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3500 Finished Pyrne Mikhael Trouble in the Barrier Garden! Runealy, Gaofele, Akari, Jiaying, and Tyrfing go to investigate a garden! They encounter The Thorn and learn some information before they're forced to flee! ... Except for Jiaying and Akari... what will be their fate?!
3490 Finished Ariel Theodore Spooky Scary Skeledreams Content Warning: There will be skeletons. This scene may be 2spooky4you. Reminder: There is a skeleton inside you right now at this very moment.
3461 Finished Rosalie Janus The Bell Tolls Nightbell rigs up the toll booths to drain energy. Due to the warning she gave Sakura during Cutest Bully, things go horribly even by Nightbell's standards. But it looks like words (and Sakura's hugs) are starting to work on her.
3457 Finished Runealy Waldia Questions for Sakura Interested in learning more about a recent battle with Bell, and why Sakura was so outspoken during it, Rune, Gaofele, and Hinote visit the Card Captor to ask some questions.
3432 Finished Hana Shiroi The Confluence Something strange is behind a locked door in a Tokyo subway station, and some people investigate.
3401 Finished Rosalie Janus Back in the Saddle Nightbell tries out Dr. Murano's new Zerobot, a robotic horse. Things go ''very badly'' as a result of Sakura-imouto showing up.
3383 Finished Fate T. Waldia Congratulations, Fate T. Waldia! With the Waldians, Fate celebrates the officialization of her adoption as Fate T. Waldia with her new sister, Extended Waldian friends, Nanoha, Rashmi, Hoshi and Mikoto!
3372 Finished Arina Rehylde My Fair Princess Arina finally finds her princess and learns her fate.
3353 Finished Fate T. Waldia Rashmi-chan, Meet the Waldians! Fate introduces an newer friend to older friends and family! Gao learns something new about gardening, Fate and Rune talk about being new family a little, and Rashmi and Hino geek out over fairytales.
3331 Finished Runealy Waldia Expanding Homes, Expanding Oaths With Fate and her entourage preparing to join their new home, her new family have much to discuss.
3328 Finished Gaofele Doiru Woodworking Projects Large and Small Gaofele examines the condition of the incomplete pergola, and Rune delivers news and a task to him.
3313 Finished Runealy Waldia Coming Home An otherworldly expedition returns to Tokyo, only to find their home away from home is almost perfectly intact... and an unexpected but welcome guest has arrived!
2156 Finished Runealy Waldia Late Realizations Rune's been overlooking something. Someone. SomeGao.
2116 Finished Kazuo Takeba Visits, Jelly Beans, Owls, Swords Runealy and Gaofele pay a visit to an old ally: Mamoru Chiba. Tsubasa drops in, literally. Normal conversations are just not a thing that happens, but hey, party plans come out of it anyway.
2099 Finished Sora Hisakata Shadows of Justice: Attack on Seishou Shadow Witch Shiniko has made a decision. That Tokyo will never know injustice again. Beginning with Seishou.
1985 Finished Runealy Waldia Home Improvement Rune and Gaofele consult with Homura about their plans.
1933 Finished Runealy Waldia Old Friends and New Threats Pergola planning with Rune and Gaofele!
1662 Finished Shira We Will Never Be Royals Shira attacks Naru Osaka in an attempt to get at Runealy and her Guardians. Which is a bit strange, becauase Naru is hardly attached to them at all.
1573 Finished Runealy Waldia Reflections Runealy and Gaofele talk about the roots they've put down, and growing their future.
1526 Finished Tadase Hotori The High Road Runealy, her Guardians, and Fate were all once villains in their own ways. Now, they seek to do good in the world by joining Virtue.
1400 Finished Sachiko Hayakawa Spiritual Visitations Sachiko comes to try to visit Runealy. It's a very, very good thing that Runealy isn't home.
1048 Finished Hinote Kagari Wicked Witchy Bussiness!? Runealy, Hinote and Gaofelle have a talk about witches, home and pizza.
1002 Finished Fu Inubouzaki Rogue A Rogue Vertex has crossed the wall and is threatening the Shinju-sama and the world itself... Can anyone stop this madness!?
835 Finished Runealy Waldia The Gallery Trap An invitation to visit with an artist proves to be the bait for an ambush upon the Waldian princess. When the Guardian Knights and a new friend foil this plan, a new home is gained.
822 Finished Hinote Kagari Firebirds and Fracases Like things needed to be more complicated, right?
698 Finished Toymajin Nutcracker Suite! Toymajin begins his attack on Tokyo! Can Christmas be saved in the St. Nick of Time!?
686 Finished Hinote Kagari Perfect Fit and Perfect Fish Hinote wants to go to a Waldian Market. Basic things in Waldia seem amazing to him. Gaofelle and Runealy accompny him to tell him about Waldian Culture along the way!
675 Finished Runealy Waldia To Restore the Barrier What was intended to be a straightforward ritual to restore Waldia's demon-sealing Barrier is anything but, as a monster that was never sealed in the first place lies in wait. Can a coalition of people from so many worlds save the day?
667 Finished Runealy Waldia Pondering Past and Future Pondering Past and Future
643 Finished Hinote Kagari Hinote is not a Wall... Hinote wakes up and immediatly texts Gao to let him know he's alive. They discuss some things. Hinote may be jealous of Gao's Double Cheeseburger the whole talk.
642 Finished Runealy Waldia A Special Invitation Runealy gathers several friends to explain how the trip to her homeworld will work... but is quickly interrupted by a fiend instead.
625 Finished Runealy Waldia Vale's Oath When Valeria finds her way to Earth, the 'Unknown World', her peers quickly bring her up to date on what's going on... and she makes a powerful choice.
587 Finished Runealy Waldia Choices And Results Erin has made the decision to abandon Hana's side... but what will come of such a desperate choice?
559 Finished Runealy Waldia Flowers and Future Plans Gaofele, Hinote, and Runealy discuss local food, flowers in the sky, and what they intend to do upon returning home... and how to help Tokyo with its problems.
547 Finished Catastrophic Crunch FotWF II: To Lay Siege to Dreams Madison Perry is pursued into the White Flower's stronghold, with mystifying results.
542 Finished Runealy Waldia A Sudden Attack A princess revisits a place full of awful memories, hoping to understand the way toward a better future. Yet others have far more sinister plans...
511 Finished Catastrophic Crunch Fall of the White Flower I: Blumenacht A new power arrives in Tokyo and delivers an ultimatum to its magical defenders.
484 Finished Catastrophic Crunch Something Wicked... A Witch attacks Mitakihara, but something is different about this one.
482 Finished Runealy Waldia Exercise Trip Gaofele, Hinote, and Rune return to their camping spot outside Tokyo, taking the opportunity to talk and continue the princess' recovery.
448 Finished Gaofele Doiru Camping and Hotdogs Gaofele and Runealy go camping, and Gao teaches Rune how to roast a hotdog.
428 Finished Hinote Kagari Sometimes I make a lot of mistakes here … Hinote belives he's made some hilarous mistakes. Gaofelle listens. Acting!
424 Finished Hinote Kagari Kitty Times and Take Out Times! Gaofelle is back! and so is Mistpaw! Guardian Knights and Princess Runealy discuss important matters such as 'What do you want on your side of the pizza?'.
375 Finished Gaofele Doiru Special Evening Shopping Gaofele goes shopping for some snacks, and Rune talks with him about how things are going.
351 Finished Catastrophic Crunch Seed of Sunrise: Rising Crash Rising Crash, a dangerous Lost Logia, crashes to Earth. Can it be contained, and what mysterious message does it contain?
347 Finished Gaofele Doiru Another Encounter on Clover Street Gaofele encounters a worn-out futon and a rollerskating Sakura... sort of like 14 weeks ago.
341 Finished Runealy Waldia Modern Convenience Off-worlders reflect on Tokyo's conveniences and how it contrasts with comforts back home. What can they bring back with them? Will trouble follow them?
278 Finished Hinote Kagari Convenience Store Livin' The Guardian Knights talk about things, and talk about thier Princess. Solomon walks out to most likely punch a mugger as hard as he can, as Hino leave with Raine to SHOP!
241 Finished Hinote Kagari More Waldians!? Solomon Novak appears! Princess Runealy, Hinote and Gao go meet a friend from Waldia!
211 Finished Seijuro Ginga All Energy Must Go! No Description Set
181 Finished Runealy Waldia Trust Betrayed Having fought beside the Sailor Senshi many times to protect Tokyo from monsters, the Waldians now attempt to lure their peers in to an evening ambush!
179 Finished Runealy Waldia Final Preparations Before the Waldians can expand their plans to attack Tokyo's protectors, they address one last detail...
168 Finished Gaofele Doiru Scouting for Locations Gao and Rune look at an alley and talk of the future. (Spoiler Note: This log contains strong hints for upcoming events. Don't read it until July 15 2015 if you don't want certain surprises revealed to you!)
158 Finished Runealy Waldia It's Time The Waldians and their new sworn friend make an important decision. (Spoiler Note: This log contains strong hints for upcoming events. Don't read it until July 15 2015 if you don't want certain surprises revealed to you!)
138 Finished Runealy Waldia A New Chapter: Unification The Guardian Knights and their Princess venture outside Tokyo, seeking to improve their coordination and teamwork.
130 Finished Kyouko Sakura Electro-Dance Therapy Kyouko meets a couple of Waldians at an arcade.
116 Finished Runealy Waldia Got Your Back When a princess is startled by the consequences of fighting in a Witch's Barrier, it makes talk of teamwork and cooperation with the Guardian Knights much more urgent.
106 Finished Mint Chip Come on, Terribad! No Description Set
101 Finished Gaofele Doiru Evening at the Old Store Rune and Gao talk of wishes, cats, and Tokyo.
93 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Tower of Terror Scorn attacks an elementary school field trip to Clover Tower!
83 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Caught in the Act! No Description Set
80 Finished Hinote Kagari Library Romp~ Hinote takes Runealy and Gaofele out to the library for some relaxiation and comfort.
71 Finished Fate T. Waldia First Impact No Description Set
65 Finished Seijuro Ginga The Hunger Games Masato Sanjouin has sponsored a Sailor V themed event in the hopes of luring out the REAL Pretty Soldier. But the comotion and group of people has attracted the attention of another villian entirely...
59 Finished Hannah Sharpe One Night at Miss White's Miss White seeks a magical artifact, but youma and senshi alike arrive on the scene! Who will win in this clash of darkness and light!?
58 Finished Hinote Kagari Sightseeing Hinote and Gaofele go sightseeing from the top of Clover Tower!
55 Finished Nephrite Song to the Moon The lonely witch, with a lovelorn nature.
52 Finished Hinote Kagari Ice Cream Meeting What's a meeting without Ice Cream!? Runealy, Gao and Hinote discuss things.
51 Finished Nephrite Danse Macabre Deadly Pas de Deux! Shadow of the Dark Kingdom
39 Finished Hinote Kagari Riventon and Rune: Aftermath Gao and Hino help the Princess home after a harrowing fight while talking about Puella Magi.
37 Finished Takashi Agera Riventon and Rune The Princess is set upon by an enemy wielding the power of darkness. Can the Guardian Knights come to her rescue before it's too late?
34 Finished Runealy Waldia A New World Q&A When people from different worlds become comfortable with one another, that may be a fine time to learn more about each other and their cultures.
27 Finished Gaofele Doiru A Talk Between Knights Hinote helps Gaofele clean the store, and the two talk about each other's worlds.
21 Finished Gaofele Doiru Hinote and the Waldian Secret The Waldians explain their plans to Hinote, and make him an offer...
12 Finished Gaofele Doiru Convenience & Secrets The Waldians discover an actor using the abandoned store.
7 Finished Gaofele Doiru Foraging in Clover (Street) A foraging Gaofele meets a skating Sakura, and an offer of conversation is made.
4 Finished Gaofele Doiru After the Takoyaki... Runealy returns to the Waldian shelter with imposing news.
2 Finished Gaofele Doiru Home for Waldians Runealy and Gaofele look for shelter, and find some... sort of.
1 Finished Phish Food The Festival of Beginnings! The first scene, celebrating the start of a brand new MUSH!
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