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3594 Finished Ami Mizuno Studying and a Sleepover Usagi and Luna come over to Ami's for studying and a sleepover. Cute fluffiness inside.
3537 Finished Mamoru Chiba Chaos Is Come Again Jadeite and Mamoru are seriously hung over. Of *course* that means it just happens to be time to stop by-- all at once-- for Koji, Lacrima, Ariel, Lucky, Kyouko, Usagi, Rei, and newcomer to this mess, Millie White! Also Usagi and Jadeite take poison to protect Mamoru. It's fraught, yo.
3476 Finished Rei Hino The Teacup Held No Answers CW Allusion to suicide Struggling with her own unlocked memories, Rei asks Usagi about the nature of her Princess Sailor Moon transformation.
3333 Finished Ryo Okana Storming the Gates Saint George storms the ECFH to kill his sister. He gets superbanned via multiple heroes and learns why people don't really storm that place.
3321 Finished Usagi Tsukino Sponge Cake Houses and Post Proposal Tea … No Description Set
3319 Finished Mamoru Chiba Fakes and Feels and Being Real No Description Set
3301 Finished Kyouko Sakura Housewarming Usagi and Rei come to visit Kyouko's new Palace.
3288 Finished Sailor Earth Mirai's Last Dance No Description Set
3271 Finished Miho Kagami Hello Darkness, My New Friend Miho and the others wake up in Kunzite's palace just in time for Mamoru to show up in ghost-form. Then something even more surprising happens!
3269 Finished Mamoru Chiba Thank You All For Coming To My Dead Talk No Description Set
3268 Finished Sailor Earth Oh Brothers! No Description Set
3202 Active Kazuo Takeba No Title Set No Description Set
3188 Finished Kazuo Takeba No Title Set No Description Set
3161 Paused Mamoru Chiba No Title Set No Description Set
3075 Finished Kyouko Sakura Oni-erous task It takes a very unwise youma to get between Kyouko and Usagi and their lunch. Phantom Ace and Sakura help take it down, too!
3064 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Entire Living Room To Ourselves Ami and Usagi get together for cookies and catch-up. (Unfinished scene)
3048 Finished Kazuo Takeba Selfie Guest Appearance New Year's side scene: Kazuo has a present for Usagi.
3046 Finished Mamoru Chiba New Year's Eve 2017 Like it says on the tin.
3000 Finished Kazuo Takeba Ends of the Earth No Description Set
2919 Finished Kazuo Takeba In Which Gull And Jupiter Suplex A House Hiroshi Takeba was stuck in a Phantom Empire mirror when everyone else in Tokyo was. The problem occurred when the purification of all the Terribads didn't release him, because his monster was SO MUCH WORSE. Kazuo and Mamoru called in the big guns. Includes Super Mecha Unity Knight Sailor Moon and her chibi StarBits!
2878 Finished Kyouko Sakura Penultimate Frisbee Kyouko, Naru, Kunzite, Makoto, Mamoru, and Usagi practice frisbee in the park. There is violence against man and nature.
2780 Finished Mamoru Chiba Bishoujo Bike Gang Birthday Usagi is 16! It's time for her surprise birthday present.
2768 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kunzite's Back and Koji's Moving Like it says on the tin. Tall and white-haired has his soul back in (more or less in) his body! Koji's getting evicted. Usagi's adorable. Mamoru doesn't know how not to ruin Takara's good mood. Rashmi knows how to sort of fix it. Koji's parents are hilariously embarrassing. Mamoru will never tell. Kunzite gets catted.
2764 Finished Usagi Tsukino Born to Be a Mother Ikuko is very pleased that Mamoru is her 'surprise.' Flowers, candy, anxiety, and a bit of secret healing leads to a motherly hug.
2763 Finished Mamoru Chiba Colors Are Scary, Blondes Are Best Post-punchtervention, Hannah wants to yell at Mamoru, so he goes to her place with Kunzite-ghost in tow to meet her and Haruna, and he gives her the job of 'Fix Koji & Tyrfing' and there is chicken-fried steak he doesn't eat and Usagi makes everyone not die when she shows up and is the calm sunshine of life in general while Mamoru is a flailing mess over having accidentally broken Hannah after accidentally breaking Kunzite's dad earlier.
2758 Finished Kazuo Takeba In Which They Finally Actually Break Kun … Hiroshi turns up at the ECFH to check on his son, who missed their obligatory and resented weekly meeting yesterday and then hasn't been answering his phone or texts. Usagi explains this is because her mother has a medical emergency! Saved! Right? Except that awkward conversations are somehow more awkward when one person in them is completely failing to notice another person is a ghost... and then Hiroshi *stops* failing to notice. Oops.
2708 Finished Mamoru Chiba Breakfast Wars After staying over, Koji cooks a stunning array of breakfast foods for essentially an army. Then there are various traumas and politics and crises and explanations and... people falling asleep on other people. Then eating. And dad jokes.
2677 Finished Kazuo Takeba That Grade Is Not A 30 Usagi runs into Kazuo. And Kazuo's father. Who promptly starts considering the possibility of grandchildren. NO HIROSHI SO VERY NO.
2653 Finished Takashi Agera DARE To Resist Drugs and Knight Violence Sailor Earth's decided she wants her own Shitennou. There are a lot of objections, not least from one of the dudes she tried to recruit, then drafted.
2587 Finished Ayana Tasogare Mess Usagi has presents for Ayana!
2584 Finished Unmei Tama The pen is mightier than the depression Unmei cried on Sailor Moon. A lot. Now SHE knows how it feels. Oh, and they ate burritos and gave her the BEST GIFT EVER!
2563 Finished Mamoru Chiba The Cat is Mightier Than the Pen Mamoru gets the details ironed out with Minako and Luna and Artemis re: getting a Luna Pen for Unmei.
2556 Finished Minako Aino Two Bananas In A Split! Minako goes to re-re-remake up with Usagi for real this time honest to god over banana splits!
2540 Finished Kukai Souma Vagrancy Has A Certain Appeal Kukai, himself again, looks for refuge. Nagihiko provides.
2530 Finished Usagi Tsukino Unicorn Burps and Rainbow Fluff In which Usagi finds out what happened to Lacrima and Kukai.
2506 Finished Takashi Agera Lunar Eclipse Usagi takes issue with Takashi's last interaction with Ami. THERE WILL BE VENGEANCE. IT WILL INVOLVE HUGS.
2497 Finished Usagi Tsukino TOKYO UNIVERSITY IS A BUNCH OF DUMMY HEA … Usagi is outraged! How dare TU reject Ami! Ami is the smartest girl ever! Oh hey, let's talk plushies!
2490 Finished Mamoru Chiba February Ice Cream Ice cream, business, movie, and happy distractions date time with Usagi and Mamoru! Yes in that order.
2450 Finished Ami Mizuno Amazing Rescue Ami has finally figured the way out of the maze! Too bad her friends have come to save her.
2428 Finished Kazuo Takeba Remembering to Breathe Usagi, Naru, Mamoru, and Kunzite confer about Ami's disappearance. They have a plan! They also have sniffles, because Usagi.
2400 Finished Naru Osaka Belle Paris! Coffee, cocoa, pastries, piercings and cat hair. It's an edgy day in Paris on the ECFH field trip.
2375 Finished Rei Hino Still Friends Ami gently nudges Rei into actually resolving things between her and Usagi.
2277 Finished Kyouko Sakura A New Year Much like the old year.
2275 Finished Naru Osaka Ahead For All of Time NYE part 2: The quieter conversations in the mural bedecked living room of Mamoru's apartment.
2274 Finished Kazuo Takeba All The Future Stretches Out NYE part 1: the bulk of the open party at Mamoru's apartment.
2264 Finished Naru Osaka Late night girl talk Because sometimes, a girl needs to chat with her bestie, even if it's late.
2248 Finished Takashi Agera Earth, Moon, Crown 'Sailor Earth' arrives at the Crown and engages in a short conversation with 'Bunny'.
2236 Finished Naru Osaka Early Present Usagi and Luna surprise Naru with her very own communicator.
2227 Finished Sakura Kinomoto Jumping Moon Biscuits, it's Sailor Moon! Sakura meets Sailor Moon and really *falls* for her, before they catch the jump card. She then decides the moon person is the best person to get relationship advice from!
2226 Finished Yuuki Oshiro Hope by Moon's Light Yuuki is down in a most serious way. It would take a Miracle to get her to break out of her sadness. Good thing miracles come in a variety of ways!
2219 Finished Momo Sakura Slugging's Not Good For You ... which is not a line one would expect ever to hear from Hannah! Except that Usagi is BEING a slug, rather than slugging people. Hannah remembers the unfortunate anniversary. And Hannah is dragging Usagi out to distraction.
2218 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Ami Gossips Toniiiiight~! In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Ami gets an unexpected vidcall from one of her best friends. Breakups are hard! Future Disney Movie Dates are made, and Takashi is grossly adorable.
2214 Finished Ami Mizuno Good Morning, Good Bye Ami comes over to Usagi's house early in the morning. She's there to tell her friend she's leaving for awhile. Tight hugs and assurances that Ami doesn't want to quit the team are exchanged.
2212 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Thunder Rolls Kunzite finds Usagi in the middle of a park, alone, in a heavy thunderstorm. Why's she out there? Well, Usagi's down a girlfriend. Fortunately Kunzite can teleport, make cocoa, and soothe away storm fears.
2122 Finished Homura Akemi Agents of (Homura's) Shield Madison steals Hana Shiroi's Grief Seed from the world inside Homura's shield, and Homura in turn becomes the master of Time and Space.
2114 Finished Amu Hinamori The moon and the frump Sailor Moon takes her turn to look in on Amu. Get-well bunnies work, right?
2084 Finished Tadase Hotori Monster MUSH SEIYOU HALLOWEEN DANCE!
2070 Paused Usagi Tsukino Who Would Dress Like That Usagi takes issue with the existence of certain costumes. Seth is a little baffled. Hey, they know some of the same people! ... whoops, not so much a good thing ...
2065 Finished Kazuo Takeba Time Refugees And Baby Bunnies (Content warning: mental health.) Usagi consults Kunzite on matters of the soul, which inevitably brings up certain youma for which she has never before actually yelled at Kunzite. Further discussion of Sailor Earth turns up potential explanations and rather a lot of insecurities. (Hint: Usa will not in fact be the one with fifty cats.)
2060 Finished Usagi Tsukino Fite Fite Fi--You're Not Mad Yay! Tuesday after finding Sailor Earth, Ninjasagi stealthily sneaks up on Makoto. Lunch and hugs are shared!
2054 Finished Usagi Tsukino Shrine on the Moon On the moon, Usagi and Rei come across Sailor Mars' shrine. Usagi is, of course, enthralled. Rei gets a brand new old hair comb.
2049 Finished Usagi Tsukino Oil and Milk Usagi and Minako get together for some long overdue making up!
2048 Finished Kazuo Takeba Encouragements and Death Wish Usagi stalks the caracal with fish, and Kunzite with coffee. One of these is wiser than the other.
2042 Finished Naru Osaka Mako's Not a Delinquent! Usagi and Naru have a pizza-and-movie night and catch up, and also talk about Makoto, and Sailor Earth, and unfairness, and they also fret about Kunzite.
2038 Finished Takashi Agera Salt of the Earth Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.
2021 Finished Usagi Tsukino Your Boyfriend is a Buttmunch...IS HE OK … Ami gets a visit from a tattling Usagi. Post 'Black is the New Orange.'
2001 Finished Amu Hinamori A day at the arcade Stuff happened!
1987 Finished Makoto Kino Just Another Sunday at the ECFH Mamoru might be melting his brain with study, but the Earth Court apartments are as happening a place as ever... especially with Chibiusa staying over for the day.
1969 Finished Mamoru Chiba Sea of Serenity The Senshi return to the Moon.
1968 Finished Usagi Tsukino A Sad Lack of Cherry Blossoms Usagi and Zoisite go on a date! By which we mean shopping.
1951 Finished Zoisite Awkward Dinner Date Zoisite has a question for Usagi. Usagi has an answer. Predictably, Usagi also does something that comes out of left field.
1949 Finished Naru Osaka That's gotta hurt Alexis breaks his arm and learns a bit more about magic on the way to healing it.
1902 Finished Stahlritter Meeting the Best Friend Poor Alexis. His first meeting with Naru's best friend probably should have been preplanned. With more warning. And maybe with alcohol instead of ice cream smoothies.
1901 Finished Makoto Kino Not Okay No Description Set
1897 Finished Usagi Tsukino Broken Bones Post "Orange is the New Black," there's some bone bending and splints. And screaming, because Holy Hannah, punching a wall hurts.
1895 Finished Takashi Agera Black Is The New Orange UMBRA has a plan to return orange to the universe! Riventon and Lacrima are TOTALLY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Somehow, other people do not seem to be lauding them appropriately for this. Maybe it's the amount of dark energy mixed in, or the Nullheart Reiko...
1881 Finished Mamoru Chiba Holdin' Out For a Healer No Description Set
1871 Finished Usagi Tsukino Two Muggles Walk Into a Kitchen Kenji has the house to himself when he gets an unexpected but always welcome visitor. He and Naru, who had come looking for Usagi, commiserate on being mundanes in a world of magic. (Plus, you know, PapaTypeHugs are awesome.)
1861 Finished Kazuo Takeba Prospective In-Laws Kenji Knows. And he is, reluctantly, willing to share what he knows about the accident twelve years ago with Mamoru and his allies. The problem is, the ally he has to hand it over to is Kazuo Takeba, and it's hard trying to talk with someone who might as well be a different species...
1857 Finished Rei Hino Woe and Pastries Rei and Usagi go on a date to Midori-ya! They get to talking about various things bothering them, and then they get kissy.
1848 Finished Mamoru Chiba Indecent Noodles Reduced Naru's rescuers bring her back to the ECFH because the Wraiths ate her emotions really bad and she had a standing deal with Mamoru that if that happened he'd help her fix her brain.
1846 Finished Naru Osaka Noodle Incident, Redux A call of help from Naru (or at least Naru's tracker that goes ping!), brings the cavalry in to cope with a pack of Wraiths more effectively than Honey Badger Naru. The noodle cart never knew what hit it, but the overwhelming opinion is that Wraiths suck.
1841 Finished Mamoru Chiba Drain a Little Dream Lacrima finds the Prince of Earth's energy and identity to her liking. Usagi and Kunzite find Lacrima's tastes not to their taste. Mamoru did not get the Eevee.
1826 Finished Naru Osaka Crisis! Gossip! Cinnamon Bread! Usagi provides freak out, Naru provides reassurances, and then ALL THE FEELS emerge with the gossip and admissions and yet more Feels. Cinnamon bread soothes many woes.
1819 Finished Haruka Haruno Royal Rooftop Round Usagi and Haruka (not -that- Haruka) meet. Discussion is had about princesses. Kunzite is -himself-, and Mamoru is late to the Princess Party.
1814 Finished Rei Hino Cuddles at the Shrine When Ami and Makoto are still fighting, Usagi goes to her girlfriend for comfort. Love confessions are made.
1805 Finished Usagi Tsukino Reconcile or Face the Tears Usagi has had it up to the ceiling! She gets Makoto and Ami together to talk things out. Usagi is a professional and does NOT threaten them with tears! In the end, tears and candy and hugs are shared!
1788 Finished Usagi Tsukino Much Ado About Mako Usagi and Makoto talk once more about the Ami and Mako Fight. Encouragement is given!
1776 Finished Zoisite All The Woe In The World Usagi, Zoisite, the Crown, ice cream. Possibly murder. No, wait, no murder. Talking instead about Ami, Makoto, and the doom that is long hair in the summer...
1768 Finished Rei Hino Imayhavetoldherthisisadate Usagi and Rei go on their first date, to a New Age festival! There's palm reading, kissing, and horoscopes!
1766 Finished Usagi Tsukino A Grumpy Bunny and Ami Hugs Usagi confronts Ami after finding out about the fight between her and Makoto. She's grumpy at first but then moves past it to cuddle her friend!
1764 Finished Makoto Kino Hope to Understand Usagi has had enough of whatever's been upsetting Makoto and Ami, and heads to Mako's to start getting to the bottom of it.
1755 Finished Rei Hino We Could See? Rei and Usagi talk about dating. Will they? Wont they?
1753 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Queen and the Time Travelor Neo Queen Serenity visits one of her girls at her post.
1747 Finished Rei Hino Usagi is the Best Rei says so!
1712 Finished Mamoru Chiba For Naru and Nano and Muffins Mamoru and Usagi ask Nanoha about barrier possibilities, and there's discussions of Virtue
1709 Finished Naru Osaka Meh After skipping out on her workout AND skipping out on school, oddly enough that prompted people to come and check up on Naru. The ennui was strong in this one. Curse level strong. Moon Healing Escalations smart a little, or a lot.
1706 Finished Usagi Tsukino Preparing For the MAIN Event Ami visits Usagi to get her permission to use the Eternity MAIN to help Virtue and plots to bring Naru on board. And apparently, Serenity kept a diary of sorts?
1691 Finished Kazuo Takeba Birthday Demands Wherein Usagi steals a dance. With Kunzite.
1684 Finished Madoka Akemi Disaster Relief Charity Ball What happens when you mix charity, snobbery, Magical Heroes, birthdays, and the Clash? Inquire within to find out!
1680 Finished Usagi Tsukino Dress Shopping! Usagi and Ami go dress shopping for the charity ball!
1667 Finished Naru Osaka Post-apocolyptic Open House, with pizza. The Frat House is once again, Grand Central Station with pizza and coffee (and 'special' coffee) and laughter and panic and people and yet more food. Now with more random napping!
1664 Finished Fiore Moon Revenge "On your closed eyes, I kiss you goodbye. I have left you behind in the garden of time."
1659 Finished Ami Mizuno Welcome Back, Mako-chan! Makoto is back, her nullheart is defeated, and the Inner Senshi girls are enjoying some together time.
1656 Finished Usagi Tsukino Bleeding on the Princess (Content warning: gore.) Immediately following Grasp the Thorns: Usagi did arrive in time to save Mamoru from Fiore, not at once. But she did make it in time to save Kunzite.
1653 Finished Kazuo Takeba Reap the Whirlwind Makoto is on a mission: to save herself and Nephrite from an endless cycle of duty and death. Makoto is on a mission: to stop herself from doing just that. Riventon is on a mission: science. And Mamoru's apartment is now on fire.
1646 Finished Kazuo Takeba Grasp the Thorns (Content warning: violence.) There's only one person Fiore wants to preserve from the end of the Earth. Kunzite tries to stop, or at least slow, the kidnapping. Usagi arrives in time to help save someone ... but it's not Mamoru.
1638 Finished Naru Osaka Piiiiiie! Pie, and candy, and gossip and giggling, and potentially herds of bunnies. Naru and Usagi have some girl time!
1631 Finished Suzuki Natsume Coincidental meetings while shopping! Suzuki is trapped in the shopping strip, and then Usagi rescues her! Then they go and shop together!
1627 Finished Mamoru Chiba Plant Your Hope in Good Soil Usagi sneaks over to put Mamoru's hand in a jar of faintly glowing ginzuishou-magicked dirt. Inevitably, he wakes up hella confused. Equally inevitably, they are eye-wateringly adorable.
1623 Finished Usagi Tsukino Without a Gardener Discovering that Makoto's either drenched in dark energy or has been replaced, three senshi and Nephrite are...not happy.
1616 Finished Rena Sakai Evil Facebook? Lunch at Seishou Middle School leads to Usagi, Naru and Rena enjoying some yummy goodies. Not to mention pondering the existance of an EVIL FACEBOOK!
1613 Finished Kazuo Takeba Pirates of the Silver Crystal Usagi comes over a spitting cobra and ends up in a sleepoveresque movie marathon. With Kunzite. ONLY USAGI.
1607 Finished Ami Mizuno Deprivation Ami is working herself to sleep exhaustion over the Fiore issue. Usagi comes to help by trying to trick her into sleeping!
1563 Finished Usagi Tsukino She Takes Me By the Hand It's the literal calm before a figurative storm. Mamoru and Usagi stockpile hugs and such to get them through.
1561 Finished Kazuo Takeba But Communicators Usagi and Naru get dragged into a conversation with Kunzite about the attacks Friday, about the possibility that Naru might still be contaminated by residual dark energy, and about Fiore's threats. Usagi is not happy that a weekend went by without anybody telling her this. For some reason. For good reasons.
1555 Finished Usagi Tsukino When the Moon Eats a Pie After an afternoon of baking pie with Usagi's mom, Makoto and the bunny play catchup! And in the end, there's pie!
1540 Finished Usagi Tsukino Confessions of the Platonic Heart Platonic Love, Break-Ups, and Chemistry, oh my!
1535 Finished Usagi Tsukino Two Corns in a Cobb Usagi is so bad at tailing people, and she dropped her Make-Up Chocolates! Then there's food, milkshakes, hugs, and reconsiliations!
1528 Finished Kazuo Takeba Bad Decisions And Worse Voice Mail Mamoru decides that barely-standing is a fine condition in which to try to bodily fling himself across the city to demand answers from Hannah about Takashi. Usagi decides that it's a great time to descend on Mamoru's apartment wailing about having betrayed him. Kunzite decides it's a reasonable time to go home and WHY ARE PEOPLE SUDDENLY WEEPING ON HIM
1514 Finished Ami Mizuno Love and other drugs Ami and Usagi gossip about boys, and love, and chocolate, and drugs. Then they decide to cuddle up and watch movies, because the rest of that is way too complicated right now.
1510 Finished Takashi Agera Ice Cream Smoothies In which Takashi does *not* blast Usagi across the Crown for being too excitable. Though it might have been a better plan in the long run not to let him see the Silver Crystal in person. Also: what exactly is this moral fiber thing, anyway? Is it that stuff you get from oats?
1500 Finished Mamoru Chiba Monstrous Ganache After school, Mamoru and Usagi and Kunzite go to the bakery/cafe to buy ALL THE SWEETS, and then Natsumi Ginga shows up and is rude and possessive, so Mamoru is rude and Usagi is possessive and Kunzite watches like a watching watcher, and basically it's a slice of cake I mean life.
1494 Finished Mamoru Chiba BTW There's This Asteroid Usa and Kunzite take Mamoru to Ami and Rei for a second opinion on why the hell Mamoru seems to be having an autoimmune attack concurrent with the invasion of Earth by a jillion energy-sucking pink space flowers. Consensus: 'oh damn'.
1480 Finished Mamoru Chiba At Home With the Celestials Kukai comes over to visit and thank Kunzite for coming to visit him in the hospital, and finds Usagi cuddling sick Mamoru. Between Usa's contact and Kunzite's concentration, Mamoru remains in the conversation.
1476 Finished Mamoru Chiba Beer and Satori Kyouko and Luna come to visit Mamoru with beer and wisdom. Luna doesn't like the beer.
1458 Finished Mamoru Chiba Quis Proditores Ipsos Prodit? So Fiore had been slowly killing Usagi with an energy-drain youma like he did with Mako. Mamoru and Kunzite show up at like literally just-in-time o'clock and then Fiore shows up at who-said-you-could-interrupt o'clock and then the Senshi show up at are-you-freaking-kidding-me o'clock and Fiore is dismayed because the last rose Mamoru gave him wasn't actually stabbed into his chest, but like, things change. Also: wherein Kunzite's hair gets really short.
1343 Finished Usagi Tsukino Sowing a Bitter Harvest Fiore's gift of a flower to Usagi may not be as sweet as it seems...
1342 Finished Mamoru Chiba The Truth About Magic Stuff After Naru tells Mamoru off for talking about magic in the supermarket and Kyouko goes to work, they go home with Kunzite and Naru runs the world's most polite interrogation session while they put away groceries and Mamoru sits on the counter doing nothing. Then Hurricane Usagi comes in and she and Mamoru vanish for some reason, and Naru and Kunzite have a REAL conversation.
1331 Finished Mamoru Chiba Not With Haste No Description Set
1328 Finished Mamoru Chiba Open Heart Surgery No Description Set
1249 Finished Mamoru Chiba Promise of the Rose Why do all Mamoru's old friends show up evil? AND ATTACK USAGI?? Enter Fiore, who also throws Luna and chews on Nephrite's rage like it's delicious scenery.
1240 Finished Kazuo Takeba Communicating Conditions After Makoto's prompting, Luna finds Mamoru, which is good, and Kunzite, which is less to her taste. She has communicators for them. She also has a VERY OLD bone to pick with Kunzite, understandably enough...
1236 Finished Usagi Tsukino Close Contact Makoto asks Luna to make communicators for the Shittenou. Luna shows her the newly finished Central Command beneath the Crown Arcade.
1229 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kintsugi: I Came Home Like a Stone Mercury had a plan to resurrect Kunzite. Everyone helped, everyone believed, even if they weren't sure they should. Everyone waited.
1225 Finished Usagi Tsukino Cat Hugs Luna finds Mamoru. Luna pounce Mamoru. Luna and Mamoru talk.
1223 Finished Mint Chip A Night To Look Forward To No Description Set
1219 Finished Ami Mizuno Princessy Patient Ami takes Usagi to meet Iris after Usagi got stabbed with a Dark Energy sword.
1213 Finished Ami Mizuno Shards of Darkness Usagi and Mamoru text Ami in a panic asking her to help figure out what's wrong with Usagi. Turns out she's been infected with a shard of a dark-energy infused sword that's embedded somewhere that's very dangerous to remove from her.
1212 Finished Hannah Sharpe A Not So Friendly Visit A Corrupted Hannah tries to visit Usagi. Her friends old and new are there to prevent too much suffering. The sword has other plans.
1206 Finished Usagi Tsukino Self-Sufficient Worry Warts Usagi checks on another friend! Kyouko is very Self-Sufficient! But Usagi will worry and fret anyway!
1201 Finished Usagi Tsukino Rei of Sunshine Shortly after D-Point, after Makoto leaves and Mamoru nopes away from People, Rei visits next. More crying, more hugs, and it ends with a sleepy girl pile.
1199 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki The Miracle Friendships Usagi texts her friends. The first to respond is Makoto. So many hugs and loves and tears!
1197 Finished Mamoru Chiba For Just a Moment Usagi and Mamoru get back from D-point.
1196 Finished Naru Osaka Sometimes, It's the Little Things A hug, a few tears, and a book report. In that order.
1189 Finished Queen Beryl D-Point CONTENT WARNING: Character death, oceans of tears. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.
1188 Finished Kyra Nygaard Swan Song CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Melanite tries to stop the heroes from getting to the throne room, and does stop some, but gets taken apart before finshing her last sentence.
1183 Finished Mamoru Chiba Bringing Down the Heavens CONTENT WARNING: Character death, Crane Game Joe. Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite make their last stand to save their Princess and Prince.
1177 Finished Mamoru Chiba Don't Forget Some of the Senshi and Shitennou find each other in the middle of all the horror and fiercely create a moment of hope to keep going on.
1176 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki The Flavor of Hurt In a rare quiet moment at D-Point, Mercury and Moon discuss hurt and guilt.
1171 Finished Mint Chip Blizzard Ambush CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Soon after arriving at the North Pole, the group of heroes is split up by a blizzard -- and are faced with the DD Girls. Homura and Madoka make sure that the rest of them are able to get inside-- and inaugurate the expedition of blood and tears with epic style and panache.
1164 Finished Usagi Tsukino Anchors Away! Something Sailor Moon has always known is that one must NEVER underestimate the quality of a good anchor. Another thing she's always known is Naru is hers.
1158 Finished Makoto Kino Cuddly Bunny Piles Follows "When The City Clears": Usagi finds Makoto where she'd gone off to lie down. The two of them try to get some rest - but first they talk about the battle to come, the struggles they've already overcome, and boys.
1155 Finished Kazuo Takeba When The City Clears Several Senshi and Shitennou take a moment of downtime after the fight against Kunzite. This involves amusement, morbid topics, reunions, a little brokenness, a little sake, and a reminder that things not only will get better, but are already beginning to.
1151 Finished Kazuo Takeba Power's Out The Dark Kingdom has a use for Tokyo. As a battery. Possibly also as a glacier. Kunzite has a plan to wake Metalia by harvesting the city. Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi have a competing plan to try to rescue Kunzite. Everyone's plan involves killing somebody. It's just a question of who gets there first...
1144 Finished Usagi Tsukino Repairs After being told by Makoto the state of the Tsukino home, Mamoru rushes over in a Luna Pen disguise. And a lot more than a house is in need of repair.
1124 Finished Kyouko Sakura Thank You Beef Kyouko and Sayaka meet up with Usagi for Thank You Korean Beef.
1118 Finished Fu Inubouzaki Tokyo Eating Challenge! Are you hungry? Do you think you got what it takes to out eat every other person in Tokyo?! Well Lets see you do it! The Seiyou Hero Club is proud to bring you the Tokyo Eating Challenge. Ages 10-18. Entrants must have a sponsor, Proceeds go to Storm Relief. There will be prizes!
1116 Finished Mamoru Chiba Naru Perspective Broadened No Description Set
1106 Finished Zoisite Naru Escape Naru is rescued from the Dark Kingdom! So is ... Kyra? Several people's Clever Schemes collide head-on; most of them go off in one way or another. Unfortunately, that many explosions in one place is an excellent way to get Beryl's attention...
1101 Finished Ami Mizuno Remember Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves No Description Set
1098 Finished Usagi Tsukino Text Get Ready To Grumbllllleeeee! Kyouko texts Usagi about a certain issue.
1088 Finished Rena Sakai Care Package! Rena volunteers to bring Usagi some things from school. Sweets may or may not be involved!
1080 Finished Kazuo Takeba Priorities Still temporarily sane, Kunzite asks for a conference with Sailor Venus, Endymion, and Sailor Moon, in order to figure out what they're doing with (a) the Silver Crystal (b) the fact that he's about to turn into one of Beryl's weapons again and (c) Melanite having kidnapped Naru. Nobody else knew about Naru. Moon did not know about Naru. Moon DOES NOT TAKE THIS WELL.
1074 Finished Usagi Tsukino Lunch at Augusta Makoto and Usagi have a lunch date with the Tsukinos
1058 Finished Mamoru Chiba Finally Five Minutes ...to themselves, when they're both awake and nobody else is around. Time for Usagi to get a good cry in, and time for Mamoru to just relax and be with her.
1053 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Bunny Cupid! Poor Kyouko. She never got to see much of Usagi before the whole Dark Endymion arch. And now she gets the Full Bunny Effect.
1051 Finished Bass-chan Roll Away Your Stone Wherein Nephrite and Kunzite win a Silver Crystal key fragment, Makoto reveals her identity, Kunzite remembers, Rei punches him, and Usagi purifies Nephrite. Also, treehouses. Busy day.
1050 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki All You Need Is Loooooove (and good coff … Usagi runs into Sayaka at the cafe the day after getting Mamoru back. Her recently rediscovered happiness and optimism is perhaps...contagious? (And Usagi valiantly refrains from huehuehueing!)
1041 Finished Mamoru Chiba At the End of the Tour Wherein Mamoru's friends and loved ones beat Dark Endymion to a pulp so Usagi can purify him. SPOILERS: It works. THANKS TO: Mint Chip for emitting the evil part, omg.
1039 Finished Usagi Tsukino Plot Bunny Moon meets with Venus. Plans are discussed and there's issues that won't be resolved in a day.
1035 Finished Usagi Tsukino Plotting Over Cookie Dough Usagi tells Makoto WHY she's been a ball of cranky the past week. And then plots regarding a certain boy in reading glasses ensues.
1032 Finished Mamoru Chiba Tread Lightly The Senshi and friends go to acquire the next part of the key to the Silver Crystal from Jadeite's mega-antediluvian palace, and, to almost no one's surprise, get some extremely unpleasant stowaways.
1028 Finished Usagi Tsukino Miscommunications Zoi's still a butt. Poor Jadeite...
1023 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists and a Rabbit, Pt 2 The second part of Usagi's visit.
1019 Finished Takashi Agera Two Scientists And a Rabbit While Ami is stuck at Takashi's house recovering, Usagi comes to visit her - and glare at Takashi.
1018 Finished Kyouko Sakura Walking Miss Bunny Kyouko wants more advice from Usagi so they go for a walk.
1016 Finished Takashi Agera Not Really In My Element Ami's mother is starting to get worried about her extended absense. The senshi try to come up with a cover story.
1012 Finished Nagihiko Fujisaki Ami-chan Eloped?! Naru and Usagi wonder where Ami-chan was today. It's not like the bluenette to miss school! The most logical conclusion? Ami-chan eloped with Takashi.
1006 Finished Usagi Tsukino Let The Right One In Makoto has a Very Bad Dream. She finds Usagi's house in...shambles. ('Some Renovations,' indeed!) When she finds the Moon Bunny, she probably gets more than she bargained for.
1000 Finished Mint Chip Mahou Tamura Biggest Ice Cream Social Ever! (Non-canon)
995 Finished Mamoru Chiba The Moon! The Sailor Senshi go to the moon to find answers-- and, uh, do.
983 Finished Hannah Sharpe Walnuts-chan Celebratory Funeral Miss White holds the most solemn and appropriate funeral ever. This might be a complete lie.
976 Finished Zoisite Texts from WAIT WHAT WHY In which Zoisite causes Sailor Moon to swear like a -- well.
972 Finished Fu Inubouzaki 2 Blondes, 5 tails, and 1 big challenge A random meeting between Usagi and Fu sets off a crazy idea that will result in a grand competition that could alter the fate of one of the two girls' hair styles for at least a few days!
971 Finished Kyouko Sakura Stupid Feelings Kyouko meets up with Usagi for some awkward emotional flailing at a coffee shop, feels better afterwards.
967 Finished Makoto Kino Relationship Status: 'It's Complicated' No Description Set
957 Finished Hannah Sharpe An Awkward Conversation After Walpynuts, Hannah is visited by Moon. Moon realizes Hannah is White. White realizes Moon is Usa. Awkward, and then cute bonding ensues!
950 Finished Mint Chip Walpurgisnacht The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
933 Finished Kyouko Sakura Unexpected Gifts After returning from Paris, Usagi has a present for Kyouko!
929 Finished Usagi Tsukino Taking Responsibility No Description Set
926 Finished Ami Mizuno The Measure of Sweets Three Senshi walk into a Confectionary
924 Finished Madoka Akemi Last Chance Dance (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
922 Finished Ami Mizuno Ice Cream Smoothies No Description Set
914 Finished Usagi Tsukino The Plot Thickens A rather irate Moon takes her frustrations out on Kunzite. She yells at him, he makes her cry, Mercury shows up, Moon almost makes HER cry, and by the end, Kunzite's evil plots against innocent winter birds are thwarted.
905 Finished Kyra Nygaard The Test From Heck No Description Set
899 Finished Usagi Tsukino Breaking Bread A very ticked off Sailor Moon arrives at Makoto's apartment. However, because Mako-chan, Usagi is saved from a couple weeks of listening to Death Metal and writing bad poetry.
893 Finished Queen Beryl Unforgivable CONTENT WARNING: May contain triggers. Queen Beryl shows off Dark Endymion and her power in front of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Asclepius.
890 Finished Usagi Tsukino A Pretty for Naru! Usagi gives Naru Paris Presents!
888 Finished Mamoru Chiba Affection Poaching Endymion and Kyouko get into a fight over Kunzite. Mami, Homura, and Sailor Moon pick up the pieces.
884 Finished Homura Akemi Apartment Hunting Homura and Usagi go hunting for a (temporary) new apartment for Mamoru. Or at least hunting for a new place to store his stuff while he's brainwashed.
876 Finished Kazuo Takeba Playing With Him Last Week Silver Millennium: Princess Serenity only knew death as an abstract concept. Until today.
864 Finished Mamoru Chiba La Vie en Rose The Senshi go beneath the Paris Catacombs to find the gardens there, and they-- and Zoisite-- discover far more than they bargained for. Also, there's a catfight between Zoisite and Sailor Moon.
862 Finished Takashi Agera Brainfreezes Takashi wanders his way into the Game Center Crown, but happens upon a different Senshi than he was looking for.
852 Finished Mamoru Chiba Uninvited Wherein Usagi is stalked and buys her stalker coffee and an eclair. The conversation is disjointed and sad. Mindbendingly heartbreakingly gloriously sad.
843 Finished Mamoru Chiba Kiss and Tell Drunk Moon makes out with Dark Endy and makes him cry; afterwards, Kunzite has a meeting with Moon, Mercury, and Homura; Moon does not throw up and Homura does not shoot her RPG.
841 Finished Homura Akemi Meeting: Walpurgisnacht Puella Magi Homura changed Scene 841's Description to: Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
837 Finished Usagi Tsukino Catch Ikuto By His Tail Usagi sees Ikuto! Arm Cling to make sure he's okay! Confusion! Mamorambles (dude, it's Usagi, duh!) Beautiful Violin music! Bad Guy Violin music! Threats! Intrigue! Oh, also, Ikuto now knows who Sailor Moon is, whups. (Plus, Yoru gets a cootie shot!)
833 Finished Usagi Tsukino Of Crepes and Canes and Clothes, OH MY! Shinobu makes another new friend! Usagi! Shinobu gets a stylish new coat and some school clothes, they eat crepes together, and they have a discussion of flavors that may or may not be about food.
820 Finished Usagi Tsukino Affirmations Usagi invites Minako to the park for a chat. Insecurities are addressed. Minako still adores Usagi, Usagi tries to play Peacekeeper, Minako rants, Usagi realizes it's okay to not be sad all the time. (And Luna doesn't like Kissy Faces unless it's an Emotional Emergency.)
819 Finished Zoisite Silver Crystal Outbreak No Description Set
818 Finished Usagi Tsukino Kunzite's a Creeper!!! No Description Set
805 Finished Usagi Tsukino Beautiful Dreams and Waking Nightmares Usagi dreams of a past life. Kunzite teaches her about days and nights, seasons and lands, and children. Endymion arrives and Kunzite slinks to the shadows to get cavities and the couple's sweet sappiness. Then Usagi wakes up, has a cape on her, and obviously, Kunzite is a Creeper.
802 Finished Ami Mizuno Cloak and Dagger Ami asks Kyouko for help with Jadeite, and Usagi brings Ami Mamoru's cloak. Then, they cry and talk about trust issues. Then the two girls fall asleep together. Mama Mizuno might get the wrong idea, but at least they're *sleeping*
791 Finished Mamoru Chiba That Your Eyes Once Promised Usagi gets caught in a thunderstorm. This time? That's... not Mamoru.
783 Finished Mamoru Chiba Strength in Pain Jadeite gets Moon Healing Escalated and the Senshi fight... but, uh, they don't fight Jadeite. Or a monster. And now they have a puppy.
750 Finished Mamoru Chiba Fried Chicken by Moonlight Dark Endymion ruins Christmas. Also this scene is gross like ewwwww barf. Do not read it anywhere near mealtime.
736 Finished Ami Mizuno Revelations Sailor Mercury reveals that Mamoru Chiba isn't dead to his friends.
732 Finished Usagi Tsukino Hugs for Makoto Usagi visits Mako-chan in the hospital. The past week is revealed to Makoto, and there's tears on both sides.
727 Finished Ami Mizuno Catching Up Ami wants Daisuke to heal Sailor V, and Sailor V isn't having it.
724 Finished Kyouko Sakura Sympathy Donuts Kyouko brings some sympathy sweets to Usagi, and revelations and apologies result.
720 Finished Homura Akemi A Glimmer Of Hope Homura checks up on Mamoru's apartment, and finds Usagi waiting there. The two discuss things, regarding Mamoru, his past, his personality, and the possibility that things are not what they seem...
713 Finished Rei Hino Surprise Visit Minako comes to visit Mamoru's apartment. Usagi and Rei are already there. Awkwardness, explainations, hairbrushing, and figuring out henshins follows.
711 Finished Usagi Tsukino Home is Where the Hurt Is Mars takes the newly revealed Princess Serenity to perhaps the safest place right now - Mamoru's apartment. After all, it's not like the bad guys will be looking for him anymore.
705 Finished Minako Aino Minako and Usagi talk about princesses Minako meets Usagi at the arcade, talk about orphanage fights, suggests she act more princessy, hang out
701 Finished Kazuo Takeba The Orphanage Trap No Description Set
697 Finished Ami Mizuno Objective Decisions The Senshi meet to discuss their upcoming visit to the Orphanage, knowing that it's going to be a difficult fight.
666 Finished Mamoru Chiba When You Are Lost and I Am Gone Homura goes to drop off Mamoru's homework assignments.
653 Finished Mamoru Chiba Dance Dance Rabble-Rousing Minori and Usagi join Kyouko at Game Center Crown, are joined by Ami, and Ami's nerd cred gets challenged to learn DDR. Then Minako shows up as Mamoru and all hell breaks loose.
646 Finished Mamoru Chiba It's Okay to Cry Usagi catches Minori-Mamoru in the hall, and drags her into an empty room to cry it out.
640 Finished Mamoru Chiba Usagi's Awesome Idea A senshi meeting is called to discuss the Dark Kingdom ramping up threats, and ways to effectively hide Mamoru better are brought up, and Usagi has an idea that might actually really really work. Introducing 'Rei's cousin', Minori Hino!
637 Finished Hannah Sharpe Training with the Moon Bunny! Hannah takes Usagi to Infinity for kickboxing lessons! The guilt knife is twisted, and Usagi proves to be the true whirlwind!
630 Finished Kazuo Takeba Hashtag Kitten Doom What could be nicer than three cute fluffy kittens? ... ANYTHING. EVERYTHING. IN THE WORLD.
622 Finished Kyouko Sakura Become Meguca! (again) Kyouko wakes up in Mamoru's apartment, and gets some TLC in the form of food from Usagi!
620 Finished Ami Mizuno Powers of Two Usagi comes to Ami after being harassed about her weakness by Miss White. Ami carefully deconstructs Miss White's statements in her usual nerdy way. Usagi is cheered up, Ami gains a little more data, and then cuddles happen.
616 Finished Hannah Sharpe Arguments at the Auditorium Miss White draws Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen to Seiyou's auditorium to settle some issues. Unsurprisingly, it ends with fists and explosions.
607 Finished Mamoru Chiba Analysis With a Side of Raw Emotion Ami and Mamoru discuss stuff, then Usagi comes over. Covers 'why Mamoru kept it secret, who is this Beryl creep, have someone else's memories!, and why Ami doesn't make cookies anymore.
604 Finished Queen Beryl Blasphemy No Description Set
598 Finished Takashi Agera Comeuppance Takashi and Apatite have a calm and reasonable discussion, as befits two mature and emotionally stable teenagers. Also Apatite gets better.
596 Finished Bass-chan Ditch Day Immediately after 'Kyouko, No', Sailor Moon finally gets to where Mamoru was most lately endangering his life. Not gonna lie, they ditch school to make out on a roof.
589 Finished Ami Mizuno Claymation A wandering guitarist at the Hikawa shrine turns out to be a dangerous youma! The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen come to save the day with their INSIDE VOICES.
568 Finished Mamoru Chiba Spectacles, Test Paper, Bodyslam, Watch Daisuke cleverly manages to make it look like an accident when he runs into Mamoru to see why Usagi said not to touch the guy. The problem is, he finds out why Usagi said not to touch the guy.
563 Finished Kyra Nygaard It's Melanite's First Day of School! No Description Set
558 Finished Usagi Tsukino Mushed Brains and Milkshakes Seven magically inclined people walk into an arcade. Honestly, Motoki has the patience of a saint. (Also, try the Super Duper Milkshakes!)
552 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Milkshake Therapy Daisuke gives himself an ice cream stomachache. Usagi helps him through some stuff. THE BUNNY MILKSHAPE UPKEEP CLAUSE CONTINUES TO TRIGGER!
549 Finished Ami Mizuno Possible Sleepover Situation? Ami is downcast, and Usagi tries to cheer her up.
547 Finished Catastrophic Crunch FotWF II: To Lay Siege to Dreams Madison Perry is pursued into the White Flower's stronghold, with mystifying results.
542 Finished Runealy Waldia A Sudden Attack A princess revisits a place full of awful memories, hoping to understand the way toward a better future. Yet others have far more sinister plans...
541 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Minami Mart! We have wh-*MASSIVE DROP* Haruna Kurosawa and Mari Katsu got pick up snacks! Then Bass-chan and Keys decide to hold an awesome Dubstep concert without city permission and break windows! Cure Victory and Cure Gull and Sailor Moon try to stop the MUSICAL MAYHEM.
539 Finished Mamoru Chiba Three Things You Can't Live Without After school, the Senshi (and Mamoru) congregate at the Shrine for a meeting. Once a hugpile-slash-pillowfight happens, Mamoru quietly nopes out. Glorious ridiculousness ensues!
536 Finished Daisuke Hansuke Sub-Zero Panic Mercury got frozen (today) and was saved by Asclepius! Everyone comes in, in a worry when Asclepius makes the emergency call over The Virtue line. Mars is SO UPSET over drunk Moon.
533 Finished Madoka Akemi Infinity University Charity Ball A charity ball is thrown for the victims of the Infinity gym explosion, and everything goes perfectly with a wonderful time had by all with frills, thrills, and romance. Well... Almost.
526 Finished Ami Mizuno IT'S A MATCHING SET! Well it is!
524 Finished Mamoru Chiba Emotional Whiplash-- Homura Is Startled! No Description Set
518 Finished Kazuo Takeba Ice Cream Is Not Inherently Evil Kunzite takes Apatite out for Dark Kingdom Halloween bonding. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon show up. Which will conquer, desserts or JUSTICE? Need you even ask?
514 Finished Mamoru Chiba Fauxlor Moon and Fauxedo Kamen Usagi and Mamoru trick-or-treat in costume-shop copies of their henshins, on a secret Halloween date of irresponsibility and candy and fun!
509 Finished Ami Mizuno Of Masks and Men Ami admits her mistake in revealing herself to Daisuke to the other senshi, and most of them quickly decide she must be crushing on the boy. After much embarassment, she dissuades them by claiming that Usagi and Mamoru went on a date! Her gambit successful, the group quickly returns to the more important topic: should Daisuke be introduced to Virtue?
506 Finished Hannah Sharpe A Bunny and a Tux's Not-Date Mamoru Chiba and Usagi meet friends new and old in Midori-ya!
504 Finished Mamoru Chiba So Many Times Before Usagi wakes up in a space she's made her own, and Tuxedo Kamen has a confession to make.
500 Finished Mamoru Chiba MOON HEALING ESCALATION! Riventon turns an elementary-schooler into a youma. Sailor Moon objects so hard that Luna bends time and space to give her her new item. Introducing: Asclepius!
499 Finished Ami Mizuno First Move Ami and Daisuke meet over books, and end over a game of go. Ami blushes a lot, Daisuke is confused a lot, lunch snacks are bought, and Usagi runs by to Hue Hue Hue.
493 Finished Mamoru Chiba Guardians, Generals, Princes and Princes … Rei ofudas Kunzite's spy-spell out of Mamoru, and Mamoru asks for a Senshi meeting. He tells them about Jadeite and Nephrite; Rei shares the vision she'd had about Mamoru being the prince; the search for the Princess is doubled; the Shitennou are deemed salvageable; Mamoru gets placed under active protection; Usagi goes home SPITTINGLY JEALOUS OF THE PRINCESS; Makoto makes a bed for Mamoru; Ami googles terrifying things and does not share them with the class; Minako plans to pose as an Infinity student.
489 Finished Usagi Tsukino Milkshakes for Four An Ami, Usagi, and Minako walk into an arcade. The joke's on Usagi, because Mamoru is a jerkity jerk faced jerk who says Mahna Mahna before he leaves. (...Do doo be-do-do!)
486 Finished Mamoru Chiba Can We Defeat the Borg in It After 'Something Wicked', Mamoru is looking for Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon is looking for Mamoru, and brick walls collide. There is some mush and some Star Trek.
484 Finished Catastrophic Crunch Something Wicked... A Witch attacks Mitakihara, but something is different about this one.
483 Finished Runealy Waldia You Must Not Harm Sailor Moon No Description Set
481 Finished Haruna Kurosawa Burgers! Burgers!
472 Finished Usagi Tsukino Bored Bunny Ami visits Usagi in the hospital.
471 Finished Mint Chip Art Criticism Cure Gull, Bass-chan, Sailor Moon, and Ikuto fight Oresky, who is upset about losing a children's art contest.
468 Finished Makoto Kino Usagi's Lifelong Quest Makoto visits Usagi while she's recovering at magical girl hospital. Blood loss, hunger, boredom and some really good painkillers make for a very loopy bunny.
467 Finished Mamoru Chiba And With Her Hair Down The day after Apatite Loss, Mamoru finally goes to visit Usagi in the meguca clinic. And ends up getting shanghaied into brushing her miles of tangled hair.
466 Finished Mamoru Chiba Pretty Doctor Iris Shelby Rei takes Usagi to Dr. Iris Shelby's Meguca Emergency Clinic after Apatite stabbed her. Usagi isn't really coherent right now, but it's okay because Iris isn't coherent at the best of times!
460 Finished Mamoru Chiba Apatite Loss After _Imbalance of Power_, Sailor Moon takes the unconscious Tuxedo Kamen to a friend's apartment because The Doctor Is Not In. The problem is, she was followed...
455 Finished Mamoru Chiba Love Is Your Strength Sailor Moon tracks Tuxedo Kamen down after '...for Destruction' because he was obviously a hot mess. Things start sad and get really, really, really sweet. And then fleeing in disarray.
454 Finished Kyouko Sakura (Apatite) ...For Destruction Kyouko Sakura re-appears, brainwashed and wielding dark powers as Apatite!
452 Finished Mamoru Chiba Milkshakes, Pocky, Gummi Worms, and Pi Mamoru promised Usagi he'd help her learn math and like it, and this is where that begins. It not only begins, it irritates the hell out of Rei, who can't tell if they're doing homework or Mamoru's flirting with Usagi using math. Really she puts up with SO MUCH.
446 Finished Takashi Agera Imbalance of Power There is a huge energy draining crystal that's been set up in a Tokyo street, and Riventon's to blame...
443 Finished Phantom Sharks!? Shark Week, courtesy of the Phantom Empire.
440 Finished Mamoru Chiba Tested Usagi gets a 13 on a test and then slams into Mamoru and then HOLY THUNDERSTORM, BATMAN! Mamoru is introduced to the concept of Octopusagi. Usagi is introduced to the concept of Manga 101. They are both subject to their players being complete shipper trash. Rated 'D' for Diabetic Coma.
402 Finished Mamoru Chiba Senshi Anime Night No Description Set
349 Finished Queen Beryl A Surge of Violence No Description Set
336 Finished Usagi Tsukino Game Center Crown Tournament! No Description Set
323 Finished Makoto Kino Hey Usagi-- Um, About Mamoru... Rei and Makoto bring their suspicions and their news about Mamoru Chiba to Usagi, hoping none of it will hurt her too badly.
281 Finished Mamoru Chiba This Is a Bad Way to Keep Meeting Mamoru got his linker core juiced like an orange again, courtesy Guardian Hino, and is once more in the care of Dr. Iris Shelby. This time, Usagi comes to visit him on her own, and she Usagis at him with great gusto. And that was just what he needed.
262 Finished Usagi Tsukino Senshi and the Skeletal Scalliwags No Description Set
240 Finished Usagi Tsukino I'll Keep Stopping You Sailor Moon and Princess Runealy defeat a youma-- and then find the difference of opinion on 'what is necessary' is still in place.
225 Finished Mamoru Chiba Visitation Usagi heard that Mamoru was under the weather-- so SAILOR MOON brings him a cake! Shaped like a bunny. Now there is cake everywhere and he could not care less about the mess.
217 Finished Rocky Road A Meeting Of Virtue Three Senshi and a guy in a Tuxedo walk into a tea garden...
185 Finished Rei Hino Sailor Senshi Virtue Meeting The Sailor Senshi meet up to discuss the prospects of joining Virtue, as well as to briefly go over the recent betrayal from Runealy.
181 Finished Runealy Waldia Trust Betrayed Having fought beside the Sailor Senshi many times to protect Tokyo from monsters, the Waldians now attempt to lure their peers in to an evening ambush!
166 Finished Mamoru Chiba 10 Reasons to Hate Hospitals After getting piledrived by Ail's Space Oddity to keep Sailor Moon from getting hit, Homura had to drag Mamoru to the hospital. Mamoru hates the hell out of hospitals. Then lots of friends visit! And there's a nurse with odangos! And between Homura pretending to be his sister, Usagi pretending to be a nurse, Madoka actually being a candy striper, Suzuki being delightfully overprotective, Mamoru being completely overwhelmed, inadvertent contact happening, cinnamon rolls, panic, edible arrangements, and Usagi being Usagi, this scene basically needs its own OP.
163 Finished Seijuro Ginga What Ails You A section of Uminari City is suffering from a magical malaise, which seems to be the work of the Blue Space Elf! Can the heroes of Tokyo stop him before he gets what he's after?
160 Finished Haruna Kurosawa The Virtue of a Helping Hand No Description Set
156 Finished Naota Uneme Revealed! The truth of Naota and Naoko! No Description Set
142 Finished Mamoru Chiba Sidewalk Pileup No Description Set
126 Finished Rei Hino Contacting Ancient Spirits The Sailor Senshi attempt to perform divination on Corvus, Scorn's Raven. What happens is a conversation with Ursa, and a new ally is gained!
114 Finished Usagi Tsukino A Moon Bunny's Birthday at the Arcade Usagi, Mamoru, and Rei meet at the Arcade for Usagi's birthday. Awkward moments, blushes, and suspicions arise!
106 Finished Mint Chip Come on, Terribad! No Description Set
104 Finished Usagi Tsukino Meeting of the Senshi, a Cat, and a V-ch … Usagi goes to the OSA-P to see to her friend Naru with the senshi! But it soon turns to a meeting about Nephrite and Mamoru! Sailor V eavesdrops for love and justice!
59 Finished Hannah Sharpe One Night at Miss White's Miss White seeks a magical artifact, but youma and senshi alike arrive on the scene! Who will win in this clash of darkness and light!?
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