Chocolate, Kisses, and Artificial Intelligence

Makoto comes over with some real food for Ami. With Takashi, they discuss love, the evils of mind control, spying on cute boys in vulnerable moments, and Artificial Intelligences. Makoto leaves Ami with a kiss and a promise to text when she goes to meet Nephrite next.

Date: 2016-02-11
Pose Count: 45
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 20:04:58 28561
It's been just shy of a week since Ami Mizuno made a nearly fatal mistake with Kunzite. Most of that week has been spent unconscious--whether because she was truly incapacitated, or because she was sleeping off the pain.

Every day has seen progress in Ami's recovery, but it's been slow, and she's still only just able to make it to the next room on her own power, now. Even that is slow-going and clearly painful.

An hour ago, she gave Takashi a bright smile--brighter than she's managed all week, and informed him, "My other best friend, Makoto Kino, is on her way. She's going to bring us something delicious to eat. And maybe cookies, if we're lucky. She's a really good cook."

Ami is in the process of returning from an excursion to the restroom, at the moment. In pain, she has taken a break at the corner entrance to the living room dressed in a clean pair of silk pajamas. Usagi brought her several sets, and she's been putting them to good use since.

"Hnng," Ami mumbles unhappily. "I'm getting real tired of feeling useless," she notes for her own sake. But at least Makoto is on her way.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 20:40:21 28562
It's taken about that hour and a little extra for Makoto to put together what she thinks is an appropriate care-package of food for someone in Ami's state of convalescenes. Now, however, with the carry-strap of her tote bag over her shoulder, she dutifully presents herself at the front door of the address that Ami texted her and knocks, a brisk rap-rap-rap of her knuckles against the door.

Only after she knocks does it occur to her that she might've texted to let Ami know she'd reached the building. As she waits for a response, Mako briefly considers pulling out her phone. Nah, probably a little late now.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-13 20:48:55 28563
Takashi slept fitfully last night, and he's aware of that as he's been moving around the house, more tired than he ought to be (and it had nothing to do with sleeping in the chair!). But Ami being able to move around has improved his move - especially that smile - and he looks up from some of his homework as she walks back from the restroom on her own power. He'd offer to help, but he doesn't want to take away anything from the feeling of recovery.

"Well, don't go meeting random untrustworthy dudes on rooftops." he says, with a gently mocking smile. "Then this wouldn't happen. But really, you're doing great. At least your survived. That means you're winning, because you weren't meant to."

There's a rapping at the door - must be another one of Ami's friends. He might not /ever/ be comfortable relinking this house to the UMBRA labs, with the way it's rapidly getting known by her friends, he consideres, as he walks over. He opens the door and smiles.

"You must be Kino-san. Ami-chan's really happy to see you." he says, a bit polite and perhaps firmer than he intends to be because he doesn't know her (and having random people in his house is still odd.)

But he does open the door and motion her inside, while really getting a mental awareness of how tall the girl is. Didn't he hear that name somewhere? Makoto Kino?
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 20:56:56 28564
The sound of the knock at the door seems to lift Ami's spirits, and almost immediately she starts towards the door. "I'll get it," she offers. But Takashi beats her there. And all the effort has taken a lot out of her.

So instead of going back to the couch, Ami leans up against Takashi, forcing him to support her weight whether he's ready and interested in it or not.

As the door swings open, Ami's face lights up with a bright smile. "Mako-chan," she says weakly. "Hiiiii. This is Takashi Agera," she introduces him. "Mamoru-chan doesn't like him very much. Fair warning. I'd give you a hug but I need a minute before I move again, so if you come in I can switch to leaning on you!"
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 21:06:38 28566
The look that Makoto regards Takashi with when he greets her at the door is not unfriendly, but there's something guarded in it all the same. He might get the impression that she's sizing him up, until Ami comes up to lean on him and Mako's attention turns toward her friend. The change then is dramatic - instantly her whole expression is one of warmth and worry. "Ami-chan!"

Immediately Mako is moving to Ami's side to wrap her arms around her, careful to hug gently. "Geez, he really wasn't messing around, was he?" Only once she's helping to support Ami's weight does she look towards Takashi again, brows lifting. "--Hi," she says, a little belatedly. "Ami-chan told me how you've been helping her, so thank you. She's a very important friend to me."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-13 21:16:46 28575
Takashi is innately guarded too, and in that sense, it's likely he and his new visitor might see eye-to-eye. It's perhaps the experienced fighter Makoto who, most of all, will be able to pick up on the fact that when Takashi is being sized up, he doesn't back down - he subconsciously raises himself up and leans in a bit - but that breaks for him the same time it does for Makoto, when Ami comes up to lean on him.

"She's very important to me, too." he says, nodding. "I'd help her anytime." he adds, letting Ami shift some of her weight over to the girl in the ponytail.

"And thank you for coming to see her - she really brightens up around her friends." he adds with a grin, shutting the door behind the trio.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 21:55:14 28578
Ami is more than happy to switch her lean from Takashi to Makoto. That is until Makoto hugs. It doesn't matter how gentle she's trying to be, the contact still hurts. Ami winces a little, but tries not to show it. Still, Makoto will likely notice.

"Yeah," Ami agrees quietly. "I mean, he did try to kill me kill me, not just playfully almost kill me. I should probably be a lot angrier than I am, but I just don't have the energy for anger. And besides, it's really not Kunzite's fault."

With the hug complete, Ami asks, "Can you help me over to the table? I'd like to eat like a civilized human being for once, and I am hungry. I've been dreaming of your cooking ever since you agreed to bring me food."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 22:10:57 28579
The moment that Ami winces, Makoto immediately eases off her grip, guilt and apology sweeping over her face. "Sorry," she murmurs.

And nods a little at what Ami says, mouth twisting with conflicted emotions. "I know," she says, the words coming out on a little sigh. "He's being used, like all of them, but that just makes it even worse." Her gaze slips past Ami to Takashi, guarded again, and Mako doesn't say anything else on the subject.

Instead, when Ami brings up food, she smiles as brightly as if the previous dark subject had never been. "Sure!" she agrees. "I bet you'll feel better for eating some real food, too." Her eyes sweep the room for the table in question. "Where--?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-13 22:25:55 28584
With Makoto inside and Ami leaning on her, Takashi leads them both through the living room and into the spacious dining room. The table is large, and elegant, and has probably never ever been used, by the looks of things. Much like the rest of the decor, it's modern and upscale, but while it's not entirely bare, it has that odd feeling of a model home - like it lacks the soul of a place that is truly lived in - it's a house rather than a home.

"What do you have? Do you need forks, spoons, knives?" Takashi asks, pulling open one of the drawers. He'd say more, but he also doesn't want to impose terribly. And, not knowing Makoto, he's not sure how to react. He's people'ing poorly again.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 22:28:12 28585
"I told her to bring fingerfood," Ami says as she lets Makoto help her into a chair. Ami leans forward on her elbows, unconcerned for being 'proper' at the moment. She sighs and rubs at her forehead. "Didn't want the risk of dropping my chopsticks on the floor like a toddler. My hands hurt almost worse than anything."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 22:40:48 28588
"As requested," Makoto chimes in easily after Ami's explanation, almost a sing-song. "Some dishes might be good, though, if we're being civilized. I didn't bring plates. Or cups."

Once Ami is settled into a chair, Mako unslings her bag from her shoulder and begins bringing out containers. One has neat rows of rice balls, made purposefully small, some plain and others seasoned; another offers an array of tartlet-sized mini-quiches. There are also some small steamed buns, a thermos of tea, an assortment of fresh fruit that includes apple slices with the peels cut into bunny ears, and some of the remainder of the week's chocolate adventure.

This last is in a small container which Mako slides directly over towards where Ami is sitting, apparently not intending it to be shared.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-13 22:46:57 28591
Takashi brings a few small plates - white china, not the usual 'afternoon snackfoods' plates, but literally all he has in this house - out and sets them at everyone's place, along with a glass for each of them, sitting not across from Ami, but not right next to her, a respectable distance.

"That explains why you haven't been on your tablet as much." he says to Ami, nodding a bit. He doesn't take any of the food himself, at least not yet. He knows enough to know he's a teritary component of this meeting right now.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 23:00:23 28594
Ami grimaces and nods to Takashi. "Yeah. Tablet's better than a real computer, but it still hurts," she admits, then smiles as Makoto starts bringing out the food.

"This," she says as she peers over the feast, "this is why I am grateful to Usagi-chan. I would never have made good friends without her. Oh my gosh, Mako-chan, you made so much. And it all looks (and smells) so delicious! Thank you!"

But of course, that box of chocolates gets the first open, and Ami's eyes widen as the smell of it hits her nose. She leans down to smell it again, then smiles a little dreamily before very slowly closing the box with a secretive smile on her face. "Ohmygosh," she says, then leans towards Makoto. "These smell so good."

And then, because she cannot be fussed to be patient or exceptionally polite, Ami reaches to put a mini-quiche and a few rice-balls on her plate, then adds bunny-apples. "Eat eat," Ami says to Takashi. "You've been using plenty of energy to keep me alive, you should eat better, too. I asked her to bring plenty."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 23:10:49 28596
Mako stays on her feet, pouring tea from the thermos into the cups that Takashi has set out and making sure that Ami can easily reach everything when she wants it. "You're welcome," she replies with a warm, fond smile. "It's pretty much all I can do right now, but you can't recover if you're not eating right. I'll bring you more any time you want." The reaction to the chocolate has her lidding her eyes for a moment, smile turning almost secretive, but then the moment passes.

Once Ami's situated, she finally takes a seat and begins picking out a few things to put on a plate for herself. There is definitely plenty for everyone; looking toward Takashi when Ami does, Makoto nods her agreement and gestures toward the spread with the bunny apple slice she's currently holding. "She's right, you should have some, too."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-13 23:38:04 28599
Takashi inclines his head a bit. "Thank you very much, Kino-san." It's not quite a bow - but you might could interpret it as almost that sort of gesture. He takes some of the offered food, pops it into his mouth, and his own eyes light up too.

"I have to admit, I can see why Ami-chan was so excited about your visit. This is amazing. My sincere compliments." he says, taking another peice perhaps a bit greedily.

"She hasn't been able to eat much of anything, until recently, so thank you again..." he adds. He turns to Ami. "You should've invited her to cook sooner." he adds, with a wink.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-13 23:46:06 28602
"Mmmhhh, I should have," Ami agrees happily as she chews on a rice-ball. Starting small. Starting easy. "I bet even her broth would taste better than yours," she notes to Takashi with a contented sigh. "Maybe Makoto should just move in with us here while I have to stay. She could cook for us, and help with things you can't, and in exchange I would give her all the hugs. So many hugs." This is starting to sound like Usagi-logic. Ami must be really bad off to stoop that level.

But she's also apparently starting to feel a little bold, too, because she pulls the Mercury tablet out of nowhere and puts it on the table. "Mmm, I do wonder," she murmurs, then trails off into reading something on the tablet.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-13 23:54:22 28604
Makoto laughs a little, pleased and possibly slightly mollified by the compliments. "Thanks," she says, reaching up to rub her hand self-consciously over the back of her neck. "I'm glad you're enjoying it."

Ami's suggestion has her raising her eyebrows in amusement. "I think Agera-san might object to moving me in here full-time," she says lightly, before the tablet comes out and she cranes her head to look curiously over from where she's sitting. "Hm? What are you looking up?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 00:05:30 28605
"Hey, I was still exhausted myself when I made that. I mean, you're probably right, but lets put things in perspective." Takashi laughs a bit... nervously? A bit... confused? At Ami's suggestion. It's obviously caught him out of left field. "I'm sure that wouldn't work for various reasons. We barely got your mother to not look too deep into this, after all." he says, due to having no knowledge of her family situation.

"It's easy to enjoy food this good." he says, nonchalantly, and then is distracted by Ami pulling out her tablet. He's curious too, but Makoto's already asked the question!
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 00:09:03 28607
"Oh, Makoto-chan's family wouldn't be a problem," Ami says absently as she continues skimming through some data on her tablet. She finishes off the first riceball, then nods her head and smiles at Makoto. "Just checking something with Eternity MAIN. Seeing if it has any records on subspace. Takashi-kun asked me to help him look into something."

She pauses, then leans forward to start inputting a few different commands. After a moment, she squints, then looks up to Makoto thoughtfully.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 00:17:54 28612
Someone would have to be watching Makoto's face to see the way that Makoto's smile kind of freezes when Ami mentions her family. It's just for half a heartbeat, and then it smooths away again and she tips her head in a little nod of confirmation that Ami's statement is indeed correct.

"Oh," she says immediately in response to Ami's explanation. "So, genius stuff I wouldn't be able to wrap my brain around. Okay." She seems to be willing to go with that, and puts a mini-quiche in her mouth, only to find Ami looking at her with that thoughtful expression. Her eyebrows quirk up questioningly.

Hastily she chews, swallows. "What?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 00:25:30 28616
Takashi doesn't pry and just accepts Ami's answer - and he's not watching Makoto enough to pick up on that moment of face fall. He can't help but finding himself far more distracted. "Okay, my turn to ask questions. What's an Eternity MAIN?" he says, curiouisly. "And why would it have records on Subspace?"

He leans over. There's a snack in his hand, but it's apparently been forgotten about because of the words Ami's spoken connecting in his brain in a way that only things that he doesn't know about, but wants to know about, can. When Ami's head comes up to look at Makoto, Takashi's head naturally follows. Which probably means now she feels like everybody is staring at her.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 00:30:42 28619
Ami's thoughtful expression turns into a frown. "I was just thinking about your boyfriend," she explains quietly. "Like, I'm trying to better understand how he fits into all of this. I should really research his past, but I've interacted with him so little. I dunno, I'll see what Eternity has to say about it later, when I'm not eating delicious food. It's too bad I don't have a scan of him using his powers. It'd be useful."

Then she turns to Takashi and explains, "My version of Axion. Well, kinda. Bigger than Axion. Ancient supercomputer with a personality. Though the personality is not ... quite as personally invested in me as Axion is in you. Err, it's complicated. But you understand."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 00:41:46 28622
Makoto's green eyes flick back and forth from Ami to Takashi to Ami, her expression growing distinctly more and more uncomfortable as Ami speaks - especially when Takashi starts looking at her too. "Um," she begins to say.

But whatever else she was planning on saying is immediately derailed when Ami says the word 'boyfriend' and Mako quickly blushes about three different shades of pink. "We're not actually dating or anything, you know," she protests in a slightly strangled voice. "I mean, for one thing I still don't actually have any way to know if anything he tells me is sincere or if he's just messing with my head." Because this is clearly the important part of what Ami was just talking about?
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 01:03:04 28625
Takashi frowns a bit just before he was about to eat that bite in his fingers, and has to pull it away to talk, leaving it abandoned once more. "If you were to get the idea of trying to spectate those powers would you at least warn me beforehand so I don't have to rely on sheer luck to catch you out of the sky if something goes wrong again?" he says, his voice somewhere between mocking and actually quite stern.

" know, depending on who it is, I might have a scan. I've watched a fair few." he comments. "But I can't say I have data for every magical hero and villian in Tokyo, so it's not a guarantee." Then Ami mentions an anciuent supercomputer with a personality and everyone at the table can probably see Takashi's eyes and face light up.

Makoto's commentary gets a head tilt from him, though. Pulling him away from his interest in technobabble for just a moment. He opens his mouth to say something... but then thinks better of it. Instead, he switches gears. "Is this not-your-boyfriend..." He struggles with how to say it politely. " Kunzite and Chiba?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 02:29:37 28650
Ami waves a hand at Makoto, dismissing her concerns. "I know, I know," she says as she starts nibbling on the quiche. "But he might as well be, and more importantly is figuring out how to make him not evil anymore, right? Which is what I'm working on."

Here, she turns to Takashi and notes, "Yes, he's like Kunzite and Chiba in that he is evil but should not be. No he is not like them in that he's less of a jerk. Her boyfriend is kinda smooth. Like ... wowsmooth. I actually do kinda have a scan of him, being all powerful, but his powers were mixing in with another person's and I was a little distracted because I was watching for something else, but oh man he was smooth like melted ice cream that day. It was ... um. Wow." Pause. "Oh geeze, I'm rambling, and I'm saying things I probably shouldn't. I'm sorry, Mako-chan," she whines, looking to Makoto worriedly.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 02:38:55 28652
Makoto's face as Ami speaks is a study. She was already blushing, but the more Ami says the redder Mako's face gets and the wider her eyes get, until at last she gives up and just buries her face in both hands as an alternative to trying to find a way to spontaneously sink through the floor and disappear. "No," she manages, voice muffled and a bit too high-pitched, "it's okay. Really."

Breathe, she tells herself. *Breathe.* It takes a deep breath, and then another, before she gets enough of a hold on herself to peek across the table between her fingers at the other two. "He's... one of Mamoru-san and Kunzite's brothers," she ventures to explain, still muffled. "It's complicated. And up until last month he hadn't been in Tokyo since the summer so I don't know if you'd have had a chance to get scans of him or anything..."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 02:58:24 28662
Takashi leans over, a smirk on his face, waving his hand in front of her face jokingly. "I'm starting to worry about you, Ami-chan. First the bit about falling for Kunzite, now the way you're gushing over this other dark guy." he says. "Maybe that's the sort of guy you're looking for." he adds, and then he has to blink. Why was that a thing he said? But before he can self-analyze any further, that line of thought is cut off by the way Makoto's face is suddenly lighting up the house with red. The house across the street.

After smirking a bit - as he is often known for doing - he does get a bit more serious. "Like I said, I'm willing to help if I can. But I don't know if I've ever encountered the guy. If you can get me that information though, Ami-chan, I can probably try to isolate his signature from the rest. Worst case I fail and you're back at the start but... I really like difficult puzzles. So worst cast it'll be a fun challenge."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 03:02:39 28665
It's Ami's turn to blush, just a little, at Takashi's observation. "H-hey!" she says, rubbing at her arms uncomfortably. "It's not like that. I told you, I help out Virtue with things just like this! Freeing Kunzite and Mamoru from their brain-washing is my job, and I take it very seriously! My interests are strictly scientific and altruistic."

But the idea of giving him the data gives her pause. "I'll consider it, but you have to give me something in return. Like, say, schematics on Axion's artificial intelligence. I'd love to learn how that works."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 03:32:22 28678
The sound that Makoto makes in her throat sounds something akin to 'ugh!' She drops her hands from her face to lie flat on the surface of the table and eyes Takashi, looking - despite the lingering blush coloring her face - like she's considering taking exception to something he said.

Ultimately, though, she glances sidelong at Ami and seems to decide against it. Leaning back in her seat, she looks up at the ceiling instead. "I haven't heard anything from Nephrite since that time," she says. "He might have gotten his mind whammied again, like Kunzite. I'll find out in a little while, probably."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 03:37:08 28680
Takashi smirks. "Well, I can try, but it's all in mid-magic. Which, as far as I can tell, is different than what you do. The adaptation work isn't a project you probably want to take on solo. But I might be more productive on your energy isolation project with someone to watch the data with me. So we can likely trade each other some time help as well as actual information." he says, after thinking on it for a moment.

The fact that Makoto doesn't actually act on the way she's mentally taking exception to it doesn't mean he doesn't notice the movement of the hands, and he makes a downwards motion with his palm. "I didn't mean anything by it. Really, I'm offering to help. If he's got the same kinda 'problems' as Kunzite does, though... as nice as it is to meet Ami-chan's friends, and as delicious as your food is, it could've happened with different circumstances as the catalyst. You should be careful you don't end up poisoned, too."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 03:51:01 28684
"Mid-magic?" Ami asks confusedly. "Oh is that the language your device speaks? Interesting. I've known a few that are uh ... I think they're called Belkan? It's similar to German. I've spoken with the devices in it, although it sounds a little weird. I'm not always sure I fully understand it."

Ami shrugs, then finishes off her quiche before looking back to Makoto. "I know you really want to meet him, and want him to be well, but promise me you're going to be careful? With me like this, I can't keep an eye on you like you asked. If there's even a hint that he's drawing you into someplace where you can't be with the public, run. Okay?"
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 04:10:13 28693
"Well," Makoto reasons, sitting forward again and let's be real totally glossing over most of the smart-person talk, "if Mamoru-san's anything to go by, chances are he won't even remember who I am if they've taken the evil lasers to his brain again. Then he just won't answer my text and we'll be back to square one."

She props her elbows on the table, laces her fingers together. As she lets out a breath, her expression grows more serious. "...I know," she says, more quietly, to both Takashi and Ami. "I will be careful, I promise. I don't know if I can promise to stay in public. Getting through to him won't do any good if it backfires all over everyone 'cause She was watching him."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 04:37:19 28701
"Speaks, is programmed in. It's wholy different than standard computers. We're talking like the difference between binary and quantum, but maybe octuple that." he says, and he somehow manages to look only a little smug. "There's a reason people see it as magic." he says.

"That's Belkan. It's like German, but it's also not in some places - it's different. My Armed Device, Frost Knight Iceni's, speaks Belkan. Midchildan is what Axion speaks. It's smarter but less suited for that kind of... up close work. Midchildan sounds close to English but it's also not quite. I'm sure there's a root language or some cultural crossover, but it's not exactly easy to leave Earth to check."

He nods to Makoto. "Well, you also can't get through to anyone if you're dead. At least like, practice Safe Saving or something and have a buddy on overwatch. It's unwise to rely on random chance that someone will come by while you're dying. Fate may choose to be unkind that day." he says, a bit coldly.

"Look, you're Ami-chan's friend - and you let me eat some absolutly delicious food - so it's in my interests to try to help wherever I can. All you gotta do is ask."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 04:55:02 28708
Ami frowns at Makoto, then notes, "If Kunzite is anything to go by, he will remember you." So she produces a small device shaped like a lunar crescent, then offers it to Makoto. "Will you at least keep this on you? Preferably on your collar," or your bow. "It's a camera linked to the ... uh ... computer. I can monitor what's happening and alert the others if anything goes terribly wrong." Spying. Apparently this is Ami's new thing.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 05:24:53 28714
Makoto falls quiet for a short interval, conflicted emotions playing out over her face as she looks at the device that Ami's holding out to her. "That could get embarrassing," she comments with a rueful smile. "But..." reaching out, she takes the little crescent device from Ami's hand. "It'd be even more embarrassing if I got killed because I was too careless. I can't really argue with you guys about that."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 05:29:27 28717
Takashi looks at Makoto. "Well, it's not a bad solution. I'd considered rigging up something like a heartrate or energy monitor, but based on the way both of you blushed just talking about him, I think it'd be indistingusihable wether you were under attack or wether he was just whispering in your ear." he says, half joking, half entirely serious. "So some way to tell what's going on would be ideal. You're worried about 'her' watching, we might as well just even that playing field."

He does, however, note Ami's rather quick jump to spying. Gonna have to run a magical bugsweep at this rate once she's gone.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 05:34:44 28720
Ami smiles at Makoto and hands the device off. "Just keep it on you. I promise if things get steeamy I won't let Takashi-kun watch. And I will be completely professional in my analysis of what I see. Like a doctor. I promise," she reassures her friend. "I just don't want you to get hurt. You're my best friend." Along with Usagi-chan. And Rei-chan. And some days Minako-chan.
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 05:50:39 28727
A fresh blush rises in Makoto's cheeks at Takashi's comments, and she very studiously focuses all of her attention on pinning the device to the collar of her school uniform with much more care than the task really requires. "Things are definitely not going to get steamy," she protests uselessly.

When she looks back over to Ami, though still pink in the face, she's smiling. "I know," she says in a softer tone. "And I'll feel better knowing you're looking out for me. Just... don't tease me about it later, okay?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 06:09:05 28729
Takashi leans over. "I'm sure I can find something more interesting to do with my time than watch Kino-san and her partner duplicate a romance manga in live form." he adds, completly ignoring her protests. "I can promise not to tease you about what happened on Ami-chan's little device, as I will not have seen that." he adds with another grin.

"I've given you all the warnings I could, though. Might also want to keep Ami-chan informed of where you can be so I can get there if need be. I don't think she's in much shape to be fighting right now."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 06:38:03 28741
"I won't tease you," Ami promises Makoto, as she reaches out to take her friend's hand. She gives it a gentle squeeze, winces, then sits back in her chair with a sigh. "Ugh, so tired," she mumbles. "Mako-chan, I'm really glad you're here, but I think trying to walk around and exercise, plus eating, and the excitement of this ..." she trails off.

"I think I need to take a nap. I'd offer you to stay but I'll probably be boring until tomorrow. Good luck with him. I'll set the M.. the computer to wake me up when you are near him so I can watch." Grabbing her box of chocolates, Ami starts pushing herself to her feet. There is a couch waiting to receive her, and she is not going to keep it waiting. "Takashi-kun, will you put the food away so we can reheat it later? It's so tasty. I don't want it to go to waste."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 07:01:05 28746
This time, Makoto actually gives Takashi a stinkeye for a moment, although she relents somewhat when he stops teasing and starts giving actual advice, and nods in reply. "I will."

She catches herself in time to refrain from squeezing Ami's hand when Ami squeezes hers, and instead reaches out with her other hand to gently touch the back of the one holding hers. "Get some rest," she says, smiling again. "And feel better. I'll text you if I manage to get hold of Nephrite so you'll know where I'm going."

As Ami starts to rise, Mako also gets to her feet, moving to offer an arm if Ami needs it.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 07:09:18 28747
"You're still getting tired easily." Takashi notes, in a researcher's sort of voice, just noting it as a fact. "I'm not going to waste any of this food, no. It'd be a sin of the lowest order!" he says with a grin. But first, he stays near Ami and Makoto. The tall girl is more than strong enough to support her friend, but she might notice Takashi staying close as she walks anyways.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-14 07:11:59 28750
Ami gladly accepts Makoto's help in reaching the couch. She leans on Makoto a little more than she might even if she were normally exhausted. It's telling to just how much energy she's spending on existing right now. But eventually she reaches the couch, and places the box of chocolates down on the table nearby. "Thank you, Mako-chan," she says quietly. "Really. For everything."
Makoto Kino 2016-02-14 07:14:27 28751
Mako takes the time to make sure Ami's comfortably situated on the couch, and then she leans to drop a kiss on the top of her friend's head with a light, easy "mwah." Yes, she actually says the sound effect out loud. "Any time."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-14 07:16:22 28752
This time with no distracting science talk Takashi does actually walk Makoto to the door. "Kino-san, thank you for the food. And for the time. I think she actually does a little bit better each time her friends come around. And I think she gets sick of talking to me all day." he adds with a wink as he opens the door for her. "It was nice meeting you."