical happening near Mami. She assumes it's Mami's doing, for whatever reason. She glances at the other Puella Magi, but nothing seems to be amiss.

"They do serve a good function. Especially if you have to move around a lot. Do you do a lot of sports?" Homura says, noting that Suzuki herself looks rather athletic.

At the comment about the weather, Homura looks up at the clouds. Sure enough, a storm is coming. It's way too early for Walpurgisnacht, isn't it? At least, it would be a very unpleasant surprise, for a girl who hasn't been surprised by things for a while. On the other hand, did it always rain on this day? She doesn't think so. Something isn't right.

"Maybe the rain will cool things off," she supposes, as she watches the fireworks display start, anticipating the beginning of a bright show.

Maybe she's wasting her time here. Then again, if Madoka is safely elsewhere, Homura can afford to keep her eyes off her for the moment. Or can she?

Homura sips from her slushie, before looking down into it and seeing her cup mostly empty. "I guess I'll need a new one."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 03:30:49 86
More clouds and thunder. Definitely not a good sign, although something about the fireworks going off in the darkened sky is just so much more impressive than if it had remained sunny the entire time. Thunder does mean a storm is likely, though, and Yuko's not about to let a storm ruin her expensive meal! Plus, it's an excuse not to be conservative with her bites of delicious, delicious squid balls.

"Maybe... Hmm. Guess I should try sports eventually." Is it a lie? Probably. Sports means effort, and Yuko's not quite ready for that kind of commitment yet. "Hard to do that with work and stuff, but... Eh."

Runealy's response to her question draws a confused stare from Yuko, the girl sliding another piece of takoyaki into her face before responding. "Wamidfuh? That's... Is that in Europe or something?" How did she even come to that conclusion? Maybe it had something to do with Junpei mentioning the continent. "Or Bermuda...? But that's in the ocean or something."
Mami Tomoe 2015-05-19 03:30:50 87
Hotaka gets a sharp look from Mami, but she doesn't say anything, instead merely nodding before she steps away. Something is making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, and the Puella Magi doesn't like it at all. She frowns again, still directed at the storm, before she heads off for a private spot. Like say, a abandoned tent so she doesn't potentially get rained on and/or have to henshin in front of hundreds of other people. She does watch the fireworks though.

Ooo, pretty.
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 03:34:21 88
"Kentucky, eh? What's the American term for someone from there?" Kimi pauses and then says in terrible Engrish, "Bahm-puh-kee-nu?" <Bumpkin>

The tone in her voice shows it is one hundred percent all in good fun as she quips back and forth with the white-haired woman across from her, "I like Japan. Barely even remember New York, it was so long ago," She looks up at the sky again for the storm.

She's distracted for a moment as Etsu slinks back over and apologizes. Kimi reaches out and slaps Etsu on the shoulder, "We're cool." It's a simple and easy gesture on Kimi's part, "Though try to stick close. If it starts raining, I wanna get out of it as soon as we can."

"That one you just heard was a signal shot, so it was just a boring one," She answers to Hannah, "I think the real show is going to start soon, though. If the surprise storm doesn't cancel them."
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 03:37:05 89
    Mari just continues examining the coins silently for several seconds before she glances towards the sky again, considering the details she does manage to make out before she shakes her head. .oO( Odd coins.. But it's none of my business to go prodding into their issues unless they want to bring it up.. ) She thinks to herself as she moves her eyes to the clouds again, sufficiently distracted by the storm and the coins to miss Minami's statement before she shakes her head and looks back at Minami.

"Sorry... I kind of drifted off there." She states before she motions. "Anyway... I'm looking forward to the semester break so that I can actually relax a bit and focus on things that are really important..."

    She pauses at Junpei's introduction before she bows politely to him as well, assuming that he heard her when she introduced herself to Minami.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 03:37:45 90
     "Yes, actually. My parents are very traditional, descended of the samurai and still have a large amount of the traditions of them. Among them being that I was raised with a practice sword in my hand on a daily basis, most likely." Suzuki volunteers. Because why not? She asked if she did sports, and it was true!

Suzuki moves to take a seat, looking up towards the fireworks as they started, and the clouds continued to gather. "I hope so, though I didn't think that I'd need an umbrella tonight. It was such a hot day." Suzuki comments, watching the explosions of light begin.

Hopefully it isn't walpurgisnacht though. Because even if Suzuki henshined, she is probably not /remotely/ strong enough for that!

"I'm tempted to get one myself. But I've already had way too much ice cream..." Seriously. Way way too much, to the point she's not actually hungry and only tempted because of her sweet tooth. That and it was still warm!
Jun Kaneko 2015-05-19 03:38:24 91
    Jun stands there, after laying down the SEMPAI SMACKDOWN, bright smile on her face to Yuko, a little bow. "Please forgive the interruption for my foolish friend." She offers, before staring down at Etsu and sighing. "You need to learn to accept people's earnest feelings, Etsu. If you don't, it will be bad for you later in life. Especially with people like Kimi! Don't be insensitive." She lectures, as she peels yen bills off a billfold and hands them to Etsu as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Then... Fireworks!

    Oooooooh. Fireworks. Pow! powpow! She pats Etsu on the head lightly, with her Animu Blue hair, and wanders back to Hannah and Kimi. "Sorry about that."
Alastar 2015-05-19 03:40:44 92
Hotaka doesn't turn back to look as Mami walks off nor does he realize someone or maybe several people were looking that way for a moment. Though he does go back to eating that cake, not worrying about the bracer at the moment-- cause seriously cake!

    'I think we were being watched for a moment. Maybe undetected, hehe. To many people here. This could get exciting!'

"You are to easily amused." Hotaka murmurs under his breath, as he takes another bite, but comes to a dead stop as he hears the thunder rumbling in the distance, ignoring the fact the fireworks were about to go off. "...are you sure nothing is going on?" Hotaka says stuffing the last of the cake in his mouth.

    'Worried? If it is Obsidian Pact, it isn't our problem. Though I am itching to say hello to some of these people. Getting seriously bored now that our entertainment walked off.'

Those blue eyes narrowed faintly before he huffed some bangs from his face. Then starts to make his way over to one of the stands to get something to drink. Like a slushie or shake-- or something! Though he does forget to tuck that right hand away. Maybe because of the firework show will distract people or the brewing storm.
Phish Food 2015-05-19 03:41:38 93
There's a frisson; the fireworks should be starting by now, but the thunder is getting louder, closer. Vendors are hurriedly bringing things under canopies and closing shutters on booth equipment -- except for umbrella vendors, they are getting very busy. The excitement is still there, but it's a different kind -- the breathless, hurried laughter of 'oh no let's not get drenched'. There's a loudspeaker somewhere over there; every once in a while, words are possible to make out -- fireworks delayed until tomorrow night.

The night is warm and the stormy breeze is pushing away the stickiness; the air is electric.

There's a chill that runs through the heart of every single person present, but only those versed in magic can tell that it's no normal chill, it's not someone walking over their grave in the future, it's not a drop of water unexpectedly hitting the back of their neck.

Something is coming.

The storm itself is taking its time, though.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 03:46:37 94
Junpei Matsuo tensed as he started getting to his feet, "I think we should be finding somewhere so we don't get flooded." His eyes flicked nervously towards the sea, "As in not here." Flashbacks, unbidden, of the tsunami. That wasn't happening. That had no storm, but something felt wrong. Bad. He couldn't explain it. Maybe it was just nerves. Still, he went for his phone to check texts and send out his own to see if his friends were leaving.

Then he looked to Rune and Gao, "Apologies," He was clearly nervouse, "However it might be good to find elsewhere to be til morning." He was being unreasonable, it was just a popup shower, right? He briefly regretted not having a car, but they'd be fine. Right? It's just water.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 03:46:57 95
Mari's apology draws a light giggle from Yuko, the latter waving a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it, Katsu-san. There's a lot of people here, and it's hard keeping track of everything. Especially..." She trails off as her gaze shifts to the clouds again, a slight frown crossing Yuko's face. There's definitely something wrong, but just what is it? It's definitely not a normal storm, but...

She'll just have to wait to find out what's going on with that, won't she? She pouts slightly at the notice of the fireworks being delayed, although her mood improves considerably once she devours another takoyaki and takes a sip of milk tea. Even a bad feeling can't stop the power of good food!

Jun gets an amused giggle as well as she apologies for Etsu. "Oh, it's fine. This stuff /was/ pretty good, so."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 03:50:26 96
Hannah may be extremely polite, but the engrish grates on her american ears. She visibly winces, even as she smiles.

"Oh, memories! Remind me to regale you with stories of cow pastures, white lightning, and tractors some time. Often in some horrid combination." There's a smirk, as she plays right along.

Kimi's answer seems to slightly embolden the woman, even /if/ she looks a bit shame-faced at wanting the things to go away. Loud sounds like that hurt her ears.

"Then I hope the show, at least, is entertaining. The idol was excellent, so, I expect the firworks to be no less interesting." She adds, before Etsu and Jun return!

Thankfully she's good at tuning out conversations.

"Quite alright, Jun-san, Etsu-san. Might I suggest we all find cover? My head is /pounding/." She's already hunting through her kimono for some aspirin, downing a trio of them.

Then that chill runs down her spine and the woman and dog alike stiffen just a bit. Both relax quickly, sharing a swift telepathic conversation. Hannah coughs, and bows to the trio.

"Ladies, if you will excuse me, storms do little for my head. Please excuse me." Then she, too, will start heading off to a Conveniently Unoccupied Tent.

Reaching into her kimono, she takes out a gold coin. Flipping it into the air it seems to hang in the air, a light gust of wind causing the tent to rustle.

"Raging Tempest, set-up!" She whispers, even as Boris turns to her. Catching the golden spiked knuckles, she stashes both into her kimono, one hand holding a single of the pair.

A particularly southern-american voice comes from the device. "Hi, Mistress. Wind Divination active."

Hannah smiles, and mutters, "Area Search."

Magic soon starts to trace a somewhat wide area around the festival, searching for the source of the ominous feeling. Curiously, those sensitive to magic might feel a far less intimidating wind flit across them if they're near enough.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 03:50:32 97
"So you're good with a sword," comments Homura. At least, she assumes that anyone who practices that much must be pretty good at it. She quietly ponders how well Suzuki would measure against Sayaka, despite their probably very different styles.

"I do a lot of running and jumping. It's not really a sport, but it keeps me in shape," explains Homura. "What's that like, Natsume-san? Being a part of a traditional family, if you don't mind me asking?"

Homura glances over to the various tents and stalls, seeing people move to protect their goods. She notes the people selling umbrellas. She's tempted to get one. She shade she was standing in probably wont be good for protecting herself or Suzuki from the rain, so she starts to move towards a tent that seems like it might have room, pausing to wait for Suzuki. "It wouldn't be good to get our uniforms soaked."
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 03:51:23 98
    Mari just frowns silently staring up at the storm as well before she shrugs her shoulders a bit, glancing to Minami as she seems to feel... whatever it is that makes /her/ so uneasy.. Or at least is staring at the storm much the same way as her. She doesn't call the girl out on it, though, instead opting to narrow her eyes as she looks away.

"...Yeah, I agree with the guy in the lab coat. Let's find something with shelter over our heads so that Minami-san's food doesn't get ruint." She states to the others and turns to move towards the food court again. "I left my little sister over here at the food court area under an umbrella... Not the best of cover, but at least it's something." She states, inviting Rune, Gao, Junpei, and Yuko to follow as she does.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-19 03:54:04 100
Faced with reasonable suggestions from Junpei, Runealy looks embarrassed. "We tried, but we haven't seen any guards so far." Not police, not security, but 'guards.' Rune's speech is coherent and intelligble, but she's talking like someone getting far too 'in character' with their cosplaying.

Europe? Bermuda? Rune's face flickers with a moment's relief as she's given a plausible way out of her verbal flub. "Yes, Europe! Sorry, I had something in my throat." So Japan has a Tokyo, Europe, and Bermuda (in the ocean? odd)... it's all good to know! Even if it's not entirely right. Regardless, she shoots a look back to Gaofele; her eyes pleading 'play along.'

Now they know where they are. It's a start. As introductions are made, she clumsily imitates Junpei's bow - it's clear she's not used to this gesture - and offers: "Runealy Waldia, or 'Rune' is fine too."

Depending on how closely Mari is looking, she might be able to make out a phrase on the coins: 'Always Safe'. Rune is too busy overhearing the loudspeaker - how ARE they projecting someone's voice so far? - to notice this attention though. Fireworks delayed? Whatever that is, Rune can at least make some guess. "It sounds like the festival's not going to get much more done right now, so..."

A glance to Gaofele. "Should we get going? That storm's getting close, isn't it?" And to Junpei. "Y... yeah, we'll find somewhere. Thank you for everything." A clumsy bow to Yuko follows, "And you too." With that said, she looks back to the approaching storm and begins to walk away.

As for Mari's offer, it's met with a stop, a headshake, and, "We're going to try to outrun it. Thank you though!"
Alastar 2015-05-19 03:54:12 101
Hotaka gets to the vendor aaaand-- they close the shutter. The sixteen your old stands there, staring at the stall. He stands there even as a piece of paper rolls by his foot. There was another thunder roar, the air thickens with the feeling of magic, but Hotaka doesn't move.

Instead this time when a cup goes to roll by, he lifts up his foot to stop the cup, and just stands there continued. He at last speaks up with a swift kick up of the cup, "What type of customer service...." The cup starts to come back down, "... is..." It comes right into kicking range as his eye flare red in the pupils that only magic sensors and users can see if they could /even/ see his face. "THAT!" BAM!

The cup goes flying and smacks into the cart, actually /denting/ the metal shutters, before he huffs and drops his shoulders. "....damn'it... I'm still thirsty."

There is another thunder boom, before Hotaka spins around and throws his fist up at the sky, pupils still glowing slightly, "OH SHUT UP!" Grumps some more and just walks on, kicking the cup along. Grumble grumble. Thirsty. Grumble. At least his eyes are going back to normal.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-19 03:56:18 102
Gao bows to Junpei as well. "And I am Gaofele Doiru, or Gao for short," he adds with a smile. The storm is obviously on his mind, as are the odd things he's seeing and hearing.

In response to Mari's offer, he shakes his head and puts the hood of his cloak up. "This will help for the moment," he explains to the others as he heads off with Rune.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 03:59:32 103
"I'm one of the more skilled members of the kendo club, yes." Suzuki responds, trying to word it in the most tactful and humble way she could without bragging. Really, it's hard. "My parents also taught me in the use of the naginata." Which is a lot of why she had such toned muscles, the strength necessary to wield one fluidly was not something to sneeze at! Even if she was just using a training one at home.

"Don't let the track and field club members hear you say that, I'm pretty sure they consider it a sport." Suzuki responds with a reserved little chuckle. "Hm? Mostly... a lot of rules and guidelines. My parents are very strict, and very picky about what activities I do. I would say that there are more expectations of me than the average family might have." But it's hard to tell, to be honest. Some 'average' families were as strict or more strict than hers!

Suzuki stands once Homura starts to move, following after her. "Yeah, that's probably a good point. Do you need an umbrella, Akemi-san? I think I have enough money on me for two of them. Probably... though this is a festival." People really liked to gouge the prices up at festivals!
Etsu Miyazaki 2015-05-19 04:00:18 104
    Money for food! And everything's settled. That's a relief. Are the fireworks getting ready to start too? Everything is turning out just fine. Until she realizes: 1. that's thunder, 2. actually, that's a storm, 3. ACTUALLY, it feels incredibly awful. How she missed all of that until just now can be explained with the word 'takoyaki' but one could probably blame all the blows to the head and back of neck just as well.

    "On second thought, maybe we should go home. I didn't bring an umbrella either." Jun might have. But that's still going to be a walk home they won't enjoy!

    "O-Oh! It was nice meeting you, Hannah, Boris!"

    She'll give the dog another pet before Hannah herself takes off, if at all possible, though!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 04:00:19 105
Junpei Matsuo found the dedication to character odd, but said nothing. Frankly he just felt too on edge to care. Maybe tomorrow he'll twig to it beign strange, along with the coins, but for now hisw focus was on trying to calm down. According to texts a few of his friends had already left, wondering if he needed a pickup, to which he explained he was helping some tourists that missed their boat and would keep in touch. Yes he's safe, there are other people. He'll be fine. Honest!

"Doiru and Waldia are you family names yes?" For tourists tha tare so easily lost it was perhaps odd their japanese was as understandable as it was. However that too would not click as strange til later. "I apologize but... bad memories." His scout troup helping the tsunami victims. Debris clearing. Him and his family all giving thanks to grandpapa for helping keep them safe that day. Why was he panicing so badly? It's been years. OLther storms have come and gone and nothing.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 04:01:02 106
The Area Search doesn't go unnoticed by Yuko, although it doesn't get much attention from the girl aside from the strange chill running through her. It's only been a few days since she gained her powers, after all!

"Shelter would be good. This weather really is weird, isn't it?" She follows after Mari, turning briefly to give Runealy and Gaofele a somewhat concerned (and sleepy) look. "Are you going to be okay, Waldia-san? Doru-san? You don't have to leave right away if you're not sure where you're going." She gestures towards Mari, a troubled hum escaping her after hearing the alternative plan. Europe really has some strange naming conventions, doesn't it?

Still, if that's their plan, she's not going to fight them too much on it. "Well, be careful, then. You don't want to get caught out in the open if you don't need to be." And with that, she resumes following Mari! "This way, Matsuo-san. Don't fall too far behind."
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 04:02:48 107
"Yes," Kimi says distractedly, looking at the gathering storm, "Do regale me with those stories some time. Sorry, I won't use the bad English again. I haven't spoken it since I was barely old enough to talk in the first place, Sharpe." Still sticking to calling Hannah by her last name.

"I hope you feel better," Kimi says as she suddenly looks sternly over to Jun, "Hey Jun!" She abruptly says, "That guy owes me a thousand yen. Keep an eye on Etsu, I'll be right back." She scowls, pointing off at some random guy heading off. And then Kimi darts off, heading down Random Alley Of No Importance.

While in that Alley and Out of Sight, she brings a hand up over her face, "Annoying. Here of all times?" A card appears in her hand, an Ace with a Rabbit on it. With a swipe of it down towards her beltline, a buckle appears that she drops the card into, "Henshin." She drones in a pissed-off tone.

"Suit Up!" The buckle calls as she flicks it with her hand, rotating over to reveal a heart shape on it. A red aura surrounds her, moving her clothes elsewhere. After this, Kimi is gone.

Moments after this completely unrelated to anything thing happens, a new figure appears. Perched on a telephone pole (The safest place to be during a storm), the mysterious magical girl known as the Ace of Hearts stares out at the gathering storm. A double-bladed glaive is in her hands as she watches, twintails blowing in the breeze.

She's not doing much up there on her perch, but she's watching out towards the gathering anomaly. And it clearly puts a worried look on her face.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 04:05:23 108
    Leading the others along, Mari returns to the table where she left her sister and smiles ruffling her hair as she leans in to give her a hug. Quietly looking to the girl and her 'doll' again, Mari just smiles a bit before she actually says anything then sighs.

"Aiko-chan, we're back. Did you take good care of Raquel?" She asks as she picks the 'doll' up. Anyone with magical sense may detect an aura from the thing as she tucks it back into her hair carefully, leaving it so that it's eyes are still sticking out of her hair as she does. Minami might actually recognize the 'doll' as something else entirely.

"I brought some friends, Aiko-chan. This is Yuko Minami, and her friend - if he follows - is Junpei Matsuo. I met them while walking around." She states before she smiles at the others taking her own seat.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 04:08:09 109
"Comming comming." Seems nobody brought umbrellas, not even Junpei with his coat of many pockets. Then again it had first aid kit, ponchos, extra chords for amps, spare guitar strings, trailmix, bottled tea, and a few other odds and ends, but no umbrella. His old troop leader would be shamed by his lack of forethought. Wait introductions and such were being made. Junpei's focus moved back to that and he gave a small bow to each as he tried to out think his panic to keep it from getting the better of him. Then an idea hit, "Did /anybody/ bring an umbrella?"
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 04:08:27 110
Homura shrugs, "Track and Field is a sport, but that's not why I do it. I don't really have a lot of time for clubs. I just live an active lifestyle."

Homura listens as Suzuki explains about her family. "I don't get to see my family much anymore. I'm an exchange student, and I live on my own."

On the subject of umbrellas, Homura says, "It's fine. I've got money."

She leaves out the fact that she 'acquired' it from the same place she 'acquired' a lot of her guns from. She also doesn't mention the guns.

"Thanks anyways, but I wouldn't want to buy an umbrella here either."

Homura really doesn't want to spend money on a festival-priced umbrella when she can just hide under a tent for a bit. She does move towards the chosen tent, keeping a brisk pace and assuming that Suzuki can keep up.

"Do you do many competitions? For Kendo, I mean."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 04:10:01 111
Boris is a dog amongst dogs, and a butler amongst butlers. Therefore, Etsu finds the big husky pausing to jump up and offer both ears to scritch and big, slobbery licks to the face! Hannah eventually stares him down, and offers a wave to the group.

"Thank you, all of you. Stay dry, hmm?"

Then she's off to Area Search!

The woman grits her teeth as more than a few magical signals hit her all at once. An ominous, creeping feeling dominates her head, making it difficult to parse the results of the Area Search. At least one that two? Homura's own gets neatly shoved into that category through sheer ignorance of the Puella, nevermind any other signals she returns. Her headache grows tenfold. She'll have to go over the results more cautiously later. Eventually, she falls to her knees, the atmosphere and strain of Searching so widely draining quite a bit of mana and physical strength. Boris is soon curling about her knees, concerned, and keeping his pained Mistress warm. Arms wrap about him, hugging the husky close.

"...I hardly deserve two friends like you both."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 04:14:59 112
Luckily enough, Yuko's able to get under cover before the rain makes a mess of her food! And she's even got a few more pieces of takoyaki to spare. Truly a good day! Well, except for the storm delaying the fireworks and all. There's still a silver lining there, though: Heavy rains means cooler temperatures!

Spotting Mari's sister, the girl offers her a light wave and polite, if somewhat restrained smile in greeting. "Hey there, Aiko-chan. It's good to meet you." No matter how cute a kid is, there's always that risk of them being an absolute monster in a store. Still, customer service does require pretending to look pleasant, and she's not doing too terribly at that.

What does draw her attention, however, is the sight of that doll. The blank stare from a while ago returns in full force as she just stares at the doll, and she only snaps out of it after Junpei brings up the topic of umbrellas.

"Uh... N-no. I wasn't expecting it to rain with the weather report, so I figured I wouldn't need one for today." She giggles weakly at that, although she's definitely distracted by something. Way too many things, even!
Phish Food 2015-05-19 04:20:29 113
The only warning anyone really gets is a very, very close crack of earth-shaking thunder, a much stiffer breeze, a few fat drops of rain spattering to any available surface, and then a moment's dead silence.

And then the skies open up.

For those that don't care about getting wet, it's GLORIOUS. It's a torrential downpour and will have the gutters swirling like Scylla and Charybdis in moments; the rain pounds down, warm from the sky; the wind kicks the cold salt spray into the mix; thunder cracks again and rattles windows.

No mercy. Stuff is getting really, really soaked. Even the rain itself is loud.

Like any summer thunderstorm, it'll only be about five minutes long, but it will thoroughly make its point before it's done.

With the downpour, the ominous sense of chilly foreboding is, at the very least, also rinsed from the evening air.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 04:21:16 114
    Mari just quietly smiles and ruffles her sister's hair... who has made an absolute mess of herself with the remains of the bananna split she ordered earlier. Giving a quiet sigh, she just reaches over with a cloth and begins cleaning up her sister's face quietly while giving a quiet giggle... All the while due to the way her head is angled, the doll in her hair just stares at Minami the same way she was staring at it.

"Jeeze, sis... You got more of it on you than in you.." She mutters as the little girl just grins, while trying her best to look back at Junpei and Minami and introduce herself at the same time her sister continues cleaning her up.

"Aiko Katsu! It's very nice to see friends of my sister that aren't carrying tennis rackets!"

"Hey!" Mari calls back, "I have plenty of friends who aren't into tennis!"
Alastar 2015-05-19 04:23:42 116
Hotaka continues to walk along, but he gets that feeling as Alastar 'fades' off from his minor control and little show of out burst. "You know... we dented that guy's stall, right?"

    'And your point?'

"That probably isn't cheap... and that isn't normal." Hotaka places out his hand to the side. "Like this storm... are you sure you don't know what is going---"

    'Shh. We got company, look up and to the west.'

The teen blinks his blue eyes and then looks at where the voice in his head directs him. His brown hair blowing in the wind as he tries to make out-- is that a girl on a Telephone pole. More correctly a magical girl. He stares at her, before quickly looking away and trying to act like he didn't see the Ace of Hearts.

His body tensing slightly as another guts comes by and perhaps a mix of fear as well-- then the silent wondering if Alastar is hiding something from him about /all/ of this.

Then... it rains. Allot. This causes Hotaka to quickly take cover under /something/ as he gets soaked and tsks softly. "Great."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 04:23:44 117
     "That must be nice~. My life is actually somewhat leisurely when I'm not doing kendo club." Or helping people. Or tutoring people. Or donating her time. Yep. It was totally leisurely and lazy. Really. Or Suzuki just has a strange sense of leisure, of course.

"That sounds very lonely. It's probably for the best that you've made a friend in Kaname-san, I can barely think of living without my family." Suzuki says, frowning slightly.

Suzuki makes her way under the tent. "Ah, as you wish, Akemi-san." Though, why Akemi would buy an umbrella is somewhat silly if she's stealing things anyway. She could just timestop and stuff one in her magical storage device. Thing.

"...I really can't blame you for not wanting to buy one here either, though. It's rather expensive." Suzuki says, smiling slightly as she keeps up with Homura. "Yes, the competitions can be one of the most fun parts of kendo club. I come away with bruises fairly often, the fighters in competitions seem to all be pretty strong."

And then suddenly, CRACK! And the rain is falling rather heavily and hard! "Goodness! A torrential downpour. What an unlucky day to have such happen."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 04:26:09 118
Junpei Matsuo manages a weak chuckle at Aiko, "Now now it is rude to tease your sister in front of strangers," He manages to try sounding amused at the little girl. "And I've never played tennis. I like cycling more." Helps build stamina so he cfan talk to drum. As he watched the buckets and buckets of rain he felt a little better. It's as if the downpour washed whatever was in the air that had been making him feel on edge. "pardon."

his attention turned to try figuring out where Gao and Rune ran off to and frowned. Maybe they were in another tent? he hoped they were going to be alright even as he texted friends that he was well and even managed to chat up the stocker girl from where they get drinks from. Congratulations are had, egging on for him to get her number, and Junpei starts to relax a little more.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-19 04:27:41 119
THUNDER! Rain! And then it all stops. Hannah sighs a bit, and de-latches herself from Boris. Her Device melds back together into its coin form, tucked into a pocket. Then, she peeks from the tent just in case. Mostly via a big husky-head.

Then, with a sigh, she's off to get some of that delicious takoyaki, because it smelled extremely tasty.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 04:35:19 120
Yuko jumps a little at the first thunderclap, coughing and gagging again from having chosen to take a sip at that exact moment. She recovers quickly enough, though, and plays it off as if nothing had happened by just taking another sip of that delicious artificial fruit drink. Aiko's comment draws another giggle from the green-haired girl, although the doll is still much too distracting for her not to look at it.

Should she bring it up? Maybe not. But if this is what the other one mentioned, then just maybe... She'd have to get to that doll alone at some point. "Minami Yuko. I go to the same school as Katsu-san, and my parents run the market just a block away from the school. Maybe I'll see you again if your parents go there for groceries."

It sounds like a good excuse to Yuko, at least! Although even that probably isn't the best place to try talking to a doll, so... It'll probably work itself out later. "I get enough exercise working at the store, and.. Um. It's tiring trying to do exercise after all that, you know?"
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 04:39:47 122
Nice? Homura pauses for answering. Her face hardens a bit, and she frowns slightly. She doesn't say anything in response, leaving the meaning of her reaction unclear.

At the next topic, Homura responds, "Kaname is kind. Far more kind than most. I wouldn't be who I am if not for her."

While Homura could very well just steal an umbrella, stealing from just anyone when it isn't necessary would be... well... it would be an act that violates her self-image. She can justify stealing from the Japan Self-Defence Force for the sake of defending Japan. Stealing from an umbrella vendor because she forgot to put an umbrella into her Shield of Holding is something else.

"Yeah, it's just not worth it to me," explains Homura.

Note to self: put an umbrella in your Shield of Holding.

"Competition is good. It keeps you honest."

Homura is glad that they made it to the tent before the rain started pouring, and is it ever pouring! She waits under the tent, safe from the downpour with Suzuki and everyone else in the tent. The storm is harsh and nothing is spared, but it will pass.

"I like the sound of rain," says Homura. "It's calming."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 04:40:01 123
Junpei Matsuo nods to Yuko-chan, "I worked stocking another store over the summer season last year so I would have money for a new bike. It is very demanding work." He gave the blue collar girl a hopefully warm smile, "Honest work even if it is tedious and tiring." He was getting encouraged by friends through his phone, which was back in his pocket since rude to text and talk. "I do not know what I will do next summer. My folks want me to try building up a resume. I want to try working on getting better at music."
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 04:41:12 124
    Mari just giggles a bit as she glances to Minami and catches her eyes for a moment before she smiles a bit.

"Raquel. That's it's name. It's a doll me and my sister share. A gift from a friend." She states before she quietly leans back in her chair a bit. "Sis actually lives a bit further out.. she's only ever around during breaks or weekends.. I stay on campus at the Academy."

    The sound of rain outside causes Mari to smile softly as she closes her eyes. in silence for several minutes before she gives a quiet giggle.

"The rain seems to have eased the tension... Though... Something still feels ... off... I don't know. Maybe it's just something to do with the storm." She states as she quietly shakes her head then gives a quiet smile to Minami.

"What room do you stay in at the academy, anyway? Do you stay on campus?" She asks with a quiet tone as her sister gets distracted with the bracelets she bought earlier.
Kimi Takeda 2015-05-19 04:46:41 125
In true dedication to her lot in life as a dramatic magical girl standing somewhere narrative, the Ace of Hearts remains stoic in her expression as she stares out and has all the water in the clouds dumped upon her. Inwardly, this absolutely annoys her because she's drenched to the bone. Even MORE inwardly, she's glad she wasn't in her normal outfit, because it would have messed up her jacket. Yet even MORE inwardly, she wonders if she should have transformed at all, since the forboding feeling vanishes shortly after.

Her fingers tighten around the glaive she carries and she takes a slow breath, easing herself as the feeling begins to vanish. She looks out over the crowd below, briefly catching glimpse of the teen staring at her. It's not unusual, per se, for her to be stared at in the moments she appears. She seems to move on just as quickly and then let out a scoff under her breath, "Annoying. Worrying," She murmurs to herself in regards to the stor.

She takes a few moments to wring out her long hair with her free hand before she then she leaps straight backwards off the telephone pole. It's a graceful motion that sees her backflip through the air and vanish into the alleys amidst the surrounding buildings. The Ace of Hearts has made her exit!
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 04:48:07 126
     That frown and hardening honestly would tell some people more about it than anything. Suzuki, meanwhile, was homeschooled until recently so only has a vague idea beyond something about Homura's 'being busy' was unpleasant. If that.

"A friend that shapes who you are... possibly as much family as your birth family, right?" Suzuki says, comparing it to the thing she knows well: Family. On the other hand, Homura seemed like something haunted her half the time, which made it difficult to tell if Madoka was actually kind. Hmm.

"It does! And it's very difficult to be dishonest during a competition, it's your skill versus theirs, and cheating is usually the cause for immediate disqualification. Though, I've not really seen anyone try to cheat at Kendo."

"Ah, very true! Though it does make it hard for fireworks to be seen or put on display, which does make it a little unfortunate for those who were looking forward to it." Suzuki is totally not disappointed, really! Totally. Actually, her facial expressions have been very reserved in general, so it's hard to tell that she actually is very disappointed deep inside.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 04:51:30 127
     Junpei's past history is something of a small comfort, if only because it makes the musical hobo possibility much less likely. Still, he could just be one now despite not being one before or... Something? Who knows. "Yeah... It's really draining. But my parents actually pay me for it, so it's not all bad. I mean, I can afford other stuff with that money."

She laughs lightly and finishes off the last of her takoyaki. After making (presumably) the last happy noise of the night, she chucks chucks the paper plate and sticks into the garbage before turning to Junpei again. "If you can afford to do music, might as well do that. Unless you need to keep buying new stuff for it."

Mari definitely knows something, but just how much does she know? How mysterious. "Raquel? Aw. Cute name. Was it from a friend of yours or hers?" She looks between Mari and Aiko expectantly as she says that. One of them could be a potential partner, but who would be the partner and who was just the bystander in this family?

Mari's reaction to the rain seems to all but confirm herself as the one, but there's no way she can just bring it up here. Too many witnesses! But if she's staying at the Academy, there might be a better chance to confront her eventually. "On campus, but in the cheaper rooms. My parents didn't want to get in the way of my studying even though I'm... Still working at the store. Not really sure how that helps at all, but... Eh."
Alastar 2015-05-19 04:55:56 129
Hotaka peers out from his location as the rain starts to settle down some, only to watch the Magic girl exit stage left, as one would joke. His body relaxes a bit, even though he huffs softly and rests his head back as Alastar makes his own remark on this.

    'Aww. She is getting away. Oh well. I guess the boredom continues.'

"Seriously? Why do you even want to /fight/ her. She is probably out of our league." Hotaka states with an annoyance look over his own wet clothing. This sucks he silently thinks to himself.

    'Hardly, though maybe a challenge given we have yet to really run into a proper match and while you do have a strong will... we still need to work on our... skills.'

Hotaka grunts gently and just slides down the wall, crossing his arms over his chest, watching the droplets of rain come down. "Looks like it starting to slow down... it will probably be ending soon." He then closes his eyes. "...I wonder if I'll run into that girl again... not even sure what school she goes too."

    'Why does it matter? All these people--- they don't matter. They'll all be pawns eventually and to get close to anyone is just asking for trouble. We been over this before.'

"...and why do you care?" Hotaka gruffs at the voice he can only hear. "Not like you have any feelings for anything. You just do whatever you get told."

    'Hotaka. Don't. Start. With. Me. Your freedom is on my time, I allow it... I can also strip it away, so please... test me again. I /dare/ you.'

The teen tsks softly as he just pulls his legs in tighter. "...fine. Whatever. I got the message." His blue eyes then look over at one of the tents. He can hear the talking, maybe even laughing. He frowns a bit outside and inside as he just lowers his head.
Jun Kaneko 2015-05-19 04:58:21 130
    One of those teenagers that catches a glimpse of the ACE OF HEARTS, HERO OF JUSTICE is a one Jun Kaneko, who just sighs. "People shouldn't stand out in the rain like that. They'll catch a cold." She murmurs, under her umbrella. Etsu was right, she did have an umbrella. She turns her head, looking around. "Etsu! Where did that tako-head get off to?" She sighs, whipping out her phone to send Etsu a text message, before heading off the long way through the festival, on her way back to her house. Well, that little summer storm ruined the mood.

    Oh well. A hot cup of tea, clean jammies, and a nice book awaited her.

    She dreamily daydreams about the awesomeness before her.

Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 05:00:11 131
Homura meditates on Suzuki's words, as she watches the rain fall. Heavy droplets pound against the ground, splashing into other drops that also fall. Madoka... like family? To Homura, Madoka may actually be more important than family. Would Homura go through all of this for her family? Homura wasn't sure how to think of it. Her eyes do soften as she thinks about it.

"I wouldn't say we were as close as family," is what Homura finally says. "... but she does mean a lot to me."

"It's not just about cheating," explains Homura. "Practice is good, but during practice you can lie to yourself. You can convince yourself that something works well, but in reality it may be too slow or weak to have a useful purpose. A skilled opponent will show you the weaknesses in your strategies, and if they can't find a weakness then they lose. Nobody wants to lose, so they'll show you the truth, as well as they can."

Homura shrugs, before adding, "At least, that's how I see it."

Looking up at the sky, and the downpour, Homura says, "Well, maybe if it clears up they'll put the fireworks show back on. There wasn't supposed to be any rain today."

There really wasn't though. Homura doesn't remember it.
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 05:02:36 132
    Mari just quietly smiles a bit at the question before she shrugs her shoulders a bit and looks like she's about to speak just before Aiko suddenly cries out as one of the bracelets she bought snaps due to how hard she's tugging on the string, and Mari just sighs a bit turning her attention away from Minami quietly and leans in.

"Sis... I told you to take care of those things... They'll be precious memories, some day.." She states before she sighs and reaches over scooping up the parts of the bracelets and quietly smiles putting them away in her pack. "Don't worry... Oneesama's got this." She adds with a thumbs up. "I'll mend the bracelet for you when we get home."

    Then she pauses, looking back to Minami. "Oh ... you were waiting for an answer. The doll was a gift from a friend of our father. He came to see me when I was playing in the tennis tournament a few weeks ago." She gives a slight sigh before she waves her hand. "I .. actually got accepted to the school on a scholarship, so.. my room isn't all that terrible. There's even room for my little sister to sleep over, when she's away from home. ...That may or may not be against the rules, but.. she's tiny. No one really complains."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 05:05:57 133
Junpei Matsuo grumbled as his phone kept buzzing, muttering apologies while fumbling to silence the little device. There was a time for all things, and it beeping was not supposed to be now. "Money is good, but," He sighed and waved a hand dismissivly. He did not know these people well enough to feel comfortable explaining why he disliked the salaryman system and his feelings that showing that much loyalty to an entity that might get rid of you at a momen'ts notic unless you already had been there forever was.... wrong. POutmoded. Not something he would support. Instead he looked over at Yuko and shrugged. "I try being mindful of my family even fi I disagree. They would not intentionally steer me wrong after all."

Then he shifted about slightly, "If I may, does your sroe have some notification thing, emails that get sent out or social media that lets people know when sales happen?" He sounded hopeful even though he doubted either to be the case. Maybe try helping him seem less homeless weird and more just eccentric weird.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 05:08:30 134
     "I see. I ... admit that I have a difficult time understanding that. I haven't made any friends just yet, because i was homeschooled." Suzuki responds softly. It wasn't a complaint, more of a matter-of-fact statement. That's about as far as she'd go into that, though!

Homura's insight into competition, on the other hand, got a smile. "Ah, very true. That's one of the best part of practicing with other people, as well. You'll fight and fight and notice things that don't work for them or for you... though it's not nearly as competetive. Almost on a whole different level, especially if you're one of the more skilled members of your kendo club." Suzuki murmurs softly.

Hmmm. "There wasn't? Well... I suppose it's hard for the weatherman to predict every fast-moving storm." Suzuki says, completely and utterly oblivious to what Homura really meant. Not that she could have guessed at it anyway! However, as it was a quick downpour, and five minutes passes quickly, it's likely that it stops raining rather soon. "I should probably head home once this rain stops."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 05:12:25 135
The blank stare returns to Yuko's face with a vengeance at Aiko making a sound, almost as if that sound alone was giving her reason to pause. She's heard her share of crying children before, and she's already preparing herself for the girl to start crying as a natural defense to awful supermarket children. Thankfully, she doesn't actually do anything of the sort, and the green-haired girl relaxes quickly enough!

"Huh. That's cool, then. Sounds like an... Interesting guy." She giggles lightly a moment later, sounding a little too amused for some reason. Does it have anything to do with the thought of fathers in magical girl outfits? Probably. "I wish I could've gotten in on a scholarship. My parents are making me pay for a quarter of it, so I gotta work at the store a lot. Even though they could afford to pay all of it themselves, anyway..."

She sighs. Definitely getting too old for this crap. She nods in agreement with Junpei's delayed statement, although it doesn't help her look any less tired than she's become in the past few seconds. "I know... But still. Would rather just be working some days instead of all of them. Ah.. Sales?" Yuko shakes here head lightly, actually giggling again after a moment. "Afraid not, Matsuo-san. I've told my parents it might help get more people in, but they're really old fashioned."
Mari Katsu 2015-05-19 05:18:28 136
    Mari just smiles a bit before she glances to her watch then shakes her head. "E..Either way, it's getting late.. I promised I'd have my sister in bed before it gets too late. It was nice meeting you, Yuko-san." She says as she bows quietly to the girl then looks to Junpei. "It was nice meeting you as well. I look forward to seeing you both again in the future."

    Smiling a bit, she looks to Aiko who hops up and bows as well, saying her farewells before she walks over to join her sister. "See you later!" Both call out before they leave the tent during a lull in the rain.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 05:19:15 137
Junpei Matsuo nods in understanding, "It is difficult to take on new skills and they sound like you're their only help." He sounds sympathetid to Minami-chan. "I... honestly have been getting egged on by friends to get your number," Then as he continues he sounds slightly flustered, "However that is hardly proper y'know? I'm sure i still look like some sort of eccentric hobo and even if it were just to find good deals for my band and the school's Taiko club and our cycling club it would still be... awquard." Cough. At least he's being forthright about this instead of some convoluted attempt at trickery? Deep breath. He could relax. The horrible dejavu feeling of doom was gone.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 05:20:13 138
Homura glances over at Suzuki, before looking back at the rain that seems to be clearing up soon. "I guess I'm not much different. I have a few friends, but I'm pretty new around here."

"Too bad we don't go to the same school," Homura adds.

On the subject of Kendo, Homura responds, "Yeah, if you're the most skilled around, you're likely to end up teaching more than learning. Not that there's anything wrong with teaching."

Homura doesn't explain herself. The change in weather patterns is a portent that she alone could really ponder the meaning of. That along with the mysterious failure of some of her powers... Something new is happening. Something changed.

It scares her. She can't afford to lose Madoka again, not when she can't rewind. Unpredictable things will mess up her ability to make long-term plans.

Yet, considering how bad things have gotten, isn't the change necessary? Something would have to change, otherwise she'll just fail all over again.

.oO(Madoka, whatever happens, I swear I'll continue fighting for a world in which you can be happy.)

Turning back to Suzuki, Homura says, "I also should go soon. I have some things to do on my way home."

Homura says this while staring at the neck of a person, studying a Witch's Kiss that only she can see. Well, she and Mami if she notices. Homura won't tolerate such things to roam freely. She'll have to take care of it.

Her purple eyes look over at Suzuki again. "Nice meeting you. Maybe we'll see each other around."
Alastar 2015-05-19 05:24:00 139
One the rain at last lets up, Hotaka moves out from his hiding spot and shakes the rain out of his hair. He looks up at the sky and then starts to make his way out of the festival grounds, passing by a few of the tents as he makes his leave.

Just what was up with that storm anyways and more correctly, was Alastar being serious when he said it was the Obsidian Pact? If it was--- he wouldn't joke about right? Then again, this is Alastar. Hotaka does pause before he leaves the ground, closing his eyes as the cool wind goes by. "Its pretty late... Think its safe?" Hotaka asks no one but himself, before walking around a corner out of sight of all.

It wouldn't be long till there was a flicker of a flash of blue fire, before something rises up into the sky, with a spiraling spin, before wings unfurl and then fly straight up in the slowly cloud clearing sky. Only those who stick their heads out at the right time may catch /something/ flying in the sky, but what will be anyone's guess.

Maybe that is what caused the storm??? The world may never know.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 05:24:29 140
Smiling easily, Yuko nods to Mari and Aiko as they say their goodbyes. "It was good meeting you both, too. Katsu-san. Aiko-chan. We'll see each other again in class or somewhere soon, I know it." And probably other places, but that little detail could be left implied.

Junpei's revelation about what he had been doing on the phone draws yet another blank stare from the green-haired girl and a long "uhhhh". How's she supposed to respond to that, anyway? It does seem like he's making the effort to be honest, at least, but what if that's really just a front for what he really wants?

"You mean your friends from the band? Er... Do they want my number, too?" What if this was actually a trap? Perhaps by SUPERVILLAINS of some sort?
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-19 05:28:41 141
Junpei Matsuo gave Yuko a level look, "Even if they did I would tell them to get to know you themselves. You are obviously ill at ease as is." There is a seriousness to his tone as he looks Minami-san in the eye. "You seem like a good person and such actions would take advantage of your goodwill." Then somewhat softer he added, "At any rate is there a chance I can meet you again another day here, perhaps when it is not going to suddenly rain, so I can prove to you I'm not some kind of hobo?" Beat, "Or at least that I am good at playing my chosen insturments?" Whatever Yuko's answer he would give a polite bow and leave. Only when he was gone might anyone notice a crtisp business card with his name beneath an upright bass guitar and his own email and band's web address.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-19 05:29:14 142
     "...I'm technically old around her, it's just, well. Tutors aren't friends. They're just there to teach you." Suzuki responds softly. "Still. Welcome, even if it's likely a bit late." Suzuki says, bowing her head slightly towards Homura. "I'm sure we'll see each other again sometime, though."

Homura's words on teaching get a small smile from Suzuki, "But you frequently still learn when teaching. Learning from the mistakes your students make so that you can better yourself... or learning what they do right that you hadn't thought of yet." Suzuki murmurs softly.

As Homura speaks of how she should go soon, Suzuki nods. "I'll see you around, I'm sure. If nothing else, we can try to keep an eye out for each other at festivals like this, or around town." Suzuki says, lifting her hand to wave towards Homura, before beginning to make her way home. A calm, quiet walk until there were signs of rain again.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-19 05:37:25 143
Finishing off the last of her milk tea, Yuko keeps giving Junpei that same blank stare, clearly not knowing how to react to any of everything he's saying. He's certainly perceptive, but noticing all those things at once just seems to make it all stranger to her.

"Er... Y-yeah, I guess? I'll be working at the market over the break, anyway, so come by whenever and I'll probably be there." That was about as safe of a response she could give without giving him her number or the dorm address. Juuust in case.
Homura Akemi 2015-05-19 05:37:42 144
As Suzuki walks away, Homura watches her leave for a bit before she goes about her business. She knows the Witch is around somewhere, and she can probably trace it by following the victim who was Kissed.

When she vanishes behind a building, no one sees her henshin. She reaches behind her shield and pulls out a gun, before vanishing into the Witch's Labyrinth.