A Blue Coat

After being cooped up in Takashi's house for so long, Ami and Takashi go out to get some delcious Tako. The fact that it's Valentine's Day is incidental.

Date: 2016-02-16
Pose Count: 40
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 19:25:47 29219
Takashi and Ami might be a bit overdressed for the Tako cafe, but this is where she wanted to go, and that's fine by the tall boy. Besides, it means they're avoiding the hordes of couples going out on valentine's day - though the nearby amusement park is busy and there's a small line at the Tako Cafe.

She's still at the point where she needs to lean on him to walk, and he's been careful not to walk faster than she can keep up with. But he's also not mentioned it even once, not drawing attention to the obvious.

"It's pretty nice out here, for the time of year." he comments, because it -is- nice; the perfect temperature outside, and begining to feel like winter is giving way to spring. He's still doing less looking around at the weather or scenery and more of his eyes on her, though.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 19:47:53 29225
Bundled up in Takashi's blue coat over her own pretty dress, Ami manages to look very much the coat-borrowing girlfriend. It doesn't help that she's busy leaning heavily on Takashi for support as she walks. Don't tell Ami, though; she'd probably turn beat red and then die of embarassment. Still, the colour goes well with her dress, and it's only those brown leather loafers on her feet that are entirely out of place.

"Mmm," Ami agrees quietly as they draw near her favourite statue and Takoyaki stand. Her eyes are mostly on the ocean, rather than the boy beside her. An indicator, maybe, that she isn't really that interested in him? Or maybe that she's so secure in her relationship that she doesn't need to watch him. The mixed signals she's sending just about any girl with a crush are strong, and Ami Mizuno remains oblivious to them all.

But Ami is growing tired, even now. They haven't walked terribly far from cab to cafe, but it's farther than she's walked all this past week combined, and her breath is coming in little gasps of mingled pain and effort. "Can you set me down by the statue?" Ami asks after a few moments. "I'd like to sit near it, and then you can fetch the Takoyaki, maybe."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 19:56:06 29228
"Sure." he says, calmly, walking her over to the bench near the statue. "Gods, it is nice to get out of the house again." he says, smiling. "Another good idea from the brilliant and talented Ami Mizuno." he continues, half teasing.

He doesn't immediately abandon her for the Takoyachi line just yet though, instead sitting himself. Making she she's not about to topple over onto the bench while he goes.

Out here though, leaning back and stretching a bit, he turns to her. "I'm sorry if I've been difficult, too. It can't be suddenly easy to find yourself relying on someone else - and I know I'm not as close to you as the people that came to visit." he admits.

"And I know today I gave you a good reason not to fully trust me. But I hope I've given you enough reasons to counter that?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 20:02:42 29231
Ami relies on Takashi even for sitting, leaning on him until she's comfortably on the bench. She sighs almost immediately once she's able to take her weight off of him and instead put it against the seat. Closing her eyes, Ami ignores Takashi's questions for nearly a minute. Instead, she dwells on the sounds of the waves and the gulls, the nearby people enjoying their valentines' days, and the varied myriad of smells.

Opening her eyes again, Ami stares at the dolphin statue, then smiles and huddles a little into the coat. Reaching up, Ami grabs the collar and raises it to her nose, breathing in through the fabric for a moment. Then she smirks and glances at the boy beside her, "Trust is not the issue, Takashi-kun. My trust for you is no different today than it was yesterday. But you do try too hard," she notes. "Stop trying so hard. Just accept that you've got issues and I've got issues and we might even fight about those issues as friends. But I'm not going to stop being your friend just because we've both got issues."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 20:23:11 29235
Takashi smiles a bit. "There's no such thing as trying too hard. Only not enough, and extra credit. If you think I'm trying too hard, then I'm either not doing it right, or focusing on the wrong thing." he says, half-correcting, half-expressing a personal philosophy.

"But I suppose that doesn't mean I can count on you to not try to 'fix' me. But you're not trying to chase me out of the town with a torch or pitchfork so we'll call it there for now." he adds with a smirk.

"We've been cooped up in the house and it is a holiday - do you want one order or two?" he says - and then, as a comment. "I'm getting two, just in case you're worrying about how it'll look."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 20:24:54 29236
Ami holds up two fingers and her thumb to indicate '3', then blushes and looks away. "I'm really really hungry," she mumbles. She probably won't eat that much food, but right now her stomach is ruling her decisionmaking.

"And a coke, please," she adds in, then looks back to him with a grin. "You're not going to get me to stop trying to fix you, no. But I'm not going to be mean about it. I promise."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 20:30:09 29237
Takashi nods. "Three it is." he adds with a smile. "The coke was already understood. You don't even have to ask for those."

He goes to stand in line, and eventually returns, somehow balancing the five orders of takoyachi and two sodas without looking like a goof, thoguh he does pretty rapidly set everything out on the bench between them, lest he drop them.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 20:47:32 29241
Or at the very least, if he does look a goof, Ami doesn't comment on it. This is possibly because she's too busy staring at her tablet when Takashi emerges again. She smiles up at him as he tries to set the takoyaki down, then realises just how much there is, and her eyes widen. "Oh geeze, let me help," she says.

Dropping her tablet into her lap, Ami reaches up to try and take some of the food out of Takashi's hands--starting with the coke because it's easy to take and awkward to carry. She sets that down, grabs two of the little Takoyaki trays out of his hands, then sets them down, then lets out a sigh of relief as he gets the rest safely to the bench.

"I should have gone with you," Ami notes once everything's settled, including Takashi. "That was selfish of me to make you go alone. I'm sorry." Yeah because she could totally have stood in that line and waited.

Putting the Mercury Computer inside the folds of Takashi's coat (and subsequently into subspace), Ami frees her hands up to pick up one of the little balls of fried delicious and pops it in her mouth, heedless of the heat. She sucks in air past it and then makes a face of true contentment. "Mmmmmhhhhhh wuff ehth," she mumbles before trying to chew despite the heat.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 21:05:23 29243
Takashi laughs a little as she helps and says she should've joined in. "There's no way." he says, smiling as he takes his seat. "I couldn't have carried all of this and you, and after standing in that line for that long that's all I'd have been doing." he says with a grin. "Don't worry, I'm capable."

"You can be a little selfish right now - not that you were there. But it doesn't bother me." Takashi has to stop smirking long enough to actually eat though, and so he does. "sooo guff." he mumbles around it.

After he finishes it, he looks at her. "What were you working on while I was gone?" he asks, naked curiosity in his eyes at its absolute finest.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 21:32:30 29248
"Nothing exciting, I'm afraid," Ami says after swallowing the burning ball of molten goodneess. She reaches for her coke and pops the top as she continues, "I was just recording my notes on your condition, and on my own. I keep really meticulous lab notes on everything in my life. I mean, I don't actually have a photographic memory, handy as that would be, so ..." she trails off, then shrugs.

"There's a reason I study, and find Cram School to be useful," Ami explains. "Even if you mock it, the studying habits it enforces are really useful for me. Being smart isn't useful if you forget everything. This way I spend less time re-learning what I already know."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 21:41:39 29250
"I don't know, that's still exciting to me." he says, leaning in just a bit. "I mean, it's all uncharted territory for me. I've worked with my own energy, but being able to see how merging yours and mine is... it's an experiment I could never do without there being extenuating circumstances that made it necessary." he says.

Then he blinks. "Sorry. I didn't mean to discount what you're going through, and like I said, I wish it wasn't necessary. It's just..." and he decides to shut himself up with a ball of delicious fried goodness.

Then he changes the subject. "If it's useful for you, then that's what it is. I've only had my intelligence to fall back on most of my life and... I think there's a lot of problem I've re-solved, before I built Axion - it keeps watch on things around me so I can think in the moment. I'm not much for memorization."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 21:46:32 29251
"Yeah, well, that's part of why I'm curious about Axion," Ami admits with a faint grin as she picks up another of the takoyaki balls. "If I can replicate his intelligence in my own computer, maybe I won't have to do as much note-taking. I already have a lot of automated recordings and sensors, but what I don't have is an intellect to scrub them, which means I have to spend a lot of time in analysis. If I could build my own analyzing AI ..." Ami trails off, then pops the ball in her mouth. He understands.

Ami chews and swallows, chases with a sip of coke, then launches back into, "Anyways, you don't have to worry about offending me by finding this all fascinating. If I weren't in so much pain, I'd probably be right there with you. I wish you'd told me up front what it was; I'm having to make a lot of retroactive analysis based on the new knowledge. If it is affecting me, though, it's very subtle. I haven't noticed any changes in my behaviour."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 22:00:53 29253
Takashi nods a bit. "Yeah, I can tell you it's a huge help. But it's a different nature than any of the technology from Earth, and the equipment it requires isn't common. Axion has two natures because it's salvaged from parts. Because I can't easily make more without a... large investment." he says, quietly. "It's really far ahead of you know, the everyday tablet on the streets."

"Axion is really the pinnacle of a year's worth of work - it's smarter than most other Devices of its kind. I'd be willing to help you with yours, but getting the resources wouldn't be easy. We'd have to secure bits from the Asura, I think."

"... honestly, I didn't want you to worry. I know it was bad of me to not disclose it up front but I didn't need you focused on anything other than healing."

"No, I haven't really either. And you would think there would be an equal change in my own behavior, since sharing my energy with you means you're sharing yours with me, and you're... well... far less energy-signature similar to a youma." he adds with a bit of a smile. Though this smile seems less genuine, but only for a moment.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 22:36:35 29259
"Youma have a lot more dark energy in them than you do," Ami replies quietly as she nibbles at another of the takoyaki. "Anyways, the Mercury computer," yep, she said it, "is a lot more advanced, too. It's ... I don't know how to describe it."

She tries anyways: "It's basically got infinite storage, and incredible sensors and analyzing tools. But it still requires user operation, you know? So I'm pretty sure it's technically capable of handling the AI--actually I know it is because the network it's on has one, now."

Ami smiles and finishes the ball in hand, swallows, then says, "But technical capacity doesn't actually give it an AI. I'm going to have to do that myself. I expect this will take me months. Maybe years. I could do it faster if you'd give me more time with Axion, but I get the impression you don't want me to prise into all of your secrets."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-16 22:45:26 29260
Takashi shrugs. "Probably less of a difference than you think. I just sorta hide my nature by default now, to the point where showing it off takes effort." he admits. This is, to a small degree, part of his case for 'don't escalate me'. "I mean, if you want to talk percentages rather than raw numbers, I'm closer to them than I am to you." Takoball. Nom.

"Yeah that sounds pretty familiar. The storage and sensors and analyzation. A lot of the calculation of a device is spent keeping magical fields in check, though. Belkan ones pretty much only do that. Axion does different things which frees it up."

"Well, I could probably help, but if I'm going to give you prying access, you have to let me pry into you." Ahem. Takoball. Pause. Chew. Re-calibrate. "I mean, pry into your secrets and the stuff about your device. Because I'm interested. In the device."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-16 23:41:36 29271
Ami has a takoyaki ball just in her mouth when he says he wants to pry into her, and she nearly chokes on it. Luckily he corrects quickly, so her choking is only partial. She coughs and beats her chest with a fist, then manages to swallow and glare at him. "Geeze, Takashi-kun," she says, hoarsely, then reaches for her drink. A chug cleanses the airways, and then she laughs a little. "Well, maybe. I guess," Ami says quietly.

"I'll have to talk to Sailor Moon about it," Ami decides after a moment of thought. "If she's okay with you knowing then I'll tell you about me. But it's really up to her to decide. Okay?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 00:32:40 29288
Takashi has no idea how to recover from that verbal slip, and so he decides... not to. He just laughs along with her, hand behind his head. "Alright. Well. You know most of my secrets." Most is a distinction that applies, perhaps numerically - though not as a measure of magnitude.

"Sure. I know you're worried about protecting her." He's seen Sailor Moon in action in a lot of ways - as a foe, too - and he's not sure how to file her if she's working with Ami. He'll have to live in the moment when it comes to that - it's the only way to make sense of it all.

"But really, here I'm mostly just interested in the knowledge... and I think we can help each other out."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 01:40:08 29311
"Mmm, I agree," Ami says. "Besides, I can help you with that subspace problem you mentioned. I'm sure we can find a common ground to agree on." She chews down another Takoyaki, finishing off the first tray, then grabs a second and starts on the first ball there. She apparently was not kidding when she said she was hungry. This is probably a good sign.

Unfortunately, though, one can of coke doesn't go far when you're eating this much food, and Ami looks sadly at the empty can before setting it aside as well. "So I am curious," Ami says after a moment of thought. "How did you wind up going to Infinity University if you're an orphan who's been on his own? That's awfully exclusive. Did your mom leave you a big inheritance, and you're paying for it all yourself? Or do you have some scholarship or sponsor because you're so smart?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 02:01:30 29327
Takashi is genuinely happy to see her doing so well, and it might even show on his face. "I feel very comfortable in that, yes. While it's not a pressing problem, it could be soon, so any help is appreciated." he says perhaps a bit cryptically.

He smiles at Ami's question. "I'm almost insulted you'd ask the question, but I know you don't mean it that way." he says. chewing on another bite of Tako before answering. "Infinity University is the best school in the area, so I did whatever it took. I've got a couple scholarships but I also help out a little bit afterschool sometimes... they don't call it employment because of my age, but that's pretty much what it is." he says. That's exactly what it is - he's got an employee ID and everything to prove it. But some secrets do have to be kept, to avoid the... consequences and questions.

"You know my story now, more than most people. I have to be the best otherwise, I'm not doing right." he says with a soft smile. "Too much ventured to get me to this point for me to just sit around in the middle of the pack and coast."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 03:27:33 29360
Ami has the good grace to look a little embarassed at being insulting. But other than eating another two balls of tako she hangs on his every word. At least she's attentive when she's rude. "Sorry," she admits when he's done, then smiles. "That's really neat, though. If I weren't so attached to my friends ..." she trails off, then bites her lip and leans away.

"Well, if wishes were fishes, we'd all have a lot of sushi," Ami says with a grin, then stuffs her face with the last ball of her second tray of takoyaki. Maybe she will eat all three!
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 04:28:08 29392
Ami certainly has a lead on her not-date, since Takashi's just now getting through his first tray and putting it aside to begin on his second. "Well, everyone has their own path in life to walk." he says with a shrug. "I'm sure you're smart enough it isn't going to hold you back, you'll just have to find other ways to get them to see it. It hasn't stopped you from engaging with me on an equal level." A grin. That is still as much the intended compliment as it ever was.

"But what we're all really after..." he says, looking out at the beautiful scenery "...is the ability, the power, one way or another, to make wishes into truth rather than sushi, isn't it." he muses.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 04:43:04 29403
Ami blinks at that claim, then follows his glance out towards the ocean. She dwells there for a long moment, then shakes her head to reply, "Honestly, that's not really what I want. I mean, I guess it is, but ... maybe I'm selfish, but my dream isn't the power to grant wishes. I just want my wish: peace. Happiness. Knowledge. I wish I could end the violence and the pain; suffering and hardship. I know it's impossible. I know the world can't handle that level of idealism. But that's what I'm working towards."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 04:49:19 29410
"It's okay if you don't like the way I put it." he says, quietly. "It's kinda bare, unvarnished, a bit ugly." he admits. "You want the power to grant your wish, though. It's obviously a wish because you just called it impossible, but that hasn't stopped you from striving for it." he observes.

"Most people don't want to be genies." he adds with a silly smile before returning to look ou at it. "But they'll do a lot of things to try to achieve their wishes. That's what I meant. To make our own wishes into reality."

"But maybe we're both uniquely positioned to actually acheive that sort of goal, if we just reach out and grasp it enough. I mean... look at the people around us. We could talk about entirely mundane stuff I'm sure would be over thier heads. Then there's magical stuff on top of that. I can't speak for your magical friends, but I can talk rings around mine, too."

He stops looking at the ocean to look at her. "That's probably why I treasure you and our time together so much. It's hard to find someone who can understand me." he says, looking down and away, then gaze returning to the ocean. "Idealism is good, though. Nobody ever achieved greatness by settling. Japan wasn't united because Oda sat down and went 'this is good enough'."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 06:18:32 29439
Ami stays quiet for a long while, staring out at the ocean. After a minute, she picks up another ball of Tako and puts it in her mouth, then looks back to Takashi and smiles once it's down. "My friends all look to me like I'm speaking some sort of moon language. They don't understand half of what I say, especially when it's about magic. But they trust me to keep them safe with what I learn and know; to devise strategies and solutions to problems. It's ... what I do," Ami says with a faint shrug.

"But not one of them really understands what goes into all of it," she continues. "To them, it's just 'here is the plan, let's implement it.' The only concern they have is whether I've considered the safety implications."

Ami shrugs and hunches down into his jacket. She grabs the collar and holds it over her nose, then sighs and breathes in through it. Muffled, she finishes explaining, "It really is nice to have someone who understands what I'm talking about when I explain things like dimensional sheering and subspace transitions."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 06:46:57 29446
Takashi looks out, and then he snickers, and that snicker very nearly turns into a giggle. "Ami-chan, I attend Infinity University and do some work after school with the faculty. And I'm in the Science Club. And the only person I've ever met who really gets what I'm talking about all of the time is sitting on this park bench next to me." he says, turning to her and smiling.

"At least they trust you. I have professors coming over trying to doublecheck equations they don't even understand." he says with a grin. "I think I threw Tomoe-sensei for a loop once. And he's smart, but in a different way. We don't speak the same language, Tomoe-sensei and I."

"So... that's a really good reason for you not to go off and get jabbed by anymore shadow poison needle things, you know? If not for yourself or your other friends, for me. I'm important!" he says with a smirk, leaning back again and popping a ball of Tako into his mouth.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 07:15:48 29454
Ami giggles a little at the very concept of having a professor like he makes Tomoe out to be. "None of my professors double check my equations," she explains, still smiling; still staring out at the ocean. It's the same smile she wears when her friends come to visit. The ocean, it would seem, is a friend.

"I think secretly they all know I'm smarter than them, and just want to help me do my best."

Ami turns to regard Takashi at last, and the smile doesn't falter. For one brief moment, he learns what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of those smiles. "Don't worry, Takashi-kun. I learned the lesson. If I recover from this," not when, if, "I won't repeat the mistake."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 07:32:31 29459
"Your professors seem to be handling their critical intellect deficencies better than mine, then." he says, with a shrug. "It's okay, I enjoy the challenge..." he says, then trails off a bit as she turns to smile at him. That is disorienting, to him. Something in that smile, it stops him cold.

Once he picks up, he comments. "Good, I'd have really hated to find someone like you only to lose them." he says, but not looking down - looking into her blue eyes with his green ones.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 07:35:49 29461
Ami turns away eventually, to look back towards the sea, sparing him the disorientation of her brilliance. "Well, don't worry," Ami says, "you're stuck with me for a long time, yet. I mean, I'm going to cure cancer, solve world hunger, and eliminate murder and disease both. All that leaves is old age, and by that point we'll be living to like two or three hundred years old. What's that, twenty times our current age? Gonna be a while you'll have to put up with me correcting you when you forget to carry the one."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 07:52:27 29466
Takashi laughs. "That's an awful long time you're apparently committing to not be sick of me, Ami-chan~" he says in a singsong voice. "I do like that you aim for the low-hanging fruit." he says, continuing the teasing. "But it sounds pretty good to me, I have to admit it."

"So.." he asks, popping the last of his tako into his mouth and finishing it off. "...do we get started on world hunger tonight, or do you want to see the inside of Eiszapfen first?" he asks.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 07:59:22 29468
Ami still has three left from her last Takoyaki boat. She picks one up and considers it, then offers it to Takashi, before reaching for another for herself. "I think tonight I'm going to have enough on my hands just getting home after stuffing myself like a pidgeon on wedding rice," Ami quietly replies. She likely doesn't even realise she just described his house as 'home'.

"But if you let me play with Eiszapfen tomorrow," continues the bluenette with a little excitement, "I will possibly squeal with excitement."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 08:09:41 29470
"You know, I was thinking you were getting better..." he muses, that very very familiar smirk creeping across his face like a herald of bad news "but I'm sitting here and you just talked about wedding rice and called my place 'home'." he says, as the grin completes. "And now you're talking about squealing with excitement. I'd have probably overlooked any two of those in unison, but I'm really not sure what to do with all of this new information." he continues.

"The only reasonable hypothosis besides the fact that you're more sick than I thought is... well, interesting to say the least."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 08:20:54 29473
Ami turns a particularly fascinating shade of red when Takashi teases her, and her eyes widen in terror. Oh god, did she really say that!? Her arms begin to itch horrendously, and she has takoyaki in both hands! With no other recourse, Ami shoves the one she dug out for Takashi into his mouth, then turns away and shoves the other into her own, then practically keels over with scratching at her arms while she eats it.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 08:28:39 29475
"omf nao ur feedin mffff." he says, still unable to help himself as he has to find the time to chew the tako and swallow it. "Oh, jeeze. I'm sorry." Takashi says, looking at her panicked response.

"I just couldn't help it, you laid it all out." he says, slowly stopping laughing. "I warned you that you didn't wanna try to plan to deal with me for 200 years..."

And then he does it again. "I just didn't think you'd decide to deal with that in this particular manner~"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 08:48:43 29480
If Ami could melt into the pier and sink into the waves, she absolutely would, right now. Since she can't, she instead turns and simply pushes Takashi. And if she weren't so weak, he might find himself very suddenly deposited on the pier instead of on the bench.

As is, she barely manages to even move the taller boy. She's still bright red, and clearly uncomfortable. "You're so mean," she whinews at him unhappily. "I didn't mean it that way at all!"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 08:53:52 29482
Takashi lets his face fall. "Not even just a little?" he says, feigning a hurt voice for just a moment before patting her on the shoulder.

"It's okay, I know. Don't worry. I'm just teasing, right?" he says, smiling. "No harm in it. Not like anybody out here is paying any attention to us. We might as well be in our own little world. So no worries. I won't mention this if you don't."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 09:01:21 29484
Somehow, this only manages to make Ami look more anxious, and she rubs her arms again. "I don't mean that I didn't mean it like that like that! I meant that I didn't think about what I was saying so you shouldn't really take it like that!" Yeah, that made sense. Right?

Rubbing at her arms, Ami tries to explain, "I just didn't think about what I was saying and I'm really tired and this takoyaki is so good and my mouth just keeps moving and my brain is somewhere else and I'm sorry please please don't be hurt just because I said something dumb and didn't think about it and ..." wait he was just teasing? It really took that long to sink in, before Ami blushes again and looks away.

"Boys are so confusing and complicated," Ami whines unhappily.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 09:13:26 29489
"But I thought we already discussed that you liked puzzles and didn't like easy things?" he says, leaning over and just flat out poking her nose. "Breathe." he says, though it sounds more like a command or order. "You're so flustered you need a moment to catch yourself. You're gonna keep saying things and I'm gonna keep teasing you, so take a moment."

He looks down at their empty tako boats and starts stacking them. "Now, do you want to stay here for a bit more, or is it time for me to call that cab?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 09:17:54 29491
Ami grimaces even more at his explanation, and starts to open her mouth--no doubt to run it without thinking again. She's forestalled by his finger pressing against her nose, which legitimately earns a cross-eyed stare at his finger, before she blinks and meets his eyes.

Ami takes a deep breath, staring into Takashi's eyes for a moment, then lets it out very slowly. "I think," Ami says softly, "that I need to just sit here and smell the ocean and not talk for a little while. We can go ... back to your home after that. Is that okay?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-17 09:22:11 29492
Takashi nods a bit. He even scoots away from her, giving her a little bit more personal space. A bit of room to breathe. He lets her have that moment he told her to take, and smiles a bit contentedly. For as long as she needs, he shifts to being here and quiet, though she can probably catch him looking over to her occasionally. What she reads into that, though is entirely the realm of the bluenette herself.
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-17 09:30:23 29493
Ami holds onto his eyes with her own until he scoots away. When he does, she finally takes a breath and looks back towards the ocean. But unlike her words, Ami sinks into his coat and pulls it up to breathe through the collar. Closing her eyes, Ami falls quiet, and stays that way for a long time.

Long enough, in fact, that Takashi might start to worry she's fallen asleep, and indeed she has. One takoyaki shy of the full three (two if you count the one she fed him), Ami mizuno has tapped out. Between overwhelming emotions, fighting against Kunzite's poison, and too much good food in her belly, Ami doesn't stand a chance. Good thing she's with someone trustworthy.