Blizzard Ambush

CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Soon after arriving at the North Pole, the group of heroes is split up by a blizzard -- and are faced with the DD Girls. Homura and Madoka make sure that the rest of them are able to get inside-- and inaugurate the expedition of blood and tears with epic style and panache.

Date: 2016-03-10
Pose Count: 67
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 02:19:30 32888
As one of the larger groups to push onward towards D-point, this team is making good time. It doesn't hurt that it has Tuxedo Kamen with Kunzite (in a manner of sorts) helping him towards the point where the world stops being just cold in temperature and becomes cold in spirit, in energy, in soul. Where the break between the worlds becomes clear, and time and space stop quite behaving.

This is the wound in the earth, the damage wrought by Metallia and Beryl's magic. This is D-Point.

It's something you can feel in the air, an amazingly distinct wrongness. And that wrongness, suddenly, is accompanied by an incredibly fierce blizzard that seems to form up out of nowhere.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-10 02:24:58 32889
Yellow feels the by now increasingly familiar, but no less uncomfortable, feeling of dark energy as she approaches. She can tell it's strong here, and another blizzard happens, while she's with this group. A blizzard so fierce she can't help but hold herself tight to shelter her from the cold. "We're getting close." She mentions to Kukai, an uncomfortable confidence echoing through.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 02:33:34 32890
Sky Jack has his pilot's goggles down over his eyes, some small piece of magic keeping them from fogging over or being covered, but that does nothing to see through the wall of snow whipped up in front of them. Even for someone used to flying through the upper atmosphere at times, it's bitterly cold here, and his jacket and pants, a slice in the back of the jacket from earlier that day dropping the stuffing out, whip against him incessantly in the wind. His hovering snowboard allows him some agility in the snow, at least.

Unfortunately, this is the sort of weather someone could get lost in. He looks down at Yellow and his heart falls again at the sight of her, of all the smaller girls, freezing in the snow. "Good! At least we'll be inside somewhere out of the wind!" He reaches down, taking Yellow's hand in his, and reaches out for another hand as he mushes through the piled snow afore him, following the group.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 02:34:43 32891
At some point before leaving, Cure Gull shoved a card into her PreChanMirror and spun the mirroed ball built into the mirror. <W-w-winter! Time to change!>

This left in some ultra warm magical Winter clothing of a seafoam green make including some sort of winged-shaped earmuffs- ski googles, an utlra warm downy coat and other such nonsense. Not that she probably needed it henshined anyways- but maybe it'd help.

She imagines it still may be bone cuttingly cold.

Things still gnawed at her on the inside, but she still trudged on. She had to. Kami-sama was counting on her!!!

She left Corvus with Aki against Corvus's whining and insistence, but she had a bunch of friends here- and Aki could use Corvus's help more than she could right now.

Then there's a sudden rush of air and snow-- when the rush of air comes about- she raises her hands and closes her eyes and summon up a mighty burst of wind magic- trying to redirect the sudden rush around the apparently splitoff group as she grits her teeth. They gotta keep moving. Can't let them slow everyone down.
Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 02:36:08 32892
    Homura Akemi is with Madoka, on cross-country skis, trying to get back to where the others have gathered. She was following the darkness, figuring that others were doing the same, tracking it like she does a Witch.

    "It's just ahead, Madoka-chan. Can you feel it? We're almost there."

    Homura's eyes scan the distance, seeing other figures appear on the horizon and waving her pole over her head in an attempt to catch their attention. Turning to Madoka, she smiles. "See? They aren't far. We'll be safer travelling with them."

    When the blizzard picks up, Homura's smile does not pass go and moves directly to a frown. "What the hell? You've got to be kidding me!"

    Her skis fade, and her shield appears. Something about a blizzard this close to the enemy's holdings does not sit right with her. "Be ready for an ambush! They could come from anywhere!" she warns her girlfriend.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 02:39:28 32893
Quite a few people disappear in the total whiteout, the raging winds and snow. No one can hear anyone else unless they're close enough to hold hands, generally; Tuxedo Kamen started out in the Senshi's circle for teleport already holding Sailor Moon's hand. His other hand held Nephrite's, with the Shitennou helping use their energies to contribute to the massive teleport-- but by the time the blizzard starts up, it's only Moon's hand he's holding.

"Hang in there!" he tells her, squeezing her hand once and shouting over the wind. "Kunzite says we're almost there, it'll be okay! At least there's no thunder, right? The others'll get this in no time--!"

He sounds so confident, so unworried.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-10 02:40:12 32894
    When she signed up for this mission, Sayaka wasn't exactly expecting this freezing blizzardy mess of a place. However, isnt' that just typical of the villains? Living in a place as cold and heartless as their very souls.

    She shivers a bit at first as she waits for someone, probably Tuxedo Kamen and his Kunzite rock, to take the lead, focusing on blocking out her pain receptors, coupled with her healing ability to numb the pain of cold. "So..." She murmurs, trying to stay close to Kamen and Moon, "Which way do we go?" She wraps her white cloak tightly about her shoulders, staying close to the main group.

    The blizzard picks up and she frowns, trying to stay close to the group. Somewhere through a brief break in the snow she spies Homura and Madoka, and she breathes a sigh of relief. "Homura-san! Mado-chan! Over here!" she waves and yells, trying to get their attention, although a bit worried that she hasnt run into Kyouko yet..
Takashi Agera 2016-03-10 02:40:24 32895
The Frost Knight has made his way up to the front of the group through some degree of sheer stubborness and an elemental resistance to the cold winds - and using his halberd as a walking stick. "I think I've said this before, but isn't this a bit cold for a sun demon? This is like the opposite of a giant ball of nuclear fire." Takashi mumbles in complaint. Despite all of his attitude though, he can feel the wrongness. And somehow that wrongness also seems right, in a strange way. It resonates in him, in ways he honestly doesn't want to admit.

The blizzard has seperated him from Sailor Mercury, which has put him in an even worse mood than the fact that he's trudging into the snow to fight some sun demon like some sort of actual hero. On the other hand, at least he feels like he doesn't need to worry about Mercury...

    much. He just keeps convincing himself that she'll be fine. It works mostly, but it does nothing for his mood. Or maybe that's just the energy in the area around them.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 02:43:24 32897
The cold doesn't seem to bother Hagane - at least, she isn't shivering or trying to curl up around herself like some people. The blowing wind and snow, however, still makes it hard for her to tell what's going on. Under ordinary circumstances she'd have a dozen Wide Area Search drones hovering around the group, keeping an eye out. The main thing the chill is causing, however, is a slight but constant drain on her Linker Core, maintaining her Barrier Jacket's wall against the cold.

She does, however, keep up a few of them, trying to keep track of where everyone is. She's been grumbling under her breath for several minutes now, blaming herself for losing track of so many of the group. At least she's managed to keep close to a few of them.

"Stick close, Firebird. And keep a sharp eye out for ambushes. Akemi-san is right, this is the perfect time for it..."

She gives the redhead a quick squeeze on the shoulder and presses onwards. Dealing with an ambush is all a matter of timing, after all, being prepared for the enemy that assumes you won't be.

((~Preparing Flicker Arsenal, Meister.~)) In the poor visibility of the blizzard, the translucent energy-shards that start to form are even harder to see than usual.

"Maybe it's trying to eat up all the heat so it can re-ignite," she offers to Iceni. "Doesn't explain why it's here, though. I'd think somewhere sunny would be better for that. Cancun, maybe, or Oahu."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 02:44:39 32898
Sailor Moon braces herself against the wind as surely as she latches onto Mamoru's hand.

She feels lost, disoriented at being seperated from her girls. Her concern for them nearly drowns her, but he just exudesconfidence.

He's likely feeling from her that she very much isn't, but she's trying for a brave face. "Right!"

Still, she doesn't let go.

She looks at Sayaka and pretends. "We follow the bouncing rock!"

Not for the first time, she wishes her outfit didn't involve a miniskirt. She'd be much more warm.
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 02:48:48 32900
    Madoka is following alongside Homura on a pair of her own skis. As they approach the strange rift between worlds she grows quieter and solemn. By now she's stopped playing childish games like trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Her expression is something between serious and determined, and as Homura asks her if she can feel the darkness ahead she replies with, "It's disgusting."

    She's wearing her henshin outfit, but with a winter coat, wool leggings, and a scarf to help keep her warm over the top, effectively leaving only her poofy skirt visible from her usual look. Oh, and her shoes too. Those red, ribboned shoes are totally attached to the skis somehow.

    She lifts her arm to shield her eyes from the driving snow as the blizard picks back up. "I'm ready!" she shouts back to Homura over the storm, frowning a little. With that big huge wound in the Earth filling her senses with wrongness it might be easy for some lesser evil to approach unhidden, like a firefly hiding in the night opposite a floodlight.

    She shouts, "Sayaka-chan! This way!" when she catches momentary sight of her friend, wincing a little when she notices that she didn't bring any warm clothes with her. Well, at least a Puella can use magic to keep their joints from freezing up, right?
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 02:49:23 32901
Firebird arrives with Hagane, using her Barrier Jacket to block the wind out from her upper torso. She doens't protect her legs more than usual - if she gets some frostbite she'll deal with it later. She hmmmmms, the usual glowing aura around her waist of her Free Fall spell. "Yeah - this place is sick.... evil. I've never felt the like.

"Vortex beeps softly. "Full scan in place. Scan radius severely curtailed by dark magic and the blizzard, Mistress." She nods as she keeps her eyes peeled. "Vortex, prepare a Satellite Shot anyway," she muses. "Acknowledged." A shimmer appears around Firebird and six metal sphere start to orbit her along the 'disk' of her flying spell aura. "If only I actually had FIRE powers like my name - this would be a lot better." She looks around, deciding not to draw too much attention to herself, making sure to stay close to Hagane. "Vortex, keep a directional lock on Hagane on a heads-up display." A dark red arrow, only visible to Firebird, appears.
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 02:53:17 32902
Of course, the cold everyone's feeling isn't just the temperature, it's the creeping vile chill of negative energy. That doesn't stop most of the group from trying to find some way to bundle up and make some of the cold go away.

It's then that the storm gusts with a wind that probably counts as a gale force wind, causing a total white out. And the ground shifts, too - that's not just the imagination of the people there, but an effect of the maleable nature of this gash in the world.

And on the wind, there's a laughing voice. And then another. And another. Alltogether five distinct laughs, all female, and all hostile.

And as everything blanks out, and it becomes so very easy to lose sight of one another, the white is occasionally broken by surges of black - blasts of black energy, bursts, crackles coming wildly in all the directions the laughs are. Above. Around. Behind. And the storm howls.

For those with magical senses or sensors, they can make out five distinct creatures - but not even a fix on their positions as the assault begins.
Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 03:01:19 32904
    Homura waves at Sayaka, and also to Mamoru, at least for a moment before there's a complete white-out. In this cold, Homura easily loses track of her allies, but when she hears the tell-tale evil laughter she instinctively reaches out to take Madoka's hand. "Stay close to me!"

    She won't be able to track the others, but she can at least protect Madoka-chan. That's the way it's always been, isn't it? Homura stops time, freezing it both for herself and Madoka. It makes the shapes of the enemy a little more clear since the snow is no longer moving, but there's so much snow that it doesn't help much.

    Five enemies, black figures in the thick blizzard. She fires off five rockets, one for each foe, and then adjusts her grasp on Madoka to touch her back, freeing the pink Puella's hands up for her own attacks.

    "No matter what, we're in this together, alright? I won't leave your side no matter what happens!"

    Then, time resumes, and Homura watches the results of her actions before making another move.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 03:06:39 32905
There's just enough time for a glimpse and the beginning of a wave back at Homura from Tuxedo Kamen before they're swept away in the blizzard and completely vanish-- he's thinking good idea yes, he's thinking timestop and get ahead of us and wait by the entrance, he's thinking great--

To Usagi, Mamoru says perfectly reasonably, "Just think of it as a balmy day on the beach, if the ocean were actually made of tar and sulfur and the air were made of ice and the sand was broken glass coated in poison--" He may have been hanging out with the Shitennou too much lately. "--so maybe that doesn't help, okay. Think about kittens!"

He remembers tumblr kittens and is unsure about the soundness of this suggestion. "Or Christm--" yeah not that one either. "I mean, baby bunnies, you can't go wrong thinking about baby bun--"

The dark blasts are coming through from everywhere, unseen; the laughter from up ahead coincides from a particularly violent one that wrenches Mamoru's hand right out of Usagi as he's blown back into the storm, vanishing.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-10 03:08:33 32908
Yellow keeps a hold on Kukai's hand, appreciating the support it gives her. She's still tired after what she did to help defeat and possibly free Kunzite, though not tired enough to be unable to fight. She'll just have to ration her power a little. "I think..." She starts, right when the cackles interrupt her words.

She points her wand skywards, sending a little yellow star floating in the storm, fighting the winds, and shining bright, like a flare gun that doesn't want to fade. It can't completely go against the wind, but its position drifts fairly slowly.

"If we get separated, go to that star, or if it's faded, I'll make another." Yellow tells Kukai, clearly not wanting to get lost and separated again, and that's when one of the blasts of black energy hits her in the stomach, pushing her back, her grip on Kukai's hand slipping.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-10 03:11:22 32909
Takashi hears the voices and laughter, and more importantly, notices the incoming attacks. A hand brings up a triangular Belkan shield wards the attack away. It's not the last time today he's going to lament the ability to switch to his 'real' henshin and blast away annoyances.

And it actually takes him a few moments of trudging in the white out conditions, looking for something to stab, to remember he has a group here with him. Teamwork does not come naturally to him.

"Hey! Watch out! It's an amb-" and he is cut off, likely by the howling winds and blasts of energy.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 03:13:03 32910
With each continuing word, Sailor Moon gave her beloved an ever increasing look of 'dearest, what drugs are you smoking and do you not share?'

At the baby bunnies, she's too involved with rolling her eyes at him to be cold or, you know, overly terrified.

And then Life happens, and he's gone, and of course, panic!

She shrieks when he's torn from her, and again when another blast hits. She grabs onto the first person she can. Homura? Sayaka? It doesn't matter because she's clinging and like hell she's gonna let this person get blown away!

"Stay low!" It's of course, probably too late for this. "We have to keep moving!"

False Bravado! Yay!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 03:13:03 32911
"Kittens are worth thinking about," Hagane has to agree with Kamen. She's somewhat disappointed that she decided to leave hers at home, to defend her lab-slash-warehouse. But some things need to be protected. Christmas would be a good one too, for her, but she can understand why it might not for certain others.

Still, that leaves her focussing on her own reasons to get back alive. She's still got to track down a certain Stupid Stubborn Feline, after all, and haul his butt out of whatever trap he's stuck it into. Her train of thought diverging onto that path distracts her for a critical moment, and it isn't until after she hears that sinister laughter that she checks her Search-drones.

"Damnit, I can't see anything in this, if they're coming up they're pretty well sneaking - "

A trio of dark blasts slam into her, scorching her Barrier Jacket and sending her flying back towards Firebird.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 03:15:59 32913
Sky Jack is busy pulling along Yellow towards the entrance, unable to block the wind that whirls and spins around them, when the laughter begins. He tightens his grip on Yellow's hand, and spawns a soccer ball in front of him. "HIII-YAH!" He punts the ball into the snowstorm... and the yellow, spinning ball is caught by the wind and vanishes almost instantaneously.

"What?" He looks up as the star flares up and then blinks. Wouldn't it be more useful just to stay with~

A beam of dark energy blasts past him and he lunges to one side. He feels Yellow's hand jerked almost completely out of his, but he hangs onto her fingertips and skims forward, trying both to see Yellow through the whipping blizzard and move up with the others. "We can't fight in this! We can't even see in this! We've got to get inside!"
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 03:16:15 32914
    Madoka's instinct is to begin moving around to make herself a more difficult target, but in this situation where doing so would make her impossible to find for her allies it's the wrong move. By the same token it means she can't see anyone except those right next to her either, so she's grateful when she feels Homura's hand around her own.

    Time stops, the world turns grey. The driving wind and snow stop in their tracks once more. No jokes about kissing in this moment of frozen time are spoken, but they are thought. Because really, how silly would it be to snuggle up for a moment in the midst of such danger?

    As Homura fires her rockets at the shapes in the snow bright pink magic forms in Madoka's hands, bringing them together once they're free and summoning her bow. Each of the rockets now has an magical pink arrow accompanying it, frozen in the air right alongside them, save for the nearest enemy. For it Madoka charges her shot a little longer and fires six smaller arrows in a starburst pattern around the rocket, aiming more to hem the dark creature in so the rocket can find it's mark.

    Once she's done she reaches for Homura's hand and starts tugging on it to try and get her moving before she resumes time, because one of those dark energy blasts seems to be heading in their general direction and she'd rather not find out just how good their aim is.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 03:18:45 32917
Firebird frowns as she hears the cackling laughter echoing through the storm. "Multiple hostiles detected. Attempting to track locations. Interference is too great." She nods. "Thanks, Vortex," she states as she looksa round - just in time for Hagane to be blasted. She quickly shifts her orbiting satellite shots to under her feet as she catches Hagane in her arms, having kept a focus lock on her. She just catches her and holds her. "Where's inside?" she callls as she checks on Hagane. She knows hse doesn't have the power to do much about this storm - she could rain hell donw on one of the foes if only she could see them - high-gravity snow would hurt like hell,b ut where to aim it? She just follows the voice of Sky Jack, holding Hagane's hand, making sure she stays nearby. Fortunately none of the blasts have hit het yet but she has a protection trigger set up for he gravity aura.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 03:19:55 32918
Cure Gull was really, really hoping this was just a blizzard but it's apparently really, really powerful wishful thinking.

Her attempt to push the wind back falters horribly and then there's cackling laugher-- shillouted shapes.

Then incoming blasts of dark energy---woah!

She spins to the right-- sort of flattens out and then moves to a run toward's the closest person who she can see isn't buddied up, Iceni.

"Hey stick with someone, anyone!" she yells out. Not like she needs to, but she does. Dammit this stupid wind.

Well, using her wind magic here would be folly-- it'd get overburned by this stupid storm.

"Hey--um. Icy..guy. Can you do anything about the storm? My wind can't beat it." she says.

So instead--when one of those shilloutes makes itself known again---she calls out---

"Gull Cutter!" and flings her right arm out-- sending a rather big spinning feather out toward's the shape-- not wind magic, but just a big sharp feather.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-10 03:33:44 32924
    Sayaka frowns as the white out continues to get fiercer. The cold isnt bothering her as much right now, but it's hard to see where she's going. Sailormoon mentions something about following a rock, presumably Kunzite's rock? But the rest is lost in the wind.

    She steps closer to Madoka and Homura, at least glad for familiar faces. Indeed, she should have dressed warmer but wasnt expecting this when she teleported with the others. At the very least her cloak is fur-lined and quite cozy.

    "So, Kyou-chan's not with you, huh." Not that she expected her to be. She's about to scout around some more when she hears evil laughter, followed by blasts of dark energy! "What!?" She's about to dart out of the way when Moon clings to her. "Sailormoon?" she narrows her eyes, swinging her cloak around the both of them, taking the brunt of the attack that blasts her back but thankfully not tossed too far with Moon clinging to her.

    "Ugh..." she grits her teeth, recoiling from the pain of the blast but recovering more quickly given the blood now oozing from her back. With slight hesitation, doing her best not to feel the pain, she nods to Sailormoon. "Right, let's keep moving, I'll cover you!" and Sayaka swings her arms in a wide arc towards the source of the blast, sending out a rain of swords in that direction, "Shooting stinger!"
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 03:38:21 32925
The rockets make explosions in the snow, adding to the complete chaos of the howling wind and the barrage of attacks. The success or failure of the attack is left up to guesses, though. Now the wind has died down, though - the snow is falling, but it's at least not so bad that shapes can't be made out of it, by those that can see through thier respective pain or hiding.

Notably, the two knights up front are missing now, as well - including Iceni who was just so recently RIGHT NEXT to Gull-chan.

There's spots of color high in the snowy sky now, though, flying around like hornets. They are, of course, the originators ofd the dark energy, of the storm. In a myriad of colors, they stand as tall women in clothing which could barely be described as such (especially in this snowstorm!) and a strangely jagged appearance. Wings like dragonfly wings flutter and help them dodge, though one has a singed wing - looks like they didn't all escape Homura's rockets.

"Oh dear..." the blue one says from the skies "My queen does so hate uninvited guests. She's very busy with the ritual that will destroy this world. So I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to leave!"

Sayaka's swarm of swords is met with a gust of harsh blizzard wind, stopping just before they impact the talking leader. The purple one is the originator of that blizzard, and she turns and blasts a conceentrated surge of wind and cold and black energy riding on the storm against Sayaka and Sailor Moon by extension.

The green one surges towards Homura and Madoka, claws gleaming in the winter sun.

The others float overhead, almost in a holding pattern... strangely, and perhaps dangerously, patient for youma.
Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 03:43:58 32927
    Homura follows along with Madoka's tugging before time resumes. She's grateful to have Madoka along for this, since she seriously missed that blast in the blizzard. Well, an extra pair of eyes always helps, and it saves her from spending energy trying to shield it.

    She hears Sayaka's voice once time resumes, and she responds. "No, we haven't seen her since we came. I thought she was with you." It's a little unexpected that Kyouko isn't right next to Sayaka, but all things considered Kyouko is a bit hard to keep track of. She hears a familiar voice near Sayaka. Sailor Moon. She smiles. The princess sounds brave enough, at least...

    Then the snow dies down, and the enemy reveals themselves. Homura nearly hisses through her teeth, before shouting, "We'll be glad to leave, once we've taken your Queen's head!"

    She doesn't have much time for conversation, as the green youma is heading towards them. Immediately there's an uzi in her hands and she's unleashing a torrent of fire. Once the youma is close enough, Homura instantly vanishes, taking Madoka with her, reappearing behind the monster's back.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-10 03:49:25 32931
With Kukai keeping a hold on her, Yellow manages to stay nearby, and offers the boy a friendly, grateful smile. Then these girls come out into the open, and speak their spiel. When put in terms like that, even Yellow can't see a good reason to try to reason, talk, or otherwise avoid fighting.

And thus she doesn't, she aims her wand at the green one, sending off a simple beam of Yellow Colour Energy, the purifying attack as basic and light-weight as they come. Yellow is trying to preserve energy for the fight to follow.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 03:53:57 32933
Hagane looks up at Firebird, for a moment. "Thanks for the catch, kouhai." If she'd gotten separated from her partner, well.... that might have been messy.

She keeps one of her search spheres on Firebird, sending the others to scout around and try to locate the others now that the group is being broken up even more. "Everyone, stay together if you can!" she yells, trying to make herself heard over the storm. It'd be good advice about two minutes ago. Still, if she can find people, she can lead them back to meet up again.

"Let's coordinate fire on one of them," she suggests to Firebird. "Pick a target and snuff it."

The purple one seems to have caught her eye - that hair is a crime against fashion, especially with that combination of colors. She draws her sword and swipes it through the air, lashing out - apparently futilely - at the flyer, until a trio of mana-helixes lash out from the blade's tip as it moves.


And she has to add her own piece: "Time to go cryin' home to mommy, girls!"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 03:55:39 32934
Sayaka's cloak is warm, at least. For a moment, Moon tries to absorb what heat she can, but it's not like she's a body heat vampire, sadly.

She yelps at the sudden onslaught renewal and steps in front of Sayaka, shielding most of the blast with her cold body and crescent wand.

She glares up at the youma. "And I so do hate your queen, so...I don't care."

Over her shoulder, she speaks to Sayaka. "Kyou-kun's tough. We'll find her."

When Hagane throws her attack, Moon's tiara is in her hand.

Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 03:58:29 32937
Cure Gull goes to look around back to Iceni(Icyguy) and he's.. gone!? Oh no. Now /she's/ alone. This is not how this was supposed to happen!

Nrg well, these jerks are using the storm to hide- maybe-- maybe she should do the same--- she raises her hands and summons up another blast of wind this time- though rather intended to summon up a whiporwhirl of snow around herself----

Then a burst and---

She isn't there anymore.

Wait where'd she go!?

She isn't anywhere-- on the ground.

Then from another location-- a call out. "Gull Feather Storm!" she calls out--- a wave of feathers flying skyward towards the more patient DD girls.

Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 03:58:50 32938
Sky Jack doesn't think trying to kick soccer balls through a snowstorm at the.. wow. He has to remember they're youma, and specifically out to kill him, kill Yellow, kill Firebird, and kill Moon, any and all of those in any order.

He instead pulls Yellow in close against his hip, flipping his snowboard up into his hands and holding it in both hands. He'd have his baseball bat, but he can't pull it to him just yet. "Stay with me! We'll get inside!"

He sees the flashing green figure flying towards the group, and at the last second his snowboard blazes yellow, a bright, positive, electric color. With a shout and a swing he tries to hit the green youma, but he's trying not to throw Yellow into the storm, and she's so fast...
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 04:00:09 32939
Firebird nods. "Sounds good," she cooos. "If we take out out, the storm will stop - she's obviously controllnig it..." "Interference clearing. Target acquired." She smiles faintly. "Satellite Shot!" she calls, pointing her mace at the purple youma. Six shotputs would glow with a dark red aura then fire at high speeds right at her, moving incredibly fast. She hasn't switched to flail form on Vortex because she doesn't want to get hit in the face with her own weapon. She focuses on those shotputs, quite sure that if she can keep her focus on them, no wind would deter the missiles.
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 04:01:48 32940
    Madoka struggles against the blasting burst of blizzard and dark energy that gets sent towards Sayaka and Sailor Moon, caught on the periphery of it. She struggles to keep her hold on Homura, gritting her teeth against the force of the wind and the magic contained within. It's powerful enough to tear at her clothes, shredding her coat and leggings, her scarf reduced to a tuft. Her magical outfit, however, seems to survive well enough underneath. It's a stark reminder of just how dangerous and deadly these attacks are and the havoc they would cause if used against the nonmagical.

    Homura fires her Uzi and then stops time, and Madoka vanishes with her. Instantly she's behind the onrushing green Youma, and where she once stood there's now a pink arrow streaking out towards the monster. This one is a little different, however, larger than the rest and containing a not insignificant amount of Madoka's magic within it, detonating in to a large pink explosion upon contact or in proximity after a near miss.

    To add salt to the potential wound Madoka has her bow drawn when she reappears, tracking the green winged woman and firing a half dozen small homing arrows towards her once she either takes the hit or begins to dodge out of the way, releasing her bowstring with downward slanted eyebrows.

    Madoka is playing for keeps.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-10 04:05:49 32942
    Sayaka grits her teeth, cursing under her breath when she realizes she missed. And no wonder, with all this wind going on around them. She takes a moment to clutch her injured shoulder which is slowing her down considerably, although its already starting to heal. Just give her a moment or two to rest and she'll be good as new...Except of course, she doesn't have a moment with these youma attacking them head on like this.

    "Then we'll just have to make a run for it, if at least some of us make it, then some others can cover for us!" She doesnt like this, leaving others behind, but they cant all perish here, in this hopeless snowstorm before they've even made it to Beryl.

    And then, one of the DD girls focuses a dark and wind blast towards the two of them. This time, it's Sailormoon who protects her and she smiles, "Thanks, Sailormoon!" Once she counters with her tiara, Sayaka attempts to grab her hand and run towards where she saw the others. "Thanks for that. I'm sure we'll find her. Let's find Tuxedo-san too!"
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 04:25:21 32946
"Be careful you don't bite off more than you can chew, little girls." a voice says as uzi rounds sink into the green youma - and when Homura appears behind her, a burst of yellow energy slams into the creature as well. She twists and turns, still moving forward. Each of Madoka's arrows find home, one after another - and then there's Kukai and he comes down with the skateboard, and there's a LOUD crunch - and then there's a sudden rocking burst of black energy from the now apparent fake. Above, the actual green youma is 'sitting' floating in the air and laughing madly, her hand outstretching slowly, fingers with lightning running between them and then suddenly the sky opens up, a torrent of black lightning tearing through the snow for Homura and Madoka.

The purple one actually fares a lot worse, having drawn an awful lot of hate, wether that's for her snowstorm or other reasons. Like her hair.

The mana helixes slam into her, and it's only the quick work of one of her sisters that saves her from getting carved up by the tiara - instead, the Tiara is knocked off course by a laser of black energy from the orange girl.

And then that girl is barraged by Gull's feathers. Blue and Red drive towards Gull, and suddenly, the world shifts and turns. And she's not in the blizzard anymore. Instead, she's standing in ruined Tokyo. And standing over the ruins, lit up by the fires and chaos, is an incredibly familiar girl... well, half girl, half raven.

The purple girl is trying to sort herself out when the red orbs slam into her from all the directions, and she snarls, and then she /buzzes/ like an angry hornet.

And that buzzing sound drones louder as all of the girls join in, and there's now /fog/ with the /snow/ and everything is just somehow getting worse. The girls (including wounded green and purple) circle around and swap up, new targets, claws out, moving in slow circles keeping everyone on their toes. For Sayaka, she can see what appears to be a wounded Kyouko stumbling in the distant fog. For everyone else - blue zips in claws ready for Sailor Moon, purple is controlling the snow and fog, green is controlling the storm, Red has a punishing kick headed for Firebird, and orange is harrying the Yellow Keeper with dark energy beams.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 04:34:03 32951
Sky Jack didn't even think for it to be a fake. The explosion of energy launches his snowboard up and out of his hands, the magical plastic-metal length vanishing as it leaves his grasp, as it launches Jack backwards away from Yellow, slamming him onto his back and sending him rolling.

His chest hurts. His entire front hurts, except where the snowboard caught the worst of the trap. He lays in the snow for a moment, eyes closed, until he feels the very ice trying to grasp at him, to crawl up him and freeze him in place. With a shout he forces himself to his feet, opening his eyes onto chaos. Black and red and yellow and green and white and blue blasts going back and forth in front of him in the storm.

But there. A single moment of clarity in the mist. The purple youma girl is so focused on the main group that at this angle, maybe...

Several balls of energy lash out, flying up towards the purple girl as Jack prays the rest of the group can stay alive as well.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-10 04:41:49 32955
Yellow runs from the blasts going for her, some manage to clip her anyway, and they hurt. She is about to respond in kind when she notices Sky Jack getting hurt, and she changes tracks, pointing her wand at him and sending a single yellow star his way, it wears a nurse's hat, and seeks to attack to the central point of impact, soothing cleansing energies going through. Not enough to remove the result of getting hit, but enough to help him keep going longer.

Then she jumps to evade one more attack, only to get right into the followup blast, getting hit right on. She falls into the snow, and comes to the conclusion she needs to act, and rolls over to fire one more beam of Yellow at this strange orange servant of evil.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 04:43:14 32956
Somewhere in the fog and snow, two of the people lost in the initial blizzard return, but only one of them gets to his feet. In a heartbeat, he's in motion, henshining in a swirl of red and black and gold even as he spins on his heel; it's with inhuman swiftness and surety that he kicks off and rockets through the madness in a blur.

The blue youma girl, claws out, is headed directly for Sailor Moon's unprotected back as the Soldier of Mystery finishes covering for Sayaka--

--and abruptly Sailor Moon's in midair, carried by a grim Tuxedo Kamen, up and away from the youma. The second they touch down, he flings his hand out

(his gloves are supposed to be white)

(not red)

and yells into the snow, and a wide beam bursts forth from that hand, a gold so white-hot and forceful it rips the air with his fury as it goes.

Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 04:44:12 32957
    Black lightning, far too fast for Homura to stop time and avoid it. It takes a good half a second or more for her shield to turn and for time to stop, and lightning tends to be faster than that. However, her shield is already out, and she's raising it to take the blast. A purple barrier explodes into existence, shielding both herself and Madoka... but not for long. It doesn't last.

    The black lightning breaks through the purple barrier, sending Homura flying backwards and, since she was standing protectively in front of Madoka, into her girlfriend too. It courses through her, electrifying her with sickening darkness, and she's not even able to protect Madoka from it, especially holding her hand as she is.

    Dammit... even after all her years of experience, against the first real threat she had no foreknowledge of is she really so weak?

    She lands on her back, possibly in a pile on top of Madoka. She freezes time, giving herself, and Madoka, a moment to stand up again. "Are you okay?"

    She looks upwards into the sky. "The purple one and the green one seem to be blinding us the most. We should focus on those two if we can. First... let's move somewhere else."

    When time resumes, Homura and Madoka are elsewhere, on top of a nearby hill. Homura has a sniper rifle and is emptying HV rounds at the purple youma. Her aim's off, because her arms are shaking from the strain, but she's cut off her pain receptors just to stay in this fight.

    Hopefully this won't draw too much attention.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 04:46:24 32959
Hagane keeps close to Firebird, especially as visibility worsens with fog rolling in. "Drat," she mutters. "Too many fights against random idiot youma, and not enough against opponents who fight smart." At least she's got a Search drone up, trying to keep track of the various youma.

"Gank the mage first," she tells Firebird. "First law of dungeon-crawling." And if the Dark Kingdom isn't a dungeon...

(("Flakschrecken!")) Carnwennan's blade slashes through the air again, letting out another trio of mana-helixes to spiral off at the purple DDGirl. Meanwhile, more and more Flicker Shots swirl through the air above her, waiting for her to call on them.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 04:48:17 32960
Her hand reaches out, not sure if she struck her target or not when suddenly--

For a moment she wants to shriek and twist out of the grip of whoever has her. It's only that edge of something touching her mind that she doesn't. Instead, she curls against the sudden warmth, brief though it is. (So much warmer than Sayaka, even with her cloak.)

Her tiara slaps against the palm of her hand. She takes her queue from him, flinging it out once again. It circles around the beam, but after that--

She's looking at his glove with concern, brushing her own against his jaw.

What all has he been up to in the brief amount of time he's been gone?
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 04:51:16 32961
Cure Gull stands her ground and goes to clash karate chop the incoming DD girl....!

Then she's suddenly tripping over a skyscraper. The air smells like ruin and smoke. T--tokyo!? But how!? They had to get here through a special way-- how could be sent back so quick!?

She looks around--this has to be a trick right?

Then there's a familar, half-girl/half-raven-- nrg...

Yeah this. Has to be a trick---

"I--i already fought this---and someone more powerful than you did it better..." she snaps, refering to a certain red haired precure hunter most likely.

"Send me /back/..." she spouts out as she rushes forward towards not!Scorn---aiming to send the strong karate chop she intended for the DD girl into what she dreadfully hopes is some sort of terrible illusion and not reality of what's actually been happening in Tokoyo.
    he doubt is there. It's real.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 04:53:20 32962
Firebird nods. "If I could _see_ all of our friends I'd use Singualrity but... I can't protect this many people..." she whispers softly as she contemplates what to do. "Well... I've been working on a new thing - not sure how wel it'd work..." She was so focused on the purple DD Girl, preparing her spell, that the fog of war kept her from seeing...

"Gravity Ward!" comes the announcement from Vortex seconds before the red girl would strike Firebird with that devastating kick. She was moving so fast that the ward has little effect to stop the kick. It would blunt the assault just enough to prevent serious injury even as Firebird yelps in pain, being slammed by the impact into Hagane. There's a pain at her side as she seems dazed - perhaps one of her ribs are bruised. "GRAVITY CRUSH!" she yells in anger as she gestures to the red girl. "Applying compression..." Intense gravity would try to crush Red from all directions, amplified by her anger at being assaulted, as if she's trying to crush Red into nothing.
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 05:03:40 32963
    The green Youma charging at them was a fake? Madoka frowns and mentally kicks herself- she put a lot of power into that attack. Sure she can cleanse her Soul Gem with a Grief Seed, but it's never good to be wasteful.

    She only has a moment to be annoyed with her poor battle tactics, however, because the counterattack she should have been expecting is suddenly here. Homura's reflexes are faster and produces a barrier of energy to protect them, but it only lasts a moment.

    Black lightning strikes over and around Madoka, drawing a cry of pain and agony from the pink-haired Puella Magi. It's true that having your soul detached from your body will help protect you from pain, but dark energy like this can affect the soul itself.

    What's almost worse than the torment she's feeling herself is that she knows Homura is feeling the very same thing as the black energy arcs over the pair of them. Each jolt that hits one Puella Magi partially feeds through their held hands into the other. Even so Madoka's grip on Homura's hand only tightens; the strength she gains from being beside her seemingly greater than the pain she suffers from sympathetic lightning strikes.

    When Homura stops time and the pain subsides Madoka lets out a weak, "I'm fine," sounding not very fine at all. That was by far the most powerful attack she's taken since she'd become a magical girl; as powerful as her arrows might be she's still unaccustomed to the hardships of actual battle.

    She follows Homura to the top of the hill, keeping a hand on her girlfriends shoulder as she fires her large sniper rifle so she can maintain contact for any sudden timestops without throwing off her aim. She withholds her own fire for the moment because bright pink magical arrows are going to draw attention; when it comes to staying hidden and guerrilla tactics Madoka is only going to slow Homura down unless she's firing from timestop.

    Madoka casts a worried look to the battle as a whole as Homura shoots and frowns, "Homura-chan, this is bad. I don't think these are just any Youma. Individually I think they're as strong as we are- maybe even stronger. Or at least, they are if we hold back. Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon, and everyone else- they have to make it and keep going. And I don't think they can afford to spend so much of their energy on a fight like this one."

    She looks down at her Soul Gem, now half muddled with darkness, and reaches into her pocket and produces a Grief Seed pressing it to her soul gem and purifying it to a brilliant, shining pink, "But we're Puella Magi; we can use our magic on a fight like this." Once she's finished she leans forward and presses the Seed to the Soul Gem on the back of Homura's hand, using up the last of it to purify it as well to glowing purple.

    "The most important this is that they make it safely." Madoka steps up next to Homura and looks into her eyes, giving her a slightly sad but deeply loving look.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-10 05:03:57 32965
    Whew, attacks are flying all around her, but Sayaka continues to focus on trying to get Sailormoon to safety, and to reunite her with Tuxedo Kamen. She's pretty sure from all that she's heared and gathered, that Sailormoon is pretty important here, and she must be protected. She is afterall the Moon Princess.

    "Come on! I'm sure I saw Tuxedo-san over here somewhere!" and Sayaka continues to attempt to guide Moon towards the where the others are slowly heading.

    That's when Blue races towards Sailormoon, claws outstretched, at the very moment that very wounded Kyouko appears, totally distracting Sayaka. Fortunately Tux-chan comes to the rescue, dramatically appearing out of nowhere, scooping up Sailormoon to safety and counterattacking Blue.

    Somehow, she missed most of that, her focus directly upon the wounded Kyouko, eyes widenned in overwhelming concern. "Kyou-chan!! No!" overcome for concern for the one person who means more to her than anyone else in the world (although she may not admit this outright), Sayaka begins to run blindly towards Kyouko, not really caring what the DD girls try to hurl her way. What matters is reaching Kyouko and getting her to safety!
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 05:10:15 32970
In the strange world of twisted illusion, Gull's karate chop hits home. Perhaps the girls weren't expecting someone who'd already overcome such a memory, someone who would quickly shake off the bonds of torment. Perhaps it's a testament to how far the once-raven has come from her own internal difficulties to being, truly, a pretty cure. The impact rocks the massive raven, it slams into a skyscraper - and the skyscraper bursts into snow, leaving Gull standing alone in a snowstorm - but the snowstorm rather than crazy ruined Tokyo.

Purple's day continues to be terrible, back in reality, as she tries to dodge all of Sky Jack's orbs only to then get tagged by a curved shot, and then the rest of the balls slam right into her face.

A blast of yellow-gold energy tears through the snow and stom, and right into the back of the green youma, who screeches out like a banshee before she finds herself slammed into a snowdrift.

Purple's trying to recover - ad this time she's able to do a loop around Carnewann, dodging this attack and responding with a thrown shard of black ice, sharp at the ends and colder than death.

The tiara swarms in and cuts the blue youma, drawing her attention away forcefully.

The red one is trying to fight the gravity, squeezing her way, and stepping, foot by foot, against the pressure that Firebird is exerting. While she's not being crushed, she's certainly not in a capability to fight back - yet. She's transforming her arms into some sort of vine like growths, flaring with black power, as she presses through the intolerable force.

The orange youma continues to try to harry Yellow - and oddly enoughh, she seems to be putting about the same amount of effort, like she too is waiting for some other moment.

Shots ring out. One shot tears through the already battered purple youma, sending ichor-like blood soaring into the snow where it evaporates into dark energy in the air.

And then, two things happen. Sayaka takes the bait - and the ground underneath the illusory kyouko rips open as Orange buzzes back over to it - she's not harrying because her trap was taken. From within the ground a tangled and powerful mass of energy bursts - and if Sayaka isn't fast enough, she'll be trapped within a column of black chains.

The other four girls all continue to shift, positions, trying to keep the enemy off-guard with who they're fighting. Now green's lightning storm is hunting Kukai and Yellow, while red is still fighting her way through the gravity field until blue comes from the side with a knee aimed for Firebird's side. Orange is attempting to bind down Sayaka, but there's also whiplike chains attacking Mikoto as well. Purple? Purple is, for the moment, nowhere to be seen, having vanished into the snowstorm which continues to howl.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 05:26:36 32975
Sky Jack sees the purple girl dodge - right into the oncoming barrage! He can't help but let out a loud, wild yell of joy, raising a fist into the sky, as she takes several more hits and vanishes into the snowstorm.

And then there's a little yellow star and Jack feels the energy enter him, wash through him, not healing the pain but purifying the darkness keeping him from healing. It only takes a few moments for his breath to come easier, and some part of him takes the little star as a sign Yellow's all right.

The crack of magical lightning blasts and dances almost on top of him, but it's a sound Jack knows well. He hears it when he's above the clouds. He hears it when he launches a Golden Victory Shoot. He hears it in the crowd, flowing through them when his team scores a goal or makes a basket.

Electricity hurts, even when it doesn't touch, but there's a moment where the hyperactive young man is laughing. He feels the ozone gathering nearby | and now that the darkness isn't obscuring it, there's a voice he knows in his head, his personal Guardian. "And flip!" | and he's in midair, cartwheeling away from one strike. He lands in the middle of another gathering | "Bicycle!"| and before it lands he's thrown himself backwards into a bicycle kick, the surge of power singeing his already torn sleeve, another powerful lightning blast sailing past his stomach. | "Land and roll!" Jack lands and rolls backwards, away from the storm, hearing the rest of the fight behind him.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 05:35:59 32978
Cure Gull already fought this battle. She fought this battle two times and a third time she's well past done and over this particular part of her life---she opens her eyes--- perhaps maybe just crying a little because she's particularly tired of this being used as a weapon against her again and again by people who think she's afraid of some sort of raven boogey man who's her partner now.

She's back in a snow covered world and she deep a cleaning breath. Okay. An illusion as she hoped.

That was admittedly scary.

She sighs and looks around---she charges towards where she's hearing action on the wind. Dammit.

She's gotten seperated. She uses her wings to charge forward faster.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-10 05:38:47 32979
Yellow gets chased by lightning, she tries to dodge, but she's tired, and lightning is fast, so one of the blasts hits her, straight on, and it hurts. She falls to her knees, weakened and clearly in pain, but she gets back to her feet, and starts carefully using some stronger magic. A series of yellow stars is sent flying for the green one, unlike she might expect, they make no attempt to impact her.

At least, initially. Instead, they blink, glow, and whizz, emitting a vague constant of colour energy from close range, flying around the strange girl in unpredictable orbits. It's probably very distracting, and it takes a while before they start trying to collide with her.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 05:39:41 32981
"Can't worry about that right now," Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailor Moon, shaking his head; his arm tightens around her briefly, and then he lets go but stays close, whipping a sudden red-crackling rose through the air toward the bindings Orange is trying to entrap Sayaka with: if Kunzite could look after their sister's girlfriend, maybe he can too, even here, even now, even just a little. It should cut right through and allow her to fight on.

"We have to get to the entrance," he says firmly, briefly shutting his eyes and stilling. "The Senshi-- the Shitennou-- some of them are inside, some of them out, they're looking for us." His eyes snap open, and the blue is as flat and unruffled as the sea in a calm.

"THIS WAY!" he cries out, loud and ringing, and points in a direction that honestly looks like any other -- but the boy still has insider information, as it were. And he insistently pulls at Moon's hand. "Attack as we go-- you have to save your strength, so use mine if you need to-- but keep going!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 05:45:07 32985
A shard of black ice slams into Hagane's chest, hurling her back once again, tossing her back into another snowdrift and right through a car-sized chunk of ice. Fortunately for the girl in blue, the spear at least shatters on her Barrier Jacket, shards of dark-energy-infused ice peppering her body and scouring her with dozens of little cuts.

Ancient Belkan expletives fill the rant she shouts, most of it (fortunately for tender ears) lost on the wind. She's got enough presence of mind to send a trio of Search-spheres looking for Purple, but it's clear enough she has closer enemies to deal with.

"Firebird! Look out left!" Seeing the blue youma approaching Firebird, she shouts a warning to the girl, then starts to slash her blade down to send another set of mana-blasts at it...

Only to be seized and yanked back by black chains. The tight bind pulls her hands above her head, stretching her out and threatening to pull her under. She lets out a pained scream as they tighten around her.

Prior preparation, however, has given her the means to rescue herself. A dozen Flicker Shots abandon their stealth to slash through the frosty air, gleaming blue darts of light whirling and slashing at the chains that hold her.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 05:47:12 32987
She doesn't like it. Not one bit.

There's RED on his gloves.

Gull is missing.

Who knows where Takashi is.

She wants to give it her all, the entire way. She doesn't want to just stand idly by.

But...she knows he's right. And she likes that even less.

She does keep a grip on his hand, even as her other catches her tiara only to throw it again.

It's his words, his promise, that their boys and girls are looking for them that gets her feet moving more than anything.

(Oh sorry, his boys, her girls, sometimes she forgets.)

"Mamo-chan," she pants as she catches her tiara only to throw it once more. "In my next life, I do not wanna be a reincarnated power house."
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 05:51:47 32988
Firebird sees the blue one going at her, the red one still trapped in her magic. She decides to hit two birds with one stone... or in this case one DD girl with another as she gestures with her mace, to fling the red girl into the blue - but the gestures makes her groan - she definitely pulled or broke something there as she just BARELY managed to evade being slam-kicked AGAIN. "Assault Mode," she states as the mace turns into spiked flail as she flies upward and slams the flail against the chains binding Hagane, trying to break them.
Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 05:57:54 32991
    Homura listens as Madoka speaks. Her sniper rounds aren't bringing down the enemy as fast as she'd like. In fact, with this many enemies, 'normal' youma should be dead meat. She doesn't turn to look at Madoka, keeping her eyes on the battle, but she does listen.

    She really doesn't like what she hears.

    "You... you couldn't mean..."

    All of her hopes were based upon Madoka's survival, on Madoka living long enough to be happy, on Madoka having a future and dreams beyond today. It never mattered what happened to Homura, or at least it didn't until she knew how much Madoka cared. She couldn't possibly...

    Her mind races, trying to find a solution that doesn't involve... that. Trying to find an efficient way to end this battle without resorting to... that. She doesn't find one.

    Homura's eyes go down to her recently purified soul gem. She expects it to start turning black just from thinking about how hopeless her life has just suddenly become...

    Yet... it's just fine.

    It's true, without Madoka living to see another day, without Madoka surviving, Homura has no hope at all. But Hope isn't the only emotion that can fight despair, and what Homura has been holding onto is far more powerful, and more dangerous, than her hope ever was.

    She turns to Homura, pleading with her eyes for a better way, but that pleading turns to sadness when she finally accepts that there is none.

    "In that case..."

    Homura tosses her rifle aside, it falls into the snow.

    She holds out her hand, and a black ebony bow appears in a flash of purple.

    "... let's do it together. As long as I'm with you... it's okay."

    Madoka looks into Homura's eyes, giving her a sympathetic look. What she has in mind won't necessarily end the way Homura is thinking, but there's little doubt they're going to draw a lot of attention and be in no position to defend themselves.

    When Homura creates a bow of her own her eyes widen for a moment. She looks over the ebony weapon for a long moment, only to turn her eyes to her girlfriends and give her a tender look.

    "Together," she repeats, and in her left hand her bow is resummoned, the center piece with it's two diamond shape pink gems set into it. Out of it grows bottom segment, extending down farther than normal, while at the top the twisted vines around the center unwind and stretch out, the rose at the top blooming while a brilliant pink flame flares into life, the ultrathin magical bowstring appearing between the two ends.

    She steps up to Homura, pressing close enough to her to almost constitute a hug, entwining herself with the dark-haired Puella while holding her bow behind her girlfriend's back. "Whatever happens, I'm glad it will be with you."

    Madoka leans back and looks up the pink flame atop her bow suddenly growing exponentially larger until it's larger than Madoka herself, shining brightly atop the hill she stands on with Homura. She raises it into the air and pulls back the bowstring, a single arrow springing into existence and filling with her magic, the teardrop Soul Gem set against her upper chest darkening visibly as she empowers it.
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 05:58:00 32992
    Homura nods, and raises her bow. She follows Madoka's lead here, as this is Madoka's weapon she is using. Or rather, Homura's twin to Madoka's weapon. She raises it up along side Madoka's, drawing the near-invisible bowstring back as a bright flame of purple energy rises out from the top of her bow. She draws further back, pouring more energy into the attack.

    She holds her bow next to Madoka's as the two charge up, Homura planning to join her purple energy with Madoka's pink, the two of them striking as one. Maybe this doesn't have to go badly. Maybe it will turn out okay. Yet, Homura knows that they are taking an awful risk, and that might very well be tantamount to sacrificing themselves.

    Well it's not like it isn't necessary. Better for two to fall than ten, or however many else are here. Sailor Moon is the only one who can defeat Metallia, so she's the one who needs to make it the furthest.

    Power radiates from the two as they charge the attack, purple and pink magic sparkling in the air around them from the magnitude of the collected energy, wind wafting around them and blowing their hair and clothes even when the green DD girl isn't sending gusts their way.

    As she looks skyward Madoka says in a soft voice, "So this is how strong we are together. As hard as it is, I'm glad to fight by your side, Homura-chan."

    "And I'm glad to be by your side, Madoka-chan," Homura says in a quiet voice with a soft smile. "No matter what happens. You were the one who always made my life worthwhile."

    They fire together as one, a purple/pink bolt of magic streaking skyward with incredible speed and leaving a long trail of energy behind it. It doesn't seem to be aimed at anything, not even coming close to hitting any of the Dark Kingdom soldiers, instead firing straight up into the air.

    After traveling almost a thousand feet into the air it seems to hit and disappear into some kind of barrier, a massive ripple and shockwave of magical energy emanating from the strike. The shockwave itself is powerful enough to completely disrupt the magical weather created by the purple and green warriors, the sky suddenly a brilliant blue with some large grey clouds overhead- the weather as it should be without magical interference.

    But this is only a secondary effect, as an enormous symbol of interconnected pink spirals and lines appear in the sky. Out of this symbol comes the actual attack, hundreds upon hundreds of pink and purple arrows shooting out in every direction, peppering the entire area around D-Point with a swarm of magical projectiles.

    The assault continues for almost half a minute of arrow rain, giving almost nowhere to hide and overwhelming most defenses by sheer volume. The only exceptions are the Magical Heroes assembled to stop the Dark Kingdom- not a single arrow will harm a single one of them.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-10 06:04:10 32995
    "Kyouko!" Sayaka continues to run blindly towards the Kyou-illusion, not really noticing or realizing the danger, until it's too late! Bursts of energy batter her, before chains explode around her, binding her to the ground. Eyes widen in shock and horror as she realizes she's been fooled and she glares angrily at Orange.

    "You....! How dare you toy with me like this! I'll make you pay!"

    She's already seen what these DD girls are capable of, and Sayaka fears she hasn't much time left. But she's determined to fight til the bitter end...Even if it means she might not get to see Kyouko one last time!

    "No! I wont die like this! I will see Kyou-chan..She's waiting.." Gritting her teeth, Sayaka struggles hard against her bonds, realizing that most of her attacks require the use of her arms to fight properly. However, Tux-san hurls a rose at the bindings in the nick of time, causing at least some of them to shatter, loosening her arms enough for her to finish the job!

    Summoning her sword, she lengthens it into a long chain-link version, swinging it out towards the remaining bonds, and towards Orange. "Arioso Grando!" she yells, unleashing a wave of blue energy as she swings the magic infused chain link sword in Orange's direction.

    At the moment, she's too busy fighting to really notice that Homu and Mado are about to make a final attack..Or that many others are scattered, possibly dead. Where are Tux-san and Moon? Right now, she's focused on her own survival, determined to see Kyouko one last time..
Mint Chip 2016-03-10 06:16:53 32997
Between roses, a mace attack, and flicker shots, the orange girl's trap is broken, and she shows her rage by saying something in a sort of terrifying clicking insectoid language - can she even talk? There's a surge of power that follows those words, too, though not enough to hurt anyone. Just enough to make the hate and vileness in her opinion of the situation impossible to ignore.

And then, the freed Sayaka responds with her own sound, the magical blue energy and chain link sword slamming into her and clearing her from the field for the moment, again.

Red and blue slam into each other, and are both knocked off course while Firebird moves. Green finds the bright stars distracting and snarling, trying to wipe them away from her eyes.

And most of the heroes are regrouping - when Homura and Madoka's arrow pierces the sky, opening up a path - not just for the arrows, but the power of the light breaking the howling winter blizzard and for once, leaving the path forward clear. There's a moment, now, where the four remaining youma girls are distracted, and then pelted and showered with arrows, sent scrambling for cover and making yelps and shouts and clicks that sound more animal or insect than human. And there's a clear direction for the heroes to leave in, to push further into the lands that make up the Dark Kingdom's stronghold.

    And then from behind Homura and Madoka, the missing sister purple appears. That ichor is oozing from her multiple wounds, and the arrows are sticking into her but she seems undeterred, snarling viciously for a moment. And then, it happens as soon as anyone could react - even Homura. The ground underneath them shakes, and suddenly two massive hands made of ice rise up on either side of the Puella, slamming into them from either side, entombing them together within the ice.

And then just as quickly the clasped hands and frozen warriors are dragged beneath the earth and the ice and the snow.

Using up the last of her power, the purple youma girl cackles once last time before melting into the same ichor that made up her insides, burning all of her magic to finish off the two dangerous opponents.

But with purple gone the unnatural snowstorm is over, and the other four girls cackle and laugh as they vanish from the field. And the path to the Dark Kingdom yet lies ahead.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 06:30:48 33001
It's worse than a hand around his heart, squeezing. He knows what they're doing. He knows what they're doing and he knows why and it's killing him inside--

Tuxedo Kamen has to bodily drag Sailor Moon a little ways, then actually pick her up and start running forward in the path Homura and Madoka are clearing for them, running for all of their lives, for the life of his planet, leaving his first friend and her princess behind them.

He knows they won't last. He knows how much magic they're using.

All this, and it still takes the borrowed calm and the borrowed logistics and risk analysis of his first guardian to keep his feet moving in the proper direction.

At the horrific clap, he can't stop himself from glancing back over his shoulders, and nearly stumbles.

It's worse than being run through the heart.

He would know.

There's a low choked almost-sound in the back of his throat, and as he turns his head away from Homura and Madoka's deaths, holding tightly to Sailor Moon, the tears he wouldn't cry out of frustration and rage flow freely from the depths of grief.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-10 06:40:42 33004
Sky Jack hears someone - it sounds like Tuxedo Kamen - yell something like 'this way' through the storm. He's running towards the sound when a GIANT beam of energy lances up into the sky, pink and purple and glorious, power and love combined into physical form. The snowstorm is blown clear for dozens, perhaps hundreds of yards around, even if just for a moment, and anyone with any magical power could see that beam from -space-.

Jack sees the two girls at the base of the beam well off to one side - it's Madoka and Homura. Of course it is. He's making his way toward Tuxedo and the others when it happens. Two giant hands reach up and cut off the beam, crushing the two Puella within tons upon tons of ice. The sight stops his heart, even as the hissing, bubbling sound emits from the vanishing corpse of the purple youma.

Jack doesn't exactly know how to take it. Daichi does, though, and Jack's feet take one step, then another, and he's running through the snow towards Tuxedo, the others, and the cave. Yellow made it. Firebird and her friend made it. Moon and Tuxedo and the little seafoam colored bird girl made it. Was it worth the price? Jack can't tell

As he reaches the others and they make it towards the inner caverns, Jack goes to his knees for a moment, out of breath, but alive. Alive to keep pushing on. At least there were no bodies this time. "... did everyone else make it?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 06:41:31 33006
He's taking her away, and she's fighting so hard he has to carry her from them.

She knows why but she hates it.

She doesn't seek his calm when the clap happens. Her reaction is unfiltered, and a small part of her likes to think she's crying for them both.

"HOMU-CHAN!" She'd cry Madoka's name, too, but her throat is raw.

There's no glass here to shatter.

There's a moment where Tuxedo Kamen's jacket shoulder gets a little damp.

She whips toward Kukai, eyes angry and wet. "No! They're not--! They didn't--!"

The look in her eyes immediately after is a clear chastisement of herself, and she turns to look up at Mamoru, almost trying to drag him along despite his grip on her. "No more, we have to go-- We have to hurry."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-10 06:45:23 33009
Cure Gull sort of arrives WAY too late to do anything for this because the first thing she sees is Akemi-san and Madoka-chan getting encased in ice and taken away and this causes her to twitch. This twitch is familar because it's very specfically Hannah's 'i'm getting angry twitch'.

There's this really awful image in her head right now as she just lets it fuel herself-- when the storm goes away---she uses her wings to quickly catch up.

She doesn't particularly say anything. What is there to say?

She's going to kill Beryl?

That kinda goes without saying right now.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-10 06:53:21 33011
Breaking free from the chains, Hagane takes to the air herself, keeping mobile in an attempt to evade further entrapment. And to avoid the rain of arrows. Go Go Madoka and Homura! She doesn't go high, however, not wanting to be caught in the wind and blown away from the rest. Losing touch with them would be ... bad.

Wide-area Search spheres spread over the area again, seeking out the remnants of the group, and one of them picks up Tuxedo Kamen's call. She sends it closer to pin down his location, and a grim little smile touches her lips. "Firebird! This way!" she yells. "Fancypants has found the way in!"

Her smile fades quickly, however. Another of her searchers has found the two Puellae. Just in time to watch... at least the purple ***** is dead, she tries to console herself.

It isn't enough.

Her remaining arsenal of Flicker Shots lashes out, like a stream of glass knives swirling through the air, seeking out any of the DD Girls that has the misfortune to still be within her range, looking to shred and destroy the monsters.

A simmering rage stokes itself within her heart, as she glares down at the spot where the Puellae were dragged under. "You are dead, Beryl. You just haven't keeled over yet." She snarls something similar in Ancient Belkan as she twists away to follow Tuxedo Kamen into the caverns.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-10 06:57:02 33012
Firebird watches as the arrow storm wreaks havoc across the battlefield... and shrieks in sorrow and rage when she sees that light snuffed out. She snifflefs, but then has to turn her back. "One enemy neutralized. The other four have escaped." She sighs. "Thanks, Vortex," she murmurs as she flies into the cave with Hagane. "We will avenge them - they saved us all... a Puella using that much power - they had to know what that'd do to them, and they did it anyway..."

Firebird sighs as she stands down, returning Vortex to Device Mode. "I... I hope I can face my death... when the time comes..." She then coughs and clutches her side. "I think I broke a rib..." she whispers, a bit of blood on her hand. But she continues on.
Homura Akemi 2016-03-10 07:02:12 33013
    Homura watches as the pink-and-purple arrows rain down. She looks at her new bow. "I didn't even know that I could do that... but it felt right." She turns to smile at Madoka, wrapping an arm around her as Madoka leans against her. "We did," agrees Homura.

    She isn't keeping track of the DD girls right now, though she probably should be. She assumes they're all caught up in the attack, and really they should be. Nothing should be able to avoid that attack, and Homura would be impressed indeed if they even survived it.

    Maybe she shouldn't be so confident though, because purple is sneaking up behind them.

    Homura's timestop activates almost instantly. Sadly, 'almost' isn't fast enough. She has time to turn around and embrace Madoka before being encompassed by frozen hands. The timestop doesn't pull the surrounding ice in, surprisingly, but it doesn't allow Madoka and Homura to escape either. Homura's head is pushed over Madoka's shoulder, and they are frozen in this embrace.

    "M-madoka-chan." Homura's voice shivers. It's cold here, and there isn't much room to talk, or breath. Still, she laughs, somewhat ironically. "What were we just saying... about binding attacks?"

    Homura tries to move her hand, but can't. She tries pouring more strength into her arms, but it's not enough to break free. A tear rolls down her cheek, freezing before it even drops off. There's nothing they can do. She's let Madoka down again...

    "We can be together like this... forever... I don't think there's any way out... but... at least we have each other right? This is better... than turning into a Witch..."

    Homura tries to force her shield to work. She tries to make it turn a bit further, all the way upside down, to force her to go back in time... but the shield is still stopped by that same green emblem. Even now, in the moment of her death, her one most important power is locked away from her. The one thing that could actually save the two of them...

    Homura still hasn't confirmed the identity of Pluto, but one thing's for sure. In this moment, as surely as Homura loves Madoka, Homura despises Pluto. This isn't a hatred that's going to die away anytime soon.

    But she doesn't want to focus on that, with Madoka right here. "What should we do...? We could try blocking it out. The pain I mean." Homura says that, but for some reason she doesn't want to... Without much left to say, and with her own magic draining from the timestop, she softly whispers, "... a strange place to find our paradise, huh? At least... I get to be with you, and feel your kindness one last time..."
Madoka Kaname 2016-03-10 07:05:08 33015
    Madoka pants heavily as the arrows rain down around them, her arms feeling heavy and weak after such an incredible exertion. Her bow disappears in a burst of sparkles, her Soul Gem now dangerously darkened were she to continue fighting without purifying it, the sickly blackness swirling around inside and murking the brilliant pink.

    She leans heavily against Homura, knowing she shouldn't leave herself so open but also knowing that this was the price of pouring so much of herself into a single attack. At least for a few moments as the arrows rain down around them she can see her friends and the clear path ahead of them. Even though they haven't made it in yet somehow she knows, "We did it, Homura-chan."

    And then, suddenly, the purple insectoid soldier is beside them and out for revenge. Madoka barely has time to register her presence before the enormous ice hands raise up and slam together, crushing her body against Homura and doing much worse things to the rest of her. She's reasonably sure walking wouldn't be manageable right now anyway if she were suddenly freed, with the state her legs are in.

    Her head is likewise pushed over Homura's shoulder, the icy embrace of the frozen hands surrounding the rest of her almost completely. There's nowhere to move at all except against Homura and just enough space to speak. Unable to even look at her girlfriend and one true love she closes her eyes.

    Homura mentions binding attacks and she lets out an ironic laugh, trying not to let the stabbing pain in her chest it produces sound in her voice. "I don't think scissors is going to work this time, Homura-chan." She feels at her magic reserves. Maybe if she had enough power she could unleash it and blast enough of the ice away to free the two of them. But- no. That would take more magic than she has left.

    Instead she lets out a little sigh, shifting minutely against Homura with what infinitesimal space she has available to her. "At least I'm here with you, Homura-chan. If this is how it ends, I can't be too upset. Either they'll eventually find us and free us, or we'll be together here forever." It almost makes her cry that she can't shift her head enough to nuzzle it against Homura's. "Together with you forever- that is what I wanted anyway."

    Her lungs begin to sting, the oxygen in this tiny space now used up and gone. The agony in her legs is replaced by a pricklier pain that works its way slowly up from the periphery as the magical ice's cold begins to take hold and freeze her body. But she's a Puella Magi, not an ordinary human. She doesn't actually need to breath even though the lack of it sends panic and terror into her mind. Her limbs freezing solid, tiny crystals of ice piercing her cells, is torturously painful, but not lethal.

    "It hurts, Homura-chan," she whispers, the pain edging into her voice. "It hurts so bad." In a quieter voice as she works through the pain she adds, "I know I could block it out but then I wouldn't be able to feel you here against me." In a whisper she says, "I can feel your heartbeat, Homura-chan. It's just as beautiful as ever."

    The icy freeze starts working it's way through the rest of her. She can't move her head at all anymore, her hair now frozen solid into the block of ice that surrounds them.

    This is how it's going to end, she realizes. They won't be crushed, they won't run out of magic. Instead their bodies are going to freeze solidly and completely, their Soul Gems encased in ice alongside useless, helpless bodies as they slowly become incapable of conscious thought.

    Tears drip out of the corner of her eyes and freeze to her face almost instantly, preventing any more from escaping after. They aren't tears of sadness, but they aren't really tears of happiness either. Instead it's some odd mix of the two as she fears for her life and that of her girlfriend even while exalting in sharing her last moments of consciousness with the person she cares about most.

    "Not one last time," Madoka whispers. "Forever." With all the effort she has left she forces her lips into a smile, burning one last bit of magic to warm herself just enough to squeeze against her girlfriend one last time as she feels that tingling, prickling pain in her head and chest.

    "In the end there was nothing in all the world that could separate us, was there?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-10 07:16:42 33017
Tuxedo Kamen can't meet Sky Jack's question with his eyes. "I'll tell you later," he says, briefly resting his chin on Usagi's head, then bending down far enough to half hide his face in her hair. "Sailor Moon is right. We have to keep going," he agrees more quietly, muffled, setting her down.

He has no calm to spare her. He has no calm. It's all borrowed, every drop of it, and even that's not enough--

(In his subspace pocket, along with the first aid kit, the opera glasses, the ridiculous collection of little things-- there's something left he's been saving for Homura. He carried it through the Dark Kingdom, even when he didn't even remember he had a subspace pocket. It's in there with the little keychain he bought at Kyouko's conbenie for Usagi and forgot to give to her, before they were even a 'them'.

It's in there with the bento box that Madoka last sent him when he was hiding at Jadeite's, just last week. Another delicious lunch packed by her father, adorable and wrapped with care, enjoyed thoroughly -- and the box washed and ready to give back the next time he should see her.

There are three of these things left, even. One for Homura, one for himself, and one for luck. They're even still cold. He could have kept cakes, too, but he was in rather a hurry to leave, spiked punch in his hair, hands still sticky despite the henshin, the taste of strawberry lipgloss still on his tongue.

When he left that rooftop, he followed the sunrise around the world for a full day.

They're still cold.

It was her birthday, after all. Of course he saved her one.)

--she'll have to drag him after all, and he's glad he has a mask.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-10 07:22:02 33018
He has no calm. His is borrowed, probably always, and for a moment, she musters up every last bit she has for herself.

For a moment, she cups her jaw in his hand and presses her forhead to his, and tries to give him all that's in her reserve.

Then she's pulling back.

"Okay, tell me where to turn."

Her voice is muttered, almost nonexistent, but it's there.

This time, she grabs his hand. "Let's go."

She looks at the others for a moment, her eyes dimmed from their normal luster.

But then she's dragging Kamen, running. She's leading them.

Leading them all.

Probably to their death.