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3829 Active Sora Hisakata No Title Set No Description Set
3809 Finished Ami Mizuno Catching Up With Joy Ami and Joy catch up before going on patrol.
3806 Finished Yasumi Yumeji A Scanner Dreamily A few days after The Last Nightmare, Sailor Mercury invites Kotomi to the Park to scan her and see what she can figure out about Kotomi's magical potential.
3796 Finished Naru Osaka Cheeseborkers and milkshakes Riley, Naru and Ami have a quick chat in the Crown over junkfood.
3787 Finished Yasumi Yumeji Dreamer On The Roof Out on patrol, Sailor Mercury comes across Kotomi trying to transform. They chat a bit about Kotomi's situation.
3781 Finished Ami Mizuno Riley and Ami chat over Riley kicking bu … No Description Set
3761 Finished Naru Osaka Chatter in the park A tumble over a bike, and some chatter under a tree on a beautiful summer's day.
3754 Finished Ami Mizuno A Chat in the Library Alex and Ami chat in the library--from thermodynamics, to injury, to single-mindedness.
3686 Paused Ami Mizuno No Title Set No Description Set
3679 Active Naru Osaka No Title Set No Description Set
3594 Finished Ami Mizuno Studying and a Sleepover Usagi and Luna come over to Ami's for studying and a sleepover. Cute fluffiness inside.
3587 Unfinished Kukai Souma Numbers Don't Make A Lot Of Sense Kukai runs into Ami in the Crown cafe, and they have a discussion about recent events. She offers to tutor him and he accepts.
3575 Finished Ami Mizuno Ami Confronts Her Friends Ami confronts Rei, Mako, and Neil about attacking Takashi in Ireland. There are explanations and tears and make-ups (not of the magical kind!).
3559 Finished Ami Mizuno Introductions and Information Ami meets Millie and the new Cure tells Ami and Kyouko what's going on with Signum and Zafira's plot--what she knows of it, anyway.
3545 Finished Unmei Tama Blue and Green No Description Set
3511 Active Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3498 Finished Masu Yogoshi Cramming away During Cram school, Ami runs into a strange young woman who is struggling to stay awake. Apparently Masu goes to the same cram school she does. The two talk for a bit, after all, as two perfectly normal girls without any magical powers at all, they have a lot to talk about.
3495 Finished Rosalie Janus Bad News Ami tracks down Akari, and delivers the bad news about the situation with Lacrima. But there is hope.
3492 Finished Mamoru Chiba Halloween 2018: I Really Really Deserve … Halloween party at the ECFH!
3491 Finished Naru Osaka Treat or Treat! Naru and Ami both had similar bright ideas about leaving treats for the Senshi at school.
3482 Finished Lacrima Sorry Taka-sama...! Sorry Takashi, Lacrima may had told Ami where you're staying currently so she can deliver your Belkan device personally and maybe also give you hugs.
3397 Finished Masu Yogoshi Take two and call me in the morning Tarnished opens her own health store! Unfortunately, there are always little magical girls running around and ruining all her best plans. Sigh. Seriously?! Why would -- OH MY GOSH MERCURY'S SPINE! I'm so sorry!
3336 Unfinished Takashi Agera Just Two Normal Geniuses No Description Set
3299 Finished Rei Hino Tea and Supervillain Breakups After Mirai, Ami comes to Rei with her feelings about Takashi
3279 Finished Takashi Agera No Title Set No Description Set
3275 Unfinished Lacrima No Title Set No Description Set
3271 Finished Miho Kagami Hello Darkness, My New Friend Miho and the others wake up in Kunzite's palace just in time for Mamoru to show up in ghost-form. Then something even more surprising happens!
3250 Unfinished Ami Mizuno No Title Set No Description Set
3245 Active Ami Mizuno No Title Set No Description Set
3211 Unfinished Sakura Kinomoto Cold stars tutoring No Description Set
3202 Active Kazuo Takeba No Title Set No Description Set
3193 Finished Nanoha Takamachi Pinpoint Bread Bombardment Nanoha and Fate go to feed some ducks! They meet Ami Mizuno and talk vaugely about Riventon and also pinpoint bread bombard ducks with bread. It's quackers!
3190 Active Ami Mizuno No Title Set No Description Set
3162 Finished Takashi Agera Calm Before... No Description Set
3153 Finished Stahlritter No Title Set No Description Set
3143 Active Ami Mizuno No Title Set No Description Set
3132 Finished Makio Ryu Rumors over Study Time Makio lets Ami in on current events as they meet up to hit the books.
3111 Finished Sailor Earth Oceans of Ice With Ami.
3087 Finished Stahlritter Frosty And Fiery A couple of random meetings in a park lead to Ami and Kriegsfauste ganging up on Alex about taking care of himself. Bonus Lacrima, Lucky, and sleepy unicorn!
3073 Finished Kazuo Takeba Difficult Kazuo talks with Ami about Sailor Earth. Ami brings up the elephant in the room. Kazuo is REALLY not Usagi.
3064 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Entire Living Room To Ourselves Ami and Usagi get together for cookies and catch-up. (Unfinished scene)
3046 Finished Mamoru Chiba New Year's Eve 2017 Like it says on the tin.
3038 Finished Kazuo Takeba Private Consultations Mamoru and Kazuo enlist Ami's help in figuring out what's going wrong with their powers. (Unfinished scene)
3036 Finished Makio Ryu Parental and Relation Squables Over Tea Ami drops in on the 'missing' Makio and they talk studying, Makio's parental figures, and Ami's status in the dating relm.
3025 Finished Ami Mizuno THUD Alexis is recovering. Kukai and Ami find out what this means.
3019 Finished Stahlritter Some Weakness Of Body Is To Be Expected Alexis wakes.
3018 Finished Naru Osaka Surprise Meter, Busted Naru, Kazuo, and Kukai fill Ami in on the Alexis rescue.
3004 Finished Rashmi Terios Secrets and Strawberry Ami and Rashmi catch up on the clues in Lacrima's pendant, and talk about next steps in the plans for Alexis-rescue.
2998 Finished Lacrima Broken Lockets Lacrima asks for help from Ami Mizuno to try to figure out what's in her locket Alexis-niisan gave her for her Birthday. Apparently vital information!
2997 Finished Naru Osaka Muffins and school notes Naru and Ami chat over fresh baked muffins.
2990 Finished Naru Osaka Studying at the Crown It always starts as studying, in theory, but the application of more friends and milkshakes makes it more into gossip than studious.
2984 Finished Lacrima Let The Right One In~ Lacrima holds a Halloween Party to try to make herself feel better. Poderoso shows up but gets decked hard. Kukai crossdresses as Lacrima for Halloween. Lacrima laughs for the first time since she was human.
2975 Finished Takashi Agera This Spice Isn't Nice! Eclipse has put dark energy in the city's Pumpkin Spice supply!
2973 Finished Minako Aino Mina Stay Out Of It! Minako runs into Ami at the Crown and they talk about Takashi and Schools but mostly Takashi and Minako's mom saves the day via a chore phone call from Ami having to answer any more awkward questions!
2970 Finished Takashi Agera Brain Freeze Takashi and Ami intersect at the Crown. It's never easy.
2968 Finished Kazuo Takeba Rather Overparanoid Than Under Kyouko and Naru report back to Rashmi, Mercury, and Kazuo about what happened when they visited the Raskoph household. Conclusion: Alexis's mom is scary.
2962 Finished Mamoru Chiba Wrong Marginalia Just natter at the Crown.
2845 Finished Miku Kohinata Anger Management A miscommunication prompts Ami to contact Rashmi. This turns out to be a good thing; Ami really needs somebody to talk to, and (non-)relationship problems give rise to metaphysics.
2844 Finished Kazuo Takeba Riven Reports Kazuo tells Ami and Ikiko about Riventon's reappearance, in the park, with Fate and youma. Okay, mostly with youma. This goes about as well as most conversations between Kazuo and Ami do. Bonus: Kazuo and Ikiko consider what this might mean for Ayana, who's still having her own problems.
2790 Finished Ami Mizuno A Certain Moral Razor Rashmi transfers knowledge to Ami from Lacrima, and a discussion about ethics and limits ensues.
2753 Finished Hannah Sharpe GTLK: Punchervention Hannah goes on a camping trip! Straight into the jaws of loving intervention. Punching happens and someone gets shot.
2747 Finished Kazuo Takeba Quality Assurance Rashmi and Mercury have A Plan! Or a part of a plan, anyway. Koji and Kunzite's jobs: attempt to test it to destruction. Rashmi gets a deeply uncomfortable win. Also, Haruna introduces them to Unity Loop.
2702 Finished Ami Mizuno Barriers to Entry Rashmi is a clever girl, and helps Ami devise a strategy to prevent Hannah from escaping a barrier.
2693 Finished Mamoru Chiba Like a Kicked Beehive With Lasers Mamoru asks Koji and Rashmi over to ask for their help in curbstomping Hannah to fix her linker core.
2690 Finished Hannah Sharpe Hannah Sharpe Is An Idiot Miss Snowe, a.k.a. Ami Mizuno, offers Hannah a solution to her problems. Hannah Sharpe is a stubborn idiot.
2685 Finished Kyouko Sakura A Pertinent Investigation Ami examines Kyouko's Soul Gem to see if she can learn anything about Hannah's Linker Core, since Kyouko is carrying a sliver of it. Daisuke is there too.
2671 Finished Ayana Tasogare Organ-ick things Makoto's been asked to check up on Ami. Ami is SCIENCING. ... not entirely comfortably. Makoto gets to learn things about Linker Cores. And vampires.
2670 Finished Ami Mizuno What is she even thinking!? Haruna comes to talk to Ami abou Hannah. Mamoru and Kunzite gang up with additional information. Ami does a very good job of not devolving into ragemonster /or/ crybaby. But Hannah gonna get it.
2660 Finished Ayana Tasogare Calculated Takashi makes it out of the Maze. Ami is waiting ... with takoyaki?
2659 Finished Sakura Kinomoto ForestFIRE! The fire card reveals itself! A number of magical girls defeat it, then Riventon steals it. Sakura is left unconscious and drained.
2651 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki Structurally Sound Nagihiko and Kukai meet with Sailor Mercury for help. By which we mean, Rhythm REALLY wants to pet mooncats.
2648 Finished Takashi Agera Just Business Takashi's been given another assignment by Eclipse. Of course Lacrima comes to help. Of course several other people come to stop him. Like Rashmi Terios and her familiar Chandra. Like Sakura Kinomoto. Like his maybe-ex-girlfriend...
2641 Finished Kazuo Takeba Leaving Scars Sailor Mercury and Endymion combine her research (that is, her repurposing some of Lacrima's and Miss White's techniques, in combination with the Maze card) and his magic to give Alexis another chance at being a human being. Well. A teenager, anyway. Close enough. (Content warning: language, detailed injuries.)
2628 Finished Ami Mizuno Just Dark Things Ami explains to Lacrima what they were able to do for Alexis. There are cookies. There are also what amounts to dark energy cookies.
2626 Finished Stahlritter Alex In Chains Alexis went medieval on the amusement park and summarily got dumped in the ECFH. In chains, yes. There is discussion and testing of heals and a momentarily wiggy near death experience.
2611 Finished Sayaka Miki A desperate call for help Sayaka seeks help from Ami/Sailor Mercury for saving Alex from himself.
2608 Finished Kukai Souma We All Have To Ask For Help Kukai finally breaks down and asks the smartest person he knows, Sailor Mercury, for help with the Twin Card situation.
2599 Finished Ami Mizuno Steak, Melon Tea, and Pretending Minako asks Ami about VAMPIRES! And being research help! Ami takes preemptive revenge for the latter.
2597 Finished Mamoru Chiba Ami's Rebound Dude Ami and Mako and Kunzite go looking for immortality paperwork in the City of the Dead. They find the guy who hoards it, and he wants to date Ami so he can steal her energy with kisses. Unfortunately for Mako and Kunzite, his minions are pretty handsy. Fortunately for Ami and Kunzite, Mako objects wholeheartedly to handsy vampire smart-guy archaeologists who take advantage of rebound dates.
2595 Finished Ami Mizuno At Your Own Pace Ami's come to Mako's place bearing ingredients for a sleepover. Also bearing uncertainty over a present from Takashi.
2565 Finished Kukai Souma Common Depression When Sailor Mercury wants to talk about Kukai's recent body-switch with Lacrima, he ends up talking about some things he's been hiding...
2548 Finished Ami Mizuno Making Amends Ami and Minako have a lot to work out.
2544 Finished Lacrima FIFTEEN Burgers!? Norie Eats Burgers. Talks to Ami Mizuno about Takashi. Annoys Motoki.
2536 Finished Naru Osaka Crown Shenanigans ft. Mysterious Illness Social scene at the Crown; Seth reveals he's very sick, but doesn't want to talk about it.
2515 Finished Ami Mizuno Planning to Come Out Makoto and Usagi managed to keep Ami from falling into the depths of her own despair, but Rei's been hiding for almost a year. Worried for her friend, and finally able to see beyond herself, Ami goes to rescue Rei from her own fears.
2504 Finished Hope Kanata Twilight- Princess of Despair!? On Valentine's Day, Haruka gifts Prince Kanata homemade chocolate. They are quickly interrupted by Twilight, Princess of Despair, who has some choice words for the Princess of Flowers.
2501 Finished Ami Mizuno Surrogates Takashi finds out why Ami is upset. Ami presents him with a Mercury Bear. Things, somewhat inevitably, go very wrong.
2497 Finished Usagi Tsukino TOKYO UNIVERSITY IS A BUNCH OF DUMMY HEA … Usagi is outraged! How dare TU reject Ami! Ami is the smartest girl ever! Oh hey, let's talk plushies!
2495 Finished Makoto Kino Misery Loves Company Ami got some letters! Ami is *super nervous* about her letters so she comes for a sleepover at Makoto's apartment and it's up to Makoto to play 'good news, bad news'. On the bright side, drilling Mako on conversational English makes an excellent distraction from crushing disappointment?
2482 Finished Ami Mizuno Linguistic Considerations Makoto and Ami discuss the value of learning other languages when it comes to impressing your boyfriend's family.
2474 Finished Ami Mizuno Without Obligation Ami goes to visit Takashi on Valentine's Day.
2469 Finished Ami Mizuno Brownie Points Makoto and Ami made brownies at the frathouse. A few people come to investigate. There may be some minor drama. Nothing a bit of chocolate and milk can't wash away! Right?
2468 Finished Ami Mizuno Who do we appreciate Ami and Makoto discuss boys and chocolates. There might be cake.
2462 Finished Ami Mizuno The Right Words Mamoru helps Ami explain why the rumourmill has been running her through the mud. Takashi realises he's jumped to the wrong conclusions. Maybe a kiss happens. Probably not.
2460 Finished Unmei Tama TAKE BACK YOUR EARS! OKAY?!! JUST TAKE T … Unmei is freaking out and eventually snogs an unwilling Ami. Surely this will have no repercussions on the young girl.
2450 Finished Ami Mizuno Amazing Rescue Ami has finally figured the way out of the maze! Too bad her friends have come to save her.
2399 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Lost between worlds. Ami decides to take a shortcut through time and space. Maze decides to make that less shortcut and more long haul.
2393 Finished Takashi Agera Cards and Consequences Ami has some rather pointed concerns about the whole 'my boyfriend stole from a TEN YEAR OLD' thing.
2391 Finished Naru Osaka Gonna kill him! A text from Sakura prompts an impressive reaction from Ami when Naru shows her.
2377 Finished Ami Mizuno Cheaters Never Prosper But they might make second place!
2375 Finished Rei Hino Still Friends Ami gently nudges Rei into actually resolving things between her and Usagi.
2374 Finished Mamoru Chiba Touching Conversations Ami has a problem, and to Mamoru's surprise, she comes to him with it -- and 'why' is fairly awkward, all things considered. Now with bonus burfee!
2370 Finished Kazuo Takeba Terms And (Medical) Conditions Mercury starts looking into Alexis's condition. So does Kunzite. Alexis is really not sure what he thinks about this.
2359 Finished Takashi Agera Possibly Premature Celebration Takashi takes Ami out to celebrate exams being over, and talk about the Dusk Zone.
2319 Finished Nanami Hamakawa Thank god for elevators. Nanami makes a detour on the way home, and tells people about what happened at Hikawa Shrine. Mamoru sort of explodes over it, and Ami decides Alcyone is best dog to cuddle at that moment.
2313 Finished Ami Mizuno Doctor's Orders While recovering from being gutted on a scribble, Makoto and Nephrite come to cheer Ami up a little. Unfortunately, Ami's into some pretty deep thoughts, and neither of the stars-blessed lovers have any reason to convince her to avoid them.
2302 Finished Mamoru Chiba Must Be Tuesday Mamoru gets the cool-dad version of the grounded talk from Neph, and then people come back from fighting a witch with a lot of pieces missing and everything gets Very Emergency.
2300 Finished Kyouko Sakura Power Draws Power It's been a while since there's been a major Witch in Tokyo.
2295 Finished Naru Osaka Studying with a side of Segfault Exams are rapidly approaching, and Ami, Naru and Hannah take to the Crown to study. There may also have been some catching up and surprises.
2294 Finished Ami Mizuno Dusk Discussions Ami talks with Kunzite a little, about Takashi's mother.
2276 Finished Takashi Agera Normal Doesn't Happen To Us Ami and Takashi start the new year off wrong. And then maybe sorta right.
2274 Finished Kazuo Takeba All The Future Stretches Out NYE part 1: the bulk of the open party at Mamoru's apartment.
2269 Finished Takashi Agera Christmas In Another Hemisphere Christmas still comes in South America!
2218 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Ami Gossips Toniiiiight~! In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Ami gets an unexpected vidcall from one of her best friends. Breakups are hard! Future Disney Movie Dates are made, and Takashi is grossly adorable.
2214 Finished Ami Mizuno Good Morning, Good Bye Ami comes over to Usagi's house early in the morning. She's there to tell her friend she's leaving for awhile. Tight hugs and assurances that Ami doesn't want to quit the team are exchanged.
2139 Finished Ami Mizuno Bento Ami goes to tell Makoto she's going to South America. It goes about like Ami expected.
2134 Finished Naru Osaka Packing and unpacking Ami is packing for her trip, and the conversation with Naru is unpacking all sorts of questions and concerns.
2131 Finished Takashi Agera All Expenses Paid Takashi surprises Ami after school with an offer! Naru and Kunzite surprise both of them (and themselves) by not telling Ami that going to South America with her evil boyfriend is a terrible idea.
2074 Finished Seijuro Ginga Congratulations On Being A WHAT A Cardian attacks OSA-P Jewelers. Magical girls respond! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Jupiter! ... Naru? With a flamethrower?
2047 Finished Ami Mizuno Venus Intersects Mercury Minako's back -- and Ami wants to make sure it's for real.
2038 Finished Takashi Agera Salt of the Earth Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.
2026 Finished Takashi Agera Mercurial Gifts The effort Takashi put into Ami's birthday present proves to be literally out of this world.
2021 Finished Usagi Tsukino Your Boyfriend is a Buttmunch...IS HE OK … Ami gets a visit from a tattling Usagi. Post 'Black is the New Orange.'
1918 Finished Takashi Agera Contains Artificial Color Takashi shows Ami his current project: an attempt to create an artificial Chroma Crystal, in the hope of restoring the missing color to the world. Surely with Ami's oversight no trouble can come from this!
1834 Finished Naru Osaka Chipping Naru When one can't quite text quickly enough to call for help, now Naru has her very own tracking device. And grilled cheese sanwiches with chutney.
1829 Finished Ami Mizuno Painfully True and Incredibly Annoying Zoisite has news for Ami! Ami is not happy about this.
1805 Finished Usagi Tsukino Reconcile or Face the Tears Usagi has had it up to the ceiling! She gets Makoto and Ami together to talk things out. Usagi is a professional and does NOT threaten them with tears! In the end, tears and candy and hugs are shared!
1797 Finished Ami Mizuno Ballerina Booboos Sailor Mercury continues to avoid using her Mercury Pen in favor of the Belkan device, and Cure Flora gets another injury as they team up against a youma. Afterwards, Mercury helps treat Flora's injuries, and Flora gives Mercury a lot to think about.
1781 Finished Takashi Agera Pizza Peacemaking Ami tries to run damage control with Takashi over Kyouko's lab invasion. It takes about thirty seconds for this to slide sideways into dark energy discussion and careful relationship negotiation.
1778 Finished Kazuo Takeba Ambushed by Philosophy Ami and Kunzite discuss the current Kyouko-Takashi fight. Also responsibility and consequences, the definition of evil, and where the boundary is between taking one's word seriously and acting like a paranoid lawyer.
1774 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Two Evil Non-Exes. Ami and Haruna talk about thier evil signifigant others.
1771 Finished Ami Mizuno Consultations Are Not Tea Parties Eilam follows up on Homura's referring him to Sailor Mercury. Her needing to run the analysis with Eiszapfen instead of the Mercury Computer doesn't help any...
1766 Finished Usagi Tsukino A Grumpy Bunny and Ami Hugs Usagi confronts Ami after finding out about the fight between her and Makoto. She's grumpy at first but then moves past it to cuddle her friend!
1765 Finished Ami Mizuno Assistant Archivist Mercury introduced Gutai to Tadase. Gutai being her proposed assistant with the archives! Gutai also being Naru Osaka.
1761 Finished Zoisite Why Are You Still Here Ami is trying to study for entrance exams. Zoisite turns up to Not Help. There is bad language. And stomping. And crying. And throwing ice cream.
1736 Finished Takashi Agera Sorry Takashi has a lot to work out with Ami. A whole lot. One conversation is not enough even to finish listing and defining all the problems.
1728 Finished Ami Mizuno Beyond Everyone's Paygrade Naru comes to check on Ami, who's been being even less social lately. Ami has a project she wants Naru's help with. Annnd possibly a boyfriend again?
1706 Finished Usagi Tsukino Preparing For the MAIN Event Ami visits Usagi to get her permission to use the Eternity MAIN to help Virtue and plots to bring Naru on board. And apparently, Serenity kept a diary of sorts?
1700 Finished Ami Mizuno A laundry list of mistakes Ami and Makoto talk privately for the first time since Makoto got free from Takashi's captivity. Ami realizes all too late just how important the 'best' in 'best friends' really is to her.
1693 Finished Tadase Hotori Planning Committee Tadase and Lindy meet up with Sailor Mercury to discus preparations for Virtue's new Archives.
1684 Finished Madoka Akemi Disaster Relief Charity Ball What happens when you mix charity, snobbery, Magical Heroes, birthdays, and the Clash? Inquire within to find out!
1680 Finished Usagi Tsukino Dress Shopping! Usagi and Ami go dress shopping for the charity ball!
1678 Finished Tadase Hotori Archives and Awkward Requests Virtue wants to build a data archive, and who better to help than Ami? Also Tadase has a request outside of Virtue Business.
1675 Finished Hannah Sharpe Snowe-White Demonstration Time! (Content warning: Mad science, biological variety.) 'Ms. Snowe' consults with Miss White on how exactly Devices work. Say. THIS Device, right here, this frosted-over halberd...
1671 Finished Ayana Tasogare Tiny Goddess of Art and Coke Post-asteroid, Ami wakes up in the ECFH. And desperately needs caffeine. Fortunately there is a Naru! She has Questions.
1670 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki Blue and Purple. Blurple? Nadeshiko meets Ami, over video game competition. ... Rhythm is a fan!
1664 Finished Fiore Moon Revenge "On your closed eyes, I kiss you goodbye. I have left you behind in the garden of time."
1659 Finished Ami Mizuno Welcome Back, Mako-chan! Makoto is back, her nullheart is defeated, and the Inner Senshi girls are enjoying some together time.
1653 Finished Kazuo Takeba Reap the Whirlwind Makoto is on a mission: to save herself and Nephrite from an endless cycle of duty and death. Makoto is on a mission: to stop herself from doing just that. Riventon is on a mission: science. And Mamoru's apartment is now on fire.
1623 Finished Usagi Tsukino Without a Gardener Discovering that Makoto's either drenched in dark energy or has been replaced, three senshi and Nephrite are...not happy.
1622 Finished Ami Mizuno Half Way To Never Ami and Takashi meet for the first time since they broke up. It's supposed to be dinner and an informational exchange about Fiore, but as everything with these two, it winds up being so much more complicated. One of them leaves in tears, and the chess board judges them both.
1607 Finished Ami Mizuno Deprivation Ami is working herself to sleep exhaustion over the Fiore issue. Usagi comes to help by trying to trick her into sleeping!
1599 Finished Kazuo Takeba Reasons To Hate This Weekend Ami Mizuno may possibly be having the worst weekend of her life. Kunzite and Mamoru 'help.'
1591 Finished Ami Mizuno Derpy Lion Ami. Naru. The aforementioned lion. Also, projects and dating issues.
1590 Finished Takashi Agera Anger Mismanagement Ami finds Makoto playing catch with boys. No, we mean actually *throwing the boys*. It seems that Jupiter is not dealing well with what happened to Nephrite. And Jupiter just might be done with the prices she's paying...
1575 Finished Kazuo Takeba Cookies, Carpets, and Calculations Kunzite calls Ami over to get a sample of alien blood. Ami does something more alien: asking for help.
1540 Finished Usagi Tsukino Confessions of the Platonic Heart Platonic Love, Break-Ups, and Chemistry, oh my!
1531 Finished Makoto Kino Not Alone In the wake of the blowup with Takashi, Ami needs a shoulder, and Makoto is more than willing to provide.
1523 Finished Ami Mizuno Ouroboros Ami and Takashi return to their first date. This time, the ending is a little different.
1514 Finished Ami Mizuno Love and other drugs Ami and Usagi gossip about boys, and love, and chocolate, and drugs. Then they decide to cuddle up and watch movies, because the rest of that is way too complicated right now.
1508 Finished Ami Mizuno Senshi Shoeless God of War Ami tells on herself to Rei for giving Naru dark energy chocolates. Rei starts to seriously question her dating decisions.
1504 Finished Ami Mizuno The Hard Questions Makoto points out some aberrant behaviour to Ami, and Ami realises she's been a bit of an idiot. The greater good is served, but Ami's confidence is badly shaken.
1494 Finished Mamoru Chiba BTW There's This Asteroid Usa and Kunzite take Mamoru to Ami and Rei for a second opinion on why the hell Mamoru seems to be having an autoimmune attack concurrent with the invasion of Earth by a jillion energy-sucking pink space flowers. Consensus: 'oh damn'.
1489 Finished Ami Mizuno Change Is Hard, So Is Dating Ami and Naru have lunch (and Dark(TM) Chocolate) at school again. Takashi decides clearly he should be having lunch at school with Ami.
1440 Finished Takashi Agera What's In The Box? Takashi has a gift for his girlfriend! Ami is not entirely certain about this "girlfriend" word...
1420 Finished Kazuo Takeba Mechanisms Kunzite has information for Ami. Ami has a housewarming present for the boys. Makoto has second thoughts on ever listening to Ami and Kunzite talk business again...
1376 Finished Amu Hinamori Please Stand By While Ami Reboots Ami and Naru have lunch together at school. The conversation is somewhat less mundane than Ami was expecting.
1365 Finished Ami Mizuno Rooting Out Evil Ami consults Rei about the recent plant attacks, and asks her help finding further threats.
1355 Finished Takashi Agera Crosswalks and Cocoa Takashi walks Ami back home from the skating rink, magiscience is discussed, cocoa is sipped.
1351 Finished Makoto Kino Sub Rosa No Description Set
1350 Finished Ami Mizuno The Rainbow Connection Welcome the Prism Keepers to Virtue!
1337 Finished Ami Mizuno So Elite Ami and Takashi and Makoto and Nephrite go on an ice skating double date. It goes exactly as well as you'd expect.
1322 Finished Seijuro Ginga The Rise Of Planty Stardust Ail returns to Earth, and greets it with a Cardian attacking shoppers in Uminari City. Earth greets the Prince of the Galaxy back, via several heroes interrupting his meal. So impolite!
1309 Finished Ami Mizuno Swim Meet No Description Set
1302 Finished Fate T. Waldia Stood Up Bride A Witch gains a Jewel Seed, and tries to host a murderous wedding. Several magical heroes show up to stop the Witch, and no small amount of drama ensues.
1291 Finished Fiore First Flowers Xenians descend upon an unsuspecting Tokyo.
1271 Finished Takashi Agera Chess Date Ami and Takashi have a complicated relationship.
1229 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kintsugi: I Came Home Like a Stone Mercury had a plan to resurrect Kunzite. Everyone helped, everyone believed, even if they weren't sure they should. Everyone waited.
1219 Finished Ami Mizuno Princessy Patient Ami takes Usagi to meet Iris after Usagi got stabbed with a Dark Energy sword.
1213 Finished Ami Mizuno Shards of Darkness Usagi and Mamoru text Ami in a panic asking her to help figure out what's wrong with Usagi. Turns out she's been infected with a shard of a dark-energy infused sword that's embedded somewhere that's very dangerous to remove from her.
1211 Finished Mamoru Chiba Plant Your Hope With Good Seeds Ami finds Mamoru in Kunzite's palace, and they talk about Takashi, fixing people, safe resurrection practices, and faith. The caracal purrs a lot.
1205 Finished Ami Mizuno Dark Chocolate Roofies Takashi gave Ami some chocolate. Makoto and Rei have a few objections...
1195 Finished Takashi Agera I'm Sure You're Worth It Since the world did not, in fact, end, Ami-chan has a promise to keep on a hillside overlooking Tokyo.
1186 Finished Makoto Kino Discussions Over Lunchtime No Description Set
1176 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki The Flavor of Hurt In a rare quiet moment at D-Point, Mercury and Moon discuss hurt and guilt.
1156 Finished Ami Mizuno The Point of No Return Takashi and Ami have a talk before the invasion of D-point begins.
1151 Finished Kazuo Takeba Power's Out The Dark Kingdom has a use for Tokyo. As a battery. Possibly also as a glacier. Kunzite has a plan to wake Metalia by harvesting the city. Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi have a competing plan to try to rescue Kunzite. Everyone's plan involves killing somebody. It's just a question of who gets there first...
1147 Finished Makoto Kino Communication No Description Set
1119 Finished Takashi Agera The Pizzeria Ami's first date with Takashi goes surprisingly not-horribly.
1112 Finished Seishi Tamashige Dating Lives of Teenage Superheroines Makoto finds a list that Ami didn't mean to leave out, leading them to - somewhat literally - compare notes on boys, dating, and the respective conditions of their love lives. Such as they are.
1109 Finished Takashi Agera LOVE WAR! Takashi's troubled. He goes to see an expert on his specific troubles. Then he gets himself in new trouble. Par for the course.
1105 Finished Takashi Agera Texting In Class Takashi and Ami exchange text messages during class. Takashi is bad at people.
1101 Finished Ami Mizuno Remember Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves No Description Set
1094 Finished Ami Mizuno Dangerous Games Ami has been taking on some Dark Energy from Takashi, and Rei is a bit worried.
1060 Finished Makoto Kino The World's Expert Ami has recovered enough to leave Takashi's and instead come over to Mako's for advice on boys and homemade pizza. Mako is good at one of these things.
1057 Finished Ami Mizuno A Little Better Each Day Ami is still recovering at Takashi's house. At least she can walk now!
1046 Finished Takashi Agera A Blue Coat After being cooped up in Takashi's house for so long, Ami and Takashi go out to get some delcious Tako. The fact that it's Valentine's Day is incidental.
1036 Finished Takashi Agera Nowhere I'd Rather Be Ami is starting to feel better, but is still staying at Takashi's house.
1024 Finished Ami Mizuno Chocolate, Kisses, and Artificial Intell … Makoto comes over with some real food for Ami. With Takashi, they discuss love, the evils of mind control, spying on cute boys in vulnerable moments, and Artificial Intelligences. Makoto leaves Ami with a kiss and a promise to text when she goes to meet Nephrite next.
1023 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists and a Rabbit, Pt 2 The second part of Usagi's visit.
1019 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists And a Rabbit While Ami is stuck at Takashi's house recovering, Usagi comes to visit her - and glare at Takashi.
1016 Finished Takashi Agera Not Really In My Element Ami's mother is starting to get worried about her extended absense. The senshi try to come up with a cover story.
1012 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki Ami-chan Eloped?! Naru and Usagi wonder where Ami-chan was today. It's not like the bluenette to miss school! The most logical conclusion? Ami-chan eloped with Takashi.
1004 Finished Kazuo Takeba Higher Order Patterns Sailor Mercury confers with Kunzite about her plans for the Dark Kingdom. Problem: Kunzite is no longer the Kunzite she's been conspiring with. And he's been planning revenge. Time for an unlikely salvation...
999 Finished Ami Mizuno Life Support Takashi tries to help Ami survive Kunzite's poison... the best way he knows how.
995 Finished Mamoru Chiba The Moon! The Sailor Senshi go to the moon to find answers-- and, uh, do.
950 Finished Mint Chip Walpurgisnacht The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
942 Finished Makoto Kino Storm Warning As Walpurgisnacht looms on the horizon, Makoto turns to Ami to fill her in on some things she's been keeping to herself... and to ask Ami's help in ensuring that she doesn't make an unforgivable mistake.
926 Finished Ami Mizuno The Measure of Sweets Three Senshi walk into a Confectionary
924 Finished Madoka Akemi Last Chance Dance (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
922 Finished Ami Mizuno Ice Cream Smoothies No Description Set
914 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Plot Thickens A rather irate Moon takes her frustrations out on Kunzite. She yells at him, he makes her cry, Mercury shows up, Moon almost makes HER cry, and by the end, Kunzite's evil plots against innocent winter birds are thwarted.
909 Finished Mikoto Nakajima Familiar Chat No Description Set
894 Finished Takashi Agera An Ocean View Ami and Takashi text. And go on a ... is that a date, or a research consulation? With these two, is there a difference?
873 Finished Zoisite I'm Not Locked In Here With You Zoisite's kidnapped Jupiter and Mercury through his control of the impossible palace beneath the Paris catacombs. Mercury is the one who offers him a deal. Jupiter is the one who keeps him from killing them for the offer...
864 Finished Mamoru Chiba La Vie en Rose The Senshi go beneath the Paris Catacombs to find the gardens there, and they-- and Zoisite-- discover far more than they bargained for. Also, there's a catfight between Zoisite and Sailor Moon.
847 Finished Ami Mizuno Textual Disagreement Ami and Rei complain about mutual problems and frustrations, and discuss how to save the world. Also there are cuddles, probably.
843 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kiss and Tell Drunk Moon makes out with Dark Endy and makes him cry; afterwards, Kunzite has a meeting with Moon, Mercury, and Homura; Moon does not throw up and Homura does not shoot her RPG.
824 Finished Takashi Agera We're On A Boat Wounded Takashi wakes up on a boat with Ami.
815 Finished Ami Mizuno Ship Happens After his nearly fatal fight with Dark Endymion, Ami drags Takashi out to the ''Heart and Soul of Tokyo''; a cruise liner sitting in Tokyo's harbor for maintenance before its next cruise. She helps him to a room, and the pair talk a little further before finally Ami she leaves him to rest and goes to do the same herself.
813 Finished Takashi Agera Anger Management Mamoru thinks that Takashi has a punchable face. Homura agrees. Ami does not.
808 Finished Ami Mizuno Dinner and a Show Takashi and Ami definitely do NOT have a date at the swankest restaurant in town. But they do meet to peer review one another's findings--or in particuliar, Takashi's findings related to the papers provided by 'Professor' Izono.
802 Finished Ami Mizuno Cloak and Dagger Ami asks Kyouko for help with Jadeite, and Usagi brings Ami Mamoru's cloak. Then, they cry and talk about trust issues. Then the two girls fall asleep together. Mama Mizuno might get the wrong idea, but at least they're *sleeping*
792 Finished Zoisite What Is the Silver Crystal? Professor Sato Izono discusses the nature of the Silver Crystal on live television, does a Q&A session with the audience, distributes dark energy pamphlets of compulsion, and answers questions about the hardness and cleavage of magical gems.
783 Finished Mamoru Chiba Strength in Pain Jadeite gets Moon Healing Escalated and the Senshi fight... but, uh, they don't fight Jadeite. Or a monster. And now they have a puppy.
782 Finished Rei Hino An Unexpected Guest Fleeing from the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite visits the Hikawa Shrine. He finds Rei and Ami, who eventually swap out for Mars and Mercury. Agreements are made to help Jadeite break free of the Dark Kingdom.
770 Finished Takashi Agera A Meeting of Minds Takashi brings Ami a present.
762 Finished Ami Mizuno Information Overload An over-tired Ami delivers information to Rei on several topics at once, then promptly falls asleep on the miko after informing her that they're getting an all expenses paid trip to Paris!
757 Finished Kazuo Takeba Minako's Christmas Presents Venus wants to give Mars and Mercury a present: a trap set for the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite wants to give Venus a present. It involves a youma. Things go as planned for ABSOLUTELY NOBODY.
736 Finished Ami Mizuno Revelations Sailor Mercury reveals that Mamoru Chiba isn't dead to his friends.
728 Finished Ami Mizuno Illicit Science Ami puts the final pieces of the puzzle together, and lets Rei help her decide what it all means. Bolstered by Rei's confidence, Ami makes the decision to tell everyone what really happened.
727 Finished Ami Mizuno Catching Up Ami wants Daisuke to heal Sailor V, and Sailor V isn't having it.
724 Finished Kyouko Sakura Sympathy Donuts Kyouko brings some sympathy sweets to Usagi, and revelations and apologies result.
717 Finished Minako Aino Tea Party Ami and Minako meet to discuss two plans - 'track down the Dark Kingdom' and 'discover the secret of resurrection'. Minako greatly disapproves of one of these.
712 Paused Hannah Sharpe CSI Mitakihara Miss White and Sailor Mercury cannot accept the death of Mamoru Chiba, so they start seeking alternatives.
697 Finished Ami Mizuno Objective Decisions The Senshi meet to discuss their upcoming visit to the Orphanage, knowing that it's going to be a difficult fight.
670 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kyouko Can Haz Payback Minori, Ami, and Rei ask Kyouko for help smacking Kunzite.
666 Finished Mamoru Chiba When You Are Lost and I Am Gone Homura goes to drop off Mamoru's homework assignments.
665 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Cafe Meandering Ami and Daiuske have a talk at a Cafe over Food!
664 Finished Mamoru Chiba Cloak and Hat Minori and Mercury meet Tadase and Asclepius to get their help with the orphanage trap.
657 Finished Daisuke Hansuke After Dark In The Garden Asclepius wants to meet with Sailor Venus about some things. He has questions, Sailor V has quips.
653 Finished Mamoru Chiba Dance Dance Rabble-Rousing Minori and Usagi join Kyouko at Game Center Crown, are joined by Ami, and Ami's nerd cred gets challenged to learn DDR. Then Minako shows up as Mamoru and all hell breaks loose.
640 Finished Mamoru Chiba Usagi's Awesome Idea A senshi meeting is called to discuss the Dark Kingdom ramping up threats, and ways to effectively hide Mamoru better are brought up, and Usagi has an idea that might actually really really work. Introducing 'Rei's cousin', Minori Hino!
630 Finished Kazuo Takeba Hashtag Kitten Doom What could be nicer than three cute fluffy kittens? ... ANYTHING. EVERYTHING. IN THE WORLD.
629 Finished Takashi Agera Head Games Ami visits Takashi in the hospital.
627 Finished Ami Mizuno Good luck, Erin-chan! Erin and Sailor Mercury meet after the White Flower has been defeated, and talk about what drove Erin to such a low place that she had tried to kill Mercury. Mercury forgives and encourages Erin in her quest for self-discovery and redemption, and promises support and friendship in the future. Erin, meanwhile, says her last goodbye before heading off into the world to try and repair some of the damage she has caused.
620 Finished Ami Mizuno Powers of Two Usagi comes to Ami after being harassed about her weakness by Miss White. Ami carefully deconstructs Miss White's statements in her usual nerdy way. Usagi is cheered up, Ami gains a little more data, and then cuddles happen.
607 Finished Mamoru Chiba Analysis With a Side of Raw Emotion Ami and Mamoru discuss stuff, then Usagi comes over. Covers 'why Mamoru kept it secret, who is this Beryl creep, have someone else's memories!, and why Ami doesn't make cookies anymore.
604 Finished Queen Beryl Blasphemy No Description Set
590 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Save the Sister... Friends go save Aki Kurosawa from the Phantom Empire.
563 Finished Kyra Nygaard It's Melanite's First Day of School! No Description Set
549 Finished Ami Mizuno Possible Sleepover Situation? Ami is downcast, and Usagi tries to cheer her up.
548 Finished Mamoru Chiba I Do Not Read Bodice Rippers Mamoru and Jadei--SABURO have an ethics project they're partners on. Ami is accompanying Mamoru and trolling; Mamoru's just come from healing Runealy after the White Flower attacked her; Sailor Moon is off fighting them /as we speak/.
546 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Checkups! Daisuke and Ami.
544 Finished Takashi Agera Rematch Takashi Agera and Ami Mizuno have a combination chess match/serious discussion/sniping insult fest.
539 Finished Mamoru Chiba Three Things You Can't Live Without After school, the Senshi (and Mamoru) congregate at the Shrine for a meeting. Once a hugpile-slash-pillowfight happens, Mamoru quietly nopes out. Glorious ridiculousness ensues!
536 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Sub-Zero Panic Mercury got frozen (today) and was saved by Asclepius! Everyone comes in, in a worry when Asclepius makes the emergency call over The Virtue line. Mars is SO UPSET over drunk Moon.
535 Finished Ami Mizuno A Labyrinthine Trap Sailor Mercury is lured into a Witch's Labyrinth with a Puella Magi who she thinks will help her. But what Mercury doesn't know really could kill her.
527 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Paging Doctor Mizuno Ami makes sure Daisuke doesn't have weird anxiety problems evolving from all this new magical stuff in his life. He does! Luckily, only temporarily. Ami is good at making Daisukes feel better.
526 Finished Ami Mizuno IT'S A MATCHING SET! Well it is!
523 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Mio and the Puppy Mio Kuroki brings a ill puppy in need of care to Verone's Animal Care Club. Daisuke almost faints and Ikiko helps! Ikiko saves the day.
520 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Dislocated Discussion Daisuke meets Venus and Mercury on the top of Seishou so Venus can check Daisuke over. Venus purposefully hurts herself as a test and Daisuke faints for a bit.
519 Finished Ami Mizuno The Boy Complication Ami and Rei talk about Daisuke and the problems thereof, and about Mamoru and the aggravations thereof.
515 Finished Daisuke Hansuke BBB: Burgers. Blushing. Beaches. Daisuke: Well. To be fair... the whole thing with Luna could had been a cat-tastrophe. Ami: That was terrible.
513 Finished Ami Mizuno STFLN: Shy Texts From Last Night II Ami and Daisuke text about the Senshi's decision, and halloween parties. Makoto is texted about a costume emergencey. Then, Ami discovers he's in the rain with no umbrella, and foolishly rushes out to give him one. There's a hug before they part ways.
512 Finished Takashi Agera Games and Geniuses Takashi Agera and Ami Mizuno have a game of chess and talk.
509 Finished Ami Mizuno Of Masks and Men Ami admits her mistake in revealing herself to Daisuke to the other senshi, and most of them quickly decide she must be crushing on the boy. After much embarassment, she dissuades them by claiming that Usagi and Mamoru went on a date! Her gambit successful, the group quickly returns to the more important topic: should Daisuke be introduced to Virtue?
508 Finished Daisuke Hansuke STFLN: Shy Texts From Last Night Ami Mizuno says, love letters include texts from boys apparently.
506 Finished Hannah Sharpe A Bunny and a Tux's Not-Date Mamoru Chiba and Usagi meet friends new and old in Midori-ya!
505 Finished Ami Mizuno Latent Potential Sailor Mercury is caught investigating a recent magical occurance by none other than Daisuke Hansuke--who was there for that very occurence. Through a long series of guilt, foolishness, and rash decisionmaking (Ami, really!), she reveals her secret identity to him. Luna reaches epic levels of cranky.
499 Finished Ami Mizuno First Move Ami and Daisuke meet over books, and end over a game of go. Ami blushes a lot, Daisuke is confused a lot, lunch snacks are bought, and Usagi runs by to Hue Hue Hue.
496 Finished Mamoru Chiba Reservations Makoto, Ami, and Mamoru talk at Mako's place about the Shitennou and how to fight people you want to save.
495 Finished Ami Mizuno Runealy's Restitutions Princess Runealy and Sailor Mercury meet so that Runealy can apologize, but Mercury forgives her before she really has the chance. The two talk a while about friendship, home, and forgiveness, before agreeing to keep in touch and keep helping one another.
493 Finished Mamoru Chiba Guardians, Generals, Princes and Princes … Rei ofudas Kunzite's spy-spell out of Mamoru, and Mamoru asks for a Senshi meeting. He tells them about Jadeite and Nephrite; Rei shares the vision she'd had about Mamoru being the prince; the search for the Princess is doubled; the Shitennou are deemed salvageable; Mamoru gets placed under active protection; Usagi goes home SPITTINGLY JEALOUS OF THE PRINCESS; Makoto makes a bed for Mamoru; Ami googles terrifying things and does not share them with the class; Minako plans to pose as an Infinity student.
490 Finished Ikuto Tsukiyomi - END OF LINE - Ikuto's up to his old tricks again. This time he steals the heart's egg of a girl at the Game Center Crown. Her dream of becoming a video game designer gives rise to the GAME MASTER, who tries to make the fight against Guardian Hino and Sailor Mercury into a total party wipe!
489 Finished Usagi Tsukino Milkshakes for Four An Ami, Usagi, and Minako walk into an arcade. The joke's on Usagi, because Mamoru is a jerkity jerk faced jerk who says Mahna Mahna before he leaves. (...Do doo be-do-do!)
487 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Apologies Schmolgies, LETS EAT BURGERS! Cure Gull meets Sailor Mercury for the first time after well--- everything that happened before 'Featherfall'! Apologies are given, pasts are left behind and burgers happen! Cure Gull gains +1 Homework Help. Sailor Mercury Gains +1 Weird Friend Point!
472 Finished Usagi Tsukino Bored Bunny Ami visits Usagi in the hospital.
436 Finished Mint Chip Pursuit of Justice I Some monsters have a strange sense of justice.
402 Finished Mamoru Chiba Senshi Anime Night No Description Set
376 Finished Phantom Phantom Wind Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Vespa and Yurei Shisha fight Phantom and stop him from shoving Cure Gull into one of his creepy mirrors.
262 Finished Usagi Tsukino Senshi and the Skeletal Scalliwags No Description Set
254 Finished Hannah Sharpe WPS Charity Gala WPS hosts a charity gala! Fancy clothes, corporate aggression, food, and intrigue occur!
235 Finished Mint Chip Trouble At The Theme Park No Description Set
224 Finished Phantom Chip and Charge! Phantom draws out Pretty Cure. Which has the side effect of attracting other Magical Girls.
219 Finished Mamoru Chiba Witches, Linker Cores, Panic, and Candy Backdated to the night of scene 209, A Friendly Witch: Ami and Homura drag Mamoru to see Iris.
217 Finished Rocky Road A Meeting Of Virtue Three Senshi and a guy in a Tuxedo walk into a tea garden...
211 Finished Seijuro Ginga All Energy Must Go! No Description Set
209 Finished Homura Akemi A Friendly Witch Someone wished to have a friend to share cotton candy with... That wish turned into despair, and despair became a Witch. A number of magical warriors show up to take down the Witch. Mami and Hannah then fight over the Grief Seed, while Mercury and Homura go to make sure that Mamoru is alright.
185 Finished Rei Hino Sailor Senshi Virtue Meeting The Sailor Senshi meet up to discuss the prospects of joining Virtue, as well as to briefly go over the recent betrayal from Runealy.
181 Finished Runealy Waldia Trust Betrayed Having fought beside the Sailor Senshi many times to protect Tokyo from monsters, the Waldians now attempt to lure their peers in to an evening ambush!
163 Finished Seijuro Ginga What Ails You A section of Uminari City is suffering from a magical malaise, which seems to be the work of the Blue Space Elf! Can the heroes of Tokyo stop him before he gets what he's after?
160 Finished Haruna Kurosawa The Virtue of a Helping Hand No Description Set
126 Finished Rei Hino Contacting Ancient Spirits The Sailor Senshi attempt to perform divination on Corvus, Scorn's Raven. What happens is a conversation with Ursa, and a new ally is gained!
104 Finished Usagi Tsukino Meeting of the Senshi, a Cat, and a V-ch … Usagi goes to the OSA-P to see to her friend Naru with the senshi! But it soon turns to a meeting about Nephrite and Mamoru! Sailor V eavesdrops for love and justice!
96 Finished Ami Mizuno Rei and Ami meet at Hikawa Ami relays what she found out to Rei and Makoto about Corvac.
93 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Tower of Terror Scorn attacks an elementary school field trip to Clover Tower!
83 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Caught in the Act! No Description Set
77 Finished Ami Mizuno Meeting of the Senshi. The Sailor Senshi meet in the game center, where two awakened Senshi meet for the first time and they give data on this new enemy.
76 Finished Ami Mizuno Sailor Senshi Data Meeting A meeting of the Sailor Senshin to exchange data turns into data gathering when they run into a mysterious witch, and get saved by an ally.
73 Finished Ami Mizuno Senshi Reunion! Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter have a friendly chat after Jupiter's awakening, and a revelation.
69 Finished Nephrite Call Down the Lightning Soldier of Thunder and Courage! Sailor Jupiter's Brilliant Awakening!
65 Finished Seijuro Ginga The Hunger Games Masato Sanjouin has sponsored a Sailor V themed event in the hopes of luring out the REAL Pretty Soldier. But the comotion and group of people has attracted the attention of another villian entirely...
62 Finished Hannah Sharpe Grasping for the Object of My Desire: Wi … Miss White and Mister Black set out to capture a Witch for their own purposes. Can they succeed?
60 Finished Phantom Study Trouble! Phantom attacks a school to- you guessed it!- try to lure out Pretty Cure! He gets a Sailor Senshi, a Princess and a Pure Blade, and some sort of thief in a tuxedo instead.
59 Finished Hannah Sharpe One Night at Miss White's Miss White seeks a magical artifact, but youma and senshi alike arrive on the scene! Who will win in this clash of darkness and light!?
55 Finished Nephrite Song to the Moon The lonely witch, with a lovelorn nature.
51 Finished Nephrite Danse Macabre Deadly Pas de Deux! Shadow of the Dark Kingdom
43 Finished Hannah Sharpe Rescue Boris-kun! Hannah calls upon friends and well-meaning passers-by to rescue her dog!
41 Finished Matsuo Junpei LET THERE BE MUSIC! Music, It is a pure uncorruptable thing right? Right?!
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