When The City Clears

Several Senshi and Shitennou take a moment of downtime after the fight against Kunzite. This involves amusement, morbid topics, reunions, a little brokenness, a little sake, and a reminder that things not only will get better, but are already beginning to.

Date: 2016-03-07
Pose Count: 37
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 03:38:39 32401
"--know, it just showed up in my pocket," Mamoru's saying to whoever asked where he got his phone, since literally no one's been able to find it for weeks. "Fully charged and everything."

They're already down the steps and halfway across Jadeite's place; he'd texted Zoisite and Jadeite to let them know everything was okay and they were going back to the palaces, probably Zoisite's because there are chairs with cushions and there's alcohol he knows there is alcohol he saw it.

In one hand's the phone, in the other is the rock. He is letting Usagi see the rock but oh my god nobody is prying it out of his hand.

"Ami said three or four hours, right? We don't have to be sober, right?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 03:44:55 32408
Usagi is still squeeing over KunziRock. "You're so cute!" If she were the type to just snatch it away from someone who very clearly didn't want it snatched away, she'd be hugging the rock right now.

But even without the link, she knows this would cause a Very Sad Mamo-chan!

So instead, she just gushes!

"You're so pink and pretty!" Poke poke! "So Pretty in Pink!"

And then her face whips up toward Mamoru. "Lack of sobriety? Can I join, too? I promise not to Punch you this time! Or wreck Homura's place! Or chase away Ayana! I'll be good!"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 03:46:43 32411
"Somebody should probably be sober." Makoto's stretching her arms over her head as she walks, trying to keep stiffness from settling in. The adrenaline rush is fading and she's tired, but she keeps pace with the others gamely enough. "It'd be bad if we all sho--how many times have you gotten her drunk?" Sudden change of sentence midthought as what Usagi just said catches up to Mako. She shoots her friend an incredulous look.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-07 03:47:25 32412
The rock is, understandably, silent. It is not scratched or fractured. It does not move on its own; it does not fail to be nudged when Usagi pokes it. It does not vanish under the force of squeeing. There is not even a sense of wearily resigned 'really?' at Usagi's litany of Unfortunate Incidents. It does glitter interestingly on occasion as the lighting shifts, but it does not glow.

It also does not start darkening again. That's the important part, really.
Nephrite 2016-03-07 03:49:01 32413
Someday soon, Nephrite very much hopes that he can make fun of Kunzite and his beautiful pinkness. That day will have to come after he is no longer a rock. An inanimate rock. In Mamoru's hand. The absolute weirdness of that just keeps shorting out his brain.

He coughs guiltily at Makoto's question. "Uh, get her drunk? Who would get Usagi drunk? Certainly not me!" He is the very picture of innocence.
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 03:49:59 32415
    Rei Hino has come along because she really needs a break after that last fight. Of the four Shitennou, Kunzite was always going to be the hardest to beat, and this time he was at full power. Plus... Rei was pretty reckless. To go from that to a fight against the Dark Kingdom directly...

    yeah, yeah she absolutely needs a break.

    She plops down on the cushioned seats, stretches her legs out, and leans her head back, looking directly up.

    "I can't believe we've made it this far. I mean... Kunzite isn't completely safe yet, but he's not under Metallia's control either, and we still have a chance."

    She sits up straight, letting her tired muscles burn from their recent overuse. Her eyes glance towards the rock, and then up at Mamoru, with a smile. "I'm glad we got them back. One way or another."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 03:59:48 32417
"Ugghh don't," Mamoru tells Usagi, closing his hand on the rock again as he lightly hip-bumps her, then goes fishing in the cupboards for alcohol. He comes up with a bottle of something that looks spectacularly expensive and looks at it consideringly, then opens it up and sniffs it. He eyes Usagi, then Makoto. "I have never gotten her drunk. The only time I spiked the punch at a school dance after I met her, she wasn't even there."

Finally he comes over without even bothering looking for tumblers and takes a swig of the bottle before putting it on the table. Sweet sake, so it probably wasn't something to bribe Nephrite with. Probably.

Then he collapses into a chair and sinks down, slouching further and further, until his shoulders are only slightly higher than the tabletop, and he stretches his arms out in front of him and starts turning the rock over in his hands. He glances sidelong at Nephrite and his eyes narrow slightly. "You don't even know, man." Sidelong at Usagi again. "One shot. I really don't want to have to drag you around and try and get you to stop doing stuff like saying 'sneak, sneak, sneak!' out loud while you're trying to actually be sneaky."

Then his eyes are on the rock again and he smiles faintly at Rei's comment. "Actually, he is completely safe right now. We still have time left to start the resurrection process if we go kill the monsters and come back before... what was it, Neph? The sixteenth?"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 04:18:33 32420
Mako tennis-matches briefly from Nephrite to Mamoru to Usagi to Nephrite again, brows lifting steadily higher. "Well, I didn't think you had," she tells him with a laugh, "but now I'm kinda worried."

Oh look, there are chairs. Unconsciously Makoto hangs back just a little, staying on her feet to let the others settle in before she finds a place to sit herself. "I wish there'd been some other way," she says, some of that regretful look coming back to her face for a moment as she looks toward Mamoru and the stone he's holding. "But at least he's safe now. Just gotta clear the last boss."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 04:19:31 32421
She sticks out her tongue. "Like I'd be any less me now that he's very shiny?"

Usagi narrows her eyes slightly. "I'll have you know, Mister. I found out something very interesting while you were away. I almost drank two entire spiked bowls of punch as Sailor Moon."

That's probably not the best defense...

"Okay, so I kissed you then threw a bowl of punch at your head, but hey! I was kind of....oh whatever, is it tasty?"

Sidelong eyes and a sly grin at Nephrite. "Don't worry. We'll still have that smorgasbord later."

Another look at Mamoru! "But what if I like it a lot! I could transform! I could even Serenity! She may be able to handle it even better!"

Grabby hands!
Nephrite 2016-03-07 04:25:28 32424
"Well I haven't," Nephrite continues his absolutely innocent laugh. "Not me! Not, uh, yet."

He takes a chair beside Mamoru without hesitation, staking claim to the side that Usagi does not choose. "We have until the thirteenth. It's not a ton of time, but it is time." Nephrite rests a steadying hand on Mamoru's shoulder. "So now that he's secured, actually in your hand, we can concentrate on the immediate threat."

Surprisingly, he does not reach for the alcohol immediately. Probably because it's not a favorite type.
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 04:27:45 32425
    "Strategically... this is the best time to strike." Rei thinks out loud. "The enemy has just suffered the loss of Kunzite, and they haven't had time to adjust to that. I wouldn't say that they were vulnerable, persay, but this is about as vulnerable as we're likely to get them. We've got the crystal too, so we're stronger than we've ever been."

    Rei frowns, as she considers the energy going through that portal. "That is... assuming they aren't... No forget it. Nevermind."

    Her eyes go to the pink stone. "I'm glad he's safe, though. If we had time, I could do a reading to be sure, but it sounds like you have it all planned out... Ami-chan must've been pretty confident when she brought it up."

    Rei eyes the sake, suspiciously. Should she? Should she not?
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 04:41:25 32428
"Usako. One shot. Roughly two bottle caps. And this stuff is really strong, and unless you're planning on immediately un-drunking by henshining after you drink, I really don't think it's a good idea," says Mamoru, one corner of his mouth turned down. "Two punchbowls; you literally do not know when to stop." He pauses, then frowns slightly. "That's what happened? All I remembered was talking to you and then being drenched, I had no idea what set that thing off. Was it a good kiss?"

His foot, under the table, may be hooking around behind hers.

His smile for Makoto is real, but all and only visible in his eyes; his face is still serious. "I promise, it's really okay. He was in horrible amounts of pain all the time, and this is temporary. I could give you illustrative analogies but they'd all probably be really gross..."

Over and over in his hands, just fingertips, even when he's not looking at it-- but he pauses to use half those fingertips to push the sake away from Usagi and toward Rei, very slightly. He is not moving, especially not with Nephrite's hand on his shoulder. In fact, he slouches over a little further to literally lean on Nephrite, even as his foot has now decidedly entrapped Usagi's against her chair leg.

"He's definitely safe," Mamoru tells Rei with conversational conviction. "He really is. Doing a reading to see if there's anything else that might interfere with the process wouldn't be a bad plan, but for now, he's okay. And so is Nephrite except for that 'yet' what do you have planned are you going to get my girlfriend drunk, don't forget to hold her hair and god make sure I'm not there."
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 04:43:10 32430
The look that Makoto turns between Nephrite and Usagi is an increasingly concerned and dubious one. Finally, though, she just sighs and shakes her head. "Never mind," she announces, and moves to lower herself stiffly into a seat. "Forget I asked. Just invite me along or something, somebody needs to keep you guys out of trouble..."

She doesn't show any particular interest in the sake. A lopsided smile for Mamoru, a momentary questioning look toward Rei, and then Mako tucks her legs up underneath her and just kind of slumps backward muttering a quiet 'ow' under her breath as the movement reminds her again of her recent high-velocity impact with a rooftop.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 04:46:24 32431
"Of course, Mako-chan! You get to make the cookies!" It's a happy chirp, even as she studies Mamoru.

How much to tell?

"It was a very good kiss." That part is soft, and she wiggles her foot so its more hooked around his ankle. "But then somebody else made an offer I could refuse, so I punched him. Her? Him. Her? Sorry you got in the crossfire."

But she does take the shot of sake! So what if her judgement on capsizes differ from other people's?

"Uggggggg so gross."
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 04:51:27 32433
    Rei glances at the sake, and then up at Mamoru. With a tired, heavy sigh, she says, "Just one, to take the pain off. I don't need to show up to the last level drunk." Continuing Makoto's analogy.

    She really does mean it. She reaches for it, pours out a single half of a shot, and then kicks it back. Then she pushes the shotglass away from her. "Thanks Mamoru."

    A reading. Rei considers. "Well, typically a reading requires the use of something that's important to the person being read. It could be a lock of hair or a photo... The gem you have would probably work nicely. Whatever you decide to use, I don't need to touch it or anything. It just needs to be present so that I can focus on it."

    She shrugs. "I'd be happy to do it for you, but probably not right now. I'd also need a fire pit, and really I'd be better doing it at my shrine. I'd do it here, but there's a lot of magic and I have no idea how it'd interfere. Maybe the best time to do it would be... sometime after we destroy Metallia, and Beryl, when you can walk outside freely again."
Nephrite 2016-03-07 05:04:45 32436
Nephrite does not break his conversational tone, even as subtly shifts to better support a leaning Mamoru. "Look, I'd be there as chaperone and tasting connoisseur. If the girl is going to start now, she needs to develop a discerning palette. Doesn't mean we have to get to hair-holding levels. Anybody who would like to participate in our journey of booze is welcome to join us." He flashes Makoto a smile.

At her noise of pain, the smile turns to a concerned frown. "You okay?" He mouths quietly. Not wanting to make a public thing of it if she would rather keep it quiet right now.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 05:14:18 32440
"I have no idea," Mamoru confesses to Usagi. "I didn't ask." And with that, he does briefly unlean from Nephrite in order to take the bottle of sake back from Rei and have another drink of it. When he sets the bottle down again, he holds up the rock and tells it, "I'm drinking yours. That way you're not drinking on duty. I'm so good to you."

Rei gets a big grin, though, as he leans back against Nephrite and puts his other foot in front of Usagi's. Now he has her foot entirely trapped. "Hey, thank Zoisite when you see him. He's the one who bought it." Or stole it, but Mamoru's not thinking about that, either. "And yeah, we don't have to do it now. After we hit the north pole, before we put the rock in the flower pot."

He wasn't kidding about the sake being strong. His tolerance isn't particularly low, going to Infinity and all.

After a moment's studying the sometimes-pink stone again, brow furrowing slightly as he actively reaches for the link he did not feel snap, the link he's been so carefully staying away from since they got Nephrite back, then blinks and refocuses on Makoto. Neph's being silent and Mako's being under-her-breath, but he's a little fuzzy. "Oh crap let me get that for you, you faceplanted pretty epically."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 05:26:41 32446
There. Mamoru's focused on links and rocks and Mako-chan.


Hah! No one saw her!

"Mako-chan flew." She leans around Mamoru to look beyond Nephrite to Makoto. "You were soooo amazing." And then to Rei. "You fizzled water! Wow."

She also traps Mamoru's foot. With her free one.

"Oh my goodness what is that!" POINT!


There. Now she can say what she's been needing to say.

"So. Of the two other times Red Eyes tried to make a deal, he strongly hinted that that bitch was nothing more than a pawn. There's a slight chance we can use that against them, even if only for a moment. How, I don't know, but there. Moon Prism Power, Make up."

She stretches and rolls her neck. "There. There was no way I could say that before. And sake is disgusting."
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 05:30:56 32448
    The booze may be strong, but Rei's will is stronger! Well, her stubbornness is, anyways. She refuses to let a single sign of drunkenness show, keeping a suspiciously straight face. Usagi earns an appalled look from Rei, and Rei flails at Usagi. "Usa-chan, cut it out!"

    Then she hears what Usagi has to say, and Rei pauses. "You... you got drunk so you could say that?" She reaches up to rub her forehead. "Oh my god. Well, I mean... maybe we could use that. It only make sense that Beryl's being used just like... well... everyone else was."

    She rests her hands on her lap. "... that's assuming a lot though. We don't really know how much Beryl and Metallia resent each other. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Maybe the darkness makes them resent each other anyways."

    Helpless shrug, then another comment. "Any advantage can help, right?"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 05:34:18 32450
Usagi's cheerful comment gets a slightly bleary look of confusion from Mako, for a moment. "Cookies? --well, okay." It is the opposite of an explanation, but Makoto seems content to go with it.

She's not quite tracking all of the conversation that's going on, but she does catch the look Nephrite gives her and his mouthed question. She smiles over at him gratefully, both for the concern and the consideration, and she nods: I'm okay.

And might have left it at that, but then Mamoru notices and Mako starts looking sheepish. "I didn't land on my face," she attempts to protest, as though that were the important part of anything--

--and then she unfolds herself from the chair, which was not really designed for a tall girl to comfortably curl up in anyhow, and makes her way over toward where Mamoru is sitting between Nephrite and Usagi with exaggerated care not to trip over anybody's feet on the way. When she gets there, she picks up the sake bottle and holds it out to Mamoru.

"That's not a good habit to get into, Usagi-chan," she says, sympathy in her eyes and in her voice.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-07 05:37:00 32452
At the door, or whatever door-like thing there may be, there is a knock. Upon answering, the knocker reveals themselves to be Jadeite, wearing his own face, not at all hiding behind any illusions. He looks a little tired, but thes days, who doesn't? He's also holding an oversized dish of coffee jelly, of all things, smiling at whomever answers his knocking. "Sorry I'm late."
Nephrite 2016-03-07 05:43:31 32455
Strong words coming from a small tipsy bunny, and Nephrite cannot help but be impressed. "A pawn? Probably, actually. It never would have made sense to me when we were in there. Loyalty to Beryl was so strongly instilled in us. But now? It's pretty clear there was always something bigger than her working behind the scenes. And we've all seen how powerful it can be." His hand tightens on Mamoru's shoulder. He's very decidedly not thinking about the dark prince. Literally every other thing he knows about Metallia jumps to mind except that. Easier to think of the more recent battle with the Kunzite-shaped version, anyway.

--And then, suddenly, Jadeite is there. Nephrite blinks, a whirlwind of unexpected emotions rising up to meet him. The phrase thought you were dead floats briefly in his mind, even though he has known very well for quite a while that Jadeite was perfectly fine. It's just seeing the truth is different from knowing it. But the momentary blink of surprise is all that is visible, before he grins. "Hey, stranger. Glad you could join us."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-07 05:50:56 32459
(The voice that speaks to Mamoru is audible only by him. It's familiar enough, matter-of-fact enough, that it might almost have passed for a natural part of the conversation. Under other circumstances. "Breathe," it says. "It's just a tactical problem.")

(The voice goes characteristically dry. "Which apparently you have somehow made to involve flowerpots. Tell Jadeite about that, if you haven't, I'm not sure that saying 'technically I'm not dead' is going to make him any happier.")

(There's a glimmer of something like light, something like fog, in the corner of his vision. Matter-of-fact continuation of the former subject. "Beryl is being lied to, yes. She thinks the world will still exist if they win. That may not be useful; she'd rather take everyone else down with her than lose. But it's worth consideration.")
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 06:03:45 32464
red-eyes tried to make a deal -- of course he was a bargaining chip --

Mamoru takes the bottle from Makoto with a tight little smile; Nephrite can feel him tensing up as the conversation goes on around them, and the hand tight on his shoulder helps, but doesn't actually erase whatever's going on. He doesn't take another swig, but sits up and takes the cap and twists it back on, still holding the rock tightly. The bottle gets set down on the floor between himself and Nephrite, half-under the back of the chairs so their feet can't kick it over.

just a pawn like--

He also almost gets tangled in Usagi's feet, then pauses with one hand braced on the table's edge to steady himself as he carefully withdraws them.

Then he reaches up to start to take Makoto's hand and pauses, closing his eyes. "I'm sorry. Give me a second--"

That, of course, is when he hears Jadeite's voice, and his eyes fly open.

"Jadeite," he breathes, and the first time Mamoru met Jadeite in this life gets layered over the first time he met Saburo and the first time Dark Endymion met Jadeite, and poor Makoto's left standing there as the prince just freezes, eyes wide.

For a second he stops seeing Jadeite, stops hearing anything, starts breathing faster; Nephrite can feel his pulse speeding up--


And for Mamoru, hearing that voice in his head, time starts moving normally again as he latches on to the instructions, the reassurance, and makes himself even out his breathing. Slowly. One hand's held up-- the one without the stone in it. A second.

"I'm very, very glad you're here," he says after that second (or three), and he's a little breathless, but he's concentrating on the tactical problem, and the flowerpot, and a small, strained laugh escapes him. "Kunzite's not dead. We're going to resurrect him. There's a plan and a procedure. Details later. I-- I missed you. A lot. Thank you for watching over Usa's family."

Breathing. In, out. Tactical problem. He's good at those.

Finally reaching for Makoto's hand, Mamoru takes it and keeps talking, even and steadily calmer. The only thing she'll feel from him is the same thing she's felt the other times he's healed her, nothing of his emotional state, nothing of what's going on in his head. Just warmth and a golden completeness, a rock-solid steadiness, and a patient and gentle removal of pain and injury. "Usako's right. Beryl is being lied to; Metalia hasn't corrected her misapprehension that the world will still be there to rule once Metalia's done with it. It might not be much leverage, since she'd-- rather take everyone else down with her than lose... but... maybe something can be made from it. I-- I don't think so, though."

He shuts his eyes again and pulls his hand away from Makoto, and holds the rock tightly in both, now. "I think Beryl knows she'll lose. And Metalia doesn't care. Beryl's just-- going to make sure she enjoys herself until she goes to hell."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 06:14:11 32467
Yes, she very much did need to be tipsy for that.

Because she knew the feet would disentangle from hers, but it had to be said.

So she stands and stretches, and pulls out a hot carton of rise from her subspace pocket and digs in, leaning against a column.

She looks up and offers Jadeite a warm smile. "Thank you. Did my brother give you any trouble?"

And of course, there are other issues to worry about, speaking of siblings.

One isn't here. Maybe she chooses not to be anymore.

She stabs her rice.

She sets it down.

Now she has a bottle of water in her hand and is drinking it down, and it tastes a lot better than sake.

And her thoughts aren't very nice, so she doesn't really comment anymore on it.
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 06:22:05 32469
    Rei watches as Mamoru heals Makoto, and then turns around to smile as she hears Jadeite's voice. "Jade-kun!" She waves him over. "Come here! Glad you could make it!"

    Rei's a bit quiet for the moment, sitting back in her chair and just trying to... process things. It's strange. "We've come so far... It's like we're in a completely different world."

    Mamoru gets up and says a lot. He knows it better than Rei does, so she doesn't have much to add. Out of the corner of her eye, Rei notices Usagi looking upset, and she thinks she can guess at the reason. Rei reaches out to squeeze Usagi's hand.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 06:30:01 32472
The healing energy from Mamoru eases away all the lingering aches, but it's hard for Makoto to feel truly relieved about it under the circumstances. Even after he's finished and has let go of her hand, she stands for a moment or two longer, stiff and awkward, trying to get a handle on the feelings churning inside her.

Trying to remind herself again what she's already been over and over and over: it'll take time for things to be okay again. It's not anyone's failure.

She looks at Usagi and bites her lip, feeling helpless.

"...Thanks," she murmurs to Mamoru, and begins to move away, careful again of people's feet - clearing the way for Jadeite, if he wants to be close to his brothers. Looking over, she offers the blonde Shitennou a smile and a little wave, hoping that it looks welcoming instead of strained.

"I think I'm going to... go find a place to lie down." There's still time to rest. There may not be so much of that later.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-07 06:31:19 32474
Jadeite gives Nephrite a smile first, mostly because Nephrite's the first to have spoken up. There's something warm in the expression, although it's worn around the edges, and his free hand wiggles its fingers. His tone somehow splits the difference between it being patently obvious that he'd have made it here eventually, and just as patently relieved. Jadeite has a talented voice. "I'm glad I could join us too. I'm glad *you* joined us. I'm *glad*."

He ends up physically *passing* Moon first, inclining his head faintly. "Not any more trouble than you give me. It was fine. They're all fine. They're all safe." Obviously. Jadeite wouldn't be *here* if they weren't.

He does not, however, stop to hang out with his soap-opera-cuddle-bunny. Instead, he's moving like he's been drawn by a magnet, wading through the room and maybe the girls to get to Nephrite and Mamoru. He's trying very hard not to interupt what's going on there but he also just as clearly wants to be *touched*, to reassure himself of their solidity. If he were a puppy, here his tail would be wagging so hard and hopeful. His voice is quiet as he asks, "If Kunzite is not dead, why does he need resurrecting?"

As Makoto leaves, Jadeite offers her a smile too, and a murmured wish of good rest.
Nephrite 2016-03-07 06:49:18 32478
Nephrite feels Mamoru stiffen, feels his pulse suddenly begin racing, recognizes the mounting panic and is just about ready to pick him up and haul him to a quiet room. But before he can act, suddenly Mamoru is calming down again. He can see no discernable reason why, but he is relieved all the same. And glad for the distraction that Jadeite provides.

He grins further at the question. And it's a stretch, to reach across the table with the one hand that isn't firmly holding Mamoru's shoulder, but he reaches to clasp Jadeite's hand as well. "Well it really all depends on how you define dead. I like to think of it as temporarily contained in much more compact and elegant packaging. Anyway we need some of your claybending prowess to make that happen."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 07:05:13 32480
There is the faintest of guilty looks on top of everything else when Usagi gets up and moves away, and Mamoru looks up at Makoto and gives her a faint and possibly slightly wavery smile, trying to rally-- and Rei is reaching for Usagi, and-- good. But he looks at Usagi anyway, even before Jadeite passes her, and as he's on his way over, he tries to meet her eyes, tries to give her some kind of reassurance, even if he feels slightly brittle over the link.

"The place has featherbeds. It's amazing. Zoi is an utter hedonist. Take advantage, we'll see you in a bit, yeah?" he tells Makoto as she leaves, and then Jadeite's coming over to them--

--and Nephrite literally says--

Mamoru's got a hand up to pull Jadeite bodily down for a hug but he's also staring at Nephrite. "Did you just-- was that an Avatar reference or am I just--"

He shakes his head. "He just doesn't have a body, is all. So we're going to build him one out of legos and flowers. Without the legos. And dirt. It's complicated." This is a pattern. He can use this pattern. It's good. It's helping too. It'll help for another couple of minutes.

He needs to help Usagi.

And then run away.

This is why after an enormous stupid hug of both Jadeite and Nephrite, Mamoru extricates himself (and Kunzite) and holds up the rock as he unsteadily moves over to where she's leaning. "Kunzite," he asks the rock as he comes to lean against Usagi's pillar and bumps into her, then stays there, "are you actually comfortable now? I mean I know it's awkward but like... you don't feel constrained or anything, right?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 07:17:15 32483
Usagi rests her head on Rei's shoulder, snuggling. She sticks her tongue out at Jadeite. "You're just mad because I figured who the BabyDaddy was ages before you did."

It's all she says for a bit, and it's okay that Mamoru's a bit brittle over the link because so is she.

When he bumps against her, she keeps hold of Mars' hand but rests her head on his shoulder, instead.

"If he wants pretty scenery, he'd make a nice necklace. I have an earring that would match."

Don't worry, Mamoru. When you escape to hide, Usagi will very much just pile on her girls. One of them in spirit! The other...

Well, let's not dwell.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-07 07:21:59 32484
There is, during that hug, the flicker of an image that will persist in Jadeite's and Nephrite's memories as well as Mamoru's. The distinct image of Kunzite, wearing their proper uniform rather than the Dark Kingdom's, regarding the three of them with arms folded. Giving Nephrite a specific and distinct look. Yes, his expression says without words. Savor the opportunity while you have it, I dare you.

Which is more familiar, and probably more reassuring, than if he'd matched Mamoru's warmer style.

There's a moment in which his eyes flicker to Jadeite, steady; and then Mamoru's detached, and the image goes with him.

Rei and Usagi share the next segment, which is more of an impression than an image -- a sense of the same calm that Mamoru was able to take up. A hint of a voice. "I have no complaints. I'm limited, yes, but a little less than it seems. And I may still be able to help. That's enough."
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 07:29:20 32485
    Rei reaches around to hug Usagi as her friend rests her head on her shoulder, and then she loosens her hug to allow Mamoru some Usagi room. During a brief hint of contact, the slightly drunk Rei feels something, and her senses being what they are she processes that kind of image quickly.

    She doesn't really know what to say to that. Her eyelids are growing heavy, and she did strain herself. The next fight is going to be hard, and she doesn't know what's going to happen. Well, however it goes, so long as Usagi is alive and Metallia is not... that's mission complete, right?

    Rei releases Usagi, turning the way Makoto went. "I think I'm going to find those feather beds. Night, everyone. We've got a busy day ahead of us." She then smiles at the pink crystal of Kunzite, saying, "Get well soon, Kunzite!"

    She then turns away to head off.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-07 07:30:46 32487
For that moment of contact, Jadeite sucks in a sudden, startled breath. His spine straightens. Then it's gone, and he's recollecting himself, tugging at the bottom fo his shirt like it somehow got rumpled. Right.

"I can do that," he says, mostly to Nephrite, probably meaning the clay figure. One hand lifts to mark off a space of height just below Jadeite's. "Do you think he will be angry if I made him shorter than me?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 07:33:19 32488
She jerks at the voice, familiar but also kind of not. "I told him I was coming this time!" Wait. What? Kunzite? What? "I shouldn't be drunk."

It's almost enough to knock her out of her funk, that sudden confusion.

So much deja vu.

"I'll be in soon to cuddle, Mars."




A suspicious peering at the rock, shifting more because Mamoru's still very much warm. She pokes the pink gem some.

She looks up at Mamoru, still suspicious. "I'm hearing voices. And Jadeite, I think he'll be reeeeeally angry if you made him shorter than me."
Nephrite 2016-03-07 07:33:40 32489
It's true: Kunzite's precise look, his chastisement, is the best recreation of Nephrite's memories of him that he can imagine, and he cannot help but burst out laughing, seemingly at nothing. As long as Kunzite is able to give him that look, then it's going to be okay. It has to be.

He grins at Jadeite. "I guarantee that he would make you pay dearly for it. But it would be so worth it to see the look on his face."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 07:39:58 32490
And then Usagi can deal, while Nephrite is laughing and Jadeite is looking startled and trolling Kunzite, and Rei is thinking she drank too much, with Kunzite ending up being visible to her when Mamoru leans down and kisses her.

If she's hearing voices, she's seeing ghosts, too.

And Kunzite is paying for his sins.